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    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago



    So! A lot of you have been requesting an OnlyFans or a Patreon. I’m... considering... a very cheap Patreon. Just for fun and for the content that Tumblr would censor. I’m talking like $1 to maybe $5 a month. I am NOT doing this for money. But I want to be on a platform that might help protect me monetarily (stolen content and shit, you know?) and I like P more than OF. Though I have at least one OF I can totally recommend to you if you want it. 😍 

    That DOES NOT MEAN I AM ABANDONING TUMBLR or am gonna peace out on you guys or put up a pay wall for content. I just can’t DO as much on Tumblr. And who doesn’t like their cardiophilia with a bare chest? Or more “naughty” recordings? It also means you get to ask for more adult requests that I can do for you!

    I don’t want anyone to think less of me for taking this route. Or even considering it. I’m not 100% on it yet - this is not an announcement - but so many people are interested in seeing more... Cardiophilia, feet pics, other crap, artwork, whatever floats your boat. So I’m conflicted!

    Can you give me your thoughts? Anyone interested in this? Everyone OKAY with this?

    I love you guys and I want you to just enjoy yourselves... so if this is met with resounding negativity than I simply won’t do it. It’s no big deal. Tons of people are doing this and I don’t want to join the waves of people doing it ONLY for money or security. I do it because I love it.

    Leave a comment! Or hit me up with a message! Love, Blue 💙  

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    TEEN+ // female // reis control // reis edit // flagged for random // 16k

    || SFS || PTRN ||

    gender & age conversions by request. CONVERTED FROM SIMS 2.

    consider donating to my ko-fi or becoming a patron for 1$/mo
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  • carversims
    24.07.2021 - 21 hours ago


    TEEN+ // female // reis control // reis edit // flagged for random // 16k

    || SFS || PTRN ||

    gender & age conversions by request. CONVERTED FROM SIMS 4.

    consider donating to my ko-fi or becoming a patron for 1$/mo
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    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dangerous - Part II - Joseph LisgoeXFemale!Reader

    More fanfic they cried! @thedollface221b​​ and I have some more Lisgoe smut for you thirsty ones. This is entirely the result of riffing in DMs!

    18+ Audience/Rated M - Contains graphic sexual content

    Trigger Warnings - This could be read as dub-con. If you’re sensitive to suggestions of that, avoid.  

    Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction AKA not real. Read the tags and if you’re uncomfortable with what has been outlined in them, avoid reading below the cut. Thank you.

    Final warning - Smut below the cut. Don’t like it? Don’t read.

    Summary: Lisgoe finds yet more ways to make work for difficult for you.

    All you could do was manage a strained groan as Lisgoe's nicotine stained fingers shoved their way into your drooling mouth. His overly heavy, expensive cologne filling your nostrils leaving you nothing but overwhelmed - all senses stimulated in unison as he mumbled something filthy into your ear.

    You couldn't quite make out what was said, but you could tell by his rumbling tone of voice that it was something sordid. The thick digits that had been shoved unceremoniously in your mouth were fish-hooking you while the rest of his probing fingers entered you from behind. He couldn't help but comment on how wet you were, the fear making you even more so. And it sounded like he was making fun of you for it.

    "I thought you weren't scared of me? That's what you've been saying all this time. But look at the state of you. Shaking and I've barely even started." Lisgoe laughed with a brutal snarl, tucking his kiss-bitten lower lip in between his teeth and sucking on it lightly. The way you coughed and inadvertently suckled on his fingers as you tried to eject them from your mouth turned him on so much. Making him so hard it was damn near painful.

    You tried again in vain to talk but with the invasive obstruction, all you could do was drool. The dampness spilled from your mouth more thickly than before, coating your chin, dribbling down his wrist and coating the desk top supporting you. It was highly shameful and embarrassing but with the position you were in, there wasn't much you could do - very much stuck between a rock and a hard place. But the endless streams of spittle that ran from your lips did nothing to put him off. In fact, it only seemed to stoke the flames of desire that raged in his loins even more.

    "Filthy girl, making a mess all over my hands, my desk, my fingers," The fingers inside of your hole gave a rough thrust and they bent into crooks, striking at your most sensitive place. It took everything in you not to buckle beneath Lisgoe's expert touch, but you held strong for the moment, gripping onto the desk as if your life depended on it.

