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  • littlesmochi
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ❀𝙱𝚎𝚍𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎 𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚎❀

    make sure your room is all picked up so you have a nice clean room in the morning!🌼

    have a snack, a tea or some warm milk if that will help you sleep! Sleepytime,Chamomile or Lavender teas are good for bed!Also jam and toast will make your brain get sleepy💭

    brush your teeth! I know you might not wanna but it's important to take care of your little teeth! 🍥

    grab your favorite stuffie, or all of them and your favorite blankie! 🍭

    get tucked in bed or tuck yourself in! ☁️

    if you have a bedtime playlist or movie you watch while falling asleep, turn it on! 🌺

    let yourself relax and then drift off to sleep little one 🍼

    ❀𝙶𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚎❀

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  • muchkiencafe
    12.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    ✨I want to make friends✨

    And I’m generally curious, if my follows are littles are cg,

    Send me a heart 💜 if ur a little and send me a 💋if your a cg,

    ✨we can become friends ✨😊

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  • muchkiencafe
    11.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Here’s something not so fun about age regression that no one talks about,

    The times when you can’t regress and have to be big or force yourself not to regress, is when everything doesn’t feel right, it’s when the dissociation kicks in and there is nothing you can do about it....

    And yet people will sexualize age regression. Age regression is not sexual, it’s a coping mechanism and dissociation proves it. Caregivers are nothing sexual, there just people who help people age regress so they don’t have to feel bad anymore.

    I hate this feeling, I’m dissociating so bad and I can’t seem to find an actual cg. I’m sad.

    I’m done. I just wanted a safe agere place.

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  • lilsanriobaby
    11.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Looking for a caregiver/mama/dada here's my requirements

    Regressed or not I'm NOT interested in anything s*xual,it's extremely triggering to me and makes me uncomfy you will be blocked >~<

    Must be over 18,no minors please!

    If you're a cis male,be patient with me I suffer from PTSD revolving around men

    Gimmie wuv,attention,and cute namesssss!!!

    Take care of meee~

    Baby talk and cute names is a must!!!

    I'm pans so anyone's welcomed regardless of sexuality,gender,race,etc!!!

    Feel free to message me if you're interested and want to get to know me!!!

    #agere#age regression#agere little#caregiver #looking for caregiver #looking for mommy #looking for daddy #sfw interaction only #sfw agere #age re blog #dni if kink #kink dni #please respect my dni #agere blog
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  • radioactivesupersonic
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y’know I think the popularity of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8 just illuminates that we could have more variety in “the designated big tanky one” besides large rough and tumble man, the latter with some sort of intended-to-be-humorous idiosyncrasy, or ‘comically’ undersized girl.

    (I use comically in air quotes because frankly I don’t like that trope, it just feels like an excuse to not ever have to put muscle or fat on girls. Yes, I have known petite women who can kick your ass, but if you are introducing a character who fights like a heavyweight, give them the physique of a heavyweight. Look at powerlifters! Look at olympic gymnasts in the categories closest to what your character is doing!)

    Like just grab other character traits and just make them also huge compared to their teammates. The options are very fun.

    The Dimitrescu Classic where they talk like an aristocrat and dresses like a yesteryear starlet but can bench your entire body. Tanks a land mine and is mostly annoyed because “You’ve dirtied my dress!”

    Dramatic-ass thespian artsy type who’s handsome and brooding and also they happen to be a chiseled adonis. Especially if they’re the type who worked out this much because they’re actually a dancer, not a powerlifter, and they are a technique-over-power type while still being big and strong.

    Variant on the Dimitrescu Classic where she comes off like an indulgent rich grandma, dated fashion sense and all, wearing odd and pungent perfume, with the punchline being at some point she shrugs off her oversized coat to her favorite surrogate nephew and says, “honey, you better clear out, I’m about to sort this fella’s bones out” and she’s absolutely shredded. Can even foreshadow it by that she’s a grand dame in stature and prone to some overbearing hugs but it’s assumed to just be slapstick framing of a normal-strength hug until it turns out she’s been holding back.

    The Princess Classic archetype because nothing’s funnier than that one image set I saw once of a refined princessy type looking at someone, saying “do you want to fight me” and then tearing her dress off and she’s wearing a wrestling singlet underneath. Bonus points for sheltered ingenue who practiced some sort of noble-accepted sport to get the energy out and became like, nigh undefeated at it.

    Most variations of wizard archetypes are funny if they can punch you. You’re ready for Merlin of the Floor-Length Beard to cast fireball at you or something but are you ready for Merlin’s prizefighter suplex? nobody is.

    Straitlaced desk jockey bureaucrat who could pick up the desk and throw it at you but won’t because then they’ll have to re-file all of this goddamn paperwork. Don’t make them pick up their favorite paperweight.

    Swishy fencer braggart who you have every reason to suspect is a technique over power type and because of that you realize too late that it’s actually not do-nothing bragging that they want to fight like everyone around them and they are actually as good as they say they are. Bonus points if they come off like a cocky do-nothing because they were previously surrounded by people they had either already fought and were no longer curious about, or otherwise saw little prospect in fighting so the party only finds out they have a berserker in musketeer’s clothing when they’re already deep in trouble.

