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  • mlb-notbaseball
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Had a dream where Marinette et al. were applying for university and Mari stumbled upon Adrien looking kinda depressed so she asked what was wrong and he said his dad had already picked out where he was going even though he really wanted to apply for this other university where most of their friends were applying

    Mari frowned at the news and, being her, immediately decided to try and cheer Adrien up (or at least relate to him) by admitting she wasn't applying to that university either because of her desire to do fashion and graphic design in the future, so she was going to apply to art universities after a sabbatical year working in the bakery and was also sad thinking about not seeing the others everyday but knew they'd still keep in touch and be Friends Forever and ofc the same applied for Adrien, he would be a Friend Forever, and Mari called his cell phone right in front of him to remind him they could talk anytime and visit each other during breaks

    Adrien was still sour because his dad picked everything for him and he was so tired of that, and Mari sympathized but reminded him at least his dad wouldn't be living with him so Adrien could take the time to pick out a few things for himself there, a fact which caused Adrien to give a small hopeful smile and he hug Mari, who froze for a moment beet-red like always but because it was a few years past the current Miraculous timeline she didn't malfunction as much around him and hugged him back, and they decided to walk home together and talk some more

    (Since this was a heavily Adrinette-centric dream neither of them considered how university would affect Ladynoir lmao [pre-reveal])

    So they're walking home and Marinette gets pinged from Rena about an Akuma attack somewhere and Mari hides (really just leaves with an excuse about forgetting something at school and 'I'll be right back!!!') Adrien in a safe space and goes off to help, and Adrien isn't near any TVs at the time and if Ladybug contacts him for help he isn't transformed to get the message, and anyway his Good Friend Marinette will be right back why would he go anywhere? RIP to Adrien but my dream logic assumed that even after the events of Kuro Neko Ladybug and he still don't always team up due to not know each other's identities

    Anyway Ladybug is the one who shows up where Adrien is once the Akuma is gone because Mari is a clumsy dunce who forgot to transform back first, so now Adrien feels down again because, oh, he missed the chance to help, and even if Ladynoir had communicated their issues before Adrien is a child of abuse and that little worm in his ear whispers about how he's unwanted despite him knowing that's false

    Maribug quickly realizes her mistake and as Ladybug tells Adrien that she hid Marinette in the school locker room because Akuma, and she should go tell her it's safe now, Mari just told her where Adrien was so Ladybug decided to check up on him first was all, and for all the Ladrien fans I'm sorry but Adrien did not get all blushy around Ladybug this day and instead blushed because Mari had Ladybug check on him, how sweet, that pesky brain worm is gone and he feels cared about again

    #adrinette#miraculous ladybug#miraculous #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste #there's so much more to this dream #but I'm considering turning it into a one-shot fic #it had me in tears when I woke up y'all #i do highly encourage fanart of this scene though
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  • saytr
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    REALLY Shitty doodle

    Doodle comic, Ladybug gave up the Miraculous Box in the middel of a fight, idk, Hawkmoth. Adrien gives up every GABRIEL Fabric he has, and buys from local clothes from small shops.

    Marinette and Adrien sport scars, because i suck for them. Adrien woos his Lady now in the open, falling in love all over again, for the 3th time

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  • akemimiraculer
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    "Looking at you face to face and smile again"

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  • gale-gentlepenguin
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Im just imagining:

    Marinette with Waant Flirting with Adrien with Raage

    #The Malicious#ml au#malicious au#adrinette #I would love to see those forms #it would cool
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  • bananagreste
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    oh, hey, it’s adrinette → day 147
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  • snacc-noir
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Adrienette as flirtatious enemies >>>

    (au where Ladynoir are in love - while Adrienette are mortal enemies, with a side of fake dating)

    fic link


    #miraculous ladybug#adrienette#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #adrinette#ml #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #original content#em draws
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  • yumiayumu
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ya know, it’s serious when you listen to a song and it either reminds you of a certain character or a ship. but imagine a certain blonde model singing this to his blue eyed classmate.

