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  • ilikekidsshows
    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Broken Families - Luka and Adrien Mirroring

    For @lukadrien-june​

    Way back when I compared how Luka and Kagami fit into the concept of a romantic rival, I made the claim that Luka was more Adrien's foil than rival, but didn't elaborate on it too much. However, the season four Jagged Stone reveal has made this foiling even more relevant, so I thought it was a good time to cover it. Spoilers for season four about halfway through this, there will be another notice right before I discuss it.

    The foiling of Adrien and Luka happens through the theme of freedom vs responsibility, and this theme manifests in their family lives. Both Luka and Adrien have broken families with only one parent. This key similarity brings their differences into sharp focus. As Gabriel is cold and distant, Anarka is warm and approachable. The Agreste and Couffaine households just feel very different from each other. The Agreste Mansion is an isolated location where Adrien doesn't get to bring friends to simply hang out. Meanwhile the Couffaine Houseboat often serves as a meeting spot for Luka and Juleka's friend group, welcoming to all.

    Adrien is the only son of a strict father. He can't have responsibility for anything in his life, because he isn't given any freedom to make choices to be responsible for. From his clothes to his hobbies, Gabriel controls everything about Adrien's life. Their home also exhibits this control by showing a highly designed, but otherwise empty home. There's no clutter allowed in the Agreste Household, nothing outside the facade of perfection. Adrien's schedule is also Nathalie's responsibility to maintain, with Adrien not being allowed pursuits outside of those things.

    Meanwhile, Luka lives very freely, but also has to take responsibility for everything going on in his life. His mother is a free spirit, but also irresponsible enough to be very familiar with the local law enforcement. The houseboat the Couffaines live on shows this careless attitude in how Anarka refuses any cleanliness. Luka is free to do what he wants, and his mother merely supports him, but he is also clearly the responsible member of his family. He's the eldest child, with a part-time job, and he has been shown to act as an emotional support to Juleka. Luka has to take on responsibilities because his mother seemingly doesn't take them on much.

    Adrien and Luka are both out of balance. Adrien has no freedom and no responsibilities. Adrien isn't free to make his own decisions about what to do, because his schedule is prepared for him, but he also doesn't have the responsibility of making the decisions of what his time goes to. Adrien is also confused as to who he exactly is as a person, because his life is so utterly monitored and controlled, he barely has any parts that are solely his.

    Luka has all of the freedom, but also all of the responsibility, since his mother doesn't take responsibility for things. Luka has the freedom to make his own decisions, but also the responsibility to make them, because otherwise nothing would happen. Luka's identity is entirely his own creation, shaped by his environment but also by things he claims as his.

    Now we come to the spoiler territory. With Jagged Stone being outed as Luka's missing father, Luka has to question a big aspect of his identity, his relationship to music. One of the first things we learned about Luka was that he was into Jagged's music, now he found out that Jagged put said music above his family. There might also be some concern over ending up like his father due to his own passion for music.

    A similar identity-shattering reveal also looms in Adrien's future. Cat Noir is the one thing Adrien has claimed for himself. Discovering that his father is a villain and that Hawk Moth has been trying to restore his missing mother would shake Adrien's identity as explicitly a hero. To maintain the mirroring with Luka, the reveal of his missing parent's part in the conflict would be the most fitting trigger to force him to recontextualize what being a hero means to him.

    This is how Luka and Adrien have parallel character arcs that foil each other.

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  • reasons-to-stay-alive-darling
    20.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    xiv. getting to meet strangers you fell in love with (/p or not /p if that’s your thing) online

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  • ladynoir-is-taking-over-my-life
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I feel like a lot of people are overthinking the whole post Optigami Chat Noir situation.

    I don’t think Chat Noir feels like he’s being replaced, because sure he made a sad face at the end but he was probably just sad he missed out on the battle, not that Ladybug doesn’t need him anymore; she’s defeated loads of villains without him before and he’s never gotten upset by it, so why would it bother him now? And I think they try to show that it doesn’t upset him by making him immediately joke and flirt with Ladybug, and he just genuinely doesn’t seem bothered by it, because it really wasn’t that deep.

