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  • niragis-slutty-whore
    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    dori x niragi

    dori: niragi if ur gonna stay in my world at least do the laundry please...

    niragi: go fucking make me

    dori: *grabs niragi’s collar and pins him against the wall

    dori: *pushes him down the couch

    dori: *takes off his belt

    niragi: ayo--

    dori: *starts spanking niragi* bad niragi that’s a bad boy 

    niragi *accidentally moans mommy

    dori: ...


    #niragi imagine#niragi suguru#aib#dori sakurada#sakurada dori #dori x niragi #gay mother fuckers me who u r for u r pride
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  • aceofspadegrass
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kuina deserves a butterfly cape.

    I mean just look at that-

    Look how fucking cool these things are-

    They're just so pretty...... She deserves one.

    #aib #alice in borderland #kuina hikari #also i like to imagine kuina running through the beach with it just fluttering behind her having fun #and if she can't she gets a blanket instead it'll work #plus it technically isn't against the rules because she can't hide anything in a cape and hatter can appreciate beauty
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  • booksandhoneymilktea
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #fluff#chishiya shuntaro/reader#chishiya imagines #chishiya shuntarou x reader #chishiya#chishiya shuntarou#shuntarou chishiya #gender neutral reader #gn!reader #chishiya imagine #chishiya shuntarou x y/n #chishiya shuntarou x you #aliceinborderland #alice in borderland #aib#aib scenarios#aib imagines #aib x reader #alice in borderland x reader #alice in borderland/reader #imawa no kuni no arisu
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  • niragis-right-hand-rabbit
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Real talk

    #alice in borderland #aib#niragi suguru #imawa no kuni no alice #suguru niragi#niragi#dori sakurada#sakurada dori#sweet niragi #I could make him worse #niragi alice in borderland #alice in borderland niragi #niragi edits #niragi x reader smut #niragi imagines #suguru niragi smut #niragi au #niragi x reader #niragi crack #niragi x gf #it’s soft niragi hours 24/7 now
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  • aceofspadegrass
    02.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Incorrect Quote

    Niragi: A pessimist sees a dark tunnel.

    Kuina: An optimist sees light at the end of the tunnel.

    Last Boss: A realist sees a freight train.

    Chishiya: The train driver sees three idiots standing on the tracks.

    #aib #alice in borderland #alice in borderland incorrect quotes #niragi suguru#kuina hikari#last boss#takatora samura#chishiya shuntaro #i just imagine chishiya dressed like a train conductor but specifically the ones with the blue striped hat #he's just leaning out of the window staring at them with SUCH judgement in his pretty boy eyes #basically its a game of three idiots and a train that is approaching them #is it a real train? is it those miniature amusement park trains that run on those mini tracks? who knows #but it's the trolley problem all over again and chishiya doesn't feel like changing tracks
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  • yumekopudding
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    —-Pairing; Chishiya and his daughter (hoshi)

    —-Rating: PG-13 (crying,and slight swearing)

    —-REAL WORLD AU (Fluff/Comfort)

    —Summary: Chishiya and Hoshi enjoy dinner and daughter and dad bonding turning into a disaster

    Mix of first person and third person

    Hoshi was sitting on the couch, legs kicked up on her phone headphones in ears as she scrolled through Instagram her dad was still working and she couldn’t believe she had gotten home earlier than him for once. Her and dad bond is sorta close he seems so mysterious and uncaring but careful, we talk sometimes but sometimes I wonder if he cares about moms death it doesn’t make sense but she continues listening to music.

    Unzipping your backup and putting your books on the small table as you grab your pencil and flip through the papers, starting on the homework you had been procrastinating on, you don’t hear it but Chishiya unlocks the door walking inside and setting his keys down as he walks to kitchen without a word putting down the takeout he purchased on the way he grabbed plates out the kitchen, placing the delicious food on the plate and setting them in place. Walking to the fridge grabbing a drink for himself and placing it down, heading back to the living room he sneaked behind her tapping her shoulder.

