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  • angryteapott
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I feel like adam's got a lot of deepseated capacity for cruelty and kindness and a tendency to shut his eyes and act cold and abandon others till he reaches some fork in the road and realizes he can't do it after all and rips through anything to rush back and save them, so if he ever discovers class consciousness it would be glorious

    I feel adam has the kind of mind that could get the immensity of the problem, the systematic all encompassing nature of it, and ignore it out of stubborn self-interest before hitting the end of his rope, and just sacrificing and slashing and destroying to make a real sort of change no one else in the series is capable of

    #i hope adam becomes integral to a company before purposefully driving it into the ground #i want adam on a legal crusade #i want adam as a republican political aide to get ahead refusing to acknowledge the damage of his actions #before it all comes down on him at once #and he brilliantly eviscerates and destroys the coalitions supporting the terrible legislation he wrote #😡🫖 reads trc #adam parrish #the dream thieves #not that I'M capable of that sort of change either
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  • squash1
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if blue and gansey ever have a child, ronan would just teach them incorrect facts about history just to piss off gansey. like think about a mini blue&gansey walking up to their father, richard campbell gansey iii, and saying “did you know that the ancient egyptcians would have big parties with the greeks to celebrate the birth of albert einstein??” imagine the pain on gansey’s face as he swears at ronan under his breath, and then is like “….sweetie, can you go find your mom, i need to call uncle ronan for a little chat.”

    #i did have a full breakdown when i thought about any of them having kids bc like nooooooo #a mini blue&gansey ??? yes pls #blusey#pynch#ronan lynch #richard campbell gansey iii #adam parrish#blue sargent #adam and ronan #henry cheng #the raven boys #the raven cycle #the dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #the gangsey#gangsey
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  • the-dreamers-production
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Did you also miss Adam Parrish chapters in Mister Impossible? Don’t worry, we got your back! We just released a new CMV, retelling MI from Adam’s POV !❤️ here’s the yt link and a little teaser!✨

    #the raven cycle #cosplay music video #ronan lynch #the raven cycle cmv #call down the hawk #adam parrish #the raven cycle cosplay #mister impossible #the dreamer trilogy #pynch#Youtube
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  • discoveringmeself
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ronan Lynch as Hades and Adam Parrish as Persephone.

    Yes, I know, it hurts me too.

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  • ardenetoile
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Redraw of this piece of my art from 2019

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  • w1ttyk
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    New pynch one shot i wrote check it out if you're interested

    #raven cycle#trc#ravenboys#dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #the raven king #Ronan lynch#Adam Parrish #Richard Campbell Gansey III #Gansey#blue Sargent#noah Czerny
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  • ronans-sepiaphotograph
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Touch and don't go.

    Adam breathes.

    Tries to fill air into his lungs as he hears the rain fall on the roof of the Beemer as he sits beside Ronan. It's raining and it's quiet. Opal and Chainsaw had somehow understood it and gone with Blue, Gansey and Henry to 300 Fox Way.

    Adam watches Ronan. He has his hands gripped tightly around the steering wheel, knuckles white and his forehead on it, eyes closed. Adam hears him breathe, he tries to breathe again. Doesn't know how to. Adam tries to ignored the purple pink bruises, handprints of the hands that lie on his lap, his hands. It's hard to not notice them, bright and new and pained against the pristine pale of Ronan's skin.

    Aurora's gone. So is Cabeswater. He doesn't know where Noah is.

    He tried to kill Ronan. The demon took over his body, hands and eyes. He tried to kill Ronan. The demon tried to kill Ronan. Maybe he was the demon who tried to kill Ronan.

    He doesn't know what to do. Wants to reach out, hold Ronan in the hands that tried to kill him and tell him and himself that it wasn't him, could never be him. But his hands left behind marks on Ronan's neck, in the shape of his fingers, the gaps between them and his palm. He fears that if he tried, he could trace every single line of his fingerprint on Ronan's neck.

    Adam breathes. The rain falls in light drizzles. The road in front of them in empty and eerie and dark. Something appears from behind a bush and unsettles him. It's just a deer, brown with spotted fur that is drenched. It's beady eyes land on him, it gives him a look before it disappears back to where it came from.

    He thinks about their kiss. On the porch. How he tried to breathe when Ronan's lips were on his and his hands comfortable around his waist and Adam was falling, falling, falling. How he'd been full of this fuzzy white light and his mind was a mess of emotions and Ronan looked almost, almost holy as Adam had watched him, shark-like blue eyes rimmed with black and a lazy smile on his face and his hard edges chiseled away.

