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  • you know what’s cool?


    i’d like one but only from a small selection of people and GDI not one of those, “hey, how ya doin’?!” hugs. i want one of those really tight hugs that let people know they mean something to you, and you mean than something to them too.

    idk i think that’s too much to ask of anyone

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  • i just realized i went back to this website and changed a bunch of my layout without saying anything so people may be very confused and to those who are:

    1) my old url was theworldinmyarms

    2) i used to go by greyson/grey but i go by mae now! any pronouns r ok

    i’m mostly doing this to help with reconnecting with friends i used to have on here and just to clear up any possible confusion so :D

    #i hope that didn’t confuse anyone? #mae speaks#about me
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  • Tagged by @clandestine-intestine , thank you!!

    Rules: Describe yourself using only pictures you have saved

    #the one in the middle is my ig pfp #tag game#memes#about me
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  • tag 8 people you’d like to know better. tagged by @agentidiot thanks!

    favourite colour: orange and brown

    last song i listened to: Kooks- David Bowie

    favourite musician(s): Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Sami Yaffa

    last film watched: Scream (1996)

    last tv-show watched: I don’t really watch shows anymore, so it must have been rick and morty last month?

    favourite original character: this question confuses me bc original character usually refers to a character you made yourself, but people have answered to this with fictional characters from fandoms? I’ll do both: my fave OC is my boy Simo, and my fave non-oc character atm is Tatum Riley from scream🥰my wife

    sweet, spicy or savoury: savoury I’d say

    sparkling water, tea or coffee: redbull

    pets: two dogs, two cats and a bunny :D

    I’m not gonna tag anyone but if you wanna do this u can say I tagged you🥰

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  • I just don’t know how to flirt…why can’t girls just say they wanna date me.

    But also how do I date?

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  • i was tagged by the fabulous @lilbabylovergirl, thanks so much!

    ancient or modern · bitter or sweet · chocolate or vanilla · coffee or tea · create or destroy · day or night · early bird or night owl · freckles or dimples· gold or silver · greek mythology or egyptian mythology · macarons or eclairs· hot or cold · thunder or lightning · typewritten or handwritten · secret garden or secret library · spicy or mild · dark magic or light magic · ocean or desert · mermaids and sirens · known or unknown · rough or smooth · moon or stars · rain or snow

    i wear bracelets on my wrists / i love the bustle of the city / i have more than one set of piercings / i read poetry / i love the sound of a thunderstorm / i want to travel the world / i sleep past midday most days / i love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / i rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia / i see emotions in colors not words

    i wear glasses or contacts / i enjoy doing the laundry / i am a vegetarian or vegan / i have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful / i am a valued advisor to my friends / i believe in true love / i love the chill of mountain air / i’m always listening to music / i am highly trusted by the people in my life

    i go without makeup in my daily life / i make my own artwork / i keep on track of my tasks and time / i always know true north / i see beauty in everything / i can always smell flowers / i smile at everyone i pass by / i always fear history repeating itself / i have recovered from a mental disorder / i can love unconditionally

    Not going to tag anyone this time, but do feel free to do this if you think this is fun! 

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  • TMI but ughh i hate shaving down there. I am so goddamned hairy and shaving my p*b*c area is an hour long task. And the results don’t even last ugh its the fucking worst

    #tmi#about me #i tried Nair this time thinking it’d be easier. nope
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  • tagged by @rcmxslupxn, thanks love! ♡

    ancient or modern · bitter or sweet · chocolate or vanilla · coffee or tea · create or destroy · day or night · early bird or night owl · freckles or dimples · gold or silver · Greek mythology or Egyptian mythology · macarons or eclairs · hot or cold · thunder or lightning· typewritten or handwritten · secret garden or secret library · spicy or mild · dark magic or light magic · virtue or vice · ocean or desert · mermaids or sirens · known or unknown · rough or smooth · moon or stars · rain or snow

    tagging @danieljradcliffe @gwendolinechristies @danslevys @kataang @wandaviz ♡ no pressure of course lol

    #about me#tag game #this was so fun!!! #lol my indecisive ass couldn't answer this as quickly as i thought i would
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  • Apparently I laugh more than I usually do (and that’s already a lot) when I’ve been drinking, good to know

    #and if youuuuu like piña coladas #and playing loteríaaaaa #than you should hit me uUp #and we can be friends #ignore me#about me
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  • i have so many paranoid fears.

    i want to call them irrational, but that would be letting them win.