    Jumping in response Hoshi turns around to see her dad towering over blonde strands of his hair hanging down “Dinners ready” nodding she gets up heading to the kitchen table, sitting down as she and her dad eat dinner in silence, looking at her phone texting her friends. Chishiya lets out a sigh drinking his drink before speaking “how was school?“ looking at him you play with your food “Normal I guess, how was work?” He smirks “could of been better”. “exactly how I’m feeling, school is such a pain but it’s necessary” “just like work”.

    Both chuckle as they eat dinner even though my dad didn’t spend time with my dad a lot I loved the times when we did spend time, times like this put a smile on my face. “Can we make ice cream sandwiches and watch a movie or something” he hesitated for a minute as he’s never really had bond with his parents and did stuff like this but this was his time to shine and be better than his sorry ass parents. “Of course” She smiles and continues eating her dinner, grabbing her trash and throwing it away, collecting her plate and placing it in the sink. Turning on the water she washes her hands and heads to the freezer, grabbing the ice cream and heading to cabinet and grabbing the cookies. Placing it on the counter and watching for her dad to appear, Chishiya appears in the kitchen a couple minutes after. He looks at her and small smile appears on his face as she grabs a plate and sets it down, grabbing a knife and placing the ice cream on its side, cutting it in half, while Chishiya places the cookies down she sets the ice cream and removes the container remaining. Hoshi grabs the sprinkles out the cabinet and sprinkles it on her ice cream sandwich.

    The both of them head to the living room setting down the sandwiches as chishiya and hoshi sit a few feet away from each other, she puts her phone on do not disturb as she hands Chishiya the remote, he looks up at her and pushes it away “you can pick I don’t really care” She nods scrolling through the many movies, settling on one sc-if movie, reading the description she looks over at her dad to see any confirmation. He just nods at her as she clicks play she grabs one of the sandwich, sinking her teeth into the cold delicious treat, her eyes glued to the teeth as her body shakes slightly from the brain freeze.

    She’s slightly scared but she brushes it off, Chishiya wearing a dull slightly amused look as you watch it, the lights start flicking, Hoshi jumps and buries her face into her dad jacket she’s terrified as Chishiya looks down at her smirking. He runs his hand down her back “it’s alright, just a power outage” She’s cold and shaking uncomfortable. Chishiya grabs his phone and turns on the flashlight placing it on the table as he looks down at her, she looks up at him with tears in her eyes “it’s ok I promise, if anything goes wrong I’ll protect you” “you’ll..protect me” tears steaming down her face. A deep sigh leaves his lips as memories flood his head from when her mother was around

    Mirasa holds Chishiya hand tight as her lips are on Chishiya kissing him as dried tears stain her face “you’ll never leave me right?..” “never I’ll always protect you..” She smiles as she continues kissing him..those were best moments of his life but he won’t tell anyone that

    “Always..” He hugs her tightly as she hugs him back, her tears staining his jacket as her cries are slightly mumbled “I love you..dad” the random “I love you” throws him off but he hesitates for a minute before it slips from his lips without even thinking it through “I love you too Hoshi.”

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  • bblumira
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    ⌦type of content: fluff¿? domestic

    ⌦notes: i literally cant write borderlands chishiya help

    Shuntaro had some tests coming next week, even though he was smart *really* smart, somehow he felt the need to study, that leads to this situation, him sitting on the floor between your thighs with a book in his hand while you had your hands on his hair, sometimes massaging his scalp a little

    "Your hair's getting in the way, do you want me to tie it?" you said while showing him a hair tie, he just hummed in agreement and relaxed his shoulders. Carefully starting to pick his blond strands and putting them in a kind of messy half ponytail

    "You look good" he really did look good, he always did

    "I'm not even looking at you, you cant say I look good if my face isnt visible"

    "You always look god"

    He just sighed and left his book on the table, moving his head a little upwards so he could look at you

    "Theres a café a few blocks from here, do you wanna go?"

