Vacuum Destoners have become quite popular in the agriculture industry and highly demanded in the market. The stoner is highly suitable for a wide range of agricultural products such as barley, rice, beans, nuts, sesame, coffee, pulses etc. The separation of stones, mud balls, glass pieces, broken hulls and heavy metals is done with 95% efficiency in many products. Vacuum destoner is provided with an electric motor, switch, starter, dust collector, standard ducting, reduction gear box and air seal.

De -stoners are engineered for high capacity, high precision and two way separations of lighter products from heavy impurities. Destoners are available in different types, shapes, sizes and models in the market. Pressure type, Open deck type, or as Vacuum types. These systems are suitable for high capacity, noise and pollution free operations and successfully work on grains, pulses, oil seeds, senna leaves, coffee beans, nuts etc.

It functions on the principle of vacuum negative pressure. Stratification and separation of the product into lighter and heavier fractions are done by forcing air through the layer of material. With the help of uneven vibratory motor which is mounted at the center of the machine, the vibration of the deck is obtained. The vibrating deck and the stroke of eccentric motion can be ultimately attuned to get the maximum degree of separation. The device can be easily connected with the central aspiration device. For clear product viewing, windows are also provided in the

vacuum destoner.

A huge range of deck screen is provided to suit the exact application.

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