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  • angrypaperearthquake
    27.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Yona of the Dawn: Chapter 70.2 ~ My Favorite Bits (SPOILERS)

    Little Kija is so adorable <3

    They know when the predecessor is going to die... UGH, that hurts my heart. Jae-Ha was the same way. He knew exactly when Garou was about to die. I’m not sure if Shin-Ah realized it first or Ao mentioned it first. I’ll have to go back and check.

    He was so determined to see his father <3

    How does one reconcile with the fact that their existence is what killed their parent...


    All he wants is to see his son before he dies...

    *sobs uncontrollable*

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  • kazumasamaanime
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • jesseevelann
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Kakuzu: I don't understand people with "Daddy kinks". It's so... weird.

    Hidan: ... why do you have a tattoo that says "Daddy's Pet" above your ass then.


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  • kaizokucujoh
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Yona manga icons

    Like/reblog if you save or use

    Made by me @kaizokucujoh

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  • naraasahi
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Due Date (Modern!Itachi x Reader)

    Summary: Y/N convinces Itachi to go on a night out with friends, but things don’t go as planned.
    Content: Fluff, college AU (everyone’s like, 21 here), fem reader. MDNI just in case!
    Author’s Note: I’m considering a ✨spicy✨ part two to this, depending on how well it does. I’ve been indulging in a crap ton of Itachi fics recently and I can’t get enough 😮‍💨 this is a little bit longer than what I’m used to writing so bear with me if I seem redundant/long-winded!

    “Breathe a little bit, won’t you?”

    “I can’t afford to, Y/N,” Itachi said, letting an unnoticeable huff out under his breath. “Next time, I promise.”

    Y/N took hold of his wrist, mid-typing. “I understand that your homework is due by Saturday night, Itachi. You’re already half-way done, and it’s Monday night. Please consider taking two hours out of your day to go out with us.”

    Kisame chuckled from across the table where the duo were sitting. “Yeah, loosen up. We could go for just one night out. How much harm could it cause?”

    The shared dorm felt small when there were three people in it. It felt even more constricting when two people were egging him on to do something that deviated from his plans. “Quite a bit,” Itachi deadpanned, staring at the assignment before him.

    “Won’t you go?” Y/N asked.

    Itachi gave her a softened look but was still firm with his intentions. “Y/N, I appreciate that you—”

    “I’ll drive us there, and you can ask to leave whenever you like after thirty minutes. I’ll bring you back here and stay with you. You’re torturing yourself here, Itachi. Don’t shut people out.” Y/N let go of his wrist and offered a half-smile, accepting that he would be set on turning her down again.

    After a bit of hesitation, Itachi rested his hands on his lap and glanced at the paper before him. He was way ahead of schedule. “… Where are you all going?” He let up.

    “There we go,” Kisame smiled, pushing himself up from the table and walking to the shared bathroom. “I’ll be getting ready,” he snickered.

    Y/N grinned at the consideration. “Just getting Korean barbecue with the group! You haven’t eaten, right?” She reasoned, trying to persuade him. “I’ll even pay if it means you’ll come.”

    “There’s no need for that,” he said, closing his laptop. Her eyes beamed. “Just this once, okay?”

    “Great! You go on and get ready with Kisame. I’ll be in my car downstairs!” She smiled, shuffling out the door before he could change her mind. “Take your time!”


    Y/N left her headlights on so that the two could see her, as she had parked a few aisles away in the guest lot. She flashed her high beam once to flag them down. Even from a distance, the two men looked giant. She snickered at the thought of them folding into her tiny sedan.

    “Listen, sweetheart,” Kisame started, hanging onto the hood of the car for stability, trying to maneuver his way into the back seat. “I appreciate you coming to pick us up and all, but next time, let’s use my car.”

    “But what if I enjoy seeing you struggle?” She laughed, turning to watch him.

    “Find a new hobby,” He grinned, reaching over and grabbing the seatbelt. Itachi had made his way into the passenger’s seat and was already in the process of doing the same. He had brought his glasses with him and tied his hair into a neat, sleek ponytail. He had a plain black long sleeve on, tucked into some casual pair of jeans. “Handsome as ever,” she thought to herself. 

    “Alright. Everyone buckled in?” She inquired, looking through the rearview mirror. The duo grunted in unison. “Then let’s get going!”

    Y/N put the car into drive and left the stall, heading for the exit. “Anyone wanna connect their phone?”

    “You wanna listen to ocean ASMR?” Kisame said, reaching over the center console. 

    “I’d rather not, unless you wanna end up in a ditch because I fell asleep,” she nudged him away with her elbow, eyes trained on the road. “Itachi? Got anything?”

    “I don’t think classical music would help, either,” he turned to face her, offering a chuckle and a closed-eye smile. 

    “Man, you two have boring music taste,” she scoffed. “Do one of you mind connecting my phone and picking out a playlist?”

    “I’ve got it,” Itachi said, reaching for her purse on the floor in front of him. He took out her phone. “What’s the password?”

    “My birthday,”

    His hands poised over the numbers, easily inputting them one by one. “Aw, it was a test. I’m glad you remembered. Kisame would’ve locked me out of my own phone.” 

