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    18.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    #ask#Sweet Voice #[answers a wholesome ask with a equally wholesome image] ah yes time to kill my followers
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  • edolon-vryche-in-th-real
    18.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    🎶 In the afterlife

    You could be headed for the serious strife

    Now you make the scene all day

    But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay 🎶

    #Edolon music-posting #Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers #Aaaa its such a good song!!! #The bubbles are a nice addition #Ah yes a song about death. With bubbles!
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  • yesnosino
    18.09.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    another heartbreaking realization: it no longer brings me joy to say my wife, but rather intense anguish

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  • k-star-holic
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Im Soon-ah, 'I Wish' Poster and Smile 'Beautiful looks are in the heat'

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  • i-was-bored-so-this-happened
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Today’s entertainment at work is going to be, “Would Esmè Squalor wear this?”

    #ah. throwback to like my first week when I found a pair of dungarees called Yessica #esme squalor#asoue #a series of unfortunate events #rae at work #I work in a vintage clothes shop
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  • imnotsaying
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you wouldn't get it

    #female joker #love her tbh #sarah paulson#hypodermic sally#ahs #when i was 12 i wanted to be like her
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  • sherhaanks
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    living la amélie poulain life (je prends un petit dej dans un café parisien quoi)

    #sherhaanks #ah mais je suis allé à montmartre aussi #très amélie ça
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  • everharmonically-art
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The young brotherhood. (Completed)

    #drawing#beginner artist#fanart#tangled #tangled the series #disney#digital fanart#digital illustration#tts quirin#tts adira#tts hector#tangled adira#tangled quirin#tangled hector#tts brotherhood#tangled brotherhood#baby brotherhood #ah sorry this took so long... #I don't know their exact ages but I’d say Quirin is around Varian’s age in season 1 #Adira is about 11? & Hector about 5-6? #idk #But it's just their usual shenanigans. XD #my artwork #drawing on tumblr #new art style #more like new shading style #art challenge
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  • seokwoosmole
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just watched the first episode of Yumi's Cells and WTH Minho??

    #this is not okay y'all #they start the first 2 minutes of the show w/ shirtless morning minho #they let us fawn over him for an hour #even tho he is absolutely infuriating #not to mention im pretty sure jinyoung is the ex bf #y'all really casted 2 of my biases and didnt make either of them the main lead? #how's this gonna work #ah I see #you make their characters infuriating so im no longer torn #smart #touché writers touché #ahn bo hyun pls make me proud next episode #im rooting for you #Yumi's cells #Kim go eun #ahn bo hyun #choi minho#shin minho#park jinyoung#got7 jinyoung#kdrama#kpop
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  • aquato-family-circus
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    thinkin abt the fact lucy had a 1st husband who fuckin Died before she joined the p7

    #cospn2 #no much further thoughts just ah #finding new love after strife #before *waves at events of story* happen
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  • pumpkincakecas
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    cas' little "im trying not to smile" smile during all of his first interaction with dean<333333

    #im trying to finish my amv and im literally WEEPING because hes sO #and dean is making his little jokes AH #bec speaks#destiel#4x01
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  • greenxgloss
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Before Tate did his dumb assery and shot up the school then died.

    Could this perhaps be pt.1??...👀who knows

    Dear Tate,

    What if i wanted more than i let on? I love the way your hair flies when the wind begins. And what if i wanted to love more about you? Would you let me?

    I know that the way you look at me is never going to change. You would never look at me the way you did her. She is beautiful. She breaths beauty. She doesn't even have to try. She's charismatic, funny and bright, in more ways than one.

    When I see you together, talking, smiling. It hurts but i laugh and play along because I can't ruin what we have. When you greet me in the morning, and go out of your way to make sure I'm okay, it makes me feel like I'm on top of the world but Jesus Christ would you stop it? It's giving me false hope. You're leading me on.

    But would you want the same from me should i ask, what if i wanted more than i let on?

    -Secret admirer, for now.

