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    I was tagged by @eleionoma to search my name (Rachael) + core + aesthetic and then make a moodboard of the results. Let me just say…this is probably the cutest tag game ever!! ✨🍄🥀

    I’m tagging @flightsoffancyonpaperwings @notatypicaldimension @hobbitsetal @oscillate-oscar-wildely and anyone else that wants to!

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  • #ask game#about me #5 things that make you happy
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  • I was tagged by @femmefuckup thank you <3 !!

    Bold what you prefer

    coffee or tea | early bird or night owl | chocolate or vanilla | spring or fall | silver or gold | pop or alternative | freckles or dimples | snakes or sharks | mountains or fields | thunder or lightning | egyptian mythology or greek mythology | ivory or scarlet | flute or lyre | opal or diamond | butterflies or honeybees | macarons or eclairs | typewritten or handwritten | secret garden or secret library | rooftop or balcony | spicy or mild | opera or ballet | london or paris | vincent van gogh or claude monet | denim or leather | potions or spells | ocean or desert | mermaids or sirens | masquerade ball or cocktail party

    tagging (if you want to do it!) @notsograceful18 @liarparrish @vegaschapters @donnatarttpdf @eddiemylovee @crvel-svmmers @pissmints @summertime-dragons @repressedgaymer @thatfreakygeeky @violetreddie and anyone who wants to!

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    tagged by @glitchexmachina

    Name: Alexa

    Gender: female

    Star sign: Virgo

    Height: 5′2″

    Sexuality: pansexual

    Favourite animal: Tiger

    House: Hufflepuff

    Sleep: i always try and get 8 but these days its all over the place

    Current time: 12:04 AM

    Dogs or cats: for some reason I always say cats, yet own a dog

    Dream job: geologist or psychologist

    Why I made a tumblr: mainly so i could send asks to @questioningofthor

    Blankets you sleep with: there ae like three on my bed, usage varies

    Reasons for my url: one day i was joking around in the popeyes parking lot in my twin’s car and my alarm for to take my medication went off and i made a joke about popping pills at popeyes

    Followers: 1,293

    Tagging: @paradoxate, @purplediamon, @angryxkitten, @walkerofclouds, @corythosauruswithascarf, @rockintensse, @a-manic-pixie-dream-journal

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  • Day 10: What was the hardest thing you gave up?

    • Breakfast. I fucking love breakfast. 
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  • ask meme (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

    tagged by @tharntypesupportclub​ ♡

    1. top 3 favorite comfort foods

    crunchy cheddar jalapeño cheetos
    warm white rice and seaweed chips
    fried green plantain

    2. top 3 favorite comfort candies

    matcha pocky
    butterfinger after a couple hours in the fridge

    swedish fish

    3. top 3 favorite comfort desserts

    chocolate lava cake
    red velvet cake

    tempura fried green tea ice cream

    4. top 3 favorite comfort drinks (non alcoholic)

    java chip frappuccino 

    thai iced tea

    5. top 3 favorite comfort tv shows

    criminal minds

    why r u?

    6. top 3 fav comfort movie(s) or genres



    7. top 3 favorite comfort books

    girl in pieces – kathleen glasgow
    the wind’s twelve quarters – ursula k. le guin

    ayiti – roxanne gay

    8. top 3 favorite comfy places

    my bed
    my desk

    the couch

    9. top 3 favorite comforting/encouraging songs to lift spirits

    any song – zico
    still rolling stones – lauren daigle

    spring day - bts

    10. top 5 favorite activities to do on rainy days (or during isolation)


    listening to music

    bullet journaling

    binge-watching :) 

    if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged ♡

    #it's midnight and now i want chocolate cake #guess i'm baking tomorrow lol #tag game#about me
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  • okay so uh??? I’ve gotten a lot of new followers since posting some of those HCs so I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I’m making this as a formal introduction, and just to reiterate some stuff about my blog:

    I’m gonna put this up here first, just so it doesn’t get lost in any of the later text: If you are a TERF, SWERF, truscum, aro/ace/pan/enby exclusionist, alt-right, or a MAP/MAP supporter, get the fuck off my blog! Unfollow me, block me, add me to whatever lists y’all have, I genuinely don’t care. Get out, and stay out.

    Okay, now that I’ve made that clear, I’ll move on to everything else:

    Call me Em! I’m 21, and I go by she/her/they them pronouns! 

