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    • Hi everyone!
    • I take a break from tumblr an in the last few month I didn't post a lot.
    • I love the aesthetic of my current page but I think of change it a little bit or open an other completely different.
    • I have some ideas in my mind, but I search some other.
    • If you want send me some ideas or advice I would be very grateful!
    • Thanks in advance,
    • LD
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  • How would one go to secretly write fanfiction in the middle of class? Asking for a friend. Me. I am the friend

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  • Do they?

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  • You know him as the man behind Pixar’s Brave, close friend and partner to Brad Bird, and father to Jack-Jack’s voice actress!


    (Above: His storyboard collab with his daughter many years ago!)

    • He LOVES swordfighting! Eg: For John Carter he staged the fight scenes by swordfighting the stunt fighters on stilts when they were acting as the taller, four-armed martians!
    • When writing a story, you sometimes have to be the one to make the tough choices. If your scripts were gone and you had limited time, what’s the few plot points you’d have to tell someone to convey your story? Cut the extra stuff even if you like it.
    • Eg: In the original draft for Ratatouille, there were full subplots for Remy’s family, Linguine’s family, a still-alive Gusteau, and more!! They narrowed it down to focus more screentime on the main characters of Remy and Linguine.
    • PS: He seems like a very hot-blooded guy, having mentioned arguing with people on set long ago. Thankfully, he recognizes that as a past mistake of his. (He still swears a lot tho, haha)


    It was going to be about Merida having to journey to each of the other clans and finally reunite her bear-mother with her father. This would have been years after turning her mother into a bear tore her family apart, with Merida apologizing to everyone one at a time.

    Mark Andrews apologized for not fighting to keep this story and letting Pixar change it, haha. He’s a very brave and humble guy for admitting that he’s made bad stuff before, too!


    PS: He is fantastic at storyboarding!!

    • Write the beginning of your story first? The middle? The end? It doesn’t matter, everyone writes differently. It’s how you develop and connect ideas that matters!
    • “Dialogue is the thing you cannot board”
    • Pitch tips: Don’t just describe what’s on your storyboard. The people can already see it. Be comfortable with being the fool.
    • No matter how bad the audience reaction is, keep pitching!
    • It’s not about how well you can draw, it’s how well you can draw when the studio has given you a cramped and terrible schedule.
    • Directors can say something that sounds 100% different from what they mean, but that’s never gonna change, haha.
    • Mark’s a very animated guy! He loves doing voices and pantomiming whenever he tells a story!
    • TIP: If you’re experiencing writer’s block, just leave and do something else to relax! Creative thoughts come easier to relaxed people! (Mark likes watching movies and playing Doom to relax.)
    • Art school portfolios want realistic drawings of people doing crazy poses, animation companies want your OCs drawn well doing those same crazy poses!
    • “There is no bad storyboarding job” Everything is good experience!
    • Ask questions of your colleagues, like “Whoa that was so cool, how’d you draw that??”
    • DnD is Mark’s biggest inspiration outside of film. (On his first game ever, the DM killed him off in the first 15min for not looking for traps!)

    Fun fact: I thought this interview was the following week and had to sprint to it when my friends reminded me otherwise! (I don’t think I’ll ever stop embarrassing myself…)

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  • I realize I’ve been an unhealthy person in people’s lives lately. I have been very self-centered (unintentionally), depressed(ive), and a pitty party of self deprecation. What do you guys do in these situation? It’s very unintentional but so secondhand at the moment it might be hard to change.

    The social circle has changed lots in 3 years (in most ways for the better) and I’ve had trouble adapting to being more “alone” than before, but also in a place in life where it’s hard to make new friends for various reasons.

    On one hand the cut of ties is good, but on the other hand I think I’m driving away the people I still have. Tips?

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  • Hey hunnies. I’m in need of advice (don’t care if it’s healthy or not)…but what do y'all recommend for getting a flat tummy? I’ve been doing cardio 4×/week and eat 1000-1200 cal a day. I think I might be eating either too many cals or too many carbs. I just want faster results honestly. Thanks! :)

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  • Stop putting off writing. You cannot wait for inspiration to hit because then you will never form good writing habits. you NEED to force yourself to write everyday to improve, plus if you write everyday one day you’ll be done with your book. So stop putting it off, get off the internet and go write.

