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  • heavenlyborne
    07.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ~What Is Your Type?~

    “... And I took that personally.”

    #♞ ;; dashboard games #♡;; memes#agalaxyofmuses #Ash got such a nice response and then Shalria gets THIS #I am so amused #Honestly though what are 'evil types' to her bc the World Government has a VERY skewed perception of Justice and Righteousness #Going to try and keep a little active #Got some irl stuff going on but also stumbled across a very fun Pokemon game #Pokemon Clear Crystal for the GBA emulator #It is so damn good??? #If you like Heart Gold and Soul Silver plus the original gameboy games you NEED to try this #Every Pokemon has unique sprites instead of the dumpy old G/S/C icons! #And shinies can appear on the overworld! #You can make your own character design and all and ahhhhh #*Crystal Clear whoops
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  • heavenlyborne
    04.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    @agalaxyofmuses​ asked: Send ✨ and my Muse will state one thing they think is aesthetically attractive about your Muse. (Ash, Sabo, Law, or Ace, your choice.)

    A gloved hand waived away the News Coo that had delivered her daily newspaper, her attention far too firmly grasped by the image on the front page to pay any heed to the bird’s noisy complaints over not being paid for it’s hard work in flying all the way up to Mariejois. With a disgruntled squawk, the bird departed to leave Shalria to read on at her leisure. There was no need to turn over the page though, not with the photo already plastered across today’s headlines and it was with a curious expression that she studied the image of the person in question... Portgas D. Ace, son of Gol D. Roger had been apprehended and was set to be executed at Marineford at short notice. A child of the former Pirate King? Strange... Shalria had expected the so-called ‘spawn of the devil’ to be much taller and more imposing to look upon, a beast like his sire who had once ravaged and terrorized the many seas before justly being put to the sword. The Celestial Dragon peered at the youthful face grinning back at her, taking in his smile and what appeared to be flecks of ink marring his features. Upon closer inspection however, it wasn’t a misprint nor flaw of the photo in question. The young pirate’s face was covered in freckles, as many as there were stars in the sky. Gloved fingers traced his face thoughtfully; other than sharing his father’s dark hair and eyes, there didn’t seem to be much in common between them at all. ”Just another pirate...” Shalria said softly, beginning to read on at last.

    #agalaxyofmuses #memes ;; aesthetically attractive #This was a really hard decision Addison! #But all good choices though #Felt like doing something a little different since I've not asked much about your Ace or written him #Which I think would be kind of interesting #His freckles definitely stood out haha #As a Celestial Dragon she was probably taught to hate and fear Gol D. Roger #The one man who went against the World Government and found the One Piece #Who that young man though? #As for your other muses... Shalria would probably like Law's hands #They are very artistic and those tattoos stand out #Hands that could either heal or kill #Ash is supposed to be attractive from what I've read/seen in Banana Fish #Beautiful with his finer features and looks #He's about same age and height so *shrugs* #Sabo is aesthetically attractive with his fashion height and form #You don't get to become Chief of Staff by being a weakling #His looks probably quite aesthetic when looking past his burn scar #Too bad she's never seen him smile haha #He's got some fierce eyes too
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  • chaoslynx
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #banana fish#asheiji#ash lynx#eiji okumura#cw gunshot #sorry this is so dark???? omg #also it's [checks clock] 5am and i have not slept #i'm in love with the fact that i mentioned gender euphoria once and now you call me 'bro' in every interaction #you all are the best #hope you enjoy this even though it's a sadboi #prompt fill#answers#agalaxyofmuses
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  • ravensirens
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #banana fish au #「🌊」 crimson sea 〔miyuki〕 #agalaxyofmuses; ash#agalaxyofmuses #every bond with Ash has to have some complexity to it so... #things she'd list down in her journal on Ash
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  • beastsofblood
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Eiji is silently judging Ash again.  Finders, keepers, huh...?

