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  • haileyybird
    22.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #lets be honest hennies #all of the character's in the au are toxic in nature #i only verbally said so for grace because it literally reminded me of my psych class were we talked about the cycle of abusive relationship #woops#anyways#gbheadcanons#mcheadcanons
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  • strinak
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I will continue to rb bi!wuxian stuff but also please y'all accept gay!wuxian into your hearts and arts. I have not known peace since the day "wwx flirts with girls as comphet and self-protection" kool-aid-man'd through my skull and Changed Me.

    #mdzs #literally a character lens that gave me that italicized oh moment #do you know how deep the closet can be growing up with abusers and homophobes! #do you know how many thoughts you strangle before they form! #the behaviors you ape to fit in even though you don't even understand the emotions that are supposed to prompt them! #ESPECIALLY when RANDOM EXAMPLE your whole life's philosophy is about forgetting the things people do to hurt you! #i am frothing at the mouth forever
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  • whoretzka
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #giving neuer differential treatment to known abusers is not being hypocritical..... #we ARE being critical #of course not everyone here will approach this issue the same way and im sure some feel very differently about this #and that’s ENTIRELY valid and completely okay! #but many of us have made a calculated judgement on this and have decided that being in a dodgy relationship doesn’t really demand that we- #stop supporting him #you're free to think differently #but we aren’t being careless about this #i didn’t want to write an essay but here we are :|
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  • littlemissleapyear
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    heavenlyborne asked: 👫 (You can skip this one if you can't think of any headcanons since Shalria and Layla are still new to one another!)
    Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship {Accepting} 

    {Here are some things I THINK might happen between them/ likely to happen. Feel free to tell me / change them up if they work for us~} 

    They keep a tight line of communication ( more then likely a private DenDen) and Layla has even taken speed transport ( even putting down her pride and asking her father/the Marines t) to get back to Shalria for whatever she’s asking for. Being her work takes her all over the world she only worries about time but always finds a way to make it up to the Celestial Dragon. 

    Finding out that Shalria is big into firearms it takes her a bit but she eventually asks to see her skills. Being that it’s a hobby of hers Layla wishes to not only indulge the Celestial Dragons ego but see at least a glint of true happiness through it. Though most acts of testing are inhumane and brutal the only time Layla only flinched  was when seeing men from her own ( possibly a Billions) Crew shot in the process. 

    Layla’s work for Shalria more then likely has been noticed by not only her father and brother but other Celestial Dragons. As much as they’re different Layla prefers staying by Shalria’s side no matter what. Sure that might be moments where the cold reality is pressed upon her but the physical damages she’s received from the other female are small and nothing. ( it’s inevitable I see that she’d say something to do something to get hit for sure but she’d learn) As for the other members of Shalria’s family , More then likely Layla has been seriously hurt by them at one point or another. Hence her preference.

    {This one will be a streatch but i like the idea of it} It’s in evitable that at one point Layla will end up wearing one of the slave collars but it’s more then likely over the matter that Shalria dose not wish one of the other Celestial Dragons to take her. Sure she’s a free reign patron to all who ask ( more then likely other female CD’s) but it’s aware that as skill and pretty as Layla is she can be easily snatched up. So as twisted as it is if it’s work far from Shalria own home sector the collar goes on to ensure that Layla leaves with her. 

    #heavenlyborne#ask#answer#tw: slavery#tw: abuse#tw: murder #tw: gun mention #// Are you kiding me sign me up for all the wild fucking thoughts i've had about what their partnership would be like my dude! #//hope they're not to wild but i've had a few more as well as i thought about this all day at work <3 #{Filling the Ink well: ooc}
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  • stinkrascal
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    yea man

    i always feel so mature but so irresponsible at the same time man. being abused by ur parents literally turns you into a baby-adult and a man-child at once. like ur parents will teach you to have the emotional integrity of an adult by the age of 15, but they’ll neglect to tell you things that’ll actually help u in adult life like how to drive, how to pay taxes, how to get a job, how to do your laundry? like literally they’ll just neglect teaching u how to do ANYTHING practical for yourself, as if they just want you to be dependent on them forever? i can have adult conversations with people like theres no tomorrow, but doing actual adult things?? fuck if i know how to do any of that. being an adult who grew up w dysfunctional parents rlly is just being like “I was capable of digesting the intense generational trauma my mother constantly dumped onto me at the ripe age of 12 but I didn’t learn how to clean a bathroom until I was 21″

