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  • throughthewwods
    21.04.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    100 Days of Productivity. Day 70

    🐾 continuing with the GSD training.

    He’s been acting slightly less spastic and actually did a pretty good job when I asked my boyfriend to accompany me on the walk as an intentional distraction. GSD loves my boyfriend obnoxiously. I expected him to practically disjoint my shoulder, but he did ok, despite RB and the excitement of all the neighborhood children zigzagging in every direction

    💚 I worked out by 8 AM

    💙 In the spirit of not letting my bleak school readings depress the hell out of me, I read a few articles about successful mental health interventions for the blind.

    📚 i found numerous articles on sighted person stereotypes and attitudes towards the blind for my paper.

    Spoiler: that was depressing, but... it needs to be done.

    💙 I looked up a couple interventions that helped the sighted participants Attitudes improve towards the blind

    💙 Did nice things for my skin and hair

    💜 got my Kiddo to her conflict resolution styles workshop.

    ⭐️ Finally cooked that spaghetti squash

    I’m lucky to be partially sighted. In most cases my blindness is an invisible disability. I don’t quite fit into the “blind community “because of it. I’ve learned how to posture myself like a sighted person in many scenarios to avoid these countless stigmas I’m reading stats about, but I shouldn’t have had to.. and many blind people don’t have the option to conceal the extent of their blindness at a job interview, on a date, at a party, in their classes. I had a friend get turned away for months in my ultra ‘ Rara diversity! We want inclusivity for all!’ town because nobody wanted a visually impaired roommate. The normalized, unaddressed prejudice, rejection, poverty, under-education, and lack of representation.. it’s really hard out there for blind people. It has been for like, ever, on a global scale. Yes, it makes me angry that there’s near nothing being fucking done about it.

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  • louis-louis-louie
    21.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Read This Larries


    so interesting that so many rumors about camille are untrue. Proves the point that larries use people of colour as an excuse to hate. Performative activists and white saviours. Two words that describe large amounts of larries. I recently found out that they would take photos of eleanor standing in shadows to accuse her of blackfishing but very cleverly not show each others pictures that prove she wasn't that dark. They’ll also ignore the fact that all Indians aren’t Hindus, and eleanor made the dog comment because SHE WAS WEARING A FUCKING DOG FILTER!!!!!

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  • scentistmp3
    21.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i think a lot of ppl fail to understand that some ppl who id'd from bi to pan didn't do it out of malice toward the bi label but bc they didn't know the bi label was inclusive of nonbinary ppl. they didn't know. contrary to what tumblr activists want ppl to think not everyone is up to date on the fixed definition of the bi label you seem to have agreed on based on a definition that literally said there's no one clear cut definition of that label

    #perth.txt #im so tired of these arguments you all need to step outside #but yeah i was thinking of how some ppl id'd as bi before they knew about nonbinary people #but then they found out about us and also found the pan label so they thought ah okay this fits better #i'm not saying bi is inherently exclusive of nonbinary ppl AT ALL but if you dont tell ppl how are they supposed to know?? #not every bi person agrees on the definition so logically not everyone will hear about all the different definitions #bonkers to me that you all reduce your activism to that when there's so much more important stuff... #like if you focused on both at once ig i would get it but i literally only ever see posts against the pan label #like is that all there is to activism now??? are we getting bored?? #as a trans mspec person i really find this so irritating. idek what to say fucking chew on grass or something #i will not argue on this don't even try it i'm tired and there's no changing my mind #pan ppl r not my enemy lmfao you're all weird #ive seen enough stupid takes on my dash to know where i stand on the issue so yeah dont argue
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  • sunshineandhope
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • youngandanactress
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    TW: mentions: police brutality, murder, and Slavery in the United States.


    We must continue to require, strive for, and DEMAND systemic change and abolition.

    This ISN’T true justice, as true justice would only be attainable through George Floyd still being alive.

    It is, however, a demonstration of the possibility of future progression.


    It'll never be truly sufficient.

    The land this country (the USA) exists on was forcibly stolen and then involuntarily built by individuals who were abducted from their homes, beaten, battered, and assaulted.

    They were disgustingly dehumanized, tortured, and stripped of their fundamental human rights.

    Their cultures, languages, and customs were STOLEN from them.

