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    Awkward Encounters

    Authors Note: At first, I was going to write this as the reader being in Tessa’s perspective but then I thought that it would be too much of a copyright. There may be some similarities to the story but I have written Tessa in as a separate party. Tessa is still with Noah in this. Also, I will be referencing parts from both the movie and the novels. In this particular fanfiction Tristan is a girl, like the movie.

    Summary: You are a freshman at college and your life there started pretty normally. Your best friend is Tristan who is dating Steph who is roommates with Tessa. That was until you went to a party with Tristan and the girls. You had no idea that the mysterious British boy was going to intervene when you come face to face with the Bitch that is Molly.

    Warning: Swearing

    Pairing: Reader x Hardin Scott

    Word Count: 4,423

    “Come on Tristan, I told you.” I moan. “I can’t go to another party; I am still recovering from the last one.” I cling to a cold compress, trying my best to shield my eyes from the light that is seeping in through the open door.

    Tristan threw a pack of Ibuprofen onto my lap that she snooped around in my bag for. “If it’s that bad, take one of these and get your butt out of that bed.” I groan at the impact from the small box just for the effect. “Don’t be a baby and get up.”

    I roll over on the bed to face the wall. “Can’t you just go with Steph?”

    “No!” She abruptly spat out. “I want to go with you. Steph is bringing Tessa and I don’t want to show up alone.”

    “But you will be with her when you’re there. What’s the point in me getting out of this lovely cocoon that I have made, just to walk you to the party?”

    Tristan had her head bent over, pulling her hair into a high ponytail on the top of her head. “You know that what you just said was the whole point.” She sighed. “Everyone is going to stare at me when I walk in there all on my lonesome.”

    I eyed the short revealing dress that she was pulling onto her petite and envious body. “You know everyone will be staring at you no matter what if you wear that.” I laugh. “Those legs are going to be the headliner for that party.”

    Tristan winked at me and continued adding more accessories to her ever-growing ensemble. “That my dear naïve British friend is the goal of this outfit.” She dropped to her knees faster than I could pry open the antibiotic wrapper. Gripping onto my hand she pulled me away from my mission to rid the world of the swirling furniture before my very eyes. “Y/N, if you do not go, I will literally never talk to you ever again.”

    I raised my eyebrow at the sight before me. “Is that a promise.” I bravely say.

    “Y/N! Please!”

    “Fine alright. Give me five minutes.” I surrender, using every ounce of strength that I had left to lift myself from my comfy nest. “But you owe me, big time.” Tristan’s arms were around my neck faster than I could respond. Her soft lips that I am sure Steph adores, pressed against my forehead.

    “I love you so much Miss Y/L/N!” She squealed.

    I let out a stiff laugh as I saunter off to the bathroom to sort whatever state I currently appeared to be in.


    “You know, when you said that this was going to be a cool night for us both? When did I factor into the equation?” I scoff, lifting the red solo cup to my lips. The bitter taste made my stomach curl, but what was worse was not drinking around all these over-the-top drunk people.

    Tristan was straddling Steph on the sofa by the side of me. These two did not understand the true definition of PDA and why some people may find it uncomfortable. Including myself.

    I inch further down the sofa that was unsurprisingly very sticky. If I wasn’t feeling queasy when I turned up, I certainly felt it now. I try to distract myself from the fact that I had to peel my legs from the leather material just to cross them. The sound was very unflattering.

    “Why are you in my seat?” I roll my eyes the minute I recognised the irritating voice that filled me with angst and hatred from across the room. Molly Samuels. Her whole presence just irritates me, and it appears that I am not the only one with this response. I gaze over to my left to see Tessa shaking her head at the general distaste she had for the girl. I lift my cup up to Tessa who shyly mimics. ‘To stuck up bitches, ay?’ I say to myself, quietly so that she couldn’t hear.

    Molly pushed Zed Evans and his girlfriend for the night out of her shitty throne causing his date to land hard on her arse. I am sure it wasn’t the first time that Molly has done this to declare her ‘power’ to the whole room. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” The blonde cried as Zed attempted to pick her up from the floor which was soaked in alcohol.