    #about me #egg.txt #i feel like such a fool for believing them #but the fear of being proven a bigger fool if i dismiss them and they end up being true..... #🤐 #(i am a fool either way)
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  • i *project onto characters that have a good relationship with their dad because i have daddy issues* huh

    #sky shitposting#text post#about me #idk if this has been done but #y'all know how it goes #i just think it's neat
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  • Thanks for the tag @novemberhush! 💜

    bold the options that resonate with you

    [SOFT.] baby pink | iridescent | glitter is always a good option | no bra | minimalistic tattoos | cherry patterns | sweet scented perfumes | wearing generous amounts of blush | doodling hearts | getting excited to pet an animal | fun nails | rewatching old barbie movies | hair sticking to glossed lips | heart shaped sunglasses | taking pictures of the sunset or sunrise | stuffed animals | protecting nature | stickers everywhere | teen movies | the light rain that falls from a clear sky at the beginning of the night |

    [DARK ACADEMIA.] neutral tones | masculine outfits | studying languages | worn down copy of books | grey skies | turtleneck sweaters | loose fitting pants | hair tied with a silk ribbon | trying to remember a cool difficult word you read somewhere to use in a convo | thick belts | minimal makeup | windows fogged by rain | vintage jewelry | blouses with cuffed sleeves | reading a murder mystery and trying to solve it | oxford style shoes | sweater vests | subtitled old movies in a language you don’t speak | leaves crackling as you walk | annotating books to express your emotions about the story |

    [EDGY.] closet full of dark clothes | fishnet tights | makeup sweating off | neon signs | searching for unknown songs | chokers | band tees | doodling on old converse | finding smoking aesthetically pleasing but not doing it | weird humor | accidentally very dramatic | dim lights | layered outfits | chain belts | chipped nail polish | messy hair | low quality pics | piercings | combat boots | scribbling on desks |

    [70s.] colorful wardrobe | doodling flowers | wearing short shorts | using a bikini top or bra as a normal top | listening to ABBA | flowers in your hair | DIYing everything | jamming to songs alone in your room | drunkenly telling your friends you love them | patterned bandanas | mid heeled shoes | messy braids | flared sleeves | walking barefoot on grass or sand | bold sunglasses | the good kind of tired you get after doing something you enjoy for hours | feeding stray animals | fun patterned socks | room decorated with succulents and other plants | likes to go roller skating or skateboarding |

    [PREPPY CASUAL.] collared clothes | drinking juice out of a champagne glass | getting excited to see the met gala looks | thick headbands | small pastel cardigans | making your friends take your ootd pics | plaid mini skirts | tweed two pieces | watching reality tv to pass time | frilly tops | watching old hollywood movies | academically driven | long manicured nails | new year’s eve fireworks | colourful tights | layered golden jewelry | yearns for luxury brand items | decorating your room with fairylights | cursive and neat handwriting | lace details |

    Tagging: @hazelestelle @lovelylittlegrim @li0nh34rt @manonisamelon @theproblemwithstardust @prettyinsoulpunk @blueabsinthe18 @youcanhavemybackanyday @adamngoodbuck (and anyone else that wants to do this)

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  • get to know me tag

    thanks for tagging me sarah! 💖💖💖 @to-enter-polaris

    favorite fictional character: eliott demaury + noora sætre <3

    top 5 shows: skam(s), sex education, euphoria, peaky blinders, outer banks!!! (the range lol)

    top 5 movies: rise of the guardians, lady bird, 20th century women, dead poets society, miss stevens

    what continent am i on: north america

    mental age: honestly like 45

    nickname: u guys call me caro!!! + my family calls me liney :D

    favorite drink: iced coffee or orange san pellegrino !

