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  • b0ytemper
    18.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Gonna be real I really like that they made Hope a realistic villain, like they show how she’s under stress and her motives and what her values are and how those values lead her to do what she does.

    HOWEVER the attempt to make her a sympathetic villain fell so flat because firstly she’s so awful it’s really hard for me to feel bad for her, and secondly the specific tragic thing they chose to be her sympathetic backstory. Like. She can’t have children, yeah that’s a really sad thing to happen to somebody who wants to be a parent, but man she spends the whole season manipulating and abusing children, you expect me to feel sad that she can’t have her own kids? Man that’s not a tragedy that’s divine intervention I’m sorry

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  • momoporo
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    We just got into our new place on the 15th and I'm the most exhausted I've ever been.

    I am absolutely covered in bruises from the move and still some from the initial assault (though it's been two weeks.)

    I have a rare type of autoimmune vasculitis (vein disease) that I started light chemo for and inject humira for- but I haven't done my treatments in two weeks. So this is the longest I've been off of medication since my diagnosis when I got sepsis. (2018)

    My partner's mom might give us some trouble because she's Jackie's [partner] payee. For next month's bills. (Her mom assaulted me, for context). So I've been feeling sick to my stomach again because we're cutting it real close on bills already and now I might have to take even MORE legal action against her.

    I tried to tell her I don't want to, Id prefer she just cooperate, but she refused.

    We're still on the fence about suing.. but that's something my partner and I are talking about because she's a good person, and doesn't want to because of the kids. However, her mother is neglecting her children as it is and honestly, they shouldn't be living in that home the way it is and her behavior is already really affecting the children's mental health.

    Also I mentioned that she, herself, was not thinking about the kids or consequences when they assaulted me. The kids were in the home, and AFRAID when she did.

    Also because of all this I've had to spend 3000$ this month. I spent about 1500 on the cheapest hotels in the city.

    I had a mental breakdown because that was literally all my money and I had hoped that we'd be in a better apartment, with some furniture, I had dreamed of that for years and because of her mom, I can't have that.

    Needless to say, it's a touchy subject.

    Nevermind the thousands of $ she's stolen from my partner for years- and the reason my partner has nothing.

    I want some sort of justice for us because neither of us deserved this.. but we'll see. I speak with a lawyer next week I think.

    #vent#personal#tw assault#tw abuse #also because of all this i was pushed into leasing the first apartment complex to respond so #and because of covid i couldn't schedule a showing #and honestly it's kinda a scam because the pictures are nothing like the actual apartment #there's mold and dust everywhere and for the three nights we've been here #everyone is always fighting and you can hear everything through the walls #im thankful to have a place to live #but I'm just so tired of everyone lying to me and taking advantage of me in my most desperate times
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  • sulkykarris
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    How do people who can't tell that their parents are angry just by the sound of their steps cope with the short reaction time? At least I knew what was coming before the door flew open.

    #abuse tw #cw abusive parents #cw abusive mother #tw abusive mother
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  • monochromloutus
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Abuse and torture are two very different things

    And while both a horrific things to happen to a person there something to be said as to the reason why it’s happening

    In Tommy’s case Dream wanted to mental break Tommy as a person to make him more easy to control and submissive to authority

    In Dream’s case it was never about anything too personal, it was always about getting information that was being withheld

    Both awful but for two different reasons and two different levels of severity based on what aspect is being looked at

