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    Originally posted by muvana

    The Time Has Come! 

    I wanted to find a way to thank all of you wonderful creators in the Sarah Paulson fandom (are we a fandom?) who have welcomed me with open arms and shown me unbelievable kindness and support this past year. And what better way to do than to put together and Sarah Paulson themed Secret Santa event? If you are a content creator of any kind, I hope you can join! *Note: your gift does not have to be holiday themed.

    To Join: 

    Entries will close on December 4th and you will be assigned your giftee on December 5th.

    For the sake of this event, a content creator is anyone who creates fic, gifs, graphics (moodboards, edits, etc.), or art. If you create content different from what is listed and would like to join the event, please message me! 

    And a big, big thank you to @danieljradcliffe​ and @animangasecretsanta​ as I modeled this after their examples! 

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  • About Sarah Paulson Secret Santa 2020

    Welcome to the first Sarah Paulson Secret Santa!!

    Secret Santa is an event where those who sign up will all become a “Secret Santa” for someone else. It’s then your job to get to know your person and anonymously create a gift for them! You will also have your own Secret Santa sending you messages and making you a gift. On the day of posting, you will find out who your Secret Santa is, receive your gift, and also reveal yourself to your giftee! 

    This event is for Sarah Paulson character fanfiction, edits, gifs, moodboards, art, etc. 

    The event consists of three parts: 

    1. If you would like to join, please submit an application here!

    To join, please complete the following steps:

    2. When applications close, I will randomly assign everyone a name, so that you’ll be the Secret Santa of X person, while someone else will be your Secret Santa. I will send you an ask with your assigned person on December 5th. You will then have time to anonymously ask your person questions to get to know them, while someone will be doing the same for you. 

    3. Posting will be from December 24th - December 26th (give or take a few hours due to time zone differences). 

    Please post your gift during this time and wait to receive yours! Be sure to mention @ your giftee and tag #spsecretsanta so that I can reblog your gifts. 

    My inbox is always open if you have any questions, concerns, etc! 

    **This is my first time creating an event like this, so please be patient with me! I apologize in advance for any bumps in the road, but I will try my best to make this fun and exciting!

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  • with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks [a.m-r.]

    ally mayfair-richards x fem!reader

    requested: [edited] HI HI HI HI!!!! can you please write something with ally? maybe like with ally being the reader’s first serious relationship? [ @billiedeansbottom ]

    disclaimer: strong language, sexual nature

    gifs belongs to @likeafantasy


    “Alright, I’d say as fun as this is…it’s definitely time for bed.” Ally stood to hover above both you and Oz, letting her homemade princess crown hang sloppily from her head. Oz began to protest at her announcement almost immediately, his lip jutting out into a lazy pout.

    “But mooommmm…” he whined, latching onto you as if he was already being hauled away to his bedroom. “I want her to stay!” His pout became bigger, as he wrapped his hand around yours.

    Ally bit back a laugh, glancing between the two of you as you mimicked the young boy’s facial expressions. “Yeah, he wants me to stayyyy.” You teased as you batted your eyelashes at her.

    The brunette rolled her eyes at your antics, “Then she may stay but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s bedtime, little one.” She scooped him into her arms, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

    He looked up at at her, “Can y/n put me to bed tonight?” He questioned sheepishly with his eyes darting between you and his mother. Ally smiled down at him, nodding softly as she set him into his feet.

    “Yes. But, first, go brush your teeth.” She ruffled his hair as he scampered off, grin plastered on his face as he trotted up the stairs.

    “You’re so good with him.” Ally mumbled to you, pulling you into her and pressing her lips to your cheek. You laughed, “I think you’re forgetting I was technically his babysitter in the first place.” She shook her head, smile tugging at her lips.

    “Maybe, but he loves you nevertheless. But it’s not like I can blame him. There’s a lot of love for you in this house.” You connected your lips to hers, hands traveling into her hair.

    You pulled away as Oz yelled for you, pressing one last peck onto her lips before following Oz’s voice upstairs.

    You met him half way and carried him to bed before placing him between the warmth of his blankets. He looked up at you once he was settled, “Are you going to marry my mom?” He asked, nearly making you choke on the air in your lungs.

    “We’ll talk about that later.” You blushed, pulling the blankets over him. He grinned excitedly as you took his glasses from his face, “Then you could stay over all the time!” You nodded an answer, kissing him on the top of his head.

    “Yes I could, now get some sleep.” You stood and pressed his stuffed animal into his side before moving away from the bed.

    “Goodnight, King Oz.” You mumbled from Oz’s bedroom door way, curtsying with your imaginary skirt. He erupted in giggles, mumbling his goodnight before pulling the blanket to his shoulders.

    You clicked the light off and closed the door softly. When you were sure it was closed you turned to meet Ally, who was standing at the top of the stairs with a soft smile on her lips. You grinned and acknowledged her, “Senator.”

