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  • Yesterday was my twin’s birthday. Their preschool class invites parents to come in and read a story as part of celebrating their child’s birthday. I went and read a book. I had so much anxiety beforehand. I was so afraid I would screw up. I know they’re 4 and 5 year olds but my dyslexia made me nervous. I was afraid of mispronouncing the character’s name. My boys were happy I was there I was happy to be there but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable reading out loud.

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  • Hi how ya doin folks

    Anyone who has ADHD can headcanon anyone they want as ADHD, you see yourself in that person and they have ADHD Bam just like that


    People who don’t have ADHD, please be Careful to not be sketch about it, if your only reason is that they seem kinda stupid/ditzy, then like, please don’t.

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  • I had a great idea for a post in class while I was zoning out but then my phone died because I forgot to plug it in earlier in the day but I forgot my charger at my apartment so I ran back to get it, forgetting that I had office hours, so I get into my office hours thirty (30) min late and plugged in my phone and by the time I stopped helping students, I forgot what I was wanting to post about

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  • SO I was trying to be productive, so I planned out a to do list for myself, and I was thinking that if I stuck to it, I would get a lot of my work done, if not all of it. And I was actually feeling motivated to do it.

    When I got back to my room, I saw that my roommate was still asleep, so I decided to work in the rec room 2 rooms away instead so I didn’t bother her. This wasn’t a problem cuz I’m usually pretty productive in there.

    The problem was I started hearing loud music coming from somewhere in the hall. I closed the door but I could still hear it pretty clearly, and it was really distracting, making it even harder to work. I knew my roommate played music so loud I cold hear it from the rec room with the door closed pretty often, but I figured she was probably asleep, so it couldn’t be her. (Listen: my roommate really bothers me for a lot of reasons, but I really try to give her the benefit of the doubt.) After trying to focus for a while and failing, I decided to give up and head to the library, which has a silent study zone with a strict no talking rule, which is my favorite thing in the world. I needed to head to the library anyway today, but I was planning to go later and since I was already in a bad mood from my work being a lot more frustrating than I expected, my carefully planned out to do list being thrown off really bothered me. I know its kinda stupid, but I NEVER make to do lists. I even included letting myself mess around with paint as a reward at the end to motivate myself to be as productive as possible. I genuinely was really proud of it and myself for making it and planning to stick to it.

    So I turned on spotify in my headphones and started heading out and when I got to the main door I realized I forgot my portfolio, so I had to go back up all 3 flights of stairs, silently cursing whoever ruined my schedule. But then, one of my favorite songs started playing, immediately cheering me up a little. I was playing it really loud to try to drown out any background noises. 

    So I got to my room with my music playing, not being able to hear a lot, started to unlock the door, and my roommate opened it. As soon as she opened the door the music coming from our room was so loud I couldn’t hear my favorite song almost at all. It absolutely wasn’t surprising that she was the one to ruin my plans and flush me out of the building (its happened multiple times), but that made me so angry. I know that she couldn’t have known that I was trying to work a few rooms over and that I find stuff like that really distracting, but if I would hear her music from a few rooms over with the door closed, that’s a problem, right???? Like I know that I’m more sensitive to loud noises than most people, but when she does this, its genuinely so loud that I can’t physically be in the room cuz it makes it so hard to think and hurts my ears. It was difficult to be in there for just 15 seconds to grab my portfolio.

    Also the fact that I was trying to be considerate by not even being in the room while she was asleep so I wouldn’t bother her, and then I get flushed out of the building cuz she’s playing music so loud. I’m really trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, like I know she doesn’t know how much sound bothers me, or that I was trying to work 2 doors away, but she does know that the walls aren’t soundproof. Once, she was playing some mario game with her boyfriend so loud I could hear the sound effects from the rec room with the door closed. (She didn’t ask if her boyfriend could come over or even tell me he was, by the way.) I told her that I could hear it, so she KNOWS that if she plays music loud enough, people will be able to hear it.

    She’s not playing things this loud at any time while people are trying to sleep, but I feel like its inconsiderate to play anything so loud that there’s not much people around you can do to stifle the noise other than try to drown it out with something else at any time of day unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that no one is bothered by it. Is that just me?

