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    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #american horror story #ahs death valley #american horror story death valley #american horror story double feature #ahs double feature #american horror story apocalypse #american horror story murder house #ahs coven #american horror story coven
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    how would y’all feel if i started posting cordelia x misty one shots too

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    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    AHS Coven was literally the best there is no contest. What the fuck. Why do people like Asylum so much more Coven was LITERALLY THE BEST

    #myrtle snow and misty day. what more need I say. #I don’t even care that myrtle did that eyeball melon baller stunt and got me with it twice and that’s literally like the Thing I Hate Most #she did that to me twice and I STILL LOVE HER #also Nan deserved better #she was so fucking cool I’m so upset #Evan peters captures my heart again #as usual #I don’t wanna watch anything else at this point like #freakshow? really? you want me to go from coven to a season called FREAKSHOW???? #I saw asylum I don’t think I wanna see freakshow #coven was so fucking good it wasn’t a horror story at all it was a daytime drama and I’m OBSESSED I WANT MORE #UGH #I can’t take it man #I devoured this season in like two days #ahs#ahs coven #american horror story #American horror story coven #talk
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    The sun, the moon and the stars

    PART 1

    I had to split this one into two parts because it would've been too long otherwise.

    Pairing: Cordelia x Wilhemina

    Words: about 3,000

    Upon entering the outpost, one could see that the whole underground complex was only illuminated by candles, casting an eerie, gloomy light over the place. It was quiet and not a single sound could be heard.

    Cordelia looked around the site. It was dark and she immediately missed the warmth and the comfort the academy always brought her. Her gaze shifted to the flames that seemed to be dancing in the middle of the room, lighting up her complexion. She made her way around the pit, walking slowly up the staircase. Her cape seemingly floating around her while her black dress twirled around her knees. She could hear voices coming from a few doors down and she instantly recognized the one belonging to Michael Langdon.

    Langdon. Cordelia had met him a few years ago when the warlocks made her test him for the seven wonders. She had known right then and there that he was not a regular warlock, neither human, nor of earthly descend. Right when she had first encountered Michael her whole inside had been buzzing with fear. She had felt threatened, exposed, weakened. Everything about him had made her feel uneasy. The way he had performed all of the seven wonders exceedingly well had left a bitter taste in her mouth, reminding her of Fiona’s words, proving her insecurities about never being good enough right. Hearing his voice now, Cordelia shuddered.

    She heard a second voice then, definitely belonging to a woman. She was speaking lowly to someone, but Cordelia could not figure out to whom. Suddenly a gun went off, startling Cordelia and making her flinch. Without thinking, she threw open the door, her gaze immediately landing on Langdon and a woman clad in black holding a gun in her direction. She froze for a second, but the woman slowly lowered the gun, mumbling about how she didn’t know why she had fired the shot. Only then Cordelia’s eyes moved to the ground, landing on the woman lying there, blood oozing form her chest. Cordelia got into a kneeling position, studying the dying woman, when Langdon then squatted down next to her.

    She was beautiful. Her red hair had come lose, her eyes vacantly staring ahead. They mesmerized Cordelia because they were of a deep brown color, seeming almost black in the dark light. Her plump lips were slightly opened. She was wearing a white, victorian blouse underneath her black dress which was secured on her waist with a belt. Cordelia reached out, touching her cheek and their eyes met for a second before hers closed, one last breath leaving her lungs.

    “You were programmed to do that.”, he addressed the other woman without tearing his eyes away from the one on the floor. His eyes met Cordelia’s. “I was actually waiting for you.”, he smirked, “I knew you’d eventually show up. Pathetically trying to save ‘your girls’. They’re dead. All of them. You’re too late, Supreme.” Cordelia looked at Michael, her lips slowly forming a smug grin. “So you think, Michael. Your father will never get what he desires and neither will you.”


