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  • imagine akaashi’s hands.


    he’s got long, slim fingers, and his nails are always clean and kept short. before you got together he just cuts them and nothing else (because he doesn’t know what else he’s supposed to do) but then when you did get together you always insisted on manicure days when you would both just sit on the dining table and do each other’s nails. you cut, clean, buff, and add clear polish to his because they just look prettier with it. he never thought he would be one for that, but the moment he praised you for doing such a good job and you puffed up in contented victory is when he knew he thought wrong.

    (also he got better at doing your nails. he can paint one with two different colors now. and pretty neatly, too.)

    his hands are also actually really soft? especially his fingertips; like it’s not 100% smooth because he’s got some callouses from volleyball but they’re not as rough as you expected them to be? so it just makes hand holding a real treat. also when he runs his thumb across your bottom lip during tender moments you just shiver because damn.

    speaking of hand holding, he engulfs yours whenever you do. it makes you feel safe and secure, and you never fail to tell him that. when he hugs you and you feel his hands on your waist, fingers drawing little shapes to comfort you? yeah that stuff calms you down like no other. and he knows that, too.

    and before every game, before he steps out with bo and the rest of the team, you always - always - take his hand and press a gentle kiss to his knuckles. it’s a little tradition you have, one that he calls his ‘good luck charm.’

    all in all beautiful hands for a beautiful man that deserves all the love <33


    [ note ] — this is the product of me waking up and immediately wishing i could hold keiji’s hands like yes please sir

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  • ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

    sweet, sweet rejection messages from dudes who are down bad. messages came from @/downbadpatrol on twitter! they were so funny and reminded me of some of the hq guys that I couldn’t help but whip this up lmao

    ➝ inspo from @meijoh + her post here!

    ➝ pt. 2

    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───







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  • something about your hands mystifies akaashi. it isn’t a fixation, per se — his hands have always been a concern for him, so having someone else’s to focus on provide him with a sense of relief. he loves leaving little taps on your knuckles with his fingertips before he intertwines your fingers with his, or rubbing his thumb against the top of your hand.

    “your hands are warm,” he’ll mumble, staring at your clasped hands for minutes on end, smiling. “and your hands are very pretty, keiji” you’ll say in response, bringing his hand up to your lips and giving it a small kiss. it’s soft gestures like this that make him feel safe and a bit less insecure.

    #akaashi keiji #; akaashi tag #akaashi keji x reader #akaashi x you #akaashi fluff #haikyuu!! #akaashi x y/n #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #tw.hands #SANJU THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! #akaashi headcanons
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  • I finally broke down and got an iPad, so this is the first drawing I’ve done with Adobe Fresco. Of course it’s Akaashi.

    Please do NOT repost, edit or claim as your own.

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  • *Kuroo when he notices Akaashi is stressed*

    Kuroo: You ok?

    Akaashi: I’m fine.

    Kuroo: Would you like a hug?

    Akaashi: …yes please…

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  • Bokuto: I baked you a pie.

    Akaashi: Oh boy, what flavor?

    Bokuto: Pie flavor

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  • please send me haikyuu asks!! it can be a small request, (i’ll only write like a paragraph long one shot), your thoughts, headcanons, anything. i’m just bored and like replying to you guys

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  • i cant stop thinking about akaashi calling me “bunny” (hence my username😁) it’s just so… perfect .

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  • image

    The Choice Main Story Chapter 1!

    Pairings: Akaashi Keiji x fem!reader, Iwaizumi Hajime x fem!reader, Bokuto koutarou x fem!reader and Suna Rintaro x fem!reader

    Genre: Fluff, Royal au

    Word Count: 1k

    Warning: May include some cussing

    Summary: Y/n have to choose a husband amongst the 12 men who were chosen to compete for her heart, but something is not right, how will y/n fall in love with other men when she is still not completely not over Iwaizumi Hajime who is your longtime best friend but when a twist of fate happened at the draw maybe the competition is right where she wanted it to be.


    You knew it was coming, the time where you have to find a husband, you’ve been preparing all your life for this. Your mom came into your room and asked “Are you ready?” She sat down on your bed. “I am.” You replied “It is my duty, after all this is how you and dad met and how grandpa met grandma, now it’s my turn.” It’s no lie that that The Choice brought all your relatives together and you don’t mind having 12 men in the palace but there is someone who you can’t get over from and it’s Iwaizumi Hajime, how are you supposed to find a husband when you are still not over the one guy who you thought would be your true love, you still did not even know if Iwaizumi would be part of the competition or not, but you are holding onto that hope that he is, it’s not like you can bail from this anyway. This competition is part of being a royal, The oldest sons/daughters have to find a husband/wife through this competition so you had no choice but to continue on with it.

