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  • (Galaxy-8 is bonkers and crazy. Nothing is meant to be taken seriously. If it is taken seriously by mistake I apologise for what I have done to all the characters in this weird AU. Hopefully you find it funny though. Enjoy the madness)

    ChiefTempleGuardTide has changed their username to BigBitch


    JediMasterInBed: Oh wow Masana! That’s pretty… oh crap I forgot about that! Damn it Kaeden!

    JediMasterInBed has changed their username to SnippyMaster

    SnippyMaster: That’s better. Anyways, as I was saying… oh wow! Who’d you piss off Masana?


    CalAndHisDroidBuddy has changed their username to CowTestis

    SnippyMaster: OMG CAL!!!!

    GrumpyLasat: Cal!!! I taught you better than that!

    CowTestis: It wasn’t me!!!! Ahsoka! Was that you?!?!

    SnippyMaster: Nah buddy! Wasn’t me. I think we’ve got a hacker in the chat!


    PoorPadawan: Oh no. I hope they don’t change my username. 

    PoorPadawan has changed their username to QueenAmidala’sBiggestFan

    QueenAmidala’sBiggestFan: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SnippyMaster: Ha! It is true though!

    QueenAmidala’sBiggestFan: Masterrrrr!!!!

    StressedCaptain has changed his username to HelpMeMyGeneralKeepsFornicatingWithEverything

    HelpMeMyGeneralKeepsFornicatingWithEverything: 0_0

    SnippyMaster: 0_0

    BigBitch: Well… that is kinda true! She even flirted with me once!

    QueenAmidala’sBiggestFan: WHAT?!?!? MASTER!!!!

    SnippyMaster: In my defence… I was kinda drunk! 

    BigBitch: Uh huh? You had dilated pupils and an elevated heart rate too! That suggested that you were…


    SenatorOfPantora has changed their username to GayForTano

    GayForTano: OH COME ON!!!! WHY ME?!?!?

    SnippyMaster: Ha! You too Riyo? I’m flattered. 

    GayForTano: It wasn’t me!!!

    GrandMasterSheev: What the hell is going on?! My comm pad is going nuts with name changes!!!!

    V05: Me too. Tano… what have you done now?!

    SnippyMaster: Hey! Don’t blame this one on me!?!

    GrumpyLasat has changed his name to BigPurpleDude

    BigPurpleDude: Really?! How original. 

    CowTestis: Seriously?!?! Why does he get a nice one!!!

    V05: Whoever is doing this please stop or we will hunt you down and find you!!! This isn’t funny!!!

    V05 has changed their name to CrybabyQuinlan

    SnippyMaster: XD

    CrybabyQuinlan: THAT’S IT!!!!!

    GrandMasterSheev has changed their username to TotallyNotASithInDisguise

    TotallyNotASithInDisguise: 0_0

    SnippyMaster: Wow! This is getting out of control. Who is even doing this?!

    PurpleLightsaber4Lyfe has changed their name to Defenestration

    Defenestration: Oh come on!!! Just because my last name sounds like Window!!!

    HelpMeMyGeneralKeepsForniacatingWithEverything: SERIOUSLY!!! WHOEVER IS DOING THIS STOP!!!!

    CowTestis: Hey… whoever is doing this, do us a favour and change Ahsoka’s name again!

    SnippyMaster: No!

    SnippyMaster has changed their name to 50ShadesOfOrange

    50ShadesOfOrange: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone else: XD

    GayForTano: Well it is kinda true!

    Meanwhile, in an office on the far side of Coruscant

    Commander Rex: Oh boy this is so much fun! I’m so glad I got this office job and that Echo taught me how to hack into things like this! 

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    So it continues….

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    • Ahsoka: Wait, didn’t you die?
    • Obiwan: That was days ago dude, things change.
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  • ive hit the gathering arc on my clone wars rewatch and all i can think about is a post order 66 au with ahsoka and her band of rogue younglings

    #star wars#ahsoka tano#mine #i know that everything is Pain but ahsoka being an accidental mom/older sister hybrid #with a bunch of kids hiding in her robes #is what i need
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  • Ahsoka Tano has a six pack, you can’t fight me on this

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  • Anakin: Do you know what 50 did when he was hungry?

    Obi-Wan: …What?

    Anakin: 58.

    #star wars #incorrect star wars quotes #anakin skywalker #obi wan kenobi #star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith #padme amidala #star wars episode ii: attack of the clones #yoda #star wars episode i: the phantom menace #star wars: the clone wars #chancellor palpatine#emperor palpatine#senator palpatine#ahsoka tano#mace windu
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  • i was thinking about padme and anakin making a video demonstrating what a force choke ACTUALLY FUCKING LOOKS LIKE to use in ahsoka’s defense in the trial and like, honestly i feel like “ahsoka clearly was not performing a force choke so she couldn’t have killed that woman via force choke” is a line of evidence that should have been pursued

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  • I have no consistency when it comes to drawing people send help

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  • summary: she suffers a loss and when it all comes crumbling down on her at once, ahsoka is right there by her side.

    warnings: female!reader, fluff :)

    requested by: anon :)


    as a jedi, you weren’t supposed to have feelings. examples of defiance against that are mainly anakin skywalker, to which no one is surprised. but y/n, a young jedi under the teaching of master plo koon, she feels things strongly, but keeps it bottled up inside. no emotions, right?

    even though the jedi prohibit it, y/n kept in contact with her family, or what was left of it. her sister was the only one left on coruscant. the two of them were close and met at a different restaurant every time they met; they didn’t want anyone catching on. it was basically like hiding a relationship.

