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  • incorrectswquotes
    02.12.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Anakin: Alright, listen up you little shits.

    Anakin: Not you Ahsoka. You’re an angel and we’re thrilled you’re here.

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  • fabi-writes
    02.12.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Reunions aren’t always happy affairs.

    (Spoilers for Star Wars Rebels, season 2, episode 2)


    "Ahsoka, do you know who or what he is?" Ezra asks.

    "No. I don't" she lies, eyes averted.

    Ahsoka has known it the moment she has felt him in the force, yet she doesn't want to believe it. How can it be him?

    The Anakin Skywalker she remembers would have never given in to the dark side of the force.

    The ghost crew talks animatedly around her, but she doesn't pay them any attention. Her thoughts remain with her once beloved master and what has become of him.

    It hurts.

    She can't explain how it happened. Could she have saved him if she had stayed by his side? As his padawan she had been supposed to have his back.

    As it is now, they will have to fight him one day. She knows this, but she isn't sure she will be able to do it.


    "The apprentice lives" Darth Vader says. His voice is emotionless, but deep inside of him there's the slightest glimmer of feeling.

    Anakin Skywalker had loved his apprentice a lot.

    All this years he had thought her dead, ever since Darth Vader had found her lightsabers among the countless graves of clone troopers.

    He had thought he had failed her. He had mourned her loss, and the rage over her death had been one of the things to fuel him.

    But she's alive, and now he feels relief. He hasn’t lost everyone dear to him yet. There’s still hope.

    Darth Vader catches himself and pushes the feelings away. Anakin Skywalker's past doesn't matter anymore.

    Should he come to fight her, he won't show any mercy.

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  • nutella531
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ahsoka: you're so nice

    Anakin: don't tell anyone

    #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect clone wars quotes #star wars#clone wars #the clone wars #tcw#ahsoka tano#anakin skywalker#ahsoka#anakin#disaster lineage#501st
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  • mominousrex
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “The Wookie Cub Snore” THE JOLA MOON🌘🌗🌖Xtras/Deleted Scenes

    12 Days of Rexsoka - Day #2 “Just Like Old Times”

    TW: May cause 😭 I was hoping to fit this in somewhere. But decided to include it as part of my “xtras/deleted” scenes.


    She was watching Rex sleep while listening to his precious Wookiee cub snore. She remembered that sound from the long flights to and from whatever hyper-madness the Republic had required them to attend to...

    Fives and Echo would do the funniest little routine to Rex’s signature snoring with their heads bobbing up and down while conducting their hands as though they were orchestrating a one-man snoring symphony.

    Everyone that was awake would be silently laughing so hard trying to make sure they didn’t wake their beloved resting Captain. Eventually, Echo’s eyes would start tearing up as his red face writhed in pain with a laughing smile. Fives loved to get Echo cracking up that hard and Echo would start losing control of his silent laughter. Fives was the only one who could make Echo laugh like that. Rex would always sleep through all of it.

    Immediately after The Citadel, Ahsoka would make sure to sit next to Fives for long flights. She wanted him to know that someone knew how much he missed his Domino twin and would share his pain. For many weeks there were no silly moments. No wild hi-jinks. No Echo of silent laughter.

    Fives would always fall asleep on her tiny shoulder and eventually, she would let him settle in her lap with her bunched-up Jedi cloak as a pillow.

    And whenever he could, Rex would sit with her as she comforted his grieving brother.

    When Fives’s snored his version of the same adorable snore all the clones had, Ahsoka would look at Rex and remember the joy he never knew he was always the cause of back then. She would quietly smile at him then the way she smiled at him now safely sleeping in her arms, filling her with joy.

    On The Resolute, she and Rex would sit there whisper-talking for hours, with Fives asleep in her lap. There was nothing strange to anyone, not even Anakin. Everyone in the 501st knew that Rex and Ahsoka were the mindful point of balance the resulted in the 501st’s bravery and morale.

    Together, they always were the pair that ensured the level of the pain never exceeded the comfort that was needed to go on and fight another day. Now they could be that for each other.

    But could they be that for an entire rebellion that didn’t yet exist?

    Ahsoka had no answer for that. She only had this moment of joy with him here and today.

