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  • Ageing
    in the pool  
    of a lifetime

    in a world
    with no lifeline.


    A poem I wrote on the 27th January 2020.

    Please do not repost, modify, resell or claim this work as your own.

    (Reblogging is fine though!)

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  • Summer flowers, be my dancing Muses
    Along the path of these gentle breezes.
    Bees will sing, not that they have choices,
    But their song goes on for several ages.
    There’s not a single moment for grudges
    Since all of you are the future’s maces.

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  • BoYs! WhO dO tHeY ThInK tHeY are??!!

    Guys, hear me out!!

    Boys in age 12-18: totally childish and annoying!

    Boys in age 17-25: fuck boy and don’t know what they want!

    Boys in age 23 and up: that’s a real gentleman!

    Boys from age 15 till like 23, it’s going like:

    - you guys start a conversation

    - he starts asking questions about you

    - you know he is InTeResTeD in you

    - you are meeting each other

    - he is BeInG cUtE to YoU

    - then they randomly stop texting you

    - then you start texting again

    - then they just stop again

    Like Wtf? Make up your mind! Girls are not a toy you can play with, throw it away when you are tired of it and if you want to play again pick it up and pretend if you never throw it away!

    Why are they like this?!

    If you are a boy and you read this, why the hell are you like this?

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  • Mental

    Health goes to

    shreds if we don’t find

    a spot to anchor our boat.

    So many storms

    to endure.



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  • Both hearing more sounds (things that aren’t there) and hearing less sounds (going deaf) are symptoms of old age

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  • #psychiatry#harley quinn#degree inflation#time#continuity#age #robie would then be about 20 years younger than her character lmao #a nonny mouse #ask #hoc est meum
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  • Ashes, ashes,
    Crumble down
    All the ages
    Of the sinful crown.

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  • People keep saying I look 12

    #age #how old am i #guess my age #help#lesbian
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  • Memories, even hard memories, grew soft like peaches as they grow older.

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  • For many dogs, their human seems like an immortal being who doesn’t really age and can provide unlimited food.

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  • TCC Advice

    If anyone needs any advice that involves their tc, feel free to message me/drop somethin in my inbox 🥰 I have helped a lot of ppl safely get closer to their tc !!

    (just so yall know, I would never ever suggest making a move on your tc while still being their student. It’s v dangerous/wrong !!)

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  • Erase the idea that a woman’s beauty expires after she passes 25 years old

    Eradicate the idea that a woman who doesn’t wear makeup or tight clothes or doesn’t work out has “let herself go”

    End the idea that beauty has an expiration date. It doesn’t.

    Wrinkles,  grey hair, stretch marks, none of these cancel out beauty. And if you think they do, it’s not beauty you’re looking at- it’s youth. Youth fades, beauty doesn’t have to.

    #feminist#feminism#beauty#body positivity#age#beautiful #stuff i think about #im under 25 yet i still fear that I'm too old to be pretty and ive lost my chance to be beautiful #and that#is nonsense
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  • image

    A young Skeksis peasant and a middle aged Skeksis guard again to compare, to show the military uniform and also because that guars is an OC named SkekFih, so that was the occasion to design him

