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  • Anyone notice the things that most teachers would say on your report cards? Stupid was never an apt description, so it usually revolved around


    And when talking to other teachers:

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  • I’ve mentioned my ADHD diagnosis in my introduction, I was diagnosed around 13-14 years old, the end of middle school for me. According to my mom, she had had her suspicions about my brain state for most of my life, especially in early schooling years. Naturally, being an Active Duty Military family, we moved when and where they told us, and I would have to go to a new school every time. She would bring me in and I, a maladapted five year old, would do fine initially. Soon enough, symptoms would start showing, I would get so nervous I would hide under a desk or I would stand up during a lesson and just wander around the room. So when we moved back to the states, she had me evaluated as soon as she could.

    My ADHD severely affects my view of the world, quite obviously. It’s the only worldview I’ve ever experienced. There are some things that don’t make much sense to me, certain concepts put under scrutiny are simply bizzare and no amount of reasoning has ever made me understand them, like golf or organized religion.

    Other concepts just take a bit of twisting and rewording to get me to understand, one such concept is Time.

    Time is a strange idea, completely intangible and all-encompassing. I’ll cut to the chase, I understand Time as the bigger picture, everything that has been and everything that ever will be, Great! Thats good, but not how I, as a person who presumably exists, actually experiences time, clearly, because I am only one person with a very limited perspective. That limited perspective is different to neurotypicals due to my brain state.

    Now, Time as I see and experience it.

    We start with Now. Everything that can exist is in Now, including you and me. Nothing exists out of Now. As soon as it stops being Now, it becomes the Past. The Past does not exist, as it stopped existing as soon as it stopped being Now. The Future doesnt exist either, and it never will, because when the Future does start existing, it’s no longer the Future, it’s Now. We still know about the Past because things that at one point described Now managed to survive and stay in Now, allowing us to know what Now was like before it stopped existing. The Future is unknowable, no one can accurately predict the Future. It’s only when the Future is no longer the Future and comes into existence as Now that it becomes known as a whole.

    Time is a cloudy thing, and due to the way my mind works, it’s even cloudier. I have trouble seeing anything but Now. While yes, it does make me sometimes very present and in the moment, it severely affects my ability to plan and get things done.

    It’s called time blindness. I can’t sense time passing, and measuring time is a struggle too. Without a concrete sense of time, all I can really do is drift through and hope. 

    I’m not sure how one would go about working on lessening time blindness, how would you gain a sense you never had? It sounds like the idea of illiteracy to a literate person. I can’t imagine not being able to read, just as I can’t imagine being able to track the passing of time effectively. 

    I think I’ll contemplate it for a little while longer. 

    - Morrigan

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    Hi guys! I was having difficulty coming up with a reward system for myself since I have super bad executive dysfunction and trying to motivate myself was hard since I don’t have any money so I can’t go buy myself snacks or something! My friend Val gave me an idea to draw a comfort character for every good thing I do and it’s really working! This one was today’s, i do a zim for all my big tasks (social events, work, school, homework) I do gir for small tasks (brushing my teeth, showering, laundry, cleaning) and a sollux for all the healthy foods i eat! Its worked really well i highly suggest ppl try it if they r struggling to motivate themselves!

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  • Me: *kins a character*

    Me: hehe

    Me: *starts shipping that character with another character*

    Me: hah a

    Me: *kins the character I shipped the original character with*

    Me: hehEh

    Me: *suddenly is attracted to both characters*

    Me: h o h o

    Me: *starts to forget that I’m not one of those characters*

    Me: hEEhO O

    Me: *h y p e r m c f u c k i n g f i x a t e s to the point of not being able to think about anything else*


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  • On today’s episode of “do I have undiagnosed ADHD or am I just a lazy piece of shit?”

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  • “I’m only capable of doing less than one thing at a time”

    And that’s on a moderate day

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  • Hey, does anyone else out there with ADD/ADHD know how to deal with the sleepy side effects of medixation? I like bang and energy drinks but sometimes coffee makes me sleepy and I dont wanna grow immune to bang. Any recommendations?

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  • 2020-12-04

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  • does anyone have any resources or maybe a trustworthy free online test to test adhd. im a broke teen who lives with someone who doesnt actually believe in adhd

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  • Enjoying this early morning feeling of euphoria…..I’m sure it won’t turn on me and ruin my day 😍😍😍

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  • Anyone elses favorite fidget toy their cats paw????