    @12-days-of-rexsoka @am-i-beast-or-beauty @marionarnold @imnewintown00 @catsarefurrypeople @raven802-blog @saint-tries

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  • zentalikestodraw
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    For today's #12DaysofRexsoka submission, I have...a pattern I made! It tiles perfectly (I was very satisfied with myself).

    If you're interested, I've preformatted it into some wallpapers!

    (phone) (computer)

    (free for personal and private use, all commercial use strictly prohibited)

    #12DaysofRexsoka #star wars fanart #rexsoka #artists on tumblr #procreate #zenta makes stuff #zenta exclusive#fanart#ahsoka tano#captain rex#star wars #no i can never remember my tags LMAO #i'm not out here trying to get sued #but you don't have to ask me if you want to like...idk. print it out and decorate your notebook with it??? #bold of me to assume anyone would want to but if i think it's cute maybe someone else will and want to use it hahaahaha
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  • phoenixyfriend
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I think Ahsoka deserves to fastball special.

    As the wolverine? As the pitcher? Either! She just Throw and Bite.

    Use time travel, she can be both players.

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  • hikime
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Day 2: Just Like Old Times | Memories

    Ever since I saw the prompts, I was so sure that I was going to draw these two doing the Sword and Shield Maneuver in their Rebels models, fitting with the 'Just Like Old Times' prompt. However, I had difficulties with my skills (I overestimated myself hahah) for some time. But, even though I did figure out how to perfect that vision of mine, I had this as one of the drafts for Day 2 and was so...called...to perfect it for the prompt.
    Hence, we get Rex reminiscing and chuckling over something. Ahsoka calls him, curious, but Rex just stares ahead...deep in memories.
    #rexsoka#rex#captain rex#ahsoka#ahsoka tano #12dor day 2 #12daysofrexsoka #12 days of rexsoka #i kinda like this but hmmm maybe too dark??? ;;;
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  • chocmarss
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Force of Nature

    “What’s the plan?”
    “Throw those grenades at the doors to confuse them,” Ahsoka flexed her hold onto her sabers. “And then, we’re going to jump off the balcony.”

    star wars. star wars rebels. rexsoka. rescue mission. rated T. 7.3k words.

    WARNING: Mentions of slavery

    12 Days of Rexsoka, Day 2: Just Like Old Times/Memories

    “This could’ve gone a whole lot better.”

    Ahsoka grimaced internally. A couple of blaster bolts pinged off the counter she hid behind, landing dangerously close to her head that had her jerking back. She tightened her grip onto her sabers. “Don’t.”

    Helmet tilted to the side, the faded Jaig eyes looked like they were almost blinking innocently at her from where Rex was crouching behind the overturned table. “I’m just saying.”


    #12daysofrexsoka #day 2: just like old times/memories #rexsoka#ahsoka tano#captain rex#commander rex#hera syndulla#captain howzer#star wars #star wars rebels #the clone wars #star wars the clone wars #swtcw#marswrites#marsrb
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  • deliahscrush2003
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

    Face Claim: Timothée Chalamet.

    Fic Series: The Seda Series.

    Fic Playlist: The Seda Series Playlist.

    Story Board: The Seda Series.

    Pinterest Board: Rivin Nox.

    Headcannons: 1 | 2 | 3 |

    Concept Art: 1 |

    Moodboard: 1 |

    Full Name: Rivin of House Nox.

    Nicknames: Nox (Serina).


    His Grace, Duke Nox of Serenno.

    Separatist Representative Rivin Nox of Serenno.

    Gender: Male.

    DOB: Quintus 25, 38 BBY.

    Star sign: Gemini.

    Age: 16 (22 BBY) 17B (21 BBY) 18 (20 BBY) 19 (19 BBY)

    Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Count Dooku, House Nox, Serenno.

    Occupation: Serennian Nobleman of House Nox, Head of House Nox, Separatist Representative of Serenno.

    Sexuality: Bisexual.

    Homeworld: Serenno.

    Species: Human Force-Sensitive.

    Location: Carannia, Serenno. The Outer Rim.

    Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

    MBTI: ESTJ - Executive.


    In a galaxy far, far away...

