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  • theaeolianharpist
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I got some negative feedback from someone about the dumpster fire project that I have literally been working on at all hours every day for a week and for the next several days until the day I start medical leave and I am beyond enraged. This person has been involved with the project for a matter of a few weeks while the people I've been working with for many months and who have actually been in the trenches with me during our fucking midnight and weekend meetings have been positive. Trying to keep things in perspective but afhajdhshja. There are so many things I have genuinely fucked up but this isn't one of them.

    #personal#work stuff#adulting #adulting or lack thereof
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  • robertleckie
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When kids are more aware of your mannerisms than adults, but are also more accepting of them when you actually explain why you do things a certain way.

    #Had my neighbour who's 10 over yesterday #Her sister (who turns 5 soon) and her are the cutest and its really fun getting to spend time with them! #But yeah the oldest was here and we were chatting and she asked why I kept looking away #Like I'd look in different directions and not right at her #Which is a bad habit of mine I really struggle with eye contact or looking at people when I'm talking to them #So I explained that and why it makes me uncomfortable (because it feels like I'm staring crazily at people when I look at them too long) #And she just accepted it and explained why she asked #Kids are great okay #Also I love that I can be an extra adult in her life who's not a relative #Like her mum told me they really appreciate me and that the oldest really likes talking to another adult #Who's had a similar family (younger sister 5 years younger two parents working full time etc.) #But who's kinda on the other side now and who knows what it's like #It makes me feel good knowing I can be an extra support to her and I hope she will continue like talking to me #Because its so important to have adults your trust when you get older #I didn't and I didn't want to talk to my parents and that did me bad #So I want to make sure she knows she can talk to me whenever about whatever #Anyway I need to sleep #But like that whole thing made me happy #And also I worked today so I was hanging out with a bunch of kids all day #And those I have met over the past year and a half I've worked there were so happy to see me #Which also makes my heart so full #Like literally had a kid who has always been a little reserved before throw herself in my arms for cuddles #And jsut being so happy I was there and just showing how much she appreciated me #I love my job yikws #Can't wait to finish my studies so that I can start full time! Only about 2 years left... #Spilling the peaches #Wow these are some monster tags help
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  • diluted-rainbow
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I turned 21 day.

    When do I feel like an adult? It hasn't happened yet?

    #like there are people so adult they WORK in taxes. like thats theyre JOB. #im crying tears over a cockatoo playing a xylophone #adulty adults are truly a different species i am convinced
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  • anxiousangerball
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So annoyed today.

    My coworker needs to mind his own and not worry about whether or not I have made time to eat my lunch.

    I am a grown-ass adult and can manage my daily intake of calories without advice from the peanut gallery.

    (Also, it is open enrollment AND the recruiter needs some assistance this week. And we are starting the annual review process. I am fucking doing my best to get everything done and in a timely manner too and I don’t need any additional, personal advice from any of my coworkers.)


    #HR work #Nosy Parker Coworker #Grown ass adult here #Being all salty about being advised to take my lunch
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  • formu-oli
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I swear I will get to any requests in my ask box soon I have just been so busy guys it’s unreal. if you want me to write something feel free to drop a request! 

    #I am in fact an adult apparently #i went grocery shopping after work even though I just wanted to crawl in bed #now i have to go get my booster before school
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  • gigilefache
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hat and Bow adult spaceship concept. Click for better quality.

    Now I get to work on homework again lol.

    More details about it under the cut. Just be aware it's kind of long. Some aspects of beta and a lot of silly stuff in there as well.

    Premise- A bigger spaceship for Hat Adult and Lady Bow.


    * Main Foyer

    The biggest room and the main entertainment space. Access to all rooms including upper levels can be found here. TV monitors and high-tech control panels for the ship can be found here, as well as couches, a table, gaming consoles, and a miniature house for Rumbi. Large glass windows on the sky and walls are in this room, which serves as the biggest in the ship. The Foyer also has many relics on display for all to view, although they are quite silly.

