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  • hellsulfur
    06.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it's been a while since i've drawn boueibu

    they sleep with a body pillow of gora and you can't convince me otherwise (does it... have a ship name? i wanna tag but idk man)

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  • soullessserenitysart
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Here's something for the Beppu twins I had been meaning to finish for literally MONTHS. (It was supposed to be done not long after the twins' birthday... Hahaha :,,,,D )

    So I ended up doing it digitally to compensate for the fact it took me so long to pick up the sketch again. The hanakotoba meanings for their flowers are:

    Camellia: admiration, perfection

    Carnation: fascination, love, distinction

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  • okamarinosuzoki
    02.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    From now on (GouHaruAki)

    also available on ao3 :)

    “You guys are sure you don't want anything to drink?”

    Haru and Aki both shook their heads and Goura shrugged before going back to his axe and his wood.

    For the first day of the summer holidays, Yumoto had gone out with his friends. The twins had refused his offer to tag along, eyeing insistently the inflatable pool Goura had blown up a few days ago for his brother. Their sad faces and their wonderful performance got the better of Goura and, as soon as his brother had left, he had asked them if they wanted to cool down for a few minutes.

    Of course those few minutes turned out to be the entire afternoon.

    That's how Haru and Aki ended up fighting for space in the Hakones' inflatable pool, staring at a sweaty Goura chopping wood. Haru tried to gulp discreetly when a drop of sweat disappeared under Goura's shirt just before he decided to take off the said shirt. Aki literally moaned before coughing to hide his embarrassing outburst.

    As Goura raised his axe, his muscles flexing and his body wet because of the heat, both twins wondered if they had died and were now in heaven.

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  • soullessserenity
    27.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    If the boueibu boys were a VTuber group

    Going by what I know of how vtuber groups usually work, Love and Happy Kiss would basically be different generations of the same group. With the Battle Lovers, Karls' Knights, etc. being more like 'sub-groups'. (Would be a lot of people for one generation if this was a real thing but it's a good enough way of separating 'Love' and 'Happy Kiss' in this AU.)



    Plays anything that has cute creatures in it. So a lot of Pokemon streams are to be expected.

    Is the one in charge of the animal farm in the minecraft server. Is also the one who goes out looking for turtles.

    Often the first one to die in Among Us.

    Does Karaoke streams a lot too.

    Every now and then he does streams where he's just looking at different hot spring places and rating them.


    Does a lot of chatting streams and Q&As.

    Doesn't stream games that often unless it's an Among Us session with everyone or an occasional Minecraft stream.

    Is actually very good as an imposter in Among Us. It's almost scary.

    Has a very basic house in the Minecraft server. But he enjoys exploring and just looking around.

    Streams at ungodly hours of the night, fucking up the sleep schedule of any viewers who watch him religiously.

    The length of his streams is also not consistent AT ALL. Sometimes it's just 2 hours. Sometimes it's 6 hours. Nobody knows when it will end.


    Mostly survival games. But he does get easily scared in the ones with horror elements like Don't Starve.

    Is the leader whenever the whole 'Love' crew does Don't Starve Together streams.

    Him calling the other third years by their nicknames actually ends up giving the viewers the habit of calling them by those nicknames as a joke. (Kinshiro's demise.)


    Likes playing detective games (like Danganronpa and Ace Attorney).

    Even in games he's good at managing his money. He always ends up making money fast as hell.

    Scaringly good at lying his way to victory when he plays as impostor in Among Us.


    Plays farming games but gets more invested in the NPCs than the farming.

    Plays a lot of dating sims or games with dating sim mechanics in general. Picks the male player character but almost always regrets his choice when he starts falling for one of the male characters.


    Stopped playing Fall Guys because it made him way too angry.

    Plays a lot of lore-heavy games, regardless of how good he might be at them.

    (Yes I do mean he plays Soulsborne games and keeps dying a billion times. He keeps playing tho.)

    Gets very heated during Among Us meetings.

    Gets very flustered when chat starts calling him 'Kin-chan' and then just stops looking at the chat for a while.


    Mostly plays casual games. He isn't a fan of violent games.

    Other than that it's a lot of chatting streams or karaoke.

    His chat has an Angel Akoya emoji.

    The HK boy he collabs 1-on-1 with the most is Maasa. (He even calls him 'Maa-chan' sometimes.)


    Researches which time zones most of his audience is and bases his streaming times on that.