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  • tobeepump2016
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Slurry Pump #6x4D-AH Slurry Pump #slurry gypsum pump #high density sand slurry #4 inch horizontal slurry pump #heavy duty slurry pump
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  • kozmiixs
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #[ 💬; — message from :: #— boo [ 🍬 ] #ah wait you don’t have a mutual tag yet #what emoji would you like?
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  • takeabitetoremember
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Stay With Me (Part 17)

      From the balcony, Langdon could hear the excited chatter from those below talking about the Halloween Masquerade Party that evening. It was Coco, as usual, who was the first to notice that Emily and Timothy were gone. She looked over to her faithful sidekick Gallant loudly inquiring, “WHERE are Timothy and Emily!” Looking around with a curiously puzzled look on his face not seeing either of them replying, “That’s a good question. Where ARE they?”

     The anxiety in the common room begins to rise as one by one the survivors realize that there are only two logical explanations: they were taken to the Sanctuary. Or. They’re dead. You can tell by the look on Dinah’s face she’s hoping they’re dead. Evie Gallant was the one who finally spoke up, “Darlings, we all know they went to the Sanctuary. They’re probably fucking like rabbits right about now.”

        The loud banging of Venable’s cane brings everyone’s chatter to a silence. “Yes, Timothy and Emily have indeed gone to the Sanctuary per Mr. Langdon’s orders. They left before dawn this morning. I do not know who, if any others, have been chosen to go to the Sanctuary. We will find out in due time. In the meantime, I suggest you finish up any last-minute touches to your costumes for our soiree this evening.”

       In Michael’s suite, Mallory was resting, but it wasn’t a peaceful slumber. Her body is frail and weak. She was correct, her pregnancy with Harper wasn’t anything like this one. When they were teens, neither of their powers were remotely close to as strong as they are currently. If either of them knew the story of Michael’s birth, they indeed would be terrified right now. Michael’s father is definitely NOT on their side, as Michael was instructed to kill all of the witches, not marry and have children with one. At best, Mallory was a few weeks pregnant, but due to both of their powers the baby is depleting all of Mallory’s energy developing at double the rate it should.

       Even when she was pregnant with Harper and knowing nothing about pregnancy, she knew that her baby looked larger than it should’ve when she had the miscarriage. It probably won’t even occur to her until her body begins to change much faster than it should. Being so small, it’s not shocking to either Michael or her that she’ll begin to show sooner than most women.

       Looking in on her, seeing for the time being she seems to be sleeping, Michael begins to put his evil plan into motion. Mrs. Mead is downstairs putting up the decorations and bringing out the tub of water the apples will be put in for the bobbing for apples game. In Coco’s suite, Gallant is busy doing a masterpiece updo for the upcoming party. Ms. Venable has a bad feeling she just can’t shake, despite the plan she and Mrs. Mead hatched to eliminate everyone for their shot at the Sanctuary.

       As the afternoon turns to evening there’s an excitement that hasn’t been in the Outpost since Langdon’s arrival. There’s music playing, everyone dressed up in their best costumes, dancing and having fun. It’s when Mrs. Mead comes out with the pristine red apples that everyone’s mouth begins to water. They’re all starving and the apples look so tempting. It’s not until everyone has an apple that Ms. Venable gives the instructions that they are all to enjoy the apples together, holding hers up, and then with a sinister smile on her face, takes the first bite, along with everyone else.

       One by one, coughing and gagging, gasping for air as the foaming at the mouth and vomiting begins. Coco and Gallant, being the most greedy were the first to take a bite fall quickly. From there, it was a domino effect. One by one the bodies began to hit the floor, lifeless. Thinking she’s won, Venable smiles, until she feels the wave of nausea that hit everyone else. Looking to Mrs. Mead with panic, “Something… something’s wrong.”

       Looking at Venable, her hands crossed in front of her with a wide grin on her face, “No Ms. Venable, there’s nothing wrong. Everything is going according to plan.”

       “How…. How could you?” coughing, gasping for air as Venable begins to throw up violently, fighting for her life.

     “Oh, Ms. Venable, this was always part of the plan. You simply didn’t know. It’s for the best, really”, watching as her cane drops, and Venable falls to the ground, mouth foaming, lifeless. Taking one last look about the room, making sure there are no survivors, the older woman climbs the stairs, pleased with her work, ready for her son to clean up the mess, so to speak.

       “Michael”, knocking softly on his door. Pushing back from his desk, walking to the door and slipping out as quietly as possible. “I take it our plan went off without any complications?”