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  • emari-13
    17.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Dernier remords • Part 7 🌙

    Marinette and Chat Noir are getting closer, and Marinette will have difficulty to tell him the truth!

    A little ref to Total Eclipse of the heart and Lucifer 👀✨

    Part 6 <

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  • taty-san
    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    [Marinette sits in a taxi in the morning, closes the door]

    Marinette: Good morning!

    Driver: Once again!

    Marinette [raising her voice]: Good morning!!

    Driver: I'm not deaf!

    Driver: I say slam the door again

    Driver: You didn't close it...

    Incorrect quotes from @san-fics

    MLB/PV/Felinette/Maribat fics

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  • saytr
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    The Life you have chosen with an Artist

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  • miraculousfanworks
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    Aged-Up, Pre-Relationship, Pre-Reveal
    Alix: Ugh! Just forget about it, it’s all too distressing for you Marinette: 😰W-What?! Alix: Boys! Dating! Romance! It’s all weighing on you because you’re not thinking about anything else! Tell you what, just us girls, one weekend somewhere where we just be us, we don’t talk about all this romance stuff and just have a good time. What do you say?
    Marinette has always stressed herself out about Adrien, always has, and to make sure she doesn’t start pulling her hair out or do something stupid, Alix organizes a weekend away to Normandy with the girls, where they can unwind and enjoy themselves. Romance-free. Meanwhile back in Paris, the boys decide to spend most of their time together, it’ll be a cool way to compare their experiences to the girls, and Adrien truly comes to understand the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

    via NPC_Ethan

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  • together-from-afar
    16.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Miraculous Ladybug 2D vs. 3D parallels

    💫🌸Adrinette edition🌸💫


    🐞🌹Ladynoir edition🌹🐞


    #miraculous ladybug#adrinette#ladynoir#adrien agreste #felix graham de vanily #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous ladybug pv #anime#mlb#my edit
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  • mikauzoran
    16.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Adrienette: Up in the Air (One-Shot)

    Read it on AO3: Up in the Air

    Summary: Marinette never stopped looking for her partner who disappeared after the final battle. One day, on an airplane back from New York, she’s reunited with the “two” boys she’s never been able to forget.

    Pairing: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng

    Rating: T

    @fictionalinfinity did some fantastic art for this story, but I don’t think it’s been posted yet. Still, go check out her Tumblr.


    #Adrinette#Adrienette#Miraculous Ladybug#Adrien Agreste #Marinette Dupain Cheng #Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction #Fluff#Love Confession #Accidental Love Confession #Identity Reveal #Accidental Identity Reveal #Friends to Lovers #Reunion#Aged-Up (25) #New Beginnings Zine #Mikau's Writings #Up in the Air
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  • cece-ta
    16.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    The Resolution Game

    Rating - G | Words - 2,660 | Fandom - Miraculous Ladybug | Adrienette/DjWifi


    Summary: As a way to make resolutions more exciting this year, Alya proposes they make it a game. The winner gets bragging rights (oh, and an expensive gift from Adrien which Nino is already claiming he’ll be the one to get).

    “Has anyone come up with a resolution this year?” Alya questioned, raising a brow inquisitively as she took a sip of coffee from her glass as if it were wine.

    She, Marinette, Nino and Adrien were currently gathered around the fireplace at her family’s apartment. It was late in the evening on New Year’s Day — they’d all wanted to spend the eve with their own families — and blankets were laid out over the four teenagers as they soaked up the warmth of the fire. They all sported wooly jumpers and thick fuzzy socks, courtesy of Marinette.

    Their sleepover almost hadn’t gone ahead as planned, though. Once again, Mr Agreste had refused to let his son have even a little ounce of fun. Adrien himself had brushed it off like it was no big deal, but his friends had refused to back down.

    After their many failed attempts at begging Adrien’s father to ‘let your son experience joy for once in his miserable life, please, sir’, it quickly escalated to Marinette marching in and shouting at Mr Agreste until he finally relinquished. It was starting to become a common strategy of theirs.

    “No one?” Alya gawked, letting out a groan of disappointment.

