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    When working out, you have to make sure that you are also training your core muscles. These muscles helps your body improve your balance and stability. It hits your pelvis, lower back, and abdominal muscles. It is important to strengthen them to help maintain proper posture. Focusing only on some aspects of the body may lead to imbalances.

    This video was way back 2018 but don’t get me wrong, I still train my core until today! I’m just transferring all of my past videos from IG to my blog so expect more old posts to come! 

    By the way, the leggings that I am wearing here is LIT! ADIDAS Climacool Tights are awesome! Very comfortable to run with and the texture, so fire!!!! 100% recommended to all my athletic girls out there! Go get a pair & you won’t regret it! 

    On a side note, please take good care of your health especially around this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is very important to prioritize your health. Eat plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and as much as possible, avoid eating processed and refined products and opt for whole food which are very nutritious. Feed the good bacteria in your body to help your internal organs and cells to function as they are expected and they will defend you on any foreign matters that will try to invade your body.


    Music: Snooze - Johnny Yukon ft. Cousin Stizz

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    Titingin lang talaga ako promise! 😅

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