    Cordelia could not figure out why she would not wake up. It had been two days since Mallory had performed Tempus Infinituum and everyone else had already recovered, at least physically. Cordelia softly put the woman’s hair behind her ear, feeling the soft skin underneath her fingertips. She could not figure out why she was fascinated with the her. Something about her just intrigued Cordelia. Madison had laughed at her, asking her multiple times why she even bothered to save her. She had not given her a reply, because she didn’t have an answer. For the billionth time, she felt for a heartbeat. Still there, strong and steady. She could almost hear Fiona’s voice, telling her she was worthless, she would never be the next supreme, too soft, too good, not strong, never enough. Cordelia did not realize that a few of her tears had fallen onto the woman’s hand, traveling over her soft skin.

    Over the course of the week, nothing really changed. Cordelia continued to check on and sit with the woman every night before she went to her own room. Even then, her thoughts always drifted back to her.

    It was thirteen days after Cordelia had saved the woman after she had been shot and killed in the outpost. She had brewed herself a cup of coffee, picked up her favorite book and had sat in the chair next to the bed which was occupied by the sleeping redhead. When her eyes left the words in front of her and shifted to the bed briefly, she froze. Deep brown eyes were staring back at her, right into her soul. “Who are you?”, the woman’s voice was hoarse from disuse, her eyes filled with confusion. “Where am I?”. Cordelia repositioned herself, facing the stranger in her house, “I am Cordelia Goode and you’re at Miss Robichaux Academy. I am the headmistress and the supreme of this coven.”, she took a deep breath, “Do you remember anything? Your name?” The redhead tried to sit up, wincing in pain when she felt the muscles in her back protest. She quickly gathered herself, hoping Cordelia hadn’t noticed her slip up. She did remember. Everything. “Wilhemina Venable.”, she cleared her throat, “I do remember most of it I believe. You were the last thing I saw before I died.”, her eyes met Cordelia’s, “Why did you bring me back?”.

    Cordelia got up from her spot on the chair, walking to the window and watching the trees dance in the wind, “I honestly do not know why I did. I was not supposed to bring you back, only Mallory and Coco. You intrigued me though.”, she turned around, meeting Mina’s gaze once again, “Maybe I wouldn’t have done it if I had known what you did back in the outpost.”

    “I did not ask you to, witch.”, Mina slowly got up from the bed after grabbing her cane which was leaning on the nightstand, “I would have been happy if I had stayed dead.”, her brown eyes assessing the room, focusing on the door. The room was the exact opposite of the outpost – it had white walls, high ceilings and big windows. In the middle of it stood a four poster bed which Mina had occupied for almost two weeks. Next to it a big wing chair with a few blankets draped over it. Looking down on herself she felt out of place, standing out like a dark spot on a white piece of paper. She felt insecure being close to Cordelia. She was so warm, soft, almost angelic. “I better get going. Thank you.”. Making her way towards the door, she felt Cordelia grab her elbow. “Don’t. Where would you go? You can stay here. Didn’t you use to be a secretary? I could use one.”, she gave her a gentle smile. “You know what I did at the outpost. Why would you want me to stay?”, Mina’s gaze met hers, curiously. “Because I want to know what changed you. I saw you, you know? I have a second sight and it showed me that you used to be different. Kind. Gentle. What changed?” The redhead looked away, not wanting to give in to Cordelia, but at the same time feeling safe and strangely at home in this place. “Okay.”

    “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK CORDELIA?!!”, Coco was furious, staring at Cordelia with an angry look on her face, her eyes blazing, “Do you know what she did to us in that fucking outpost? She killed Stu, then made us eat him and she tortured people for fun! She had Mallory be a fucking slave!” Coco was now walking in circles, gesturing wildly with her hands in the air, “And now you want her to work here? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?” Coco’s face hardened, her gaze fixed on Cordelia who then flew across the room, her back violently hitting the wall. She fell to the ground, a loud thud accompanying her. Coco froze, her eyes darting to Cordelia’s unmoving body. She walked towards her, her anger slowly dissipating. Cordelia tried to get up, but fell back on the floor, her body too weak. “Delia, I am sorry.” Coco tried, but Cordelia held up her hand, willing her to shut up. “Leave me the fuck alone, Coco.”, she seethed, this time she succeeded in getting up, “I am the supreme. I decide who works here and who doesn’t. And if you ever pull a stunt like that again I will throw you out without giving it a second thought.”. Cordelia smoothed her dress down, unhurriedly walking out of the room, her body aching.