    Washed-up has-been reveals at a triumphant point in character arc that their problem was primarily psychological and while they let themselves go in terms of physical conditioning, some things don’t die easily and they can get back into shape over time.

    #writing ruminations #generally there's no new tropes under the sun #so IMO the best you can do is breathe new conceptual life into them #what are the backbone qualities of the archetype and how can you re-frame them in something new #for 'the strong man of the team' #there's a lot of questions you can ask about strength and potency #and assumptions about bodies #is a well-mannered body restrained in expensive clothing less threatening #what about an aging body hidden under eccentric clothes
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  • lilprincessducky
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    💖🐼🌷💘 havin pink lemonade juicey wit my squishy cuties! I did a big walk in da park 2day in da early mornin! 🍋🌈❤💐

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  • redwingedwhump
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Blackthorne Hall- 13- Closet- 1988

    This is a series! Masterlist here.

    TW: homophobia discussed, surprise manhandling, consensual spice between two adults with implications of more. Romance Fluff.

    It wasn’t the most formal affair, but style always counted, and Yves was set in his customs of hospitality. He was valeting the guests when they arrived by taking coats. Now a well dressed woman thanked him and proceeded from the entryway into the bright chatter of the parlor. He gave a sigh of satisfaction at one job of the evening flawlessly done. She’d been the last of the invitees.

    He opened the entry closet to hang her coat beside the others, when a voice hissed from behind them “Psst! Yves!” Grey eyes looked out at him through the forest of coathangers.

    Yves blinked. “Brian? Brian Howe, what the devil are you doing in the coat closet?”

    “Keep it down, will you?” hissed the werewolf. “The parlor is across the hall! Full of guests!”

    “I know where the parlor is in my own damned home, man, now what is this about?”

    “Get in here.” Brian’s arm, much brawnier than Yves recalled it being, reached out and dragged Yves through the wall of multicolored wool to the dark space behind it.

    They stood almost nose to nose in the near dark. Only the stained glass transom window above the closet door let any light into the dim space. Both had the heightened senses of supernaturals, and both were painfully aware that each could smell the other, even through the whiff of wool and cedar heavy in the air.

    “I did know you had come to the party with your Father,” said Yves. “I helped stamp the invites, but Brian- Why are we in here?”

    “Yves,” said Brian, and the way he said it ran up Yves’ spine. “I wanted to talk to you. Alone.”

    “Oh. Well… We’re alone now.”

    “You recall before I went away for University, four years ago, we spoke. And I told you what I wanted. How I felt.”

    “I… remember,” said Yves carefully.

    “And you told me I was young yet, and I should go and meet other young people, and learn things, and learn more of who I was, what I really wanted, and then when I was older, we’d have this talk again.”

    “I did say that…”

    Brian leaned in closer. “Yves,” he said again, his voice rougher with some pent-up emotion. He lifted a hand, bridging the little space left between them to only just touch the line of Yves’ jaw.

    He was a whole lot bigger and broader than Yves remembered him, more self assured than the young werewolf he’d known. Yves looked up at him, their faces barely breaths apart. He couldn’t deny it- the boy was a grown man now, while he’d remained unchanged. Away from his pack family, Brian had nevertheless gained in strength as well as the confidence to seek Yves out like this.

    “I don’t want your Father to come for my hide, you know,” Yves hedged, while Brian’s fingertips brushed his cheek as if they raised sparks.

    “I respect and love him dearly, but he doesn’t get a say in this part of my life. This is between you and I.”

    He leaned his face into Brian’s palm, and the warmth there, saying, “It won’t stay that way though. You don’t know what it can be like, trying to hide this sort of thing, and the fallout when people find out- Which they will.”

    “I’ve already had to hide it for years. My Dad won’t disown me, I’m pretty sure he suspects already.”

    “He might not, but what about your Mother? Your brother and sister? The entire village? Brian, you’d have to live with it your whole life if the town found out—“

    “Well, do they know about you?”

    “I think some of them suspect, or they don’t want to think about whether I get close to anybody at all,” said Yves dryly. “Vampire. I’m already an abomination, remember?”

    “No one who matters thinks that of you.” His thumb brushed over Yves’ smooth cheek.

    “Your Father might if I corrupt his firstborn son to my wicked libertine ways,” Yves muttered.

    “He knows perfectly well I can corrupt myself just fine without your help. I don’t think he cares so long as I eventually settle down and marry some nice mortal to lead the family alongside.”

    “And will you? Settle down?”

    “Someday, I daresay I shall,” Brian answered. “But not yet. Certainly not now.”

    Yves looked up. Brian’s eyes were a wolf’s eyes, a silvery grey that was nearly blue, and in the near darkness they shone in a way Yves had never before seen from him. Burning, not calm or cooled. Not now.