    You and Iwaizumi go way back, he is from the village and he works as a sports trainer there. You met him at a café when the both of you were exactly 7 years old when you saw this sad boy in the corner so you went up to him and asked him what’s wrong and he looked up at you and explained how he dropped his hot chocolate. You walked back to your parents and told them you wanted to buy two hot chocolates, one for you and the other for the sad boy you had just met. You reapproached him and handed him the other cup of hot chocolate. “I’m Iwaizumi Hajime” he replied. “I’m Y/n” you smiled. “You got the same name as the princess.” You can tell his frown was turning into a smile “Well.” You locked eyes with him for a few seconds as he connected the puzzle pieces together, then it struck him, he apologized for not noticing that you are the princess and he tried to bow down before you but you reassured him that there was no need to do that.

    After that day, the both of you grew up together and became inseparable. You talked about him often so he was no stranger to your family so that’s why he was always welcome to come over to the palace and sometimes your parents allowed you to visit him in the village. Over the course of the years you spent together, you started to develop feelings for him, you didn’t think much of it at first because you thought it was just a simple crush and it will fade away eventually. On your sixteenth birthday, Iwaizumi leads you up a series of stairs that lead to the rooftop. “I wanted to give you this” he pulled something out from the back pocket of his pants, it was a medium size black box but once he opened it, a precious red gemstone in the shape of a heart hung from a gold chain caught your eyes. “Happy Birthday y/n.” he smiled and hugged you, it only felt right to tell him how you are feeling.

    “Iwa, I have to tell you something.”


    “I don’t think I can go through with this whole competition coming up.”

    “Why is that?”

    “I have fallen in love with you.”

    Iwaizumi thought you were joking at first but quickly realized you were serious. You even had told him that you were willing to cancel this whole competition for him because that is how much you loved him. Iwaizumi apologized to you and said that he doesn’t feel the same way and that he only saw you as a best friend, there was no way he was going to let you just cancel the competition just like that because it’s part of your duty.

    Looking back he was right, you had to shift your focus on the future, you were going to be queen by the end of it all and you need to find a partner, you can’t keep holding on to the past. Tonight you had to choose 12 men to be in the competition in front of your whole country on the news report. It wasn’t long until your dad entered your room. “Are you ready for tonight?” He asked. “Yes I am.” You replied. “Now remember it’s ok to be nervous but it will soon be over, at least after tonight you will know the 12 men who will enter this competition and you will be able to do some background check on them.” Your dad reassured you and with that you and your parents left your room to film the whole draw.

    Your hands trembled over the bowl with names but you manage to grab a slip of paper and you read the name “Suna Rintaro” You announced over the microphone. That’s one down and eleven more names to go, maybe this draw won’t be that bad after all you thought to yourself, after you drew a couple more names it was time to announce the last name so once again you lowered your hand into the bowl and grab a slip of paper and read the name on it “Iwaizumi Hajime” wait that can’t be right, you looked at the paper again, and there it was Iwaizumi Hajime written with a black ink pen.

    Taglist: @game0ve7 @tendous-queen @lilikags taglist is open, send an ask to be part of it!

    #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #Iwaizumi Hajime#hajime iwaizumi #iwaizumi x reader #Akaashi keiji#keiji akaashi #akaashi keiji x reader #rintaro suna#suna rinataro #suna rintaro x reader #koutarou bokuto#bokuto koutarou #bokuto koutarou x reader #royal au
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  • what they do when they’re sad Hq. ver

    just some things that came on my mind while I was spacing out

    its more like things I want to do when they’re sad? 

    characters: Kenma, Kuroo, Bokuto and Akaashi



      - Kenma would get sad sometimes at unexpected times and whenever he does he goes looking for you or just comes over to your house.               

       - Whether at school or at home, you wouldn’t notice him at first. It’s only when he calls out your name softly and that’s when you’d turn to look for the pudding head.       

       - Once you’ve spotted him you would rush to his side. You already know that something is wrong whenever he comes looking for you like this.       