    Walking into the kitchen to make herself some tea, she took a deep breath. Her back was killing her and she could already feel a migraine coming her way. She could have easily prevented Coco from her attack since she had felt it coming, but decided she had her reason and maybe she had actually deserved it. Mina had been a terrible, violent leader in the outpost, hurting people Cordelia deeply loved without any apparent reason. Still, she felt drawn to her like a moth to the flame and she wanted to have her close desperately. “Are you okay?”, Cordelia flinched, almost dropping her tea cup when she heard Mina’s voice. She was standing in the door frame, her gaze fixed on Cordelia. “It’s fine, Ms. Venable.”, she busied herself with the kettle, squeezing her eyes shut when she suddenly felt her migraine hitting her full force. “You don’t look okay, Ms. Goode.”, she gingerly took a step towards Cordelia, assessing her face, “Are you in pain?”. Mina did not really understand why she cared about the witch, why she even bothered to ask about her wellbeing. She had finished her work for the day and was just about to head back to her room when she had noticed the Supreme standing in the kitchen, her usual impeccable posture missing. Cordelia took a deep breath, opening her eyes only to squint them together again as she felt the light making her migraine even worse. She felt nauseous. “Ms. Venable, could you help me to my room? I don’t feel well and I don’t want the girls to see.” Mina was at her side in an instant, hooking one arm with Cordelia’s while the other hold on tightly to her cane. She could feel the strain the added weight put on her back but she was determined not to let Cordelia see. Slowly the walked to Cordelia’s room. The Supreme kept her eyes closed, trusting Mina to guide her. They arrived at the Supreme’s room shortly after. She gently helped her when she sat down on the bed, immediately lying down, pulling the covers over her head. Mina wordlessly walked to the window and closed the curtains before leaving the room without giving Cordelia another look.

    The next few weeks had been uneventful. Everyone had accepted Mina as Cordelia’s secretary, even if they did not like her at all. She had changed a little bit, though. After the first few days she had started to wear purple again – the color she had loved so much for her whole life. She now always wore her hair in a high ponytail and discarded her contact lenses, wearing glasses instead. Overall, her look had softened. It seemed as if she was trying to get rid of her outpost persona, her pre apocalypse side shining through through her hard exterior. She did try to be nicer to the girls because Cordelia had asked her to and some days, she even succeeded. Her relationship with Cordelia had remained strictly professional. They hardly talked about anything other than work and if Cordelia tried to ask Mina a personal question, she would either flat out refuse to answer or change back to the original topic.

    On Christmas, their relationship started to change. Most of the girls had gone home to see their families, wanting to spend the most magical time of the year with their loved ones. Only two girls had stayed in the academy and on Christmas eve, they had decided to hit the bars in the closest town. Cordelia was sitting on the white couch in the living room, mindlessly watching TV without really paying any attention. She had her wine glass in her hand, watching the flames dance in the fireplace. She felt the couch dip and her gaze met Mina’s who had sat down on the other end. “Thank you, Ms. Goode. For -”, she looked away, having a hard time voicing what she was trying to convey “- For giving me the job and letting me stay here. Giving me a chance to.. to be better.” Cordelia gave her a soft smile, “Why don’t you call me Cordelia? I’ve told you so many times.”, she turned her body so she was facing Mina, “I am glad I did. You’re making everything easier for me. I feel like I actually have time to breathe since you got here. And you changed.” Mina didn’t meet Cordelia’s gaze; she was always afraid the Supreme could look right through her, right into her soul. “I am glad, Cordelia. I really am.”, Mina’s brown eyes finally met Cordelia’s, a tiny smile playing on her lips. Cordelia got up to grab another wine glass from the cabinet, handing it to Mina while she poured some of the white liquid into the cup. “To new beginnings?”, she raised her glass, grinning. “New beginnings.”, Mina agreed, her glass meeting Cordelia’s. They spend the rest of the night talking, staying away from anything private, but they got to know each other a little better.