    I’ve been into Batman (and the rogues) since I was… like… 12, I think? I drew a lot of rogues comics when I was in middle school, and even though I violently cringe whenever I think about them today, they undeniably cemented my love for the Batman universe, and has made the rogues gallery a permanent special-interest for my dumb gay ADHD-ass.

    I like most of the Rogues, but Bane and Oswald are 100,000% my two favorites (with Eddie as an honorable mention!!!). they’re both very big comfort characters to me, and legit I could probably spend hours just talking about why I love them adjlksjfh. Of course, I am critical of the way some writers have portrayed them and the other rogues, so I tend to avoid that content for the most part because I made this blog to have fun and to interact with the community!

    I normally just reblog a bunch of rogue content, but I also like to draw, and write HCs/fanfics for this blog! I’ll make another post regarding the rules for HCs.

    I always tag rogue names in my posts, but if you need anything else tagged, please feel free to tell me! 

    #Not Rogue related #about me#rules#long post
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  • I was tagged by @cemeteryromance

    Icon: It’s a self-portrait I made with a dollmaker. I think if I went through my archives I could even find the one.

    Posts: reblogs. lots and lots of reblogs. occasionally personal or commentary when something prompts me to but I’ve found my tumblr experience is improved by keeping my thoughts guarded

    Letter Color: idk, the default for my theme I think

    Header: the inspiration for my URL

    URL: Women’s restroom sign with the W fallen off. I think I started with something else, but I changed it for a halloween URL and never changed back b/c I liked it more.

    Blog Title: now that’s a secret

    idk if I want to pass it on; most of my friends are only barely on tumblr anymore

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  • There was an open tag from @acesexualspock and I figured why not?

    🌿 Where are you isolated? (Country or city too if you like)

    I’m in Fallbrook, CA, at home.

    🌿 What are you currently reading or watching?

    I’m not really reading anything? But I’m watching a lot of HLN (Deadline News Network) programs like Forensic Files, and Murder She Wrote when it’s on as well.

    🌿 If you can go outside, what do you like to do during this time?

    I usually am only out to run errands, though we now have chairs for our porch so I can go outside and sit when I want. 

    🌿 Any fascinating concept you’re studying?


    🌿 What kinds of acts of creativity/forms of art are you currently doing?

    I’m writing fic every once in a while.

    🌿 A song/s that resonates with your state of mind at the moment?

    “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel

    🌿 Favourite impulsive/’bad’ coping techniques?

    While not bad, I’m doing a lot of cleaning and it’s driving my mom and son nuts because I want them to help me.

    I tag @strangelock221b, @lareinadehades, @spockspointedears, @a-lafaye, @blaineandsamevanderson and anyone else who wants to do this!

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  • Thanks @superwholocklove-fan for tagging me in this! It was fun! The restraint I showed by not putting 4 different Britney Spears songs is immense.

    Tainted Love- Soft Cell

    Enchanted- Taylor Swift

    Uptown Girl- Billy Joel

    Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus

    Over the Rainbow- Judy Garland

    Nicotine- Panic! at the Disco

    I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys

    Crush Culture- Conan Gray

    Primadonna Like Me- The Struts

    Oops!..I Did It Again- Britney Spears

    Cold Hearted- Paula Abdul

    Kiss Me Kiss Me- 5 Seconds of Summer

    You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette

    Anyone who wants to do this can consider themselves tagged!

    #about me #wow i havent done anything like this in a hot minute #i hope my music taste is appreciated lol
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  • My friend (Margaret the teacher— you all know Margaret, right?) just made a Great Gatsby themed TikTok video for her students.

    …these are the times we’re living in people.

    #to understand their level you have to be at their level #let us call upon the Martian ‘potato situation’ #she won teacher of the year in our district so i can’t scoff at her methods #Margaret the teacher is not ner Christian name #it may be her official title though #Dame Margaret of the South Side #quite catchy#personal#about me #actually about Margie #my dearest friend #i think we all remember the Hamlet essay title #she provides me with soooo much entertainment
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    • Me: But what if I don't actually have ADHD?
    • Also me: *attempts to read an essay while listening to music while playing Minecraft, because doing only one thing at a time is anathema*
    • Also me: *starts reading an essay* *starts listening to a song* *starts reading song lyrics* *starts reading a poem* *starts checking tumblr* ...What was I doing again?
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    I was tagged by @a-brighter-yellow , @crinkle-eyed-boo , and @harryincamp (at least, I think) to post 6-10 images from my phone that describe me. I think? Might have the wording wrong.