    “Does this brat literally think she can talk to me right now?” Molly scoffed, flicking her hair over her shoulder. Turning to her so-called friends for approval of her comment and actions.

    “What did you just call me?” The poor young girl shook off Zed’s protective arm and stepped right in front of Molly’s nose. Probably not the best move, but I have always found that Molly needed taking down a peg or two.

    “You heard me, loud and clear” She popped her tongue on the letter ‘l’ in loud. “A little slutty brat who thinks for a second that Zed will call her back after he fucks her tonight.” Molly’s teeth were snarling almost like a wild animal.

    “At least I’m not a bitchy whore who thinks that everyone here is her friend.” There were a couple ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ almost as if we were at a panto and not a college party after Zed’s girl’s response.

    The second Molly let the words register her hand was leaving that poor girl’s cheek, along with a bright red handprint in its place.

    “What the fuck, Molly!” I heard the words clear as day, but I never in a million years imagined that they would come from my mouth. But there I was, standing right in front of Molly, shielding the young girl from another blast to the face.

    I could hear people whispering behind my back. ‘What is she doing?’ ‘Is she stupid or something?’ ‘Does she not know what Molly is like?’ Despite being close friends with Tristan, I never would have expected her to step up to defend me, especially when Molly Samuels was involved. She stayed on Steph’s lap; eyes bugged open. Utterly frozen.

    “Wow Y/N? Get involved in other people’s business much? Just because your life is too sad, you feel like you can insert yourself into other people’s.” I roll my eyes at her pathetic attempt to rattle me. “You’re just a sad little virgin that no body wants around. Tristan only invited you tonight for her own benefit. Just look around, you don’t fit in here.”

    I stay silent. I may have only spoken up once tonight, but that was enough for me. Frat parties are my least favourite place to be. The only reason I came here tonight was for Tristan. I should have left the minute she started making out with the red-haired beauty.

    “Cat got your tongue now, bitch.” Molly’s face was inches from mine and I choked on the strong aroma of alcohol on her breath. “Oh, wait I forgot, the girl doesn’t own a backbone.” There were a few stifled laughs here and there. Zed stayed silent, as did Tristan and Steph. None of them making the effort to stand up for me. “Let me guess. Tristan batted her big eyes at you and begged you to come tonight, didn’t she? Then ditched you the moment someone prettier came into the picture.”

    I gulp back the bile that I knew had risen to the back of my throat. “Why don’t you go back to your dorm. Oh, better yet, get on a fucking plane and fly back to shitty England. We could only get lucky and hope the thing crashes with you inside it.”

    “That’s enough Molly!” The voice behind me held a British twang similar to my own. A voice I had only heard about but never actually seen. The bad boy, Hardin Scott.

    Hardin Scott was attractive. Since I got here, I knew he was the talk of the college. Everybody knew who he was and that he wasn’t good news. His white shirt displayed his various tattoos clearly through the thin and tight fabric. His black hair was pushed back to show his piercing eyes and anger set eyebrows. His eyes never left Molly who was stood behind me.

    “Oh, Hardin you know I am only messing with the virgin.” She forces a small laugh. “It’s not like I can control the planes is it.” Her head tilts to the side as her gaze locks onto mine, only to intimidate. “I mean I wish I could.” She muttered so that only the people stood around her could hear.

    “Do you ever know when to stop!” Hardin barks, not acknowledging me physically. “Do you ever think that you’re the one that people don’t want around?” He questions, moving slowly across the room. I hadn’t noticed but the volume of the once booming music had been lowered to a slight hum in the background.

    Hardin was now stood right beside me glaring down at Molly who mimicked his stance. “Ding Ding. Come on guys let’s just drop it!” Nate calls over when he noticed their glares on each other were far from breaking.

    Molly was the first to move. “You’re right Nate.” She coos. “Let’s play a game.” She scans the room of her so-called posy who all appeared to be done with her shit for the night. “It’s Friday night. We need to play a game. I will even let the little virgin here play along, too.”