    “Listen, it was one time--” 

    The sound of the two buzzed into a mosquito-esque pitch as Y/N’s phone opened up to messages between her and Deidara.

    Itachi’s eyes widened, hoping that she hadn’t noticed that he was looking at this. Luckily, her eyes were trained on the road; it was dark, and she wanted to make sure all of them were safe. He swiped up immediately, feeling slightly guilty for invading her privacy by reading it. Though he didn’t know the context of the conversation, he could get an idea of it. She was talking about him. He fumbled around for a few moments, swiping left and right, looking for any music app. He couldn’t concentrate.

    “Spotify is on the second page,” Y/N said, turning on her blinker. “You can pick out whatever playlist, I don’t mind. We’re about ten minutes away, so you won’t have to be subjected to my music taste for long,”

    “If you consider screaming, ‘music taste,’” Kisame added cheekily, putting fuel into the flame. 

    “And you consider some water splishy-splashy to be music?” she started. 

    Itachi couldn’t think, though. Since when did she like him? Has she always felt this way? She hasn’t changed much to try and make any advances. Then again, she said she didn’t want him to know. But he did know, so he felt even more guilty for not leaving right away. He tried to keep his composure and picked out the first playlist he saw, not really minding whatever came on. He would just have to leave his thoughts at that, and never let her know that he knew. 

    “Ooh, this playlist is my favorite,” Y/N noted, tapping her fingers on the wheel. “See, Kisa? It’s not all just screaming,”

    “Yeah, wait for the next one. Itachi, skip this song,”

    He did as he was told, coming out of his daze. For a brief moment, it was silent-- then, the car nearly shook when screamo unceremoniously filled the air between them.

    The trio couldn’t help but laugh.


    “Yay, we made it in one piece,” Y/N smiled, turning into their destination. “And on time!”

    Kisame looked out the window. “You didn’t say Obito was coming! It’s been forever since I saw the dude! Mind if I get out right now?” He smiled, waving out the window.

    “Go ahead,” she laughed, unlocking the doors for him. “Trip on your way out,” she winked.

    Kisame unbuckled his seatbelt and left both Itachi and Y/N in the car. She drove off a little bit to find better parking in the structure.

    “He can be a handful. How do you handle him?” Y/N chuckled, turning into the second level.

    “He keeps my days interesting, to say the least,” Itachi hummed, turning down the music a bit to have a conversation with her.

    “Sasori said that he saved us a stall next to his car, on the second level,” She said. “It should be near an elevator,” she scanned the lots to find Sasori’s unmistakable Honda, affectionately adorned with a vanity plate. “Where’s Hiruko?”

    Itachi aided in her search, pointing ahead. “There it is, in the corner,”

    “Good eyes, magic man,” Y/N laughed, pulling up close and reversing into the stall. “You know, I’m glad you came, Itachi. You rarely go out with us, nowadays. We’re a few semesters away from graduating, You should really cut yourself some slack. You’re a great student, and once you get into the workforce, you’re not exactly going to have as much time as you do now,”

    Itachi’s cheeks dusted pink at the praise, as well as the goading. Y/N always offered the most human advice, and he appreciated that she was there looking out for him. He didn’t ask for anyone’s help, nor did he quietly seek it, but she was always there. Y/N put her car into park but kept the engine on. “All ready to go?”

    Itachi pondered momentarily. “Do you mind if we stay here for a while? I don’t normally mind the other’s personalities, but I need a moment to compose.” 

    It was Y/N’s turn to feel flustered. Normally talkative, she couldn’t find the words to fill the space. Maybe Itachi didn’t need any words, maybe he just needed silence. She didn’t know. She took in a breath and rambled on, anyway. “Of course! I understand. I feel that way, sometimes. What do you wanna talk about?”

    “The message,” Itachi thought to himself. “I want to know what it means.”

    Instead, he opted for something else. “I’ve been here with Shisui and Sasuke before,” he settled into his seat. “It’s one of my favorite places.”

    “Really? I’ve passed by a few times but never really went inside. What a coincidence. What’s good here?”

    “I just get whatever Sasuke gets. It’s always brisket or pork belly, so those are my go-to’s.”

    “Who usually cooks?”

    “Shisui,” Itachi laughed. “I can try my best to cook, but somehow it never really turns out right.”

    “That’s surprising. You’re good at everything,” Y/N smiled, rolling her eyes playfully. “So, I mean what I said earlier. If you want to leave and finish your work after thirty minutes, just let me know. Don’t stop yourself for my sake. Deidara told me he can cover it, but next time I go somewhere with him, it’s my treat,” she continued, reaching for her purse to text said man.

    “Speaking of Deidara,” Itachi interjected, catching Y/N’s eye contact. “How are you two?”

    Y/N furrowed her brows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

    “You two are always hanging out, and you post the two of you everywhere. I assumed you were dating?”

    Y/N belted out a laugh. “No, no,” she wheezed, “I think you got the wrong idea, Itachi.”