     - You’d pull him somewhere secluded and sit down, as soon as you sit down he’d place himself on your lap and his face on the crook of your neck with his arms around you   

       - You would just sit in that position while caressing his head, patiently waiting for him to start speaking about what’s been bothering him that he had to come look for you                                                                         

        - As he spoke about his problems you’d just wait until he’s done, and then comforted him soothing his back     

        - It would usually end with you two hugging until you had to go back to class or if it was getting late                     

         - facts: he would just come over to your house since your mother will just let him in and allow him to go to your room. Sometimes he will just fall asleep on you ending up with him sleeping over, it honestly did not matter if there was school the next day


          - Kuroo would either get sad over his friends making fun on his chemistry jokes or when you just didn’t give him enough attention ( you didn’t do it on purpose tho)           

         - He wouldn’t come to you directly, he’d act petty about it and just pout while looking at you                                         

          - You would only notice the change in his behaviour after school while he’s practicing                                             

         - how you may ask, well whenever you called him or approached him he would huff and turn the other way ignoring you completely                                             

     - however it does affect his performance during practice, mainly because he keeps thinking about it and gets a bit sad over it                                                   

     - the coach would scold him and tell him to rest and get himself together, you take advantage of that and approach him                                                               

    - He will still sulk but will acknowledge your presence and allow you to sit beside him, you would just try getting him to speak                                                           

    - It takes a bit but when he does he will lunge at you, his arms around your waist hugging it tightly afraid you might run away and his head on your lap, the rest of his body just laying on the floor                                                                           

    - You’d just play with his hair while he complained to you about your lack of attention and you will just listen squeezing in a few “sorry” in between                 

     - facts: there are times where he’ll fall asleep, you’d just tell his coach and team to let him keep sleeping and that you will just wake him up in a few mins. When he wakes up he wouldn’t let go of you until you allowed him to sleepover your house.


         - Whenever he goes into his emo mode out of matches (Akaashi took care of his emo mode while in court) or just when he really misses your presence and wants to stick to you all day                                                                                   

     - Oh for sure Bokuto will come to you, he will just flop in between your legs face on your stomach and hands around your waist                                                       

    - He would only do these when you’re over his house or him at yours, if outside he’ll just hug like normal but he will stay there without letting you go                     

    -  He will stay between your legs for around 15-30 mins till he starts spouting out “ where were you” “I missed you” “I wanted to cling onto you for the whole day”             

        - The more it went on the more he got insecure and worried and that’s when you butt in and stop him from going on                                                                       

      - You would cup his face and force him to look at you and telling him “bo-kun I miss you too and want to stick to you too but I have classwork that I have to attend to. And please don’t be insecure about me missing by your side hmm, I’m always here okay I won’t go away. Understood bo-kun?”                                       

    - You’d just cuddle after that or just sleep                       

          - facts: this usually happened when you had study sessions because you’d be too busy with your homework to notice his hair has deflated.     


         - It would mostly be when he gets insecure during practice                                   

    - As you’re one of the managers you are always near him whenever he needs you                                                         

         - It would be out of nowhere, he would pull you aside from your duties and engulf you in a hug stuffing his face in the crook of your neck                             

       - You’d be startled of course but you will slowly put your arms around him while asking him “what’s wrong kaashi?”   

    - There would be a short pause and then he would say “I just want to hold you” or “I’ll tell you later, let’s just stay like this for a while please”                                   

    -  You would just let him do whatever till he has calmed down but you wouldn’t force him on telling you what’s wrong as he would come back later on and tell you               

       - the team has gotten used to this so they wouldn’t say anything but occasionally bokuto would join in the hug without knowing anything              

     - facts: it still surprises you when he does this as he doesn’t really show much of pda, he usually shows affection when no one sees or at home sometimes only subtle displays of affection in public


    author note: sorry for keeping Akaashis’s one short TT but hope you enjoy. These are mostly thing I want to do or have imagined to do :3 

    #hq#hq kenma #hq x reader #hq anime #hq x you #hq x self insert #akaashi keji x reader #akaashi x you #akaashi keiji#kenma kuzome#kozume kenma #kenma x you #kenma x reader #kuroo tetsurou #kuroo x you #kuroo x reader #bokuto koutaro #bokuto x you #bokuto x reader #haikyū!! #haikyu x reader #haikyuu!!
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  • akaashi, atsumu + kageyama

    thoughts of holding hq boys hands are constant - part i here!


    akaashi keiji.