    Ronan turns to look at him. There's still that black stuff on his face, dried up streaks on his cheeks. His eyes are red and glassy. Adam looks, keeps on looking and tries hard not to cry. He opens his mouth, his words stay stuck in his throat and he suffocates. Ronan blinks slowly at him, getting up. He carefully places his hand on Adam's. Adam flinches and pulls it away, as if Ronan's skin burned him. He sends Ronan a pleading look. Ronan glares as if he's offended but doesn't say anything.

    Adam breathes, hears Ronan breathe as well. It somehow lets him breathe easier. His hands hurts as he looks at them. They're muddy and bloody and his knuckes have split and ache terribly. So does everything, include his heart. Adam wonders if this is what a heart attack feels like.

    "let's go home", Ronan whispers after a while. Adam doesn't know what home is. He stiffly nods. Ronan gives him a look before he starts the car. The rains have subsided. Adam opens the window, let's the cool air hit his face. His face burns, torn skin aching. He closes his eyes. Feels Ronan's eyes on him as they drive through Henrietta.

    He sees the Barns peek out from behind the trees after they've entered Singer's Falls. He aches, aches and aches. He wants to go, somewhere he doesn't know, but somehow his gets pulled back to Ronan. He realises he wants to leave Henrietta and his past behind, but wants to come back to Ronan, always and forever. He wants to come back home, home is something he thinks he's found in Ronan. He isn't sure but he thinks he's getting there.

    Ronan stops the car and gets out. Adam heaves out a breath as he hears the crunch of Ronan's boots on the gravel. He thinks Ronan left. He faintly hears a knock on the side. When he turns, Ronan's standing there, leaning on the window frame. Everything about him is dark, hurt and bleeding but his eyes are bright, alive and blue. Adam's heart beats, keeps on beating at seventy five beats per minutes, probably eighty five since Ronan is here.

    "Adam", he says. Adam. Adam. Adam. Adam looks up at him.

    "Let's go man. Get out and into the house."

    Adam listens and gets out. His knees feel weak. He dares to look at Ronan again. His gaze immediately snaps at Ronan's neck where the evidence lies. It feels like his heart might stop. His knees give out and he falls. It hurts as his knees land on the pointy gravel. His head hurts but so does everything. He hears Ronan curse from somewhere before Ronan's hands are around him and his head is on top of Adam's hair.

    "Adam, not now", Ronan mumbles. "Please."

    Adam's heart stops. Restarts when Ronan presses his lips against the side of his head. Shakily he gets up. He knows he can do this.

    "I'm okay", he tells Ronan. Ronan scoffs loudly as he helps Adam up. He hears the door of the BMW shut loudly. He walks, one step at a time. Ronan walks beside him, close. He feels far away. So far away that Adam thinks he might lose him.

    He doesn't complain when Ronan makes him sit down and removes his shoes gently. He watches his dirty shoes lined up besides Ronan's by the door. In the midst of this ache, he thinks he likes the sight of it. He could get used to it. Ronan drags him into the bathroom, makes him sit down on the toilet seat and fumbles around the cabinets.

    "let me?" He asks Adam, cotton and a bottle of antiseptic liquid in hand. Adam is used to covering his pain, he can do it. But he has no fight.

    "if you let me too", he says instead. Ronan nods. Adam's hands ache. Ache with pain and ache with want.

    He closes his eyes and let's Ronan gently clean up his face. He knows he'll have scars for days. He doesn't mind it, he's used to it. It burns when Ronan dabs the cotton on the wounds. He hisses in pain.

    "Easy there, breathe."

    Adam breathes. He tenses when Ronan sits on his knees in front of him and takes his hand and cleans it gently. He wipes away the blood and mud till Adam can see his freckles again. Ronan kissed his palm. Adam lets out a choked sob and mumbles a "I'm sorry". Sorry won't make up for this. He knows. He doesn't know what will. Ronan mutters a "shut the fuck up" and cleans his second hand. He hears the dustbin lid open and close. Hears the faucet and water running. Thinks about Cabeswater and it's streams and leaves. Lets out another sob.

    He dares.

    He snakes his arms around Ronan's waist and cries. Ronan sees him cry, he thinks he's okay with it. Ronan is allowed to see the cracks in his facade, his ugly parts and broken pieces. Ronan's hands tangle themselves in his hair. He thinks he's okay, even if he's not.