    His chit-chat streams are basically Tea Time streams.

    Plays farming games a lot and gets more invested in the farming part than the NPCs.

    Chat spams a snail emoji whenever something scary is happening when he plays horror games. (He does not handle horror games well btw)


    Him and Haru make a lot of original songs. (Different from the other boys who usually do covers when they sing.)

    Posts the cool calligraphy he does on social media. Maybe tries doing calligraphy streams (I've never seen that happen but maybe he could pull it off).

    Him and Haru have separate channels, despite doing a lot of co-op game streams together. But when he does play solo games, it's usually some investigation or puzzle game.


    Is only not part of the 'Banned From Playing Fall Guys' team because he never played it in the first place.

    Tries playing rage games sometimes but the result is always him getting way too fuckig angry.

    When he plays solo games, it's usually some more casual games.

    Happy Kiss


    Sometimes gets so into the games he's playing that he forgets that he's supposed to talk.

    Plays stuff like WarioWare and Cooking Mama. Plus other mini-game collection type games.

    His streams are not very long because of how sleepy he always is.


    Plays Pokemon Sword & Shield but keeps just using the camping feature because he likes hanging out with his Pokemon and chatting.

    Keeps surprisingly calm playing rage games.

    Sings a lot of heavy metal songs during Karaoke streams.

    Is not good at lying in Among Us.

    The most impressive thing he has built in the Minecraft server is what was initially supposed to just be a bakery but then he got too invested and kept adding stuff around it and it's now basically a mall. (His actual house is just a basic wood house in the middle of the forest. But 99% of what he does is either build or gather the items he needs to keep building.)


    Really good at rhythm games (both console games and mobage). I mean "Full Combo-ed 'Disappearance of Hatsune Miku' at least 5 times" good.

    Has played every Vocaloid rhythm game (including the Gumi's game and IA's game). His favorite Vocaloid is Luka.

    Obviously tells all sorts of embarrassing stories about the other members.


    Pro gamer vibes. Very good at games. Pogchamp.

    Plays FPS games, hack and slash, soulsborne/souls-like games. A bit of everything that has a lot of action and beating shit up.

    Occasionally streams more story-oriented games but not that much.

    Right beside Kinshiro on the "No more Fall Guys" corner.

    Ends up playing a lot of PowerWash Simulator because it's one of the only calming games he likes.

    When he ends up as impostor in Among Us he is like a merciless ninja. But he refuses to kill Ichiro.


    Plays a lot of different gacha mobage. But mostly the rhythm game ones because he wants to impress Nanao. (But he still isn't nearly as good as Nanao.)

    Does co-op streams with Taishi a lot.

    Refuses to go into the nether alone in Minecraft.

    Gets paranoid in Among Us and never gets close to anyone other than Nanao and Taishi.


    Plays a lot of RPGs and does extensive research on how to get the best stats and equipment possible.

    The 'Love' boy he talks about the most is Kinshiro. (Or 'Kusatsu-senpai :D' as he calls him… Kinshiro definitely prefers that over 'Kin-chan'.)

    Actually makes collab streams quite often, not just chatting streams but also playing co-op games sometimes.


    Always says his favorite 'Love' senpai is 'Akoya-senpai'. (He very much loves it when he calls him 'Maa-chan'.)

    Plays anything that looks cute. (+ the occasional horror game.)

    Ends up cursing a lot during horror games but then pretends it never happened.


    Mostly chit-chat streams, but he quite often turns those into collabs with the other boys (mostly HK but he does invite the Love boys as well sometimes).

    Still plays horror games a lot. Also does streams where he's just telling scary stories.

    (Still not sure how Karls and Furanui would fit in this AU.)

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  • soullessserenity
    27.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I have talked mentioned Fantasy AU before, but never really said anything in detail. That's mostly because I am kinda working on a multi-chapter fic about it (but nothing is really guaranteed about it).

    It was first born back when Happy Kiss Week happened and I wrote a fic based on the Fantasy AU prompt. I don't really like it that much anymore, but I always wanted to do more with it. (Even if you've read that, a lot of stuff about it has changed.)

    But either way, here's the basic notes about how each boy changes with this AU:

    Yumoto and Gora are kind of like hot spring related spirits. They aren't bound to a specific hot spring. Rather, they can enhance a hot spring's healing properties. Enough so someone's wounds can be mostly healed in said hot spring. When it comes to their appearance, they're mostly human looking aside from fish-like scales on parts of their bodies.