    I am very aware that all the eyes were now back on me.

    This wasn’t something that I wanted to be a part of. It took me what felt like an eternity to move my feet across the room to where Tristan was sitting. “I am going to head back to the dorms.” I declare quietly to her, but I can tell that they are all listening.

    “No please stay, it won’t be the same if you go.” Tristan reaches for my hand which I pull away.

    I don’t know why I am letting Molly’s words sink in so much. Everybody who knows her knows that she is full of herself and couldn’t give a shit who she hurts.

    “No, it’s late.” It was only nine. “And I have assignments that are due.” I lie, they are all finished. “I’ll see you back at the dorm.”

    I start towards the door but I can hear Tristan calling after me to stay.

    As I reach the front door to the frat house, I hear Molly’s voice loud and clear. “So, Hardin truth or dare?”


    The walk back to the dorms was anything but peaceful. The cars were loud and honking at me as they passed. Classy.

    I reach for my phone in my bag. I could do with tuning out the world for this half hour walk back in the dark. But my fingers only find a vibrant red lipstick that I couldn’t pull off in a million years.

    I stop dead in my tracks. This was Steph’s bag; I grabbed the wrong one during my never-ending embarrassment.

    I couldn’t go back, but I couldn’t go further either. Where was I supposed to go, Steph’s key wasn’t in here so it’s not like I could sleep in her room for the night. No cash, key or phone meant that I had no other choice. I had to suck it up and go back.

    “Fuuuck!” I shout, not caring that I startled an elderly woman who was placing a rubbish bag in her bin just outside her front door.

    “Not a very ladylike thing to say.” I hear a mocking chuckle behind me causing me to jump out of my skin.

    When I turn around, I am greeted by the tall British bad boy covered in ink standing about 6 foot in front of me.

    His head cocks to the side when I don’t answer him. “You don’t say much, do you?” My eyes scan over his attire, black ripped jeans, white top, and a jet-black leather jacket. “But you do stare a lot, don’t you?” That British chuckle makes it’s second appearance tonight.

    “What do you want?” I blurt out, shaking my head at the fact that I was indeed caught staring at the boy.

    He steps a little closer to me, closing the gap between us ever so slowly. I watch in amazement at how sexy he makes walking look. “You left this at the party.” I hadn’t realised that he had extended his hand to reveal a clutch bag. My clutch bag.

    “Oh!” I speak. “Thanks.” I take the bag from him and prepare myself for the walk back.

    “Don’t take any notice of Molly. She is a bitch.”

    “Yep.” I chip in, turning to walk back towards the college dorm rooms.

    I only get a few steps ahead when I feel a cold sensation wrap around my bare arm. Why the fuck didn’t I bring a coat? I gaze down at the hand that is pressed to my skin. “Where are you going?” He softly says. His tone and action were not at all forceful but something about him made me shiver with fear deep inside the pit of my stomach. I was warned about Hardin Scott. Tristan said that he wasn’t exactly good news around her group of friends. Acting with his fists before connecting his words, that’s what she said at least.

    “H-Home.” I stutter, half from the interaction, half from how fucking cold it was. I straighten up. “I am going home.”

    “Alone?” He jumps in straight away.

    I don’t answer. I just look back at his hand around my arm.

    “S-sorry.” He stutters, removing his hand from my arm. “It’s just it’s a long way back to the dorms and it is late.”

    I shrug my shoulders at his declaration. “I know.” I simply say and start to walk again but I am blocked by the gorgeous boy standing in front of me. “Oh fuck, you’re not going to kill me, are you?”

    “No of course not!” He blurts.

    “Good! Now could you” I gesture to the fact that he is stood directly in my path. He catches on to my hint and steps aside.

    “You’re not going to walk there alone, are you?” His voice sounding desperate.

    I spin and mockingly look around for people, lifting my hand to shield my eyes as I continue my search. This provokes a choked sigh from Hardin. Once I am satisfied with my ‘search’ I say “yep” and continue to walk.