    "why didn't you do anything? Anything Ronan? I- I would have killed you-"

    "but you didn't. And I didn't want you to have the memory of me hitting you. I would have never been able to look at you if I did."

    "I tried to kill you." I love you, I think. He wants to say. "You should've stopped me, killed me if that was required."

    "listen here, dickwad. I wouldn't have, nobody would've laid a fucking hand on you Parrish and that's the truth. You were possessed by that fucking demon."


    "if you had the chance, would you kill me?"

    He inhales sharply at Ronan's question. Let's out another sob.

    "what the fuck Ronan?"

    "that doesn't answer my questions."

    "no, obviously not."

    "I think you have the answer to your own question then."

    "those are my hands around neck. My hands. My hands."

    "yes, your hands that I kissed not even five minutes ago. Keep up. Don't fucking care. It's over man."

    "Cabeswater is gone."


    "who am I without it?" He asks himself and Ronan. "Who am I if not Cabeswater's eyes and hands? Cabeswater's magician?"

    Ronan pushes him away and holds his face in his hands. Adam dares and rubs away the dried flakes of the black stuff that fall weakly on the floor. Ronan, the asshole, has the audacity to blush. Adam's heart finds itself sowing back to form pieces.

    He dares and places his hand on the bruises. Just places them perfectly on top, hiding the bruises from view and Ronan's breaths are slow and a staccato. Adam closes his eyes and wishes the bruises to just disappear. An ugly part of him laughs at himself.

    "you're my magician. I'll call you mine if you call me yours. You're Adam Parrish. You're my Adam Parrish, and that's enough. More than enough."

    "mine", he whispers. He thinks, no, knows he likes. He knows he wants to be Ronan's and Ronan is already his.

    "yours. Ours."




    "would you let me love you?" Ronan asks, pleads, prays.

    "I would let you because you let me."

    Ronan's smile blooms. Adam's heart forms a tapestry of mismatched pieces tied together by love.

    "tamquam", Ronan whispers on his lips.

    "alter idem", he replies.

    It's enough. More than enough.

    #this is called a tsunami of feels besties #cry with me over adam parrish #this is one of million interpretations of TRK #the raven cycle #maggie stiefvater #the raven boys #the dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #the raven king #adam parrish#ronan lynch#blue sargent#henry cheng #richard campbell gansey iii #noah czerny#pratt posts#pratt rants
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  • puhnatsson
    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    just them 🖤

    #pynch art#trc #the raven cycle #the raven boys #ronan lynch #call down the hawk #the raven cycle art #trc art #ronan lynch art #adam parrish #the dreamer trilogy #cdth#pynch
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  • kelliealtogether
    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Sprinkles of Dubious Origin

    My prompt fulfillment for "You're adorable when you're mad." 😊

    Adam looks up from the letter in his hand as the bells over 𝛑’s door ring. The muscle memory of turning the lock is still fresh in his fingers, which means it can only be a handful of people letting themselves into the bakery, but before he can focus on who is walking through the door, words instinctively leave his mouth. “We’re closed.”

    “No shit.” The deluge of thoughts in Adam’s head slows when he registers it’s Ronan coming into 𝛑. Before he moves towards the counter, Ronan locks the door behind himself, then he throws his thumb over his shoulder as he walks towards where Adam is standing. “Virginia Department of Health? Got rats I don’t know about or something?”

    Adam shakes his head as his boyfriend stops on the other side of the counter. It’s still a familiar placement for them, their Friday night ritual of Adam baking for Ronan continuing even though it’s been well over a year since they finally got together. Except it’s not a Friday, it’s a Wednesday afternoon three weeks before Christmas. 𝛑 should be abuzz with activity, Adam’s staff of four bakers and two baristas rushing around prepping, baking, or helping a steady stream of customers.

    But it’s only Adam in the bakery, and now Ronan.

    “Not rats.” Adam extends the letter to Ronan. It elaborates on the notice stuck to 𝛑’s glass door with masking tape, the one Ronan had just gestured to. “‘Illegal sprinkles’.”

    Ronan’s face is unreadable for a moment as he takes the letter from Adam and bows his head to read it. Adam’s read it no less than ten times and has it memorized. An anonymous tip was called in to the Central Shenandoah Health District that 𝛑 was using sprinkles of questionable origin and the bakery had to close immediately upon receipt of the notice and letter. 𝛑 can only reopen after passing inspection by an Environmental Health Specialist the following day.

