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  • Is there anyone here who wants to adopt a daughter? I can’t depend on my parents anymore. :)

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  • ok I adopted a Sparkling Mouse too


    her name is Twinkle

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  • Read part one here


    Part II

    “Sammy! Laura! Lunch!” Logan calls, finishing Sammy’s peanut butter and banana sandwich.

    The now four and eight year old come giggling into the room, shrieking and laughing as they practically pile into the table.

    “Did you wash your hands?” He asks, smiling at them.

    They hold out their hands, still slightly damp.

    “Good job, dig in!” He pours them each a cup of milk, sitting down to eat his own sandwich.

    “When’s daddy coming home?” Sammy asks, leaning against Laura.

    Logan looks down, then at the calendar on the fridge. “Just a couple more days, okay?”

    Sammy frowns, a strong pout on his chubby face.

    “Oh, Sammy.” He moves over beside Sammy, pulling him closer. “Daddy will come home, okay? He can’t leave his two favorite people too long, now can he?”

    Sammy wipes at his tears, looking to Laura, who has her head down and in her hand.

    “Daddy is coming home, okay? Don’t cry.” He moves between them, pulling them both closer. “It’s okay.” He kisses them both, squeezing them tighter.

    “Daddy still loves us, right?” Laura asks, her round blue eyes staring at him sadly.

    When they’d met these kids, he’d been so amazed with how similar the two looked to him and Keegan. Both with bright blue eyes, Sammy with unruly blond hair, and Laura with the softest brown.

    He kisses her temple, smiling. “He will never stop loving you.”

    They all turn to the door, Laura and Sammy running excitedly as the door opens.

    “Daddy!” They cry, jumping into his arms.

    “Oh God!” Keegan falls to the floor with them, dropping his bag to the side.

    “Daddy daddy!” They cry, hugging him tightly.

    “Missed you daddy!” Sammy cries, tears soaking Keegan’s shirt.

    “Oh no, Sammy don’t cry!” Keegan wraps his arms around their kids, squeezing them both tightly. “I’m here, I’ve got you.” He moves them into a sitting position, rocking them slightly.

    “Please don’t leave again.” Laura sobs, squeezing Keegan’s jacket tightly.

    “I’ll have to leave again eventually, kiddo, it’s my job.” He kisses her head when she cries harder. “I’m here now, though. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, okay? You’ve got me.”

    Laura looks up, smiling. “You mean it?”

    He nods, brushing his nose against hers. “Yes.”

    She smiles, giggling happily as she hugs him. “Yay!” They all stand, stepping away from their father to make room for Logan.

    “Hey, soldier.” He rushes forward, grabbing his husband tightly in a hug. “I missed you so fucking much.” He buries his face in Keegan’s neck, breathing in the scent of gunpowder and metal.

    “Hey, kid.” Keegan kisses his temple, burying his nose in his hair. “When was the last time you showered?”

    Logan flushes, laughing at himself. “It’s been a few days.”

    Keegan nods, wrapping his arms tighter around Logan. “Hey kids, why don’t you put on a movie, okay? Daddy needs to take care of your other daddy.”

    They nod, reluctantly heading to the livingroom.

    “They look and smell clean. You didn’t have the energy to do yourself?” He asks, leading Logan to their bathroom upstairs.

    “The kids…” He tries, earning a silencing kiss from Keegan.

    “They’ll be alright, don’t worry. We just have to wash you up.” Keegan sets the bath up, quickly undressing Logan before guiding him into the tub.

    “Baths are gross.” Logan tries, receiving another kiss.

    “Shhh.” He says, petting Logan’s hair from his face.

    “Don’t leave me.” Logan whispers, leaning in to Keegan’s touch as he washes him.

    “I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, okay?” Keegan stands, undressing himself. “Lean forward.” He joins Logan in the tub, slipping behind him.

    He rubs his hands along Logan’s arms, kissing his shoulder. “I love you.” He breathes, kissing the back of Logan’s neck and behind his ears.

    Logan smiles. “I love you too.” He leans his head against Keegan’s shoulder, looking up at him adoringly. “We should get a puppy.”