    He proffered a small chuckle and relaxed in his seat, brushing a piece of hair behind his ears. “My apologies, I didn’t mean to be so outward.”

    “Don’t worry! I take no offense. He and I aren’t together, nor will we ever be. Let me let you in on a little secret,” she said, winking and leaning forward. She signaled him to lean toward her and give her his ear. His hair smelled sweet and romantic, and the cologne on his neck drifted toward her nose. She closed her eyes, as if to capture and remember what this was like. She took a deep breath, dropping her tone to a whisper. “Deidara and Sasori are seeing each other!”

    He pulled away and gave her an inquisitive look, wondering why someone as grumpy and stoic as Sasori would date his polar opposite. “That’s not what I was expecting from 2022.”

    “Me neither! But Sasori asked first, sometime around last semester, and Deidara came to me in class acting all lovey-dovey. We’ve been close ever since. They’re trying to keep it on the low for now, though, so...” She made a zipper motion with her hand over her mouth and threw away a pretend key. 

    Itachi did the same, throwing the metaphorical key into the backseat. “We should go now, they’re waiting for us.”

    “I almost forgot about them.” She laughed, turning the car off and opening her door. When Itachi closed the passenger door, she locked her car and walked toward the elevators, Itachi in pursuit. “Y/N, you’re about to walk into a--”

    She looked down momentarily, but it was too late. She stumbled on a parking bumper, nearly falling flat on her knees. Her ankle twisted too quickly in a bad direction. Something stopped her fall, though.

    “I got you,” Itachi whispered, holding onto her arm to keep her up.

    “My ankle hurts,” she half-laughed, half-holding in tears. “Holy shit,”

    “Are you alright?” He asked, stooping down to assess her leg. “It looks like everything is in place, but you should keep the weight off tonight, just in case.”

    “But that’s my driving foot,” Y/N complained. “I’m alright, I just gotta walk it off. My mom didn’t raise a weakling,” she said, feigning strength and limping away to the elevator.

    “Here, let me help you.” Itachi wrapped his arm around her waist and positioned her arm around his own, as he was too tall to comfortably rest it on his shoulder. “Don’t put too much pressure on it just yet. You’ll be okay, just don’t strain it,” he concluded. 

    “Thank you,” she mumbled, looking down and hiding the growing blush dusting her cheeks and nose. He ruffled her hair with his free hand then pressed the down button on the elevator.

    The duo walked out of the elevator still clinging onto each other, which was met with hooting and cat-calls from the group. Y/N rolled her eyes and shrunk more into Itachi, desperately trying to hide how red she had become. 

    “You took forever,” was the first thing someone said, by none other than Sasori. “I saved you a stall and everything.”

    “I know, I’m sorry,” Y/N offered an apologetic look. “I tripped over the cement thing and almost fell, it’s my fault.”

    “Falling takes less than two seconds,” he countered, slightly amused by her state. 

    “Recovery doesn’t,” she rolled her eyes. “I like the new rims on Hiruko. Who picked out the color?”

    “I did, of course,” he stated, before Deidara interrupted.

    “Excuse me, I think the credit goes to me,” he said, pushing the back of Sasori’s head. “I picked the color,”

    “Yeah, but you picked the seven-spoke rims. Those were hideous. It was my idea to pick the five-spoke,” he snarled, slapping his hand away from his fluffy red hair. 

    “Same difference, yeah,” Deidara rolled his eyes, landing them on Itachi’s hand on Y/N’s waist. He wiggled his eyebrows at her, to which she responded by smacking her tongue on her teeth.

    “Are we waiting on anyone else?” Itachi asked.

    “Yes. Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko are picking up Hidan off the side of the freeway,” Sasori huffed. “I don’t know why he’s on the side of the freeway.” 

    “Maybe Kakuzu knows,” Y/N sent a questioning look in Kakuzu’s direction. Kakuzu, as if sensing Y/N’s look was about Hidan, merely shrugged. Y/N blinked once.

    “... I guess not,” Itachi said.


    When Hidan finally made it, the whole group went into the venue and sat down in their mini-cliques. Sasori began to order for everyone’s first round, as he always did. Y/N sat in between Deidara and Itachi, talking away with whoever addressed her. She glanced up at Itachi, satisfied that he was talking to people and seemingly happy that he was out. That is all she could ever want. She admired him momentarily before returning to her conversation with Deidara. “So you were saying about that art class?”

    “It’s bullshit, yeah. How can you possibly grade art when there’s a million different styles out there? Art is subjective, yeah. It’s unfair that our grade depends on their personal taste, rather than skill.”

    “Is this Professor Okamoto?” She inquired.

    “God, I WISH it was Okamoto! He would like my art,” he rolled his eyes, slumping into his seat. “It’s the other one, Professor Murakami,”

    “Pop art is dead, anyway,”

    “That’s what I’m saying, yeah!”

    “The semester began like, three weeks ago. Are you gonna drop the class and try to get on Okamoto’s waitlist?” 

    “I can’t. His classes are full,” he threw his hands up in exasperation. 

    “I can pull some strings for you,” Y/N winked, hand on his shoulder. “I took his class last semester and placed in a state competition. Send me your art portfolio tonight and I’ll text him.”