    #abuse tw #its not that serious im just talkin yk #tagging it just in case #and btw i do in fact know how to clean a bathroom now at the ripe age of 21 #my boyfriend's mom has been rlly kind in teaching me all the things i wasnt taught growing up #but like damn. it really makes me realize my parents did not care about preparing me for adult life at all lol
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  • johnadams
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    might ask for an extension for the first time in my college career

    #and it's so funny that i cant even open up about my mental health issues because all my advisors and all my profs #are personal besties with my abuser who's causing all these problems #it's just like. 11 years of repressed shit has fucking burst the septic tank and i just want to give up #im just so fucking sick of all of this. i cant even explain to my professor that i was forced to take this course against my will #because she's FRIENDS with the person who forced me to. who also forced me to go to this school. and is forcing me to graduate before 21 #because she's so kind to everyone outside our family. OMG LITERALLY LIKE. #in high school we had a student teacher who was one of her students and friends. #and he heard me confiding in my friends about the things she said and did to me. #and he (a genuinely nice guy!!) said to me #No You're Wrong I Know Her And She's So Nice She Wouldn't Say That To You You're Lying #and like. what am i supposed to do in that situation #i just. miss community college so much #she shit talks it but that's just because she Knows i was so happy and I was a Human Being who was Liked On My Own Merit #and not under her influence. i just miss community college so much. i just have hated the entire last year. i feel like shit #like this person destroyed my self esteem and my sense of personhood so long ago but being in community college sort of brought it back #but now. im at Her School and all my profs are Her Friends and I take the classes she tells me to take #just so that i dont get guilt tripped and insulted for years #i've just. lost it. i want to die. both to just die and to prove a point to her that people can only be pushed so far
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  • bennyslittlesussybaka
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i don ‘ t like my irl friends sometimes they make me feel like dirt

    #vent ish shit... #I DUNNO because they can talk together but when i try n talk they go “ uh we ‘ re busy “ when we ‘ re in a convo !!! #and when i ask them for serious help i get jokes in response ! like i don ‘ t care if it ‘ s about character design or my mental health !!! #i need an actual answer !!! when i ask if i can vent to them and they go ‘ yes ‘ and i talk abt how i feel they ‘ re like “ oh yeah sad - #- but you could never understand how i feel bc i identify as non - binary as of last month and have faced 0 incidents with my family about- #it after coming out ! “ #after i talk about how much i feel like i need to get out of my household because of my m*ther ‘ s lgbtqphobic views as well as her - #telling me that she ‘ d never support me if i came out to her ( again ) and pulled me into the car on a trip to barnes and nobels and - #yelled at me for an hour and told me to suck it up when i was crying !!! or when she told me i was faking my anxiety n that i needed to - #stop flinching cause it would make her look like an abusive parent !!!! whatever #said friend has also purposely misgendered me for the past few years ( i came out to them as gnc a long time ago n they still used my - #deadname as well as she / her for me ) but they ‘ re nb now n suddenly they get to out me and yell at me when i don ‘ t feel okay w - #telling someone about my pronouns n stuff ? what the fuck ??? #mother ment#abuse tw#mother tw#parents tw#deadname tw
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  • shyredpanda
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #this probably isn't a popular opinion but. #surrogacy low-key weirds me out #not that i think there's anything inherently wrong with it but #that it seems like it can be easily abused in pretty messed up ways that have to do with power imbalance and consent #and lots of people i think don't really want to think about that #as it's become more and more normalized
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  • adamraisedacain
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    haven’t watched the video but what the actual fuck? 

    #i mean i'm not fully informed on the amber/johnny situation but as far as i'm aware #it was mutual abuse? it's been proven that johnny was abusive and that amber was abusive #but like jesus christ this is real people we're talking about #abuse tw
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  • your-lover-crutchy
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    pov ur a newsie in 1899 and ur like head over heels for ur best friend and u have been for years now but ur way too scared to tell him becoz ur afraid hell hate u for it or smth so u deny all ur feelings until he gets hauled off to an abusive prison for no reason and thats when u realize u cant live without him and he means so much to u so the moment he comes back all these feelings just come rushing back to u and ur just so overwhelmed by it all that u lose all sense of self control and u run over to him and give him a big kiss right on the lips without even thinking about it and then u panic cause "OH NO IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY I DID THAT" but before u can finish what ur saying he pulls u right back into another kiss and everything finally just clicks and it all feels ok and right and perfect and u finally feel home . #relatable

    #(THIS IS A SELFSHIP POST IF ANYONE TRIES TO MAKE THIS ABOUT J*CKCR*TCHIE I WILL PUNCH THEM SO FUCKING HARD) #charlie.txt #charlie gushes abt their husbands!! #tw abuse mention
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  • hauntologically
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    There are so many small things that I’m remembering in such quick snatches, and so many of them send me from zero to nuclear in a heartbeat. I don’t even know where it’s coming from. The few parts I can communicate with aren’t being particularly helpful, or don’t know, or this is from some other group, or something. It’s like confetti, and then sometimes one or two pieces will fall together and something will make a bit more shadowy sense but never much.