    Keegan chuckles, wrapping his arms tightly around him. “I hear Riley found a girlfriend.” He looks down at Logan smiling.

    “Is she gonna have puppies?” He asks hopefully.

    Keegan nods. “I think so.”

    Logan rubs Keegan’s thigh, kissing the arm around his chest. “The kids could use a distraction, and the responsibility could be good too.”

    Keegan nods. “I agree.” He moves his hands lower, rubbing circles on Logan’s hips.

    “Daddies!” Their kids burst through the door, unashamedly running up to the tub.

    “What’s wrong?” Keegan asks, using his hands and random suds to cover Logan’s groin.

    “Spider!” Laura cries, pointing towards the door. “On the t.v!”

    Keegan buries his face in Logan’s shoulder, laughing. “Let me throw on a towel. Come on, out!” He laughs, waiting until they’re gone before stepping out. “Finish washing up Logan, I’ll be back.” He dries himself off quickly before throwing on a pair of Logan’s sweats, taking off down the stairs.

    Logan laughs, leaning his head against his hand as he watches Keegan go.

    I couldn’t have picked a better family. 


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  • I think I figured out the problem


    Part I

    A dark brown door stares menacingly at the two men standing before it.

    “Do we knock, or just walk in?” Logan asks, crossing his arms as he taps his foot anxiously.

    Keegan stares up at the red brick building, one of the few remaining intact from the Odin strikes. “Let’s just knock. If no one answers, we try the door.” He leans forward, rapping on the door.

    A few seconds pass with no answer. Just as Keegan goes to try the knob, the door opens, revealing a middle aged woman with grey eyes and salt and pepper hair.

    “Can I help you?” She asks, her tone mistrusting.

    “Hello, I’m Logan Walker, this is my Husband, Keegan. We were wondering if there were any kids we could…adopt?”

    The woman’s face lightens almost immediately, and a soft smile tugs at her lips. “Please, come inside.” She moves to the side, allowing the two men to enter.

    They follow her up a set of old stairs, down a hallway into a large room, where a dozen or so kids of varying ages sit. Some of them are in the corner playing boardgames, while the rest sit on a couch watching some cartoon.

    “These are my kids.” She holds her hand out, smiling. “We have a method here, where usually we conduct interviews ahead of time, making sure you would be good parents and could afford to raise a child. You’re allowed to say hi, however I think it’s best if we talk in my office.” She leads them down another hallway to her office, shutting the door behind them.

    “Do you get help here?” Logan asks, fidgeting with his fingernails.

    Keegan rests his hand on top of Logan’s, stopping him.

    “Yes, we have seven workers that come in during the day, and five at night. We’re well funded thanks to benefactors and the occasional donation from the military.” She reaches into her desk, rifling through her drawers before coming up with a stack of papers. “Listen, things aren’t the way they used to be, as with many things, so the process is a lot longer.  You should know we can’t just give kids away.”

    Keegan nods. “We know this.” Logan gives him a look, suggesting he didn’t know this. Keegan smirks.

    “Tell you what, a lot of these kids aren’t emotionally ready to rush back into a family, and some of them don’t want to be with a family at all.” She pulls out two files, giving them a reassuring smile. “However, there are two kids that are in dire need of a forever home. They’ve been in and out of three homes already, and each time it just messes them up more. You can’t take the kids home today, as we’re going to conduct a full interview, a search of your living arrangements, how you’re going to pay for everything, all of the important things.”

    Keegan and Logan share a concerned look.

    “These kids are the sweetest babies you’ll ever meet, okay? I need to know you’re not going to hurt them, too.”

    “When can you do all of this?” Logan asks, sitting forward, eagerness showing on his face. Keegan rests his hand on Logan’s back, smirking softly as he rubs small circles along his spine.

    “Oh, well, if I could get some information from you today, we can start the process now. I would like for the kids to meet you first, though. We want the kids to like you before we start the process.”

    They both nod in understanding.

    “Follow me.” She stands, leading them down the same hallway from before, into a separate room.

    It’s smaller than the play room the other kids were in, with pale blue walls and white trim. A large window sits in the back, a small table below it.

