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  • curlymellowmel
    09.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Was just watching the Christmas scene in Greys season 2 where Derek tells Addison that Christmas makes you want to be with the people you love and that he fell in love with Meredith…..

    It’s giving MAJOR “casually cruel in the name of being honest” vibes…..

    Just saying….

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  • 0blobthefish0
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Late night shifts

    Addison sighed, a frown overcoming her features, as she looked up at the clock. Another late night, and she couldn't help but think of you. Almost every night you had to go to sleep all on your own, without the comfort of your girlfriend. To say she felt bad was an understatement; some nights she finds you in bed, cushioned by all the pillows on the bed. And other times, she finds you fast asleep on a chair, a failed attempt at waiting for her. It warmed her heart, nonetheless.

    Shrugging off her white coat she stuffed it into her locker and removed the grip that was holding up her hair. Red locks untwisted from the updo and fell onto her shoulders, and she threaded a hand through the knots. Chucking the grip onto the coat and softly closing the locker door, she rested her head against the cold metal, with a thud, and closed her hers. Hospitals were always so bright.
    "Addison." The sound was quick and hushed as someone walked closer towards her. "Addison." The voice tried again. "Addie-" the voice placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her carefully. Addison woke up with a jolt to see Derek in front of her and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "You fell asleep," he waved a hand to the locker, "standing up." Addison grumbled, she was so tired that even closing her eyes for a second sent her to sleep and she had wasted more time without you. "C'mon, I'll drive you home?" She gave him a smile and nodded her head; she was in no condition to drive.
    Addison pushed open the car door and stepped out, her right hand was placed steadily on the door as she slightly bent her knees to look at Derek. "Thank you," she smiled tucking a piece of blowing hair behind her ear, "I really appreciate it." She gave him a final nod and shut the car door; he smiled at her through the window before driving off.
    She took the lift up to her floor and her keys jangled as she pushed it into the lock. And with a click, the door flew open. It was dark, and quiet so she closed the door with as little sound as possible and placed her keys into the bowl. Addison flicked on the lights and was met with a small cat sitting patiently in front of her. The cat let out a loud meow, to which she began to shush. "Shoo, shoo." She whispered waving a hand at it. She wasn't too keen on the cat, and never got to know it due to her work, but it was yours and you got lonely so she allowed it. She never understood why you got a cat, in her eyes a dog seemed so much better. As if it could read her mind, the cat began to swat at her hand. Quickly pulling away, she grumbled at it and shook her head. Maybe she'd never know.
    Addison shuffled her way across the floor to your bedroom and flicked the lights off before coming into the room. Allowing her eyes to adjust to the dark, she sees you, peacefully sleeping in bed. You body rising and falling in time with your breathing. A small smile finds its way onto her lips, she can't help it. She's so in love. Too tired to shower, she quickly undresses into her pyjamas and slips in beside you; careful not to wake you. She wriggled into the duvet and began to relax once she had found herself successful, but then you start to move. Her breath hitched in her throat and she could feel her heart drumming in her chest.
    Somehow, in your sleep, you had felt her next to you and unconsciously turn to hug into her. A quiet 'Addie' mumbles past your lips, and through the rumble of traffic outside she heard it. Addison looks down at you, adoration present in her eyes and a loving smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She didn't know what she had done to deserve you, but she was happy that, in that moment, you were hers.
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  • screeamkween
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Judge me based on TV show characters which most closely match my personality

    (According to this: )

    #some of these are kinda concerning besties #marvel#mcu#Loki#veep#Selina Meyer#villanelle#house md #the West wing #josh Lyman #orange is the new black #ointb#alex cause #la casa de papel #grey’s anatomy#Addison Montgomery#gossip girl
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  • smmrluv
    08.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    im rewatchinf grey's anatomy because dear netflix is taking it out of netflix 😍😍😍 and i miss cristina so im rewatching it and it still shocked me when addison appeared

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  • meddisonmilfsupremacy
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #asks? answered #these are WEAK #but I can only write so much about ice skating seeing as I’ve never been #lol#meddison#meredith grey #meredith x addison #addison montgomery#greys anatomy#headcanons
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  • greenaways-girl
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ~ Stolen Love~

    Part 2

    Addison Montgomery/Reader, Emily Prentiss/Reader

    CW:same as before, oh and I’m using they/she pronouns and there’s like a few ‘girlfriend’s’ thrown in.

