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    I need y’all’s help. I’m taking my best friend to see Wicked live and my knowledge about anything drama related is very small. I’ve been to one production which was in high school and fell asleep halfway through…mostly because it was terrible. Wicked is her favorite play and I want to give her the best experience possible. Her brother (my ex 🤢) and I are planning on going half in for her ticket and then I would buy my own. Theater is something she was really passionate about and I only really discuss it whenever my boyfriend talks about being a tech assistant or when she relives her high school productions. I’m really desperate for any advice or experiences people have had so I can prepare myself.

    Also if anyone wants to donate to help me buy my ticket private message me and I’ll give you my PayPal or CashApp. I never really ask but I figure it can’t hurt.

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  • Someone up with an idea how I can tell my parents that I self harm? I don’t want to tell them but I know that I won’t be able to hide the scars in summer… I want to have the control in telling them instead of them finding it out and yell at me cause I didn’t told them all of my problems.

    I really need some ideas guys…

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  • I havent used this account in 5ever but like I need advice. Why does my ex keep watching my stories on snapchat?! I deleted him like a few days after we broke up (he broke up with me🙄) and blocked him from my socials but it’s been a few months and I decided to unblock him and he still watches my story?! Why? He never says anything he just watches them. I have my story public so everyone can see and I dont mind but like its just super upsetting he still watches my stories.

    It’s been over 7 months since our break up and we havent spoken. I havent added him back on any of my socials and ha hasnt tried to add me either so like why? Am I crazy but we havent spoken in months so why does he care what I do with my life? Advice please!!

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  • not to brag about my health on main but its not every day the doctor tells you you got to much spine juice

    dont worry they’re gonna punch a straw in me like a capri sun on  Friday and slurp out that extra spine juice 

    but for real anybody out there had a lumbar puncture to drain spinal fluid recently and please tell me, did that shit help your migraines/seizures or nah? asking for a friend (its me)? I’m in a crazyballs amount of pain constantly and would like this to be the answer

    #lumbar puncture#health stuff#advice #i guess? #this is the organic cause we've been looking for but what if it doesnt help me
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  • look we’re all just… little creatures. tiny beings on a giant floating rock. the trees and the sun and the plants and the water keep us alive. whatever we do in our lifetimes, that’s up to us. make clothes, for yourself or someone else. grow some food. give some to a neighbor. play in the dirt. wear footprints in your sandals. walk barefoot. plant some flowers. plant a fruit tree, to be enjoyed for years to come. make some art. kiss people. hold hands. say how you feel. eat weird foods. ask for help. help people who need it when you can. we are all just animals trying to stay alive. be considerate. don’t let people shit on you tho. stand up for what you believe in. organize a protest. start a petition. make sure you’re heard. life is nuts and we have to make the most of it, for ourselves and for those who come after us.

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  • how do you know whether you’re nb or gnc?

    #or do i just have a weird relationship with gender bcuz im bi?? #question#advice#nonbinary#gnc#lgbt#personal
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  • Heya! For those of my followers who have Transformers RP blogs, any tips on how to get one going? I got two side blogs for my ocs I want to get into, but I am still new to the Tumblr Transformers community, since it had been ages before December that I got into it. I have absolutely no idea how to market @mini-squared or @silentxkeeper at all!

    Advice would be appreciated!

    (and of course, if you want to send asks for the muses or plot, go right ahead!)

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  • * Today may seem tough.

    * You may be struggling with something hard. Like schoolwork, or tending a garden. Perhaps you’re lost, even.

    * Perhaps, you’ve been lost a while…

    * …

    * Please remember that mazes and caverns aren’t infinite, and neither are problems.

    * You will hit the finish line and make your way out of this if you choose to keep going, and the reward for your success will be better than you think.

    * Keep going.

