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    NSFW Alphabet; Kylo Ren<3

    A= Aftercare (what they’re like after the act)

    So gentle. You both are so vulnerable in this moment, and he knows this. He loves to snuggle you into his chest, while rubbing your back, or busying his hands in your hair. Other times, he’ll rest his head on your chest while you braid his front pieces. Comfortable bliss.

    B= Body part (favorite body part their own or their lovers)

    Kylo firmly believes there isn’t anything about you that isn’t perfect, but he’s weak for your thighs and that ass. He won’t admit it, but, whenever you’re not looking, his eyes naturally trail to your figure. Especially when you’re wearing shorts. Are you trying to kill him? Obviously you like his large ass man hands and broad shoulders, right? Not to mention that thick head of hair.

    C= Cum (anything that has to do with it)

    Nothing compares to the feeling of cumming inside you. He likes giving you all of him, and you like taking all of him. Kylo has an impressive load, it’s like he can’t stop cumming once he starts, you just feel too good. Kylo cums the hardest when he feels YOU start to grip his cock, and hit your own high at the same time as him.

    D= Dirty secret (Pretty self explanatory)

    Not as dirty as he thinks it is, but once he first started seeing you, he was hard. A lot. Smelling a hint of your perfume, a quick kiss, holding his hand….hard. The secret is, nothing has changed, and he don’t think it will.

    E= Experience (do they know what they’re doing)

    God no. Kylo grew up training and dealing with his own demons as well as his family’s. He seldom had friends, not being introduced to girls or “dating” at all. Before you, on the Finalizer and at the academy, Kylo had no experience with women. Being so touch-starved, every bit of affection from you meant sooooo much to him.

    F= Favorite position

    He likes good ol’ missionary. It’s so hot to him to see you, all of you, seeing how good he’s making you feel. Your expressions and moans turn him on so much, he doesn’t think he could skip out on your beautiful face. Kylo is a simple man. Missionary ties with you bouncing on top of him, he’ll never say no to you riding his cock. To be honest, he’ll never say no to any position you suggest.

    G= Goofy (how serious are they)

    Kylo is serious when it comes to sex, mostly because his dick is too hard to think about anything else. When Kylo gets turned on, it’s intense.

    H= Hair (grooming habits)

    Just like his head, he has thick, curly, black hair down there. But, he keeps it tame, either clipping it or shaving it, and he’s also an all around hygienic man. No worries here!

    I= Intimacy (in the moment romantic or rough/dirty)

    Soft touches to your face, deep eye contact, whispers of “I love you,” or “You’re so beautiful.” You are a goddess, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t treat you as such. He’ll cup your face and nuzzle his nose into your neck as he cums, for you.

    J= Jack off (do they masturbate and how often)

    Kylo doesn’t need to masturbate as often now that he has you, who wants to jump his bones all the time. But, sometimes you both can’t be with each other, so he resorts to reveling in the thought of your sweet moans, your face as you’re cumming, your body, all of you, and he’ll pump himself wishing you were there.

    K= Kink (kinks what they like possibly unusual)

    This goes without saying but, this man has a praise kink. Tell him how good he fucks you, how he’s handsome, that he’s big. His only goal is to please you, so when he hears these sweet dirty nothings, it eggs him on. He feels like he’s doing a good job for you:)

    L= Location (where they like to get it on)

    Kylo himself is a very private man, and he would like to keep his sex life the same way. No one else can look at you the way he does, he’s too protective. Also, he wants to protect your honor, your dignity. No one is allowed to worship your body except for him.

    M= Motivation (things that makes them tick/turn ons)

    Every little thing about you makes this man hard as a rock. You could be cuddling and he’ll smell your shampoo, and he’ll have to adjust himself against you. Wear shorts or a tight top around him, and he’s a blushing mess. Sometimes, you’ll say his name a certain way and be confused as to why he is kissing you and loving on you. You’re just……so tempting. All the time.