    *Kitchen/Dining area

    The Dining area houses an array of both fancy and somewhat wacky decor large forks and spoons are displayed like statues and are dressed to the nines along the sides of the room. A large cat clock stands above the kitchen and chimes every five hours unless the ship is in sleep mode. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and windows to space line the walls and are decorated with red drapery. Few paintings are also seen for different planetary locations, and in the center lies a small mahogany table.

    The kitchen is a mess. Dishes line the sink and baking powder can be seen in a couple of places. The trash also needs to be taken out. Lists decorate the refrigerator along with art done by Timmy, who placed it there himself. However, the food in the fridge is exquisite. Meats and cheeses hang from the ceiling, nothing is contaminated, and though exotic and scary, the food is quite delicious and has the correct amount of sweetness or spice in it.

    *The machine room

    The machine room has machinery in it. Anything that isn't a gear or tool has been removed for explosion safety reasons. Blueprints are stored here though as this room doubles as a mechanical workshop. Two yellow birds somehow managed to waltz their way in and make a family in the room, but they don't mess anything up, so it's ok with Hat and Bow. They help with carrying parts to higher places. The birds are alien as they can make disturbing unnatural noises and can lift car batteries despite being as big as a human hand.

    *The Bedrooms

    There are two bedrooms, one for each alien. Hat has a star on her door and Bow has a moon.

    Hat's bedroom is full of strewn books on astronomy, astrophysics, language books, time philosophy, and murder mysteries. They have a closet that they have a science skeleton in. His name is Jeffery and he wears a pretty dress. The room isn't too bright, and it is mostly luminous decals and a lamp lighting the room. Hat still has the pillow pile, which can be used as a doorway to Bow's room and Hat's secret study.

    Hat's secret study is in the same location, however, it has expanded to a pillow for builder's dream. There is a TV, more books, some art, a diary, a timepiece lamp, nerd magazines, and plushies.

    Bow's room is much more vibrant and bright. There is a big ceiling lamp, fairy lights, lots of loud and colorful posters, soft plushies, and a pillow pile. Bow's secret study can also be accessed through her pillow pile and leads to a much more tranquil space. There are a lot more plants and mini water fountains here, along with the occasional cat plush and valuable condition manga connections. Bow also has some piece lamp. The timepiece lamps follow the same motifs of star and moon for the respective girls.

    *The engine room

    The engine room is a bit different than before. It contains more machinery than in the game, which is much more neatly mapped out to cover all areas of the ship with equal amounts of power. This is to avoid another incident like doors not being able no be opened because of a missing timepiece issue. The engines use the timepiece power extracted from the ship's core. The engine room also powers the ship's cannons, transporters, and produces wifi on the ship.

    *The Attic

    The attic is the storage space. There is a bunch of cryptic stuff in here, from childhood drawings to Moleman lore, photo albums, haunted paintings, R.K.'s hidden kingdom, and old badges/clothes that don't exactly fit anymore. The attic looks relatively the same, just another round window on top of the stained glass one. There is also a couple of musical instruments here, in good condition too.

    *The Mail Room

    The mailroom is the same, just more organized. There is the help of an alien animal here too, they look like a cross between a puppy, bunny, and cat. Their name is Monoliath, destroyer of a thousand suns, or Mooni for short. They are white and have a little umbrella. This room also has a transport for the girls to bean down to the planet. A signal from this transmitter can be activated via a watch (inspo from doodle-draws-things) to beam them back up. There is a letter that, because written in a weird language, can not be translated and has been put to the side for several years. It has a red cross-like wax sealing...

    *The Gallery/Library/Music Room

    The gallery has been expanded into a vast library with relics, music, and more books. A good chunk of the paintings here are silly. Mooni often comes here as well. A miniature theater has been constructed in a room connected to the gallery.