    Now I talked of the Mystics in that AU, the Skeksis

    Skeksis society, the Skeksis Empire, is an absolute monarchy and has aesthetics of Renaissance and Baroque Europe with touches of Middle East here and there. They are lead by the Emperor (whatever the pronouns, never “empress”), being Emperor from parent to elder child, but if the Emperor dies or abdicates with no heir, it is to whoever feels worthy of the throne to compete and oppose on a Trial by Stone. An Emperor is raised to reign however they want as long as the Skeksis remain the gloriest race on Thra as they all are raised to believe, whatever the way be it pacifist or not, listening or not. Emperors vary throughout history from veing nurtering to their people or, with the current one, dictatorial. Sure he was not the first one but during these 1000 trines of SkekSo’s reign, the species got the reputation to be particularly even prouder, violent and selfish than they were already stereotyped as with his expansion politics leading up to many wars against Arathims, Gruenaks and later Gelflings in order to enlarge the Skeksis’ lands. Again, that was not the first time an Emperor got proud enough to attack for the glory of their kin they always believed as superior, but just never for that pretext before, generally just because they felt offended, or against UrRu because both species have been hating each other for so long nobody remembers why, they justknow they hate how they act so slow, peaceful, vegetarian, Sirs know-it-all on Thra. There are villages, and 10 towns in total, 9 of them being ruled by Kings (neutral title like Emperor) who just like the Emperor apply the absolute monarchy system the way they prefer on their citizens, they only are demanded to avoid creating conflicts without the official approval and of course to obey the Emperor. Skeksis, even if there are good Skeksis, are otften respectful only of people of their own caste or superior while disdainful to the lower castes, being taught early status matter and to work hard to live… even if you will rarely become more than you are and even if you do chances are low to be that accepted by the upper class. Depending of the reigns, poverty, illiteracy and inequalities have varied. The current Emperor is not loved at all by the lower classes, especially for his cruel punishments, wars, personality cult and taxes to finance his wars and his courtier’s luxurious lives ; rebellions are strictly punished. However they still all love how they are at least more powerful with the richest and biggest territories in Thra thanks to him and oppresses enemies like UrRu just the way they all were raised thanks to propaganda from a young age. Indeed, it’s not for nothing the Skeksis Empire’s symbol is the upside down triangle of Thra. They are the only true worthy race, they only bow to one person and it’s Mother Aughra

    The reason they act as the one chosen species of Thra is because of their religion thanks to @ohfugecannada’s idea. They believe they descend from gods fallen from the God who blessed Thra themselves and thus that it is their home and so why would they share. Or actually what the people think, the royals perfectly know it’s fake but it is a well kept secret if it means asserting power their way. Aughra absolutely disapproves this but the royals, with all due respect to her, just quietly lead her out befoee she calls them out on their bullshit. But bah, it’s THEIR reign. As long as they don’t disturb the balance of Thra they can believe whatever they want. Their religion also consists in adoring life and seeing every good thing on Thra as gifts to them and do not believe the Gelflings are the closest to it. They do know they will join Thra when they will die, but they do fear death and thus live a life the most hedonistic way if they financially can to be sure to enjoy life as long as they can. When death comes, a certain rite must be respected to make sure the soul does not get lost. The Ritual Master cremates the body and then the funerals happen, a solemn ceremony with the people who knew the deceased, and as a grim chorus is sung by them, they do what we saw in the movie’s deleted scene of the Emperor’s funerals, all led by the Ritual Master. The Ritual Master also organizes many other similar ceremonies as the Ritual Guardian of Mystics, like newborn blessings, weddings, but also organizes ritualistic dances, Skeksis dancing whenever they can just like how UrRu chant whenever they can, and once in a while travels to Aughra herself and the Crystal of Truth to be honored by it and gets blessed by its glow. They also have the particularity to create their own blessing, festive or punishing rituals over anything and make them official

    Much like Mystics, Skeksis do not have marriages and spouses but matehoods and mates. Their matehood ceremony however is not a real ceremony. As soon as a lover proposed and the other lover accepted, they can rush to the nearest Ritual Master whenever they want, even just after having said yes, and without any pampered looks and no guest, they just say yes, sign an official book, and get blessed. They are now mates and can celebrate how they want, start telling about it around them, are recommendes to do a matehood dance together, and of course the matehood night. Unlike Mystics, they are not necessarily required to be virgins until that moment since just like them they can reproduce only every 5 trines for 2 weeks, but it sure is the case for royals and religious figures. As if they obeyed, eh. Surprisingly, not only do Skeksis mate most of the time out of love, they usually mate for life, loving one person in their whole life rarely 2, hence why a heartbreak and a divorce are seen as legetimately tragical since chances are high the poor Skeksis will never love again. They can have had sex before that person and can still feel lust with others, they will only their mate