    WC: 1Kish

    “ Doctor Addison Montgomery, though some prefer ruler of all that is evil. Whatever you prefer.” She stuck out her hand and Emily hesitantly shook it.

    Few people could scare Emily Prentiss, Addison did. And not many people could create envy from Addison Montgomery, but Emily did.

    Emily picked her nails, trying to comprehend the words that had just left the intimidating redheads mouth. “ I’m sorry, did you say, fiancée?” Her hand instinctively drifted to the small lump poking from her pocket.

    “ Y/n, your girlfriend, was my fiancé. Technically we never officially broke up, so you could say she still is.” Addison spoke nice and slow, letting the words sink in.

    It wasn’t that she wanted to hurt Emily. She seemed like a perfectly nice woman. Addison had just been a second choice one to many times. You had been the love of her life, the one she had thought was going to say. The person who now caused a confusing anger to bubble up to the surface of her skin. You were laying in a hospital bed unconscious, therefore her mix of emotions were all being redistributed towards Emily.

    “ What happened between you to? Why did you end up leaving?” Emily asked, expecting her answer to explain why you had been so closed off during the first year or so of your relationship.

    Addison laughed faintly, that it turned into a light scoff. “ Oh I wasn’t the one who walked out, they were.” Emily didn’t believe her at first. You seemed to be the person, the only one who would stick by her side. She couldn’t even count the amount of people who had dropped and ditched the second things got hard on her fingers. She knew, or previously thought you would never do such a thing. Now Addison was scaring her.

    “ She worked as a doctor here, though she worked in the psych ward. I’m assuming that’s how she ended up a profiler.” She explained failing to hide the slight distaste in her tone.

    “ We had been going strong for about two and a half years. I had proposed, emerald ring on that stupid ferry boat. I thought Derek had made me hate them, but the same place I threw his ring, I gave one to them.” A soft smile formed on her lips, as she reminisced on the distant memory.

    Her heart was torn between wanting to run into your room and ask for that fresh love you only experience in your twenties, and knowing she could never have it. “ We had just started planning a wedding, when they disappeared on me. I’d say about four years ago from now. All that was left of them was one lousy sticky note. They had me and her life packed up and tucked away in less than 24 hours.”

    Guilt roiled in Emily’s stomach. She knew exactly what had happened 4 years ago from now. She had. It was the time both of you had been called away and assigned to the Doyle case. You were required to disappear, leaving no trace behind you. Hazy memories of you sulking over an ex girlfriend, now known to Emily as the woman in front of her, for a good month or too. The question nagging in the back of Emily’s brain, if you had the chance to be with Addison, would you ever have chosen Emily in the first place?

    Her spiraling theories her drowned out by soft whine of her name. Pushing there way through crowds they made it to your room.“ Emmy?” You croaked out, eyes remaining glued shut.

    She sandwiched your clammy hand between her palms. “ I’m right here baby.” She murmured, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles.

    You were too out of it to associate the woman in the corner of the room as Addison, drugs running through your body and eyes fluttering shut every few seconds. “ Here you should drink something.” Emily held a cup to your chin, tipping the straw towards your mouth. She pulled out her own blanket that she had brought to replace the thin hospital sheets, tucking it up to your chin. Silently she softly stroked the hair that was sticking to your forehead off your face, running her fingers through the strands.

    A frantic beeping made her jump up instantly. All the monitors surrounding your head were trilling and flashing.