    Rivin Nox and his sister, Afrina, were born in the year 38 BBy to Duke Deimos and Duchess Anya of House Nox. He grew up in the capital city of Carannia in their manor house off the shoreline of the Belsallian Sea where he and his sister would spend their time as young children.

    As the eldest son of a noble house, Rivin was tutored by the best scholars in Serenno, preparing for the day he would take over his father as Duke and Head of House Nox, mastering knowledge of politics, languages of the Outer Rim, the history of the Galactic Republic, the planetary systems, and the culture of non-human species.

    In the year 24 BBY when Rivin and Afina were just 14, they lost their mother and grandmother when their ship was ambushed by Republican officers who were given misinformed, believing that the ship belonged to the Hutts and was carrying dangerous contraband.

    In his grief, Rivin grew close to his great-uncle, Count Dooku, who reinforced the young boy's anger in the Republic by teaching him that the Republic was inherently corrupt, instilling ideas of a system lost to chaos and grave injustice.

    Rivin began to despise the Republic for their insincere response to the deaths of his grandmother and mother. As someone who was raised on values of extreme justice and honour, he interpreted the inaction on the Republic's behalf as a lazy and cowardly response, only furthering his belief that it was time for a chance.

    Rivin believed that the system no longer could be trusted and that a new system needed to be put into place. When Count Dooku introduced the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Great Assembly House where the Serennian Lords held Council. It Rivin that convinced his father to agree to the movement, supporting his uncle's cause wholeheartedly.

    Additionally, following the deaths of his mother and grandmother, he became Dooku's apprentice after showing potential with the Force. He cultivated his ability to sense the Force and was given his great-uncle's lightsaber, replacing the curved handle with a crossguard hilt.

    Curiously, his uncle refrained from teaching him any codes that aligned with either the Jedi or the Sith, allowing him to adopt his own beliefs of honour and order as a Force-User, neither dark side or light side.

    This allowed him to make appearances within the Great Assembly House, and later the Separatist Council, without betraying his lessons with his uncle, as he bore none of the features synonymous with either Jedi or Sith with the exception of his lightsaber which he kept hidden under his Serennian cloak.

    By the time the Clone Wars begun in the year 22 BBY, Rivin (16) was attending Separatist council meetings alongside his father and uncle, learning the politics of the Confederacy while exposed to the lengths they were forced to go to in order to maintain their beliefs in an order free of corruption.

    However, Serenno was one of the few planets protected from the Republic's wrath. Therefore, Rivin did not see much of the war outside of the film clips the Confederacy aired on their planet, showing the monstrous brutality of the Republic's clone army as they swept across the Outer Rim and overthrew planetary governments to instil the Chancellor's mindless puppets.

    That all changed the following year after his father, Duke Deimos, abdicated from Head of the House and Rivin (17) preceded him. Rivin took his spot in the Great Assembly House and as Serenno's representative in the Separatist Council, a feat that Dooku notably approved of, citing that the Confederacy could only benefit from the perspectives of the youth.

    A few months later, Rivin was given his first mission by his uncle.

    Following the proposal of peace-talks put forth by Senator Bonteri of Onderon, Rivin was approached by his uncle with evidence that Mina Bonteri was in communication with renown Republic senator, Padme Amidala of Naboo, in company with two Jedi.

    Dooku charged Rivin with executing Mina Bonteri for treason and sent him to Raxus along with a two bounty hunters to complete his mission.



    Count Dooku of House Serenno (great-uncle)

    Lady Jenza of House Serenno (grandmother) †

    Anya, Duchess of House Nox (formerly Serenno) (mother) †

    Duke Deimos of House Nox (father)

    Lady Afina of House Nox (twin sister)


    Lady Afina of House Nox (his only friend, because he's lame)


    Lux Bonteri of Onderon (makes a good team when Lux gets over that one time Nox was sent to kill his mom)

    Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano of the Jedi Order (gets along when Serina is concerned otherwise its sabers out and threats are flying)


    The Republic (currently)

    The Jedi Order (currently)

    Love Interest:

    Serina Seda (enemies, occasional ally, the girl who kicked his ass)



