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  • vaguely-incomprehensible
    08.05.2021 - 1 minute ago

    honestly it’s super fucking rude to insist that your child’s friend eats whatever it is that you make for dinner lmao

    #and it’s also super fucking rude to do this to adults too #like I understand that it’s ‘manners’ to at least try it #but FUCK MANNERS!!!! #y’all don’t know them!!!!!! you don’t get to assume you know what they like to eat!!!!! #you don’t get to assume you know if ‘they won’t even tell something is in there’ or not!!!! #fuck off!!!!!! #if I don’t want to eat your food #I PROMISE it’s not a slight against you #it’s because I cannot stand the texture and or I don’t want to risk it #or it’s just got a gross flavor!!! #it’s not a fucking insult!!!!! it’s a matter of personal tastes!!!!! #like if I made you food and you said no I would be okay with it!!!!! #like yeah I’d be a little hurt but I absolutely would not further push the issue!!!!! #I have family who is the opposite of extremely picky!!! I’ll give it to them!!
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  • abelas
    08.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    time to complain about watch dogs legion

    #i am. so disappointed in this game #ive been playing watch dogs since the first one and i really enjoyed that one and the second one #and the fact that ubisoft is making us wait to play as aiden pearce or wrench for over half a yr after the release date of the game is #appalling tbh. not only that you have to buy the season pass to do so #the ONLY thing making this game worth playing is the prospect of playing as wrench or aiden #i do not care for the 'no main character' and 'play as a bunch of different operatives you feel no connection to' gameplay #its actually awful imo. it's not enticing i dont care about the story bc there is not one person i can actually CONNECT with that feels #special bc none of the operatives you can play as are???? literally you can play as any random person. and that just doesnt make sense to me #anyway. totally regret spending any money on the game or the season pass and SHOCKER TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ubisoft is greedy and sucks :) #and pushes content out not for the creativity of it. not to be innovative. but to make money and it shows in each and every single one of #their copy and paste games. every game is the same if you really look at them #anyway ANFKSDJNFS im salty omg #personal
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  • samcoded
    08.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    i proved mathematically that, from a human perspective, castiel fell in love with dean in less than two seconds. if you’re curious, he explicitly chose dean over the heavenly host in less than 22 seconds and gave his life for dean’s after 47 seconds. 

    (proof under the cut)

    okay first of all shoutout to the post that made me do math for the first time since high school

    so. the goal: find the ratio of days lived by an angel (angel days) to seconds lived by a human (human seconds). to do this, we need to know the relative age of an angel and a human. i chose 375,000,000 years for an angel (first thing that shows up when you google “when did fish first walk on land,” since cas mentions remembering that in the man who would be king) and 46 years for a human (misha collins’ current age). 

    here’s the conversion from angel years and human years to angel days and human seconds (curse you tumblr for compressing the screenshot):

    basically, i just fiddled with the fractions until i got down to the units i wanted. the simplified ratio is 78125 angel days to every 828 human seconds. 

    now that we have the ratio, we need to know how many days passed for castiel between meeting dean, falling in love with him, choosing him over the heavenly host, and d*spair. 

    i decided to go by episode release dates, since those are relatively around the in-universe date. i chose 4x01 lazarus rising for meeting dean (obvious reasons). and even though we know from the moment he laid hands on him in hell he was lost, i chose 4x16 on the head of a pin for cas falling in love with dean (“for the first time, i feel...”), 9x22 stairway to heaven was for choosing dean over the rest of the angels (he can’t punish dean for killing tessa, so the rest of his flock leaves him), and, of course, 15x18 despair (redacted) for his death. 

    here’s finding out how many days passed between them:

    if you can’t read it, it took 182 days to fall in love, 2063 to choose him over heaven, and 4431 to uh. die. 

    anyways, now that we have the ratio and the number of days, all that’s left to do is solve the equation. here’s falling in love:

    here’s choosing him over heaven:

    and here’s... the last one:

    so, that was a fun journey we just took together. if you have any other ideas for how long it took cas to do things, here’s the final equation to plug your variables into:

    love and light, y’all.