    “You have his NUMBER?” He furrowed his brows. “And you didn’t tell me?”

    “I mean, you didn’t ask, so how was I supposed to know?” she laughed, continuing her offer. “I’ll make sure you get in before the next class. Just report to his office before 4PM tomorrow and tell him you were the person I was talking about.”

    “You’re a lifesaver, yeah,” he said, collecting the side dishes that were just placed in front of him and taking a sip of water.

    “I got you,” she smiled, doing the same. The first plates of meat were being distributed across the tables, to which Kisame started cooking right away. Y/N turned to Itachi, assuming his conversation with Kisame was done. She brought her voice down to just above a whisper. “Are you having fun, ‘tachi?”

    He gazed down at her and smiled, taking hold of her hand for a moment. Her stomach fluttered. “I am,” he continued, giving her hand a squeeze. “Thank you for forcing me to go.”

    Y/N felt her face heat up for the millionth time tonight and returned the gesture. “I would hate to leave you out of stuff like this.” The duo held eye contact for a moment until Y/N let go of his hand and shook off her nerves. “Alright, now you gotta show me the best way to prepare food. That sesame dip is calling me, but if you’ve got better ways, I’ll try them.”

    She cracked her wooden chopsticks and took a quick bite of the cucumber salad in front of her. Kisame motioned for her to give him her plate, which she immediately did. Cooked pieces were beginning to be passed out, but Y/N waited until Itachi got his share before eating. His arm reached over with a set of tongs to help Kisame distribute the food. 

    “This one’s burnt,” Deidara complained, when Itachi set his portion on his plate. 

    “My apologies,” Itachi laughed, making eye contact with the blonde. “It was a sincere mistake,” he smiled, but not bothering to correct the “sincere mistake,”.

    “See, this is what I mean, yeah. You AND your brother,” he scoffed, settling to eat whatever crispy pieces he had. “I swear I didn’t do anything,” he mumbled, annoyed with the Uchiha. 

    “Didn’t you eat his fries when we all went to Wendy’s during winter break?” Sasori smirked.

    “Who’s side are you on, man?!” He turned to face the red head, immediately getting flustered. Y/N snapped her head toward Itachi with wide eyes, assuming that the two were telepathically flirting with each other over some inside joke. Itachi must have inferred the same, because he returned the wide-eyed stare. He grabbed onto her shoulder and the two shared a silent giggle fit.

    “Quit laughing, yeah!”

    Throughout the night, the group shared some laughs, got into heated arguments, and conversed amongst themselves. Itachi had been more touchy than usual, Y/N noticed, and she had felt a little bit unsettled by it. He was normally one to enjoy his personal space. She put it off to the side in the back burner of her mind, chalking it up to him enjoying himself and feeling more comfortable. Dinner was coming to a close as the group cleaned up after themselves, but Hidan suggested the night not end. 

    “Here me out, ya fucks,” he slurred, drunk on God knows what he snuck into the venue. “It’s been a few weeks. Let’s chill at Kakuzu’s house,”

    “Who gave you permission to rent out my house just like that?” Kakuzu snarled, pushing the drunkard away from him.

    “I did,” Hidan retorted, shoving some leftovers into his mouth. 

    “Your house IS near the campus. Mind if we crash?” Kisame suggested, leaving it up to Kakuzu. 

    “One night, that’s all you guys get,” he grumbled. “Make it Hidan’s dorm next time.”

    “Kakuzu, you’re the only one here that owns a house. We all dorm or share an apartment,” Konan smiled, meeting his mean eyes with her kind ones. “Don’t you miss us?”

    “Not particularly,” he rolled his eyes, “But if it means that much to you. I expect the house to be clean when you all leave.”

    “Fuck yeah!” Hidan exclaimed, patting his friend on the shoulder. “That’s the spirit.”

    Kakuzu simply kicked his chair out from under him, and no one said a word about it.

    Y/N looked at Itachi knowing that he would want to be back in the solace of his dorm, as he’s probably expended more social energy than he had. She tugged his sleeve to get his attention and motioned to whisper in his ear.

    “Do you want to go? We can take my car back to your dorm, if you want,”

    He turned to her and whispered in her ear, “I’m not planning on going. I can drive, though. Your ankle may not be okay just yet.”

    She pulled away and nodded in confirmation, seeking to talk to Kisame. “Kisa! I’m going to drop Itachi off back to your guys’ dorm, so he can finish his work. Do you have a ride to Kakuzu’s?”

    “I can take him. Don’t sweat it, sweets,” Obito smiled, answering in place of Kisame. “That alright with you, Phelps?” He turned to Kisame, slapping the back of his neck. 

    “Fine by me,” he laughed, turning to face Y/N and Itachi. “Drive safe, you two. Thanks for coming out with us, Itachi,”. He raised his hand up for a handshake, which Itachi returned. He did the same with Obito. “You two, as well,” he said, turning back to Y/N, signaling to her that he was ready to go. He handed her his portion of the money, to which she nodded in affirmation.