    The change happened gradually. It started with Mina always bringing Cordelia her coffee to her office before she went to her own. She had watched Cordelia make herself a cup many times and knew she liked a splash of milk with a little sugar. Cordelia would always give her a smile and Mina would pretend she didn’t notice. Their lunch breaks were usually spent in Mina’s office. They never really talked, just enjoying each others company in silence. Mina appreciated how Cordelia would rather sit with her than the other witches who were just a tad to noisy for Mina’s liking. She enjoyed being with Cordelia, the calming energy of the Supreme somehow dulling the voices in her head. Some days, Mina would join Cordelia in the greenhouse which she usually visited after she was done for the day. She would quietly watch her tend to the plants, asking questions here and there which Cordelia happily answered. She showed Mina how to make her favorite teas from the flowers she had grown, insisting that she HAD to use those exact ones because she had nurtured them so lovingly, making them more powerful than the ones which could be bought in the store. Mina had given her a tender smile, shaking her head as if she didn’t believe her when she was actually wondering how she would have turned out had she met Cordelia before her heart was broken.

    The day had started like any other day – except when Mina had brought Cordelia her coffee, she had not given her a smile, she had not even looked up. Mina had hesitated then. Had thought about asking her if she was okay but she didn’t dare. When lunch time came around, she remained by herself and realized, she missed her. She had never really missed someone before. Never really had anyone she cared about. She was confused about her newly discovered fondness for the blonde witch, not really sure of herself anymore.

    When nighttime rolled around, Mina decided to visit the greenhouse, hoping to see Cordelia working on her teas and potions, but she was nowhere to be seen.

    As she slowly walked up the stairs to her room, she was hesitant to check on Cordelia. They were friendly but Mina doubted she was allowed to disturb the Supreme in her private room, but something was driving her to walk up to her door. She couldn’t hear anything and almost turned on her heel when the door suddenly opened, revealing the Supreme clad in her pajamas, her eyes red rimmed and glassy.

    “I heard your cane. Is everything alright?”, her voice was quiet, low and lacking its joyful undertone.

    “I was about to check on you.”, she didn’t look at her, “You didn’t meet me for lunch.”

    “Mina, I am sorry. I.. It’s not a good day for me.”, she took a deep breath, willing herself to be open with her, “I just had my mother in my head all day. It’s to much.”

    Maybe it was Cordelia being so open with her, maybe it was the wine she had earlier, or maybe it was witchcraft. Her eyes met Cordelia’s brown ones and once she saw the sadness, the despair, the loneliness, she felt her heart ache for the Supreme. “Do you want to have a glass of wine?” - and Mina just nodded, following the Supreme into her room.

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    hey! It's @marxcelareis and I edit videos too!! please check out my instagram account @marx.demarco | https://instagram.com/marx.demarco

    I decided to made this for halloween, I wish I've made another one, but I have college you know lolololol

    I also have share videos in my channel on youtube


    but you can just follow me here, I'll still keep posting my art on tumblr

    love ya

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    Geuss who was bored again?? Yes me 😅😅

    Let me know what you think and pls rt if you safe any of them! 😊💜

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    on my way to miss robichaux’s academy

    #did i redo this costume because i’m bored and depressed and have nothing else to do? yes #i actually left the house wearing this today #i just don’t give a fuck anymore <3 #ahs coven#me#personal
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    #taissa#taissa farmiga #taissa farmiga icons #icons#ahs cast#violet harmon#zoe benson#ahs coven #ahs murder house #murder house#coven#aesthetic #i love her #ily <3 #like or reblog
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    #witchy#witchblr #american horror story coven #ahs coven#witch community
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    Watching American Horror Story and so far Coven is my favorite season because it’s just. Literally everyone is killing each other all the time but nobody ever stays dead and then they all just live in the same house and the “you literally murdered me last week” thing is barely a big deal. I’m obsessed. Myrtle Snow has what Trelawny Harrypotter wants.

