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  • i have made nothing for haikyuu week but 

    what if I wrote a bokuaka imposter x crewmate among us fic 

    #text#about me #just trash that has been living in my brain rent free!! #why am i like this #am i really gonna do this
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  • a life update no one asked for

    my mom called me this morning to let me know that my grandma passed away last night. she’s been living on borrowed time for about a year now but yeah. im not really sure how im doing besides just numbness but i may not be as active in the next week or so, depending on how my brain decides to cope with things.

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  • 10 Fanfic Question Tag Game

    Tagged by @vestriis, several weeks ago. I think. could have also been yesterday, who knows.

    In return, I tag: it’s been so long I have no idea who’s done this and who hasn’t so if you want to do it go ahead and @ me so I can see what you said!!

    1.) What’s your favourite genre to write?

    I absolutely love extensive AUs, if that’s strictly a genre of its own (my AUs tend to have similar character themes, but I don’t strictly write one type of AU, if that makes sense). it’s usually some combination of canon divergence, or a prequel with extra factors that then joins into canon and makes it an AU, or a continuation of canon again with extra things that veer into AU territory. all of my current extensive AUs (several for the Six of Crows/Grishaverse books, one for Shades of Magic, one for Vicious, one for the Gentleman Bastards series) are incredibly long pieces (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of words when complete) and are packed full of indulgent OCs.

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  • Respect me.

    This is my job.

    I don’t want your small nasty dick in my DMs just because you felt like it.

    Want me to see your dick? PAY ME

    I don’t want to be your friend, so i don’t want to attend your personal life problems.

    Don’t waste my time!!

    I don’t want to be treated rough, NOT UNTIL WE BOTH DECIDE I WANT IT.

    #about me#selling noods#noods4sale #i sell custom content
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  • Thank you for tagging me @basmathgirl :)

    Rules: tag 9 people you’d like to know better/catch up with

    Last Song: ‘No tengo problema’ by Culcha Candela

    Last Movie: “Love Sarah” in a Sneak Preview event at my local movie theater 

    Currently Watching: "Lucifer” where I’m in season 3 plus I’m also rewatching “Modern Family” for like the fifth time right now

    Currently Reading: Oh dear… I have like ten books on my desk right now that I’m kinda reading at the same time. But most recently I read “That’s not what happened” by Kody Keplinger

    Currently Craving: Some more free time and for the weekend to be about three days longer than it actually is…

    I’m tagging: @star55 @multiwells @crowley-my-king @liminalien 

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  • I was tagged by @hadewyjch :)

    Rules: Bold everything that applies to you and tag (10) people you’d like to get to know better.


    I’m over 5’5” // I wear glasses // contacts // I have blonde hair // I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing // I have one or more piercings// I have at least one tattoo // I have blue eyes // I have dyed or highlighted my hair // I have gotten plastic surgery // I have or had braces // I sunburn easily // I have freckles // I paint my (toe)nails // I typically wear makeup // I don’t often smile // I am pleased with how I look // I prefer Nike to Adidas // I wear baseball hats backward

    Hobbies and Interests:

    I play a sport // I can play an instrument // I am artistic // I know more than one language // I have won a trophy in some sort of competition// I can cook or bake without a recipe // I know how to swim // I enjoy writing // I can do origami // I prefer movies to TV shows // I can execute a perfect somersault // I enjoy singing // I could survive in the wild on my own // I have read a new book series this year // I enjoy spending time with friends // I travel during school or work breaks // I can do a handstand


    I am in a relationship // I have been single for over a year // I have a crush // I have a best friend I have known for ten years // My parents are together // I have dated my best friend // I am adopted // My crush has confessed to me // I have a long-distance relationship // I am an only child // I give advice to my friends // I have made an online friend // I met up with someone I have met online


    I have heard the ocean in a conch shell // I have watched the sunrise// I enjoy rainy days // I have slept under the stars // I meditate outside // The sound of chirping calms me // I enjoy the smell of the beach // I know what snow tastes like // I listen to music to fall asleep // I enjoy thunderstorms // I enjoy cloud watching // I have attended a bonfire // I pay close attention to colors // I find mystery in the ocean // I enjoy hiking on nature paths // Autumn is my favorite season


    I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle // I am the mum friend // I live by a certain quote(s) // I like the smell of Sharpies// I participate in extracurricular activities // I enjoy Mexican food // I can drive a stick-shift // I believe in true love// I make up scenarios to fall asleep // I sing in the shower // I wish I lived in a video game // I have a canopy above my bed // I am multiracial // I am a redhead // I own at least three dogs

    idk anybody so if you see this, go ahead lol

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  • I feel like I’m not good enough for… anything

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  • i will not listen to crit role just because mollys back i will not listen to crit role just because mollys back i will not

    #about me #im still never gonna forgive any of those motherfuckers for that decision #they hurt #me once im not going back goddamit #if i ever reblog a crit post mutuals yell at me
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  • #🥰🥰🥰 #if something is pale pink it's like SOLD #i don't care #i will want it #text! #about me#katie talks
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  • I’m so sorry for being so flakey like I start watching/giffing a show & then I just lose interest & don’t feel inspired anymore 🙃 I must be dead inside 💀🤣

    #was like this for stranger things... #asoue...yoi...good omens...the boys #about me
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  • listen maybe i do care about bruce wayne and his everlasting untreated trauma. maybe i care about this ridiculous little man

    #he's terrible and beyond stupid i will love him forever god bless #batman#about me#dc
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  • Me: tries to scroll thru tumblr

    Tumblr: opens camera app

    Me: no, you dumb bitch

    Me: clicks back & swipes again

    Tumblr: chat rooms?


    #about me #i'm tired of these motherfcking features on this motherfcking app #ok to reblog
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  • image

    Let’s talk about self-acceptance

    - I’m working towards it.

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  • I ate lasagna today…Oh god I’m so happy right now. It’s like perfect symphony of happiness and joy 

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  • tag game

    i was tagged by tuna<3 @https-luna n @jellyfishbeansontoast @rae131415

    post your lockscreen, the last song you listened to and the last picture in your camera roll


    my last actual photo is a group picture and im not tryna expose my private life so yeah so this is my last second pic


    no pressure tags: @crxstalreeds @astroninaaa @jmaybanks @alternativehp @julesextra-account @summerkaulitz and anyone else who wants to do it

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