    Her eyes shifted to Oz’s closed bedroom door and then to you, her tongue peaking out to wet her lips. She motioned towards her room and flashed a teasing smirk before disappearing behind its open door.

    “Ally?” You whispered softly into the dark room, tiptoeing in sock-covered feet over the hard-wood flooring.

    It was quiet, no response to your question as you heard her door click closed behind you. You spun around, nearly blinded by the pure darkeness.

    And before your eyes had time to adjust, her hands were gripping softly onto your hips and pulling you against her chest. Her scent filled your nose, filling your lungs with the smell of vanilla and strawberries.

    You squealed, a joyous laugh tumbling from your lips as she pressed kissed along your jawline. “Sweetheart,” she mumbled against your skin. She finally landed on your lips, her nails digging into your skin.

    You mumbled her name against her mouth, hands clutching tightly at the hair on the back of her head. She deepened the kiss, tongue probing into your mouth as her back softly landed on the bed.

    When she finally did pull away her eyes were alluminated solely by the moon radiating in from the window. You smiled down at her, adjusting your knees at either side of your hips.

    “I’m so in love with you.” She mumbled, her hands sliding beneath your t-shirt to press light to inches against the skin of your stomach. You smiled in return, “I’m in love with you.”

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  • #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters #kit walker oneshot #kit ahs#kit walker #kit walker x reader
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  • #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters#jimmy darling#freak show#ahsfx
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    Cordelia Goode and Misty Day lockscreens
    #ahs cordelia#cordelia goode #cordelia goode lockscreens #cordelia good wallpapers #cordelia foxx lockscreen #cordelia foxx #cordelia foxx wallpapers #misty day #misty day wallpapers #misty day lockscreen #foxxay#gooday#foxxay lockscreen#foxxay wallpapers#gooday wallpapers#gooday lockscreen#ahs#ahs lockscreens#ahs coven#ahs apocalypse #ahs apocalypse wallpapers #ahs coven wallpapers #ahs apocalypse lockscreen #sarah paulson#lily rabe
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  • #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters#ahs kyle#kyle spencer #kyle x reader
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  • #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters #kit walker oneshot #kit ahs#kit walker
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  • like!

    #icons#ahs#icons ahs#ahs icons#ahs apocalypse #ahs apocalypse icons #icons cody fern #cody fern #icons michael langdon #michael langdon #michael langdon icons #icons american horror story #american horror story #american horror story apocalypse #aesthetic icons#male icons#icons male#boys icons#icons boys
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    Some of the cast of AHS season 10

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  • #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters#tate oneshot#ahs tate #tate langdon x reader #tate x reader #tate langdon imagine #tate langdon fanfiction #tate langdon one shot #tate
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  • A jar of cinnamon

    Witches never age

    They constantly rot from the inside,

    But never out

    Tongue bloody from the decaying flesh

    That bleeds into their teeth

    Spending every cursed moment in red lip stain

    Silence for the sake of their fortune

    Without it they would have crumbled long ago

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  • Big Bang Theory credits as we wait for Masked Singer at 7

    My eyes catch someone in the credits w last name Peters

    Reminds me of Evan Peters

    Funny how he was Jimmy in Freak Show and James in Hotel, they’re like the same name

    for some reason i mixed up James Patrick March and Edward Philippe Mott

    wait what was his character’s actual name in Roanoke?


    R is for….

    Reminds me of Doctor Who?



    Aw man i have to wait for the new season now since i just finished 1984

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  • asdffhjkkkk

    #american horror story #ahs
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  • “More happy love.” 🖤🖤🖤

    This scene is so beautiful, Taissa and Evan have such natural chemistry and you can see that so well here. And it’s so sweet when Zoe recites the line from the Keats poem Myrtle told her. 

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  • Another update!

    I apologize for all of these updates but I’m also open to head cannons! So if you have something specific you’d like to see a head canon for I’ll do that! And this also is open for NSFW head cannons! The only way I’ll post anything NSFW is with head cannons. So please send them in! 

    #ahs #american horror story #tate langdon #ahs murder house #even peters#ahs asylum#ahs coven#ahs fanfiction #american horror story fanfiction #evan peters#peter maximoff#kit walker#kyle spencer #james patrick march #kai anderson#x reader#head canon #open!
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    Some 1984 art I’ve been drawing since I just got Clip Studio Paint :-)

    #american horror story #ahs#cody fern#Matthew Morrison#evan peters#xavier plympton#trevor kirchner #rp plot art 👉👈 i just think xavier deserves someone nice
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  • Sexi bitches be like “I hate men”, but would let the literal antichrist with no instruction manual raw them. I’m sexi bitches.

    #michael langdon #american horror story #cody fern#ahs apocalypse #YOU HEARD ITT #yes#ahs #ahs murder house
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