    She went to hug Deidara and wish him off, reminding him she needed his portfolio by tonight. He promised he would as soon as he and Sasori arrived at Kakuzu’s house. She went to hug Sasori, and asked him to remind Deidara to send her his portfolio. The request was met with an eye roll, but she knew she could trust him. Lastly, she went to Kakuzu to give him the money for her and Itachi’s share of dinner, including tip. “Don’t steal the tip for yourself,” she warned him.

    “Whatever, girlie,” he scoffed, taking the money. “Drive safe.”`

    “You as well, Kakuzu,” she smiled. She turned to the rest of the group that she hadn’t addressed.

    “Bye guys! I have to drop off Itachi back to his dorm. We won’t be able to come over tonight. Are we still down for this Saturday?”

    “Yeah, last one to say, ‘not it,’ has to pay for Saturday!” Obito exclaimed. 

    In unison, “not it’s,” encompassed their booth. One “not it,” was just a tad too late.

    “Fuck!” Hidan exclaimed. “Y’all took advantage of me,” he grumbled.

    After that last round of laughter, Y/N and Itachi walked out of the venue, arm around each other to get the weight off her ankle. As soon as they went out the door, Kakuzu addressed the rest of the group. 

    “I bet $50 that they’ll kiss tonight.”

    Needless to say, bets were made and money was on the line before they even left the parking lot.


    The duo headed for Y/N’s car after exiting the elevator. “Now remember, Y/N, there's a ‘cement thing,’ out there,” Itachi half-joked, messing with her hair again. She huffed in response.

    “Yes, I’m aware,” she grimaced, limping for dramatic effect. She tugged at his ponytail in retaliation. “Oops.”

    Unbeknownst to her, Itachi drew his lips into a thin line. His breath was caught in his throat as he felt himself get cold– he couldn’t tell if the hair-pulling was flirting, or if she was just trying to be funny. She must have noticed his silence.

    “Are you okay driving? I swear my ankle is okay. It was just a little accident, you know,” she smiled up at him through her lashes, blinking sweetly. “You know I appreciate the sentiment, but I promise I’m okay.”

    Itachi gazed down at her form, analyzing how she carried herself. He made the decision right there. “I’m driving you to my dorm, and I’ll give you the parking pass to put in your windshield. You’re staying with me for the night. I can’t let you drive yourself home. I wouldn’t be able to sleep,” he said honestly, the tips of his ears turning pink. He hoped he hadn’t come off as creepy. It wasn’t the first time Y/N had been over at his shared dorm overnight, but it was certainly the first time it was just them. Kisame was always there as a buffer, but tonight…

    “Are you sure?” She tilted her head inquisitively. “I don’t want to bother you more than I have to.”

    “I could use the company, since Kisame is out.”

    She could have laughed. “You don’t strike me as someone who enjoys another’s company. I always thought you preferred to be alone.”

    “Like you always tell me, ‘don’t shut people out,’” he reassured her, opening the passenger door to her own car. He helped her get in comfortably and placed her purse in the back seat, so she could have more foot room. She buckled herself in, and he circled the car to the driver’s side. After a few moments of readjusting the seat and mirrors, he buckled himself in and looked at her. “Wanna connect to your music?”

    “We can try yours,” Y/N gave him a reassuring look, holding onto his bicep. “I trust your driving skills. If I fall asleep on the drive back, feel free to rip out an eyebrow hair or something to wake me up.” With that, she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, still lightly holding onto him. 

    Itachi felt nervous about the touch, but he didn’t show it. He pulled out his phone and connected it to her car, quietly playing soft piano melodies before starting the car. He was beginning to peel out of the parking lot and back down to the first floor of the structure when he saw Deidara and Sasori exiting the elevator. Deidara waved goodbye, eyes widening at the scene inside Y/N’s car. He gave Itachi a wink and what looked like an obnoxious laugh, to which Sasori responded with a sharp tug on his arm. Sasori nodded at Itachi and let him pass. When he did, Itachi watched the redhead and blonde get smaller in Y/N’s rear view mirror. “He really does have a big ass mouth,” he thought to himself.

    The drive back to the dorm was quiet, as he didn’t wish to wake her up. By the time he parked in the dorm parking lot and pulled out his parking pass from his wallet, Y/N woke up on her own accord.

    “Eh?’ she said groggily, rubbing her eyes. “Why didn’t you wake me, silly? I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

    “Don’t be sorry,” he held her hand for a moment. “I’m alright.”

    He turned the car off and opened his door. “Don’t get out yet, I’ll come around to help you,” he instructed, grabbing her purse and closing the door. She watched him through the windshield over onto her side. “I can’t wait to tell Deidara about this,” she whispered to herself. 

    The door opened and the cold January air rushed in her face. She shivered lightly while he hooked her arm over his shoulder to help her out. “Are you cold?” He asked.

    “A little bit,” she confessed, hobbling out the door. He shut the door behind her and locked the car, putting her keys back in her bag. 

    “We’re almost there,” he hugged her closer. “I’ll turn up the thermostat upstairs. Did you bring any clothes to change out into?” 