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  • lunarleft
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Just Luther being Reginald’s favorite things :  the first to blame when missions don’t go as planned. Being told it’s his fault if his siblings got injured because he didn’t lead well enough. If someone escapes and isn’t brought to justice or if they aren’t killed Luther was blamed because he didn’t think quick enough. Being an easy child because he went along with whatever Reginald wanted and never questioned him believing all his lies.  Breaking bones because Reginald made him go through hell to test resilience. Immediately testing him once he healed and not even easing into it. Being the only kid to stick around because he truly believed he was doing good because silence after a mission was better than the biting words that were he could think about for days after he messed up. BEN JUST BEN IN GENERAL BEN IS HIS FAULT.  Having his body altered without his consent. Walking up completely different. Having to learn how to move around in a body he doesn’t want. Hating what he sees when he looks in a mirror. Getting depressed to the point that he doesn’t get out of bed unless he has to. Self harming on the moon because he wants out of that body. Starving because his father never looked at any of his packages from the moon. Considering walking out of his base and dying there because he’s hungry uncomfortable and hardly can move around in something built for a normal sized person. Feeling like a failure because he doesn’t get anything back except the rare care package of food that Grace sometimes gets to send cookies in. Having to ration food because he doesn’t want to run out. The sun hitting the earth in a way that is beautiful being the only bright spot in a miserable lonely existence. His plant dying slowly despite trying his best to keep it alive, and thinking that’s another thing to add to the Luther is a failure list. Finding out his father died and the whole trip home a little seed of doubt quickly ripped out in wondering if Dad would have just left him up there. Thinking Reginald was murdered. Having to be stern and tough because he’s the leader when all he wants to do is lay down and sleep. Finding out nothing on the moon mattered at all. Getting taken advantage of while very drugged and drunk that his first time was not consensual and he doesn’t remember it at all. Feeling used. Wanting to tear his skin off because Klaus explained what a furry was. Tearing his skin off because he thought too long about it. Thinking that his siblings would be better off without him after what happens with Vanya because he isn’t being a good leader. Not being able to protect anyone and feeling guilty about it. A little voice in his head saying that the others probably questioned why he cared if Vanya is alive. 

    #rape tw #self harm tw #suicide tw#abuse tw #and just think i haven't seen season 2 #long post//#long post
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  • thesecretsister
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “You know what I hate? Abusive parents.”

    #🌳 in forest (ic) #abuse tw
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  • xxflutterinax
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    if you think your parents loved you less because they didn’t send you to the tti

    you’re uh….the word i’m not supposed to say on tumblr

    the tti is entirely based on abuse. idiot.

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  • ihavenoideayet
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    good thing I can't cry anymore. You don't deserve my tears

    #I'd rather be an orphan #hate you so much #toxic parents#parental abuse#vent#vent tw
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  • aimless-suggestion
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    What are you supposed to do when the adult is saying they’ll kill themself?

    #suicide tw#abuse #‘tell an adult’ WHAT ADULT #can’t find anything about getting the authorities on it either #can’t call the cops bc I don’t want them to shoot either #delete later
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  • ex-socom
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • dissociadyke
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the fact that sending my serial abuser freak ex (who tried to brainwash me) 2 anons calling him out for being a freak and literal nazi (I didn't know when we started dating, I dumped him hard when I found out) almost 10 months ago when another one of his victims who he's been stalking for years reached out to me and let me know aleks had somehow found their tumblr and told me I should block him

    anyways- he has had anons off since lol

    #abuse tw#nazism tw #he's not a good person. and he did what he did to me at only 16. he's done it to multiple people since. he's 22 now. #and I know that he sounds cartoonishly evil but the things he did to me and the person who reached out to me are horrifyingly identical
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  • a-very-tired-raven
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    EEEEEEE so I've been in a writing mood as of late and I needed some help for a writing prompt. One of my best Tumblr friends(@let-love-run-red go check her out!!! She writes amazing garcello fics and headcanons and is a big inspiration for me!!)helped me out! This'll be a lil angsty sorry not sorry lol

    •Nothing to lose•

    (Trigger warnings!:Mentions of abuse,death,homelessness, multiple past abusive relationships,and bad cigarette habbits!)

    You burst out laughing for what seemed to be the 10th time day as your buddy Garcello told yet another joke. "Seriously tho cello! That one was terrible! " He shot you a wink "heh your smiling though." You tried to wipe the smirk off your face. Unsuccessfully. "Am not" you playfully swatted his arm. He just shrugs "Whatever helps you sleep at night kid."

    You roll your eyes, "Hey I'm not the one wearing a long sleeved coat and Jeans in the middle of summer" You sent a playful glare. "Your absolutely nuts!" He returns your glare. "Hey at least I'm not the one who's only clothes are T-shirts,shorts and Hoodies! All you ever wear are T-shirts and shorts. Your the crazy one. I don't see how you don't ever get cold"

    You smile softy as you see the way he talks with his hands moving everywhere while he rants. I mean.. you do too its just nice to see someone else not pick on you for that. Its... nice to have someone who doesn't judge you for who you are whatsoever. It's been hard,taking care of three siblings all by yourself. Most would shy aways and call you crazy weird,disgusting,freak you've heard it all. Garcello...

