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  • How to live a more peaceful life? Stay with people who brings peace. Avoid people who stirs trouble. Stick to the things that matter. Focus on your goals. Let go of the unnecessary. 

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    Hi there,

    Lately I’ve been quite lost in my life in general. Talking to the local witch she suggested I could do a regression to help me finding some anchor or the contrary, to find what is missing, any would help me one way or another.

    I thought about it and we finally did it.

    Problem is that I was so lost before as I am now… at one point I was literally lost in a forest, I was alone all the time and when I finally found someone I could not go near them I was literally pushed away from others.

    So, the thing is that now I am even more confused.

    Any of you have any ideas I can try to move forward?

    #advice #seeking for advice #anything helps#witchblr
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  • Are you tired? Are you apathetic? Unmotivated? Check out this interesting article.

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  • 💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

    💌 When told “you’re ugly”, “pangit ka”, “you’re not that pretty”,

    Respond to immature actions intelligently.

    Ask them questions so they notice their idiocy,

    Echo their remarks or walk away confidently.


    Ask them, “Is ‘ugly’ a new word you learned recently?

    Is that a nickname given by your mom and daddy?

    If that’s your way of flirting with me, then I’m sorry,

    I don’t like shallow people who lack inner beauty.”


    Scornfully repeat what they said. Their nonsense copy

    Just to give them a taste of their immaturity,

    Or be the more mature adult and ignore their folly.

    Their envy or self-hate could be why they act rudely.


    Don’t let your self-esteem decrease by anybody

    Who thinks they’re perfect or dictates how you should appear,

    When they too have flaws and their skin isn’t always clear,

    And they don’t have power to make wrinkles disappear.


    What’s their definition of “beautiful”, now tell me?

    Wearing colored contact lenses? Looking like Barbie?

    Fancy wigs? Fake eyelashes? Cosmetic surgery?

    Altering oneself to satisfy society?


    Actual beauty is more than what you let people see.

    It involves a grateful heart that serves Allah Only,

    A beautiful soul content with Allah’s Destiny,

    And pleasant thoughts that don’t welcome wretched qualities.


    Envy, suspicion and treating others unfairly

    Aren’t recognized by souls enriched with real beauty.

    Troubled and wounded souls speak ugly speech fluently,

    While those whom Allah guides talk truthfully and kindly.


    📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam said, “Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your hearts and actions.”

    Source: Sahih Muslim 2564

    Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Muslim

    📖 Abdullah Bin Amr RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated that Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

    “The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hands the Muslims are safe.”

    Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 10 Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi

    📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “Whoever wrongs his brother in his honor or anything else should resolve the matter today before it cannot be resolved with gold and silver coins. If he has good deeds to his credit, they will be taken from him according to the measure of his injustice. If he has no good deeds left, he will bear the evil deeds of the one he has oppressed.”

    Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 2317

    Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Al-Bukhari


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  • Dear Tris,

    Why did Henry VIII have so many wives?

    Ego, narcissistic, just completely mental he was.

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  • so my friend was talking about astrology yesterday and she pointed out that virgos are such perfectionists that it makes them feel like they’re not enough sometimes, and then something CLICKED for me (cause i’m a virgo myself) and it’s that we are in fact known for being the most perfectionist sign - not even about physical things but when it comes to our emotions it can get soooo frustating

    when we’re involved in a relationship of any kind (romantic, friendship, family or even with ourselves) this perfectionism makes us feel like we need to understand our feelings so much and we need to feel like we’re doing ok and we’re enough for the other person to the point that if we don’t get that ““validation”” we tend to feel like we’re just not enough

    SO my daily advice for virgos is that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH and more than valid !!! you don’t have to fulfill anyone’s standard !!! and if someone makes you feel like you’re not enough u have 2 options:

    1. fuck them

    2. try to open up to them about your feelings, it’s okay and you are allowed to feel like that :)

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  • So I got divorced.

    We did the standard long-distance thing for ten years. You know, telepresence bots for both of us, and a lot of virtual tours and dates. When we wanted children, we traded DNA and each decanted one of a pair of twins and signed up for a growth service on the sib’s bot. And now I’ve got sole custody and my daughter’s on her way here - with a copy of me and a copy of my now-former spouse and a copy of my son for good measure.

