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  • Hi i’m bored and procrastinating so here’s the Mircaulous characters’ sexualities if they were all LGBTQ+!! I probably won’t be able to do all of them the rest will be allies! Some of these are canon, some of them are not. Some of them we don’t know yet! So please don’t get angry because I’m “mAkInG tHeM aLl gAy fOr nO rEaSoN” it’s just for fun. you don’t have to agree. just move on. thanks :)

    • Marinette: Okay I definitely see her as demisexual but she’s never had feelings for a girl before??? But it’s a possibility she’s biromantic :)
    • Adrien: Bisexual. No doubt about it. He generally has no preference, but now is leaning more towards females.
    • Alya: Biromantic and demi! She was really nervous about telling Nino but he was super cool about it and gets her cute bi pride stuff!
    • Nino: Straight ally but we love him! Very comfortable in his sexuality! Adrien came out to him first. Loves to learn about everything especially if it concerns the ace spectrum. An educated boi and we have no choice but to stan.
    • Nathaniel: Bisexual. I’m pretty sure this is canon but I can F E E L it. My gaydar K N O W S.
    • Marc: Okay so hes either gay or pan idk I just get that vibe from him? I also have two headcannons that he’s either kinda feminine and really comfortable in his masculinity or he’s trans and Marinette was the first person he was out to. I love this boy so much and Nathaniel better treat him right.
    • Juleka: Lesbian. Moving on…
    • Rose: Lesbian. Obviously…
    • I love them together 🥺
    • Chloe: LESBIAN. no seriously i feel like she had a crush on Ladybug- Definitely has some internalized homophobia though…
    • Sabrina: Bisexual. Yea❤️
    • Max: Gay because i feel like he likes boys who like boys :)
    • Milen: Straight ace!! Ivan is super accepting and never forces her to do anything more than cuddle!
    • Ivan: Bisexual. You can’t convince me otherwise.
    • Kim: Also bi. And his girlfriend is too. I forgot her name lmao
    • Luka: My bi senses were definitely tingling with this one-
    • Lila: H O M O P H O B I C
    • Félix: Oh yea i can feel the internalized homophobia from here. He’s very gay. It got worse after his dad passed. And even though i despise Felinette bc it’s toxic (with canon Félix) i imagine him liking Marinette and being like ahah! i knew was straight! but wait i like a girl?! how the fuck does this work?! and then he’s realizes he’s bi and it’s great character development because he has to learn to accept himself and be a better person and idk it’d be a cool redemption ig. also he’s very pushy with Ladybug because he’s afraid of his feelings for boys, so yeah someone write a fanfic and credit me lmao.
    • Master Fu: Straight ally we love him🥺
    • I think that’s it? add more if you can think of any! Auroralei out~
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  • wtf is up with fanfiction writers saying “oh, yeah, this character is asexual”, but then the entire fic is hardcore smut????? like, i know some asexual people have sex. but in these fkn fics, it’s like “hi, im ace”, and in the next sentence: “wow you’re so gorgeous and i am expressing strong sexual attraction toward you”

    like????? why say that the character is asexual if you’re not going to show that in ANY way? just to get “progressive points”? i seriously don’t get it.

    literally stop it. people read these things and think: oh, so someone saying they’re asexual is really just them being quirky, actually they all really want to have sex"

    yes, SOME ace people have sex! but it’s called a spectrum for a reason, and you can’t assume that an asexual person would have sex the same way an allosexual person would. everybody’s different. asexual means no sexual attraction to others, which doesn’t include not liking sexual pleasure. however, once again, being like “this character is ace” but still using dialogue and text to entirely refute that notion is not cool.

    please, let’s be better and educate ourselves about our ace friends. they go through enough shit as it is.

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  • The unfortunate Asexual with a Libido Experience ™!

    Also known as “I’d like to come, but is it really worth That Whole Mess?”

    #spoilers: you only find out when you’re cleaning up! #Not a moment before! #asexual#ace spectrum#aceflux#osha violation#my life#humor #do I want an orgasm? yes #do I want to think about genitalia or the associated excretions? FUCK NO
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  • I only feel safe/comfortable putting this on here, but I’m coming out as on the Ace/Aro Spectrum for sexuality. 

    After much introspection and some scrolling through what other people who are Ace/Aro are saying about their experiences, I have realized I am part of this community. I haven’t had a relationship in over 10 years. I haven’t wanted one. The last one I had was very uncomfortable for me. I have finally understood that I don’t experience the same attraction for people that other people talk about so openly. I have crushes. I find other people attractive. I have blushed about other people that I had a crush on. But the whole concept of being sexually attracted to someone? Missed that boat. 