    room aesthetic: neutrals + whites w soft fairy lights and a bunch of random things of the wall

    clothes style: lots of dark colors/pink and stripes, v 90s skater girl haha

    pronouns: she/her

    last thing i ate: the best chocolate chip cookie i’ve ever had

    top 5 bands: hippo campus, slow hollows, the 1975, wallows, pavlove

    what stereotype i fall under: ur basic pretentious film student / shy until you get to know me then i never shut up lmao

    i’ll tag @kritiquer @choupiauriant @alexauriant @spiritinanitecap + anybody who wants to!! i would love to know more about u guys!! 💗

    #another day another tag game hehe ✨ #i lowkey love doing these #tag game#about me
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  • man i know this is gonna make me look like a fool later bc kid’s whole deal isn’t fleshed out yet but I saw that one pic of baby kid holding that robot that he apparently built himself and it won’t leave me alone. and now im thinking about  kid growing up in a shitty scrapyard with other junkers and being a total mech nerd and growing up to be a really excellent mechanic/engineer, actually…eustass kid who is the captain but also the head ship mechanic who takes care of maintenance and repairs because he wants to and he finds solving mechanical problems to be relaxing and fun… eustass kid who can make his own eternal poses because log poses are based on magnetic signatures…eustass kid who’s definitely a meathead but who also understands mechanical engineering problems instinctively and likes tinkering and putting together/taking apart machines in his free time, who was actually over the moon when he realized his devil fruit power aligned so closely with his natural interests 

    #give kid hobbies 2020 #about me#one piece#eustass kid #give kid character depth 2020 #lmao all this shit's gonna turn out to be completely wrong but let me indulge myself for a sec
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  • #i also deeply hate the color orange #im a picky person #and its a DEEP hatred #myloverboyash#ask#about me
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  • image
    #about me#lmao#me#life#post#Hamilton#musical #the reynolds pamphlet #Thomas Jefferson#James Madison#aaron burr #you ever see somebody ruin they own life #daveed diggs #leslie odom jr #okieriete onaodowan
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  • One of my best friends @ahufflepuffhobbit tagged me in this long list of things to help us get to know each other, and I’m just so glad to learn more things about her! So I’m going to tag @the-angry-pixie, @s-s-georgie, and @purebloodqueen (and anyone else who wants to join in!) with no pressure to these three to actually complete this! It’s long.

    1. Do you prefer writing with a black pen or blue pen? I’m a pen snob. I prefer black G2 pens, but I’ll also write with blue or make notes with red on paper copies of reports and things (just so I can feel like a professional at some point in my life). I don’t mind the colors so much as I mind the pen. G2 only for my personal life (bic when I know the pens will be stolen).

    2. Would you prefer to live in the country or city? I lived in Boston for 4 years, and I liked some parts of it. Now I live in a smaller city outside of Boston (around 100k people) and I love it here, but the art scene and the queer spaces are ample and I really like my job.

    3. If you could learn a new skill what would it be? Outside of becoming a better writer, I really want to learn how to cook better and do better food presentations so I can make a “food blog” and become famous for learning how to cook better and teaching people how to cook better.

    4. Do you drink your tea/coffee with sugar? Yes, I just do a regular regular (2 cream, 2 sugar) for coffee, but for tea I prefer honey.

    5. What was your favourite book as a child? Under 5, I read The Cay with my dad and loved it. Under 8, I read Goodnight, Mr. Tom, a book about a child evacuee from London which got me started on my WWII history obsession. Under 10, I became obsessed with The Outsiders (which is still my favorite book to this day). Under 13, The Only Alien on the Planet. Under 15, Harry Potter (unfortunately, the author has ruined the series for me). Under 18, I fell in love with this book about a young teen dad, and I’ve never been able to find the book again.

    6. Do you prefer baths or showers? I’m totally a baths person, but no tubs are quite the right fit, so when I’m rich and famous I’m getting myself a soaker tub and I will live in that damn thing (I have dreams that my grandmother had a soaker tub–which she did–that she never used–which she didn’t–but I would sneak into her house to use her soaker tub–which unfortunately never happened. Can you tell how stressed I am by nature? I just need a soaker tub with a bath bomb and like 4 hours to myself).