    “But it is late.” He chimes in again walking backwards trying desperately not to break my gaze as I try desperately to avoid his. “And you’re alone.”

    “Yes, we have established this.” I mock, glaring at the stoned pavement or sidewalk ahead of me.

    Hardin reaches both hands out in front of himself creating a wall which stops me from taking another step. “What is your problem?”

    I take a step back, alarmed at his outburst. “My problem. You’re the one who has continuously blocked my way for the past ten minutes.” I bark. I try to move around him but he doesn’t budge, copying my actions to stay ahead of me.

    “I am trying to offer my services.” Hardin exclaimed but then scowled at his choice of words. I too have a hard time accepting the word ‘services.’ Just as I go to argue he opens his mouth. “Fuck that’s not what I meant to say.” His hands instantly dart to push his hair back out of his face. A nervous tick I assume. What did he have to be nervous about? He is the one stalking after college girls at half 9 at night.

    “Look can we start over?” He offers shoving his hands into his jacket. My arms promptly raise to cover my bare arms where goosebumps have started to form. Why didn’t I bring a jacket? “Could I possibly walk you back to the dorms?” His eyes dropped to the ground to stare at a pebble that he toyed with his shoe. Was he anxious?

    “Why?” I question fairly quickly.

    “I just want to make sure that you get back safe!” His tone wasn’t very friendly. I cock my head to one side. “Sorry, that came out bad.” His tone softening. “I just didn’t like the way that Molly spoke to you earlier and I also hate the fact that you would be walking back in this sketchy neighbourhood alone.”



    We walk all the way back to the dorms in silence. Hardin looked uncomfortable the entire time as if he were being forced to be here. I sure as hell did not make him.

    I pull the key from my bag and slot it into the lock on the door. Pushing the door slightly open I stand with my arms still draped across my shivering body in the doorway. “Well, thanks for walking me back and bringing me my bag.”

    Hardin didn’t budge. His eyes were locked on my body, traveling from my legs to my face. His face turned a shade of white when his eyes caught up to mine. “Fuck!” He announced.

    “What!” I jump at his sudden change in demeaner.

    “Your lips.” He gestures to my trembling lips that haven’t stopped shaking since I stepped outside of the frat house. “They are fucking blue!” Panic surges over him as he rakes his hands through his hair. “Why didn’t you say you were cold?” He started passing back and fourth in front of me.

    “There wasn’t much you could do.” I counter. “My own stupid fault for not bringing a coat.”

    I walk inside the room and grab a jacket and throw it on over my shaking body. Hardin enters after me and grabs my hand carefully. “Fuck lot that will do.” He picks up a towel and drags me back down the hallway.

    I try to pull my arm back but it is no use. “Where the hell are you taking me?” I say a little too loud. Silently cursing myself if I may have woken up any of the other students living down this dorm.

    “The showers now come on.” He tugs a little harder as his feet guide me towards the shared bathroom just a few floors down from my own.

    As we reach the bathroom, Hardin throws the towel over the railing and reaches in to turn on the water. I couldn’t help but watch his every move. “Get in!” He cries. Gesturing to the box that was filling with tempting hot steam.

    I hesitate. “Y/N, get in the fucking shower.” I jump, not at his tone. But at the fact that he used my name. How did he even know it? Oh right, he was at the party when Molly was insulting me. “If you don’t start undressing now, I will have to start doing it for you.”

    I raise an eyebrow but decline his offer, stepping into the box and pulling the curtain across to shield my naked body.


    Hardin was right, I needed that shower. I hadn’t realised how cold I had gotten from that walk home. I stood in that shower for what felt like half the evening.

    I shut off the water and begin to pull the curtain slightly across so that I could reach for the towel that Hardin had placed on the rail when Hardin’s hand slips through holding the towel between his fingers.

    “Thanks.” I mutter, draping it around my soaking body.

