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  • This interview is a great example of what we learned in class about agenda setting. Kingdon tells us there are policy problems and solutions in the policy universe and when “windows of opportunity” occur, those solutions find their way to the policy agenda. 

    Neil Swidey talks about immigration reform in Boston 100 years ago, when there was a need to fix a broken system and the policy solutions proposed focused on particular groups. He notes that “There are no new ideas in immigration policy”, we are repeating history.

    Listen to this short clip: https://www.npr.org/2017/02/04/513469442/bostons-immigration-history-repeats-itself-in-trumps-policies

    Boston’s Immigration History Repeats Itself In Trump’s Policies: President Trump’s stance on immigration isn’t new to America’s history. Boston Globe Magazine writer Neil Swidey says a group in Boston used these same tactics, even the same rhetoric, 100 years ago.

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  • What the Agenda Theory implies can always be seen and applied in our daily lives, and I bet everyone uses it. No matter how much people feel that the “media” excludes some information, in reality, it is actually necessary because of so many reasons. I believe all of has an agenda, may be it be hidden or all out. All of us have this something that we hide from others, and that only we know (and sometimes, even our very own selves don’t even know it). 

    One example of a situation that used to always happen to me in which I only include some information and excluded some is when I was younger, and I was rarely allowed to go out. I would only tell my mom the part where I’m going to the mall or a friend’s house so that I’ll be able to make sure that I’ll be allowed to go. I exclude that part wherein I go somewhere else after the mall or my friend’s house. Another instance in which I become very selective of what I share are online sites. Personally, I try to keep my life private. That’s how I am, and I guess that’s how I want it to be. I remember that time that I had to make a Twitter and a blog account for my Artmusc and Scifict class. I dreaded it. Hahaha. Because I know that in a way, I’ll be revealing something and people would know more about me through that :| That’s why until know, I have never tweeted or wrote anything in my Tumblr that is personal or what’s going on with my life. All I put there are my school requirements. Even with Facebook, I used to have a disabled “wall”, because since friends would write on it, and other people would be able to see and read it, again, I think they will know me better :| I know it sounds pretty funny and crazy, but I guess that’s what I prefer. I tend to be very minimal and protective with anything to do online. You couldn’t see my tagged photos, and not even my list of friends, or even the info’s. Its not that I don’t want people knowing what kind of person I am, it’s just that I am careful with those things. Besides, I’m not really fond of using the Internet, I’d rather talk and know people face-to-face.


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