    “I know now… what I want,” Brian said, his low voice barely a rumble of sound.  “And so I’m asking you, Yves- Do you want me?”

    Yves felt pinned in place by that gaze, and by the heat of the hand against his cheek. “It… wouldn’t be for long… Months, years only…”

    “I know that.” Brian’s other hand came up to frame Yves’ face between both.

    “It would have to remain a secret,” Yves breathed.

    “I know that too, said Brian, moving closer.

    “If you’re sure that this is what you-“ Yves was lifted off his feet as Brian’s hands gripped his coat and shoved him up against the wall.

    Brian’s body pinned Yves’ against the wood paneling as their mouths met, sudden and desperate, and just as suddenly parted. “Do you believe me yet, Yves?”

    “M- maybe not yet? You- might have to- do that again,” Yves gasped. “But- there’s a parlor full of guests just out there-“

    “We’ll just have to find out if you can keep quiet, then, won’t we?”

    Yves could hear him grinning in the dark. “Maybe I should- warn Miss Edith- that you’re the one- wh- who’s corrupti—“ He didn’t get to finish the thought aloud.

    To be continued

    @newandfiguringitout, @whump-it, @pepperonyscience, @procrastinatingsab @burtlederp @susiequaz12 @deluxewhump @sola-whumping @dramaticcollapse

    just ask to be tagged!

    #homophobia mention tw #fluff #Just a little background #consensual sex implied tw #yes the title is a bad joke re their location vs the topic at hand #tbh I had this bit planned ages ago THEN realized it'd be happening in the 80s #Yves of Blackthorne Hall #Blackthorne Hall #surprise manhandling tw
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  • kindaycare
    10.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kerfuffle stimboard for anon!

    💐 🐦 💐 | 💐 🐦 💐 | 💐 🐦 💐

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  • expectingtofly
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    "forever" by the beach boys | 15x12 & 15x18

    day 4 of @thiscastielhasflown and i's follower celebration | prompt: song

    #rambleoncas#user-brooke#shelikestv#userpris#castyel#j&kcreatorfest#destiel edit#deancas#spn#spncreatorsdaily#expectingtofly creates #i've been wanting to make an edit to this song for ages now #very cas-coded song #re-watching 15x18 to take screenshots gave me brain damage
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  • kindaycare
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Piglin regression kit for anon!

    🐖 🐷 🐖 | 🐖 🐖 🐖 | 🐖 🐷 🐖

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  • muchkiencafe
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Why someone might use a paci, in and out of regression

    -for fidgeting

    -to stop bitting or picking nails

    -for sleep: studies have shown that having a paci in your month can help you sleep and even prevent snoring. I can a-test to this cause sucking a paci makes me really sleepy

    -to regress

    -as comfort for when ur regressed

    -as a tool to help yourself when ur regressed. Example maybe you put things in your month when regressed well than a paci would prevent that

    -to help with anxiety and panic attacks

    -as comfort when ur not regressed

    - to stop help ur self from over eating or purging

    -to de-stress

    -to regain your childhood back

    -to feel innocent like a baby again 

    -for fun

    I see lots of people not understanding why someone would a paci and those are some reasons, there is probably many more depending on the person. Just remember to not judge, we all grow up at our pace and certain can help people even if it’s not what you expect to help, and that’s 💯 okay

    Edited: another thought to note is that some people think that fidgets are just for infants, but there is no rule that fidgets are just for infants and they often help people with social anxiety and autism. No one crapes on that, it’s the same with paci’s so if someone is bullying you because Of using a paci, remind them of that!

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  • nbstevonnie
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    just had the funniest experience with this fic I was reading so chapter one starts with draco having been adopted by sirius and lupin after his O.W.L. year and a lot of other stuff that had me going “WOW, this author has been bold and actually started the story in the middle of this AU and it’s up to ME to figure out what the differences from this and canon are. This is so exciting! So often a fic starts from first year just to establish ‘oh yeah and draco was there too’ and it’s basically just like reading book one again for the millionth time! This is such a breath of fresh air!’ ... anyway turns out I was reading chapter one of part six of the series

    #sigh #my search for stories that realise you don’t need to start from book one just because you’re an AU continues... #(tbf having read the summary for part one it’s a time travel so a little more necessary to go back to earlier in the series) #(but still... when will my prince (an in medias res fic) come?) #apologies for discussing hp (even if fic) in this day and age
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  • smolsafebab
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I kind of had a moment of drawing whatever when I was babying out-

    It's nice to just be in that scribbly baby zone y'know??

    #My art #safe age re things #safe baby re things #safe littlespace things #Me#Crayola Markers#Drawing #Being small again is nice :)
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  • noselfcontrolbaby
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I thinking of when daddy and I were on a bus and then I fell asleep, he told me I could rest my head on his lap and so I did. The people on the bus started to get really loud so daddy covered my ears and asked the people around us to quiet down so that way I could sleep peacefully. I love my daddy so much🤍✨

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  • mommys-lil-baby-bun
    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I gots a bingo! :3

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