    I step out to find that Hardin’s hair has dropped and started to stick to his forehead in places from the steam. His eyes dart up and down my body, quietly.

    I am the first one to break the silence as we stand there in the shared bathroom. “So, I should um, probably get back to my room.”

    I watch as Hardin lets my words break him from his still stance. “Yeah, um, after you.” He holds his arm out and follows me out of the bathroom. Something has shifted in Hardin. Tonight, I have seen him; angry, intimidating, shy, solemness and lost for words. It was a lot to take in during a short period of time.

    I open the dorm door and step inside. When I hear the door shut, I jump and almost drop the towel. “Shit, sorry I didn’t mean for the door to shut so loudly.” He curses under his breath.

    “It’s okay.” I mutter. I cling to the towel as I stare back at Hardin who hasn’t moved or made any effort to leave.

    “Y/N?” Hardin’s voice softer than ever tonight, bringing my eyes to meet his. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

    “What do you mean?” My words coming out slowly. His head dropped to face the floor. Was he trying to count the flecks of glitter on the carpet from Tristan’s body butter or something?

    “Why didn’t you say that you were cold?” I roll my eyes, this again. Crossing my arms over my stomach.

    “Like I said, there wasn’t anything you could have-”

    “I could have given you my jacket.” He interjects. Taking a step closer to me. His body was merely a foot away from mine.

    “But then you would have been the one with the blue lips.” I counter. Tilting my head to the side in a modest challenging manner.

    This stirred something within Hardin, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I know that he isn’t used to a woman not agreeing with every word that comes out of his mouth.

    I suddenly shake my head as I feel a slight chill spread up my back. I am still in my towel and now I am very much aware of that. Quickly I turn away from his locked-on gaze.

    “Can I have some privacy please.” I mumble, not able to turn around to face him. “I need to, uh, get changed.” I add.

    Hardin lets out a small grunt but eventually I do hear the click of my dorm-room door close. I don’t know why but I feel a shed of disappointment at the fact that he listened and actually left.

    It takes my hands what feels like hours to release the tight grip that I held on to the towel. Allowing it to fall onto the floor.

    “You know what-” I hear the click of the door and his voice fill my ears. I jump from my spot in the middle of the room. He doesn’t finish the sentence, instead Hardin slams the door behind him. “Fuck!” His eyes firm but glued on my body.

    I quickly try to grab the towel up off the floor, but it is no use. Hardin instantly placed his foot over the soggy material. “Don’t.” He lets that one word fall from his lips as he slowly continues to decrease the distance between us.

    “Hardin!” I shout. “Give-” I can’t finish my argument as I find his finger is placed over the top of my lips.

    Hardin doesn’t speak, he just shakes his head. His soft hand moves from my lips and trails off to my cheek, holding me in place. My eyes locked onto his own, frozen in place. I watch as his eyes bounce from my own to my lips, seeking permission. His other hand snaked its way around and laid itself on the small of my back, pulling my naked body closer to his.

    I was completely thrown off by the audacity of my body responding to his touch, bringing me to him. Everything happened in slow motion from the second we were back in my room. I knew that Hardin was trouble, everybody did. But no one actually prepares you for a moment like this. Where you are stood in front of a gorgeous guy whose whole attention you own. Did I say he was gorgeous?

    I shake my head breaking the eye contact trance I was in. “Har-”

    “You’re so beautiful.” He interrupts, breaking right through the barrier I was desperately trying to build. Correction, he shattered the wall to pieces and I find myself pushing my lips aggressively against his, hungry for the contact.

    It takes him a second to return the haste in my actions within his own. Moving his lips to mimic the speed that I had set for him. It took no time at all for that jacket that he kept holding over me for not taking since we got back to the room to be thrown onto the floor, revealing the crisp white T-shirt underneath.

    His hand wandered lower to lay slightly above my bare arse. While my hands slithered up underneath his shirt. Desperate to feel the skin underneath and to trace the ink that it held. The hand that rested on my cheek now held tightly to the back of my neck making it impossible to break the kiss, not that I wanted to.