    #do i think that the spn writers took this into account while making the show? absolutely fucking not lmaoo #but it was fun to do #i'm also assuming that angels perceive time the same way that humans do (which is up to interpretation) #and that castiel has a continuous perception of time despite naomi's reprogrammings #yeah i'm reading teaching poetry to a fish. why do you ask? #spn#supernatural#destiel#deancas#dean winchester#castiel #...just realized how this looks with my username.... embarrassing....
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  • taxolotl
    08.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #IM WHEEZING LMFAOOOOOO #JUST #SOMETHING ABOUT THE EDITING #THE PINK THAT DOESN'T MATCH THE 'AOXOLT' #THE SHITTY FIRE GRAPHICS #THE CRACKLY EDGES AROUND THE TEXT AND FIRE #ABSOLUTELY SENDING ME HELPPPPP #can't decide if i want the eye bleach or not #<- 🤔#(/j) #asks! #not going to question how this was on your dash but alright- #capslock tw
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  • maryiofengland
    08.05.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Atlakviða // Honey, I’m Home - Shania Twain

    #the way that shania and guthrun both appropriate and subvert the head of household patriarch role of their respective cultures #by taking on that role while retaining elements of femininity #guthrun becomes a gold giving lord #but she the hlafdige or whatever it is in old norse is not giving gold to her retainers #she's giving it to the servants #and shania is acting like a 50s (and later but like i feel like we associate it most with the 50s) husband #but she's tired out from facing issues that she faces as a woman #pepe silvia.jpg #(also sorry I absolutely cannot find who that atlakvitha translation is by #it's been in my pictures folder for like a year #and i know it's not larrington or bellows or hollander #so who can never be sure) #eddaposting
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  • differtcs
    08.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    also adding onto my “bad touch” post, shouto was 100% inadvertently triggered by what tokoyami said to him before he went into the fight. which!! isn’t tokoyami’s fault. he doesn’t know the details. he thought he was relating to shouto and extending a hand in solidarity as a successor of one of the top 2 heroes but it ultimately ended up doing more bad than good bc it’s one of the main contributors for launching shouto into a bad headspace before and subsequently through that whole fight. 

    #like i said i have a lot of thoughts about this fight i was absolutely livid reading it in real time my mind was busting at the seams #i'll leave it here for now bc i'll probably have more to say after next weeks episode bc that's where most of my Strong Feelings come in KJH #anyway this fight was not good for shouto and i'll die on that hill #* ooc / illiteracy personified .
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  • queenaboleyna
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is legitimately one of the funniest moments in the whole show

    #no like tell me im not the only one who absolutely loses it every time??? #the tudors#henry viii#history#history memes#anne boleyn#thomas wolsey
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  • gncseven
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #found out this episode that lothal has 2 moons which is driving me absolutely fucking insane #this show is so much all the time #rebels lb#cory shitposts #like i literally do not usually enjoy force-heavy episodes but this one was SO. #anyway. ezra bridger most star wars character of all time
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  • hopelesshawks
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Someone tell the duolingo owl to get out my notifications makin me feel guilty for neglecting my Korean 🥲

    #do I genuinely want to learn the language? yes #does that mean I’m not hella inconsistent? absolutely not #just let me be a bad student in peace 😭 #hawkstalks
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  • bunx
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    rmbring how i got blocked for saying those its ok 2 like men posts snd like theyre made by yt people

    #but they do though #like i get the whole mlm/nblm positivity psts #but i absolutely hate the ones tht put bi women down #those women struggle w getting their sexuality invalidated #alllll the time bro & it prob dsnt help to get attacked by the very posts tht r claiming to hlp u #and some of thm give off so much ‘not all men’ energy #no one needs to b like omg its okay to love ur oppressor #right aftr a woman makes a i rly hate liking men comment #its so weird to me #😐🙏 #if u need to make a mlm/nblm or trans men positivity post do it #but dont do it in response 2 bi&het wmn complaining ab the patriarchy #.txt
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  • abrightcontainer
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Like many women online, I get a lot of random unsolicited messages from men. Yesterday, I got one that started off talking about D&D.