    The Beppu twins are mermen. They're from a beach not too far from the hot spring Yumoto and Gora stay at, so they end up meeting. In this world, most merfolk can easily change into humans, the only evidence of them not actually being human is scales on their feet. The webbings on their hands fades, but their feet do have them (because changing their arms doesn't take much, but changing a fish tail into human legs takes a lot more).

    Merfolk and hot spring spirits are vaguely related spirits. Think kinda how wolves and dogs are both canines. They're not the same species, but they have similar biological (+magical) origins.

    En is a bakku. A.k.a. that kind of yokai that eats dreams. He mostly eats nightmares, sometimes even talking with the person who was having the nightmare if he's curious or concerned about them.

    Atsushi is basically a wind god. He can easily "turn invisible". He actually just turns into air itself, so wherever he goes in that form, there's a gust of wind. He can travel pretty much anywhere very quickly.

    Io is a demon. He lives in a human town pretending to be human, and possibly tricks money-greedy humans in ways that result in him getting the money.

    Ryuu is a pretty normal human, but he has some magical powers. It's mostly levitating small objects, as well as fire/heat related powers.

    Ryuu works as a waiter at a tavern, and Io goes to said tavern pretty often. (Yes they likely exchange some flirts here and there.) But Ryuu doesn't know Io is a demon.

    Kinshiro is a prince who is about to be turned king after his parents were murdered by rebels. He's under quite a bit of stress due to so many responsabilities, leading to him having nightmares quite often.

    Akoya is a fairy. He lives in the forest, but often visits the nearby human town.

    Ibushi is a sort of forest spirit. He is essentially a guardian of the forest, and is physically incapable of leaving it. (If he tries, a bunch of roots come up and pull him back in by his ankles.) As much as he wishes he could leave and see the human world, he understands he has no choice.

    Kyotaro is almost a normal human. But he can easily befriend wild monsters and animals, and even summon them. This is usually a skill only very powerful wizards have, but he's been able to do it ever since he was little and can't really explain how he does it. He ended up being around monsters much more often than around other kids.

    Ryoma is a wizard, simply travelling around and taking quests from the towns he stops at to get money.

    Ata is similar to Kinshiro. The difference is that Ata couldn't fight back the people who killed his parents and had to run away. Now he just wanders around hoping no one is still trying to murder him. He ends up meeting Ryoma in the process and tagging along with him on his travelling and quests.

    Nanao is a fox, and Taiju is a demon. They basically live together in Ibushi's forest. They help each other out with surviving and protecting each other from humans who might hunt them for either Nanao's fox fur or Taiju's demon horns.

    Taishi is basically a rogue. He was raised in a poor orphanage in a town with corrupt guards. He grew up stealing in order to help his orphanage financially, and is kind of the "big bro" to all the kids in the orphanage.

    Ichiro and Maasa are angels. Ichiro is kinda like a knight, fighting with a spear. Meanwhile Maasa is mostly about healing and supportive magic.

    (I still haven't really found a role for Furanui and Karls. But that might change in the future.)

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  • soullessserenity
    27.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    It's Aki ~ (Only realised days later that I got his hair wrong -~-' )

    #Boueibu#Beppu Akihiko #August 27th boueibu posting
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  • thatlittledandere
    27.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Boueibu as things I (feat. my friends) have said

    Yumoto: endangered apple

    Atsushi: Apples aren't endangered.

    Yumoto, eating his 12th apple that day: They will be once I'm done.


    Ibushi: Kinshiro is a power bottom.

    Akoya: He's not, he's in denial about being a bottom.

    Kinshiro: Power bottom is still a bottom.

    Kinshiro: *realizes he just called himself a bottom* FUCK


    Ryuu: Io must have at least a billiard money.


    Haruhiko: How did I forget how children are made?

    Akihiko: You've been gay for too long.


    Kinshiro: Yes he took my Subway order and rolled his eyes when I didn't want spices and I swear eternal revenge.


    Io: Ryuu you know me so well. *cocks knife like it's a gun* actually too well...


