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    Jimmy Darling (American Horror Story: Freakshow - Bullseye)

    #y’all getting some self indulgent shit today <3 you’re welcome #I have SO many jimmy icon sets y’all have no idea #jimmy darling#evan peters #evan peters icons #ahs freakshow
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    07.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Coffee of the Week pt.2

    Icon credit: @thatspookyagent

    Summary: This is the second part to Coffee of the Week, where Colin takes the reader out for their date. You can read Part 1 Here

    Warnings: None this is pure fluff

    Word Count: 2245

    "So," Mare said in a bored voice. "Have you decided where you're taking her for your date tonight?" Colin paused for a moment before answering, which confirmed Mare’s suspicions

    "No I have not." Colin said, doing his best to avoid Mare's judgmental eyes. 

    "Really man, you had all week to think of a place."

    "I know." He signed leaning back in his chair, he swiveled it to the side to face Mare. "But like where would I even take her? There's only like three restaurants in Eastown." 

    "Hey!” Mare said defensively. "We have four restaurants you're forgetting the KFC that's attached to the Taco Bell." Mare joked as she began to put away her papers. 

    'My bad." Colin smiled to himself at Mare's little joke. It seems that lately she was warming up to him, it was nice to be able to joke and talk to her like this. He watched as she cleaned up the rest of her desk.

    "But seriously where are you taking her." Mare glanced at the clock on her computer screen before shutting it down. "It's already 6:30 you should be getting ready by now."

    Colin glanced down at himself. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?"

    Mare pursed her lips. "Nothing. Just forget I said anything." 

    "See there's another thing I have to worry about now." Colin ran a hand down his face. "I haven't even been here that long so I don't really know where is a good place to eat at.” Colin sat with his head in his hands for a moment before lifting it up, eyes glancing towards Mare. He turned slowly towards Mare, a hopeful smile on his face. "Unless you-"




    "If you could recommend-"


    "Mare please!” He had stood up at this point and moved towards Mare’s desk, she had scooted her chair away from his approaching form, her face scrunched up at his persistent pleading. “Please tell me where to take her! I really like her and I don’t wanna mess up." Mare finally glanced over at him through the corner of her eye. He looked like a kicked puppy, he was so desperate it physically hurt her. 

    She sighed. "Fine." Colin's face split open in a wide smile. "Stop that." She snapped, he immediately tried to change his facial expression back to neutral but Mare could see he was trying to fight back his smile. "You should take her to the Italian restaurant that's near the center of town, one of my friends works there." She tore a piece of paper off one of her reports. "Tell her that Mare sent you and she'll make sure to give you a good table and treat you and (y/n) well." She handed the paper over to Colin.

    His eagerly grabbed it and smiled widely at Mare, "Thank you so much Mare you-"

    She held her hand up to silence him, pointing an accusing finger. "Don't make this into a big deal detective." Mare shrugged on her coat and made her way towards the door. "And if you tell her it's a date she'll throw in a free dessert.

    "Thank y-"

    "Not. A. Big. Deal." Mare slammed the door shut. Colin smiled at her fading figure, she was definitely warming up to him.

    Colin’s heart was beating out of his chest as he pulled up to your house, a million thoughts running through his head. Things like was he too early? It was only 7:30 he wasn't supposed to pick you up till 8:00. What if you weren't ready, was he dressed up enough, was he over dressed?? He shook his head trying to clear all the thoughts that plagued him. 

    He made his way to your front door and after a few seconds of hesitation rang your doorbell. The sound of loud barking made him jump up in surprise. “I’m coming.” He heard your voice yell and the sounds of your footsteps approaching the door. You opened the door with a smile, you were holding a big fluffy dog by its collar as it strained against your hold. “Hey Colin! Sorry about him, he always barks when someone is at the door.” He glanced down at the dog, it was eagerly trying to pull its way towards him, tail wagging intensely. “Let me go put him outside. I don’t want him jumping all over you.”

    With zero hesitation Colin said. “Let him go.”

    “What?” You asked in surprise.

    “Let him go, I wanna meet him.”

    You let out a little laugh.“ Are you sure? He’s a jumper.”

    “Of course!” You let go of your dog’s collar and he went barreling towards Colin, who was squatting down with his arms wide open. Your dog ran into his arms and knocked him flat on his back. You rushed forward to pull your dog back until you saw Colin laughing. Your dog was licking him all over while Colin nestled his face into your dog’s fur. “You’re such a good boy aren't you?” Colin asked as he petted your dog, your dog just wagged his tail even faster and tried to lick Colin’s face even more, you smiled at the sight 

    “It seems he likes you.” You giggled out. 

    “What’s his name?”

    “His name is Tino.” 