    It was obvious that Lisgoe was incredibly turned on. The bastard couldn't help but touch himself through the expensive fabric of his trousers, purposely manipulating it to make sure you got an eyeful of the outline of what he was hiding inside. The grey silken material did absolutely nothing to hide the growing hardness concealed beneath it. He started palming himself off with even more vigour, grunting and growling as pleasure rippled through him, the relief of it hitting him hard after watching you writhe so deliciously for him.

    "Like what you see?'" He couldn't help but grin when he noticed the confused look of arousal in your eyes, squeezing himself to the point it made him suck his lower lip in between his vicious teeth and roll his eyes. "No? That wet little hole of yours says otherwise."

    "P-Please..." Was all you could muster around his thick probing digits as he worked a third finger inside your slippery folds. "Please what?" Lisgoe smirked back at you as his thumb hit skilfully at your clit, making you shudder from head to toe. "Please stop? Please more?" He scissored his mean fingers, stretching you almost painfully but the burn felt so good that you couldn't help yourself from leaning back into it.

    You began to panic and let out a pathetic cry around the fingers in your mouth, thick strings of saliva dribbling and hanging from your chin. In a sudden movement, they were ripped from your mouth and cruelly smeared the mess all over your face, scooping some of it back in only for it to pour out again. "You're making such a mess, sweetheart. All over my lovely desk." Lisgoe said in a dry and cutting manner, making you feel nothing but ashamed of yourself.

    Suddenly your mind flashed back to an image of his come dripping out of your mouth and being smeared all over you. The sensation of your face feeling so wet and sticky bringing forward some past memory of one of the many times before where Lisgoe had left you ruined and wanting more. Before you even realised it, you were licking your own saliva from his fingers as he played with it. It should have been gross, but you couldn't quite stop yourself from finding it so arousing that it made you ache around him - at both ends.

    "Look at you. You're obscene, you little slut." Lisgoe whispered smugly into your ear, his hot breath making the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. His cock pressed hard and painful up against your exposed backside to the point that you're sure it will be bruised there tomorrow. And a little part of you almost wants it to.

    A sudden emptiness overcame your lower half as you had come to realise he'd withdrawn his fingers along with the ones in your mouth. In a brutal movement, he wrenched your head around over your shoulder, so all that you could do was bear witness to him sucking his fingers clean of your sticky arousal; greedily lapping at his coated digits with a series of rude moans. "I fucking love how your cunt tastes, knowing only I can get you this wet. It's mine. All of it. Each one of your holes belongs to me." Mid-speech, Lisgoe had started to grind the rigid, menacing girth of his clothed cock against you, dampening the front of his trousers so much that it left behind a darkened trail. At that moment, he suddenly grabbed your neck, not painfully, but enough to pull you closer to his face so his full lips were at your ear, speaking hoarsely. "I said - you're mine. Do you fucking understand that?"

    All you could manage was a slow nod, not sure if you were permitted to speak.

    "That's right. Good girl." He nuzzled into your neck, kissing and biting at your delicate skin there. You shivered against him, goose bumps forming up and down every inch of your stimulated body. To counter the praise, his hand that was just at his mouth roughly grabbed at your backside, spanking you hard enough for an angry red welt to immediately rise up from your pale skin. The impact so hard you were certain you'd be feeling the sting for weeks to come. It was expertly placed, right upon the fleshy rounds of it - the place you hated to be struck at the most.

    He knew how to break you and make your knees knock together, and right on cue, you nearly buckled, but the threat of more pain made you hold steady. To prevent your imminent downfall, you gripped at the desk with all your might, tensing, preparing yourself for yet more strikes. But they never came. Instead, Lisgoe busied himself with the fly of his trousers which he ripped down with one fluid motion, and before you even got to inhale, he already had his solid cock in hand - fisting at it. It looked just as angry as he was; spilling out drops of pre-cum like you'd never seen it do before.

    "I think you might be ready for this now... Just about." He grunted, swiping the thick head of his length at your entrance, relishing in the tacky, wet sounds your bodies made together with a smile that could only be described as devilish and menacing. You gasped aloud as Lisgoe finally breached your tight hole. The hot stretch that followed - the one you could never quite get used to - split you apart. You heard him growl in deep satisfaction as he pushed forward in one hard jerk, not worrying one bit about your comfort. His sole focus was just the need to be inside your soft, warm wetness as soon as possible. At last, you finally let yourself breathe out as you felt him bottom out, his balls hitting your sore rear with a dirty sounding slap.