    My place is plenty big enough for me and a pair of kids, but what do I do about all the bots? My kids have never met each other in the flesh, only their sib’s dolls. My daughter’s never met me, only my mannekin. I don’t think there’ll be enough difference between my partner’s dolls to need to keep both of them, but I’m not sure I want to see even one copy of their face running around. I already have the local bot set to switch off in a closet every time our son isn’t around, and it still hurts to see them.

    The license, and our custody agreement, mean that my ex’s doll is supposed to stick around at least part time till the kids are grown.

    I’m getting all this noise from my counselor about my options for moving into a bigger place, making activity schedules for the bots, and all sorts of other things but I’m missing something more basic.

    Should I be trying to ease all these bots and dolls out of my kids lives and making us into a more basic family of three with maybe my ex’s doll around for housekeeping and to comply with the custody agreement, or should I keep all of them active so my kids don’t ever have to pull away from the simmed versions of us and each other they’re used to?

    I know I’ve got options, but what’s right?

    - doll house

    One of the biggest reasons you have so many options is that what’s right is a question that doesn’t really have a fixed answer that fits everyone perfectly.

    What’s right is something that you, as the parent with sole custody, have to find yourself. But you find it with your family. Keep talking to your counselor. Keep talking to your ex. Keep talking to your kids. See what works. See what doesn’t. And don’t feel like you have to make a sudden and absolute decision right now.

    I’ve seen families similar to yours that pared down all the way to just biologicals, and they did wonderfully. I’ve seen other families where the kids were so attached to each-other’s dolls even after they started living together that when they grew up and moved away, they took their sibs with them. And others where the parent’s home hosted the whole family’s bots for decades and it was almost like the kids never really moved away.

    And all of those families were fine. They were all different, profoundly so, but they were still families.

    So don’t worry so much about doing the right thing, or doing things the right way. There’s a lot more than one thing or one way that’s right.

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  • Hey, I know it’s common to want people in our lives who push us, who challenge us, and who push us out of our comfort zones. And that’s great!

    But there’s a thin line between that and someone blowing past the boundaries you set.

    And you should be careful about someone who claims to be “helping” you by “pushing you out of your comfort zone” isn’t just making excuses for hurting you by ignoring a boundary you’ve set.

    #especially when you're young or unsure of what those boundaries are for you #advice#life advice #Gwen's life lessons I guess? #idk just pissed at a friend
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  • Rant, legal advice welcome. Venting about Canadian Indigenous housing and foster issues.

    So I grew up hearing dont snitch, dont talk about “our” issues. But Jesus fuck I’m sick of bands or people running in departments of the band potentially using their “own” people for some sort of fucking gain.

    My brother is coming into “adulthood” potentially with learning issues. We had a house put in our name by our mother, who passed due to ovarian cancer complications, which she might have known we/he/us/or me would need help, a home to stay in. I’m admittedly something I don’t know what but enough so to the point a teacher suggested at a young age I be tested (so who fucking knows i might be autistic (i think) undiagnosed with neither the time or cash to pay for a diagnosis that may or may not help my life).

    Anyway, they have withheld $10,000 dollars, potentially more, for some renos done on said house which have now the total of $25,000 because, when our mother rented did not keep up repairs or very shoddy and hastily “repaired”.

    They say the with held amount is to start payment on the renos, while simultaneously saying, he might not get the house that other families need it. He has a friend (practically brother now since my bro has lived with his family for five years since our mothers passing) to move in with. As well as the other older brother who has a kid potentially. So a family ready to move in split rent learn to operate a house.

    I should also mention this house was built on the precedent on a program that would let renters turn to owners and the subdivision was to be in the owned first or second in the aforementioned program. There is another family who has been living in their home now for 20+ years paying rent. Again little to no repair by band but done by person renting property.