    You only looked at him and nodded, too focused on his hair

    "Can I put clips in it?

    "No" he got up, picked his book and headed towards your shared bedroom

    #chishiya imagines#chishiya shuntaro #aib x reader #aib chishiya #alice in borderland #shuntaro chishiya x reader #nijiro murakami
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  • aceofspadegrass
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #aib #alice in borderland #mira kano#kuzuryu keiichi #i hope your week gets a little better buddy! stay safe! don't eat a pillow! :D #yes I am aware most of these are mira activated and kuzuryuu is dragged along but mira simply exudes polite chaos #kuzuryuu has yet to completely leave her so he's liking this soul siblingry #plus mira doesn't rig anything to either side unless she has a specific goal in mind so it's fair :D just his style #also imagine her just being proud of him for vibing on his own range :3 #ask
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  • niragis-right-hand-rabbit
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I’m self inserting myself in the beach and leading a cult that includes Niragi, Last Boss, and myself.

    I’m basing the entire cult off of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks songs

    Because what a vibe

    #mostly we just look cool while I go into trances #niragi feels loved #last boss feels free #and people listen to me #but mostly it’s a vibe and we look cool #lots of house plants and drums #it’s quite nice #alice in borderland #aib#niragi suguru#last boss #last boss alice in borderland #niragi alice in borderland #Alice in Borderland imagine #Alice in Borderland Drabble
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  • aceofspadegrass
    24.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Funny thought that popped up:

    Aguni, staring down from the balcony: Takeru.

    Takeru, carefully feeding a chick a worm: Yes?

    Aguni: Is it me or are all the Beach members now chickens with bathing suits on.

    Takeru: .... It appears there has been an uprising from our chicken overlords. *Gently places chick into a little chick-sized baby carrier that was already bedazzled.* Guess we have no choice, get the nice bag of chicken feed from storage.

    Aguni: What-

    #aib #alice in borderland #hatter#takeru danma#morizono aguni #don't know what brought this on other than the fucking farm au again #imagine being the only two humans in a giant building surrounded by chickens wearing clothes #quite a lot of chicken noises #and maybe a few clutches of eggs who knows
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  • chishiyas-mole
    21.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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  • hyperseptix
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ryōhei Arisu - best boy 🃏

    These were drawn a month apart - testing some different techniques

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  • aceofspadegrass
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Incorrect Quote

    Chishiya, planning a group disguise: You cannot be Blake Bortles.

    Arisu: Fine! Then I’ll be Jake-

    Kuina, under their breath: Don’t say Jortles.

    Arisu: Jortles! And I work at the molotov cocktail department.

    #aib #alice in borderland #alice in borderland incorrect quotes #chishiya shuntaro#arisu ryohei#kuina hikari #i can imagine this happening who knows what they're planning tonight
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  • niragis-right-hand-rabbit
    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    From shuntaro_yanagi_fans Instagram

    #shuntaro yanagi#he’s gorgeous#absolutely beautiful #I can’t even imagine being so beautiful #I’m a gremlin and never leaving my room #free mirrors I don’t need to look at myself #alice in borderland #aib #last boss alice in borderland
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  • niragis-slutty-whore
    12.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Breakfast In Bed

    Genre: smut

    Requested by: @niragis-right-hand-rabbit and @hoesupremacy

    Summary: you wanted to surprise niragi with a little meal before he goes to work, but he's craving for another meal to eat...

    you opened the bedroom door quietly, so you wouldn't wake Niragi up. you put the table with food on top of your bed and sat down, gently waking up niragi. he groans and opens his eyes "good morning, i made you a little something before you go to work" you said with a smile. he sat right up and rubbed his eyes and smiled at the breakfast you made him. "well you better start eating, it'll get cold" "mmmmmmm" "what's wrong? you don't like it?" you asked him "no it's not that, i was just craving for something else" he spoke up "oh what is it?"