    #talk #american horror story #ahs coven #American horror story coven #American horror coven #ahs #ahs season 3 #it’s so good #also asylum fucking sucked and it’s not just because of the conversion therapy
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    Best spooky TV shows:

    American Horror Story (2011-)

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    my princess

    ship: Cordelia x Wilhemina

    summary: it’s halloween and the witches are having a party. Cordelia and Wilhemina take this time to wind down and spend some time with each other.

    warnings: just fluff, gets slightly nsfw at the end

    words: 1077

    a/n: whew I haven’t written anything much in over a year so bear with me :’) I also don’t really know what’s up with the formatting but uh hope you enjoy it anyway :D


    “You look ravishing, my darling,” Cordelia leaned in from behind and placed a kiss on Wilhemina's cheek, placing her hands gently on her girlfriend’s shoulders.

    Mina smiled shyly, looking up at Delia through the mirror, and returned the compliment, “You look like a true princess.”

    It was just a chiffon skirt and her favorite blouse, but even then, with Wilhemina’s compliment and the way her girlfriend looked at her with such love, Cordelia felt like the most beautiful, the luckiest lady in the world at the moment. “Well, I am the Supreme.” Cordelia chuckled.

    “Hmm, well then, my dearest majesty, might I have the honor of escorting you to this ball?”

    “It would be my pleasure.” Delia pressed a quick kiss to Mina’s lips and took her hand. The two made their way out of the room slowly, holding onto each other.

    When the two made their way downstairs, the party was already in full swing. Music was playing from the speakers, amplified with magic, though still drowned out by the chatter and laughing. Lights were glittering everywhere, and a witch occasionally flicked her hands, and the lights changed color. Cordelia was not much for dancing or party antics, so she stood with Mina by the side, a drink in hand, watching the witches, her girls, enjoying themselves. She took a sip of her drink and breathed in deeply. The past few months had been tiring, and with the increasing number of witches under her care, Cordelia had not taken time for herself much these days. She saw Wilhemina less and less, both buried under piles of paperwork and running errands all over New Orleans. She hadn’t realized how busy she had been until she didn’t have anything to do.

    Delia was drawn out of her thoughts as she felt a hand snake its way across her waist. She turned to Wilhemina and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

    “I’ve missed you.” She whispered, laying her head on her lover’s shoulders.

    Wilhemina’s lips curved into a small smile. “I love you,” she whispered back.

    Cordelia looked out across the room, Madison was at the drinks table, mixing the liquors and punch. It had taken a lot of convincing from the witches for Cordelia to allow alcohol at the party, but even as she saw that, Cordelia simply sighed and turned away. It was a rare opportunity for everyone to forget their duties and relax, she wasn’t going to ruin that for the girls. Mallory was watching Coco break out on the dance floor, shaking wildly to the music. It was chaotic and wild.

    And more importantly, they wouldn’t be missed.

    Cordelia turned to her girlfriend with a sparkle in her eye. She took Wilhemina’s arm and leaned in to whisper, “let’s get out of here.” Wilhemina frowned but followed Cordelia out anyway. Her cane clinked softly in the hallway as they made their way down the hall.

    “What’s the matter, dear?” Mina asked, concerned.

    “Nothing, I just wanted some time alone. With you.” Cordelia stopped walking when they reached the ancestral hall and turned to smile shyly at her girlfriend. At this, Wilhemina stepped forward and enveloped Delia in a hug. Delia pressed a few kisses on Mina’s neck and chuckled as she felt goose pimples forming wherever she placed her lips. “We’re like princesses running away with their lover,” she said between kisses.

    “Cordelia,” Mina gasped. Her hand reached up and tugged slightly at Delia’s hair. Cordelia let her head be pulled back as she hummed in amusement.

    “Have I told you that you look beautiful, my love?” Cordelia asked, playing with the collar of Mina’s blouse.

    Mina lowered her head, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks, the way they always did when Cordelia complimented her. Delia was always generous with her praise, but she always meant them. Wilhemina had kept all those kinds words Delia had told her close to her heart, playing them over and over in her head whenever she had a particularly horrid day. No matter how many times she’s heard her girlfriend say those words, though, it always took her by surprise.