    Garcello was different.


    You snap your head up effectively cutting off your somewhat depressing thoughts. "Hm?" You look over. "Are you alright? Ya kinda zoned out on me. I mean I know I can be boring at times but I didn't know I was a snooze fest" Besides his joking banter he has a face full of worry, Beautiful golden eyes scanning your face as if searching for the answer to a murder mystery.

    "Nahh your not that boring. Promise. And..yeah I'm fine. Just kinda spaced out y'know?" He nods his head in agreement. You both slow to a stop. He chuckles a bit and turns to you. "Yeah yeah I know, it's just... I recognize that look, Y/N. Believe me I do.. im sorry to be a buzz kill but.. you know you can talk to me. About anything right?" You give that soft and kind smile that melts his heart every rare occasion he gets to see it. You never smile enough..

    Sure there's the joking but... genuine smiles,ones that don't cover a dark and rough interior. He knows first hand what that feels like. So.. he tries. He's tries all he can to get you to smile that genuine smile as often as can be. For both your sakes.

    "I know garcy. And thank you. Glad to know it still stands." You give him a quick hug that immediately makes his cheeks warm. He's really thankful for the shade his cap gives his face right about now. "I'll see you later alright? And tell Annie I said hey!" "Alrighty will do! And get some rest tonight okay? Cya." You nod a okay and walk inside your apartment.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You stare holes into the ceiling. Past memories flash through your mind. Your mother, and father. You were disgusted to call them that. Helping and raising your siblings. Her...death.. being homeless..heh something both you and garcello share in common. Picking up your smoking habbit.. heh another thing. Meeting him.. These past few months.

    Its been hard...but its been good. You have a roof over your head. Your four siblings are okay. You haven't seen your older brother in a while but he gave you a call. You have food, water,and.. Garcello and Annie. A smile works its was on your face.

    I'm glad I met him' a soft smile works its way onto your face until you realize you thought just garcello and not both him and his sister. YES you love them both- like a family-its not like that- ugh why does thoughts have to be complicated!! You roll over,you have to get to sleep. Garcello told you to! And he said he wanted to meet up for something again. You slowly drift off.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Garcello was antsy the whole walk to the park;the place you two agreed to meet. His face was a mad red. He had your favorite flowers and your favorite candy! Reeces pieces and snickers. He's never done anything like this before. Confessing he means. Sure he's asked a few chick's out but... Nobody important or someone he cares about, nobody like you. You changed his entire life in just the few months he's knew you.. He hopes you'll say yes. then again.. his hopes are all the way up.. who'd wanna date guy like him?


    You look up from your phone to see garcello approaching you. He's very...stressed? No... anxious? Yes Anxious for lack of a better work. With his hands behind his back...Hmmm....

    "Hey cello, whatcha got there? You got murder on your mind?" You give a teasing smirk. He just immediately freezes. "I-um-uhm. No. I uh got ya somethin' if that's alright?" He very stiffly sits in front of you. He's sweating bullets. Geeze what's got him this worked up.. "Dang cello with how your acting Ida thought you were askin' me out" you give a light chuckle. He freezes completely.

    "Heh uh yeah heh...um..here..you go.. I bought these. For you.. Noone else. Heh" He awkwardly places a two boxes of your favorite candy and holds out a large boutique of your favorite flowers. You freeze completely, mouth hanging open in shock."Y/N...I've liked you for a while now.. your so nice and thoughtful...and you understand me. I was maybe hoping you'd go on a date? With me?" His face is cherry red.

    What. He can't be serious? Really he can't. Nobody would ever like you that. Yes you love him.. but you can't afford to love him. Caring gets you hurt. And being vulnerable gets you killed mentally as well as physically You've long sense learned this from your past three relationships

    "Are you serious?..Garcello... I cant.. I can't accept this.."

    Your heart sinks as you watch the hope glittering off his eyes dim

    "Of course I am! Y/N I love you..." Your both standing up at this point. Your both shaking.

    "And garcello... I know-i know but please-i just cant!"

    "At least tell me why? Am I not enough? I thought... maybe you'd understand.." He drops the boutique. He..he knew it..your too good for him...He really does disappoint everyone..