    Two kids sit at the table, a girl no older than five, and a little boy, around three.

    “Hey, Sammy, Laura? There are some men who’d like to meet you.”

    Sammy turns, watching the two men as he kicks his little legs. “Laura.” He says, kicking his legs while looking at the brunette girl.

    “Sammy no, they’ll just bring us back when they’re tired of us. We’ll never have a home Sammy, stop hoping.”

    Both men step back, shock on both their faces, Logan’s holding more hurt. “What?” Logan whispers, looking to the woman. “Why does she sound so hopeless. She’s a kid!”

    The woman frowns. “Sammy and Laura, even though they’re young, have been through so much. The last couple that wanted to adopt them returned them the next day, complaining about how they couldn’t handle them.” She steps forward, taking a seat on one of the beds. “Hey Laura, would you mind if we talked to Sammy?”

    Laura snaps her head up, a fiery anger in her eyes. “Don’t touch my brother!” She moves quickly, grabbing Sammy up in her arms. She moves to the farthest corner of the room, sitting down while holding her brother. “Don’t touch him.” She snarls, glaring at the two men.

    “Laura…” The woman says sternly.

    “No, Mrs. Marion! They’re gonna hurt us, just like the last ones! They don’t care!” Tears slip down her pale cheeks as she clutches Sammy tightly, shaking softly.

    “Laura..don’t be rude.” Mrs. Marion crosses her arms. “Please, just try. That’s all I ask.”

    Laura looks to the two men, a glare still plastered to her face. “The scary one, I’ll talk to him.” She says, staring right at Keegan.

    Keegan tilts his head, earning a snort from Logan. “Alright, I guess I’ll head back to your office.” He looks down, a small hurt in his eyes.

    “Take Sammy.” She says, carefully carrying him over. “He likes donuts with strawberry icing and sprinkles. He’ll eat two, but he’s not supposed to.” She says, glaring up at Logan. “You hurt my brother, and I’ll kick your butt.” She sets Sammy in his arms, frowning slightly when Sammy immediately curls into Logan.

    She turns to Keegan. “You. Sit.” She demands, plopping down at the table.

    Keegan looks back at Logan, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Have fun.” He says, siting at the table with Laura.

    Mrs. Marion steps out of the room with Logan, smiling warmly. “I’m not supposed to let you be alone with any of the kids, but I have to stay here with Laura. There are donuts downstairs in the kitchen, they’re small things, but he can’t have more than one.” She returns to the room, leaving Logan and Sammy alone in the hallway.

    “Donuts!” He cheers, kicking his legs against Logan.

    “Alright, let’s go.” He says, adjusting Sammy on his hip.

    When they make it to the kitchen, he sets Sammy on the counter, moving to grab them some donuts.

    “Two?” Sammy asks, holding up two fingers.

    Logan shakes his head. “The nice lady upstairs said you can only have one.”

    Sammy pouts, chewing his donut slowly. “Maybe they’ll let you have another one later?” Sammy nods slowly, looking up at Logan.

    “You’re pretty.” He says, running a small, chubby hand along Logan’s cheek and jaw. “Your face itches.” He giggles, stuffing the rest of his donut in his mouth to place his other hand on Logan’s other cheek.

    Logan smiles. “I haven’t shaved in a day or so. Keegan likes my stubble sometimes.”

    Sammy tilts his head. “Keegan?”

    Logan nods. “The man upstairs, he’s my husband.”

    Sammy frowns. “You’re his wife?”

    Logan chuckles. “No, I’m his husband.”

    Sammy looks down, a look of confusion on his face. “Husband’s?” He asks.

    Logan nods. “Men can marry other men. Same with women, or, uh, boys and girls can marry other boys and girls.”

    Sammy smiles. “Two daddies?” He asks, smiling wider.

    Logan nods. “If you like us.”

    Sammy looks down at his hands, moving his fingers against Logan’s leather jacket and dress shirt. Bringing his hands up, he rests them on Logan’s cheeks. “I’d like two daddies.” He mumbles, sending warmth through Logan’s entire body.

    “Let’s hope Laura feels the same.” He leans his head against Sammy’s, smiling at the three year old who caresses his jaw.