    Like I said, Skeksis ovulate for 2 weeks only every 5 trine, their mating season taking place a trine after Mystics’. Like them, pheromones are crazy during that time, one must have a strong will if they don’t want a child, hence why lots if couple are separated for these 2 weeks unless of course they want a kid or of course forget (uh oh). They too have a cloaca hiding a vagina but 3 penises instead of one with 3 heads, meant to be all shoved at once without pain for their Skeksis partner. For them too gestation lasts 2 trines, identifiable at 2 weeks. The mother(whatever the pronouns it’s the pregnant one) too builds a nest in which the family will sleep until the baby will be a toddler, with lots of pillows, sheets, clothes, fabric blankets and comforting towels or clothes belonging to their mate with their scent. Skeksis livebirth as many skeklings as human and UrRu do with babies, so just one and sometimes 2 rarely more. The skekling, born naked, peep and chirps like a baby bird, squeaks like a desert frog and purrs, and already has a strong grip to hold onto their parents’ (generally the father when the mother is done nursing with their 2 breasts and 6 teats and just wants to rest ; if the father has enough feathers of course) feathers and burry themselves into the warmth, sleeping there still gripping out of instinct, the parents know they can’t hold in there anymore when the baby falls down dragging some ripped off feathers with them, again their bones are so solid so no real pain. Their first very fluffy dowb grows after some weeks. Then the development is exactly like in UrRu : the skekling starts walking and waddling around on their 4 after some unums, is weaned around 12 trines (forgot to precise, even if they start eating otherthings Urlings and Skeklings still nurse until they are toddlers for bonding reasons), starts walking on their 2 helped by their parents’ tails around 20 trines, becomes a toddler around 26 trines, a child around 80 trines with an even flufflier down, and puberty starts around 250 trines when their down starts falling replaced by their definitive feathers and when they decide, depending of the pronouns they chose as a child or toddler, what voice they prefer by regulating at will their hormones. They are considered as adults around 400 trines.

    Skeksis usually have very flashy feather, hair and scale colors but they often get dull with age with a risk of balding (more rarely the feathers, it’s mainly the hair) Like UrRu like I forgot to precise again, they get menopause around 1000 trines, when they can finally enjoy mating season without any risk. With age, most Skeksis get flab and lose all the agility and most of the strength they had in their hopping/fighting/dancing days, often hiding their aging bodies from middle age with very wide clothes

    #moi#AUs#peasant#guard#age #the dark crystal #skeksis#urru #i made it myself #I'm proud of it #ohfugecannada#anatomy#tradition#ocs
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  • Age is just…..

    One of the many determining factors of if you should engage in sexual conversations with a person. And it is a major one.

    #age#psa #public service announcement #minors#protect minors #leave anyone alone if theyre uncomfortable with the convo you filthy dogs
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  • image

    An old UrRu peasant and a young UrRu guard, to show the difference in statures depending of age and show the military uniform

    Some of you who know me and @dracocheesecake well know that we have built and keep building together a big TDC AU. We called it the Natives AU. It’s a simple concept yet it changes a lot of things to canon. What if Skeksis and UrRu are 2 real species of Thra as old as Gelflings Podlings and others and have their own societies enemy to each other and are maaaany more than just the 36 canon ones ?

    Since they are their own species and beings in it and not someone’s good and bad halves, there are good and bad Skeksis and UrRu (the canon ones just have the same morals as canon ; some of them have slight personality differences from canon since they had different paths here that led them to who they are), they all have had parents and childhoods, most of the canon ones have kids or grandkids, they livebirth so all even the canon ones have bellybuttons since they had a mother they were born from and are not just some divided half to someone, they have a lifespan of 2000 trines (400 trines are biologically 20, 1000 like 50 etc) and since they know they will be returned to Thra once dead they do not fear death, they do not crumble to sparkles or ashes when dying, they both respect Aughra as a goddess just like the others adore her, since here god-like aliens never came only she protects the Crystal so there is never any shattering nor darkening and everybody even someone as evil as Skekso respects them and Aughra never particularly socialized with the Skeksis or the Mystics since they are as much her children as the others peoples, Raunip doesn’t exist for another headcanon’s reason, the Gelflings Podlings Gruenaks etc see them as other normal people to trade with except they just live longer and are much taller, no draining ever happened and the whole plot of AoR and the movie would be completely different with different yet similar situations and fates for the heroes and villains, SkekSo’s motivation for war being that he learns he will die soon from a Skeksis disease with symptoms similar to the Darkening and decides to at least ends his reign with a coup wonderful for the whole Skeksis kind and conquer all of Thra turning all non-Skeksis into slaves, it all ends as soon as he dies, AND MANY OTHER DETAILS BUT AS SAID IT’S A BIG AU SO I JUST WRITE ABOUT IT OFTEN ON TUMBLR

    OK now that I basically summed up the essential, let’s see one visitted species at a time