    "you" he smirked as he grabbed you close "h-hey you'll be late for work... aguni will scold you again... a-and the food" he kissed you and pushed you down the bed "oh baby, that can wait... but i can't" he went down and pulled down your shorts slowly "h-hey...." he used his thumb to rub your clit, feeling your wetness thru your underwear. you whimper quietly as you bit your lip. he then pulled down your panties and spread your legs "s-s-suguru!" you let out a loud moan as you felt his tongue piercing run along you wet clit "fuck!" you quickly covered your mouth. he held your thighs tightly and burried his face deeper on your soaked clit. you could feel his tongue piercing running circles around your pussy. you moaned freely pushing your clit on his face even more. he pulled his other hand away and took his two fingers and inserted them inside your pussy "oh fuck!" you arched your back as he started moving them rapidly while eating you out.

    "fuck, i'm cumming! i'm cumming!" you could feel his lips turn into a smirk that doesn't go unnoticed "cum for me darling" you let out all of the juices built up inside of him as you held the headboard tightly. niragi pulls away licking every inch of your cum on his mouth. "thanks for the meal, baby. I loved it" he licked his wet fingers and wiped his mouth before he left. you sigh as he leaves the room.

    #niragi #niragi x reader smut #alice in borderland niragi #suguru niragi#niragi imagines#niragi suguru#aib niragi#niragi smut
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  • aceofspadegrass
    07.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Henry deserves a matching hat to Tatta. Oh, and imagine Tatta taking off his hat only to reveal a squirrel wearing the smaller version of the hat. Genius.

    #aib #alice in borderland #tatta kodai #now i imagine henry peeping out the opening of tatta's hat and it's just..... tiny hat #tatta is very proud of his little squirrel friend
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  • aceofspadegrass
    06.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So the Beach is meant to be a Utopia that eventually gets spread through the Borderlands gossip system and casual yoinkings to add to the litter. We know that Hatter pretty much started it on his own and it grew in popularity because hey, free resources and safe zone.

    But there's no reason why other people could've tried to do the same thing, without knowledge that Hatter is building up his utopia in the abandoned resort. Anyone can have dreams of paradise, and some have the bravery to attempt to start one.

    So what if at around the same time Hatter is making his kingdom, there was another who was thinking and doing the same thing, hm? There's a lot of places that can house a fuckton of people with little hassle, and the Borderlands doesn't have any rules that 'Hey! There can only be one huge safe zone area in this world!' so by all means, there could've been a chance for another one to be made.

    People obviously flock to areas that they hear to be safer that doesn't have to be run by them, especially if they're scared and have little outdoor survival capabilities. Plus, having a huge group to support each other is good. Hatter's little tag bracelet gang of course may beckon some people in, but at the same time there could've been a second mass safe building that were attracting other people, the ones that aren't the Beach's people and don't want to strike out alone.

    Fun times.

    #aib #alice in borderland #hatter#takeru danma #imagine hatter finding out about this other safe zone #and he sends people in as like double agents and spies to scope out the 'card competition' #because hat hat here is hungry for cards and he doesn't know if this other group may have cards they don't and need for escape #how does this other mysterious warehouse function? who knows #maybe they function on a similar base set to hatter #maybe they have a completely different community setting #all up to your imagination
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  • qualitycomputerduck
    04.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Glad you are alive (Chishiya x Reader)

    In which Chishiya is insecure about his looks and thinks there is no way in hell he would have a chance with you. Little does he know you have been head over heels for him from the start but too shy to confess. All it takes is Kuina playing cupid and a nerve wrecking game evening to get you guys together (mainly so she won’t have to listen to you both crying over each other all the time anymore).