       “Yes, my beloved son. They’re all dead, just like we planned. Do you want to simply burn them all so Mallory doesn’t see them, or are you going to keep her in a slumber until the carriage arrives?”

       Before Michael has the chance to reply, he senses a presence in the main hall. “They aren’t all dead, mother.”

     “Michael, that’s impossible, I just saw them. Not a single soul survived.”

      Hearing the voices he could only imagine in his head from years past, for the first time he thinks he’s hallucinating. “It can’t be. It simply can’t be”, hurriedly walking to the grand staircase with Mrs. Mead right behind him. For the first time in what feels like a lifetime he’s face to face with the women who took his precious Mallory away from him. Crossing his arms in front of his body, tilting his head slowly, calculating as he looks over Cordelia and Myrtle.    Slowly walking to the edge of the staircase, looking down upon the witches he resists the urge to begin to torture them immediately. He wants them to suffer in every way possible.

       Before he can even speak, Cordelia opens her mouth in somewhat of a panic after seeing the bodies strewn across the floor. “Michael! Where’s Mallory!”

       Angered at the thoughts that SHE could even IMPLY that he would harm Mallory was insulting. He knew the next words to come out of his mouth would cut both Cordelia and Myrtle like a knife.

      “Oh Cordelia, how nice of you to feign concern for Mallory. Ironic, isn’t it? The woman, well, women who took Mallory away from the one place she was truly happy, asking ME where she is. Oh, that is rich”, he replies laughing hysterically. “You want to know where Mallory is”, becoming deadly serious again, “my beloved wife is resting in OUR bed. Morning sickness is very hard on her during the early stages of pregnancy.”

       “Michael, please. There’s something you have to know-“

       “I know I need rid of the two of you, and that whore witch you brought with you”, looking over to Madison with disdain cutting Cordelia off.  “Michael, I know you hate us, and you have every right to”, Myrtle replies, looking to Michael, then Cordelia. “I promise you, Michael if you give us the chance, we’ll explain, but right now, you need to listen to us, Mallory’s life depends upon it.”

       Hearing that Mallory’s life depends upon what they have to say, he pauses for a moment. Unable to sense a lie, but the skeptical part of him thinking this may simply be a trick on their part to buy. In the event it’s not, he’s willing to hear them out. “Proceed.”  “Michael, there’s something you don’t know, about your birth mother”, Cordelia begins taking a deep breath. “I know you never knew your birth mother, but before the world ended, Madison and Behold went to yours” swallowing hard, “and Mallory’s home. She went at my command looking for answers. What she returned with, wasn’t at all what I expected.” Taping his foot, Michael began to get impatient. The LAST thing he wanted to hear about was his birth mother, and how DARE she or any of those other women enter their home. That took a lot of fucking nerve. “Get on with it.” “Michael, your birth mother died giving birth to you.”

       The tapping immediately stops. For the man who creates chaos, chaos was just brought into his world. Trying not to show any fear as his heart races at the thoughts of losing his Mallory again.  “Michael, that’s why Mallory lost Harper when the two of you were younger. Her body was too small to carry a child to term. Now that she’s in her 20’s, she’s still in danger, Michael. She can’t carry a child to term. She’ll die” Cordelia says with tears in her eyes, knowing the deep pain of losing a child and longing so desperately for one.  Those words were a knife in his heart. No. He wouldn’t lose Mallory. Never again. Listening to Cordelia, his mind was racing. He knew there had to be a way to keep Mallory safe, and allow her to deliver his child without death. There had to be a way.  “Michael, we can save her. The baby has to be delivered early. I promise you, no harm will come to Mallory or your child. I know you have no reason to trust us, but we also know that without Mallory, there is no way we could ever defeat you. We know she won’t turn on you, that she is where she wants to be. Where she’s always wanted to be.”