    *The Lab

    This is where all the experiments are tested. A vast array of chemicals, elements, plant life, organs, and time energy can be found here. The technology keeps everything in the toon stable by forming a protective twilight barrier aground it, preventing anything from getting out and destroying the ship. Large test tubes are here to contain things that usually aren't living creatures. Just more storage room and food that couldn't fit in the kitchen fridge. And of course ice cream.

    *The Laundry room

    The laundry room now has a bathroom. Both rooms are clean, don't worry. Soap bubbles are usually seen floating in the air and the theme of the room has a very tropical vibe.

    *The Basement/Gamer/Party Room

    The basement storage room has turned into an arcade, complete with modern and classic games, claw machines, bowling, a disco and karaoke setup, a streaming section, vending machines, and a food stand. The Nyakuza Metro cash pile is still here.

    *The observatory

    An observatory with a map of the whole Milky Way galaxy, with a sticky note added for earth since it wasn't stationed on any reference map. The note pictures planet and text that says "Earth :)" There is flora around the edges of the observatory and rotating machinery that serves no purpose other than to loom like a cool clock. This room is the highest in the ship

    *The Safe Room(core)

    This room is in the center of the ship. It stores a host of valuable items along with timepieces to precious and important to display. A bright sun-like core is contained in strong glass and has wires connecting it to the engine room, which in turn, powers the whole ship.

    What else?

    There is are two escape pods that connect to the main control center with the fastest wifi in the galaxy and plenty of food. They look like minivans if they were square. The ship exterior is made of space-resistant wood. You must have a password to access the control panel and an additional three passwords to access the safe room. The ship has exterior weaponry, to mainly shoot at asteroids, but also for self-defense. The Nova Model ship has more security than the original, and any intruder is scanned for threat levels. If it is a dangerous intruder, Hat and Bow are immediately notified and the ship fires lasers on sight. If it is not a threat, they are allowed to stay. Most Earthlings are not considered threats.

    #a hat in time #ahit #now i can work on hw lol #hat adult #im not giving this too many tags
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  • 1eos
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    honestly if i go to a restaurant nd they have 14 yr olds working im hopping over the counter nd throwing hands with management

    #you have to be evil to resort to child labor #at MOST kids need to be fucking.... summer camp counselors managed by OTHER ADULTS #or baby sitting but a legit job??????? #imagine working from 14 to 65 i would jump
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  • wigglebox
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    #i always wanted to make an adult coloring book #do adults still do that? #bc i'm not above figuring out how to do line work for a SPN adult coloring book #or hell a child one tho idk if the kids will know the charactres but then again #does it even matter? #awlefjaewlk
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  • loverblade
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    being a child watching youtube is so different from being an adult. one day you’re idolizing someone for playing minecraft, trying not to wake up your parents from laughing at 2 am, then you blink and you’re the same age or older than the people you used to watch. the new people you’re subscribed to are your age and you’ll still never meet them, but you find out you have mutual friends and suddenly they aren’t Grown Ups anymore because you’re both kids but you’re both adults but they’re just like you except they followed their dream and you haven’t even started. and you catch yourself watching another youtube video at 2 am trying not to wake up your parents. now you are 13 again until you realize you don’t live with them anymore and you are so young and so old and so big and so small and you don’t know how you got here or where you were even going in the first place

    #very personal ramble sorry #i’m working thru it 😔 #my wake up call for oh shit i’m an adult was realizing i’m the same age as they are #and finding out about my mutual friends with them was another oh shit moment #it kinda forced me to realize they’re way more similar to me than i ever considered #and there is nothing that’s stopping me from doing what i’ve always wanted to do #idk #might delete later #my posts#mcyt
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  • corvidollar
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    AFter ur done with a show or that shit content that gives u a rush like ur on fucking CRACK & u have adhd and ur off ur meds and theres nothing else to give u a rush its just like *eats drywall* *eats drywall* *eats drywall* *fucking dies*

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  • daddyzlilfucktoyyy
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Msg me on snap and ask about my deals😘😘 snap: ImDaddy0406

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  • coggevity85
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

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    #Brain supplements that work #brain supplement for adults #healthy brain supplement #brain nutrition supplement #brain health supplement #memory boosting supplement #supplement for brain health #most effective brain supplement #best brain memory supplement
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  • osddifficult
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Waking up is bad today. Like that panicky dread setting in as soon as you realize what day it is, what happened yesterday, that life goes on, I don't know, something like that?