    Self-conscious! Chishiya

    Tall! Reader

    Genre: Angst/Fluff

    Word Count: 2753

    No warnings ~

    What’s the point. Every day gives us a new opportunity to die, I’d rather have her watch my back as a friend than being rejected and having my neck blown up while self-pitying myself over not getting the girl. Chishiya was sitting on the rooftop of the beach resort, his legs bouncing off the edge and his hands folded in his lap. A slight breeze roamed over Tokyo this evening, causing his white locks to be blown into his elf-like face. It was their usual pre-game meeting with Kuina and usually you but today you decided to take a nap before the games since you weren’t able to sleep a wink the last night. You had to clear a 8 of hearts game the day before, the type of suit you naturally disliked the most. It wasn’t very pretty.

    Kuina huffed with disagreement. Since when were you this pathetic. If anything, you SHOULD confess to her BECAUSE you guys could die any day. Why do you even think she would reject you? Chishiya snorted loudly at that, not averting his gaze from the beautiful skyline of Tokyo. Well, there would be a skyline if any of the million lights would be on… right now it was just the glorious lights from the beach that lit up the surrounding areas, and the stars that finally became visible, seemingly the first time ever in Tokyo.

    Oh please are you seriously asking me that? Aren’t you the one who always calls me an ugly troll? He chuckled. He knew Kuina probably never meant it for real and it was just a part of them bickering at each other. But one thing he was awfully aware of is that he was short. In fact, you were easily 10cm taller than him and if that doesn’t give a man some insecurities then he didn’t know what did. He also wasn’t the best looking in his opinion and he was not one to warm up to people easily, always keeping a cool demeanor and trying not to get too close. But honestly, that getting too close part was already a long lost cause with you and he was awfully aware of that.

    Oh come on you know I just say that to tease you. No hard feelings. Kuina said with an eye roll. I am checking up on Y/N. We’ll meet you at the announcement. Kuina said and left downstairs to find you.

    You woke up with a firm knock on your door. You opened your eyes with a groan and blinked at your alarm clock. It was 6pm and the game announcement would start in 30 minutes. You let out a big yawn and stretched yourself a bit with the knocking never stopping.

    Just come in! It’s not like the door would be locked anyways. You said in an annoyed tone, expecting either Kuina or Chishiya being the one to wake you up for game night. As the door opened with a crack your expectation turned out to be true as a girl with dread locks and a blue swimsuit entered your room.

    Hey sleeping beauty it’s time to wake up for some game action. She teased with the plastic tool in her mouth.

    You sighed loudly, curling up in your bed again. I swear to god, if I get in a hearts game again tonight I would probably voluntarily die. You whispered defeatedly.

    I know at least one person who wouldn’t like that very much. Kuina answered, plopping down next to you on your bed. And it’s not me. She added with raised eyebrows and a shake of her head.

    Thanks. You answered sarcastically, not changing your position. Kuina sighed. Don’t you think it’s time to put the cards on the table? She asked, continuing to chew on her plastic stick.

    Really bad pun. Really bad. But honestly I don’t see the point. He doesn’t feel the same for me so it will just become all awkward until one day one of us miserably dies. You explained in a montone voice. Confessing to Chishiya was a thing you have thought about many times, but no matter which scenario you played in your head, the outcome always was the same. You weren’t good at reading people. You were a rational person, depending on logic and knowledge. And Chishiya wasn’t a guy to send obvious signals either so you just had to assume that he had no interest in you.

    Why would he ever want me. I am nothing special, I am literally just average at everything. What you didn’t know was that this was exactly what Chishiya admired you for. You didn’t only have one suit you were excelling at. You were good at everything. And it was obvious to him that you weren’t just average every suit either, with you having no problem with even clearing high number games.

    Hm I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Kuina said with a smirk on her face but not saying anything either at first. In the end it would be up to either one of you to make the first step. But a little help wouldn’t do any damage. What if you knew he was feeling the same for you? She asked with a curious tone. You looked at her in confusion, not sure if this was a completely hypothetical question or if she was trying to get at something. Hm... not sure. I guess I wouldn’t be scared anymore to take the first step.