    “I’ve never really thought about it,” Adrien said sheepishly. He clutched the glass of milk in his hands tighter, eyes downcast. “My father says resolutions are a waste of time and effort.”

    “Of course he does,” Nino mumbled bitterly, rolling his eyes. “The dude seriously has it out for anything remotely fun.”

    “I don’t think fun is in his vocabulary,” was Adrien’s quick retort.

    All the while, Marinette remained silent. Alya glanced to her right where her best friend sat, giving her a nudge. Alya smiled amusedly as Marinette snapped out of whatever thought she was trapped in, scrambling to keep her glass upright so her drink wouldn’t spill all over the rug.

    “You still with us, M?”

    “Sorry. I got lost in thought again,” she said, grinning awkwardly. Marinette’s mind had a tendency to bounce around from topic to topic in a way that made zero logical sense to Alya.

    “Hey, maybe that could be your resolution.” Nino suggested, poking her with his foot.

    Marinette sputtered out a laugh and poked him back. “I think you’d need a miracle for that.”

    As Alya nodded in agreement, an idea suddenly hit her. Her lips curled into a devious grin as she excitedly patted her leg repeatedly with the hand not holding her drink.

    “I’m beginning to fear that look. Nothing good ever comes out of it.” Nino said, eyes widening in apprehension.

    “Hush, my sweet boy. This is a look of utter brilliance.”

    Adrien snorted.

    “Given that we’re all struggling to think of something, I propose…,” she started to say, placing down her drink before patting the floor a few times to imitate a drum roll. Alya could practically feel the excitement bubbling through her veins. Or maybe it was just the coffee. “We make it a game!”

    “Like whoever sticks to their resolution the longest wins?” Marinette asked. She leaned towards Alya, resting her chin on her hand.

    “Yeah, exactly! The catch is we come up with resolutions for each other. Whoever wins gets—uhhh,” she flubbed, desperately trying to come up with a prize. Her eyes locked with Adrien’s. “Whatever they want bought by Adrien!”

    Adrien’s brows furrowed. “But what if I win?”

    “Then you get to splurge on yourself, duh.”

    His eyes narrowed. “Why do I get the feeling this is just you trying to tell me you want something expensive.”

    “Maybe it is,” she quipped, sticking out her tongue at him.

    Nino snickered. “I would pay to see your old man’s reaction to finding out his money’s been spent on expensive headphones for me of all people.”

    “Assuming you win, that is.” Alya said.

    “I’m the hardest one to think of a resolution for,” he pointed out, smirking as he leaned back into the sofa, arms crossed behind his head.

    It was annoyingly true. Alya could easily think of a few things that would be hard for Marinette and even one or two for Adrien but she was drawing a complete blank on Nino. But that just lit a fire under her.

    Oh, how she desperately craved to prove her boyfriend wrong.

    “Dang it,” Alya heard Marinette mumble. It seemed even the most creative of them all was stuck.


    In the end, the resolutions were as follows.

    Alya had to stay a safe distance from akuma attacks; Marinette had to make it to school on time every day; Adrien had to lay off the stinky Camembert (weirdly enough, he’d looked thankful?) and Nino…

    Nino had to not listen to music during school hours.

    Suffice to say, it was not their best work. Though Marinette had argued that included lunch break which had made Nino’s eye twitch a little. He liked to use the time to relax and go off into his own little world. To ‘keep his vibes chill enough to make it through the day’ as Nino put it. Alya did not know what that meant, but she loved him anyway.

    Alya had sort of screwed herself over, though. There were another two days of winter break left which meant two extra days for her to not fail at her resolution.

    She could totally do this. It would be fine.


    Not even a full twenty four hours had passed, and Alya was already out of the competition.

    In all fairness, how was she to know an akuma wanted to attack her specifically?

    Some guy who recently started a blog about Paris’ superheroes that had content suspiciously close in wording to Alya’s had been called out for it online the previous night. The post had spread like wildfire (as drama typically does these days) and a few hours later Alya had an angry copycat demanding she get her followers to leave him alone or he’d use his new powers to turn everyone against her.