    They also are not paying the foster family for the now extended care due to covid. No shelter, no food, and no living,

    Also the repairs which over the years have accumulated and exacerbated into the cluster fuck it is now are

    • The roof. Dry rot. Attic needing insulation cleaning, replacing, and rodent proofing. Luckily no leaking yet.
    • Shifting foundation, plus cracks, which led to a small flood after a particularly wet season my father fixed when he had his mental faculties about him.
    • Dry wall replacing. In my old bedroom where the flood happened, the ceiling in the basement under where the kitchen sink was, the bathroom, and in the kitchen.
    • Boards and flooring under the kitchen sink and bathroom. Due to being a) old and b) shitty/barely completed sealing. Caused water damage leading to dry rot and black mold issues.
    • Speaking of black mold. Its all around all the windows. Once again old, poor sealing, and shifting. Which my mother tried to keep up cleaning while suffering from multiple chronic illnesses later on unable to.
    • Counter replacement. Again due to rot and mold caused by an unsealed replaced kitchen sink.
    • Oh and all the windows and doors frames have shifted due to foundation.
    • Oh not to mention the walls cracked, again from shifting.

    So the cost i theorize can so far be summed up by the following repairs

    • Back stairs to the second floor. Which were practically falling off the back of the house violating the fire code.
    • Painted walls.
    • Replaced counters, tub and bathroom sink.
    • Might be adding in the septic field replacement and leveling in the back yard (its big).
    • Potentially finished an uncompleted area which when we lived in it was a laundry and fourth room unfinished to the point it was open with insulation held in by vapor barriers which honestly over the years were ripped off (not by us there have been about 4 different owners before us) needing replacement.
    • Installed carpet into the whole downstairs which by the looks of it got paint on it again due to a shitty install. Not known if anything was placed under it.

    To top this off they said if a lawyer got involved all negation and talks stopped which I think would lead to them acquiring a lawyer and racking up legal costs. But one side (guess which) being able to pay for them.

    #legal advice#indigenous politics#band politics#canadian law#indigenous law #? #legal#help#autistic community#autistic#advice#canada#native #hard to be proud of the band i come from #why do we need to be silent #your abusing your own fucking people #signal boost#canadian politics#indigenous issues#political corruption #foster family issues #foster family #canadian foster care system #indigenous foster issues #child welfare#covid#covid 19#covid lockdown
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  • Aries: Nostalgia is a dirty god damn liar. Those bruises were never beautiful and those moments were never that special. Those people were shit and there’s a reason why you left. Don’t let her sirens call tell you otherwise.

    Taurus: it’s in your nature to question everything but you have to have blind faith sometimes. You have to believe in some kind of magic otherwise this whole thing is pointless. Trust me.

    Gemini: Eventually you will want to grow up. Eventually you will want to stand on your own two feet. It’s okay to take your time getting there. I just hope I’ll still be here when you finally wake up.

    Cancer: Eventually you have to let your ghosts go. Eventually you have to take a breath and decide to cut ties with the past that keeps dragging you back. It’ll be worth it, I swear.

    Leo: Those bruises and marks aren’t something to take pride in. The way they make fun of you is not a laughing matter. You deserve better than this. You can try and paint the black and white scene technicolor, but it will only dull your brightness.

    Virgo: You need to leave. You need to give yourself time and space to figure out who the fuck you are and what the fuck you want. Before you do more damage to yourself. Please

    Libra: Dissasociated is not a way to live. It’s not a baseline to be comfortable At. Being numb is only a skill when you can control it. You’ve got to face what you’re running from to heal.

    Scorpio: You need to stop picking fights just because it makes you feel alive. Find some other way to get your high then ruining your own life for the love of god. I care about you too much to let it keep happening.

    Sagittarius: Deep breath. You can pause for a moment. Just a moment. Take the time and breath. Focus on something pleasant and calming. Focus on your heart beat or the drum beat. Find your center. It’s going to be okay.

    Capricorn: Hiding behind a wall of smoke didn’t do you any good. Your insecurities and anxieties still shone right through. Let the air clear out and clean up the mess. You got this.

    Aquarius: You need to learn to relax. Learn to let go and have fun. You can’t keep running forever and ever. You need to learn to breath and take a break. I promise it won’t be this bad forever.

    Pisces: You need to learn to set boundaries and stick with the . Correct and call people on their bullshit. You don’t deserve this crap and we both know it.

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  • image

    Went to a Christmas tree farm, these are the high light shots

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  • If you’re laying down and feeling icky try sitting up in case you need to burp

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