    N= No (turnoffs or absolutely won’t do)

    Degradation. Most Kylo fics are 90% rough dom Kylo. I DISRESPECTFULLY disagree. After being abused his whole life, he wouldn’t even want to simulate anything similar to you. He’s also a softie and just so in love with you, he treats you so fragile.

    O= Oral (receiving or giving and how skillful they are)

    No experience, remember? But, once you teach him how to eat you out, he doesn’t want to stop. He loves seeing and hearing what he’s doing to you. It took Kylo awhile to get good at it, but, now it’s all he thinks about. And when you go down on him? Wrecked. A mess. Sweat drips to his furrowed brows, mouth partly open, fists clenched. He forces his hips to stay still as you go to work on him. He cums so fast, especially the first time you sucked his dick.

    P= Pace (how fast they are and how long they last in bed)

    He starts off slow and smooth, and then speeds up once you’re both comfortable. He’s not too rough or fast, unless you ask him to be (which turns him on so much). Sorry to burst y’all’s bubbles but he pretty cums fast. I mean, how could he not? Years and years of isolation and nothing, and then he has you, moaning underneath him, it drives him crazy. He tries to hold out until you cum too, but you’re just so tight and warm and wet it makes his head hurt.

    Q= Quickie (do they prefer fast and hard)

    He likes to take his time adoring you and your body, foreplay is important to him. He likes loving on you before and during sex, but he’ll never say no to a quick fuck. He just wants you all the time.

    R= Risk (do they like to try new things)

    I feel like the farthest Kylo would go with you is fucking you in his TIE, or tying you up (only if you asked him to, he’s a bit shy when it comes to trying things out). If you brought up wanting to try something new out in bed, he’d clench his jaw and sit you on his lap, asking you to explain to him what it is. (He’d do it).

    S= Stamina (how many times they can go and how long each round lasts)

    Kylo, in my opinion, probably lasts for maybe 5-10 minutes. Probably less. It’s not his fault that you’re so hot. Give him about an hour in between, and he’ll fuck you all day, all night.

    T= Toys (are they game for using sex toys on themselves or lovers)

    I don’t think he would be a big toy guy! Sorry. Also, I don’t think sex toys are a thing in the Star Wars universe. Maybe they are? Idk.

    U= Unfair (how do they tease or do they enjoy suspense themselves)

    This poor virgin cannot take you teasing him for too long or he’ll cum in his pants. He gets so needy, pulling you to him, too desperate for your body. His adam apple will bob as sweat finds its way to his face.

    “Please….don’t do this to me sweetheart. I need you.”

    V= Volume (are they loud, what sounds, and do they talk)

    Loud grunts and depraved deep moans along your neck as he pushes in and out of you. Ugh.

    “Oh, god……please….”


    W= Wild card (random sincannon of any sort)

    He’s a bottom, is this a surprise😐.

    X= X-ray (what’s down below in dem pants)

    Kylo Ren is 6’3, broad, strong and muscular. He’s big dude, in all meanings of the word. My guess is 8.5 inches wbu?

    Y= Yearning (sexdrive level)

    If he had a dollar for every naughty thought he had about you, he’d own the whole galaxy….and then some. Sometimes he feels insane, constantly thinking about your soft lips, the curve of your ass….Anytime you want your man’s dick, you got it.

    Z= Zzzz (do they sleep after if so how quickly after)

    He falls asleep nice and soundly next to you once he’s done admiring your beauty, and reassuring you how much he loves you, how pretty he thinks you are. Whatta sweetie.

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    My creative writing teacher calls me "kid" and I can't tell if I hate it or not. #Adamsackler

    On that note, anyone got ideas for an Adam Sackler smut or fluff?