    And Marinette isn’t replacing him. I think it’s funny how the show directly says that Marinette is letting Alya keep the miraculous permanently so she could be ready to take her place if something happens to her one day, and the fandom immediately thinks “oh no how dare she replace Chat Noir >:(” and Ik a lot of people have been saying that she keeps excluding him this season; well first of all, anytime Chat Noir was excluded from a battle this season (which happened like twice lol) it was completely out of Marinette’s hands. in Optigami she doesn’t know who he is, so she can’t go pick him up, and in Mr pigeon 72 he was turned into a pigeon, and Ladybug couldn’t do anything without Rena’s help, so she wasn’t gonna stay there and say “no, that would be replacing Chat Noir, so I’ll just sit here and let Paris burn because of that” and it doesn’t even bother Adrien in the slightest; he sees her with Rena Rouge and just gives her heart eyes and talks about how amazing she is. And she didn’t reveal herself to him because of the events of Chat Blanc, because Marinette now believes that if she were to reveal her identity to Chat Noir, something will lead to his akumatization, so now Alya fills the gap that Chat Noir can’t fill (this has all been confirmed by Miraculous Mexico on Twitter) so if anything, her not revealing her identity to Chat is because she cares about him and wants to protect him. she is not replacing him and never will.

    (This is all just my opinion, please don’t take it personally)

    #I just think the situation isn’t that deep #just my opinion tho #sorry for going on a bit of a rant here #also #sorry for my horrible punctuation English isn’t my first language lmao #miraculous#Ladynoir#ladybug#chat noir #Marinette Dupain cheng #Adrien agreste#alya cesaire#Rena rouge#ml spoilers#Optigami #ml season 4
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  • wherethebuttercupsgrow
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Based off @sabertoothwalrus ‘s ml left au! I. don’t watch Miraculous Ladybug. But your art grabbed me by the throat and threw me into google docs. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

    Here’s how it starts: You’re fourteen and you’re kneeling on the dirt, cold. Hawkmoth stands in front of you with wide eyes, as the curve of your spine curves further, as the delicate white of your ribs fuse with your knees. You think you might be in shock. You think: That’s Gabriel Agreste. He is staring down at you, wide eyed, and your arm is in his hand. You think: That’s Gabriel Agreste. That’s my father. I’m Adrien Agreste. I’m his son. He cut my arm off. I’m his son. He’s holding my arm, like a war prize, and I’m his son-

    You’re repeating yourself.

    You might be in shock.

    (You shouldn’t be shocked.)

    “Adrien?” Hawkmoth says. He’s still holding your arm. Butterflies flit about his head. The bruise from Ladybug’s yoyo is darkening on his temple. “No, how-“

    Here’s how it starts: You’re fourteen and it’s mothers day. You leave flowers in the atelier, and you wait for your father to come home. The grief keeps you company, the brush of petals against your hand like an unspoken prayer.

    Your dad comes home. You smile because your dad’s eyes are red, and you know this is hard for him. You both eat dinner together- you squeeze your father’s hand and he squeezes back, and maybe your chest feels hollow, the sadness eating you alive, but you smile and keep the misery locked squarely behind your teeth. You crack jokes, and you eat your dinner, all of it, and you wear that jacket that you know your dad commissioned for your birthday, and he smiles through the lines of his eyes, and you feel like you can fly.

    Here’s how it starts: You’re fourteen and it’s fathers day. You wait at the hall, and wait, and wait, and wait.

    The loaves you bought from Marinette’s bakery grow cold. You grow cold with them, too big for your body, too small for your keening sense of loss.

    Here’s how it starts: You’re fourteen, and your father is tired. He snaps at you. 

    Here’s how it starts: You’re fourteen, and your father calls you back to apologize. You forgive him immediately. It’s your fault for making him so angry in the first place, you know.

    When he pulls you into a hug, he calls you Emilie.

    Here’s how it really starts: A woman with blonde hair and a smile that shines like the sun all light and warmth and love, and a moth. A man with wings, flying, flying, flying, Icarus with nothing between him and the sea but the wide expanse of air.

    (Here’s a lesson he wasn’t ready to learn: You can’t love the sun unless you’re prepared to burn.)

    “If he’s a boy,” Emilie had said, her torso swollen: “We’ll name him Adrien.”

    Hawkmoth- Gabriel Agreste- is downed. Ladybug is victorious.