    He had not liked it when Alya pointed out he was stealing her work. Things had only escalated from there.

    Alya crossed her arms and huffed a sigh as the magic ladybugs swirled around her. Nino ran over from where he’d been hiding behind a car nearby, phone in hand. Well, at least she had some footage for the Ladyblog.

    As the akuma victim came to, Alya’s foot angrily tapped the ground.

    “One down, two to go.” Nino joked, slinging an arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. Normally, Alya would feel her frustration melt away at his touch but that comment only made her want to make him lose even more.


    As the doorbell rang, Marinette hastily hooked her backpack straps over her shoulders and opened the door to find Alya stood outside.

    Before even saying hello, Marinette bolted past her and sprinted across the street as fast as she possibly could. All that time saving Paris had done wonders for her athleticism. She ran up the front steps two at a time, stopping at the top.

    “I’m not late!” Marinette yelled triumphantly, throwing her arms into the air.

    At the lack of response, she turned around to see Alya laughing at her from across the street. The other teen was clutching at her stomach and leaning up against the wall as she wiped a tear from her eyes.

    Marinette’s head tilted as her nose scrunched up.

    (Adrien had once called that look adorable which had made Marinette pass out into his arms.)

    “Nice try, but school starts tomorrow!”


    Marinette groaned dramatically, throwing her head back. Of course she’d gotten the days mixed up. That explained why Tikki commended her for packing her school bag so far in advance.


    Attempt number two at not being late somehow turned out even worse.

    Like the day before, Alya had shown up at Marinette’s door five minutes before the first bell. It was an agreement they’d made a few days prior. Alya was firmly out of the competition but still determined to prove Nino wrong, so now she was rooting for Marinette.


    Alya’s mouth opened and then immediately closed. She pressed her lips together and adjusted her glasses as she looked Marinette up and down, placing her head in her hands.



    “You’re still wearing your pyjamas.”

    Marinette looked down, eyes widening comically as she saw she was, in fact, still wearing her pyjamas. She jumped in shock, letting out a loud gasp.

    “How long do I have?” She questioned in a panic, already hurdling up the stairs.

    “Two minutes! Go, go, go!”

    Five minutes later, Marinette barrelled in through the classroom door and tripped over her own feet. She heard laughter all around as her face met the floor for the hundredth time.




    Adrien flopped onto his couch face-down and buried his face into a soft and plush cushion. He took a deep breath before lifting his head up and locking eyes with his kwami.

    Plagg had not been pleased about Adrien’s chosen resolution and refused to comply. Even when Adrien pointed out it wouldn’t necessarily be the whole year, or even a whole week.

    “What?” Plagg asked, crossing his tiny arms (paws?). “It’s your money on the line, Adrien. You can spend it anyway.”

    “But that’s not the point, Plagg,” he grumbled, running a hand through his now-tousled hair. “What if we make a compromise?”


    “You haven’t even let me explain yet!” Adrien exclaimed.

    “And I don’t need to,” was Plagg’s response. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be eating my precious camembert which you will continue to carry around for me.”

    Refusing to let the kwami die on this hill, Adrien grabbed his phone off the coffee table and brought up the page for the place he regularly bought Plagg’s cheese from.



    “White stilton gold?”


    Adrien bit his lip as he quickly scrolled through all the available options in an attempt to find the most expensive one possible. Surely, that would work, right?


    Plagg froze, head turning slowly until their eyes met. His mouth was wide open, about to inhale another wheel of cheese.

    As their impromptu staring contest continued, Adrien crossed his fingers.


    Adrien loved Plagg, really, but sometimes he had the strong urge to eat the kwami’s entire cheese collection and force him to watch.


    Glancing around to check if the coast was clear, Adrien quickly opened the door to his locker.

    After many more attempts to get Plagg to relinquish his beloved camembert just for a few days, he had still failed.

    Adrien had managed to get away with feeding Plagg his usual snack yesterday, but Marinette and Alya were both out of the competition now which meant only he and Nino remained. And Adrien did not want to incur Alya’s wrath.