    • blue lightsaber with a crossguard hilt • has a faint scar over his left eye • thinks almost dying together is an ideal first date • touchstarved • will go along with schemes out of boredom • is charming and very popular in the political circles • values honour and reliability • business and pleasure • believes that the Republic is a source of chaos and corruption, and that order must be restored • doesn't consider himself a Sith but a Force-User • is a twin • calling you a 'debt' is as close as he comes to admitting he's in love • kaz brekker but with a real nice cloak and with gloves off™ •

    [ [ If you have any questions about Rivin Nox, don't be afraid to drop an asks in the inbox ] ]

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  • sonoftatooine
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Scenes (3/9) >> Ahsoka protecting Anakin from the bounty hunters
    #star wars #star wars: the clone wars #clone wars#tcw#ahsoka tano#anakin skywalker#cad bane#obi-wan kenobi#ahsokaedit#anakinedit#swedit#starwarsedit#clonewarsedit#tcwedit #anakin & ahsoka #skyguy and snips #clone wars season 4 #clone wars meme #tcw nine scenes #mine#my gifsets#sfw
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  • rex-is-best
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    12 Days of Rexsoka Day 2: Just Like Old Times

    “Some things never change”


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  • am-i-beast-or-beauty
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Just Like Old Times - 12 Days of Rexsoka

    #12DaysofRexsoka#Rexsoka#Captain rex#Ahsoka Tano #You can't convince me they didn't have some downtime together #where they competed #either with or against each other #in this piece it's 501st vs 212th #Not pictured are Cody and Obiwan against whom they're playing #This is actually inspired largely by a comment someone made once about wishing #there was a Top Gun-esque volleyball scene between the clones #I took that idea and ran with it a bit #I do intend to do a followup piece with Cody and Obiwan at some point #Rex is Maverick #Ahsoka is Goose #My Art
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  • blacklilyqueen
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Memories - 12 Days of Rexsoka

    Prompt: 12 Days of Rexsoka Day 2: Just like old times / Memories

    Summary: Ahsoka is thinking back to her most important memories with Rex. 

    Pairing: Rexsoka

    Word Count: 1571

    Warnings/tags: Angst (with some fluff)

    Authors Note: I can write two things: smut and angst. And since I’m not allowed to write any of the first for this event, here we go

    Read the story on AO3

    Tagged Blogs: @12-days-of-rexsoka​ @rex-is-best​ @flybynite19​

    “So, if you’re a captain and I’m a Jedi, then, technically, I outrank you, right?”

    “In my book, experience outranks everything.”

    Ahsoka often thought back to the moment she first met him. She was so overwhelmed by everything back then. Her new master, the new environment, all the clone troopers, the war. It seemed like an endless series of new impressions. She was so young back then, too young. Of course, she didn’t feel like that back then, she was full of energy and couldn’t wait to get more experience just like the clone captain told her. From the moment they first met, she had liked him. However, she would have never guessed where their relationship was leading back then. Yes, they were close, but not in that kind of way. But their friendship got stronger over the years and after leaving the order, she noticed that he was one of the people she missed the most.

    “The Republic couldn’t have asked for better soldiers, nor I for a better friend.”

    She meant what she had said back then. No other person in her life had ever held a similar position in her life like Rex did. She felt safe around him, could let down her guard and talk to him about what worried her. Even when Maul told her about Anakin, she felt the immediate need to talk to Rex about it and no one else. He was calm and steady, giving her reassurance and a feeling of belonging. Being with him felt like being home.

    “We need to leave. It’s not safe here.”

    It was as if she could still feel the warm touch of his hand on her shoulder back then. She had been starring at the graves of all the men for what felt like an eternity. Her lightsaber was laying on the ground beneath her and it would remain there, marking the grave of the part of her, that she was leaving behind forever. Turning around, she faced the man without whom she would have died earlier. His face was filled with sorrow, grief and guilt. Neither of them spoke, when they walked to the small ship and nor did they on their flight to the next safe planet. But they didn’t have to. The presence of each other was already enough to keep them sane. Ahsoka knew that she wouldn’t have made it without him. Neither during the Order 66 nor afterwards. They were all they had left.

    “I’m sure that with time your nightmares will go away. And until then you got me.”

    “Thank you, I’m so glad to have you.”