    Let’s start with Mystics

    Mystic society, the Mystic Association, works like a mix of a democracy and a constitutional monarchy, and has aesthetics of Eastern Europe, Buddhist religions and Arab bedouins. They are lead by the Master (whatever the pronouns, never “mistress”), being Master from parent to elder child, but if the Master dies or abdicates with no heir, it is to everyone to vote for a new wise leader. A Master is usually raised to be wise and listening, like a father figure to all, respected and loved, thinking about their people and helping them even if there were cases of bad selfish Masters in the past. All obey them including all village, caravan (some UrRu are nomads) and town (9 towns) leaders, but again UrRu hierarchy is mostly based on who dotes on peoppe better like matriarchs or patriarchs, the town, caravan and village leaders too, and the Master on these leaders. Rare are the UrRu with a bad health, illeteracy and hunger thanks to the fatherly/motherly hierarchy. They also are cuddly by nature and thus do not hesitate to hug and comfort utter strangers, and nudity isn’t very taboo for them and they can be naked in front of a stranger UrRu notably during public baths. The Mystic Association is so close to Thra their symbol is the symbol of Thra itself, the triangle although sometimes stylized to differentiate

    Their religion owes them the stereotype of always be wise hippies (that and how they hug and can be naked) and the closest race to Thra although there are as many jerks as in other races, although they tend to see all species equal to them (Even Skeksis. Theit society don’t hate them separately but just their society, but they don’t remember why). It consists in respecting every lifr of Thra, thus by being vegetarian and always honouring the bodies of those they had to kill. They also generally let their hair grow, representing the length of their lifespan and the growth of plants, and that if it grows anyway, it was wanted by Thra. They also often go through chanting sessions to meditate and make on with Thra and the universe on diverse occasions such as weddings, funerals… always the same humming chant. They tend to be fatalistic about death, although they do love life and mourn their loved ones they are raised to remember that one day they will join them there anyway so it is never a farewell. Traditionally (they believe you go to Thra with or without ritual, that ritual just has tribute purposes), when a Mystic die, the Ritual Guardian cremates the body and mixes the ashes with golden sparkles to embellish the dead one last time. Then, traditonally again, the Ritual Guardian and those who knew the person wilm surround the dead Mystic’s most used and/or favorite objects and an urn containing their golden ashes in the middle, and proceed to chant and pay tribute words to the deceased until the magic of the moment makes all the objects and the urn vanish, making now one with Thra (again, it is not necessary) ; another reason that owes UrRu the name “Mystics” is how particular and unique their magic is on diverse accounts whether be it making vanish things during funerals, animate inanimate objects, create mechanisms reacting only to some conclusions or words, healing, alchemy etc

    Much like Skeksis, UrRu do not have marriage but matehood and no spouse but mate. Bur the matehood ceremony is basically a wedding : the Ritual Guardian blessing the 2 lovers while asking them if they do want each other as mates, while every friend and relative watch as the guests and the fiancés are finely dressed and combed more beautifully than usual for the occasion. Then, they celebrate, and then happens the matehood nighr in which the 2 new mates are supposed to lose their virginity to each other ; it is forbidden to before but actually everybody does so since after all Mystics cab get pregnant only 2 weeks every 5 trines. UrRu mate only out of love whatever the status, they do not comprehend the concept of arranged marriage Gelfling royals have, however much like Gelflings and us it is not guaranted that they love each other forever or love the same person all their life. Divorces do exist

    As said, UrRu ovulate every 5 trines for 2 weeks during what is known as UrRu Mating Season. It’s the only time sex leads to babies for them so they should be careful watching the calendar depending if they want or don’t want to be parents. But nature wanting reproduction, it usually has them have crazier pheromones. Mystics have a cloaca in which are hidden a 3 headed penis and a vagina all showing during arousal or in the penis’ case during pee time, the penis containing 3 urethras. Gestation lasts 2 trines, being identifies after 2 weeks. During it, hormones have the pouch on the parents’ bellies loosen up in order to bear the urling in them, and the mother build a nest of hay, dirt, pillows, sheet, blankets and pieces of clothes in which the whole family will sleep for a period of time. Just like Skeksis, whatever the pronouns, the mother is always the pregnant one and the father the other. At birth, which is livebirth, there are like humans only one or sometimes 2 babies, more rarely more. The urling is born blind and deaf for the first unums, spending their time in the parent’s pouches, the mother’s containing 2 out of their 8 breasts so the little one can nurse ; if there are 2 babies, they often are territorial and often push each other from it, fortunately their bones are solid. After some unums, the urling can hear and see at last, peeking curiously out a pouch. This is usually when their muscles are finally strong enough and try learn to waddle. The baby does puppy-like growls and whines, and will walk on their 6 paws until 20 trines when they finally start trying walk on their 2, helped by their parents’ muzzles and tails. They get weaned around 12 trines, become a toddler around 26 trines when the family finally leaves the best the parents back to their bed and the urling getting their first bed, a child around 80 trines when they can’t fit in the pouch anymore, and puberty starts around 250 trines of life with their hair becoming a mane, with more hair growing under theirjaw which is very itchy. They choose their pronouns usually as toddlers or children and as teens choose if their voice will be feminine or masculine by regulating their hormones at will. They are considered as adults at 400 trines