    Addison was frantically flipping through charts all while your eyes went blurry.” She snatched her glasses from atop her head growing more concerned as blood dripped from your mouth, staining the pillow beneath you. “ Damn it Derek Shepherd, you better be good.” She muttered, gesturing to an eager brunette intern to roll you away.

    Addison blocked out Emily as she tried to follow and Emily immediately grew defensive. “ She’s my girlfriend!”

    “ I know, that’s exactly the point. You already have her, so I need you to let me save her.”

    Emily grabbed her hand halfway out the door. “ Wait is trauma surgery even your specialty?” Emily asked, nails now bitten down to the cuticle.

    “ No, but she is. I know her like the back of my hand. And trust me when I say this I’m not planning on letting her go anytime soon. I don’t get all the nicknames for nothing. Oh and Emily…” She paused hanging off the doorframe. “ We need talk after.” She glanced down towards where Emily was playing with a object in her pocket. “ You look like you have a secret up your sleeve and I, well I want to tell you to give that to them before it’s too late. Trust me that day comes sooner than you think.”

    How was Emily supposed to explain your absence to Addison. That you had pranced around in Europe for years, chasing after a terrorist. That there were close calls with death on the daily? Or that Doyle, had torn Emily down to the point where she was still terrified of the ring in her pocket, where it had been sitting for months with no progress.

    #criminal minds#greys anatomy#Emily Prentiss#Addison Montgomery #Emily Prentiss x reader #Emily Prentiss x you #Emily Prentiss x y/n #Addison Montgomery x reader #Addison Montgomery x you #Addison Montgomery fic #Emily Prentiss fic
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  • hitchell-mope
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why can’t he just blame her for everything? It’s what I’d do.

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  • hitchell-mope
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    He fell in love with her you stupid cow. He can’t stop how he feels because you’ve decided to fix what you broke.

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  • mzsnguyenthai
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Best Series Finales

    The Best Series Finales

    It’s no secret that I love TV. But it’s definitely hard to end a show, especially a beloved show. Truth be told, it’s hard to live up to an audience’s expectations as far as endings go. But these are just some shows that I think got it right. 10. Friends Friends is just one of those classic sitcoms. And the way they ended the show was admittedly pretty great. It’s a little sad knowing that they…

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  • hitchell-mope
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    #grey's anatomy#addison montgomery #something to talk about
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  • mzsnguyenthai
    07.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #addek#maddison#merder#greys anatomy#grey's anatomy#private practice#fanfic#fic#fanfiction#addison montgomery #addison forbes montgomery #dr. addison montgomery #dr. addison forbes montgomery #derek shepherd #dr. derek shepherd #mark sloan #dr. mark sloan #meredith grey #dr. meredith grey #sam bennett #dr. sam bennett #naomi  bennett #dr. naomi bennett
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  • mzsnguyenthai
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rewatching 'Private Practice': "In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole"

    Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole”

    As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the fifth episode last week,…

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    #Addison Forbes Montgomery #Addison Montgomery#Amy Brenneman#Angie Paget#Audra McDonald#Charlotte King#Chris Lowell#Christopher Lowell#Cooper Freedman#Corey Reynolds#Dell Parker #Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery #Dr. Addison Montgomery #Dr. Charlotte King #Dr. Cooper Freedman #Dr. Naomi Bennett #Dr. Pete Wilder #Dr. Sam Bennett #Dr. Violet Turner #Elizabeth Payne#Entertainment#Holliston Coleman #In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole #KaDee Strickland#Kate Walsh#Kimberly Elise#Marilyn Sullivan#Michael Rubenstone#Naomi Bennett#Paul Adelstein
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  • meddisonmilfsupremacy
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #asks? answered #headcanons #stripper!addie #addison montgomery#greys anatomy
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  • meddisonmilfsupremacy
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #asks? answered #snippets #stripper!addie #addison montgomery
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  • meddisonmilfsupremacy
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #asks? answered #snippets#ot4 verse#greys anatomy#addison montgomery #and I mean the rest of them but this is mostly self reflection for Addie right now lol
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  • preludianstaves
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Rated: Gen

    Characters: Meredith Grey, Addison Montgomery, Ellis Grey, Richard Webber

    Pairing: Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery

    Word Count: 1308

    Summary: Meredith discovers that her mother thinks that she and Addison are in a relationship which is a problem because they definitely aren't. But Meredith does actually like the thought of being with the other woman and Addison seems to like the thought as well.