    “I can’t compare to you, my princess,” Mina murmured.

    Cordelia looked at Mina, whose eyes were soft with emotion. Sadness, pride, happiness. And love. Pure, unbridled, love. Cordelia could feel her heart overflowing. Nobody looked at her this way. She had been so busy the past few weeks that she had forgotten what it felt like to be free, unburdened. But another part of her ached, knowing that she also hadn’t had time to be there with Wilhemina. Cordelia felt tears prickling at the corner of her eyes. She cupped Mina’s cheek with one hand and her girlfriend seemed to tilt her head to lean into her touch.

    “Oh, Wilhemina, my darling,” Cordelia cooed, “don’t say that, you’re gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite, I love you, sweetheart, I love you, and you dazzle me every day.”

    The words pierced her heart. Tears burned at Wilhemina’s eyes, and she sniffed to stop them from falling. She didn’t know what to say. It terrified her, this feeling. Love had been scarce all her life, at least until Cordelia came about and showered her in it. She felt it now, like a storm, all around. The way Delia touched her cheek, the way she looked at her with such tenderness, the way she had said those words with so much sincerity.

    But Wilhemina didn’t know how to tell Delia that — even ‘I love you’ seemed too little — so she pressed her forehead to Cordelia’s, breathing in deeply, taking in her perfume, hoping that Cordelia would be able to feel and understand the extent of Mina’s appreciation for her through touch.

    Cordelia grazed Wilhemina’s chin gently, then pulled her girlfriend’s lips to hers. Love poured and ran through both women. Mina bit on Cordelia’s lip as she shoved her backwards, pinning her to the wall. Cordelia wrapped her arms around Wilhemina, pulling her closer. Her fingers traced up her back lightly, trailing along the curve of her spine. Mina let out a shaky breath.

    “Wondrous,” Delia continued, “breathtaking…”

    Wilhemina ran her hands up Cordelia’s side, taking in the curve of her hip, smiling lightly as Delia trembled under her touch. Delia lay her head on Mina’s shoulder.

    “My queen,” Cordelia giggled, “might I have this honor?”

    Wilhemina gasped and gripped her cane tightly as Cordelia nibbled on her earlobe, “yes.”

    #cordelia goode #i don’t know where I was going with this #cordelia x wilhemina #cordelia goode x wilhemina venable #american horror story #ahs apocalypse#ahs cordelia#ahs coven#wilhemina venable#fanfiction#halloween fic
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    coven inspired look 🖤💋

    #ahs #american horror story #violet harmon aesthetic #american horror story coven #ahs coven#coven#witch#witchblr #season of the witch #zoe benson#madison montgomery#misty day#cordelia foxx
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    I'm rewatching Coven and I literally started crying about how beautiful Sarah Paulson is

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    Eye of newt, and toe of frog,

    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,

    Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,

    Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—

    For a charm of powerful trouble,

    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

    Double, double toil and trouble;

    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.


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    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺o…omg……… giles and willow chilling in england wtf 🤲

    #did he bring willow there after all the stuff that happened #giles first watch #s7#s7e1 #edit: ah the coven yeah
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    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    and she said she liked my sarah paulson shirt

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    kinktober day twelve

    foot fetish - aroused by feet

    kit walker x fem! reader

    warnings: SMUT THEMES!! 18+ ONLY!! foot fetish, feet worship, no actual smut just sex mention

    words: 880

    An audible groan left your lips as you pushed through your front door causing your husband, Kit, to look up from the couch. Setting down the newspaper onto the side table, he watched as you stumbled your way into the living room, noticing every limp to your step. His eyes wandered down to the problem area — your feet. Adorned in those red heels that caused you nothing, but pain, he wondered why you kept them around. He would be lying, though, if he didn’t find them incredibly attractive.

    You tossed your bag onto the floor beside the couch before plopping down onto the cushion beside your husband. You threw your head back, closed your eyes, and let out a deep sigh, one that you had been holding in all day at work. Being a secretary wasn’t just answering phone calls like you had originally anticipated when you accepted the position. You were constantly on your feet — running errands for your supervisor, coffee, paperwork, mail sorting. It was exhausting and keeping up with the beauty standards had your feet constantly in agony.

