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  • Tagged by @apollonlight and @mindfulgrowth to answer some questionssss.

    Birthday: August 6th

    Zodiac Sign: Leo 🦁

    Height: 5'4"ish

    Last Song Listened To: I honestly don’t remember

    Hobbies: painting, singing, whatever this is, hiking, reading, smoking

    Last Movie I Watched: Up

    Favorite Color: blue 💙

    Favorite Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Dream Job: ok but fuck capitalism tho? I don’t dream about working

    Meaning Behind My URL: I told this story earlier today, actually! The short version is that it’s a nickname my mom doesn’t know she accidentally gave me 😝

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  • Thank you so much for taking me @fibrochemist!

    1. Do you make your bed?

    I sort of do? I have the bottom sheet on and then pull my blankets over sometimes. But most of the time I’m in bed so there’s no point.

    2. What’s your favorite number?


    3. What’s your job?

    I am unemployed due to disability, though my son likes to say my new job is being a full-time fanfic writer.

    4. If you could, would you go back to school?

    I would love to. Not to get a degree, but just to learn new things.

    5. Can you parallel park?

    Nope. I can barely drive.

    6. A job you had which would surprise people?

    I used to manage a recovery home for a church.

    7. Do you think aliens are real?

    I don’t know. I don’t think we’re alone, but I don’t know if it’s aliens like what we have in the media.

    8. Can you drive a manual car?


    9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

    Bubble baths

    10. Tattoos?

    Nope, but I would like to get one with my son’s new initials and birthdate at some point.

    11. Favorite color?


    12. Things people do that drive you crazy?

    Not repeating themselves when I ask what they said. Bless my son; he’s a mumbler and he’ll repeat himself two or three times until I understand what he said.

    13. Any phobias?

    Spiders & falling

    14. Favorite childhood sport?


    15. Do you talk to yourself?

    I used to but I don’t as much anymore

    16. What movie do you adore?

    Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland.

    17. Do you like doing puzzles?

    Depends on the type of puzzles, but generally I do.

    18. Favorite kind of music?

    Nu metal, and also electronica

    19. Tea or coffee?

    Both, but it’s mostly tea for an everytime drink and coffee when I need to stay awake or I have a headache.

    20. The first thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?

    A teacher.

    I tag @strangelock221b, @theghostqueenofhades, @creativereadingfanfiction, @equusgirl and anyone else who wants to do this!

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  • I just long to get a rival who only calls me by my last name and at first we hate each other and are so competitive it should be illegal BUT then we slowly learn about each other as more than rivals and THEN we start to become friends while still affectionately calling each other by our last names UNTIL one day I get hurt doing God knows what and they run over and whisper my first name so tenderly that I realize just what my rival means to me.

    Ahh the dream

    #text post#about me#tropes #i just want someone to only call me by my last name is that too much to ask #my last name is dope #ive been watching too much anime #sorry everyone
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  • about me !!🌞

    im jen !! im a 17 yr old HS student

    im a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Iya is my name in my language

    im wlw & my pronouns are she/her

    im a scorp sun, gemini moon & cancer rising ;)

    i love all things warm & sunny !! feel free to msg me anytime & we can be friends :D

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  • #asks#about me#not writing #I knew there were videos involving hypnosis and arousal #and yet #it did not ONCE occur to me #that there might be a community of those people #my younger self was Dumb #(and/or tried really hard not to think about sex) #but hey I got there in the end
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  • image

    The happiest I have ever been 💞

    #so in love #I found my soulmate #Dillon x Deidre #Not SPN#About Me
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  • I love myself so much, and I’m thankful for how far I’ve come spiritually, mentally and physically. Thanks be to God for constantly molding me even when I don’t understand, however keeping that faith strong in my heart. 🙌🏾

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  • People I’d like to know better

    Tagged by @royalpdme ty!! 💜

    Birthday: March 16

    Zodiac: Pisces

    Last song I listened to: Eels - Fresh Blood

    Hobbies: Reading fic, writing, napping 😴

    Last movie I watched: It’s not a movie, but I’ve been watching CAOS recently

    Dream job: I’ve always wanted to be an Archeologist!

    Meaning behind url: It’s “hot mess,” but with a Star Wars twist to it

    I’m not sure who to tag, so if you see this and want to do it, consider this your unofficial tag from me!

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  • weird open 2020 s&b. I haven’t done my event writeup yet but people keep sending me this exchange from different angles, so I thought I’d share.

    Note: Punching is not a scoring action.

    #hema#swords #sword and buckler #fighting#about me
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  • People I’d like to know better!!

    Tagged by literally the sweetest person alive @royalpdme

    Birthday: May 12th

    Zodiac: Taurus ♉️

    Last song I listened to: 929 by Halsey (loveeeee highly reccommend)

    Hobbies: painting, watching YouTube, writing

    Last movie I watched: the first Iron Man

    Dream job: Oo maybe a photographer or an interior designer 👀

    Meaning beind URL: the taurus is my zodiac sign the darling came from me being obsessed w Tom Holland saying darling lol

    I….. don’t know who to tag so I’m just gonna leave it at that lololololol

    #thanks grace 💓🥰 #tagged#about me
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  • Heads up, I’ll be mostly mobile tomorrow while I travel. Probably won’t be online fully till the evening when I get checked into my hotel.

    And I’ll be logging off in a bit b/c I have to get up early and do last minute packing, etc and leave to meet my shuttle at 7am for the airport. 

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  • Tagged by @hvittsalt! Thank you!