    “Shit. That sucks.” Ronan drops the letter to the countertop between them when he finishes. He meets Adam’s eyes for the first time since walking through the door, but it’s a fleeting thing and he looks away almost immediately. “You can’t prep or anything?”

    Adam shakes his head. “No operations.”

    “Damn. Looks like you get off until tomorrow.”

    “What even are illegal sprinkles? Everything I use is from my sup--” Adam closes his eyes and lifts a hand, pressing his finger and thumb into his eye sockets. He keeps them there for a few moments before dropping his arm back to his side and opening his eyes. “The woman with the sprinkles from Etsy last week. They were awful, bleeding color everywhere and the dragées were all pockmarked. Shit, that is the last time I let anyone provide their own decorations. But--”

    Only someone who works at 𝛑 would have known about the Etsy sprinkles.

    Adam trusts his employees. He trusts them enough that he and Ronan actually went on a week-long vacation over the summer, leaving 𝛑 in the staff’s capable hands. Noah, Opal, Liliana, Jordan, Puck, or Sean wouldn’t report him to the Virginia Department of Health. Not without coercion.

    Adam turns his eyes to his boyfriend, leveling a long, hard stare at him. “Ronan.”

    “Hm?” Ronan raises his dark eyebrows. He flicks his eyes to, then away from Adam. Ronan’s not a liar, but sometimes he does his damnedest to obstruct the truth.

    “What’d you do?”

    Ronan looks nonplussed and shrugs. “Nothing.”


    “I didn’t do anything.”

    Adam allows this a moment to marinate. “What’d you have Opal do?”

    Ronan and Opal had struck up a fast friendship when Adam had hired her to help Noah in the front of the shop. A friendship that usually exhibited itself in general good-natured asshattery around 𝛑, not bribery.

    The way Ronan absolutely won’t meet Adam’s eyes confirms everything Adam already knows. Ronan’s focusing on the menu on the wall behind the counter when he finally responds, “I may have suggested she call the Health Department and promised her a paid day off. And a hundred bucks.”

    Adam gapes. Ronan has done a lot of stupid shit to get him away from 𝛑 since they started dating, but this takes the cake. “Ronan! This is my business we’re talking about!”

    “I’ve seen your numbers. Closing for a day isn’t going to kill you.” Ronan raises his hands innocently, like this absolves him of any wrongdoing.

    Latent anger starts to rise inside Adam. His cheeks start to burn and he knows the tips of his ears are turning a flaming red. Through gritted teeth he says, “It is not about the money. It is about reputation.”

    “So I’ll go on Instagram and fix it. Joke about illegal sprinkles. Situation handled.”

    “That’s not the fucking point.” Adam grabs on to the edge of the counter and holds on so tightly his fingertips might shatter. “If I get a health code violation because of--fucking sprinkles, that’s reported. There’s record of it. Forever. It’ll make people question my sanitary practices. Nobody wants stuff from a bakery that’s not sanitary. Why would you even think this was a good idea?”

    “I never said I thought it was a good idea,” Ronan replies, all casual.

    A pin dropping could be heard in the extended silence that follows.

    “Ronan, look at me.” Adam doesn’t continue until Ronan peels his eyes from the menu chalkboard and looks at Adam dead on. “Why?”

    “You haven’t taken a day off since Halloween,” Ronan explains, his tone that had been bordering on flippant turning serious. He holds Adam’s gaze as he continues, “You’re getting all burnout-y again.”

    Adam’s jaw unclenches as he sighs. He scrubs both hands through his hair for a moment before tugging at it in frustration. “It’s the holiday season. It’s the busiest time of the year.”

    Ronan doesn’t have malicious intent. As hard as Ronan’s exterior is, his core is soft, and his motivation for coercing Opal is his unbelievably overwhelming love for Adam. Ronan worries about Adam’s well-being far more than Adam does. He takes care of both of them more often than not. He makes Adam press pause when he needs to.

    And Adam’s needed to press pause for weeks.

    Anger slowly floods out of Adam. His shoulders relax, his grip on the counter loosens, he feels his cheeks cool. He cocks his head to the side and presses his lips together, offering Ronan a bare, tight smile. “You could have talked to me about it. You didn’t have to bribe one of my employees.”

    Ronan rolls his eyes. “I wouldn’t call it a bribe.”