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  • ravensirens
    27.05.2021 - 2 monts ago


    (ash ver. ) @agalaxyofmuses

         The kitten fell asleep in Ash’s bed before and often, so it was nothing new.  She was left to sleep there.  Ash would usually let her fall into a deep sleep before carrying her into her room.  Tonight, it started out like it sometimes did.  Miyuki would have enough of the bar for the evening and come take a nap upstairs.

         She settled onto the blankets, cuddling into the softness.  She stared ahead, eyes dazed.  Light blue strands shaded her eyes from the dingy ceiling fan.  Miyuki felt dizzy from the alcohol, the thick tobacco smoke and the atmosphere of the bar.  She closed her eyes, and drifted asleep.

         Miyuki later woke from the noise of someone stepping on the creaky floor.  She froze up, trying to determine who was carrying her.  She kept her eyes closed, but she smelled the whiskey, smoke, and heard a familiar sigh.  She opened her eyes to see her boss.

         “Ash...?” Miyuki whispered.  After she received a confirmation, she smiled at her boss.  “Thanks.”  She snuggled back into his shoulder an chest.

    #agalaxyofmuses; ash#agalaxyofmuses #(ash & yuki/ashyuki?) #banana fish au #left the time ambiguous
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  • heavenlyborne
    26.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #agalaxyofmuses #memes ;; date #I honestly had a hell of a time picking somebody #And I usually go for Sabo so decided to pick somebody else this time #Hopefully Ash doesn't have too much of a headache after dealing with her snotty highness! #Maybe she's not so bad in a modern setting though? #Nah ofc she will be #Least he doesn't have to pay for the restaurant meal :p #Hope this one was okay with you hun!
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  • ravensirens
    17.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    To @agalaxyofmuses for their birthday :D!

    An AshEiji moodboard made with Canva!  Have a safe and happy birthday!

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  • ravensirens
    18.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 18

    Tag someone nice or cute: 

    @viciousbite - I don’t talk to them as often, but I really like their characters and writing.  They write Noir against my OC Alice.  They also write Sinithra against my OC Higanbana.

    @abrupturn / @chiikaramochi - I don’t talk to them as often, but I like their writing and their characters.  They write Marble against my OC Alice.

    @agalaxyofmuses - There’s a lot to say about this mun.  It has been a ride, and I hope we both continue to write together in the future.  They write Ash against my Eiji.

    These three are my closest tumblr friends.  I’d like to meet more, but I’m really shy and guarded...

    #「👤」 breaching surface 〔ooc〕 #shareyourpride#30daysofpride#-rolls off-
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  • ashswhiskey
    10.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Going to take writing requests here as I need to practice and work on my Banana Fish writing. I will try to do drabble lengths anywhere from 500 to 1.5k though sometimes I do write more so if you have a preference for shorter or longer fics let me know.

    Due to my own triggers I do not write incest, rape, pedophilia, noncon, or abusive materials.

    Yes I understand these are themes in Banana Fish and I do respect that some of the characters went through those events, but I can not write it explicitly. It will be a mention or implication at the most.

    Yes I am of age to write smut/nsfw materials. However I am not good at writing explicit scenes. If I wrote any it would be an implication or a fade to black.

    I will write polyam and any sexuality for the characters.

    However I will not do abusive ships like Dino x Ash, but hate ships I can do to an extent like ArthurEiji as long as I am not asked to romanticize it. I don't like painting a beautiful picture to a ship that's potentially toxic and abusive, I see too much of that in media to begin with and I find it disgusting.

    I am a writer and graphics editor, I can not do fanarts, I do not draw.

    If I have any updates to these rules, I will add them to the list and make a link on the blog as well as pin this post then upon the update.

    Also this is a sideblog. If you see a follow, comment, or like from @agalaxyofmuses that’s my main account. 

    That said, It's nice to meet you all, my nicknames are Addison or Galaxy I am genderfluid-flux, nonbinary, and use any pronouns, my inbox is open, can't wait to hear from you.

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