    I could stay like this forever, kissing Hardin has awoken something inside me that I didn’t even know existed. This overwhelming hunger for his contact. I tug a little on the hair on the back of his head which in response summoned a deep growl from Hardin that I didn’t think I was prepared to hear. Any sense of doubt that we should stop kissing left my mind the second I heard that sound.

    “Y/N? You would not believe what you missed after-” Tristan stood in the open doorway, her mouth held open just as wide.

    Fuck. I jump back from Hardin and scramble for the towel, concealing my naked form from my roommate. I look over to Hardin who didn’t look at all affected by the events in the last ten seconds.

    “I can tell your busy so I will just, yeah.” Tristan steps back and shuts the door behind her.

    I run into the closet and quickly throw on a set of underwear and a long-oversized shirt that came down to lie just beneath my arse. “I think it’s about time I start locking that door.” I joke as I step through the closet door.

    My eyes roam the room for the handsome boy I was just making out with only to be greeted with an empty room. My shoulders fall, “I guess that’s goodbye.” I mumble, trying my best to hold myself together. Locking the door before falling onto my bed.

    Part 2?

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    ''You are my better place, Tess.''

    -Hardin Scott, After We Fell

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    The Worst of 2020

    Yeah, I know. This list is coming way too late. Still, I thought you might enjoy it.

    10. After We Collided

    It’s a tradition on his blog to save the #10 spot for a movie that’s “so bad it’s good”. There were a couple of contenders in 2020 but I’m going to go with After We Collided. This movie is such a wild departure from the first, it’s hysterical. I don't mean that the first was "good" and this one "bad". I mean the tone and the plot. The very first scene retcons the ending of After and demotes Hardin from “happily ever after” to living under a bridge like a troll. There are many unintentionally funny moments or structural problems with the movie that make it a laugh-riot. My only regret is that when I got my friends to watch it, we were all in different rooms and had to discuss it through video call afterward. I didn't get to hear their groans as Tessa scored the job of a lifetime, the kind that doesn't exist in real life, or the laughs when the "Jacob" of this series showed up. Its missteps scream “from the Wattpad fanfiction”. It’ll never become a cult classic unless the next movie gets even crazier but I had enough fun for me to look forward to After We Fell.

    9. The Last Days of American Crime

    I’m as shocked as you are to see The Last Days of American Crime as the #9 worst movie of the year. It deserves to be on the list… but this “low”? Unfortunately, yes. While this movie is boring and dumb, at least I can understand why someone green-lit it. In an alternate universe where this didn’t get 0 stars and was merely bad in an average way, I could picture it being remade or ripped off, and its descendant being good. In the meantime, this is just plain awful, a cataclysmic waste of time. Unlike #10, don't go near it.

    8. The Wrong Missy

    The Wrong Missy gave me essentially everything I thought it would. Even so, it’s unforgivable. This isn’t the rapiest movie on this list but that doesn't matter. It’s tired, unfunny, and phony.

    7. John Henry

    I was tempted to leave John Henry off the list because I didn’t think anyone would’ve seen this movie, even with the star power of Terry Crews and Ludacris. Then, I saw it for sale inside a Sunrise Records. I need to remind you of how awful this film is. Anyone with any kind of sense would turn it off minutes in and if you’re wondering, no, even with Ludacris playing a laughable flamethrower-themed villain with a piece of metal bling on his face, it’s never bad in a funny way.

    6. Fantasy Island

    This one had potential but Blumhouse squandered all of it. This film made money. I’m sure despite its scathing reviews, Fantasy Island is being talked about as a franchise starter by the studio executives. To them, I say please don’t. This movie can’t even keep track of its own simple rules and its “spooky revelations” are nonsense. It isn’t the least bit scary and I can’t imagine audiences will be dumb enough to hop on board another trip to this “be careful what you wished for” paradise.