    “Pretty.” He says again, giggling when Logan tickles his sides.

    “He likes you.” They both turn to Laura, who glares softly at Sammy. “Traitor.” She giggles, sticking her tongue out at him.

    Sammy squeals, using Logan’s arm to help him climb down. “Laura Laura!” He runs into her arms, jumping up and down excitedly. “Two daddies! Two daddies!” He giggles, running around.

    Laura looks up at Logan, giving him a curious stare. “You’re next.” She says, giving him a stern look.

    Mrs. Marion chuckles, covering her mouth.

    Keegan walks over, wrapping his arms around Logan and resting his nose against Logan’s cheek. “She’s scarier than my old drill Sergeant.” He chuckles, kissing Logan’s jaw. “I don’t know if I passed the test.” He rests his head against Logan’s as they turn to face the kids.

    “Well, Laura, Sammy, what do you think? Should we give these men the time? I’ll make sure everything is in order.” She crouches down, rubbing their backs.

    Laura looks up at the two men, looking between them as she hums. “Alright, we can give them a chance.” She says, looking back to Keegan. “I like that one.” She turns to Sammy, picking him up and resting him on her hip. “Maybe you two are different.” She mumbles as she heads up the stairs.

    “Well..” Mrs. Marion steps forward. “You have promise.” She smiles, crossing her arms when she steps forward. “How about we head upstairs, get some information down, and start the process. You won’t be adopting them right off though. We still need to make sure you guys are the right fit, then we’ll let you take them for a week before deciding. However, we’re not there now, so, why don’t we head upstairs and get started, yeah?”

    Keegan wraps his arm tighter around Logan, both men nodding. “Yeah, that sounds good.” He places his hand against Logan’s back as they follow her upstairs.

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  • Sirius: Remus and I are having a baby.
    Harry: That’s gre-
    Sirius, slamming adoption papers on the table: It’s you, sign here.

    #harry potter #incorrect harry potter quotes #sirius black#wolfstar#adoption
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  • No one has mentioned this but I realize that due to the timing of when I actually posted updates it may seem as if my cat had a stroke and we immediately adopted a dog in the aftermath.

    This is not what happened, Aphid was about as recovered as we thought she’d get for a week before we got Joe (who we thought about for several days ahead of time) and then I waited a week to post about Joe just to make sure he wouldn’t need to be returned for something.

    The two incidents did not overlap and also Aphid and Joe do not give an absolute shit about each other, which is the ideal situation overall. 👍

    #cats#dogs#adoption#pets #aphid the cat #joe the dog #we looked at joe specifically because he did not have any aggression towards cats #and now that we have him #he actually doesnt appear to have any opinion on them at all as long as he isnt being bapped #beatext
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  • image

    if anyone in the san antonio tx area is interested in adopting this abandoned puppy please dm me!

    #puppies#adoption#dog adoption#boost #they literally just left him here after saying they were fostering him and im fucking mad
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  • The Jedi Order and Child-Rearing

    I have seen the taking of children by the Jedi into their Order as being likened to adoption. Furthermore, some of the more inflammatory posts have even suggested being against Jedi taking in children so young, forbidding contact with their birth families, means that we are against adoption, (in the worse cases with the further implication that we are horrible people.) Now, I am pro-adoption, but I do not believe that children taken into the Jedi become part of one great, big happy Jedi family…at least not a healthy one. I believe the former position regarding Jedi and adoption stems from one of well-meaning ignorance of institutional care. Please, please, if you are pro-Jedi in their approach to children, I beg you read this because what I am about to discuss actually has some significant and relevant real-world applications. There remains in many places an ignorance of the harms of institutional care. This is not meant as a bashing post, as I think it unfair to call the Jedi malicious or bad people, it is just an examination of institutional care in the context of the Jedi.

    Now, were the Jedi adopting children or taking them into institutional care? If the latter, were they doing institutional care properly? 