    it was a beautiful, golden evening on coruscant. the sun streamed through the windows of the temple as y/n strolled through them, a data pod in her hands. some evenings were like this, tranquil and calm, and they were not easy to come by. y/n had gotten a message on her datapod about a fire in the depths of coruscant. it was said that the clones were taking care of it, so she didn’t worry too much about it, not until they released the location of the building that was set ablaze. it was the apartment building her sister lived in with her family.

    it was then that realization settled in. the report had said that no one survived, not one. the fire had either burned people alive or people jumped and were killed that way. y/n didn’t want to think about it, she didn’t want to think about her sister jumping from her apartment window.

    the death of her sister wasn’t official until a list of victims was released. it wasn’t until then that y/n broke down, right in the middle of the temple. she tried not to make it obvious that her chest became heavy, that her hands began to shake. she tried to look and remain calm until she reached her quarters, but she failed. she was almost there, her hand hovering above the button to open her door when the soft voice of ahsoka tano filled her ears.

    “y/n!” she called. ahsoka had heard about the fire, all of the jedi did. she had recognized one of the victims to be y/n sister. y/n didn’t turn around when ahsoka called to her; she didn’t want her to see the tears trickling down her cheeks.

    “y/n,” the young togruta had finally caught up to her, and her voice was soft, like she didn’t want to break the already fragile mindset of the girl in front of her. y/n needed someone like ahsoka, she needed someone to be there and to tell her that it was going to be alright. y/n turned around to face the blue-eyed teen in front of her, and as she did so, she let out a sob. ahsoka immediately wrapped the girl in her arms, letting y/n sob into her shoulder. ahsoka ran her hand up and down her back, attempting to soothe the pain that ran rampant through y/n’s chest.

    “she’s gone,” y/n cried. she held on to ahsoka, pouring out herself onto her, and quite literally too. ahsoka brought y/n into her quarters and set her down on the bed, y/n’s head still on her shoulder. the sobs had quieted, but the tears still streamed down her face. there was silence that settled in between them. ahsoka wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew that being there was the least she could do.

    “tell me about her, your sister.” ahsoka proposed. the idea was that getting y/n to talk about the good times and remember them would help, but she didn’t know if it would or not. y/n sniffled and picked up her head from her shoulder.

    “she was great. you should have met her; she’d love you. she was a great mom and wife, she was brave.” y/n chuckled as she looked down at her shaking hands.

    “she’d always tell me that being a jedi was the bravest thing i could do. she’s force sensitive too, but she left to have a family of her own. when we were kids, we’d always argue over who would get to talk to the cute kids across the street. she worked, so i always went over there. but when i was gone and started training here, she met her husband, who was amongst that group of kids. the two of them were destined to be together.” she smiled, looking up at ahsoka. she had told her sister about how she felt about the togruta beside her, and her sister was in full support of her.

    “well, you’re still training, have you met anyone special yet?” she asked y/n. there was a part of her that wanted y/n to tell her it was her, that she was the special one, but she’d understand if it was someone else.

    “i think so,” y/n confessed. her mind was still on her sister, not really focused on why ahsoka was asking that question. ahsoka reached over and grabbed y/n’s hand, running her thumb along her knuckles. y/n’s expression changed, just for a moment. she swallowed the nerves that decided to show themselves, so she quickly looked back down.

    “i think your sister would want you to be happy, don’t you think?” ahsoka smiled softly. it wasn’t said in a way to try and get y/n to do something, ahsoka said it because she knew y/n’s sister would want her to be happy with whoever.

    “yeah. she told me that i needed to tell this person that i had feelings for them before it’s too late.” y/n spoke softly. life was short, and the death of her sister reminded her of that. she was hurting, immensely. she didn’t know what could possibly make her happy, but sitting there with ahsoka, it was like medicine on a wound. 

    ahsoka let go of her hand and moved her own to rest on y/n’s shoulder. 

    “I will always be here for you, y/n.” she whispered. y/n nodded her head and leaned into ahsoka, feeling the weight on her chest become easier to carry. she knew she couldn’t carry the weight alone, and sharing it with ahsoka was the best choice she had made so far. 

    “thank you, ahsoka.” she hummed, allowing the girl beside her to hold her close. 


    ahsoka needs more love guys, I love her. anyways, this was long overdue and I’m so sorry for that, anon! I hope you guys enjoy though! thank you guys so much for the support and for the requests, I’ve got a bunch but hey, it’ll keep me busy during quarantine! hope you guys are well!

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    This is how I think it was looked like in the first days

    +Little black n white bonus

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  • gif request meme | anonymous asked: star wars + favorite female character
    “They may be willing to die, but I am not the one who is going to kill them.”

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  • It be like that sometimes

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  • I’m opening some cheaper commissions done as avatar/icon style headshots for a limited time, from now to 20.8.2020!
    Will do any character/animal/alien/mecha/you name it, as long a reference is available.

    If you’re interested, hmu here, on discord or email!
    Please include references as links and preferred expression/mood (:
    Payment is in advance via Paypal invoice, so please include your email as well! 

    Discord: Varjopihlaja#7830

    Signalboosting is also appreciated! c:

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  • Obi-Wan, Padmé, Ahsoka and Rex have a Group Chat in which they keep tabs on Anakin. It literally is just each other updating each other on that little dumbass. It does not contain the most ridiculous and embarrassing videos/photos of Anakin. Absolutely NOT. That would be OUtRageOus.

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    say what you want of the prequels but ,,, they keep getting content that comes out of them and it’s still THE BEST era.

    Just saying

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