    5. Survive the Night & Hard Kill

    I’m putting these two in the #5 spot because they’re basically twins. Two Bruce Willis-led action thrillers with zero budget, zero ingenuity, zero reasons to exist, both directed by Matt Eskandari. They prove the Die Hard star doesn’t care about anything but the paychecks he gets. These movies are born out of spreadsheets; columns of numbers that confirm a beloved action star in a movie - no matter how poorly advertised or bad - will draw a certain audience. Big box stores will sell X copies based on the name alone and no one cares about anything else. If they don’t, why should I?

    4. Mulan

    Unlike the other films we've discussed so far, Mulan  looks great. The special effects are convincing, the costumes are a sight to behold. So what? No one would choose this adaptation over the original Disney movie. If you’re not into animation or music, there are plenty of other adaptations that don't require you to pay $30 for Disney+ premium access. I bet none of them have a lead as uncharismatic or uninspiring as this one. I don’t know what writers Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Marin were thinking, turning an ordinary woman that used her wits to become a hero… into someone born with superpowers. You can’t relate to her, none of the side characters are interesting or memorable. It even botches the villain, who is about as threatening as a baby panda. This movie is part of not one, but two trends that I hate: “upgrading” animated films by making them live-action, and pandering to Chinese audiences - who rejected the movie anyway. Wonder how the people in the Xinjiang internment camps felt about this one?

    3. Dolittle

    Like Mulan , this movie had the money and the star power it needed. After ending his career as Iron Man/Tony Stark on a high note, we all wanted Robert Downey Jr. to move on to great things. Instead, he’s reaching into a dragon’s anus shoulder-deep to unclog its digestive system and then get a big fart in the face. Even before then, this movie contains enough annoying talking animals and out-of-place, would-be funny references to modern/pop culture to make it clear it’s one of the year’s worst movies.

    2. Artemis Fowl

    I can only imagine just how mad fans of the book were when they saw Artemis Fowl butchered like this. I’m furious and I had no attachment to it whatsoever. You can feel this plot trying to break free from the shackles Disney imposed on it and failing. It’s obvious Artemis Fowl is a villain, but he’s turned into a hero because ... ? Turning him "good" doesn't even work either. He’s a smarmy brat whose dad was kidnapped because some shadowy villain wants a shiny egg that does… something? This entire ordeal was poorly conceived; from the “giant dwarf” played by Josh Gad who unhinges his jaw so he can eat dirt and then shoot it out of his ass, to the useless secondary characters, the half-baked mythology, and the convoluted plot. I can’t believe it only lasts 95 minutes. It felt so much longer.


    The Babysitter: Killer Queen
    This is a perfect example of a sequel that missed the mark so badly, it’s embarrassing. There are many other films I should’ve considered putting on my “worst of” list before this one but most of them were zero-budget movies no one saw; movies destined to be forgotten no one goes in with any expectations. I hate this movie as much as I do because the first is clever and fun. This is a desperate attempt to bring the dead back to life so clumsy you'll want to stay away from the original.
    Antebellum I have to give credit to one aspect of Antebellum; whoever put together that trailer did a bang-up job. We all thought this was going to be the next Get Out. Instead, we got a movie that almost says something about… historical re-enactments? Boy was this movie contrived, and for what?
    Pets United I haven’t heard anyone talk about or mention Pets United since its release. That’s great. It’s ugly, badly acted, badly animated, badly written. On the downside, it means no one knows what I’m talking about when I complain about this abomination. I can’t get over how lazy it is. During the climax, the villain’s giant mechanical spider gets a limb caught in a conveyor belt. Thankfully, it’s much too big to fit in the furnace this belt leads to. At best, the heroes will have a few moments to come up with a better plan to defeat it. Cut to them. Cut back to the spider, it’s now in the furnace, getting melted. Wow.
    We Can Be Heroes I guess I’m in the minority when it comes to We Can Be Heroes. I thought it was awful. Generally, audiences seem to enjoy it, which is why there’s a sequel in the works. Am I the only one who was appalled by special effects that look like they come from a phone app? What about the performances? Are we just giving those a pass? How about that twist ending that makes no sense? Has no one else seen other superhero movies, seen how good they could be? Why are we letting this sloppy effort slide?
    Love Wedding Repeat I don’t know what writer/director Dena Craig was thinking with Love Wedding Repeat. It begins as one of these generic “I’m reconnecting with the one that got away at the wrong time” and then 2/3 of the way in stops the ongoing train wreck, and restarts, showing us the “good timeline”. If you’re only going to show two results, why bother? It’s the limpest attempt at a time travel rom-com I’ve ever seen.
    A Fall From Grace A Fall From Grace is the other 2020 movie I think might be worth checking if you’re into “so bad it’s good” movies. Unfortunately for you, it's been “improved” since its initial release to remove several mistakes (including bad acting from the extras, visible boom mikes, and continuity errors), which makes it “better” and therefore, less fun. There’s still plenty for you to enjoy ironically, however. My favorite aspect of the film is the ending, which makes NO SENSE. Well, unless you’re in a courtroom drama and the defense attorney is the worst lawyer who’s ever seen the light of day. It’s worth seeing just so you can hear “Ashtray, bitch!” in action.