    ▹ akaashi’s seen how you love to hold people’s hands, normally walking hand in hand with one of your friends

    ▹ and honestly? he’s just itching to just swoop your hand in his!!

    ▹ but then he gets in his own head and pulls away :( for his hands are somewhat rough, years of playing volleyball not always on his side,, and what if you don’t like that? :(

    ▹ (of course he realises you wouldn’t care about something so little, but he can’t help the frown that settles on his lips when he feels the coarseness of his own hands - hardened skin meeting hardened skin when he fiddles with his fingers, a habit he has yet to break)

    ▹ but one day, you decide to swing by the gym after school, your own club activities had long since finished and you were just waiting on volleyball to wrap up so you and akaashi could walk home together <3

    ▹ as the gym door slides open and you poke your head through, the team immediately feel the sharp difference in temperature, ushering you to come in as cold air gushes in behind you

    ▹ akaashi offers you his coat without missing a beat and you happily accept, basking in its warmth and comfort, surrounded by keiji’s familiar smell

    ▹ practice finally finishes up and you go to slip the coat off but akaashi’s quick to place his hand on your shoulder, telling you to keep it on

    ▹ you open your mouth to protest but bokuto cuts you off with a laugh, “akaashi’s always so warm, some sort of human radiator!”

    ▹ you tilt your head slightly at the unknown titbit of information when it hits you - you’ve never held keiji’s hand!!

    ▹ so without thought, you grab akaashi’s hand, enjoying the feel of it in your own, before facing him with a grin, “bokuto’s right, they’re nice and warm”

    ▹ you don’t let go again until you’re at your doorstep and keiji thinks he must’ve been warmer than ever,, but just like that it’s as if some invisible boundary has been crossed

    ▹ for since then, keiji finds that his hand is always in yours - one time you even tugged his sleeve gently so that he would reveal his hand to you, and he could’ve sworn his heartbeat was irregular for the rest of the day

    ▹ but it makes you smile that akaashi hasn’t noticed yet,,, for you know him better than he realises and every time you pull his hand into yours, it’s to stop him from his nervous little habit of playing with his fingers

    ▹ because there’s nothing better to calm his rapid thoughts than the reminder of you being there, right by his side

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  • finally caved and read “In Another Life” and i sobbed so hard i almost threw up

    #I’m not even really a bokuaka shipper but i haven’t stopped crying for like an hour #i found you/you found me ripped my heart out #I’m never going to emotionally recover from this #in another life #bokuaka#bokuto#akaashi keiji#hq#haikyu#haikyuu#haikyuu fanfiction
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  • Fresh out the shower and you’ve got tunes on just jamming in your shared room, when Akaashi towel clad and still has water dripping down his body comes up behind you just absolutely entranced by the sway of your hips in those pjs he loves and comes up behind you, startling you but you two just away and dance with the music and even though he’s just taken a shower his hard on from earlier has only gotten worse as he grinds into you, eventually turning you around to kiss you, you inhale his soap and just damn his smell turns you on so much

    “I know I just showered baby, but I think you might need some assistance cleaning up that mess you just made. If that’s alright.”

    #akaashi keiji #akaashi keji x reader #akaashi smut#shower feels #I mean he’d be so soft and smooth with you #I just UGH #brainrot#loml
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  • Atsumu’s go to mind-numbing 3am videos are cake decorating ones. He loves watching the fancy shapes made by the different nozzles on the icing bags, and the way the drizzles on the side of the cake drip down the side. He’ll be half asleep, snug in his bed, with his phone laying beside him, a compilation of cakes being iced playing infront of him.

    Yamaguchi’s favourite videos to binge at the ungodly hours of the morning are soap cutting ones. He’ll watch the small squares or little shaved bits pile up in awe. Yams especially likes the videos where the soap has different colours on the inside. He’s a slut for pretty gradients. I also think he wants to eat some of the pretty soaps. Me too 😩

    Kuroo loves to watch Hydrolic Press videos at night. He loves when it’s slime pouring out of the sides as it’s crushed, or the way tendrils of brightly colour goop spills out as skittles are crushed. His favourites though, are the alonso of things just shattering under the pressure. He absolutely loves rewatching to see the cracks formed, and how they spider web down from the point of impact.

    Ushijima really fuckin’ loves the videos of dogs getting haircuts. The timelapses of tangled and matter fur becoming fluffy and bright mesmerise him. He loves watching poodles become balls of fluff, or the way the hands are so steady as they chop fur so certainly.