    You finally got ready and made your way down to the lobby together with Kuina. You were looking out for the third in your group and as soon as you spotted the grey hair you informed your friend. Chishiya is over there.You said to her and you both made your way over to him. You gave him a friendly smile which he returned.

    Ready for the game? He asked casually.

    As ready as I could be. You answered earning a chuckle from him.

    Kuina on your right side suddenly started to shift closer to you as the room was becoming more packed, which automatically resulted you also shifting closer to Chishiya. Suddenly you felt the back of his hand touch yours and out of surprise you held your breath for a moment. The unfamiliar warmth of his hand left you in a shock and you were unsure what to do. This was probably the first time you had skin contact with him. To your disbelief he didn’t remove his hand immediately either but he also didn’t seem fazed at all. Maybe he didn’t even realize or didn’t give much thought to it. For you on the other hand, it was small moments like this that made your heart skip a beat.

    Before you could think any more about it, Hatter started his speech, explaining where the games were located and who was going where. As it happened often, Kuina and Chishiya were in one group while you were sent to another location. As every night, it was time to say bye to your friends, which you might never see again.

    Try not to die doll-face. Chishiya said to you and you were sure you could see a glimpse of concern in his eyes. Not to mention how the pet-name made you all giddy inside.

    Kuina just rolled her eyes at the interaction and took her leave. I’ll see you after the game. She said looking back at you and you just waved at her. Yes, you will see them after the game, all safe and sound.

    After the game you rode the car back to the beach with the other people that had survived from your game. It was a pretty chill evening, a 2 of spades and even though you weren’t a big fan of exercising you cleared the game easily. Back at the beach you met Kuina in the lobby, the sport where the 3 of you usually met up after every game.

    Hey. Good to see you haven’t died for another night. You chuckled, Kuina and Chishiya being in the same group usually gave you some reassurance that neither of them would die. Of course, if it was necessary they would kill each other without a second thought, but besides that they usually had each other’s back. Kuina gave you a grin. Well, it was only a 4 of Diamonds. I’ve had worse evenings. She said with a shrug. You looked around expecting to see Chishiya somewhere nearby but… to your surprise he didn’t seem to be around.

    Wait… but where is Chishiya? You asked Kuina with a slight remark of concern in your voice. She again shrugged. I am not sure. Shortly before we left they sent him to another location than mine. I think our cars were full and the other group had a spot left. She explained while chewing on her nicotine substitute.You nodded in understanding, telling yourself that it will be only a matter of minutes and he will come through the door to tell you how bored he was and how stupid the other gamers were.

    But the minutes passed by, cars and cars arrived with tons of people but you weren’t able to make out the white-haired male. After 30 minutes you started to panic. You felt your heart beating inside your chest like it had never before, your breath became shorter and shorter and the tears made their way out of your eyes. Was he dead? Did he seriously die in tonight’s game? Kuina saw your feelings were getting the best of you so she took you into her arms and started patting your back. Shh it will be okay. He will be fine. You’ll be fine. She took you up to the rooftop, away from everyone who was watching and tried to calm you down for something that felt like an eternity. Then you both heard footsteps approaching

    Puh…. That was a long ass ride. First, I got myself into an 8 of spades game and then they even made me walk back all the way because one of the cars broke down. I think tonight even I can take a drink.You heard a familiar voice saying behind you while you were still curled up and sobbing into Kuina’s shoulder. Your crying stopped abruptly as you turned around in Kuina’s arms and saw a blurred figure, only being able to make out strands of grey hair and a white sweater.

    Chishiya? You asked with a shaky voice, not sure if this was a hallucination, a wish-thinking, some coping mechanism that made you see things.

    He chuckled. Of course, who else did you expect up here? He said as he walked closer. When you finally came into his sight, he was able to recognize the pitiful state you were in due to his long absence. The grin immediately fell from his face as he realized you were crying and he quickly closed his hands around your face.