    En, to Atsushi: uwu and >:3 are like opposite energies and somehow you're both

    #boueibu#boueibu revolution#yumoto hakone#en yufuin#atsushi kinugawa#ryuu zaou#io naruko#kinshiro kusatsu#ibushi arima#akoya gero#akihiko beppu#haruhiko eppu#beppu twins#gora hakone#boueibu wombat#zundar#dadacha #my irl friend group has a notebook where we write stupid and funny things we've said #rule being that you aren't allowed to write down your own jokes. someone else has to deem it notebook-worthy #and i went through (the pictures of) it in hopes of finding something i could translate but #all my entries are either puns or about dicks and shit ;; #but in good news it turns out we immortalized an incomprehensible drunken text one of them sent my little brother who she never met lmaoo
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  • magicalboyxover
    13.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    The Beppus are neighbors with the Hakones, so they probably run into each other a lot.

    I like to think Akihiko helps Yumoto with shopping for groceries sometimes. Or even just carrying the bags.

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  • bishonenlover
    05.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Akihiko and Haruhiko - Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love!

    #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love love #beppu akihiko#beppu haruhiko#anime#gifs#x#hugs
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  • pixzielle
    30.06.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Okay, I'm sorry but some of y'all ship the Beppus together?

    But they're brothers like-

    #boueibu #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #cute high earth defense club love #akihiko beppu#haruhiko beppu #Cute high tf
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  • hostilepopcorn
    13.04.2021 - 9 monts ago
    #boueibu #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #cute high earth defense club love #akihiko beppu#haruhiko beppu
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  • soullessserenity
    08.02.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Wanted to make some soft Beppucest ^w^

    Haru is most likely the type to wake up grumpy on some mornings and then get clingy.

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  • iie3
    28.01.2021 - 11 monts ago

    This time is a sketch. A little experiment with colors and accents.

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  • yertletheworm
    12.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    I set this as my wallpaper and I forgot the fact that other people can see it when I open my phone

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  • soullessserenity
    27.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I kinda have a Boueibu (Love) x Persona 5 crossover but... I rarely end up drawing the stuff I wanna draw for it. So in honor of August 27th, here's some notes for the little interactions I've thought of:

    Yumoto and Ren hang out a lot. In a Confidant scenario, the benefits of Yumoto's Confidant would be Ren getting some sort of boosts from Kurotama.

    Yumoto also likes petting Morgana a lot. Morgana would never admit it, but he does start purring very easily from it.

    Morgana gets along with En surprisingly well. He does get a bit annoyed by his laziness, but he enjoys their conversations.

    Atsushi and Makoto do study sessions together.

    Io just basically makes business with everyone. He likes Yusuke's art, so he offers some financial support and connections. He gets interested in Futaba's hacking skills. He's also likely talking to Haru a lot about the inner workings of Okumura Foods.

    Ryuu and Ryuji would get along. They'd get each other hyped and just generally think the other is cool. (Also Ryuji most likely asks for flirting tips from Ryuu).

    Ryuu may or may not try to flirt with the girls at least once. But he isn't forceful and stays cool about being rejected.

    Kinshiro and Goro would have a cool dynamic, with both of them being (ex-)antagonists who held grudges against at least one of the good guys and who were basically manipulated into doing the bad things they did (Zundar for Kinshiro, Shido and Yaldabaoth for Goro).

    Kinshiro isn't a big fan of going to Leblanc due to his hatred of curry. So he usually invites the P5 third years to some fancy restaurant when he wants to hang out with them.

    Akoya would be very good friends with Ann. I can see them going out for bubble tea together and doing each other's nails, makeup and hair.

    Haru would likely have tea with the Student Council a lot. I can see her being great friends with Ibushi specifically.

    I think Ibushi would maybe bond with Sumire quite a bit too. I do think he'd be able to help her find her own value outside of Kasumi's shadow.

    Speaking of her, maybe the Beppu twins would get along with her too. And maybe her story would make them a bit thoughtful (like a "what if one of *them* died, leaving the other alone?")

    Bonus: which Arcana I think each boueibu boy would be (may not be 100% accurate since I'm thinking of some of these on the spot, but hopefully you get the idea)

    Yumoto: The Star

    En: The Magician

    Atsushi: The Priestess

    Io: The Devil

    Ryuu: The Lovers

    Kinshiro: The Emperor

    Akoya: The Empress

    Ibushi: The Hanged Man

    Akihiko: The Moon

    Haruhiko: The Sun

    #Boueibu#Persona 5 #August 27th boueibu posting #(I'm not tagging everyone I'm too lazy for that rn)
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