       “I swear, if you so much as harm a hair on her head, I will burn your souls. Do you understand?” looking down at the three women.  “No, Michael we will never harm Mallory, your baby, or you”, feeling a deep sickness in the pit of her stomach having to assure Michael that she wouldn’t harm him. Knowing that she has no choice in the matter, Cordelia knows the only choice they all have is if Mallory is able to bring forth some sort of redemption within Michael.  Reluctantly trusting the witches, but realizing what they’re saying at the very least holds some truth, as Mallory has been extremely weak. Much weaker than she was when she was pregnant with Harper. “Michael! You can’t possibly be buying this load of garbage! Remember your purpose my boy!” Mrs. Mead exclaims, angry Michael seems to be losing focus. “Mother, this is my WIFE and CHILD’S life we’re talking about. I will walk through Heaven and Hell BOTH to save them. I will NEVER lose them again. EVER. Do you understand me!” losing his semblance of control as he screams loudly.  “Michael, we need to heal Mallory’s body, and all of us will have to give her some of our strength and energy. We cannot move her until she’s had the child. It’s too risky”, knowing that was part of Michael’s ultimate plan, but right now Cordelia’s only thoughts are on keeping Mallory alive and helping her to deliver a healthy baby. This threw the proverbial wrench into his master plan. The last thing Michael was prepared for was staying at Outpost 3 a day longer than necessary. Only now, it was necessary. He was angry because he knew the witches weren’t lying to him. He was angry, because he knew in his gut that his father had to have a hand in this. Never before had it occurred to him that his father could possibly be responsible for the death of his and Mallory’s first child. It’s hitting him like a ton of bricks right now.  With no choice left but to trust the witches, he raises his arm, pointing towards their suite.  “Come with me, but before we enter the bedroom, I will go in first, alone. I don’t want your presence causing her more distress. I believe the last thing we all want is for Mallory to become upset.”

       Myrtle looks to Cordelia, nodding in agreement, as Madison looks around, rolling her eyes. She never did like Mallory, and if she and her kid die it’s certainly no skin off of her back. Instead of coming with Myrtle and Cordelia, Madison slips off on her own to investigate, looking down at the dead bodies grimacing in disgust as she tries to dodge them and the vomit.  Closing his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before opening the door to his chambers half expecting to see Mallory looking around frantically for him. When he opens the door, he’s surprised to see nothing has been disturbed. There’s part of him that hopes she’s finally truly resting, but another part of him that knows her body is extremely weak and that makes the all too human part of Michael afraid.  “Wait here”, Michael instructs Cordelia, Myrtle, and Mrs. Mead, “I’m going to go check on her and see how she’s doing. I’ll be back in a moment.”  Opening the door to their bedroom, he can see Mallory laying peacefully on their bed. Her petite hand is resting on the small bump in her belly, just like she always loved to do. Her cheeks are terribly sunken in, and there are deep blue rings under her eyes from lack of sleep. Reaching out, caressing her cheek so lovingly, then placing his hand atop hers, “Mallory, my love, how are you feeling?”  So weak she’s unable to open her eyes, smiling so softly when she hears Michael’s voice. Her voice so soft as she replies, “Michael, tell Moria to bring me a 7-Up with a cup of ice. May…. Maybe a cracker or two, please.”  Michael’s eyes close for a moment, not wanting the witches to see him vulnerable or weak as a piece of his heart breaks. “She doesn’t realize we aren’t at home”, thinking to himself. Rubbing her small hand lovingly, able to feel their baby’s heartbeat as he touches the small bump, fighting back tears as he replies, “My love, anything your heart desires, I’ll get you. Just rest for a few more moments”, leaning over to kiss her lips so softly as he gets up.