    “Welcome home, sweetheart,” Kit greeted in a whisper, a slight frown to his lips as he looked at how exhausted you were. He had offered time and time again to be the only income. With no kids and a diminishing house payment, there really was no need for you to have a job, especially one that wore you out like this. But, you insisted on having a job. “Long day?” he asked.

    “Yeah, you could say that,” you replied with a slight chuckle, lifting your head up from the back of the couch. Your eyes drifted open and over to Kit, who was dressed in a white tee and some dirty jeans. It was evident he had just got home a little bit before you. “These heels are killing me,” you complained with a pout to your lips before looking down at your shoes.

    Kit’s eyes followed, though he had been looking periodically at them since you walked in. “Oh, doll,” he sighed before leaning back on the couch and patting his lap, “let me rub them for you.”

    You didn’t hesitate to adjust your position, your back now pushed up against the armrest and your feet in your husband’s lap. A deep moan left your lips as he slipped the right heel off of your foot, and another left your lips as he took off the other. Your feet were slightly swollen, toes flushed, and indents of the shoes’ lining kissed your skin.

    As Kit began to massage your feet, you relaxed, closing your eyes once again as his digits went to work. Digging delicately into the bottoms of your feet, he began to work out every knot that inhabited them. You were in heaven; Kit’s hands felt like heaven, his gentle touch making you feel like your feet were melting in his palms.

    Kit’s breath was shaky, but you hardly noticed, too entranced by the work he was doing on your feet. You also failed to notice the growing hard on just beneath your ankles. Kit found your feet extremely arousing. The curve of them, the way your toes curled, the fluidity of the way they moved, everything about them made Kit so weak. And he had expressed these thoughts to you before. Though, you always thought he was joking.

    Your eyes shot open when Kit placed a hand under your ankle, lifting your leg up a bit. You were about to question the movement before getting cut off by a gentle kiss being placed to your big toe. You raised your brow at your husband, but allowed him to let his lips linger, moving them to your smaller toes.

    “U-uh, Kit?” you finally spoke, causing him to stop his actions and immediately drop your foot back onto his lap. His cheeks began to burn a bright pink and his gaze dropped, avoiding your own.

    “‘m sorry, sweetheart,” he apologized, still avoiding your eyes, “I-I just got carried away— your feet are just so pretty, you know? I couldn’t help myself, b-but I get if it makes you uncomfortable. ‘s the last thing I’d evah want to do.”

    Surprisingly, you actually didn’t mind the feeling of your husband’s lips adorning your feet. In fact, it felt nice, soothing in a way. “No no, my love,” you reassured him, “I don’t mind. Caught me off guard, is all.

    “You sure?” he asked, lifting his gaze once again to meet yours and you nodded in response, a reassuring smile on your lips. With a small smile on his lips, he once again lifted your foot to his lips, kissing the arch of it and trailing his lips up to your ankle before moving onto the other.

    He spent the evening worshipping your achy feet — rubbing them, kissing them. It eventually led to him eating you out on your living room couch, and also led to a night full of some of the most passionate sex you two had ever experienced. And, most important of all, your feet felt so lovely at work the next day, like brand new. Looks like you’d have to be taking advantage of Kit’s little fetish more; and he’d happily let you.

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  • undeadcortez
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    kinktober day eleven

    dacryphila - aroused by tears or sobbing

    pc! kai x gn! reader

    warnings: SMUT!! 18+ ONLY!! dacryphilia, fingering (male receiving), oral (male receiving), hand job, overstimulation, edging

    words: 819

    The air was so hot. Kai’s brunette hair stuck to his forehead with sweat, his endless pants only adding to the heated atmosphere of the basement. He laid so beautifully on his brown, leather couch, legs spread open just for you, chest glistening in the minimal light of the basement, lips parted to release filthy whines and moans when needed. He was so pretty.