    “Hello Tino, I’m Colin.” Colin shook your dogs paw introducing himself. You smiled at his antics and squatted down next to him, rubbing Tino’s soft ears in your hand. “What kinda dog is he?” 

    “I’m not sure, I adopted him from the center in town and no one seemed to know what kind he was.” Colin nodded at your answer and tried his best to stand back up, it was a task in itself since Tino kept trying to knock him back down. You stood up as well and let out a small laugh at Colin’s appearance. “What?” He asked. His once crisp shirt was wrinkled, and his perfectly combed hair was all tousled. He was covered head to toe in dog fur. 

    “I think Tino may have gotten a little bit of fur on you.” He glanced down and saw all the dog's hair sticking to him. He laughed with you and did his best to try and pick the dog hair off. ‘Wait here.” You went inside and came back with a lint roller in hand. He took it and began to roll it up and down his clothes. You moved closer to him and brushed his hair out of his face, smoothing it back into place. He blushed at the action. 

    “Are you ready to go?”

    “Yea! Where are we going?”

    “It’s a surprise!” You laughed, it really wasn't he only really had three options on where to take you in Easttown. And you figured it wasn't going to be the Taco Bell or KFC. 

    The ride to the restaurant didn't take too long and in no time you two had pulled up to the place. He parked and rushed out of the car to your side. He opened your door for you and you swooned at the old fashioned action. You looped your arm through his and he led you to the door, he whispered something to the hostess and she smiled widely and quickly led you two to a table. It was almost sectioned off from the other ones, it had an aura of privacy to it. She rushed over and placed a rose in the vase at the center of the table and lit up the candles. Colin pulled the chair out for you before sitting down on his own. 

    He picked at the table cloth, not meeting your eyes. “‘So, did I pick a good place?’ He asked with a nervous smile.

    “Mhmm, this is my favorite out of all of Easttown’s numerous restaurants.” You smiled at him coyly, he let out a little laugh. 

    The rest of the night seemed to speed by, you and Colin just clicked, there wasn’t a moment that wasn't filled with conversation. Either about his work or about your own, him telling stories about his current cases or you telling him about the rude customers you had gotten that day. Then it shifted towards talking about your favorite tv shows or movies. He admitted that his job didn't leave him much time to watch tv and you vowed that one of your date nights had to be a tv or movie marathon. He blushed at the insulation that there was going to be a second date. 

    You two had just finished off your meals when the hostess came by holding a piece of Tiramisu, you let yourself think about the irony of it. You guys had met at your coffee shop and here you were on your first date beings served a coffee flavored dessert. She set it down in front of you two. The plate was decorated with chocolate powder in the shape of a heart. You glanced down at the table and noticed Colin’s hand resting on the table, inching its way closer to yours. You closed the distance and placed your hand over his, squeezing it lightly. He smiled up at you and you returned it. He let you take the first bite of the desert, and he even let you have the last bite. He was a true gentleman through and through. 

    The drive home was filled with constant loving stares back and forth, your hands resting intertwined on your thigh. When you guys got back to your place you didn't want to leave the car, it had been a while since you had a date like that. One filled with so much comfort and romance, one you never wanted to end. More often that you went on dates with sleazy men that picked you up two hours late and flirted with your hostess. Which resulted in you sneaking out the bathroom window and drinking your sorrows away at the bar. But you had a feeling you wouldn't be ditching any of your upcoming dates. 

    Colin, being the gentleman he was, got out and went to open your door for you, much to his and your own dismay. You slid out of the seat and walked as slowly as possible to your front door. He held both your hands in his own. “This was fun.” He looked down at his shoes, not meeting your eyes, fearing you wouldn’t agree with him.

    “It really was, we should do it again.” His head whipped up at your response, a smile taking hold of his features. 

    “How does next Friday sound?”

    “LIke it’s too far away.” He blushed at your words. “But I think I can wait till then if you continue to come by every morning.” 

    “Well I couldn't very well start each day without the best cup of coffee in the world now could I?”

    “Oh shut up.” You giggled, his heart fluttered at being able to make you laugh. What he wouldn't give to spend the rest of his life trying to make you laugh. A little warning light went off in him at that thought, was he seriously already thinking of spending his life with you. You guys had only met this week and it was only your first date. What if you thought he was moving too fast? What if you didn't want to even go out again? Wait, you had just said you wanted to go out again. He was spiraling, lost in his own thoughts. You saw his brow furrow and reached your hand out to smooth out his worry lines. 

    “What’s bugging’ ya detective?” His eyes widened at hearing your sweet voice address him by detective. 

    “Nothing, just lost in my thoughts.” His ears turned red at the realization he had just zoned out in front of you. You just giggled, moving your hand down to cup his face. He leaned into your soft touch and slowly moved his hands up to rest on your waist. He pulled you closer and you began to slowly move forward. Your lips connected, it was very soft and hesitant. You moved your other hand up to cup the back of his neck, running your fingers near the edges of his hair. The wind blew softly around you two, making your hair and his coat flutter. You pulled away and rested your foreheads together. You looked up at him through your lashes, reluctantly beginning to pull away. “Goodnight detective.” 

