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  • noncreativepuppet
    14.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Kidcore Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

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  • thestateofspirit
    14.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    “A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the roses” 

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  • penitencebedamned
    14.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    THE BANQUET (2006)

    i swear this is the last one @orsuliya​
    #the banquet #legend of the black scorpion #zhang ziyi#zhou xun#daniel wu#ge you#gifshistorical#aesthetics#chinese film#filmsgifs#mine #i am going to try and not gif more aesthetic posts #maybe i'll do a bunch of zhang ziyi ones #but i have very little self control #also whatever you think is happening in gif 9 #is exactly what you think it is #夜宴
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  • astrology101
    14.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Scorpio Rising✨

    “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”― Gordon A. Eadie

    Requested by @secretlyshadowymoon 💫

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  • fmdyoojin
    14.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    ◆ general image … PUBLIC IMAGE – ;

    in the beginning, yoojin went by mostly unnoticed. there was nothing particularly significant about her, after all – she didn’t sing, she was a good rapper, and she was a good dancer; but none of that made a notable idol. early fans took notice of her rap verses and cheered her on – yoojin had to admit that they were good and had they had better reception to their debut maybe she would’ve gotten popular straight off the bat. however, yoojin was just another good idol that dimensions produced, but there was never anything particularly notable about her. yoojin didn’t mind much; she was trying to be another cog in the idol machine anyway. yoojin blended into her members in an attempt to make a cohesive unit, so she considered it a win for her.

    those who did take notice of her only really did because there was no information about yoojin out there. there wasn’t much dimensions content around her either, nor was her face anywhere doing brand deals. the only real content anyone got was her with her members or during variety shows. early on, people not knowing anything about her was a reason no one really took too much notice of her. she was cute, she suited the group, she fit in among her members – but she wasn’t notable and could sometimes come off as aloof.

    so, for much of their early years, yoojin went by unnoticed.

    it wasn’t until people noticed her writing credits on ‘ nu.clear’s ’ b-sides that she started to get a little more attention. netizens commented on her verses and noted she was a budding writer; her fans even went as far to say that if dimensions put her on their main tracks, the group would get the attention they deserved. from the beginning, her fans were very dedicated and wanted people to take notice of her. her small following touted her as one of the best rappers of her generation – although, that didn’t make it anywhere outside of that group of fans. yoojin hardly expected anyone to take any notice of her, let alone her writing credits – so it came as a surprise to her.

    that initial popularity, albeit small, set the stage for yoojin’s general public perception: positive and hopeful for a hardworking young idol.  

    ‘ black dress ’ is what pushed yoojin even more into the focal point of 7rophy. both her writing on a majority of the tracks and the title track gave her a great deal of popularity – even more so was the iconic hair cutting sequence in the music video. it was also significant because it marked the first time yoojin’s hair was short in all the time she’d been with 7rophy, and had shocked many long-time fans with her visuals. with that, yoojin gained a surprising following among pepes, which persisted throughout the years. most within the fandom agree to call her versatile; she’s fit all the concepts that 7rophy has done so far, and despite mixed reactions on ‘ black dress, ’ yoojin’s fans stood steady in their support for the woman and made the groundwork for the influx of fans that came with ‘ latata. ’

    being that yoojin was the lyricist of most of 7rophy’s music following ‘ latata, ’ most people knew who she was at that point. no longer was yoojin the small girl standing in the background of the group, but she was instead the songwriter, producer, and composer of many of 7rophy’s biggest hits. most of 7rophy’s fans like yoojin, if only because her songs have granted 7rophy much of their commercial success. many are happy that dimensions has finally given the girls more control over their music which has supported them in the market and made them a more popular group. popularity isn’t everything, but everyone knows that popularity means less chance of disbandment – so they couldn’t complain. however, it is not all positive.

    many don’t like yoojin and call her a lyric hog because, especially since she’s started writing their music, has ended up on the top of 7rophy’s lyric distributions. of course, she didn’t intend that to happen, and she really has no control over the lyric distributions the company gave to them – her fans try to defend her, however there are many who hold grudges against her. others say she should let other members get a chance at making music the same way she has been – but these voices are a minority.

    the public looks at yoojin as a bright, positive light in 7rophy’s lineup. general views of her are good, she’s a hard worker and it’s clear from everything she does that she does everything she can for the best of her group. with the way she speaks about 7rophy, it’s well known that she’s a fan of her own group and she would indeed do everything she could for them. content has shown that she takes care of her members, too. she’s held in high regard as an artist with many komca credits, and many of her own fans want her to start making her own music outside of 7rophy’s discography. she’s also viewed as a bit enigmatic, but where that was once a problem it’s now part of her charm. she’s one of those idols that talks a lot but says very little – and it draws people in, because they want to know more. every interaction with her fans is very surface-level, but because they don’t know her well, they eat it up and adore her for the tiny semblance of connection she makes with them.

    her fans also have a tendency to infantilize her. perhaps it’s because she’s small and cute, so everyone just decides to treat her like a child instead of an adult. it initially started as she began looking more tired ( which she’s since learned to just cover up better to avoid comments ), and fans would start telling her she needed to rest more. she was doing too much; she needed to take time for herself. it quickly morphed into a weird babying by her fans, despite the fact she can very well take care of herself. she’s babied by her fans despite their more mature concepts, and editors only make it worse by adding baby sounds to clips of her. so honestly, the company is only enforcing it. yoojin hates it, but she can’t say anything – she’s sometimes called their fake maknae, although she hates the title. maybe it’s because they know so little about her, they make up what they think her personality could be like – but she doesn’t really favor it. luckily, this tends to be the minority of her fans – but it’s still noticeable. 

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  • palesite
    14.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    What we do in the shadows. by crash-stop

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  • palesite
    14.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Coral Cavern by LunarAntique

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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #dmc 5#dmc #devil may cry 5 #devil may cry #devil may cry v #devil may cry 5 v #v#vitale#gif#aesthetics#free camera#dmc v #dmc 5 v #edit
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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tag drop ! 

    ☆゚*・゚ i’m left seeing red on my own  —  (  aesthetics.  ) ☆゚*・゚ tonight we change the ending  —  (  wishlist.  ) ☆゚*・゚ no more games, no more masks  —  (  askbox prompts.  ) ☆゚*・゚ the screams all sound the same  —  (  musings.  ) ☆゚*・゚ a ghost that everyone can see  —  (  images.  ) ☆゚*・゚ your soul is haunting me  —  (  will.  ) ☆゚*・゚ everyone has secrets  —  (  verse 01: main.  ) ☆゚*・゚ carve your name into my bedpost  —  (  desires.  ) ☆゚*・゚ still a piece of garbage —  (  ooc.  )

    #☆゚*・゚ i’m left seeing red on my own  —  (  aesthetics.  ) #☆゚*・゚ tonight we change the ending  —  (  wishlist.  ) #☆゚*・゚ no more games no more masks  —  (  askbox prompts.  ) #☆゚*・゚ the screams all sound the same  —  (  musings.  ) #☆゚*・゚ your soul is haunting me  —  (  will.  ) #☆゚*・゚ a ghost that everyone can see  —  (  images.  ) #☆゚*・゚ everyone has secrets  —  (  verse 01: main.  ) #☆゚*・゚ carve your name into my bedpost  —  (  desires.  ) #☆゚*・゚ still a piece of garbage —  (  ooc.  )
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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Neon flower collage

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