    Content Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Canon AU, Developing Relationship

    #meddison#grey's anatomy#meredith grey#addison montgomery #meredith grey x addison montgomery #my writing: fanfiction
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  • temilyrights
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Grey’s Anatomy Masterlist

    fem!reader and gn!reader

    (16+) - not smut but not completely sfw

    (18+) - smut

    Addison Montgomery x Reader:

    with a little luck

    #grey's anatomy#masterlist #grey's anatomy masterlist #addison montgomery x reader #writing
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  • temilyrights
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    with a little luck (addison montgomery x gn!reader)

    Summary: Reader finally comes clean about their crush on Addison. Using Prompts: “will you shut up for two seconds and just listen to me!” + “i’m totally getting fired.”

    Requested: Anon

    Word Count: 1.2k

    A/N: first addison fic i’m posting. i’m not over the moon with this but i’ve been promising addison content for like a month now, so it’s time i finally deliver. please let me know if you wanna see more addison content - i’m gonna add her to my taglist. 

    Cristina snorts, jolting you from your haze, as she slides in next to you at the nurses’ station. “You’re pathetic, you know that, right?”

    “Shut up.” You grumble, dragging your gaze away from where you’d been hopelessly watching Addison to glare at Cristina.

    “You’ve been staring at Satan for nearly five minutes. It’s creepy. Go talk to her, ask her out on a date, just do something.” She rolls her eyes.

    “I told you to stop calling her that, and she’s my attending. I can’t ask her out. Plus, she probably doesn’t even feel the same way.”

    “Whatever.” Cristina grumbles, “But for the record, and it’s not because I care, because I don’t, but she hasn’t taken her eyes off you since I came up here.” She closes her chart and walks off while your head snaps around, and sure enough, Addison is watching you.

    You smile, waving awkwardly. Addison chuckles, shooting you a wink before turning back to her conversation with Callie.

    Your stomach swarms with butterflies, and you duck your head to hide the dopey grin spreading across your lips.

    Stupid inconvenient crush.


    You don’t see Addison again until after you come out of surgery with Sloan, and when you do, your heart drops.

    You watch as Alex hands her a cup of coffee; that flirty smirk you’ve seen him direct at a million different girls is being directed at Addison. She smiles, a light blush coating her cheeks as she accepts the drink and laughs at something he says. She hooks her hair behind her ear with her free hand as she responds.

    You really thought Addison just wanted Alex on her service for punishment after what he did, but seeing that made you wonder if it was something more.

    “That’s gotta hurt,” Sloan laughs, patting you on the shoulder.

    You nudge him off, turning a glare on him, which only makes him laugh more.

    “Shut up.” You grumble. “It’s not funny.”

    “You both are ridiculous.”

    “Whatever.” You scoff and quickly walk away, deliberately avoiding looking at Addison and Alex as you pass them and ignoring the eyes you can feel burning into your back.


    A few days later, you get a page to Addison’s office. You frown, a sense of dread filling your stomach as you make your way to the third-floor office.

    You’d been avoiding her since the interaction, which was surprisingly tricky considering you weren’t even on her service. And yet, everywhere you went, Addison seemed to appear. It was making the decision you’d made the other night to crush your stupid little feelings and forget about the way she made your heart skip a beat very difficult.

    She even offered you a cup of juju yesterday, saying you seemed down, and when you’d taken it with a quiet thank you, her face had dropped into a concerned frown.