    7. If you could be a mythical creature, which one would it be? Hmm… I just want to be your average garden variety hedge witch. 

    8. Paper or electronic books? Either/or. I suck at reading these days. I just don’t have the attention span. Give me a book and I’ll probably only read half regardless of electronic or paper. (#badwriter, #readmore)

    9. What is your favourite item of clothing? I quite like capri leggings. They’re my typical go-to wardrobe choice. 

    10. Do you like your name or would you like to change it? I don’t feel like Jessica really fits me that much anymore, but I’m comfortable with Jess.

    11. Who is a mentor to you? I would classify one of my college professors, but she just “unfriended” me on facebook because of differing viewpoints (neither are wrong, but her view of what I was saying wasn’t accurate). So I might be in the market for a new mentor.

    12. Would you like to be famous and if so, what for? Sure, in some regards, I suppose. A part of me has always wanted to be “famous” but really I’d just take my 15 minute spotlight and be happy with that. I’d really like to be on one of those cooking competition shows (only a nice British TV one, not an American one), or I’d like to have fans on youtube and have a really cool youtube channel, or I’d like to be a writer with some really good books published… or even just a child development theorist. Whatever. Gimme my 15 minutes!

    13. Are you a restless sleeper? Relatively, yes. I’m up to pee, to toss and turn, with nightmares. I’m someone who talks in their sleep and who thinks that their dreams are happening in the waking world–so I respond verbally to things dream characters say.

    14. Do you consider yourself a romantic person? I think I’m a romantic at heart, but I have few people to express that side with.

    15. Which element best represents you? My sign is water, but I’m definitely more fire.

    16. Who do you want to be closer to? I don’t really have anyone that I’m afraid of being close to, but I wouldn’t mind having a datemate. Find me someone to fit that role, please.

    17. Do you miss someone at the moment? I think a part of me will always miss my brother, and I’m close to my mother but prefer that we have a bit of space between us (we’re too similar). I think there’s this thing where you miss things you’ve never had, because I totally miss feeling part of a close knit friend group.

    18. Tell us about an early childhood memory. I played alone as a kid a lot, and in my backyard we had a swing set that I would play on a lot. There were horses in the field beside the back yard, and a donkey in the field behind it and in the woods on the other side of the house were a bunch of feral cats. I remember swinging on the swings and hearing something make a god awful sound that I had never heard before (and it sounded really close to me) and I remember panicking and running straight for the house. My dad told his version of the story; he looked out and saw me, eyes wide as saucers, pale as a sheet, running in as fast as my little legs could carry me. 

    Admittedly, this is also the house where I’m pretty sure I saw aliens peeking in my bedroom window, so was it supernatural or just an animal? I’ll never know.

    19. What is the strangest thing you have eaten? I’m down to eat almost anything; I ate a baby octopus once, and didn’t really like it. It was too spicy and too chewy.

    20. What are you most thankful for? The job I have; I feel incredibly supportive by my supervisor and incredibly thankful to have such wonderful families I get to support every day.

    21. Do you like spicy food? I used to… and then I became too white.

    22. Have you ever met someone famous? I once spoke on the phone with Hal Sparks (a friend was at a comedy show of his and called me in the middle of the night so he could say hello to me). I’ve also brushed past a few other people while in New York City or in Florida, but nothing super memorable. 

    23. Do you do you keep a diary or journal? I try to, but then I forget for a year and then I write a page that’s like “well this has happened in the last year.” and I do that every year I keep the physical journal. Sometimes I do write down tarot interpretations and things like that as they pertain to my life at the time.

    24. Do you prefer to use a pen or a pencil? Mostly pens. Occasionally pencils, but mostly pens. 

    25. What is your star sign? Cancer

    26. Do you like your cereal soggy or crunchy? Ew. Crunchy. Who eats soggy cereal?

    27. What would you want your legacy to be? I want to be able to continue supporting families even after I’ve gone… through a foundation or through a child developmental theory book… we’ll see.

    28. Do you like reading, what was the last book you read? I enjoy reading, but I’m pretty sure I have an undiagnosed case of ADHD, and I’ve been chasing the high of going into hyperfocus ever since I was a child–I haven’t stayed up all night reading since my teens and I miss that.