    Both of his large, controlling hands retreated, his nails grazing down your back until his fingers settled upon your hips where they gripped at you mercilessly. The heated trails from where he scratched at you set your teeth on edge with just how much they burned. You always convinced yourself each time that you'd get used to the pain, but you never did. It was as if each time he clawed at you - marked you - that it was the first time all over again. You couldn't help but collapse forward onto the desk beneath you when Lisgoe plunged back inside of you, the rough bump of his hips meeting your rear sending you sprawling out across the cheap wooden surface.

    Before you could even steady yourself,  Lisgoe fucked you with such ferocity that you were certain you might pass out. Your lungs gasped for breath, desperate to send vital oxygen to where you needed it most, to help support your weakening muscles which were burning scorching hot as you strained against him. From behind, all you could hear was the grunts and groans he made each time his impressive girth spread you apart. You didn't dare to turn and look back. You didn't need to - the feral face that contorted his dark feature whenever he was balls deep inside of you was forever etched into your sordid little memories.

    His manicured nails dug into your soft flesh, leaving small red crescents in their wake. Part of you liked it when he marked you like this, but part of you felt like it made you his possession, nothing but his little play thing to be called upon whenever the desire struck.

    Having picked up the pace and depth, Lisgoe made sure you felt ever inch of him, his rolling hips snapping wildly. Sweat soaked through the expensive cotton of his shirt and dripped onto your back with how much he was exerting himself. "Fuck..." He groaned into your ear as his pumping started to grow erratic, the ragged movements he made matching the pleasured sounds that streamed from his drying mouth.

    In that moment, your pleasure wasn't even registering in his mind. He was just getting off, using you to gratify himself in the most animalistic of ways. Even the heavy desk itself was rattling with how hard he was fucking you, taking you so hard that you were whimpering with the pleasure and pain of it all. The things on top of the desk started to fall off and crash to the floor with just how roughly he was taking you, and at one point, you were certain you heard a hushed but amused laugh beneath the cacophony of growls and snarls. It was quickly dampened though, as soon Lisgoe was slamming your hips up and away from himself, using you like a toy made only for himself. "So fucking tight and wet... So warm... Mine."

    In one final act of dominance, Lisgoe reached up and grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling your head back so that he could sink his teeth down into your shoulder, hard. You knew he was close whenever he did this, as well as his thrusts becoming wilder, jerking and stuttering in a staccato motion as his cock seemed to swell even more inside you. He was going to come.

    At that point, you were struggling to contain yourself, and you began to moan and cry out, a sound which did nothing to quell the small man's tremendous ego. In fact, it fuelled it, urging him on to not stop until he was over the finish line.

    After clamping his vicious teeth down on you, sinking them into your skin to the point your cunt squeezed around him, he reeled back a bit. Just enough to get a good look at his cock shunting into you and watching it draw out covered in your fluids. His breath began to hitch and a deep growl rumbled from the pit of his stomach, ricocheting off the drying back of his throat. He sounded unhinged, and he was. Possessed by his own libido and desire to conquer you. And with one final ragged thrust, Lisgoe came, spilling load after thick load inside of you. Plugging your smothering hole up with so much of the stuff that it gushed out around him.

    "Jesus fucking Christ!" He cried as his cock twitched violently. It didn't stop throbbing right up until the last of his seed filled you up. All movement ceased and with a weak groan, he pulled out slowly and watched on with a look of smug glee as the evidence of his desire for you slipped messily from between your thighs and down your legs.

    Sweat dripped from your forehead as you sighed in relief. Or was it disappointment? You felt so fucking empty now that he was gone from you and you didn't even get to finish. You were so close and as he often did, left you without a release of your own. Your upper body slumped against the desk and your legs twitched uselessly, barely able to table your weight, but his hands on your hips held you up. Wordlessly Lisgoe pulled up your underwear and trousers, not even bother to do anything about the embarrassing state he'd left you in, his fluids still soaking you and making you feel dirty and sticky.

    "Joe... I can't leave like this..!" You whined, trying to peer back over your shoulder through your bleary eyes, just about able to make out the cruel look that painted his flushed features.

    "You'll do as I tell you, so I highly suggest you sort yourself out and go and make me a cup of tea." Lisgoee smirked, looking way too pleased with himself as he promptly unpeeled you from the desk and bumped you in the direction of the small kettle. You stumbled with a yelp and crumpled against the small kitchenette.

    "Black, no sugar; I'm sweet enough."

    What a complete fucking bastard.

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    Musae - Bad Blood

    CAS thumbnail Mesh by effiethejay Converted by ChazyBazzy My edit of Shockshame texture & Pastry-Box controls.

    DOWNLOAD Bad Blood

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