    “Hurry up,” he whisper shouted, heart pounding in his chest.

    “I’m savouring it.”

    “Savour it faster!”

    Adrien’s fingers anxiously tapped against the metal door, unknowingly masking the sound of footsteps walking towards him.

    “Hey, dude.”

    As Nino’s hand landed on his shoulder, Adrien flinched. In the corner of his eye, he saw Plagg drop his cheese and phase through into the next locker.

    Much to Adrien’s misfortune, the camembert was left in plain sight.

    “Woah, sorry, bud. I didn’t mean to spook you.” Nino apologised and took a step back, his hands in the air.

    For a second there, Adrien could have sworn he heard the faint sound of music coming from Nino’s headphones. Nino usually had the volume up quite high, though, so Adrien brushed the thought away. His sleep-deprived mind must have just muddled things up.

    “No, it’s okay,” Adrien waved it off, laughing nervously as he tried to stand in the way of the open door. He hoped the panic wasn’t showing in his eyes. “Just caught me off guard, is all.”

    Nino raised a brow. “You sure you’re okay?”

    “Yeah. Just peachy.”

    Just peachy? What kind of response was that?

    Adrien’s teeth clenched into an awkward smile as he attempted to shut the door behind him as inconspicuously as possible. Unfortunately, said attempt was in vain because the hinges were in dire need of being replaced.

    Nino glanced at what he could see of the open locker and then back to Adrien.

    Adrien gulped.

    As Nino quickly reached out, Adrien tried to slam the door shut. He stopped at the last moment, the want to not potentially break his best friend’s fingers outweighing the urge to hide the damn cheese.

    “Strike three.” Nino mumbled. He whistled, the sound low and drawn out, before looking Adrien in the eye. “It seems I’m the only one of us who can actually stick to a goal.”


    “And we have a winner!” Nino shouted in lieu of greeting as the two boys approached the table the girls were sitting at.

    “Sorry,” Adrien apologised, wincing. “I just— love camembert cheese so much,” he lied though gritted teeth.

    Alya dramatically flopped onto the table, her hair spreading out in all directions as she let out a “noooo,” of defeat.

    Nino patted her back in as if to say ‘there, there’.

    “I’m surprised you haven’t said ‘I told you so’ yet.” Marinette said as she closed her sketchbook and put it away in her bag.

    “I am so tempted,” Nino responded with a grin. “But I think Alya would smite me.”

    Said girl lifted her head from the table and patted Nino on the cheek. “Love you too.”

    “We made it too easy for you.” Marinette piped up again, lips puffed into a pout. She stretched out her arms in front of her, her tone turning innocent as she said, “though I’m surprised you’re not freaking out like that one time you forgot your headphones last month.”

    “That’s a good point,” Adrien said, tone matching Marinette’s as his lips curled into an uncontrollable grin. “You were very jittery that day but you look completely calm right now. Why is that?”

    Nino laughed nervously, reaching up to place his hands on his headphones. Adrien could see a bead of sweat rolling down Nino’s forehead as Alya’s eyes shined with their usual spark whenever she caught wind of a scoop.

    “Nino,” Alya said, drawing out the two syllables. “Are you hiding something from us?”


    Nino was definitely lying. He’d always been horrible at it, and the way his voice had cracked just now was a complete giveaway. One of his many tells. The way his eyes were twitching was another.

    Adrien squinted. Nino’s hands were covering the speakers of his headphones, and it had sounded like music was playing in the locker room earlier.

    “Hold on a second!” Adrien exclaimed, pointing at the headphones.

    As he took a step forward, Nino took one back. Adrien lunged forwards, one arm wrapping around Nino’s middle so he could run off and the other carefully yanking his headphones off his neck.

    Adrien pressed one side to his ear, mouth gaping when his ears were met with the lyrics to Nino’s favourite song.

    “I knew I heard music!”

    Nino signed in defeat, sitting down next to his girlfriend who only laughed at his despair. “Damn you and your freakishly good hearing.”