    Copy/paste and bold your fic preferences because why not, gotta choose one (near impossible, but go with your first gut instinct), and tag someone because, again, why not.

    slow burn or love at first sight

    fake dating or secret dating

    enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers

    oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance with correspondence

    hurt/comfort or amnesia

    fantasy au or modern au

    mutual pining or domestic bliss

    smut or fluff 

    canon compliant (missing scenes) or fix-it fic

    alternative universe or future fic

    kid fic or road-trip fic

    reincarnation or character death

    arranged marriage or accidental marriage

    high school romance or middle aged romance

    time travel or isolated together

    neighbors or roommates

    sci-fi au or magic au

    bodyswap or genderbend

    angst or crack

    apocalyptic or mundane

    Tagging: @iamartemisday, @tmwillson3, @trueloveisinfinite444, @kmomof4, @shardminds, @hollyethecurious, @shireness-says, @shardminds, @stardust–and–magic, @believingispowerfulmagic

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  • Tagged by @apple-pyromancer to answer some questions 

    Birthday: July 2nd

    Zodiac sign: Cancer

    Height: 5'9ish"

    Last song listened to uh: “unstoppable” by sia

    Hobbies: Netflix, bowling, volleyball, baseball

    Last movie I watched: Jigsaw

    Favorite color: Red

    Favorite book: Catch 22

    Dream job: Lottery winner, i would rather not have to work but have money ya know?

    Meaning behind my URL: i wanted to go with a more anonymous user name than my usual ones so that this blog would be for me, and 5 pin bowling has been one of those things thats been a huge part of my life

    Tagging: @abby-lynn214 @insecuriitea @shyashbish @rosiesweetie @imboba-thefett

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  • Rules - tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better. Tagged by @wickedlyqueer

    Top three ships

    1. Gelphie. Obviously. The one true pairing. Truly soulmates. Made for each other.

    2. Wayhaught. i adooooreee them so much.

    3. And yes, I’m about to add a heterosexual couple to this list, but Pam and Jim from The Office. I adore their dynamic and relationship so much and I will die on that hill.

    Lipstick or Chapstick?

    I guess chapstick? If it’s the same as lip balm? I usually use stuff like that just to soothe any dryness and to avoid pain from that.

    Last song?

    Beside You by 5SOS 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Last movie?

    I actually don’t remember if it was A Bugs Life or The Wizard of Oz…but that’s very on brand for me :P


    Gosh I really want to read more! But the last book I read was Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin! It’s about a genderfluid teen who’s father is a politician and who’s navigating their life in high school. I thought it was an amazing book, and really made me feel seen in many ways. Also you never get told whether the main character was AFAB or AMAB and I think that allows the reader to really really connect themselves with the character and see themselves in it if that makes sense? Anyways, that’s something that really stood out to me with it. Anyways….kdkdkddj

    Not really sure who to tag so you can do this if you wanna but I guess I’ll tag @agentofkhaose @lionhearted-soldier if y’all wanna do it go for it and if not that’s ok too!

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  • 2020 20 Facts

    Thanks for the tags @carryonsimoncarryonbaz and @fight-surrender and @thehoneyedhufflepuff and anyone else I’ve missed 😬

    1. Do I make my bed? Yep. But only because it’s my favorite seat in the house, and it’s easier to spread out my work when the blankets are flat

    2. Favorite number? Not really, but I like prime numbers?

    3. What’s my job? I’m a full time mum, a full time student, and a part time artist

    4. If I could would I go back to school? Um. Yes. Already on it :)

    5. Can I parallel park? If necessary, but I don’t love it

    6. A job people would be surprised I had? I worked for an entomologist right out of college, photographing aphids. (It had nothing to do with my degree)

    7. Do I think aliens are real? We haven’t even discovered all the kinds of fish in the ocean—I’m sure there are things in space we haven’t discovered yet either

    8. Can I drive a standard car? I prefer driving standard in the snow because I have more control. Plus it’s fun to burst out of the gate at red lights!

    9. What’s my guilty pleasure? Food and long naps. I’m basically a snorlax. (But really—baked potatoes with lots of butter and salt, the peanut sauce from the place down the street, raw choc chip cookie dough—I could keep going but it’d turn into the food song from Oliver)

    10. Tattoos? Once I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil, and 20 years later I still have the mark

    11. Favorite color? A rich dark blue with a tiny hint of green in it

    12. Things people do that drive me crazy? I have children (that I love, I promise). I could make a LIST

    13. Any phobias? Being trapped in a crowd with no easy exit. Aisle seats are my friend

    14. Favorite childhood sport? Probably soccer? (See #20)

    15. Do I talk to myself? I occasionally mutter under my breath

    16. What movies do I adore? Avatar, Stardust, Austenland, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, most of the Marvel movies. (If I can include mini-series, I’d also list Pride & Prejudice, North & South, and Good Omens) (anime would have to be its own list)

    17. Do I like doing puzzles? Eh, they’re alright, but I’d rather play a good board game

    18. Favorite type of music? I like a wide range of sound, as long as it makes me happy

    19. Tea or coffee? Herbal tea with lots of sugar—Tetley’s has a mojito one that is THE BEST THING EVER (but you can only get it in Canada *blows a kiss to my supplier)

    20. The first thing I remembered wanting to be when I grew up? A professional soccer player (but now I want to be a librarian when I grow up)

    @vkelleyart and @krisrix and you, dear reader—just waiting for yours 😘

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  • Quisiera ser suficiente para que me notes.

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