    "Garcello I just cant!can't"! You don't notice the tears spilling down your face at this point.

    "But why! I love you! I really do! You mean so much to me!" You take a step back.

    "Just stop! don't do that to me Garcello! Dont give me hope! Never ever give me something I want, something I want as bad as you!"

    "Why" he's pleading with you so hard..please...just tell him..

    "BECAUSE THEN I HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE!" You hadn't ment to scream. Your fists are clenched and eyes shut tight, you feel as if you might collapse at any moment. Garcello's stunned into silence. "And then I'll be open to get hurt... and I just.." You let out a broken sob. "I'm just so tired of being hurt" you don't move as he engulfs you into a hug.

    "And as much as I love you too.. I can't risk being vulnerable again... raising 3 siblings and protecting them so at least they can have a good childhood while you haven't even had on yourself..." You don't notice tears of his own dropping on your shirt. "Being backstabbed and left broken with Noone to fix you...I just can't do it again..." He let's out a broken whisper. "I know Y/N.. I know more than you ever will."

    Your just left there hugging in silence. You've decided. You can talk it out because as you were too blind by fear. Fear of being hurt again... he's just like you,two broken puzzle pieces that fit together.

    Hope yall like it! Promt idea goes to @let-love-run-red ! Go follow and check her out!

    I accept any and all constructive criticism!,

    #RavenWrites #sorry its so long lol #i got really evolved lol #i listned to sad music so i could get into the angsty vibe #love if ya see this #i hope ur proud! #my own story #long story#not short#original story#fnf garcello#Garcello#garcello fnf #garcello friday night funkin #garcello x reader #hurt#angst #tw mentions of past abuse #tw cigarettes #tw mentions of suicide #sorry if i misse pd a tw!!
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  • thirsty-rambles
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Taking back a song you and an abusive ex used to fuck to and fucking someone else to it is actually the most liberating thing a whore like myself can do <3

    #abuse mention tw #music
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  • jimshandholder
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • alexmentciatheregfangirl
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I’m not going to sleep good now because I’m going to have nightmares of my mom’s ex bullying me and hurting me...

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  • alexmentciatheregfangirl
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I can’t stop thinking about my mom’s ex verbally abusing me back in 2012-2020 thanks to Gabrielle saying something to trigger it...

    #TW: verbal abuse #TW: abuse
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  • filmnoirsbian
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • spacesuitsforemergency
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I think one of the reasons Victor was so protective over Nancy when she first got with Morgan is because she used to have a boyfriend who wasn’t exactly nice to her

    She didn’t understand when he was mad at her, since she still had autism but was undiagnosed and didn’t know, so she’d keep pushing him and he would turn around and yell at her and even push her around sometimes. But he took advantage of the fact that she didn’t understand a lot of social norms and manipulated her to think that that’s how relationships were, and she should listen to him because she needed him and was too stupid to be her own person. But once Victor found out and saw that punk hit his daughter, the kid mysteriously disappeared and Nancy never saw him again. So Victor was only so Mr. Scary Dad with Morgan at the beginning cause he just wanted to make sure he wasn’t using Nancy like the last one did

    #tw abusive relationship #nancy fries#victor fries#oc/canon
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  • thatgaywerewolf
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #nai nai nai nai :) #thank god she wasn't #sixth period and her plus my class #would have been #very very bad #tw implied verbal abuse
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  • morealcoholfreedays
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    I’m an emotional wreck and I ended up drinking...

    I need real-life support, so I told my husband, who is still abroad, and that’s part of the many things that are weighing on me at the moment. I feel lonely and scared and my anxiety is super high. Yeah, drinking didn’t help with all that...

    He is very supportive of my sober days. I know the most important thing for me is not to succumb again to drinking my emotions away. If this is the one thing I learnt throughout the pandemic I will consider myself eternally blessed.

    Just came here to say that this journey is not easy, and that it may take a lot to ask for help, but you don’t have to do it alone. 🤗❤️

    #mental health#update#tw #alcohol abuse recovery #no more masking my feelings #no more drinking my feelings away #healing #trying hard to heal #I can’t do this alone #I don’t need to do this alone #sobriety #road to sobriety #accountability#I’m scared#i’m anxious #I feel lonely #I feel sad #I feel lost #also hopeful somehow
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