    Kuina as the perfect cupid started to read the situation quickly and slowly and quietly took her leave. Of course, she was relieved beyond words as well that her friend indeed has survived today’s game, but this was also the perfect moment for the both of you to finally put your feelings on the table and end a long series of misery and nerve-straining for Kuina.

    What happened? Why are you crying doll-face? He asked with this genuine concern in his voice that he probably could never show for anyone else in this fucked up world.

    First, you melted into his touch, savoring every single second you got to be this close to him, feeling the warmth of his body so close to yours and the gentle strokes his thumbs were drawing on your cheeks. But then you remembered again how he just didn’t show up after the game and the feeling of being left behind in this cruel world without him creeped back into your mind. With both fists you pushed against his chest causing him to stumble back a few steps, leaving a stunned expression on his face.

    I am sorry if I got too close to you- he started rambling but you were quick to interrupt him with a broken voice.

    Did you know how worried I was about you? Did you even think about how I would feel like when I come back and you are not there? I waited for almost an hour and you were just not showing up! I thought you were dead for god’s sake! You screamed at him crying into your sleeves.

    Unsure what to do Chishiya buried his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt. He wasn’t sure what to say. Your gesture just a second ago clearly showed him you weren’t interested in his touches but he also couldn’t understand why you were so upset about the thought of him dying.

    Y/N I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be so upset about me dying. He admitted quietly, averting his gaze from you. Watching the tears running down your face was a sight he wasn’t able to take, especially when he was the reason for it. He wanted you to smile as often as possible, you deserved to be the happiest person alive… You never knew when your last day would come.

    Of course, you wouldn’t understand, because you’re an idiot. Haven’t I been obvious enough ever since I came here? You yelled at him, slowly approaching him again.

    That hurt. He surely was not an idiot. He KNEW he wasn’t an idiot, given his IQ was 161. But one thing he was not good with was feelings and… just you. Usually, he was able to read people like an open book. He knew how to manipulate people and how to get them on his side if he needed them. But for you… from the first day you were just… confusing him. With every nice action from you he didn’t know whether it was because you just were a genuine and good person or if you actually took a liking on him.

    I… I don’t know. Please tell me what you mean. He let out calmly, not able to read what’s going on in your head even in this situation.

    I am in love with you, you idiot! And I thought you were gone before I was able to tell you! You sobbed hard as you hugged yourself, crying even harder. Chishiya was left with a shock from your confession. Was it really true? You really liked him all along?

    After watching you for a few seconds, unable to move, he finally closed the remaining distance between the both of you and embraced you, pushing your face gently on his shoulder with his right hand resting on the back of your head so you could cry on his sweater. He deeply exhaled, not realizing he was holding his breath this whole time. He gently kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear. I love you too. I am sorry I wasn’t able to tell you that earlier.

    Why not? Why didn’t you tell me? All this time I just thought you didn’t like me back, that’s why you were ignoring my signs. You explained with a relived tone in your voice.

    Well… I just couldn’t believe you would fall for an ugly troll like me. He said with a laugh and for the first time ever there was true emotion, true happiness in his laugh.

    Ugly troll? You said in confusion but still weren’t able to hide your grin.

    Kuinas words. He laughed.

    You looked at him with stern eyes. I think you are beautiful. You said, gently caressing his cheek and you realized his gaze wandered to your lips. And there was nothing in this crazy world that you wanted to do more right now than kissing Shontaru Chishiya. So you leaned in to close the remaining gap between your lips and took a sweet taste of the one thing you have been craving for so long. His lips were softer than expected as you met them with yours, gently moving them against his. His taste was something you could easily get addicted to and the way he held your waist made your knees go weak. When you ran out of breath you pressed your forehead into his looking into his elf-like eyes.

    I am glad you are alive. You whispered.

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