    Akaashi loves watching speedpaints. The way an image can go from a pencil sketch to a fully coloured and shaded masterwork right before his eyes never fails to get him enthralled. He loves watching the sureness of every motion, and the way everything comes together all perfectly.

    Tendō, Bokuto & Sugawara all love five minute crafts, or otherwise similar ‘life hack’ videos. Specifically the 30 second ones you can find on instagram. They love both laughing at the improbability of a hack, and then stairing at awe at something that is either so horrendous (the soap hand) that they just can’t stop looking, or something they see as such a brilliant idea that they can’t believe they’ve never thought of it before.

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  • Spice Up Your Life

    (A college yt!au kuroo tetsurou x famous TikToker fem!reader smau)

    Synopsis: after watching a TikTok, your friends and you decide to try it out at the mall to a cute guy. He doesn’t know you’re TikTok famous, or that he’s YouTube famous… (IM SO BAD AT THESE IM SORRY)

    • Updates: idk maybe once or twice a week?
    • Warnings: cursing, maybe some mentions of getting drunk or high, I’m not sure yet
    • A/n: this is my first smau so any feedback would be great!
    • Taglist is currently open, just send an ask to be added

    [status: ongoing]


    1. Introductions: Kuroos Squad ~ Y/n’s Squad
    2. “How to spice up your life without spicing up your life”
    3. Commence Operation Stalker
    4. Bitch what 😀
    5. Just friends
    6. Stage one: denial

    Taglist: @babyshoyo

    #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #haikyuu smau #haikyuu smau masterlist #kuroo smau #kuroo x reader #kuroo x y/n #bokuaka#haikyu oneshots#haikyu fanfiction#kenma kuzome#kodzuken#akaashi keiji#nekoma
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  • As to what the title says this would be my headcanons on how my faves would treat me in a romantic relationship so this would be pretty self-indulgent. Also, this is basically a get to know me type of post since what is written here are my genuine feelings so no hate please. Other than that, anyone can read and enjoy this just change the pronouns to whatever you prefer. Thank you!

    Genre: Fluff

    Warnings: Written in 1st POV since I know some people can’t read any stories in this point of view

    Characters: Akaashi, Kenma

    Akaashi Keiji

    • Akaashi would be an incredibly sweet boyfriend (as we all know) but I believe that he would be somewhat chaotic and would possibly be a tease with the right people. Like, I think he would lowkey bully me but he also knows his limits so he won’t pick on my insecurities (to which I have a lot of)
    • He is very perceptive so he would know when I would just feel down in the dumps and would try his best to make me feel better.
    • As a person who has multiple insecurities himself, I believe that Akaashi would try his best to lessen mine and would tell me things that I desperately want to hear from my parents, friends or even strangers and I would also do the same for him.
    • He would never sugarcoat his words around me so that whenever he would compliment me I would know that he is being genuine and I also know for a fact that if he sees that whatever I’m doing to myself is     damaging (whether it be stressing over school or just not having the     motivation to do even the basic necessities) he would tell me in a blunt     manner which could be considered as harmful or simply rude by others but would be incredibly appreciated by myself since I know that he only does so because he cares.
    • Would be incredibly supportive to any hobby that I have. For example, since I love to read, he would recommend some books that he thinks that I would love (they would mostly be crime fiction books with a dash of action and romance).
    • Would never let any fight or misunderstanding last for  another day so at the end of each argument and after we calm ourselves, we  would talk with each other and would listen to both sides of the story while silently agreeing that whatever reason for the previous fight will not be repeated.
    • Overall, would be a great boyfriend to have because I would like to believe that we would bring out the best of each other.

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    #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu headcanons #akaashi x reader #akaashi imagines #akaashi keiji x reader #akaashi keiji #kenma x reader #kenma imagines #kozume kenma x reader #kozume kenma
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  • image

    Do you ever listen to sad songs just to feel something?

    #i cant be the only one #right? #i continuously do this #i dont even need to be listening to it #if the thought of it comes to my brain im already crying 😭 #and honestly #theyre all songs from anime that get me like this #im looking at you sato mafuyu in particular #the songs in given and banana fish to be completely honest #they wreck me #😭😭😭 #haikyuu!! #my art#akaashi keiji#kenma kozume#bokuto koutarou#kuroo tetsurou#kozume kenma#kuroken#bokuaka#hq #hq!!
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