    #characounsiling#advice#positivity#ut#undertale#narrator chara#schoolwork#lost #by the way #for those few unfortunate souls who see when i accidentally reblog on the wrong blog #oop#sorry #guess you're just getting penguin dinos on ya dash
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  • hey how do you tell your partner that youre scared of “forever” without sounding like you want to break up?

    i love my boyfriend very much and im pretty sure he’s the one but ive just been feeling weird and getting scared of the “forever” part, like i want to be with him for as long as i can and i dont want to lose him but …


    “forever” sounds like a long time

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  • “His insistence on seeking the counsel of others was his best quality, yet it was strangely coupled with an inability to take their advice.”

    -The moors account

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  • There is a difference between loneliness, heartache, and depression. Depression is an epidemic sweeping the world right now, especially amongst the last and present generations. (Gen Y and Z). So many people are diagnosed and medicated for it, and most teenagers claim they have depression. Of course, it isn’t uncommon for teenagers to have it. The raging hormones and other issues, on top of the solutions thrown at us from social media, make it almost impossible not to be depressed.

    However, so many people confuse loneliness or heartache with depression. I have watched girls older than I am posting pictures of themselves crying, talking about how depressed and empty they feel. This all changes once they catch a man’s eye.  All of a sudden it’s a sweet romance that “will never end.” Then the inevitable happens, and it ends. Then the cycle starts all over again.

    In this blog, I want to explain that loneliness and heartache are not depression; they are simply emotions that have very simple solutions. Both are emotions I have dealt with and sometimes still deal with, so believe me, I know what it is like.

    Personally, I have a very hard time making friends. Most people who share my interests and are willing to put up with my crazy self… are boys. Boys that develope crushes on me, and the friendship goes downhill, very fast, since it’s hard to catch my eye. This has caused me to feel lonely. I feel lonely when I do actually want to go out and do something fun, then realize I have no one close enough to where I live to actually do something with. It’s lonely when I want to go on trips and have no one willing to do so with me. It’s lonely when I want to talk to someone (outside of my family) and have no one. Believe me, this was my teenage years up until I was eighteen.

    Loneliness happens to everyone. It’s inevitable; there are going to be times when we feel alone. It is in those moments, I believe, that we truly know God. Those are the times when we should be putting our happiness into His hands, instead of relying on others. Those are the times when we can feel Him the most. This isn’t depression. Loneliness is not depression. It is a state that can easily change, if we take the time and effort to change it, that is.

    Heartache is fun. So much fun. I don’t know about you all, but I physically feel heartache. It sucks. I have this ache in my chest that won’t go away, no matter how many bottles of soda I guzzle down, no matter how many songs I listen to distract me. It hurts, it really does. I am certain we will all experience this in our lives. Heck, even Disney princesses felt heartache at least one time during the course of the movie. Sure, for them it always worked out while some of us… are stuck. However, again, This is not depression!

    Did you know a person can have heartache and still be happy? You may not feel, well, jolly as you go about your business. But if you rely on God, the joy that comes with it will get you through it. It is once again choosing to rely on God, and not on our own strength. Placing our happiness in His hands, instead of on the shoulders of those around us.

    I will testify to this. I cannot say I have things figured out; as of late I have been rather a mess and hurting over someone. I suffer from depression (the actual mental disorder) on top of this. However, the difference is; I have lasting joy. Why? Because while I’m in love with someone I cannot have at the moment, I have also fallen deeply in love with my Savior. I long for Him, and I love Him in ways I didn’t know were possible. This love of Him, and the want to serve Him, gives me joy, and it is a joy I carry with me everywhere I go. It gets me through the heartache, the depression, and anything else. There are times when I fall into severe bouts of depression, and my prayer life falters (sometimes crumbles) and I lose sight of who it is I am focused on. But I know that He will receive me with open arms, and I know I could never stray away from Him for long at all.

    Happiness is a surface emotion. It isn’t deep, and it isn’t always there. Joy, however, makes all the difference. Joy is the solution to loneliness, and it is the key to getting through heartache. Joy that lasts, and that joy is only found in one person; Our loving Lord and Savior.

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  • I love it when people are comfortable in there body, you possess so much power when you do. 

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