    Keep reading

    #Jedi Order#adoption#institutional care#culture#attachment #also raising awareness that institutional care is harmful to children as a rule #The UN and UNICEF and others are working to phase it out #deinstitutionalise
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  •   To live to the day where I don’t have to fear holding my girlfriend’s hand. We want to adopt kids one day, we both agreed we want to adopt older children! – Guest Submission

    (Please don’t add negative comments to these posts.)

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  • image

    Throwback Thursday!

    The photo that started it all.

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  • Professor Layton didn’t adopt Clive and he turned into a criminal. This was clearly not a matter of coincidence. Thankfully, Layton has adopted every orphaned child he has come into contact with since to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

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  • The young lady I’m truly thankful for. Emme, Boca, FL. Hasselblad, 60mm. Kodak Plus-X. NIK Silver Efex Pro

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  • Constitution Day, also known as National Law Day, celebrated in India on 26 November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. On 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, and it came into effect on 26 January 1950.


    Click the link to know more.

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  • ADOPTABLE - Flower Lady

    Flower Lady (OPEN) - $7  USD

    Payment Metod : Paypal ! ( Please DM me if you are interested! )


    [ ART Belongs @runaox / @/runaox(deviantart) / @/runaox (instagram)  ]

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    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in the thick of all the grief we have experienced in the past two weeks, we did also officially complete our family with the adoption of our last child. Please ooh and aah over one of his newborn photos from nearly two years ago. ❤️

    #adoption #adoption from foster care #family #we love him so
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    Episode 12-The Rest of the Story is here! Listen on @applepodcasts or wherever you listen! Be sure to subscribe and share! Visit theadoptionsquad.com for more!


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  • “Coriandoli” // barefoot music // Soel_ma // vocal ambient //Synthwave p…

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    Throwback to when accidentally I came across this tiny little angel after a night out.

    I found him lying in the road shaking, confused, starving and calling out for help, he could barely move and he couldn’t even open his eyes properly. I’m so glad I saw him.

    On the spot I decided that he obviously needed some help and I picked him up wrapped him up in my coat (decided his name is now Socks, because he has white little paws) and ran him home as quickly as I could.

    Once I got him inside, I gave him food and water and got him as calm as I could. I decided it was time to take a closer look at what the problem was. He was so insanely malnourished and thin it was frightening, I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it through the night. His tiny body was so cold, no matter how much I wrapped him in blankets and held him close to me he couldn’t seem to keep warm, or retain any heat all his bones were visible, bones that I didn’t even know existed were visible all over his body, it was scary. He was so worryingly thin. It was heartbreaking. Looking at him broke my heart. He couldn’t open his eyes properly, he was practically blind, he was so disoriented. His coat was all matted and clumped he was covered in dirt, scratches, blood, and fleas. He was unable to walk properly without falling over. He had a bad leg which was clearly causing him a lot of pain and discomfort, he couldn’t put any weight on it. He was clearly so distressed and clearly suffering. He always seemed very confused if you took your hand away from him even for a second he’d start crying like you’d abandoned him until you you picked him up or assured him you were still right there. He was scared and in pain. He was clearly really suffering.Plus He had like….2 teeth lol, it was cute though. We stayed up all that night, just giving him as much food as I could, special cat milk, whatever I could to get his strength up and to keep him going I was so scared he was going to die on me, I was so helpless. He’d fall sleep in my arms and then half an hour later it was feeding time again, then cuddles and sleep, on repeat every half hour. But It was terrifying, I was so scared his little body would give out any second. He was still so weak I could see how difficult it was for him to even eat, BUT despite it all he somehow pushed through, and he got through the night, he’s the strongest little man ever.

    The thing is, I knew who his owners were, so I went round to see if they were okay the next morning, maybe something had happened to them, maybe they weren’t okay themselves, why would their cat be in such a bad state, unless there was a serious problem. They’d had this cat for yeaaars and years, socks had always been super healthy and happy , so I was thinking the worst, I knocked, and I could see they were inside and okay which was such a relief but they clearly didn’t want to open the door, that’s ok I hate opening the door too.