    Their descendants continue to experience racist oppression in the systemically racist society, of the systemically racist country, they were forced to build (by threat and infliction of death, violence, and destruction, and without compensation, fair treatment, and general human decency.)

    George Floyd, Rest In Peace.

    #blacklivesmatter#BLM#george floyd #derek chauvin trial #lock him up #end police violence #end police brutality #activism #end systemic racism
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  • religion-is-a-mental-illness
    21.04.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • kermitsboobie
    21.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    gonna ramble about the concepts of good and bad

    basically like we know good and bad are like very subjective and basically have no meaning in conversation with someone unless you both agree on like a core level what good and bad means

    and in the US at least, a lot of our media skews good and bad in a very purposeful and yucky direction. it is bad to do bad things even if its for a good cause. if you have been very hurt it is bad to react in an angry way. the only good and mature thing to do when wronged is forgive. (we see a lot of these themes in ATLA pretty clearly)

    theres just a very black and white idea of being morally good and morally bad, and a lot of white “activists” cling to these ideas so so hard, like we see when they say they support protests as long as they’re peaceful, and refuse to do anything more than voting and signing petitions.

    these black and white ideas also help keep victims silent and help keep abusers and oppressors from being called out and held accountable. we can see exactly whos doing this in a subtle way because theyre always the people who complain about cancel culture (which isnt real, i wish it was though)

    so when im trying to call out people from my school who are racist, homophobic, transphobic etc, it results in 1, people telling me these people arent bigoted because they know them and theyre nice people (which like obviously, thats how abusers and oppressors get their victims) and 2, they bombard me with messages about how its bad to call these people out. a lot of them acknowledge that what these people have done isn’t remotely ok, but they are so convinced that its just objectively bad and harmful and negative to call them out, and the only way to get change or justice or closure is through politeness.

    it is negative and not fun to confront these issues in our friends and our peers and deal with tje backlash and potential embarrassment, and it does harm the people who im calling out. that is a good thing. anger at those people is normal and good and probably a sign of healing. you should be angry at people who have mistreated you and been bigots, you should call them out and cause them to face the consequences of their issues. its ok to be loud and impolite in those situations, its what’s necessary for change.

    but when i explain this to these people over and over they just keep reiterating the same thing which boils down to “this is bad. this makes you a bad person because it is negativity. negativity equals bad” and they specifically emphasize that i CANT be calling people out because it is bad

    i dont know how to explain to ALL of my peers how that doesnt make sense. i cant call out my abusers and our peers who are racist because you think it’s objectively bad?

    like ive tried explaining, we are disagreeing on the basis of what good and bad just are as a concept and how negativity and positivity are separate from that, if you want me to change my mind you either need to present an argument that fits within my view of good or bad, or you need to directly challenge my view of good and bad. and they just. keep saying the exact same things over and over.

    i know they probably understand what im saying, a lot of these kids are bigots themselves, its just so frustrating and makes me feel crazy to just be ignored like that while the other person pretends like were actually having a conversation

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  • padawan-historian
    21.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Regarding the Chauvin verdict --- here's a few thoughts to keep in mind.

    Dear children of the Black and African Diaspora:

    It is not your job to "speak with AUTHORITY for all Black people" about the trial today or tomorrow (or next week).

    If you are not in an emotional or spiritual place to engage in discussions, do not feel obligated. Set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional spaces.

    REST & unPLUG (step away from social media --- decompress, reflect, journal, garden, go for a bike ride, soak your feet in warm water, call a good friend, etc.)

    Dear brown, beige, white, and pink decolonizers-in-training:

    Do not get comfortable . . . the work continues.

    Do not spend tomorrow (or tonight) reaching out to all your Black friends and co-workers to ask how they're feeling (especially if you do not correspond regularly). Even if you think your heart is in the right place, this comes off, at best, performative.

    Do not rush to argue (via social media) with people who are upset that Chauvin was convicted. Re-evaluate who you want in your [decolonized] space. It is YOUR responsibility to challenge racism and white supremacy in your home, workspace, and community.

    Challenging racism does not have to become a public spectacle. If your relative or friend is not decolonized or practicing antiracism, send them a message with an invitation to hold space for a conversation via zoom or phone.