    #reader insert#black reader #black girl reader #black!fem!reader #fanfic #chubby black reader #chubby reader#adam driver #adam driver x chubby black reader #reader insert fluff #black reader smut #chubby black reader smut #adam sackler x black reader #adam sackler x reader #adam sackler fluff #adam sackler smut #adam sackler x plus sized reader #adam sackler x chubby black reader
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    ADCU Masterlist

    Main Masterlist

    Welcome to my ADCU Masterlist!

    Here you will find everything I’ve ever written about Adam Driver’s characters.

    You can send me ask about

    Adam Sackler

    Kylo Ren

    Flip Zimmerman

    Clyde Logan

    Charlie Barber

    Hope you enjoy, fellow bot!

    Smut: **

    Angst: ^

    Dark: ¤

    TOXIC** ^

    Coming Soon...

    Coming Soon...

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    Toxic (4/10)

    Adam Sackler X Reader

    Summary: You knew him since you both were babies. You knew everything about him and would always support him in anything and everything. He was your best friend, and you were his. Nothing is ever gonna change that.

    Until Hannah came along.

    Warning: drinking, SMUT (PIV (wrap in before you tap it, bot), quicky), ANGST

    Note: if you want to be unadded or added from/in the taglist just let me know :)

    Also, hi! I know it’s been a while, but I finally got inspiration back for this series, so here is the new chapter. Hope you like it!

    Toxic Masterlist

    Main Masterlist

    Chapter Four: Best Party Ever

    After that event at your apartment. After learning that everything Adam said to you or did to mean nothing, that they were just lies he said during the moment, you decided to change and go to Tako’s place.

    Tako was one of your best friends outside Adam. You met her when Adam once brought you to one of his AA meetings and you instantly clicked with her. You knew she was also friends with Adam, but more with you and you knew you could thrust her with your secret and problems. 

    “OOGA BOOGA!” You screeched as you turned around, one hand on your heart. Tako was laughing with content. Throwing her arms around you and bringing you closer to her. “Oh my god, you should have seen your face! Did you shit yourself too?” She tried to make you turn around. “Let me see.”

    You lightly pushed her away. A little bit annoyed, but the smile on your face said something else. “Ah, ah. You are really funny.” 

    She patted your head. “That I really am, you know. You are really lucky to be in my presence. What would you be without me in your life, hmm?” 

    “Probably…” You faked thinking about it. “Shitting, pissing and crying on my own, in my apartment?” 

    “Exactly! Anyway, are you gonna seriously wear that to the party?” She looked you up and down.

    You look at your black dress, confused. You thought you looked pretty cute in it. At least, that’s what Adam told you before then saying you don’t need anyone else validation but your own. That looking at other people's opinions is a concept created by the society we live in and you couldn’t remember the rest of what he said. “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

    She strolled through her room and opened her dresser. “Dude, we are going to a party, not a funeral. Even though I know you are pretty familiar with them, ya know…”

    You laughed. “Ouch. That was so uncalled for.” You smiled and walked closer to her.

    “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. But, yeah, we need color. We need something that looks fun. Something that shows more skin than that!” She tossed some t-shirts on the floor, a pair of pants, before gasping. She slowly looked up to you. “I found… just the thing.” And she threw you a baby blue crop top and a hot pink little skirt that you knew would only stop and the middle of your thighs.

    “Are you sure I should be wearing that?” She nodded and almost pushed you to her bathroom to change.

    “Yes! Now go change or we are gonna be late.”

    “Are you sure we are at the right address?”  You asked Tako as you went by warehouse ater warehouse. You started getting kinda scared as you noticed no one was here and you couldn't hear a sound. “I can’t hear shit.”

    Tako looked at her phone. “Yeah… we are. The address says it somewhere here. I’m sure we will find it one day.” You took a turn to the left.

    You leaned against her. “Who even sent you that address?” You looked at her phone for an answer.

    She showed it to you. “It’s that boy toy of yours. One guy at the AA got an invitation that he also gave to Adam and Adam sent it to me.”