    Great! I very obviously love D&D and have for years! This is a person I would actually talk to!

    Second sentence: "but like my sexual fantasies I could never find anyone to play with me"


    Aaaaaand nope. Deleted.

    Dear men, do not include any mention of your sexual fantasies in an opening message to a woman you want to chat with. It will not intrigue us.

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  • alliluyevas
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    His misguided anger towards the Starks is no justification for his betrayal of Robb's cause, nor is murdering two innocent boys a rational excuse to evade embarrassment. You need look no further than the exchange between Rodrik Cassel and Theon in A Clash of Kings to see how Theon twisted the narrative of his time as a Stark ward to rationalize his crimes:
    Theon: Ser Rodrik. It grieves me that we must meet as foes.
    Rodrik: My own grief is that I must wait a while to hang you. Theon Turncloak.
    Theon: I am a Greyjoy of Pyke. The cloak my father swaddled me in bore a kraken, not a direwolf.
    Rodrik: For ten years you have been a ward of Stark.
    Theon: Hostage and prisoner, I call it.
    Rodrik: Then perhaps Lord Eddard should have kept you chained to a dungeon wall. Instead he raised you among his own sons, the sweet boys you have butchered, and to my undying shame I trained you in the arts of war. Would that I had thrust a sword through your belly instead of placing one in your hand.
    ACOK 67: Theon VI
    I think it is important to note that during this conversation Theon has a noose around the neck of Beth Cassel, Rodrik's last daughter.

    I’m sorry but YOU are the one “twisting the narrative” here because you have Stark Protagonist Goggles on! Theon says he was a hostage because he was a hostage. Ned literally refers to him as a hostage in his own POV. Theon’s not just like............making that up.

    Like...this is an absolutely horrific scene but this guy’s take on it is such a complete failure of reading comprehension. Theon is enacting a traumatic injustice on a child that he himself also experienced while explicitly acknowledging the parallels. It’s horrible not because there’s no parallel between Theon and Beth at all but because there is a parallel and Theon is replicating what was done to him on someone else.

    #and again it absolutely doesn't justify Theon using Beth as a child hostage but if you deny the fact that Theon was also a child hostage #because you hate Theon you're a) taking a lot of emotional resonance away from this scene b) not reading the text accurately c) kind of #being a shithead in general sorry
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  • unluckyxse7en
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #i dont want any of this rbed I just think about this sort of thing but #sometimes people state extremes and only discuss like that and while i Know its to better focus their argument #i feel compelled to point things out or disagree so i read entire posts just :/ and bothered by the inaccuracy #like... a post on how animals dont grasp words the way we do? absolutely yeah #but that means they therefore dont grasp words at all doesnt explain how my cats respond to offhand sentences as literal #and im talking like. i made a joke with abstract terms that shouldnt have elicited a reaction but it DID #if i ask my ducks questions they can point things out for me #i made a crack once about how one of our cats who has a nickname of ‘little bits’ #wasnt the little bits anymore - bc we had just brought in new orphaned kittens #and the cat in question had been watching through the glass door somewhat distressed by the new changes #but it wasnt until I said that she looked Visibly ALARMED and began pounding desparately at the door #maybe she responded because it was her name but #why with alarm or distress? my tone if anything was lighthearted and jokey #and i know their body language it wasn’t excitement or feeling like i was calling her it was definitely distress #so either she understood my words just fine or she made some sort of -abstract- conclusion #but in either case I feel like that still boils down to ‘their brain works differently but that doesn’t mean it’s incapable of processing’ #im not saying every animal can do this but i highly doubt we just miraculously always have human language virtuosos either #or like when it comes to the crystal debates #and im saying this absolutely understanding this isnt the point it just is all my brain ever focuses on #but like. stones can -have- ‘healing’ effects but absolutely not the way people frame it #but people talking disparagingly of crystal healer crackpots tend to frame it from the angles of crystals cant do ANYthing #rather than these crackpots - being crackpots - don’t understand/arent framing it right #and then theres the goddamn pro/anti technology argument and how adults framing the cons of technology are just paranoid boomers #bc if tech can do all these good things then surely it can Only have good side effects!!1!1!! #it can.... be both????? it can have its advantages and disadvantages #and this was a debate I saw more often like nearly a decade ago so id like to think stances have shifted #given the cyberdystopia we’re rapidly accelerating towards at least here in the usa #but idk#blablablah#gripegripegripe
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  • jungwooandhearts
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    - “i’m happier because you exist”