    You take a breath before knocking on her closed office door, waiting for her to call you in before you enter and close the door behind you.

    “You paged me?” You question, trying to stop from shuffling on your feet at her inquisitive gaze.

    She’s leaning against her desk, long legs out in front of her that you try and fail to avoid looking at. She takes her glasses off and places them down on her desk, along with the file in her hands. “I did.” She nods.

    You wait for her to explain, but she doesn’t; instead, her eyes wander across your face. “Why?”

    “You’ve been avoiding me.”

    “Have not.” You immediately defend, and she just arches her brow.

    You sigh and walk further into her office, “Okay, so maybe a little. I didn’t think you’d notice.”

    Her face softens, “Of course, I noticed. Do you want to tell me why?”

    “Not really.” You mumble.

    She pushes herself off her desk with a sad sigh; stepping forward, she runs her hand down your arm. “Y/N, talk to me.”

    You close your eyes, and when you open them again, Addison is watching you closely, waiting patiently. Having her this close made it difficult to focus, the smell of her perfume infiltrating your senses, as you’re fixed to the spot by her piercing blue eyes.

    You’ve always been a sucker for blue eyes.

    You groan as you admit defeat. There was no way of getting out of this without telling her. You just pray it doesn’t ruin everything. “Look, it’s stupid, okay, and I’m totally getting fired for telling you this because really I should just keep my mouth shut and save us both the embarrassment of you rejecting me because this is completely unprofessional, and you totally don’t feel the same, but I can’t lie to you when you look at me like that so here it goes.”

    Addison’s brows draw together in confusion as you pull in a deep breath.

    “I have feelings for you, totally unprofessional; want to take you out on a date and kiss you feelings.”

    “Y/N,” Addison tries to interrupt, but you talk over her.

    “And I know you don’t feel the same way; I’m pretty sure you’re into Alex. And that’s cool, I guess. Although I’m kind of concerned for you because he’s an ass, and you deserve someone better.”

    “Y/N,” She tries again, lips squished together to stop the smile spreading across her mouth.

    “Not that I’m saying I’m better, although I kind of am. You’re obviously allowed to date whoever you want, but really? Alex?” You shake your head, not pausing for breath, “Anyway, I should probably go now, and I hope this doesn’t ruin our relationship because I kind of considered us friends even though you’re technically my boss, and I hope you don’t report this to the chief because I love my job and I’d rather not-”

    “Y/N,” Addison says a little louder this time, voice thick with humour. “Will you shut up for two seconds and just listen to me.”

    You rant halts, and you duck your head, mumbling, “Sorry,” as her eyes dance with humour.

    “You’re adorable, you know that, right?” She teases.

    Your head snaps back up to look at her as her hand, which was still resting on your arm, slides down and links your fingers together.

    “I’d love to go on a date with you.”

    Your mouth hangs open slightly as your heart thumps. “You would?”

    “Yes,” She laughs. “I’m not into Alex. I never have been. It’s you. I can’t believe you failed to notice the way I look at you. Mark has been teasing me about it for months.”

    Your mouth opens and closes as you fail to find the words to respond.

    She leans forward and presses a kiss to your cheek, “I finish at 9. How about me and you head to Joe’s after for a drink?”

    You nod dumbly, and Addison smirks, squeezing your hand one last time before stepping back. “I’ll see you then.”

    “See you then.” You murmur. Addison returns to her desk, and you leave her office in a trance. You make it halfway down the hallway before slumping against a wall in disbelief.

    That’s where Cristina finds you.

    “What the hell happened to you?” She asks loudly.

    You lift your head to look at her, “I think I’m going on a date with Addison tonight.”

    Cristina just snorts and walks away, “Pathetic.”

    A wide smile coats your face, “I’m going on a date with Addison.”

    taglist: @prentisspoppet @sapphic-stress @xrainydazeteax @mckennamayfairgoode​

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