    "He did?” You were perplexed for a second. If Adam knew of this party and invited Tako… Why didn’t he invite you too? You knew you were both in some sort of weird place, but you still thought he thought of you as his best friend. You always did everything together. Everything. This is probably the first time he never invited you to something he was going to.

    “You didn’t get it?” She looked at you. “With the both of you being inseparable you know, I thought you would’ve been the first one to know?” As you were both walking, you started to hear loud music. That meant you were near and certainly nor lost.

    “Yeah… me too.” You probably had a sad face because Tako was looking at you with pity. She patted your head. You cleared your voice. “But, yeah anyway, tonight is not about him. It’s about us! Having fun!”

    “You said it, dude! You said it!” She took your hands and dragged you to where music was from. 

    “Hey!” Someone said. With the loud music, you couldn’t recognize the voice so both of you didn’t stop to acknowledge it. “Hey! Stop!”

    Tako too must not know who it is because she started to walk faster. Suddenly a bike stopped before you. The rider being the man itself, Adam Sackler. You couldn’t help but admit he did look good in his brown flannel shirt.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you two? Running away from me like I’m some sort of sociopath.”  He got down from his bike and grabbed Tako with a scream. She laughed as he lifted her on his shoulder. “Hello!”

    “Put me down, you giant. Put me down.” And he did.

    When his eyes went from her to you, you swore you saw them get darker. What you didn’t know was what that darkness meant. “Hey kid.”

    Tako looked at you, then Adam, then you, then Adam again. Waiting to see if someone was gonna say something, but the both of you just looked at each other. 

    “Well, shall we go then.” She nervously laughed.

    A small approval could be heard from the both of you as you both reluctantly glanced away and continued walking to the party. 

    The moment you entered the party, you were already drinking like your life depended on it. You wanted to get rid of the pain inside of you. The pain caused by Adam and you just wanted to let loose for tonight. You wanted to dance without a worry in the world, without worrying about the people around you.

    You did three, four shots of vodka before going for the beer. You drank three while talking with Tako and one of her friends that you notice seem to be way more than a friend. They were both really touchy with each other and kept on looking at each other. Your question was answered when Tako and her started kissing while grinding on each other.

    “I’m gonna go dance!” You tell her even though you know she didn’t hear you. You wobbled to the center of the room and mingled with all the other people there. Your mind was kinda foggy because of the alcohol. You tried to move your body to the sound of the music the band was playing while looking at the people around you. That’s when you notice you haven’t seen Adam in a while. 

    You felt a pair of hands gripping your waist. “Looking for someone.”

    You turned your head to the side and smiled. “Adam! I missed you!” You turned around fully and smiled at him. How come you never noticed how handsome he was until now?

    “I was only gone for a few minutes, kid. Looks like that was enough time to make you wasted.” He swayed with you to the music, an odd look on his face. “Are you okay?” He genuinely asked you, stopping your swaying. He placed his big hands on your cheeks and made you look into his eyes. Fuck, they were so beautiful. Brown eyes were probably really common, but his, you could get lost in them forever. 

    You smiled, your brain totally forgetting the fact that you were sad because of him. Actually your brain had completely forgotten your sadness because of the alcohol flowing into your system. “Yes! I am completely fine. I love this party.” You turned back around, not waiting for him to say anything.”Dance with me, Adam.”

    He sighed. “You know I fucking hate this but… okay.” And he moved his hips to the rhythm of yours. 

    As you grind yourself to him, your ass brushing against his crotch, you couldn’t help but moan in his ears when you felt his hard length in his pants. You bite your lips as you remember the night you both spent together. You could still remember the way his cock felt inside you, how rough he was with you, all the dirty words he said to you. You were getting wet just thinking about it. “Adam…” 

    He bent his head to lick your ear. “Do you know what you do to me, hmm? What you are wearing right now makes me wanna just fuck you right now on the floor for everyone to see.” He growled. “But… I won’t. Wanna know why?”

    You whined and pulled yourself closer to him. “Why?”