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  • You ever wanted to go back in time. Make different choices. Choose a different path. Make better choices. To have that second chance. I think we could’ve been different than what our relationship is now. Should I give up? Should I just come to terms that our relationship isn’t ever going to be what I think it should be. But I shouldn’t expect anything. But then again that’s just settling. I love him so much. But love can only take you so far.A relationship is more than just love. It’s growing together, building a future together. Helping each other to grow. Building each other up. But will we ever start to have any of these things. As long as we’ve been together this should already be happening. I feel stuck. That things will never change. But the thought of us not being in each others life sounds just horrific. I seriously can not see my life without him in it. Of course after all this time he’s basically the only person I have in my life. I mean not really. I have my family, but i don’t really talk to them much. I should, but I’ve been isolating myself. I have for years now. Probably also why I’ve been gaining weight. Honestly I think he hates me for what happened in our past. He holds it against me, but we weren’t together. I left because of the things he did. There’s so much I haven’t explained an I’m not sure if I’m ready to. I’ve been trying to move on. But part of me believes I won’t ever be able to forgive him. I’ve been trying to, but I bring it up a lot. I hold alot of resentment towards him. I shouldn’t, Should I? I just wish things were a bit easier. But I know life is never easy. Or maybe its just my life. 


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    Ms. Invisible

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  • Alright, so I’m writing a satirical paper about how autistic people should be treated, for lack of a better term, equally. I’m going to get my point across by using neurotypical children and saying they shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves. I want it to hit home and make people uncomfortable once they realize that forcing children to suppress themselves is wrong. This ties into why ABA Therapy is wrong. So I need help brainstorming, if anyone wants to.

    How do neurotypical children express happiness? Sadness?

    How do neurotypical parents encourage their neurotypical children to express their happiness? Sadness?

    I’ll add more questions once I think of them. Feel free to add on anything that might be relevant, even a little bit. 

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  • I think platonic romance and dates with your friends should be a thing or at least more popular if it is a thing. Bump having a S/O I'mma take my best friends out on dates and getaways, buy them flowers, create cute little letters and poems for them, etc. Let’s give ourselves and each other the love we all deserve.

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  • What do you think I should do with the art I do because I don’t feel like it’s enough. I don’t have anything planned like a dnd kickstarter project and no one seems to give me advice? Please give me some even commissions! And I’m such an idiot. Plus I’m never going to draw Beau ever again unless she gets hurt or killed. 

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  • Art goals

    (These are some goals I can think of off the top of my head for myself. No time limits or anything. Maybe this can help another reader out there)

    -collaborate on some dope comics(already in the works)

    -learn to paint

    -keep sharing even when it’s difficult

    -make a profile logo

    -more fanart

    -go to an art convention or event

    -keep reading to improve

    -become consistent in style, develop unique style

    -offer more feedback to other creatives

    -focus on local, small communities of art rather than professional work

    -support others and collaborate

    -timelapse more

    -take more time drawing

    -print my work so that I can have some physical stuff

    -be/stay humble no matter what

    -Reject the notion that feedback/lack of feedback equates to how good a piece of art is

    -narrow artistic focus

    -insert more self into work

    -learn to create scene rather than just characters

    -study some artists

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  • I started playing League because of my girlfriend and she’s really excited about it and I’ve really been enjoying it, but TBH I don’t really like playing with her that much because she’s a bit of a toxic player (def better than she used to be) and its really disheartening because her “advice” just comes off as her insulting me. Today she was really bad about it because I got filled mid when I normally play support, and I’m really new to the game. So I was panicking and she just getting more and more upset that we were losing. Its really disheartening because I can ignore toxicity when its strangers but not when its her and every time I get excited because I’m getting better and making progress shes just unimpressed and kinda shits on me.

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