    I am not broken. I am not alone. It is OK to feel the way I feel. I am allowed to seek relationships that will never be sexual. I should not feel guilty or lesser for that. And, if later in life I find someone that makes me feel differently, that does not negate how I feel now. It does not negate how I relate to people now. Just like my understanding of myself as Ace now does not make my coming out as Bi 10 years ago any less accurate for the me of then. 

    Thank you. If you feel this way too, it’s really worth exploring this less-talked-about sexuality. It’s a big spectrum. It’s not black and white. It’s a rainbow for a reason. 

    #asexual#aromantic#lgbtqia#lgbt#genderqueer#aro spectrum#ace spectrum#ace #please don't push your opinions on me #I'm too old for that shit
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    • he’s a gay trans man that’s on the ace spectrum
    • his parents are very supportive of him, so imagine his surprise when his dad disapproved of his job :o
    • my boy has autism, social anxiety, and experiences panic attacks but he tries his best to hide that :’(((
    • he was homeschooled for most of his life, but when he started going to regular school, he was immediately labeled as a gifted kid (if you are/were a gifted kid, you know the implications of this ;-;)
    • he’s very interested in astronomy (idk why, but this just fits him)
    • he has a very bad memory. he puts his keys in his other hands, then he completely forgets where he put them. an enemy spy goes around a corner, and *poof* he doesn’t exist anymore
    • he has troubles forming strong bonds emotional bonds with most people (this is just projecting lmao :,<)
    • sniper tries his best to be a perfectionist, but having to put in effort to do things perfectly?? no :)
    • a lot of people think sniper’s aggressive and emotionless, but in reality he just doesn’t react that well to overstimulation and doesn’t know how to “properly” express his emotions
    • dude loves nature. seriously, that’s one of the main reasons he lives in his van in the middle of the woods (the other reasons are 1.) he doesn’t want to interact with other people and 2.) he’s used to living alone)
    • you guys think scout is the small spoon -_-?? ha, no. sniper’s the little spoon, even if it’s difficult because of his height
    • love language is DEFINITELY physical touch
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    Okay, so, I’ve only read till the part where Apollo and Meg and Grover enter the maze the morning after Jason’s death (The Burning Maze), but, I was thinking about the conversation between Apollo and Piper after Piper’s singing in one of Caligula’s boats. When Piper sings, Apollo says that she sings about her own tragedy of how she couldn’t be with the her love of her life, Jason, romantically.

    I know Piper explains that she broke it off between her and Jason because she was having an identity crisis, and wanted to find out who she really was before getting into relationships (not to forget Hera and Aphrodite’s meddling in Jason and Piper’s relationship), but what if WHAT IF

    What if Piper can’t be with Jason romantically because she’s ace? Because Piper clearly loves Jason, and she explicitly says so herself. And she definitely felt more than platonic love for Jason.

    I feel like I’m hoping for too much here, but, for a powerful daughter of Aphrodite to identify as ace would be such a game-changer!!!

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  • Don’t really wanna touch you
    I just masturbate about you
    In my mind and in that stained mattress
    The power is on me

    Stay away from me

    This makes a little more sense now, knowing that Elz is apparently kind of asexual 

    #electronic music#dark pop#synthpop#industrial#darkwave#postpunk#goth #Elz and the Cult #M*sturbate About You #can't use that word in the tags because Tumblr will say it's obscene #Bloodline#nugoth#asexual#lithosexual#akiosexual#ace spectrum
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  • I have a question! So this one is for people that are on the asexual spectrum (like me :)

    Opinions about people on the asexual spectrum having Nsfw accounts and things related to that?

    I hope I’m not being offensive or rude, I’m genuinely just curious? Thanks! :)

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  • I’ve identified as gray-ace for a while and I’ve always thought these were fun so I thought I’d do one

    times I should have realized I was gray-ace (or at least asexual):

    #1: when I was about 16 and my Dad told me I should stop wearing paint splattered clothing because I was “getting to that age where I was going to be interested in boys” and in my head I thought DOUBT but aloud I said “why would I want to date someone who didn’t think my paint stained clothes were cool?”