    He slid a hand up ever so slowly, his touch making your skin tinggle. He stops right below your right breast, squeezing it lightly. A moan left your lips as you looked at his hand. You were so wet at this moment, so horny it was like you were the only people in the room. Then, his hand slid up from your breast to your neck. You gasp as he squeezed. 

    “Because you are mine, baby.”

    You turned around and faced him. You were so horny you were sure you were about to burst at any moment. “I need you, Adam.” You stood on your tippy toe and whispered in his ears. “I want you to fuck me so badly. Make me cum so hard.”

    He growled and grabbed your hand leading you somewhere. You giggled like a damn school girl when you both went to a dark alley where no one was sure to see you. “I feel like we're in high school right now.”

    Adam pushed against the wall. “Because you fucked against a wall in high school?” He asked, humour on his tongue. He grabbed your neck and made you elan on the side so he could kiss it better. He was dirty. His tongue licking at every inch of your skin and his mouth sucking on it like a vampire. 

    You hummed as you placed both of your hands on his broad shoulder. “Yeah, I did.” You placed your thighs against his hip, grinding on his covered hard length. “That’s how I lost my virginity. I never told you that?”

    Adam let go of your neck and looked at you. He grabbed in one hand your ass, squeezing it like batter, and the other your thighs to help you get more friction. “No… You didn’t. Anyway, I'm gonna make you forget all about this. Instead, everytimes you will think about me fucking you against the wall instead of that boy.”

    He harshly bunched up your skirt around your hips as you unbuckled his belt. “Fuck, I need you. I need your pussy, baby.”

    You kissed his lips. “Then have it.” You pulled his cock out and lined it up with your entrance. You both moaned when he pushed it all in one stroke inside of you. He was just as big as in your souvenir. 

    “Your so fucking wet. What a little whore you are. Letting me fuck you out in public like that.” He lifted you up and placed your thighs around his waist. He slid his cock out of you. “My little whore.” And trusted it back into you.

    You moaned out loud. “Fuck! Harder!” And he did so. The tip of his dick always kissing your cervix every time he would slide back in. You bawled your hand into a fist and bit into it so no sound would come out of you. 

    “None of that.” He slapped your hand away. “I want to hear you, baby. Tell me how good I make you feel. Tell me how much you love this dick.”

    You look down at where his cock trusted in and out. “So much– Fuck– I love it so much.” You pulled on his hair. “Don’t you dare stop.”

    Adam growled. “You're crazy if you think I’m gonna stop. I’m only done after I’ve filled your pussy with my cum. You want that?” He harshly trusted in. “You want me to feel you up until you’re dripping?”

    You screamed. “Yes! Fuck fuck fuck–” You squeezed your walls around his cock as you came, gushing around him and coating his cock with your wetness.

    Adam bit your neck. “Fuck– That’s it. Milk my cock, you whore. Milk it.” And he came inside you with a growl. He pushed his hips so he was fully inside of you before bursting his seed, filling you with all he had. You were breathless. That was the best quicky you have ever had.

    You kissed his lips. “Damn, that was good.” You pecked his nose, cheeks and chin and his lips once again. You were confused when he didn’t kiss you back. “Adam?” You opened your eyes to see him looking at where the party was going on. ”Adam?” 

    You gasped when he suddenly pulled out of you and placed you back on your feet. Adam took a step back, placed his cock back into its original place, his eyes never leaving where the party was going on full blast. “Yeah it was nice. I’ll see you later.” He didn't even stop to look at you once as he walked away from your messy self. You were so confused as to what happened. You pulled down your skirt, feeling so lost. What had just happened? What was going on? One moment, he was fucking you like a mad man and the other he is avoiding your touch like the Pest.

    You went back to the mass of people and looked around. There were people dancing all around you making you feel all warm, but the sight before you was like someone splashed a bucket full of water on your head. 

    Here in front of you was Adam and Hannah dancing together and laughing. 