    #jungwoo#kim jungwoo#jungwoo nct#nct#nct 127#jungwoo edits#nct edits#lq jungwoo#lq nct#jungwoo icons#nct icons#jungwoo packs#nct packs #gUYS THIS IS NOT A DRILL I LOVE KIM JUNGWOO SO FUCKING MYCH #HE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS BOY TO EVER LIVE #I SWEAR TO GOD THIS VIDEO ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED ME #HE WAS SO CUTE AND THEN WHEN HE CALLED HIS MOM AND WAS SO SMILEY TALKING ABOUT WANTING TO TAKE FAMILY PICTURES WITH HER #AND HIM FUCKING CRYING WHEN SHE SAID SHE WAS PROUD OF HIM ??? MY SENSITIVE BABY #I JUST WANNA HOLD HIM AND TELL HIM HE DESERVES THE WORLD #like i lOVE how much jungwoo has gotten to show more of his personality #whether that be with how funny and energetic he is and how he can make a whole room light up and laugh with the simplest things #or how charismatic he can be and how powerful he is on stage #but my heart belongs to this quiet and thoughtful boy who feels things so deeply and cares so much about the people in his life #he just is the sweetest boy #i’m so glad he’s here and we’ve got to see him grow so much #my sweet boy everything you do makes you all the more beautiful #you deserve the world #frick ever having a different bias jungwoo i could never leave your side #peachy baby boy 🍑💘🌟
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  • desiannabethchase
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i don’t know how to break this to y’all but you can like inej and still realize the way she's been depicted (especially in the show) is racist 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    #I love her don’t get me wrong #i really do but a lot of you just pretend there’s absolutely no issues with not her but the way she’s been written #inej ghafa #shadow and bone #mac.txt #mine #ok to rb
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  • chanceofarin
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I think what the zanpakutou rebellion arc needed was Oh-Etsu. it’d fix the whole ‘broken zanpakutou reappear magically w/o consequence’ thing, plus more Oh-Etsu content. win/win.

    #i am thinking abt that zr fix it fic #its morphing into a zr/the blade is me fix it but oh well #i have the ideas for it just not the will power to write it #i havent watched the sword beasts arc in a while but im pretty sure they're just early versions of asauchi #honestly if the zr had the foresight of the lore that the blade is me was going to establish it'd be so much better plot-wise #oh-etsu would absolutely demolish koga for treating muramasa the way he did #and i'd pay to see it #bleach #ignore me im rambling
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  • differtcs
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #sometimes i remember my thoughts on shouto and his reaction to specific touches or parts of him being touched #i already have A LOT of thoughts about tetsus and shoutos fight and how it #was not a good environment for shouto especially after being shot into a flashback twice #once before #and once during the fight #it was just triggers left and right #ik this is me reading too deep into it but that's just me always but i think tetsu touching his face #was also just a massive contributor to how.... annoyed and angry and feral shouto got #like he was getting annoyed by tetsu and how resilient he was and he was getting competitive #but also!!! he just!!! wasn't in a good headspace during!!! at all!!!! #like shouto honey sorry i don't think it's normal for u to have a flashback to ur abuser nearly every time u fight someone head on like this #it's happened so many times!!!!! #also no this absolutely isn't justification for him nearly melting tetsu and causing serious amounts of damage #i just like looking into his thoughts too much #hori: provides me with none of this information #me connecting a bunch of photos and random intervals of text w a red string: ok but listen- #me: I've connected the dots #horikoshi: u didn't connect shit #me: I've connected them #* ooc / illiteracy personified .
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  • madexinxheaven
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    @whoxyouxhate​ said: “ everyone is downstairs… ~ take your pants off ” (From FEater @ Whoever)