    Anyway triggery post talking about abuse and gaslighting and death threats incoming.

    But I’ve been trying to pick through the last session with the therapist as best I can since it wasn’t really me there for any of it, and all I’ve had is this overwhelming sense of abject paranoia about it. It’s this huge and cold fear over... something? Something about the fact that we are telling anyone anything about what happened to us. And it grips one of the protectors so hard that he’ll basically sabotage any relationship in order to make sure nothing happens, which means he just about fired our therapist last time because it felt like the therapist was expressing doubts about all of this. I don’t know if he actually was. I would be surprised.

    ...but I just remembered that our stepdad used to tell stories about how he had assassins set up around the house. That they followed us everywhere. That there would always be a red dot on our clothes that would disappear before I could see it but he knew they were on the job. He would drive different ways home every night to “throw them off.” But that they were there always, all the time, ready to drop me if I told anything to anyone, ever.

    A couple sessions ago when S first fronted in therapy, he started naming names of actual people involved. Like, our therapist googled to see if they were real (they were), and matched what he said, and was like, visibly “oh fuck” about it for a sliver of a second. That recognition spooked everyone. And that sends me right to that cold place and I could not figure out why.

    But I think it was the constant, practically blase death threats every day. That I didn’t think were weird or fake at the time.

    Like, my therapist asked why I was so afraid of naming names when S did it, and I didn’t know. Rationally? Stepdad’s dead. Most of them are dead. Naming them won’t have any effect. But it felt like I would just die if I did, which turned into figuring out why, and I was just dead certain my stepdad would kill me if I did.

    So it’s one or two really small snatches of memory that suddenly piece something together. Something that felt really normal and everyday for years, like convincing your stepkid that they will die if they deviate from today’s course or they will be shot on the spot from unseen assassins if I ever opened my mouth, and that “game” suddenly clicking into place with oh right I was actually literally convinced I would die, all the time, and it wasn’t just anxiety.

    I know there’s no point in being like, who the fuck does that to a kid? Because the answer is more people than most want to ever know about. Which fucks me up more because I just feel bad talking about any of this anywhere because it makes other people feel bad, and fucks S up even worse since he’s always already convinced he’s some kind of monster for that exact reason. We just become some horrible reminder of the shit in the world that no one wants to see.

    So they got that into our head, too, that means, and then it’s just... rage.

    I’m just so disappointed I couldn’t push him off that roof myself. 

    I don’t even know why I’m putting this here but blogging has always kind of helped keep track of different threads, so. Here.

    #abuse tw#death tw#therapy tw#gaslighting tw#actuallytraumagenic #like holy shit the gaslighting? #and i was so worried i was wrong about this i was like uhm so i don't want to use this term wrong but i think maybe it was gaslighting? #congrats you nailed it
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  • nackattack
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    No need for alarm, but it does seem that Tycho just changed their URL. If you blocked their personal beforehand, they’re still using the same account, so you’ll have them blocked. I’m not here to drudge up old shit, so do not contact others about this situation. I am simply informing people so you folks can stay away from this manipulative abuser.

    The @ of the new url on tumblr is denimcakes. Their twitter is the same, @ acidichues. People have every right to know who you are so they can avoid you, abuser. If you are in the Sonic IDW / general Sonic community, please stay far away from them. They have also been a part of the Pokemon and Fire Emblem communities as well.

    Just an fyi, here are testimonials against them. They try to claim these victims who spoke up are ‘racist’ because people said they pulled the race card, and I don’t use that term lightly; Tycho used the race card. Tycho brought up their race when the situation at hand didn’t have anything to do with their race, this behavior is not linked to their race at all and nobody claimed it was linked, people were just correcting them on the usage of this term before Tycho went nuclear on the Sonic community and dipped when their victims stepped forward. 

    An innocent person doesn’t run away and claim the rpc was ‘always bad’ when you’ve been there for years. 

    People supported Tycho and donated to them when they were having a rough patch in their life, as well as the fact that Tycho happily calls their fellow black muns shit behind their backs too. I should also mention that Tycho has said slurs and kept using them despite being told not to, as shown in testimonials, so if anyone is actually racist here, by Tycho’s own terms, Tycho is racist.

