#actually autstic Tumblr posts

  • I hate it when NTs give me back handed compliments like : “Oh but you are so intelligent” “Oh you are so high functioning”. Most often proceeding to talk shit about autistic people who they deem to be “weird” or ( insert slurs ). 

    Listen: If you do not respect people on the spectrum who have high support levels / intellectual disabilities then do not even think about coming near me. Besides it is more complex than you think. Someone with higher support levels might have a better understanding of social interactions than I do but they can’t cook / are completely non verbal etc.

    I am only your idea of a “high functioning autistic person” until I am struck by sensory overload. We function different in different situations. It is constructive to talk about support levels. Support levels indicate what an individual on the spectrum needs help with. It is a term created to help autistic people.  But high vs low functioning is very much a way to divide autistic people and spread misinformation. 

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  • Once again feeling overwhelmed at how to parent an autistic child in an nt world. Internalized ableism is probably doing most of my thinking for me. I see to much of myself in her even though she is very different from me and want to protect her yet have her grow into the beautiful person she already is.

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