    This is unrelated to this situation today, but once, at like 1 am, I was trying to sleep cuz I had class the next day, and she was just watching videos on her phone without headphones and openly laughing at them. Another time, I was trying to sleep, and I heard her open the door, and she closed it quietly, so I silently thanked her for trying not to wake me up, but then she turned on the tv and started watching some bad reality tv show.

    Now people are talking in the no talking zone.

    Im not having a good day.

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  • Suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and depression
    Forgetting names and dates
    Missing deadlines and leaving projects unfinished
    Becoming easily distracted and disorganized
    When given a task, I usually procrastinate rather than do it right away.
    I get bored easily & have problems focusing on a task
    I often get distracted when people are talking; I just tune out or drift off.
    I get impatient when things are going too slowly.
    I often find myself tapping a pencil, swinging my leg, or doing something else to work off nervous energy.
    I tend to be careless and accident prone.
    I have blood relatives who suffer from depression & substance abuse.
    Described as spacey, forgetful, chatty
    Desk is piled high with papers. Even when I make a big effort to tidy it, it only stays clear for a day or two.
    I dislike going to parties and other social gatherings because they make me feel overwhelmed and shy.
    I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and research on products to help me be more organized, but then I don’t use them.

    It feels like each day is spent responding to requests and limiting disasters rather than moving forward with my goals.

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  • i just remembered that time in my life where i just couldn’t stop doodling the a letter while in class and i thought it was a sign and that maybe my soulmate’s name started with the a letter or something like that. but no, it just turned out i had adhd.

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  • you already know i had to do it to ‘em an get my hair entirely chopped off (ig: @artdad98) 

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  • ADHD is the permanent, creeping sense of dread, knowing that you put something in some bizarre place (thinking that you’d remember it later) but not having any idea what you left where

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  • adhd is just like. what am i doing. what was i doing. why am i in this room. where is my mug. repeat.

    #adhd#hot takes™ #idk if im just super tired but my meds have been. less effective than usual this week it seems
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  • I only have 3 emotions

    Boredom, anger, and overwhelming shame.

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  • Are any of you all not able to relax until you finish your assignment even though its already a day late…

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  • Me: ok u need to write a paper and apply to jobs

    ADHD demon: design voltron pixel art socks and start a business venture


    ADHD demon: DO IT

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  • *downs a whopping total of 30 fish oil pills in one go* these better make me smart or im getting a fucking refund

    #shenposting#adhd #im gonna be so clever and responsible #time management time #*crunch*#fish oil#adhd things #UEEUGHSDHDGDBD IT TASTES SO GROSS #time to self care
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  • your grades are shit, and you probably have adhd. you are crying

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  • ADHD brain: forgets important stuff, remembers useless information

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  • Being mentally ill is like *takes meds* *hyperfixates* *sleeps to much* *takes meds* *gets infantilized* *has executive dysfunction* *forgets meds* *had manic delusions* *doesnt sleep enough* *takes meds*

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  • I’d need some help about cultur

    I’m trying to write a fantasy story in medieval times and drawing short comics about it. I have numerous races there and wanted to base a few off of real life culturs like clothing styles and buildings, however when I researched about said culturs I wasn’t sure if I could trust these websites or articles, not knowing how accurate they are.

    I would like to be as accurate as possible and prevent making mistakes that might upset someone, therefore I thought I’d ask people first hand. Tumblr is a big platform with many people using it. I hoped someone with more knowledge could help me.

    I can’t read long paragraphs, pictures would be very helpful.

    I would like to know more about these places, their culturs, clothing styles and buildings:

    • Arabia
    • India
    • Thailand
    • Spain
    • Norway
    • Russia
    • Northern Territory (Australia)

    It’s ok if somebody can only provide little info about these places. I’m very grateful for every kind of help.

    I apologise for any mistakes, my first language isn’t English! Thanks a lot!

    #help #help about cultur #i'm a writer #and an artist #how do I tag this? #different culturs#adhd#i'm lost
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  • dyeing hair is a coping mechanism

    #adhd #attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
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