    Again, people saying you used the ‘race card’ was a minor point compared to the abuse and slander you smeared on people who supported you and called you friends, and the fact that you sexually assaulted someone and called your victim a liar. Have fun with your tiny ass twitter following, because that’s the most you’re gonna get.
    #denimcakes#sonic idw#nackattack#pistolbitten#abuse tw#racism tw #again please please stay away from this abuser #only 2 people have openly stepped forward to defend them and their only defense was 'TYCHO WOULD NEVER DO THAT YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ABUSE IS' #so. suck it #callout tw #<- only tagging this to be safe. this isn't particularly a callout rather victims speaking up about continued abuse
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  • cursedmotleycrueimages
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ask#anonymous #some of y'all have never been in an abusive relationship and it shows #AND IT'S GOOD like. fuck. I wouldn't wish that to anyone jesus christ #what I mean is. show some fucking empathy aight? going out an abusive relationship isn't easy #and staying out of it is even less easy #maybe you should question Tommy's sanity since like. what is his problem in the first place for being so toxic? huh? ever thought abt that #also it was a fucking joke about his horrible hair lmao can we all just laugh about his poor fashion choices and nothing else for once #READ THE ROOM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE
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  • imsorryithurts
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #trauma stuff I ignored coming back to bite me in the ass #it's hard to explain but basically some stuff that happened before is happening again and I can't do this again #my parents split up a few years ago and have been fighting about money ever since #but they won't talk to each other so they try talking to me instead? #it sounds silly. it's not. some other stuff happened like I got emotionally abused and developed a panic disorder back then #anyway. #I can't reach out to people rn so I have to vent until I can in a couple of hours. #if you read this far and are worried about me I'll be fine #i'm just being pushed into a situation I didn't want to be in #and might have to make the choice if I want to face this (I don't) or I choose to not have enough money to eat (I want to chose this but #I'm aware I will die)
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  • gotham-ai
    22.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Bro what the fuck is that recent Mizkif video about CMC

    #mizkif#callmecarson #I can’t understand how fucking stupid that video is #it’s not the 2 year age gap that’s the problem you fucking assholes #Carson abused his power and influence to target his fans and lied to his friends about getting help #what’s not fucking clicking?
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  • harriertail
    22.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #anon#warrior cats #// abuse mention #cause appaz i havr to tag #yellowfang #come rant about raggedstar here pls
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  • peach-m00n
    22.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    honestly if someone makes "jokes" about bullying people without even a hint of sarcasm i think it should be legal to take a crowbar to their kneecaps

    #juice.txt #y'all don't laugh when parents joke abt abusing their kids so why do you when the people joking are their peers instead #like log off regina george #i didn't get cptsd from elementary school just to go online and see mfers laughing about how funny it is to traumatize people for life
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  • queengreendown
    22.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The amount of children being sexually molested by immediate family members is truly staggering. It doesn't just take a village to love and protect the babies. It takes a trustworthy and attentive village. Sometimes the call is coming from inside the house, as they say.

    #for those who don't know #i proofread psych evals for a living #in our clinical interviews we talk about vicarious or actual exposure to violence #so many people have a history of abuse that starts close to home or during their formative years #it's incredibly heartbreaking
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  • weakzen
    22.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    fuck i hate bobby marks

    (played an au demo where alex didn’t slam the door in his face and he kissed her and dakfjda;kfdaj what a complete scumbag and, whew, very curious about the mason fallout from that scene, particularly if you tell him who you kiss is none of his business because we’re just seeing each other naked, yeah? it kinda feels like mason might try to seek someone else out for casual sex--then be unable to go through with it at the last moment!

    anyway, think i’m gladly gonna stay with my comparatively lighthearted canon, where both alex and mason remain blissfully unaware of mason’s growing feelings and instead just go full horny in the middle of the park until nate yells at them)

    #i have some... ideas on how she might broach bobby's abuse with him #when it comes time to have that conversation #ooooohhh and i had a fantastic idea about the eventual love confession fallout #very cute and very them #even though it's still painful as hell for alex #(for them both really) #(and i'm still on a break from tumblr) #(just dropping in to thought-dump <3) #book 3 spoilers
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  • pluvicor
    22.06.2021 - 10 hours ago
    Art done by @soberanart, who can be also contacted over Twitter! Please, consider commissioning them if you’re in need of some fresh quality art, they’re a joy to work with!

    the unexpressed

    #ooc. #selfie time #This isn't IC ofc. #Despite his nakedness this isn't about anything s3xual #It's a visual of the inner turmoil Wrath's involvement and control over his life causes. #And Rickon can't fix it but he's a shed of comfort amidst the chaos. #scars * #bare chest * #nudity * #abuse implied *
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