    “Have you had it playing on volume one this whole time?” Marinette asked, giggling into her hand.

    “Look, man,” Nino sighed, elbow on the table as he pointed a finger at her. “We have class with Mendeleev after lunch. I need to do something nice before she sucks all the happiness out of me.”

    “Understandable,” Alya mumbled.

    Adrien bit his lip, barely containing the laugh threatening to bubble out of his throat.

    “What, dude?”

    “So much for you being the only one able to stick to a goal.”

    Nino groaned, him now being the one to drop his head to the table with a groan as Alya patted his back. She smiled smugly. “No expensive new headphones for you, Lahiffe.”

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  • thepapillonnoir
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Platonically Romantic, Romantically Platonic

    Chapter 1

    Rain was pouring from the clouds, the scene was grey but warm, it felt nostalgic.

    Marinette was with her usual pink jeans, white shirt, and dark grey coat. She was waiting for the rain to stop or at least to calm down.

    'Just a few months from now, high school is going to be over, my classmate and I would get separated because of high school... Alya, the girls, Nino, and... Adrien,' Marinette was lost in her thoughts, problematic about her life in future as Marinette, Ladybug, and the guardian.

    "Did you forget the umbrella I lent to you?" Adrien asked walking towards Marinette from behind.

    "U-uhm, yes? But that doesn't mean I don't like you- ah! I mean I like you! I mean I don't but in a way, friends! Yes- friend!" Marinette, as usual got lost in every word, she made a shy awkward l laugh and looked down with disappointment, for many years, she still stutter in front of him, never having the gut to have a conversation with him properly.

    "That's okay, I don't have mine as well, and Gorilla wouldn't be here anytime soon, class ended too early." Adrien giggled and smiled explaining why he can't go home yet, "But I wouldn't mind," he said and looked at Marinette, she looked back as well, "I get to spend time with you, " he smiled again.

    Their eyes spakled looking at each other. Adrien, of course, saw her as a very special friend, and someone who he can love as well more than just a friend.

    *BRAAAG* A loud thunder occured.

    Marinette got startled by the thunder and covered herself with her arms as if lighting was going to struck her. Adrien giggled.

    "It's okay, Marinette," Adrien moved closer and comforted her. He held her hand, "As long as I'm here, there's nothing to be afraid of," he winked at Marinette with the thought that these actions were only platonic.

    Her faced turned into a tomato after what he just said and did, not knowing what to say anymore. She slowly get her head from looking straight to her direction, panicking. ' Come on, Marinette! You can do this!' she said in her mind.

    "You th-thank, Adrien! Ah! I mean... Thank you... Adrien," she looked at him.

    "Listen... Adrien." She said with a shaky voice. "Hmm? Are you cold?" asked Adrien.

    "Ah! No! I mean, no, thank you," Marinette said.

    "What is it then?.. oh wait, let's go inside first, the rain is starting to spray from here" Then he guided them inside, still holding Marinette's hand. She was looking at their hands holding, as if they were a couple.

    They sat down on the bench, "you sure your not cold?" concern of Adrien.

    "No, why?"

    "Your hand..." said Adrien and he put his other hand to their holding hands, feeling her hand getting cold, "is getting colder."

    "Ah! No, no! ah-ha-ha" said Marinette nervously.

    Adrien looked Marinette with a oh-really-cause-I-don't-believe-you look and took his coat off, "give me your other hand," he said to Marinette but he already grabbed her hands before he even said it.

    "I'll hold your right, for you to feel safe, and your left on top of it, covered with my coat for you to feel warm, is that okay?" He asked Marinette while she was already lost in his green eyes.

    "Absolute- I mean! Yes, thank you, Adrien! ha-ha!"

    "So, what were you gonna say earlier?" asked Adrien as he layed his body on the back of the chair, closing his eyes, being in the most comfortable zone.

    "U-uhm," her heart was beating fast and her mind was all jumbled. "See I like this..." she looked at Adrien and he opened his eye, "this?"