    That just explained everything to you. He had ditched you for her. You felt stupid. With all the alcohol gone in your body, the pain came back full force. Fuck did it hurt. You felt like a second choice. You felt used. 

    With tears in your eyes, you sat down on one of the benches on the second floor. There was practically no one there, so you were pretty grateful no stranger was seeing you almost cry your eyes out. 

    So much pain. Usually you were stronger than that, but tonight didn’t seem to be your night. You tried to go find Tako, thinking she could cheer you up a little bit, but you couldn’t find her anywhere. You were now alone, in a party crying around a bunch of drunken fools. 

    You rubbed your nose with the back of your hand when you saw a guy sit down next to you. “I’m really sorry.” He started. “I know you don’t know me, but I just couldn’t help myself but ask if you are doing okay?”

    You nodded, not wanting to reveal the truth to this genuinely handsome man. “Yeah.” You cleaned your cheek of all the tear marks. “Yeah. I’m okay.”

    The guy smiled at you. “I know you are lying because I’m a stranger.”  He presented you with his hand. “I’m Charlie. Nice to meet you.”

    You smiled for the first time in half an hour. “Hey, Charlie.” You told him your name in return.

    “So, now that we aren’t strangers, how about you tell me all that’s bothering you.”

    You puffed out a laugh. “I don’t think it works that way, Charlie.” You then shrugged. What bad could happen if you told him a little bit. “Well, if you really want to know…”

    He nodded. “Which I do.”

    You smiled. He was adorable. “Well, let’s just say I got used by someone I considered to be my best friend.” Charlie looked at you with wide eyes and you nodded. “Yep, and it’s not the first time it happened. He just fucked me and left right after to go to this one girl.”

    You both stayed silent for a few moments. At that moment, you were still feeling kinda sad, but you were glad to not be alone anymore. Telling Charlie of what happened also lifted you a little bit of all that anger you felt for Adam. For odd reasons, Charlie made you comfortable. Him and his buzzed hair and gentle eye made you feel at ease.

    You leaned your head against his shoulder. “Considering I just told you one of my problems,  how about you tell me one of yours. It's only fair, mister.” You poked his stomach. Did he have a six pack? How more perfect can this dude get?

    Charlie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Well, a week ago my girlfriend broke up with me because I was apparently too… vanilla for her. Apparently, I was boring because I wanted to respect her.”

    You frowned. “That’s just stupid. I would kill to get a man to respect me once.”

    Charlie raised his hand in disbelief. “I know right! What did she want me to do? Hit her while having sex? Do it in public space? She knew that wasn’t my thing and still got with me in the first place.”

    “And just now, she came to me and tried to get back with me, but I said no. I love her, but no I can’t be with someone who thinks I’m boring and doesn’t respect me, you know.”

    You hummed. “I hate people.”

    “So do I…”

    You looked up to him. He looked sad. “Wanna get out of here?” You ask me.

    He looked into your eyes. “Why the hell not.”

    Here is my beautiful lill tags: @clown-boyyy , @cbloodmarch , @strangunddurm , @beeblisss , @emmy-dandiliom918, @cornmousequeen, @headincloudsallthetime

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    yelling. screaming, even. losing my mind.

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    Tag recovery

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    “I wonder what Adam is doing tonight…”

    Adam 99% of the time in his chair at home at 9pm:

    The man is 38, I have ZERO doubt about this 😂

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    No, get up! Come on!

    Charlie's in the bushes! Charlie's in the bushes! Come on!

    Girls S01E08 Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

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  • leatherboundbirate
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #LOOK AT HIS SAD EYES AND THICC ARMS #I CANNOT#ask#anon#adam sackler#sackler #ex-bf!sackler
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  • empressofalderaan
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I have a short Sackler blurb coming soon as well as an AU for Ben that is heavily influenced by House of Gucci 👀

    #adcu#adcu fanfiction#adcu fluff #ben solo x reader #adam sackler x reader
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