       Trying to put his aloof exterior on as he exits the bedroom, walking back over to his mother and the two elder witches. Looking to Myrtle, then to Cordelia, absolutely HATING to admit this, “Ladies, you were correct. She is indeed weak. I believe she’s most likely dehydrated. She’s oblivious to where we are at the current time. She just asked me to have Moria bring her a 7-Up with a cup of ice and some crackers. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we aren’t in our home, and Moria isn’t here to bring her a 7-Up or crackers.”  For the first time in a long time, Cordelia and Myrtle can sense the deep pain Michael is feeling. They never for a moment doubted his love for her. They knew he’d been searching for her for years. They knew in turn, how deeply Mallory loved him. The two women spent years wondering if they did the right thing. Was taking Mallory away from Michael the right thing? They didn’t just take her away, they completely erased him from her life. How much of this does she remember? Does she even know? Has Michael told her? Does she hate us? These were questions that whirled like a cyclone through the heads of the witches as they realize just how complicated and delicate this situation truly is.  “Michael, I know this is a spell you probably thought you’d never perform, the transference of energy- Do you remember how to perform it?” finally breaking the silence as Myrtle speaks frankly.  “Yes, I do. You’re right, I never thought it would be something I’d ever perform. If it weren’t for my wife or child, you’re correct, I never would perform it.”  “She needs your energy right now and will be more receptive to it. There will come at time as she gets closer to giving birth that she will need all of our energy”, Cordelia adds.  Nodding, looking to the women as he walks back into the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, caressing Mallory’s hair, one hand moving down to hold hers, the other resting on their growing baby inside of her. Closing his eyes, feeling his energy moving into her body, strengthening her. He doesn’t realize just how much energy he’s given her until she gasps, “Michael! Your nose! Your nose is bleeding!”  He can hear the fear in her voice as he moves one hand up to wipe his nose. Indeed, there is some blood. It’s been so many years since his nose bled. Smiling down to her reassuringly, “My beloved, it’s just a little blood, don’t worry. How do you feel?”

     “Michael, I feel fine. I’m just worried about you. Why is your nose bleeding? Did you go outside? Please say you’re ok. I know we’re supposed to leave soon.”

       She has so many questions, and once she realizes Cordelia, Myrtle, and that whore witch have returned, she’ll only have more questions. I don’t even know how to begin to explain that our baby is killing her. HOW do you tell the woman you love that the very thing she’s longed for, is the one thing that can take her life? He’s slowly beginning to regret his decision to end the world. Loathe for his father is growing by the minute. For the King of Chaos, chaos is reigning during the one time he should have everything under control. Looking down at Mallory, taking a cloth from his pocket, wiping his nose before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her lips.  “No, my love, I didn’t go outside. I’m fine, I promise. There is much to talk about, but for the time being all I want you to do is rest. You need to fully regain your strength. The days ahead may be a bit-“ looking away, “trying.”

    #Millory #Michael and Mallory #AHS Apocalypse#Michael Langdon #American Horror Story Apocalypse #Stay With Me #StayWithMe#AHS#Apocalypse#Millory4Life
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    #nana #woo!ah!
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    Absolute Candor (2020) dir. Jonathan Frakes

    The Federation has failed you all. I failed you all. I... broke faith with you, and the result was terrible... pain and loss for you all. And I am sorry.
    #trek#pic #'a promise is a prison elnor. do not make yourself anothers jailer' ok romulans!!!! #congrats on ur son picard hes adorable #'i watered your plants--you're welcome. i was gonna watch a holo but weirdly all you have onboard is klingon opera' a man after my own heart #im joking hes a huge downer actually #'im gonna be straight with you' 'ah well that will make a refreshing change' gay joke?? gay joke? #'romulan warrior nuns' :/ #give it a rest #elnor's australian accent...... im sorry its very funny. hes an elf. #the great thing about this cast is that they havent mastered the star trek lean yet #yall gotta be in sync!!!!!! #anyway. #SEVEN OF NINE?!!! SEVEN OF MNINEE>MFKFH
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    I genuinely want to know how many people actually think that dsmp rp is fully run by Dream and he invited like 30+ different CCs to play on the server as original characters that HE made

    #Saying this bc I’ve met people who genuinely think so lmao #dm dream? it's more likely than u think /j #im cryinh #can u imagine how the convo went #ah yes i got invited to this rp server in one condition: #play as one of his ocs? oh ok so who am i playing as? a totem shark god with lightning powers who died to a catboy? pog #gloopy ancient slimeboy? sick #mentally ill creeper warden who keeps having affairs? swag #etc etc #imagine if jack manifold actually went bald bc dream said his oc is bald and it matters to the story sdkgjs #all of this is /lh btw it's funny #dream smp#poorly speaks#discourse #maybe?
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    my brain jus went “imagine lisabei. why hav electro mommy when u can put them 2gethr” gjhsdn

    #bei docking in mond: ah nice day! lisa seeing a hot pirate: holy shit. #delete later #i dont rly ship it BUT on the other hand... lisabei x me ill accept. smother me in big tiddy
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