    You had been edging him all day in any way you could. From the moment you woke up, you only had one goal today: make Kai cry. He was such a pretty crier; the way his face contorts and the beautiful, struggled sobs and the shininess of his cheeks and lashes when tears spill onto them. It was enough to make anyone a dacryphiliac.

    He was so close to breaking, you knew he was. He was so close to shedding those pretty tears. Your hand wrapped around the base of his flushed cock, the tip nearly purple and extremely achy. Your other hand was at his rim, spit-soaked digits delicately rubbing his entrance as you waited for him to calm down just so you could edge him again.

    Once his chest stopped heaving, his breath finally evening out, you began your work between his legs again. He let out a high-pitched moan as you slipped your middle finger within him again, throwing his head back against the armrest of the couch and his thighs tensing as one hung over the back of it.

    “No no, pretty boy,” you said and retracted your finger from his bum, earning the filthiest whine you’ve ever heard, “I need you to look at me.”

    He lifted his head up and there it was: his beautifully big, brown eyes shimmered in the light, tears having nearly filled them to the brim. He just needed a little push and they would soon be falling onto his rosy cheeks. “P-please,” he whimpered, lip trembling as he choked back a sob, “i-it hurts—.”

    “I know, baby,” you mumbled, returning your finger within him, almost letting out a moan yourself at how easily he took you, how warm he was, “you’re doing so good, though, baby… taking it all so well… you’re almost there.”

    You watched as he nodded at your words, mentally cursing when the action didn’t result in the tears spilling over his lashes. You brought a second finger to his rim, pushing it in with ease as you started to stroke his member again in your hands.

    He writhed against the mattress, squirming beneath all of your ministrations, all the edging and overstimulation getting to him. And just as he felt like he was finally going to get to what he wanted, get that climax he’d been chasing for hours, he tensed around your fingers and you once again stopped. That’s when he finally broke.

    A sob erupted from his chest and, at last, those hot, enormous tears spilled onto his flushed cheeks. They fell down his face, eyebrows knit together and eyes screwed shut now as the tears kept flooding. He opened his mouth to speak, but his words were stuck in his throat and all that came out were broken whimpers and sobs.

    You watched, taking in all the beauty that was Kai crying, catching your lip between your teeth as you painted the image in your mind — a sight to remember. And as your sex throbbed beneath your clothes, you picked up your work again. You curled your digits within him, pushing against one of the spongy spots in him that drew him crazy. The tears kept spilling as his eyes fluttered open, his mouth releasing the nastiest moan of the evening.

    And his jaw dropped as you leaned in, taking his purple tip in your mouth. You suckled on the pretty head, eyes glued to his face, to the tears spilling down it as your hand stroked the rest of his member and the other buried deep within him, curling against all his weakest spots. Swirling your tongue around his slit, collecting his sickeningly salty pre-cum onto your tongue, watching as he arched his back. He was so close.

    Just when he thought you were about to stop again, you don’t. In fact, you sped up — sped up all your movements, overstimulating him and causing more choked sobs and tears to leave his body. “YN, YN, p-please, let me cum, I’ve been so good… s-so good!” he cried out and you simply pushed your fingers against his prostate in response. He practically screamed as his thick, white cum spurted into your mouth.

    You slowly pulled off of him and slipped the fingers free from the warm confines of him. You crawled on top of him, bringing your hand to his face and wiping away the many tears that were still wet on his pink cheeks, “Has anyone ever told you you’re such a pretty crier?”

    tags: @mossybank @kitwalker02 @samsassinparvismagna @forevercountess @peterskindacool @sallyscigarettes @copy-of-a-cheeto @imjimmysdarling @mrs-march-ahs @tatesimper @kitwalker64 @spider-starry @taikawho @kitwalkerangel @tatestripedsweater @milly-louise @blckyungblood @elaineygrace @kitsommers @americxn @xmaximoffic @evanmybeloved @billyhxrgrove @spidergirlmcu @whiiiiplaaaaash @slightlyvicked @darlingsalem @tfw-tajaaa @de4ds0up @killingviolets @simplymarr @fictional-men-that-i-stan @spicypieces13

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