    She gasped in realization. “Oh, shoot! No, I didn’t! Itachi, I can drive home, I really am fine,” she rambled. “I also don’t have a toothbrush or anything, so it would be inconvenient–”

    “Relax, Y/N,” Itachi stopped her with a chuckle. “We have unopened brushes, and you can just take one of my shirts and stay in my room. I’ll stay in the living room. I was going to stay up late, anyway.”

    She hung her head in embarrassment. “Man, I feel like such a bother sometimes.”

    “I can promise you that you aren’t. I’m looking forward to hearing you snore,” he said, poking some fun at her and trying to lighten the mood. “I don’t mind, it’s just one night.”

    She scrunched her nose as they started walking up the stairs. “Itachi, give me one moment,” she stopped in her tracks. “It really hurts. I want to look at it properly. Can you turn on your phone’s flashlight?” He obliged to her request and did as he was told, still supporting the majority of her weight. She pulled up her pant leg to expose her skin to the cold. When the light fell upon her ankle, it wasn’t exactly pretty. Lots of purples and blues where purple and blue weren’t supposed to be.

    “Lovely,” she sighed, pulling her pant leg back down. When she stood back up, a whoosh of air surrounded her. She almost screamed, until she realized Itachi was carrying her. “Jeez! I thought I fell again!” She exclaimed, hugging herself.

    “Let’s get you upstairs and put an ice pack on that,” he stated, concern lacing his tone. “It looks bad.”

    She couldn’t complain. He was right. Also, who is she to turn down being carried by Itachi? She simply turned her face toward his chest to avoid the cold, and trusted him to take her to the right place. He smiled at the gesture and was happy that she didn’t retaliate. 

    He fumbled around with the key card for a moment before being able to open the door. He placed her on their sofa, immediately going to his room to get her a shirt, then to the bathroom to get her a toothbrush. “I would help you get ready, but I feel that would be too intrusive,” he explained. “You can go into the bathroom, close the door, and do what you need to do. I’ll be making an ice pack for that leg.” He took her purse with him and walked back to the bathroom, placing her items on the sink counter. He came back over and helped her walk there. “Knock if you need me.” Y/N nodded quietly and whispered a tiny ‘thank you,”. He smiled, leaving her to her own devices.

    When she closed the door, she took in the deepest breath she had taken that day. She exhaled with a silent scream, unbelieving of the situation she got herself into. Her head fell into her open palms, rubbing her eyes. “What is happening to me?” 

    She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and undressed down to her underwear. She folded her clothes into a neat little pile and set it down on the counter, swapping it out for Itachi’s clothes. He had given her another black, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of athletic shorts she’s never seen him wear. In fact, she’s rarely seen him wear anything remotely casual. She allowed herself a little giggle at the thought of him wearing something so unlike him, and threw on the clothes. She took one good look at herself in the mirror and sighed dreamily. His clothes smelled damn good. She had gotten the devious little plan to take a picture of herself for her to remember this day, as it might be the only one she’ll ever have. It would be for her eyes only. She whipped out her phone from her purse and snapped a few pictures, smiling in all of them and immediately putting them in a hidden album. She chuckled to herself, gathering all her items and ready to open the door.

    Itachi had changed out of his clothes and threw on a plain black tee and navy sweatpants. He untied his hair and let it down for the night, tossing his hair tie onto his nightstand, then left his room. He took a seat on the sofa and ran his hands through his hair, a habit he had when he felt overwhelmed. He was being so unlike himself today. Anyone could see it from a mile away. He felt conflicted with the situation at hand and wondered if he was pushing it too far; he felt like he was setting himself up for rejection. There had to be a reason why she didn’t want him to know, but he couldn’t figure it out. He dozed off for a moment, letting himself feel what he needed to.

    At the sound of the bathroom door opening, he stood up, immediately dismissing any other thought. Her smile was sweet and endearing, and his clothes engulfing her made her look even more cute. He felt himself blush at the sight, but immediately disregarded that when he saw her hobble her way to him. He rushed to help her with her things and walked over to his bedroom. 

    “Are you still sleepy?” He inquired.

    “No, I’m wide awake now,” she answered. “I washed my face and it kinda woke me up.”

    “That’s okay,” he said, sitting her down on his bed and putting her things next to her, on the nightstand. He helped her elevate her leg on a throw pillow, giving another one to her to use as she’d like. He took the ice pack he had made and placed it gingerly on her bruised ankle. “How does that feel?”

    “Very cold, but better,” she winced, yet gave him a thumbs up.

    Itachi’s room was illuminated in a soft white light. The sheets were a deep navy blue, comforting and warm. She looked around and examined everything in sight– the desk in front of the foot of the bed was filled with papers and electronics, but not a thing out of place. The dresser was an old wooden one, and Y/N couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what his parents had given him. Maybe it was the same dresser from his childhood. She could only guess. To her left was Itachi, sitting on the bed, watching her expectantly. Behind him was a big mirror, to which she stared at their reflection and exhaled a breath she didn’t know she was holding in.