    "I-... Why would I do that?" Victorian tang carried Merrill's tone as she looked across the room to FEater before eyes WIDENED in realization of JUST WHAT the movie star was asking for. "Oh- Ohh..." GULP. "Can we really do that? Here? Now? But what if they come upstairs? I barely even know you. And I wouldn't even know what to do with, well, anything really..." Merrill had lived a very LONESOME childhood. Being one of the few to show any semblance of ORIGINIUM ARTS in her family and, worse, ACTIVELY PURSUING the secrets behind exactly WHAT Originium even WAS. They'd shunned her. Cast her out. Perhaps that was for the best? Better to do it NOW than when she was inevitably INFECTED. And yet despite knowing the inevitable was coming, Merrill CONTINUED her research. Research that had carried her all across the world and through all manner of cultures. All the way to this very bedroom, it so seemed, with esteemed actress FEater. As a member of RHODES ISLAND. Soooo... What now? "Sorry. I'm rambling." ... "I'm very nervous." And still rambling. "I'm not used to people coming onto me..." Nor had she ever actually considered the fact that it would be a GIRL who finally did. If her family didn't like that she was getting all mixed up in Originium, they were DEFINITELY going to peed off if she was to ever actually sleep with another woman. Wait. What? Was she actually? ...Considering it? Blush LIT UP her features. "I-I'm terribly sorry. I'm not sure if I can... It's... That's not. It's not you. Really. It's. It's me. Sorry. I'm... Rambling... Again..." Not that she'd actually STOPPED. "You're VERY beautiful..." Mixed signals much? Hands fiddled nervously as thighs rubbed together. That was nerves, too... Right? “I’ve never been hit on before...” That HAD TO BE the reason for the arousal gathering in her panties. Had to be. And the racing of her heart. And...

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  • icanttakethemonmyown
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #like laughing at all his terrible jokes/pestering Sam about when she is bringing Andy over again/etc #yes she calls Andrew Andy and he absolutely loves it #and they were probably so amazing when sam came out to them #and didnt even think twice when sam mentioned that she doesnt think she and andrew would ever get married like in the traditional sense #thinking about them having like huge photos of sam at all her graduations on their walls 😭😭 #and gush about their daughter being a Doctor [not a medical one but that doesn't matter!!] #anon my mind is running wild right now #and my assignment deadline got extended #are you thinking what im thinking?? 👀👀 #prof!hozier #asks #you should really try your hand at writing anon [if you havent already] you are so good at coming up with SUCH entertaining situations #asdfghjkl i love it so much every time!! #also yes the Browns are definitely not a single use plastics household 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
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  • queerandcrafty
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "I access my femininity through my masculinity" I literally haven't stopped thinking about that for days. it just. holy shit that's it.

    #it was from a quote by a lesbian i think and i always feel super shitty for relating to the complexities of lesbian gender experiences #cause im pretty sure I'm not into women and im like. mostly a man so their words and experiences are super super not For Me! #i fele like im commodifying them and disrespecting their right to not have their terms misused but at the same time. that quote describes #my gender expression more accurately than literally anything ive ever heard before and i cant pretend i dont look at it and go 'oh THATS it' #and I'm not going to pretend that i came up with it independently so just like. seriously sorry for All Of Me that aligns with some lesbian #gender experiences while absolutely missing the Being Into Women part. which i know is so important to the whole experience which is another #reason i feel like i shouldnt relate so hard to butches!! idk. but yeah. that quote. thats It. thats It. im gonna go and paint my nails now #and just Vibe in all my genderweirdness #im starting to think my gender is definitely fluid but a slow kind of fluid and im feeling very bigender rn. very girlboy ladyman he/she #sort of vibes. iebskBgdusnakdbsinaksnsnsjdiw #mine
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