    "No! I mean! N-not this!" she looked at their hands like she was pointing it, "ah! I mean! I like this! No! But- ugh"

    Adrien giggled, "calm down, Marinette, it's okay if you don't me to hold your hand," Adrien was about to let go of her hand but, "No!" said Marinette quickly and held it tighter, like if she was a child.

    Adrien smiled 'She must be really afraid of thunders, huh.' he said in his mind, finding her cute.

    "What I mean is uh- I need yoouuu-your help," she then again avoided to confess. "Anything for you, Mari." Adrien moved his face closer to Marinette's.

    "Uhm- Yes, actually, I was saying, I l-like this... this boy," she said stuttering. "Oh! You have a crush on him?"

    "Actually," she looked at him, "I love him."

    "Woah! What a lucky guy, loved by an every Ladybug!" said Adrien with enthusiasm.

    "Well, no, I'm just a baker girl," she giggled, "he's someone, so far better than me."

    "Just a baker girl?" Adrien said like if it was a joke, "you're Marinette! The! The baker girl! The designer! The best friend of Adrien Agreste! The everyday Ladybug! The most caring, gentle, thoughtful, loving, and enthusiastic person I know!"

    Marinette blushed, she was confused if this was going to give her confidence to confess or be more shy but anyway, she laughed it out.

    "Heeey! That wasn't a joke!" said Adrien giggling with her, "You're the best, Marinette."

    Marinette calmed herself down, and looked at Adrien. They made eye contact while smiling. Then, slowly and softly stopped giggling.

    Suddenly, they moved their heads closer slowly, while they looked at each other's lips, closing their eyes gently.

    Finally, they kissed.

    Marinette came to her senses, her eyes opened just after two seconds when their lips met. She immediately moved back, breaking their kiss.

    Adrien was in shock as well on what just happened. They both let go from holding hands.

    "I'm sorry!" Adrien begged for an apology while Marinette was covering her lips from the shock, her mind got broken. "I'm so sorry, Marinette! You just said you loved someone and I don't know what came to my mind, it was just I don't know, the rain maybe? I'm very sorry Marinette! I understand if you don't, I'm really sorry!"

    Marinette was still in shock but Adrien's continuous apologizing got her mind off it. "What!?" Marinette finally went back to reality.

    "Marinette, I'm really sorry!" begged Adrien. "No, no, It's okay.. but uhm" Marinette looked at him and her eyes widened.

    "Does that mean, you like me? Or.." she looked away from him.

    "Y-yes! Ah! But I mean, I like you as a friend! Not, that I like you in a way of something, ah-ha-ha," Adrien explained with mess.

    "W-why the kiss, then?" asked Marinette.

    "I-I don't know, it just... I'm not sure, I'm sorry."

    Marinette was blank, 'why the kiss, kisses aren't just-friends... why' she asked in her mind.

    The rain finally stopped.

    Marinette stood up, grabbed her bag, looked at Adrien while he was looking back, "Adrien, I- I-," she was lost in her words.

    She doesn't know if she was going to be happy cause of the kiss or be said because he said he likes him only as a friend.

    Marinette walked two steps backward, "Mari, I'm sorry!" Adrien stood up and with his hand reaching for her and, again, ask for an apology.

    Marinette turned around and ran, leaving Adrien standing alone in the waiting area.

    -------end of chapter one-------

    Hi! I'm back! Been busy for college so I haven't been posting art for ages.. soooo here's my comeback!

    I hope you guys enjoy it! Sorry if there are any sort of errors...

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    Love Square Fluff Week!

    Just a reminder that the event is starting in less than a month! We can't wait to see what you create <3

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    "You are so good at sneezing, Adrien!"

    #Adrinette #She's a fucking disaster I love her
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    [established relationship, aged up]

    [Marinette and Adrien are discussing their school years]

    Marinette: every time I saw you — the heart in my chest...

    Marinette: speaking of the chest

    Marinette: I bought myself a new bra!

    things change... 😁😇

    Incorrect quotes from @san-fics

    MLB/PV/Felinette/Maribat fics

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