    1. 365 Days

    First, there was Twilight, which might’ve had some contrived drama and dodgy performances, but served a purpose. Some might even call it good. At the very least, it tapped into a certain demographic's desires successfully. Then, someone went along and said “Yeah, but I don’t like this theme of chastity and waiting for marriage. Can they bang? Actually, can every scene be about them having sex? And instead of a vampire, could he be a deranged millionaire with a shattered past that makes him dangerous?” People cried foul, calling it sexist and unhealthy. Then, 365 Days comes along and says “Hold my beer”. Massimo Torricelli isn't a potential lover; he's a criminal. Not just a murderer; a kidnapper and a rapist! Oh, the movie doesn’t realize that’s what it’s showing us, but it is. This movie is disgusting. It’s so uncomfortable to watch if you even have the misfortune of being in the same room as someone else while it plays, you’ll pray for an Earthquake to open up the ground below you and sending you straight to hell. At least two hours in a fiery inferno getting molested by demons would prove there’s a world beyond ours. The only thing this "erotic romantic drama" is good for is shrivelling your genitals.
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    Do you guys see that booty squeeze! Ugh can’t wait for that scene and movie 🔥

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    Truth or Dare

    Pairing:Draco Malfoy x Fem! Reader
    Word count:

    This one shot is based from a scene out of AFTER WE COLLIDED. There is going to be a Hardin Scott version as well







    Third Person POV

    (Y/N was currently sitting on Draco's lap in a red dress)

    Pansy: Let's play truth or dare. I'll go first. Hey Y/N truth or dare

    Y/N: truth 

    Pansy: Uh are you a virgin

    Draco: Pansy don't

    Pansy: Oh duh. I already know the answer to that because Draco fucked you

    Y/N: yes he did. My turn. Pansy truth or dare?

    Pansy: Hmm truth

    Y/N: is it true that your a whore

    Luna + Hermione: oh shit!

    Pansy:  What the fuck did you just call me?

    Y/N: Oh no. I didn't call you anything. I just asked a question. Are you a whore?

    Draco:(whispers) you are

    Y/N: you have to answer honestly because it's called truth for a reason 

    Pansy: no

    #draco malfoy#reader #draco x slytherin!reader #Draco malfoy x reader #Hardin Scott#After#Afterwecollided
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    Wallpaper Josephine Langford

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    After.After We Collided.After We Fell 🥰

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    AWC deleted scenes from DVD

    Landon's Famous line🥰

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    AWC bloopers!! 🤣🤣

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    Hardin sure was hungry 🔥

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    After Era!!

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    Happy Birthday HARDIN SCOTT. Only you can pull off that birthday hat.

    (The cabin)

    -AFTER WE COLLIDED source.

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    Happy Birthday HARDIN SCOTT ❤

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    ''She couldn‘t find this with anyone else, and neither could I. I have everything I need here with her, and she can‘t ever leave me.''

    -Hardin Scott, After We Fell

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