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  • لحماية الكليتين .. تجنبوا هذه العادات الخمسة

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  • This is our staff God

    yea if u were there during beta you’d know god just has huge issues. and quis did not help either. for someone who likes to make jokes about their personality, they really don’t take jokes well lmao… not to mention the discord is a shitstorm rn so i think its kinda funny

    this was the joke:


    fyi people who think that God’s statement is just a joke… read the statement above. it’s kinda.. hypocritical of god to make a joke that people don’t feel comfortable with. 

    also read statement below lmao

    they apologized and he’s still goin off lmao

    JOKE AM I RIGHT???????


    anyway there’s also instances of God if u look through where people make criticism and he’s like “i don’t see a problem lmao”

    addressing his username this is apparently making a good number of people uncomfortable:


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  • Hey guys! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been quite inactive even though I said that I would start becoming more active now that school is over. But I’ve actually started working during the summer so I can help pay for tuition for University! So if you wish to continue to use the chat bot I’m okay with that but if you wish to stop let me know! 💖 - Admin

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  • Just had a realization that my thing for older men w long dark hair started when I was probably eight and watched reruns of The Nanny and was in love w Maxwell Sheffield

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    Final check-in is over! I’m very happy that we didn’t have any drop for this round. Thank you to all the participants for diligently working on their piece!

    Next milestone is posting of all works (complete or otherwise) in the AO3 collection by Aug 2!

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  • Good morning my loves!!! I hope the day is treating everyone well so far!! In very exciting news, we are SO CLOSE to acceptances which, as a reminder, will be taking place Friday, July 10th @7pm PST. Just as a reminder the ask box is always open for any questions/apps and I absolutely cannot wait to start seeing some apps roll in :D

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  • Hey Guys! So excited to see the Bang in full swing! We hope you’re enjoying yourselves :)

    Just popping on to let you know that if you think you’ve missed anything, or are looking for some links, then on our (desktop) blog, you can now find a button on the left titled ‘submissions’, this will lead you to a page ONLY showing the link posts for each day, making it easy to find them!

    If you are on a mobile device, you can reach this page by typing #Submissions into the search bar.

    Just so everyone knows, the links we are posting direct you to the authors/artists posts, instead of just AO3, to make sure they get the foot traffic and notice they deserve; we encourage you to like and reblog! If you have any thoughts of how the Bang is going, tag them #bbb2020 and we’ll be sure to see them :)

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  • #admin #assassin's creed imagine #assassin's creed imagines #assassins creed imagines #ac#ac imagines#ac imagine#ask#assassin's creed
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  • Give me a name and I’ll make a board for it (no im not gonna look up the meaning im just gonna go based off the vibe)

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  • [07:10pm] please request some scenarios or reactions for any sub unit or any group of members from NCT!!

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  • بدأت بـ12 زوجاً من الأحذية بهدف منافسة الأخوين الألمانيين.. قصة ولادة Nike

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  • I only do self ship art/content anymore because honestly even the canon characters ships i do like. The fans particularly fangirls (funny enough guys dont bother me much,sure they can be annoying too and act like know it alls but they dont send me death threats) are so toxic and obnoxious that i stopped doing canon characters shipped.

    So i just do self shipping.

    It’s to a point where i can’t even enjoy the ships i was cool with.

    It hurts because every fandom i have ever been in this has happened to me.

    So i just do my self ships and stay in my little corner and hardly interact with other fans because they are so damn fucking obnoxious and toxic. Plus they give me severe anxiety attacks. I have gotten death threats in the past from other fandoms for self shipping and not liking canon ships and certain characters. Legit.

    So that’s why i dont interact hardly with anyone anymore.

    Even on here im not as active as i used to be.

    I may post every now n then and change my theme but thats it.

    I don’t post any orginal content. Art or anything hardly anymore.

    Its to a point no matter what thing i get into. What characters i like or self ship with. Art i make. I have this crap thrown at me.

    So i just wanna say to anyone who does lioe my orginal content. Or my blog. Or anything.

    Im sorry if im not as active anymore. And why i just don’t talk to jojo fans anymore. Or fans of things in general. I just keep to myself for the most part anymore. Unless people come at me. I stay to myself.

    I just don’t wanna be around other people anymore. I have severe anxiety and trauma interacting with other fans and people in general now because of the last fandom and group i was in.

    So yeah. Be kind to others and please for the love of god don’t send death threats to people.

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  • // I want to see what the mutuals of Frog can do so I’ve created this. @frog-god-of-chaos themself is in the chat so yeeeeee-

    #group chat#frog #frog god of chaos #admin#mun #delete later?
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  • [02:40pm] I said it once and I’ll say it again

    @yanderechenle is the sweetest human being on the face of the earth. he is considerate and always listens to your troubles, no matter how busy you are and he will always love you no matter what happens.

    @yanderesungie is the cutest lil bean in the human race. he is shy when you first meet him but eventually opens up and trusts you. he pouts so often and frowns when things don’t go his way, which add to his cuteness levels.

    if either of you try to deny this, i will keep reminding you until you both believe that not only are you the perfect people, but you are also the perfect couple.


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  • The reason men’s pockets are so big is so they have room for all the disappointment they give me

    #admin #hm I dont think kylo ren has pockets
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  • me, feeling validated and relieved to see a regular commenter back after they didn’t leave one last week? MORE LIKELY THAN YOUD THINK

    #aha i am pathetic and crazy #im like um so uh you dont hate me? #admin#st kyp #comment please it creates so much serotonin
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  • You know what’s cool? I’ve been off school since mid March. The pandemic has thrown everything out of whack.

    My boyfriend didn’t have a formal graduation. I’m still proud of him for ending online school with mostly As and Bs. He’s going to an automotive program in the fall. I’m so proud of him.

    I bummed around for awhile. I worked a lot and made a decent amount of money. I go out with my boyfriend. Our city still has a drive in theater. We’ve been watching movies there. I went on vacation with him. The vacation has brought us closer together. It’s all great.

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  • Hi my loves!! I just finished rewatching Never Have I Ever and I am absolutely living for the desi rep! Looking for a diverse period rp? A skeleton rp set in Classical India? Well, come on over and join us here at Moksha!! We’re only three days away from acceptances and would love to have you join us!!

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