    UrRu are rarely are colorful, but do get even duller with age, rarely becoming bald but on the contrary bearing thick and long often white manes. They also tend to get chubby easily with age and all, no matter how well they lived, crouch and look 3 times smaller when they turn old. No longer looking as gigantic as in their youth

    #moi#dracocheesecake #the dark crystal #aus#guard#peasant#unform#age#tradition#anatomy #i made it myself #I'm proud of it #ocs
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  • I did an illegal u-turn so I could take that picture of the trashed balloons. At the time, I found it funny to see someone trashing their thirties. My thirties were great! This was my first thought, but then I remembered my real thirties versus my imaginary thirties. My thirties were a complete shit show. I entered my thirties with a broken family wrecked by loss. When Chris and I celebrated the end of 2005, we celebrated with a real hope that the new year would be better. Then Chris’s Dad’s cancer came back and we entered the years of slogging our way through bogs of grief, depression and despair to find some glimmer of joy.

    You know those round water bumper boats with the smelly gas engines. I used to beg to ride those as a kid and every time Dad would relent the money for a ticket, I would end up stuck in a corner going nowhere, just spinning. This describes my early thirties. There was grief on top of grief, living with a mother-in-law who I was constantly struggle to connect with, trying to dig out of debt and just stuck. Spinning in the corner. Next, I would move into a job where I killed mice every day for science. I’d often end my work day crying in a bathroom stall over all the carnage and how science wasn’t fun any more. Then I would watch my best friend deteriorate and die, only to have to repeat that process with my Dad. The rest of my thirties would be spent just trying to figure out how to live my life without that best friend and finding some sense of self. By the time I entered my forties, I felt like a wise old sage. Though, now that I’m in my mid-forties, I feel less wise and more old. Despite the train wreck of my thirties, I wouldn’t throw those years away. In those years, I would acquire the confidence in myself that I never had in my twenties. I don’t mean just a physical confidence, but a mental confidence, a belief in myself. I found that I was really good at teaching yoga and that I loved teaching. Those years brought me my scooter, which has been a constant source of glee. I grew my own vegetables and I made pickles and sauerkraut. I found my writing voice and discovered a creativity that had been locked deep inside me. I started taking my photography more seriously. Chris and I finally did what we always said we were going to do and that was to move out of Oklahoma. I moved into a job that made science fun again and did not leave me crying in the bathroom at the end of a work day. I learned some valuable life lessons in my thirties. Sure, they happened to be punch-in-a-gut hard lessons, but sometimes a lesson has to be difficult in order to really learn it. If it hadn’t been for the shit show that was my thirties, I would not be the woman I am today.

    Of course that can be said of any decade. If I could say anything to the birthday celebrant who put those balloons out for trash pickup, it would be to savor and pay attention to every moment. Not just the moments in your thirties. All of the moments. Swim around in the painful moments until your fingers are wrinkly. Really soak those in because those moments make the good moments so so so so good. It’s like the painful moments rip a layer of skin off and the good moments are skin graphs that grow in that space. You might be under the impression that turning thirty will suddenly make you a grownup. That is not true. You will make grownup decisions, probably more of them than you did in the previous ten years of your life, but you will not be a grownup. There is no defining age for being a grownup. This is important because the less you dwell on the concept of being a grownup, the better off you are. I mean, be a grownup when it is absolutely necessary, but all other times allow yourself moments of silliness and play. Have ice cream for dinner. If your gut is telling you to pull the car over to explore some derelict building that looks interesting, do it. There’s a 60% chance of rain forecasted for the day? Ride the scooter anyway; there is a 40% chance it won’t.

    And vote. Always vote.

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