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  • I’m feeling so down lately. I’m having my next exam on Monday and I feel like I don’t understand anything 😢

    In addition to that is that my mental health is dropping rapidly and I’m always kind of helpless. I feel so stupid for not getting everything right. 😞

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  • Rules: spell out your url using song titles, then tag as many people as there are letters in your url

    Tagged by @boxofsims thank you! 💜 🎶

    • S - summertime sadness - LDR 
    • P - powerless - linkin park
    • O - off to the races - LDR 
    • R - ride - LDR
    • T - tell me it’s over - avril lavigne
    • I - ilomilo - billie eilish 
    • N - nothing else matters - metallica
    • G - gods and monsters - LDR 
    • S - scary love - the nbhd 
    • S - sincerity is scary - the 1975
    • I - Iris - Goo Goo Dolls 
    • M - mariners apartment complex - LDR 
    • S - sorry - halsey 

    I tag @poisonfireleafs @lemonpxel @simcataris @simscognito @teekalu @mellindi @sakorb 💜  🎶

     Feel free to skip if you have already done it or if you simply don’t want to do it

    #🎶 #get to know me #Q&A #musical usernames tag #about me #srry too many lana songs
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  • 37/43 on today’s practice exam (needed a 31 to pass). evens out to around the same score as yesterday but now i’m grappling with imposter syndrome. in school and university, they taught us a lot of strategies for skimming for answers in timed texts and getting through foreign texts where you don’t know every word, so i don’t know if my dutch is really so good or if i just have good test taking strategies

    #about me #imposter syndrome is a right bastard
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  • #bananas #im v happy to be these two!! #i cant see it but i trust you nonny :) #ty for the ask!! #ask#asks#about me#hermitcraft
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  • You ever listen to a song that‘s so aggressively positive it makes you want to punch your insecurities?

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  • snow❄️flakes


    what I love about snowflakes are they’re like people, no two are exactly the same

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  • My sister is turning 22 and had this huge party with jello shots and glow sticks and she wore a tiara and danced on a table, and I can’t help but think back to my 22nd birthday which was brought in with me and my best friend sitting on the ground and eating pizza, only pausing our Merlin episode at midnight so we could blast Taylor Swift’s 22 instead, and if that doesn’t prove that you can share 50% of your DNA with someone and have the exact same upbringing but still be vastly different I don’t know what does 

    #about me #I have no regrets that was a fun birthday for me yo #a glow in the dark party is also fun she has good ideas
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  • i basically wrote a song about reddie for my final music project in school.

    i was having trouble with writing down lyrics for the song and my friends were all like “why dont u write a song about a fictional character then” and i was there like hell yeah A Fanfiction

    and so i did

    no one knows what the lyrics mean

    im not even sure they know i wrote a song with a fictional character in mind

    nobody in my class knows what the song is about but if you listen to it and read the text………………………….if u know u know fam

    lmaooooooooo wtf is up with that why do i hate myself

    #reddie#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak #it chapter two #about me #im CACKLING literally no one knows #and im just here like ????? #everyone loves the lyrics so so #ten for me i guess lmao
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  • refilling my dick after sex like

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  • It’s Saturday morning, I’m tired, I have literally no need, or desire, to be awake and all I really want is the silent oblivion of a deep and dreamless sleep.

    At 6:30 am my brain is like “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine… here’s all the shit going on in your life that’s making you anxious… enjoy” and now my heart is absolutely thumping out of my chest and there’s no chance of me getting back to sleep.

    #winning at life #about me#me#myself#i#personal#blog#loser #inside my mind #insomnia
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  • image

    I’m gross and tired. Ain’t cute but hello tho in any case 💩👽👋🏽

    #about me #thoughts of a hummingbird
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  • Non posso permettermi di sbagliare ancora

    e se non mi scrivi

    e se non mi guardi e se non mi domandi

    e se non ti chiedi piu’ di me

    e se passa troppo tempo dall'ultimo messaggio, o troppo poco

    e se ho esagerato

    e se ti annoio

    e se e’ tutto uguale

    e se non vado bene? ma cosa devo fare, o dire..? Per sbagliare ancora meglio tacere..