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  • If someone want to donate one dolar or two I swear I won’t be mad -wut-. (?!) It’s Christmas, guys, c’mon! C’mon, buddy-fella-pals, pleaaaaseee?  (́◉◞౪◟◉) Santa’s going to bring me coal for being nasty, and I just wanted a Furby. :c ANYWAY! Thanks for coming to my shameless auto-propaganda. Have a good life. (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

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  • me: *doesn’t have something to do for like 2 seconds*

    my brain: WE ARE GONNA DIE

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  • @ all the children waiting for their hogwarts letter, don’t be basic

    i’m waiting for my adhd or add diagnosis so i can go to camp half blood

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  • In case anyone is interested, here are my main takeaways from my experience with ADHD. I was diagnosed at age 8 (I’m 30 now) and I’ve been medicated off and on since then. There are many, many aspects of my life and personality that are inexorably intertwined with my ADHD, but here are a few of the big ones:

    - Intense Emotions

    This can be both a blessing and a curse. I get a lot more excited and happy over small things than most other people (a cool bug I saw! A new cartoon I’m really hyped about! A fancy coffee!) but I also can have pretty extreme negative emotions (anxiety, feelings of rejection, etc). The moods tend to come and go pretty quickly. I read once that ADHD in adult women is often initially misdiagnosed as a rapid cycle mood disorder and I can 100% understand why.

    -Executive Dysfunction/Focus Problems

    A classic hallmark of ADHD. Obviously I struggle to focus on things I don’t want to do, but this also affects me with things I DO want to do. Before I was medicated I would often fall into this cycle: get really excited over something I wanted to do/learn -> start the task -> ultimately not be able to focus long enough to accomplish anything -> berate myself because omg other people can do this, I’m smart so why can’t I -> give up out of frustration. Since I’ve been medicated again as an adult, I’ve been able to do and learn all sorts of cool stuff! Guitar! Embroidery! Creative writing! Thank you, pills ❤️

    -Conversational Impulsivity

    Luckily I have never really had an issue with making impulsive decisions, but I DEFINITELY struggle with conversational impulsivity. What I mean by that: I have to constantly work on keeping a filter in place in my brain-to-mouth pipeline because otherwise I WILL speak every thought out loud as soon as it hits my brain. I struggle to not interrupt people or finish their sentences for them (which obviously can be very RUDE so I try not to do it but omg sometimes it’s SO hard). I’m a chatterbox, really your stereotypical motor mouth. Sometimes this is great! At work I can give pep talks/presentations/etc on the fly whenever it’s needed, and I’m a great public speaker. Still, it’s something I constantly have to monitor around other people to make sure I’m not steamrolling over someone else in a conversation or saying something without properly thinking through the ramifications of my words.

    -Situation Blindness

    I can be very wrapped up in my own little world inside my own head where my thoughts are just rumbling around nonstop. I don’t always pick up on social or environmental signals and cues. I might not even NOTICE that something is messy or out of place, much less pause to consider that I should probably clean it up. It’s not a completely uncommon occurrence for my husband to ask “why did you do X?” or “Why didn’t you do X?” and my legit answer is “Uh, I dunno, I wasn’t really thinking about it” 😂

    - A Bad Case of Can’t-Sit-Still Disease

    Even when I’m medicated, I’m constantly bouncing around like a video game character that has idle animations. Fidgeting, rearranging how I’m sitting, on and on forever.

    -Help I’m Overwhelmed!!

    I get overwhelmed in grocery stores, I get anxious waiting in line, movie theaters freak me out a little because there’s so many people and so much going on. I can also get overwhelmed by a task because my brain can’t break it into manageable chunks: I only see the big picture and can’t organize myself well enough to take things one step at a time. Sometimes I struggle with spontaneity — if my brain is locked one plan, it can really throw me for a loop when that plan changes suddenly. I can’t always transition easily from one thing to another if I wasn’t already planning for that transition to happen.

    There are certainly other ways that my ADHD presents but those are the things that immediately come to mind. I’m happy to say that medication and just a general awareness of what ADHD is and how it affects me has significantly helped in almost every aspect. There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD and I want to be clear that this is just MY personal experience. I’m always open to questions on the subject if anyone has any — it’s a real struggle to find decent info, especially for adults!

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    i’m currently obsessed with 3 different fandoms that have absolutely nothing in common and i want to write about a hundred thousand crossover fics

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