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  • Diana: I love you. Tell me how you feel. Forget the Covenant, forget the Congregation. How do you feel?

    Matthew: You know how I feel.

    Diana: Say it!

    Matthew e Teresa Palmer in A Discovery Of Witches - S1E4
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  • Matthew: Three weeks ago, you’d never even heard of me. You don’t know me! You have no idea what I’m capable of. You don’t even know yourself.

    Diana: Stop. Stop it. Why are you being like this?

    Matthew e Teresa Palmer in A Discovery Of Witches - S1E4
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  • Matthew e Teresa Palmer nei panni di Matthew Clairmont e Diana Bishop in A Discovery Of Witches - S1E8
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  • Matthew nei panni di Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery Of Witches - S1E8
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  • A Discovery of Witches, season 1: episode 7

    Misc thoughts…


    It’s interesting that Knox basically tells the truth about Satu being gone (and believing she has Diana) to the congregation. And he looks kind of a bit distressed in that scene too, like he’s backed into a corner, so it makes sense. And after all, Satu is new so maybe he sees her as disposable if need be.

    Diana and Matthew arrive in Madison to see the aunts, and it’s immediately confirmed she was indeed spellbound by her parents. Diana thinking that something is wrong with her is so sad, at this point it’s like she believe she must be some sort of monster, because how could they?! And then the way they show us as a like a half ghost story, half flashback is pretty cool.


    Originally posted by allsoulstriogymusings

    I love the scene in the woods with Matthew after Diana runs.

    Diana: “I think they tied it to need. If I was ever in trouble, I could call upon my magic, and I wouldn’t be alone.”

    “Matthew you were in their stories.”

    Matthew: “The spell was somehow tied to me too.”


    Originally posted by burberrycanary

    Diana: “To my need for you.”

    “They knew I’d fall in love with you.” 🖤💛

    Cue ghost mama Bishop smiling as she looks on at how happy Diana is.

    Aunt Sarah is distraught at the news of Diana being spellbound, and Em knowing and not telling her. I love this scene <3

    Emily: “Sarah, look at me please… please, please, please look at me.” :’(


    Originally posted by adowgifs

    Satu confronts Knox, and I thought, this is it! She’s going to go against him, and realise what he is. But then… arghhhh!!!

    We learn Rebecca could have lead the congregation, she was so powerful! Woah!


    Diana is finally trying to learn how to use her magic, and we learn certain things like self-defence spells, and shields haven’t worked in generations.

    Valarie Pettiford is so good as Em, I love her interactions with Matthew, “Wow, look at you!” …when Matthew guesses Diana’s father Stephen was a timewalker.


    Domenico with his long coat draped over his shoulders stepping off a boat in Italy, is peak vampire! Hahaha. He’s not helping you, Juliette, he just wants to make you go after Matthew so you can try and destroy him!

    Diana timewalks, aha! That was very cool. So, I guess she just went forward in time a few seconds.


    Originally posted by milkyway-world

    (I used to live in the City of London, and you can pretty much see where I lived in the establishing shot they used to introduce Hamish in this episode. Very fucking cool. 💙)

    Also, more Hamish please!!!

    I’m kinda worried he won’t be in it come next season… :(

    Agatha confiding in Hamish tells us how important he is in Daemon circles, that he can be trusted. (Also, she is just holding onto a digestive biscuit during this whole scene, I don’t know what’s more English than that! Lol)

    Agatha: “There’s so much that we don’t understand. If daemons can be born to witches, if cross species families are possible, then… everything we know about our kind is, well it’s all up for grabs.”


    Juliette finally turning on Gerbert was so satisfying! And Baldwin’s face is priceless!

    I feel almost like I’m going to have trouble trying to say anything about the next few scenes, they might be my favourite from the whole show, and it feels really loaded.

    So, I’ll just say that I love the game they play, trying to get Diana to use her magic defensively with her mimicking him from the time when he sniffed her scent at the river bank and became all, “I’m craving her.”


    The music choice for the love scene is sublime <3 and I will be spending the rest of today, watching and rewatching all the fan made videos of these types of moments. ‘kay, thanks!

    I love that moment at the top of the stairs! <3


    Sarah is so fucking funny when Marcus and Miriam arrive.

    Can I get a magic house now, please?!

    Domenico to Satu: “Oh, dear, technical difficulties?” Lol. Also, why is she back in Venice?

    The story’s unravelling a little regarding Stephen and The Book of Life, as a page from it shoots out the wall in the house in Madison, and Diana and Matthew start to piece some things together.

    Saving Juliette for episode 8…

    How are you all doing? 💖


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  • Forget about Season 2 premiere date. I think Season 3 will be delayed if Covid-19 isn’t going to died down on the second half of 2020.

    We will be more stressed out that we aren’t going to see the twins soon enough. Or see the cutie who’s going to play adult Jack.

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  • Wakes up. Open tumblr.

    Adow season 2 is premiering on september 2020.

    Close tumblr. Go backs to sleep hoping this is just a dream.

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  • Unless season 2 comes out tomorrow, I’m still thinking of tight hose and puffy shorts. No matter how much the still leaks. I have to see it that the custome deparment said ‘fuck it with the historical accuracy’ really happening when it comes out.

    #I need MG on tight hose

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  • adow-trash replied to your postLike, the concept of creatures, alchemy, politics,… 

    The book or the show?

    The show. I’ve never read the book. 

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  • Like, the concept of creatures, alchemy, politics, and all the other worldbuilding stuff is interesting and characters too but holy shit I hate how this romance is done.

    #a discovery of witches #adow #does it feel stupid to anyone else??? #or is it just me??? #adow tv
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  • *watches ADOW for a third time cause even though we greenlit for 3 seasons, still gotta get dem American ratings up*

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  • Hi

    Hi there, it’s me. Ummmmmm I hate to ask this, but I’m really feeling down in the gutter- my best friend is having problems with me and I’m scared- anyway, can I get some love and care from mutuals? I’m really upset and I need the positivity for my feebly depressed mind. Could I get some fandom cheer up please? Please. Like, I need someone to talk to me and send me gorgeous posts and messages. I don’t know if feels like a lot to ask I’m sorry (Ima just… tag some fandoms)

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  • i know many doesn’t fond of Peter… but i had to make this gifs… his finger moving….

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  • love the composition

    @ADiscoveryOfWTV _ twitter

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  • If I actually knew how to make gifs I’d make a parallel gifset of my favorite Matthews

    #i really want to #but i'll settle for a text post about it later #adow tv#adow #a discovery of witches #all souls trilogy #matthew clairmont#matt murdock#daredevil
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  • I was expecting for something to happen in the season finale of A Discovery of Witches and it didn’t and now I’m at a loss. 

    Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the books.

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  • Heckin bamboozled, France already, where’s the joga class may I ask???

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  • Being a Daredevil fan and an All Souls Trilogy fan means falling in love with two angsty, super Catholic, guilt ridden Matthews. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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  • Honestly, I just wanna congratulate whoever chose to cast Matthew Goode as a vampire, sublime casting choice, truly!

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