    #2: the fact I got grossed out and/or uncomfortable sometimes when sex was brought up aloud in conversation to the point I avoided taking sex-ed in school both times it was offered to me and lamented me turning 18 bc I couldn’t use the excuse that I was a minor to get out of that talk

    #3: while I was (and still am) sex positive in that I’m perfectly fine with anyone’s choices about when how and who to have sex with, personally I was “no sex until marriage” until I got older and became uninterested in marriage as a concept but was still preferable to the idea that whoever I allowed that part of myself to was going to be the only person I ever wanted to be with

    #4: my friend’s boyfriend at the time (who I did not like) declared that I was going to end up marrying a cat

    #5: reading the definition to gray asexual online and thinking “isn’t that the norm?” only to take WAY too long to realize that, no, that was not, in fact, the norm

    #6: Figured myself straight/sexually attracted to men because I “wasn’t opposed to the idea of having sex with them”…in my head…far away from reality

    there are a ton more examples I could add to this list but I found that it was hard for me to think of light hearted ones at the moment. I might do another one later with funnier examples.

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  • Happy Pride everyone! It’s 30 June where I’m at, and although I didn’t get to actually write something ace-coloured for Pride, I thought I could atleast show some love - mostly towards the numerous fics I’ve read in this fandom that mainly feature characters on the ace/aro spectrum. 

    Characters and pairings may vary, and please make sure to read all tags and take care of yourself before diving in, as some of these feature internalised phobia (but always a happy ending <3 ). So go forth and show these authors some love!

    grey and other colours by theappleppielifestyle  (steve/tony, demisexual, demiromantic Tony)

    Distantly, Tony hears Clint say something like, “No, I definitely heard he was an equal opportunist. Like, equal-equal, no preference. Hey Tones, who are you attracted to more, dudes or chicks?”

    He calls the last part out to Tony, who runs the words over in his mind and unthinkingly says, “I’ve actually never been attracted to anyone, it’s really worrying.”

    ~ this one’s a staple in the ace stevetony fandom, and the first I ever read. Sweet, poignant and beautifully written, capturing Tony’s changing feelings with lovely nuance.

    Variations in Modern Dance by  Pookaseraph (steve/tony, asexual Steve)

    There’s only one thing in the world that Steve has decided the 21st century isn’t alright with: not wanting to have sex. Sadly that seems to be the one thing the Serum couldn’t fix, and it’s playing hell with his ability to deal with his feelings for Tony. Thankfully Tony is a brilliant engineer, and he might be able to find a solution, or maybe he’ll realize there’s nothing there to fix.

    ~ I think this fic serves as great companion reading to the one above. Some of the conversations had by the characters are (deliberately) not always delicately phrased, but there’s a lovely sense of openness, self-discovery as well as self-acceptance that’s complimented by solid, solid writing.

    Chance by SallyExactly (asexual Nat, Clint & Nat brotp)

    Clint Barton’s snap decision to re-interpret his mission orders means a new life for Natalia Romanova. She’s only got the one shot at it, though, and “how to live and remake yourself in three easy steps” was never included in her assassin training.

    ~ anyone who knows me knows that I never miss an opportunity to rec this fic. This is one of the best fics I’ve ever read, one of the best spy stories I’ve ever read, and it just happens to feature an asexual, female protagonist. The asexuality is honestly not the main point of the story, just one of the several things Natasha discovers and reclaims about herself, along with a lifelong friendship - and all of those things make this fic absolutely excellent.

    A Practical Glossary for the Twenty-first Century by shadowen (sam/bucky, asexual Bucky)

    Some words are easier than others.

    ~ There’s a line from this fic that goes: What he’s having trouble with is matching new words to old feelings and figuring out which words are right for all the things he feels right now. And if that’s the sort of poignant character journey you want to read for Bucky, man is this the fic for you. Lovely writing, compulsory amoeba joke, a really soft Sam… this has something for everyone :P

    No Such Thing as Normal by nightwalker (steve/tony, asexual Steve)

    “I understand if you want to break up,” Steve said, the words spilling out of his mouth like they were hot on his tongue. He hadn’t meant to say it quite like that and not so early in the conversation, but it’s out there now, loud and heavy between them and he can’t pretend he didn’t say it.

    ~ this fic is essentially a well-written, honest conversation between two characters navigating unfamiliar waters, and I like that a lot. It’s also great about representing a different facet or kind of asexuality than we sometimes read in fandom, which is all sorts of excellent because being in a spectrum do be like that :D 

    Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel (aromantic, asexual maria hill)

    “Darcy was convinced it was going to become part of SHIELD’s oral history forever, like that time everyone on this one op was doused with sex pollen and the only one who didn’t screw someone senseless was then not-yet-deputy director Agent Hill, and Robards said it was because she was a frigid lesbian and Hill told him that the term was asexual and if he was going to be a bigoted asshole about it he could at least get her orientation right. And then Coulson made him go through the hardcore diversity and sexual harassment training as punishment, because everyone knew Hill and Coulson were bros.”