    Adam laughs, once. “That’s the textbook definition of a bribe.”

    “You know textbooks and I don’t get along.” Ronan smirks.

    Adam laughs again, more this time, and he steps around the counter to stand in front of Ronan. Wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist, beneath Ronan’s leather jacket, Adam tips his head down, resting his forehead against the side of Ronan’s neck. “Next time, just say something. Don’t coerce my staff to call the authorities on me. Though those sprinkles probably did have dubious origins.”

    “I’ll use my words next time.” Ronan laughs as he folds his arms around Adam’s shoulders and squeezes. They both know communication isn't their strong suit. He tips his chin, pressing a kiss to the side of Adam’s head, and into Adam’s hair he says, “But goddamn. You’re adorable when you’re mad.”

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  • angryteapott
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    "The gangsey" u mean the in love with adam parrish club???

    #same babes #im down bad #😡🫖 reads trc #adam parrish
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  • embeddedinmybrain
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    Hands and eyes
    #the raven cycle #trc#adam parrish#hands #yesss tom Webb is a great reference for Adam skdjd #my art#sketch
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  • hklnvgl
    16.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #pynch#fic#adam parrish#ronan lynch #thank you so much ive for sending this prompt!! #i'll also post it on ao3 at some point next week when i have access to my computer again! #ive-garden#d
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  • squash1
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago


    #we all knew ronan would join a cult #ronan lynch#mister impossible#tdt #call down the hawk #adam parrish#blue sargent #richard campbell gansey iii #adam and ronan #henry cheng #the raven boys #the raven cycle #the dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #pynch#blusey#the gangsey#bryde #hennessy x ronan #jordan hennessy#hennessy
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  • just-another-lesbian-bitch
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Do I ship Adam and Blue together even a little… no, but do I absolutely adore the way that Adam is described in chapter 8 of the Raven Boys… yes

    #the raven cycle #the raven boys #the dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #the raven king #trc#adam parrish#blue sargent#ronan lynch#richard gansey#gansey#noah czerny
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  • bird-little-chavaleh
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    miracle in moving parts 

    #adam parrish#my art #the raven boys #raven boys fanart
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  • the-ghost-king
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey, TRC fandom! Please stop referring to Adam's ears as good or bad! He has a hearing ear and a deaf ear! Deafness is not any sort of moral alignment, hearing isn't "good" it's weird and more importantly- ableist!

    Also, if there's any reason you're holding on to the idea knowing this (which I promise, there's no reason to) in canonical text Adam is never referred to as having a "good ear". It's always either his "deaf ear" or his "hearing ear":

    I promise there is no point in any of my versions where Stiefvater calls Adam's hearing ear his "good ear" and there's no reason you should be doing it either!

    #notpjo#trc #the raven boys #adam parrish#pynch#ableism #I'm not Deaf or HoH so if anyone who is Deaf or HoH wants to correct me please do
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  • imgoingtoeatyourknees
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    gaslight: Adam

    gatekeep: Noah

    girlboss: Blue

    mansplain: Gansey

    manipulate: Ronan

    manwhore: Henry

    #the raven king #adam parrish#ronan lynch #the raven boys #blue lily lily blue #blue sargent#noah czerny#pynch #richard campbell gansey the third #henry cheng #the raven cycle #trc
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  • misterywaren
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Adam: *knows what Ronan would say and do in any situation*

    Adam: *thinks about Ronan 24/7*

    Adam: /don’t fight with Gansey, but fight with Ronan/

    Also Adam: We HaTe EaChOtHeR, iMmA tAkE fOuR fReAkInG bOoKs To CaNoOdLe ThE dReAmEr

    #HE PULLED A NEIL JOSTEN #i was rereading the series and it’s almost comedic #i love this idiot #adam parrish#pynch #ronan and adam #adam x ronan #the raven cycle #the raven boys #the dream thieves #blue lily lily blue #the raven king #trc#trc reread
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  • dontbebothered
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    conversations i just had with my best friend that proves everything is about trc or aftg (btw i haven’t even read trc)

    her: look i’m not dead so don’t worry

    me: shit i thought otherwise, what am i gonna tell my parents now?

    her: idk you could tell (our physics teacher’s name) i died so she will give you a good grade on that test we wrote today… who cares i was alive then

    me: good idea, you sat next to me… but it’s kinda weird sitting next to a dead person… OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOAH!!!

    her: oh my oh my yessss

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