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  • I love Elizabeth Olsen and her work in the MCU, but nobody can tell me different than this woman wouldn’t have been an amazing Wanda:

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  • say what you will about adam driver but you can’t say the dude’s a bad actor, after all he was able to pretend convincingly that he was attracted to lena dunham

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  • Sorry for the ugly screenshot and I will stop after this but I thought this was interesting. That tearjerker scene from S3E2 was the 1st scene they shot for S3. How is that even possible?

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  • hungry hearts | 2014 | dir. saverio costanzo | dop. fabio cianchetti

    difficult, interesting and unusual film. 

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  • *this post may contain spoilers, I am on mobile and cannot cut, sorry!*

    All the reasons it’s a flop are true. It pitches nebulous optimism as the solution to a myriad of real world issues- and if that wasn’t bad enough, it pitches it to a singularly disenfranchised generation.
    Sure, let’s all just click our heels and wish our troubles away.
    The film even blames our imminent destruction on the fact that we “don’t care enough about tomorrow to do something today.” It chastises us for being death obsessed, for finding apocalypse media entertaining, and cites those ~negative vibes~ as the very reason we’re (in the film) all going to die.
    The film then fails spectacularly at offering any solution.
    It literally cuts from imminent doom with no plan or means to divert it, to the next scene being 1 year later and everything is fine.

    There is one thing, a literal single frame, that stands out from an otherwise lackluster film (don’t get me wrong, the visuals are nice- the retro-futurist look is pure eyecandy)…
    It’s Hugh Laurie, as Governor (or mayor or whatever) Nix.
    There is a single frame, near the 1.5 hr mark (give or take a minute or two) where he, in the process of revealing the doom mechanic to the protagonist, looks away.
    His face fills the screen. We see him candidly, observing scenes of destruction he has undoubtedly seen hundreds of times before. His expression is so sincere, filled with sorrow and resignation. That single frame (I may screencap it later, I’m on mobile now) is what I return to when I think of the film. I showed it to L. A flash of fire or lava or something hellish illuminates his face for the merest instant before he is cast into darkness again.
    We know that Nix is a man who has Seen This Before. You can imagine him awake at nights, viewing it again and again, in the chamber or in his mind.
    The end of the world is etched in the lines of his face, but he is still sad to see it.

    Everything else about the film was resoundingly meh (cramming a bunch of POC in the last 5 minutes does not a diverse film make), but if I’m going to take anything from it.. it’s the happy reminder that Hugh Laurie is a lovely actor.

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  • Ginnifer Goodwin is freaking amazing in this episode.

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  • I was thinking about Josh not having an alt to play, and wondered what payoff the producers gave him for truncating the possibilities for him.

    While the Wondercon panel hasn’t answered that exactly, it did make me realize that Peter is the only character that has really changed, as a person.

    Peter has changed and grown, and it “took”, Walter changed (the first version of him, and partly this last version)–but Walter keeps getting re-set, like a clock, the same way the other alts do. The Walters are driven & broken in slightly different ways, Olivias version 1-6 are all mildly different, (the reds are more obnoxious or more flirty), the Broyles are gruff, the Ninas are crafty, the Astrids reason well, the Lincolns are dweeby…. but those characters each revolve around a tiny axis.

    Olivia and Walter had changed the most of the alt-having, until that was wiped away by this season.

    Peter on the other hand has gone from being a secretive violent crook, reluctant assistant in the lab and Walter-chaperone, to a brilliant caring partner to Olivia, a gentle son to Walter, then Olivia’s demon lover and husband–and then goes on to destroy and heal universes, again and again without end, in his desire to be with his Olivia and his Walter…and then to learn from that and become more grounded, the most adult, the most whole person in ‘Fringe’.

    I’d say that was quite an odyssey.

    No alt needed, with an arc like that.

    And Josh has really rocked the role.

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  • Jackie’s professional life as a background artist: Pic 4- A receptionist at a salon on HOUSE BUNNY.

    This scene got cut from the final movie. Prolly cause I stared right into the camera, and prolly cause the director (Who I recognized from always playing a character role in all of Adam Sandler’s movies) kept telling me to hang the phone up then walk out of frame, but I would always fumble somehow and ruin the whole scene. Action! 

    PS, that girl behind me hates me. 

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