    Last night was young part chaos. Pip emailed A and I feel sick with disgust and fear and shame. I should probably not check my email while I'm at work so a potential reply doesn't overwhelm me. I know I'll check my email regardless.

    I feel horrible. Therapy hangover is real today, but I really gotta get up now because I gotta leave the house in 20 minutes.

    #d00nt rebl00g /// #just let me 😥😥😥😥 for a minute #i hope ill move into a more active adult mode omw to work #big ugh 😭 #personal
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  • shadeyrain-today
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    >BilDip Week Day One!!<

    I choose a haunted painting as my “urban legend.” I slaved on this literally since I woke up, but I’m still a little disappointed in myself. I really wanted to start my BilDip week off with a bang, but this is more like...a bubble wrapper.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    (pssst...blink and you’ll miss it ;D)

    #billdiphalloween#billdip#bildip#gravity falls #its a gif #i worked so hard to animate that you would not believe #human bill cipher #adult dipper pines
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  • sublime-slutt
    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Lets play with eachother on ManyVids. 💅🏻💞

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  • aphrogeneias
    25.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    guess who has a job interview tomorrow?

    this bitch

    #if it all works out i'm gonna have two jobs! how adult of me #send good vibes
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  • theaeolianharpist
    25.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    dhshhfdhahshdhahdhd I guess the upside of this neverending stream of clusterfucks is that they aren't directly my fault for the most part and each clusterfuck is getting replaced by a more urgent clusterfuck so I don't even have the brain space to worry about the last one

    Actual message I sent to my (very nice) TL today: "tfw you think on the way to work 'wouldn't it be nice if I got hit by a bus and was just in a coma and didn't have to figure this out'" [no actual safety issues, just intense anxiety/hatred of coordinating things]

    Only just about to leave work and on the hook to log back on at 11:30 PM


    #personal#work stuff#adulting #adulting or lack thereof
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  • iratehoodlum
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    “This is adulthood, this is independence,” I say. It is 11:00pm, I’ve just set my alarm for 4am. I have been in my bed drinking Pepsi since I got off work and I just finished watching a movie I’ve already seen multiple times.

    #work is really early alright #text post#adult life#moving out
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  • nick-eyre
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I haven’t even started my carmilla reread and I already had a vibrating out of my skin moment you guys are fucking in for it

    #or not bc Im also v tired and have to move/buy a lot of furniture for my fist adult existence so we’ll see #im mostly just distracted at work but its my lunch break now so its fine
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  • rhianwen24601
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    On one hand, do I really want to be the person who wrote not one, but two grocery store AUs with the casts of different Fire Emblem games?

    On the other hand, I was making dumb Fodlan/Foodland jokes at work yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about a Three Houses grocery store AU with Edelgard the Grocery Manager who spends the whole story trying to get rid of Store Manager Rhea so she can have her job (and OF COURSE be WAY BETTER at it, because she is the one keeping this business afloat anyway), and shortly after she gets promoted when Rhea goes on indefinite mandatory stress leave, the store burns down.

    I just have to decide which departments Claude and Dimitri should manage before Edelgard gets rid of them as well. I would make Dimitri the meat manager because LOL Toxic Masculinity, but I also kind of want the Lions to be the produce department so Dedue can be the Floral Guy (with the help of Bernadetta from Grocery who is picking up a few extra hours).

    #Jaci's Dumb FE3H Rambles #Fics I will never write #Look they say to write what you know #And I have worked in a grocery store for most of my adult life
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