    Amber-golden eyes were all she saw in that moment. It had been months since the Order 66, but the nightmares didn’t leave her alone. When she had had them for the first time, she didn’t want to talk to Rex about it. She was too embarrassed that she had woken him up with her screams. But he assured her that everything was fine and calmed her down. He stayed with her the entire night and she couldn’t have been more grateful. Over time it just became a habit that the two of them would spend the night laying next to each other, calming the other down with their presence and being there in case of another nightmare. This meant both of them, because Rex didn’t get spared by nightmares as well.

    As she lay there, she couldn’t help herself, but get lost in those beautiful eyes. She didn’t even realize him moving, until she felt his hand caressing her cheek. His thumb brushed over her lips and she could see his gaze wandering down to her mouth. He looked into her eyes again. In response, she gave a small nod and closed her eyes, as his face came closer. When their lips finally met, it felt like electricity running through her entire body. Their lips only touched so briefly and yet it caused her to feel, like she never felt before. Soon their kiss intensified and she felt his hands all over her body. Her own hands started exploring his body as well. She had to admit that she had admired it a couple of times before, but she never dared to imagine something like this. They spent the rest of the night just making out and cuddling closer together.

    Ahsoka often thought back to that moment. It was one of the happiest memories she had, because it was the first time since years that she ever truly felt safe and carefree again. She felt like she was maybe getting some happiness after all.

    “You can’t just leave!”

    “I have to. It’s not safe for you, if I stay.”

    Tears were filling here eyes as she voiced the painful truth. It had been the second time that an inquisitor attacked them and Ahsoka knew that they were looking for her. They could feel her presence in the Force and wouldn’t stop hunting her until they found her. Staying with Rex meant risking his life as well. Alone he would have at least a chance to survive.

    His hand was still wrapped around her wrist, holding her back as she was trying to turn around. Facing him, she looked right into his painfilled eyes. She reached for his face, resting her head on his forehead, before giving him one last kiss. Her heart felt like it was being ripped apart, knowing that she would never hear his voice again, never touch him like that again, never feel his lips on hers again. She didn’t know how long they kissed each other, to her it felt like an eternity and yet no amount of time would have ever been enough. When their lips parted, it felt like a part of her soul had left her body to stay with Rex.

    This time he didn’t hold her back. Her arm simply slipping out of his lose grip, as she turned away and left.

    “You got old.”

    “Had to happen sometime, Rex.”

    For what seemed like the first time in over a decade Ahsoka finally felt true happiness again, when she saw rex standing in front of her. She didn’t care about anything or anyone around her anymore. When she wrapped her arms around him, she hoped that she would never have to let him go ever again. And yet it was over so soon, she quickly thanked the Ghost crew, who were all still standing there, knowing that she needed some time alone with Rex if she really wanted to tell him all the things, she wanted to tell him.

    But she didn’t get to do that. As soon as the two of them were finally alone, his lips were on hers again and she got lost in their kiss. Swinging her arms around him, she felt her whole body relax. Having him here with her again was all she had wished for in the past years. She had missed him more than anyone else before and she promised herself that she would never leave him again.

    Before she had seen him, she was afraid that he might be mad at her for leaving him. Or maybe he would have simply gotten over his feelings for her and she would have had to deal with him being around her, but never really being hers again. But the moment he touched and kissed her all of her worries just faded away. He was here and he loved here, even after all those years apart. When they stopped kissing, his hands were holding her face, his faces still only inches away from hers. She felt his warm breath on her lips as they both just stood there, looking deep into each other’s eyes and smiling.

    Careless. Safe. Happy. Free.

    Those were the words that came to her mind, when she thought of her time with Rex. And yet none of these words seemed to do justice to the feeling she actually got, whenever she was around him. A feeling of having everything she could ever want and more. The moments she spent with him, were the happiest moments of her life and she would remember them for the rest of her life. Yes, thinking back she realized that being with Rex were her happiest memories.

    And being apart from him the worst.

    She placed her hand on the stone in front of her, her fingers brushing over the spot where his name was engraved into the stone. Tears began rolling down her cheeks as her knees gave in and she sunk to the ground. This time he was the one who left and unfortunately, he wouldn’t return again. The last time she left, she felt like leaving a part oft her with him and this time she hoped that he had left part of himself with her.