    29. How do you show someone you love them? I’m very much a words of affirmation sort of person, and a quality time person. Gimme a day out with a friend or someone I care about and I’ll compliment who they are as a person about 800 times, and if you give me a task to do, I’ll love you forever.

    30. Do you like ice in your drinks? Yeah, I’m an ice cruncher…. I know it’s bad, but it’s so good.

    31. What are you afraid of? I don’t have a lot of fears, but I think fear that my mom would pass unexpectedly is a big one. I don’t know how I’d get through life without her support and guidance. I also fear panic attacks (not the triggers themselves, but the panic attacks that I have every now and again).

    32. What is your favourite scent? I have this incense called Opium that I love… I also love the smell right as it starts to rain, the ocean, sometimes sunny days have a really nice smell too… 

    33. Do you address older people by their name or surname? I don’t typically say people’s names, but if I have to address someone, I’ll usually say, “Ma’am or sir” until they tell me to call them by their first names.

    34. If money was not a factor, how would you live your life? I mean, honestly, I’d still be doing the same thing, but I’d be considering buying my own house and having a kid… two of the things I really want but can not afford right now.

    35. Do you prefer swimming in pools or the ocean? I prefer to be in the water at the ocean as compared to a pool (the chlorine kills me), but if I’m going to swim I prefer to do that in a pool… because I don’t trust myself to swim in the ocean–I don’t have enough experience to be a confident ocean swimmer even though I’m a fairly good swimmer in general.

    36. What would you do if you found £50 on the ground? Look around to see if anyone has lost it, but then pocket it. Maybe I’d hand it off to a homeless person or someone who looks in need, but that’s me being optimistic that I’d do that.

    37. Have you ever seen a shooting star? Yeah, I drove through the Pleiades meteor shower one year, and saw about 15 shooting stars in 10 minutes. I also stood on top of Mount Lee in Hollywood (where the hollywood sign sits) and saw a shooting star there. Once I was up in Maine and laying in the grass with some friends and saw a shooting star there too… you just have to be in a place that’s dark enough, and it’s likely you’ll see some flaming space trash crash into the earth.

    38. What is the one thing you would want to teach your children? I would like to have children to teach them, but I’m worried that won’t happen because $$ and society suck. But I really try to teach the children that I love in my life how to be a good, kind, person, and how to treat others with respect. I try to teach consent early and often. I try to teach loving yourself as you are and how you are, and that who you are is deserving of love, no matter what happens in your life. I try to teach them that they are not perfect (no one is), but that you can amend your actions and make reparations to the people you have harmed with your actions, and that even though you have made a mistake as long as you are taking steps to correct your mistake you are a good person and always worthy of love. 

    39. If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? I already have them, but I would like more. But again… $$.

    40. What can you hear now? The roomba just turned on. It’s definitely time for bed.

    41. Where do you feel the safest? In my room, in my home.

    42. What is the one thing you want to overcome/conquer? Feeling unworthy of love.

    43. Of you could travel back to any era, what would it be? I’m not really interested anymore in going back into previous times… the past was only idealistic to white people, and people of color have had a shitty time in every era so I’m good. Take me to a time when racism is done and then we’ll talk.

    44. What is your most used emoji? the crying laughing cat face

    45. Describe yourself using one word. Intense.

    46. What do you regret the most? I don’t know that I have a lot of regrets. I regret when people misinterpret what I mean when I say something that wasn’t explained well. I regret individuals who have exited my life that have chosen to do so of their own volition. But they aren’t things that I had a lot of control over, so I don’t regret them very much.

    47. Last movie you saw? Hamilton. I quite appreciated being able to see it finally.

    48. Last tv show you watched? I watch a lot of paranormal tv… just because it’s something to put on… actually I fall asleep to a lot of paranormal tv. If I were to see a ghost, I probably wouldn’t react that much because I just sleep through the weird shit they do on tv, so… what up ghost?

    49. Invent a word and it’s meaning. I don’t tend to invent words… I do like putting words together in new ways though and telling different stories. Maybe I’ll do that sometime.

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