    Anywayyyyy here we go!! L-R, top to bottom: a crop of a pic I saw on Tumblr; rows of comte at fort St. Antoine; the waffle house sign ♡; Sally lookin silly/about to sneeze; serving too many ppl/we love tea; Sally the wistful yet cautious traveler; I’m babie; but sometimes babie tries to be hard; though at the end of the day I identify so deeply with this Annie Lennox album it’s ridiculous…

    Idk who hasn’t done this but would want to! Gonna tag a few folks though, no pressure if you’d rather not AND if you want to do this and haven’t yet please go for it!!!

    @eunyisadoran @hypersoniclesbian @aprillikesthings @statementlou @livqueer

    #about me#pic memes #this was hard
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  • The munchies hit different when you know there’s food in the kitchen.


    Originally posted by oishi-des

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  • Tagged by @dracoangel​, thank you so much! <3<3<3

    I’ll tag @guidethisonekalahira, @iawv, @shaiandra, @forevervobla, and whoever wants to do ittt.

    1. Are you staying home from work/school? 

    At home, locked myself in for about a month now. I work from home though, so there hasn’t been much change for me aside from not being able to go for a walk, gym, meet my friends, etc.

    2. If you’re staying home, who’s there with you?

    My boyfriend, and my roommate.

    3. Are you a homebody? 

    That depends. I shift between extremely isolationist to “i don’t care, I need to be outside”. Although working from home hasn’t been kind to my social habits. 

    4. What movies have you watched recently? 

    Lol we’ve been watching all the possible virus/infection/zombie apocalypse/end of the world movies out there XD But in the evenings we just put White Collar show as a background. Its nice and light and just makes you feel better)

    5. An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled? 

    I don’t care much for events, but apparently our good friend’s employer was supposed to throw some gaming event in San Francisco and we were supposed to be invited. I am quite sad it didn’t work out since he moved to NYC and we didn’t see each other for over a year. He assured us they will bring it back once the quarantine is over.

    6. What music are you listening to? 

    I’ve been playing Stardew Valley so I had that music on repeat :3 The Dance of Moon Jellies is probably one of my favorites, along with that trippy forest song XD

    Recently, I’ve been preferring thunderstorm sounds to any music as well.

    7. What are you reading? 

    Started reading Neuromancer by William Gibson.

    8. What are you doing for self-care? 

    For physical: Going out to the balcony, stretching, trying to exercise a little at home. For social: calling and checking on my family and my friends, zoom group calls are a lot of fun. My step-sister is in New York, and had been hit pretty hard, so we occasionally talk for several hours. Honestly though no amount of self-care would have helped if I didn’t have a loving partner. I’d have gone crazy without him heh.

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  • i was tagged by @dobrien thank you <3

    • icon: chloe and lucifer by @michaelguerrin
    • my content: very multifandom and all my hyperfixations  😊
    • letter color: black, with a pink accent
    • url: for my love chloe decker
    • header: gif of daryl dixon by @joeysbatey
    • my blog title: “braver than you know” - a richie tozier quote from it (2019).

    i’m tagging: whoever wants to do this

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    (I was tagged by @freeeeakonaleash, thanks beautiful 😊)

    1: Name- Amanda

    2: Nicknames- Mandy Pandy, Manders

    3: Zodiac- Pisces ♓

    4: Height- 5’ 5"

    5: Languages- English

    6: Nationality- American

    7: Favourite Season- Fall 🍂🍁🍂

    8: Favourite Flower- lily of the valley

    9: Fave Scent- citrus scents, bread, cherry

    10: Fave Colour- Purple or Green 💜💚

    11: Fave Animal- Frogs

    12: Fave Fic Character- I honestly can’t choose this

    13: Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate- Hot chocolate

    14: Average hours of sleep- It honestly varies? But probaby around 6 or 7

    15: Dogs or Cats- I love both cats win by a lil

    17: Dream Trip- Iceland

    18: Blog Established- I honestly don’t remember, but I was still in high school

    19: Number of followers- only 654 and most are inactive 🙃

    20: Random fact about yourself- I was in the national spelling bee twice when I was younger

    I nominate; any of my mutuals that want to do this!

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