    You can’t hear it. You can’t hear much of anything, through the pain, through the shock, through that slow creeping grief- your forehead, digging into the skin of your knees, and you’re screaming. You’re screaming your throat hoarse, and crying, because-

    -Because it’s all those choked words you’d swallowed back in the face of your fathers shattered glass eyes, all the signed report cards Nathalie picked up from school, all the times you’d limped to a shoot, all the bruises and he is your father and you are fourteen, Paris stretched out under your feet, and everything is tinny-

    And Ladybug is there, your hand (your left hand, because your right is somewhere splattered across the pavement, dropped-) in hers, and she’s cupping your cheek and holding your head in her lap and telling you it’ll be alright. Her eyes are wide and wet.

    You crack a joke. Her lip wobbles. You shut up.

    You’re warm in her arms, her fingers twined with yours, and you keep your eyes open and smile. 

    Here is how it ends: The quiet horror permeating a city, rain dripping down from above and washing away the red in neon reflections, colorful gutters. The howls of Gabriel Agreste, caught between horror and grief and anger.

    Adrien and Ladybug, sitting on a rooftop- the quiet shower of red sparks as she changes. Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng in the rain, in the silence, her forehead against yours, your hands in hers, blonde and black and red.

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  • holesinmybutterflywingss
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    no thoughts just misterbug/multimouse 😩

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  • savsanerd
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Gabriel is too busy shipping Adrienette to suspect Marinette as Ladybug.

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  • savsanerd
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I feel like Gabriel/Ladybug interactions have so much comedic potential bc it could go a few ways and be so funny.


    Gabriel: ah yes, my mortal enemy. I wonder if she’d give me her miraculous if Gabriel Agreste asked?

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  • shootingsun
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #felix deserves so much better i love him #felix graham de vanily #felix agreste#miraculous felix#miraculous adrien#adrien agreste #bat!felix au #seriously ask us about the bat felix au #thanks for the ask! #ask box #send me asks #Darcelan Chance AU
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  • moonchild201
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Maybe a lot will hate this, but i just think that if Kagami would guide a bit too Marinette, Luka probably do the same. Just for fun

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  • anna-scribbles
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    almost went to bed and realized i hadn’t even drawn them yet today 🙄

    #this one’s for my homies who have to draw adrinette literally every day or they will die #ml#miraculous ladybug#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #adrinette#adrienette#my art
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  • feyriu
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    sometimes you gotta doodle some aNGST

    #i think i'm done posting all my old pieces #last one#chat blanc#ladybug#miraculous ladybug#miraculous fanart#chat noir#ladyblanc#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #ladynoir#fanart#my art #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir
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  • miraculously-incorrect-quotes
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Adrien: *read a sign* Birthplace of Paris!

    Alya: Oh yes, they obviously decided the put a shell gas station right next to the "birthplace of Paris ".

    #Family conversation #This was for California but whatever #adrien agreste#alya cesaire #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir
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  • marisblanket
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Marinette: Why are you knocking on the fridge?

    Adrien: There might be a salad dressing.

    Marinette: [sighs]

    #miraculous ladybug #incorrect miraculous quotes #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#miraculous#ladybug#chat noir#miraculous fandom
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  • evermore-problems
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Just a thought but what if we get an identity reveal and cuteness in the movie but have to wait a few seasons for the reveal in the show.

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  • sukiroai
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Adrien: I did a bad thing

    Marinette: Good lord what did you do?


    Marinette: Did you eat all the cookies?



    Adrien: yes...

    #adrienette#miraculous ladybug #mlb incorrect quotes #mlb adrien#mlb marinette #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #adrien x marinette #remember that time in gamer #Adrien looked so sad to see the pastries get taken away #adrien deserves better #poor marinette
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  • alovelyladyblog
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ayyyy look at me making Miraculous Ladybug art finally! Okay here’s the thing I have been thinking nonstop about Marinette being very knowledgeable in like gamer slang…

    I might have to make a comic about this

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  • kittythelitter
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #guess who's decided to watch all of miraculous ladybug this week #ml #i am returning to this fandom after year #the more recent seasons are fucking wild and i love tjat for them. #adrien was the serpent for MONTHS???? #ml spoilers #on the tags
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  • boxsunn
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    blonde boys that could potentially lose an arm

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