    He pulled away as well, letting his hand linger in your own, holding on to your fingertips until he couldn't anymore. “Goodnight (y/n), I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

    “I can’t wait.” You closed the door and he stayed outside your door until he heard the locks click shut. Once he knew you were safe he made his way back to the car, pumping his arms in the air, in joy. 

    Unknown to him you were watching his little display of happiness from your window. You did your best to suppress a fit of giggles as you sat down at the little window seat, unfastening your heels and tossing them to the floor. You tucked your feet underneath yourself and watched him get back into his car, a smile never leaving his face, and never leaving yours. You gently touch your fingertips to your lips, the lingering taste of his lips on your own. You sighed at the memory,  he was going to be the death of you. 

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    #This ask means a lot to me! #That's for sending it Moss Boss! #answered asks#mutuals#ask games#games#txf#x files #the x files #ahs #american horror story
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    Ok but a ahs and xmen crossover just like yes yes yes

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    I'm a simple AHS fan, sure I wanna see new and crazy story ideas, but I also just want more minorities on the show in a positive light. Both can coexist.

    #I will say this #Donna Chambers is a fucking excellent character #Her redemption arc the fact that she lives AND she's played by Angelica is mwah <3 #But that's only one Black character outta the multiple that Ryan has done wrong #Many many thoughts I have #fox gekkers#ahs #american horror story #ryan murphy#diversity #diversity in media #diversity in fandoms #fandom#fandoms#poc #characters of color #lgbt#lgbtq#queer#queer rep#lgbt rep#lgbtq rep#representation#trans#trans rep#female rep
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    I love how everyone in the AHS fan (for the most part) has an AHS related name, which is understandable of course, but I'm over here just like that spooky agent

    #For those of y'all who don't know I basically started coming on here and being active when I joined the X-Files fandom #But after awhile I kinda slipped outta the fandom online wise but kept my blog name #It's just really iconic and means a lot to me #Plus I love the fact that it's a remnant of the fandom that got me active on here #fox gekkers#txf#x files #the x files #ahs #american horror story #fandoms#fandom
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    A cult inspired look I did this morning.

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    My dog is an absolute wildman. He’s forever bouncing off the walls. But one day I started singing “has anyone ever written anything for you,” by Stevie Nicks to him, it was stuck in my head. And he just stops and stares, tilts his head side to side anytime I sing that to him 🥺 now he lays across my lap when I do it… it must be comforting to him 🥲 we don’t deserve dogs.

    #stevie nicks icons #stevie nicks#fleetwood mac #has anyone ever written anything for you #ahs coven #the white witch
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    Zoe’s black chiffon topshop slip :))

    From the pilot, Bitchcraft.

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    *twerks to the ahs theme song*

    #it so be a bop #personal#ahs
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    Moments that kindaaaa show who Kai rlly was if we were to erase the fact that he’s literally a horrible person and down right someone I would never like irl

    This.....I mean yeah this isn’t pre cult Kai but I feel like it kinda displays the person he once was?? Idk tho 😐✋🏻
    The hug was kinda cute ngl 🥺
    Ugh BuT tHIS^^^....he is genuinely trying to be like funny and lighten the situation for his sister bc I’m sure she was freaked out and it kinda breaks my heart bc then u see cult Kai n he was literally no nonsense 😐
    Showing genuine concern
    UGH u can literally see it on their faces that they would have the best times together 😐 srsly sucks how their relationship decayed bc of HIM
    However...,,,I’m still sure that during these times his mindset was probably just as bad as cult Kai and this post is not here to defend him ✨✨✨
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    Misty Day ❤

    #i love her so much #misty day#lily rabe #american horror story #misty day fanart #lily rabe fanart #ahs fanart#ahs coven#ahs apocalypse#sam's art#drawing#sketch
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    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    just came here to say that we don’t talk abt tate being the little spoon enough 😐‼️

    #tate and violet #tate langdon#violet harmon#violate#ahs #ahs murder house #murder house
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    #ahs#liz taylor #ahs liz taylor #american horror story #denis o'hare#ahs hotel #american horror story hotel #kathy bates#ahs iris#ryan murphy#digital art #look at those two beautiful women #i love them so much
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    this song + rory monahan = the only two things occupying my brain rn

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    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago


    - american horror story -

    • tate langdon angst

    • tate langdon baby i just wanna be loved

    //updating soon//

    #tate langdon #evan peters x reader #evan peters#netflix #american horror story #my fic#smut langdon#ahs masterlist
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