    Maria Hill is honestly pretty happy with her life.

    ~ You know when you’re kinda done with the emotion-heavy angst of being an LGBTQIA+ person, and you just kinda wanna consume content that deals with unquestioned acceptance and awesomeness? This is that fic. Maria Hill is that woman. And I love.

    After the Applause by  tartanfics (peggy/angie, demisexual Angie)

    Angie doesn’t have anyone waiting for her out in the audience. She didn’t get to tell Peggy she finally got a part in a show; Peggy wasn’t there to tell. She ran lines with Sarah from 4A. There’s been not a word from Peggy, nothing, after Angie went to all the trouble of calling up her family and finding Peggy a way out of the city.

    ~ not to be tooo controversial, but do I wish that Peggy Carter’s story ended something like the above fic? Yes, yes I do <3 Set post season 1 of Agent Carter, this fic is everything you’d want a get-together to be, plus bonus demisexual Angie! Win-win all around.

    And now for some self-recs:

    to love and to hold (aroace bruce banner, asexual natasha, queerplatonic brucenat)

    His expression was a little too brittle. “Lucky for you I’m a bit too much of a coward for sex, then.”

    But Natasha’s lips only flattened, gaze implacable. “Have you thought not wanting to do something might not be the same as being a coward?”

    untitled aro Rhodey ficlet (aro rhodey, tony & rhodey brotp)

    Because here’s the thing: there are no butterflies in the world that Rhodey resides. No whirlwind rush of emotions, no dusky blush rising to his skin when someone flashes a cute smile his way, no impassioned, well-meant love notes he was smuggling into people’s lockers at recess.

    All his friends come to him for love-related advice; but he feels like a scientist, observing phenomena he can analyse but not understand, proselytising about another species from afar.

    And that’s it folks! Please feel free to add your own recs on, this is really by no means an exhaustive list and we deserve nice things this year - happy Pride again!

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  • “The idea of sexuality and asexuality, its never for anybody else, it’s for you. So, it really doesn’t need to be anybody else’s business. And, whether you believe asexual is a thing, whether think its how they were raised, if they were raised in abstinence … has a factor, why does that matter?”


    I loved this quote from the video. If you’re ace because of some sort of trauma or the way you were raised it shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t make your identity any less valid nor does it make it fake. If you feel ace, you are ace.

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  • Spock understands feeling like you’re never going to be good enough to have a romantic relationship or ever getting married because sex is seen as a super important thing in relationships and not having it can cause relationships to end. This can bring up a whole host of uncomfortable feelings. You might feel like you’re going to be alone forever. It’s natural to doubt if you’ll ever find someone, but Spock wants you to know that it’s okay to keep on hoping! You can still find someone even if you’re on the ace spectrum. Your feelings are valid. :)

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  • Demisexual moodboards! Demisexual people are dazzling! This is the demisexual post for the pride month masterpost series!

    All images are my own, please credit if you re-use.

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  • #put a secret in my ask box #aro#ace#ace spectrum#aro spectrum#questioning#lgbtq+ #if you have suggestions for this nonnie that would be amazing #Anonymous
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  • Hellloooo Tumblr!

    All right. So.

    Since my post yesterday, I’ve gotten multiple asks asks about the asexuality spectrum as well as requests for advice on a few specific, personal situations.

    I’m the furthest thing from an expert on this topic, but fortunately, Tumblr has many resources! @fuckyeahasexual, @asexualadvice, and @archaeopter-ace are all blogs that promote the asexual experience/seek to answer these sorts of questions.

    To my various Nonnies, I hope you find what you’re looking for from folks who, frankly, are much more qualified to give advice on asexuality. Please remember that every sexual experience and non-experience is different, and everyone deserves the most accurate information to address their needs. If anyone else wants to chime in, I welcome reblogs too! 😊

    Huge thanks for @astrid-goes-for-a-spin for helping me compile resources and to get a better overall understanding! ❤️

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  • #sorry I'm sure that wasn't at all helpful #grey-ace#asexual#demisexual#ace spectrum#ask
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  • current guess on my sexuality is grayromantic demisexual but honestly who knows anymore

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