    Antiracist work is not seasonal work. Antiracist work is a lifelong journey.

    It is alright to feel angry, frustrated, or helpless about the verdict. The next step is to ask yourself:

    What is my role as an abolitionist, decolonizer, disruptor, or educator? How can I cultivate an antiracist, decolonized community?

    If you're ready to decolonize your understanding of history and build antiracist tools to practice in your day-to-day life, come join me on Patreon.

    #Black patreon#patreon #decolonize your mind #derek chauvin #Black Lives Matter #george floyd#Afronaut Griot #activate your activism #patreon creator
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  • merelygifted
    21.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Cartoon: Sign of the times

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  • rikoy-11
    21.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    What’s up with the weirdo ass belief some people have where “Listen to POC” means “Uncritically accept literally any narrative a nonwhite (or person online claiming to be nonwhite) says to you” because like i think u should maybe realize that like groups of nonwhite people are not heterogenous and are going to disagree sometimes lol and u still need principles of your own and also maybe don’t boost like every rando online.

    #some ppl think that like following POC on twitter or tumblr is like some form of activism which is Weird
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  • skeleton-monarch
    21.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    yknow. doing something good for “selfish” reasons is still doing something good. doing something good so youll be perceived as a good person, while can become unhealthy for you, isnt bad.

    we cant control are reasons for wanting things, we cant control how much we care about people. but we can control our actions. so act kind even if its for “selfish” reasons.

    #ive had to come to terms that very few things that i do arent in some way a product of ‘selfishness’ #i do activism cause i want to help people yeah but #most of the online things i do are probably whats counted as performative #i do it so people see me as a good person because i want to be a good person and im tired of trying to hide that #(i do offline stuff dont even start at me)
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  • graunblida
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    die, pig. 

    #tw current events #ACAB#fuck 12 #we can only hope he gets slaughtered #but i'm almost positive he's not going to a regular prison #being careful about what resources/donations i reblog #because unfortunately some reps of blm have been profiting off the suffering of the victims and their families #and opportunistic shit like that hurts grassroot activism #so just use your best judgment and keep a look out #it's great news but just the beginning
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  • vesper-thejester
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Help Support We Da People Summer Tour by May 1st 2021

    This year We Da People plans on traveling throughout the United States to implement community out reach programs for the empowerment of under-represented communities of color. We will educate youth on personal responsiblilty as well as effective activism.

    here's their gofundme: https://gofund.me/f847a1ac

    the founder & President of this Program (E'layjiah)'s TikTok with more information: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe9W58XT/

    Their Instagram:


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  • callese
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Performative allyship exhibit A 🙄

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  • politijohn
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for ‘sacrificing his life for justice.’ This reaction to the news re: Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict is appalling and completely tone deaf. It exemplifies just how out-of-touch our legislators are, especially the most powerful ones.

    George Floyd didn't sacrifice himself. He was murdered in a racist criminal justice system that people like Nancy Pelosi have enabled for decades. As long as these politicians are in office, we will not see the transformational change this country desperately needs. Please keep this in mind as you consider who to support in your local and federal elections. And remember true criminal justice reform will not happen unless we get on the front lines and demand it.

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  • elamarth-calmagol
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    The wristbands are finally here! I think they look awesome. (I'd say very professional but of course they are, they were actually made by professionals.) The photos are also decent (thanks to my boyfriend).

    Unfortunately I do have to price them at $4. It's not just the $3.60 to buy them but also the $0.20 for the listing and the price of the shipping envelope. So I think $4 is my break even cost. I have shipping set at $2 for the United States. That might be low, but whoever buys first is guaranteed that price even if it turns out I'm wrong! So buy now, LOL. If you're in another country... Well, it would probably be cheaper to make your own wristbands and get them from a company in your own country than pay the shippimg from here. Like seriously, the USPS estimates $28.50 for shipping to Canada, and that's not even overseas.

    (By the way, if you live in the US and you couldn't pay $6 but could do $6 worth of art or stimboards, let me know and we'll negotiate.)

    It was super difficult to write out the educational stuff on the listing. Tell me if it needs fixing.

    I also have some rainbow loom bracelets! They're rainbow colors or Hogwarts house colors, but I'll add more of a variety of listings (pride colors, etc) if I get some sales!

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