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  • Answer 17 questions & tag 17 people you want to know better.

    I was tagged by @zombiescorp

    Nickname ⇢ Rob
    Zodiac  ⇢ Gemini
    Height ⇢ Umm, between 5’9 and 6’. I’m not positive.
    Hogwarts House ⇢ Well according to the test I took, I am a Hufflepuff, so…
    Last Thing I Googled ⇢ zodiac, so I could look up what my zodiac lol. 
    Song Stuck Inside My HeadChildren of the Sun by Poets of the Fall.
    Following ⇢ 88. I feel bad at how few I follow.
    Followers ⇢ 930. Which is about 920 higher than I would have thought.
    Amount of Sleep I Get ⇢ Lol. Last week I was up until 9 AM one day and then slept until 12:30 PM. That was fun. Normally I get between 6-10 hours.
    Lucky Numbers ⇢ 10.
    Dream Job ⇢ concept artist (except my art skills are lacking) or owning a haunted house walkthrough with @girlsarewolves.
    Wearing ⇢ Dark blue sweatpants, an Overwatch t-shirt, and a long-sleeved flannel shirt. 
    Favorite SongsLittle Talks by Of Monsters and Men, Dazed by Poets of the Fall, Leaving Tonight by The Birthday Massacre, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran (don’t judge me i just like it), Science/Visions by Chvrches, Ask The Lonely by Journey, and a bunch of others that I can’t think of right now.
    Instruments ⇢ Does a PS4 controller count?
    Random Facts ⇢ I’m obsessed with world-building ideas for things I’m probably never going to write. 
    Aesthetic ⇢ cyberpunk, gothic horror, goth grunge, modern western, whatever you would call modern superhero universes, american gothic, and, idk does small town horror/paranormal have an aesthetic term?

    Tagging: Whoever follows me who wants to do this.

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  • okay not to be rude, but like, what’s with some uni students in their 20s thinking they can be motivational speakers on topics like “how to beat procrastination” ??? like y’all, simmer down. i know that you’re probably procrastinating every one of your uni assignments by doing this gibberish.

    then they’re all advertising their “motivational/lifestyle” coaching services???? like you’re so young is my point. lmao. I’d understand if you’ve had a huge traumatic life event or whatever, to give you some good advice pieces on living through adversity and grief or whatever…. but like…. how are you offering advice on lifestyle, career and motivational tidbits??? when you’re so young??? what wise advice do you have exactly, dean? mostly “don’t over-drink on weekends so that you can study!” i guess lololol.

    anyway yeah. i’ve noticed this to be a weird trend on my home uni’s buy & sell page when people ask for career advice or whatever… and since it’s close to the new year, they’re all flogging their “services” with sales and free consultations for whoever comments first on their posts lmao.

    just. i find it so weird lmao. also I think it’s bc arts students or communications & media students just don’t know what to do with themselves…. so this is what they’ve thought was a good idea for their required insta, twitter wordpress and probs snapchat accounts for media and comms. and then arts students don’t know what to do either, so they’re doing this as well.

    #life#about me #shut up ilona
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  • Sometimes being an adult means lying in bed at 1:30 in the morning eating Froot Loops wearing nothing but a faux fur table runner you got from Hobby Lobby while reading fan fiction.

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  • image

    not to brag but this really is a glow up

    #about me #I mean the blog #as for myself idk anymore #you mean my top 3 posts are all mine? #and they're all history-related #I really am fullfilling myself #also the fact that that doouble portrait has been standing there for weeks unchallenged #really makes you think #follow for occasional history posting #+some increasingly decent gifsets #+ several personal posts about this wreck of a person
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  • Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to do things

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  • god why am i so anxious :(

    #about me #im just. lonely and worried
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