    “Is there anything else I can do to make you more comfortable?” He asked, pulling out a water bottle from thin air and offering it to her. She took it gratefully, opened and took a sip. She set the drink down on the nightstand to her right.

    “Well, there is one thing,” she looked up at him timidly. ‘I know you said you’d sleep in the living room, but could you stay with me instead? I don’t… I’m uncomfortable being alone,” she explained, looking back down at her leg. 

    When he didn’t respond, she nervously filled the silence with words. “It’s cause I normally share a room with my roommate! And she sleeps with her bed closer to the door. One time, when I was alone, I–”

    “You don’t have to explain yourself, Y/N,” he interrupted, putting his hand on her head. “I’ll stay here with you, the whole time.”

    She breathed out a soft sigh of relief. “Thank you, I’m sorry.” 

    “Don’t be,” he chuckled, letting his hand off her head. “Let me go get my laptop, then. I’ll bring it to bed. Are you sure you don’t need anything else before I go?”

    “Positive,” she nodded. 

    “The offer still stands, then. Just let me know,” he nodded back, turning towards the door. He left it open, just in case she wanted to be able to see him, and collected his things in the living room. He put his hands on the table that he sat in before going out and took in one deep breath, exhaling audibly. His nerves were getting to him. 

    Itachi couldn’t help but think about the message, about all the eye contact, about all the touching, about how cute she always looked. He thought about her long lashes blinking up at him. He thought about the way she smiled when she laughed. He thought about her warm hands engulfed in his cold ones. He thought about every single time she encouraged him to be his best, reminding him to let himself rest, and taking care of him the way he took care of her today. She was always there, and he failed to recognize it. He was lost in the goal of getting his degree, that he had lost track of those that loved him. It had been her– it had always been her– all along. He thought of what life was like before her. He couldn’t remember what it was like. She made it all okay. 

    It was then he decided that he loved her.

    Upon collecting his things to take into the room, he shook off all his nerves and walked back to her. She had her phone in her hands, texting someone.

    “Can you believe Professor Okamoto is awake? It’s nearly midnight,” she laughed, continuing to text him. “I’m sending him Deidara’s portfolio. Do you want to see it?”

    “Why not?” He said, walking over to the bed and shuffling close to her. He placed his closed laptop on his lap and peered over her. 

    “Look at all of this,” she looked up at him, then back to her phone, swiping to every image he had taken. “This is my personal favorite.”

    Itachi eyed them curiously, but not really understanding the concept of his work. “It is interesting, to say the least,” he concluded.

    “I love it. The sculptures are so lovely and have so much movement, despite it being stagnant. What really gets me is, alongside all its life, the eyes are just holes. They’re empty. Life-less. It’s such an interesting take, you know?”

    Itachi considered her thoughts and nodded. “I see what you mean. I understand it a little more now, like a duality?”

    “Yes! That’s the word I was looking for,” she smiled. “Quite the critique, aren’t you?” 

    He laughed lightly. “I don’t know the difference between red and green.”

    “Oh, don’t belittle yourself. You could decode the Mona Lisa if you tried,” she poked him in the shoulder, continuing her conversation with her professor. With a few more taps at the screen, she left the message to call Deidara.

    “Yeah?” He answered.

    “He loved your portfolio. He actually wants you to come in early, before his office hours. Can you make it before his 9AM classes?”

    “Really?! Of course I can, yeah! What did he say? What did he say?”

    Y/N laughed at his excitement. “He asked, what the hell are you doing in Murakami’s? Then immediately opened up his roster to allow for one person. He’s going to transfer you tomorrow morning. All you have to do is tell Murakami and you’re set to go.”

    “I can’t believe this, thanks Y/N! Anything else I need to do, yeah?”

    “One last thing– he actually wants to talk to you right now about some avant-garde art comp. I’ll text you his number,”

    “I get his number, too?! I’m going to piss myself,” he almost exclaimed. “Thanks so much, yeah. I don’t wanna bother you more, you’re on your date,” he teased.

    She turned red at the comment, hoping her phone wasn’t loud enough for Itachi to hear. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and saw that he was, fortunately, still typing away at whatever he had on screen. She breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately went off on him.

    “You’re annoying, you know,” she said, continuing to get on his case. “Nothing is going to happen, as far as I’m concerned,” she said, albeit a little bit more quiet.

    She could almost see him roll his eyes. “Whatever, yeah. Update me if anything happens. We’re currently trying to get Hidan out of the toilet. He accidentally sat in it while the seat was up and got suctioned in.”

    The call ended with a tone, and her phone was back on Deidara’s messages. She sent him the professor’s contact information, then exited the app and scrolled through social media.

    “Hidan got stuck in the toilet,” she said out loud.

    “Again?” Itachi answered, eyes still trained on his screen. 


    As soon as Y/N said that, Deidara’s “close friends,” story was updated. She clicked on it and was greeted by Hidan swearing with his pants around his ankles, bum stuck in the toilet. Kakuzu was yelling in the background while Kisame and Obito were trying to tug him out. “My dick! My dick!’ Hidan kept yelling, presumably afraid to be exposed on camera. Deidara was snickering behind the screen.