    “I love you,” he said, after he kissed her for the first time.

    “I love you,” he said, when they were laying next to each other each night.

    “I love you,” he said, when she left him.  

    “I love you,” he said, when he broke their first kiss after more than a decade.

    “I love you,” he said, before she was leaving to Malachor.

    “I love you,” he said, as he took his last breath.

    “I love you,” she said, as she kissed the grave in front of her and left.

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    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #star wars#ahsoka tano#my art #rottas the real star of this
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  • your-super-paper-grandma
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    12DaysofRexsoka: Day 2: Just Like old times / Memories

    Please be respectful to others participating in this event!

    Event info!

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  • bh51
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Qui-Gon & Ahsoka headcanon.

    One of the first Jedi Little Soka met is Qui-Gon Jinn.

    When he saw Little Soka for the first time, Qui-Gon absolutely adored her.

    Little Soka would get nightmares during her first year at the temple, and Qui-Gon was her go-to for comfort when Plo was off-world.

    Jinn taught Ahsoka how to become a Force ghost.

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  • luoiae
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Day 2: Just Like Old Times / Memories


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  • the-twin-of-tech
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Day 2 of Rexsoka: Just Like Old Times.

    It had been a while since Ahsoka had seen the 501st. She quit being a Jedi and left the Order after they had put her on trial and found her guilty. It was only because of her Master's relentless efforts that she was cleared of the charges of which she was framed for. She had since gone into hiding in the Coruscant Underground, hoping that might give her some answers as to who she really was.

    That was when she had met the Martez sisters. While they had made some bad dealings with the Pikes, Ahsoka learned that Darth Maul was on Mandalore. She was called back into action by Bo Katan. After seeking help from her former Master, she was given a battalion of soldiers from the 501st with Rex as the Commander this time.

    Maul had escaped them, and now he was somewhere on Mandalore in hiding. The city was on lockdown until they found him.

    Rex checked over the schematics of the city again, trying to figure out where he could be hiding. Troops were everywhere. They would soon have their answer.

    Ahsoka came up behind him. She had stopped growing and was taller now, though not as tall as him. Her montrals had also grown. "Any news, Rex?" She leaned down on the console.

    "No, Commander," he said. Even though he was the Commander now old habits died hard. "We won't stop looking until we find him."

    She began to pace the room, stroking her chin. How he had missed having her on missions. "He couldn't have gone far. We've faced much worse than this. We've solved much more difficult cases. He'll have to turn up somewhere obvious. Somewhere we never though to look."

    "Isn't that how we always find 'em?" he agreed.

    She let out a chuckle. He turned to look at her.

    "What's so amusing?"

    "Just remembering some of the times I had to solve cases like these for you."

    He raised his brow and couldn't help but smirk. "Let's not forget all of the times I had to bail you out."

    She shook her head. "No, I don't forget them. I'm grateful to you for that. I've learned so much from you. But now..." She shrugged. "I don't even know what to do with this knowledge. I want to help people, and that's hard when I don't even know my place. As a Jedi it was so easy to say why I did what I did. I don't know why I still do."

    "Because you're a good person," he pointed out, turning to face her. "You're exactly the kind of person we need in the galaxy. There aren't enough like you."

    "Or like you. I think that's what I missed the most about leaving the Order. I never got to see Anakin after that...or you. After talking everyday, and then not being able to see you, I got a little lonely."

    He nodded. "Yeah. So did I."

    "As a Padawan just starting out, I used to look up to you. Maybe..." She chuckled in amusement, "a little more than as an older brother."

    He grinned, suddenly interested. "You did, did you?"

    "But let's not linger on that, shall we?" She returned her attention to the console. "Let's see if there's any news on our hunt for Maul."

    "Just like old times," he said.

    She smiled. "Yes. Just like old times."

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  • former-ly-darth
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Sleepy Maul

    #darth maul #The Clone Wars #star wars#ahsoka Tano#death watch #my shitty gifs
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  • captainrexsoka
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    #12DaysofRexsoka — Day 2: Just like Old Times/Memories

    When We Were Young ~ Adele
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