    So I left some cat food on their doorstep as I know they’ve got other cats and I hid it behind a flowerpot so no one else would see it, I put a note through the door just incase they needed some help getting supplies or whatever, just saying I’d love to help however I can, I put my number through the door to let them know that socks was totally safe and okay that I’d bring him round whenever they’re next in, and not to worry about him he hadn’t gone missing, he was just fast asleep at my house. But they never got back to me… and later that day the food I took round was in the bin.. I didn’t mean to upset them. I just wanted to help. I didn’t know what to do, or how to help… do I wait for them to contact me, I’d take socks round to their house but they won’t open the door and I don’t want to stress them out, but I couldn’t keep socks at home, while he was clearly in so much pain. He was obviously suffering, I couldn’t not do anything so I took him to the vets which maybe I shouldn’t have, but vet bills can be really insanely expensive and not everyone can afford them all the time. But I could not just leave him in pain while he was this sick. Of course I’d pay for his vet bills to help out. So off to the vets we went there wasn’t much I could really do as he’s not actually mine. But they gave him some eye drops, to help him slowly be able to open his eyes again he got some injections, some painkillers and fluids and some special food to help him gain weight quickly as he’s so malnourished. He was so well behaved, he was so sweet to the vets! They loved him too, he’s truly a little angel. We found out he’s roughy 15 years old which is exciting but also worrying because he’s so old. They tried to contact the owner multiple times to see what was going on, as the vets were shocked by his awful condition, and wanted to update them with what was wrong with him, they thought he potentially had failing organs and stuff but they said in the meantime they could put him in a shelter until they heard back from his owner or I could take him home if I wanted and they’d let me know once they heard back. There was no way in hell I’d be leaving him behind, obviously he’d be waiting it out with me. A few days later they finally got ahold of his owner through his microchip details and apparently the owner doesn’t want him anymore, it’s as simple and as complicated as that, now he’s old, and apparently a “burden” he’s going to need more looking after and cost way more money which they didn’t wanna deal with anymore so they decided they don’t want him back. They said “just to put him down” they wouldn’t even come by to be with him if they did end up euthanising him, they literally didn’t even care???? So the vets asked if I wanted to bring him by, to be put down, as he’s old and sick he most likely wouldn’t be adopted at this stage. People don’t want to have to take on sickly animals. I couldn’t think of anything worse than him spending his final days, weeks, or months in a small room waiting and hoping to be adopted.. He was definitely coming home with me. Who knows how much longer this little man has left, so when we got home he got all the love in the world, I did whatever I could to give him the happiest time I could. I couldn’t believe his owners wouldn’t want this precious boy back, I felt so heartbroken for him, the only home and people he’d ever known didn’t want him anymore. So I tried to make up for it with all the love & cheese I could, he’s completely obsessed with cheese hahah.

    During our time together, he became my little shadow, everywhere I went he was right behind me, the sweetest angel, honestly the most lovely little cat. I can’t express how precious he is. The purest heart, all he wanted was cuddles, attention and cheese.

    With very regular meals, drinks, cuddles and love he healed, he actually healed, he drastically changed in a matter of weeks, he ended up putting on some weight, his coat was soft and shiny again, completely flea free. He could walk, without falling over. He could open his eyes again and they are so pretty and shiny now! His little face, he looked so healthy!

    He still has 2 teeth… but he’s happy now, really happy.

    He’s looking good and is so handsome AND tomorrow he’s gonna go and get adopted!!!!!!! This little guy is the most wonderful cat.

    He’s been so loving and sweet, regardless of what he went through even when he was so weak he’d still give all his energy to try and cuddle into me. He was always such a little ray of sunshine. I love you with my whole heart Socks. You’re gonna make someone so so so very happy!

    Goodluck in the future little mister, thanks for all the fun! I literally miss you already!

    *This was written a year ago now, Rest in Peace little man. You were the best, and I really missed you but you needed a proper forever home, where you had unlimited time and attention and that’s what you got. I’m glad your final months were full of soooo love and happiness, you deserved nothing less

    His before and after pictures, look how pretty he got! Love you always Socks, RIP💖

    #love you forever Socks💖💖💖💖💖 #he’s was the very best #rest in peace #I misssss him #adopt don’t shop #socks#cat#adoption#fostering#kitten#animals#nature#personal#thoughts#Bernie#RIP
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