    “Look at them,” she showed Itachi her screen, laughing along with his reactions. He was subtle about it, but she could tell he was amused. He reached out to tap the screen and see if there was a second part to the video, and there was. There was a heavy splashing sound followed by laughter. It wasn’t pretty.

    “That’s… enough social media for me today,” he laughed. “They got him out.”

    Y/N laughed harder at his unease, covering her mouth and throwing her head back. Itachi couldn’t help but laugh with her; it was infectious. The two shared a fit of laughter, and when one would stop, the other would make them laugh again by copying the “boing,” motion Hidan’s lil weenie made with their finger. 

    Eventually, the joke died off and they were wiping the tears away. Y/N drank some water from the bottle he gave to her on the nightstand, and offered Itachi a sip. He took the bottle from her hands and drank the rest. 

    “I’ll go get another one for each of us,” he said, closing the empty bottle and starting to get up. 



    Y/N made the bold decision to finally, finally hug him.

    “Thank you for taking care of me today,” she whispered, nuzzling into his chest. She was on fire. She didn’t know what overcame her, but she just really wanted– needed, rather– the hug. “I’m so grateful you’re my friend,” she said, choosing her words carefully.

    “Friend…” Itachi thought to himself, not liking the bitter taste that was left in his mouth. He rested his chin on the top of her head, arms wrapped around her. His laptop still sat atop his thighs, a bright white screen illuminating the two in the warm room. The cold January wind whistled outside his window, likely all throughout the rest of the night. The overhead light buzzed lightly, filling in the silence the two shared. The silence, however, managed to speak louder than any incandescent buzz. The two shared such solace, embraced in each other’s arms. When she moved to pull away, Itachi took his chance.

    He had kissed her. He closed his eyes, tilted his head, and gave her a kiss that he’d been dying to give her the whole night. The buzzing in his ears had been replaced by his very own heartbeat, and he hoped that it wasn’t as loud as he thought it was. The blood rushed to his face and he held her tighter, almost scared that she would disappear if he let her go.

    Y/N’s eyes widened, surprised yet oddly pleased that this was happening. She had no idea where it came from, or thought she didn’t at least. Had he always liked her? Maybe he wasn’t the oblivious one, like Deidara said. Maybe she was. Her eyes fluttered closed. She melted into his touch, pressing up against him and wishing she could have more, more, more. She returned the kiss with such fierce and longing; hoping, praying that this feeling would last forever. Her hands ran up his bicep, up to his shoulder, landing gently on his neck, bringing him closer. It was her, though, that pulled away first.

    The duo stared at each other in a mixture of awe, shock, and need. The flush on their skin heated up their warm bodies. They were still cradled in each other’s arms as their shallow breaths were in sync, admiring the other’s eyes. 

    “Where did that come from?” She whispered.

    “I’m… not too sure, myself,” he whispered, giving her a flustered smile.

    She fell back into his chest, hugging him even tighter. “We should do that more often, no?”

    “Well…” He started, closing his laptop and pushing it off to the side. “The due date isn’t until Saturday…” He pulled back and smiled at her.

    Finding the strength to lift herself up, mangled ankle and all, she straddled herself in his lap to presume the laptop’s place. Y/N kissed him once again, much more comfortable and happier than she had ever been. Itachi smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her impossibly closer. 

    “Thank you, too, Y/N.”

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    My mom with my siblings and I.

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    Kirika’s art for the 10th anniversary set of birthday merchandise

    Next will be Tsubasa




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    Akayona Fanfiction - The Fade of Moonlight

    CHAPTER 3 - Caged Birds - Just published!


    CHAPTER 2 - Echoes of the Past - Link


    CHAPTER 1 -  Fear of Loss - Link


    As always, I hope y’all enjoy it <3

    Chapter 4 will release sometime in February. It ended up getting split into 3 different chapters, so I have a lot of editing and plot filling to do! Thanks again for reading :D

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    Kirika: I put two extra stop signs.

    Miku: Yeah.

    Kirika: Now there’s four stop signs.

    Miku: All right.

    Kirika: So no cars can go haha!

    Miku: …

    Miku: Kirika-chan you just created a four way intersection. If anything you’ve made this intersection safer.

    Kirika: No shit.

    Kirika: Oh.

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    I present to you: Shem-Mom AU

    where Miku is Shem-Ha’s divine / demigod daughter born from a human mother JSDFKJSDF how that is possible, well, Shem-Ha does lesbian magic and poof comes a daughter, aNYWAY-

    Shem-Ha parenting shenanigans ensue because she has 0 idea what parenting is, let alone human parenting, and also she was stupid enough to leave Miku for a few years because of some tragic event-

    in the beginning of this story Shem-Ha is basically “retiring” from being God and decided that she’ll spend her time with her daughter, except her daughter is now filled with teenage angst and she doesn’t even understand what adolescence is LMAO

    I made her freaking tall because Shem-Ha deserves tall (also that’s her human disguise)

    You may support the artist through the following links! (Tumblr post).

    Artwork powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS): Linux Mint MATE 19.1 and Krita 4.3.0

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