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  • panstarry
    18.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    my piece for @sleeplesszines, a zine about magical girls and their day off! 

    ✨ leftover sales are open here ✨

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  • fluffkinpancakes
    17.04.2021 - 13 hours ago
    A/N: Thank you for the request @tickle-obsession ! I hope this is enjoyable. I started the series and was soon roped in. Love the humour and oml Sucy is such a mood!
    Inspiration from Season 2, Episode 4: Amanda O’Neill and the Holy Grail
    “I’ll make people laugh, smile and feel excited just like Chariot did!” Andrew watched Akko the little mouse as she enacted her heartfelt speech. “And what if you can’t accomplish that?” he eyed her, hands crossed and daring a response.
    He shouldn’t have been surprised by her resilience, but he was still taken aback by it.
    “I will! And I won’t give up until I do!” Honestly, he wondered how Akko—in that miniscule body of hers—could muster up that much of a nerve. Then again, she did crash his party a while back. The girl was audacious if anything. Andrew couldn’t help but stare, trying to figure out what Akko was, how she could speak up the was she did. How could she do it so easily, with such surety, when he couldn’t?
    “So please, tell me...” this caught him off guard, “do you know anything about the Holy Grail?” Akko brought her paws together, her tone gentle and sincere. Andrew didn’t have time to think it over, he knew Akko would break him if he gave a moment’s hesitation.
    “Even if I did know, why would I tell you?” He closed his eyes and turned the other way. It was a safe answer, one that would put up a barrier to keep her from asking anymore questions. Akko scowled, but not a second later, an idea popped into her head. She then made a devilish grin.
    “Do you actually think I’d encourage a troublemaker... like... you.” but when Andrew opened his eyes to look at her, Akko had vanished. He was astonished, briefly left with his mouth agape before he felt something crawl up the back of his black, school blazer. A shiver shot up his spine and he bit back a squeak, peering behind him to see Akko the mouse hanging off his shoulder blade.
    When their gazes met, Akko’s eyes glinted with mischief, making Andrew’s stomach twist into a knot. He had a bad feeling. “What are you doing?” he reached a hand back to pluck Akko off and bring her to his eye-level. “I told you! I want to make people laugh and smile and I’m going to start with you!” she pointed a determined paw at Andrew, but she was close enough to his face for it to touch his nose.
    He crossed his eyebrows and let out an exasperated sigh. “Like I said before, no one’s asking you to do this. Especially not me!” he lowered his arm to put her down again, but as soon as his grip loosened, Akko scurried up his sleeve, making the young man yelp. He fell, toppling over the bench behind him.
    “Akko’s head popped out from the collar of his shirt, “too bad!” before she darted back down and started scampering all over Andrew’s torso. At first, Andrew didn’t know how to react as he was still disoriented from the fall and Akko’s tiny mouse feet were too fast against his skin for him to register.
    But slowly, the light sensations all over his stomach, waist and sides sent little shocks throughout his body. Akko skipped over a few of his ribs, making him sit upright like he’d been electrocuted. “He-hey! Akk—” but Andrew quickly clamped his mouth shut when he felt something horrifyingly close to giggles bubble up at the back of his throat.
    He tried shifting his body—desperately sealing his lips while trembling—to get away from the feeling, but Akko was everywhere all the time no matter how he moved. He’d have resorted to patting himself down, but a distant part of him worried about hurting Akko if he accidently hit her too hard, although that or any part of his rational thought process was getting increasingly hard to concentrate on as the maddeningly ticklish skittering of Akko’s paws on his bare skin were consuming his mind.
    With no other options left, or at least none he could think of, Andrew leaned his head against the bench, still seated on the floor, and pressed his hand against his lips as muffled laughter began to escape, tears pricking his eyes.
    After what felt like centuries, Akko popped her head out Andrew’s collar again, ceasing her attack. His face was flushed a light pink and hands were still trembling, but the stubborn boy hadn't let out more than a peep, much to her annoyance. “Seriously!” she whined.
    Once Andrew was confident he had caught his breath, he brought his hand down and frowned at Akko the mouse. “What do you think you’re doing?” he wanted to sound more intimidating, but his voice was barely more than an angry whisper. Akko pouted, “you’re too stingy and uptight and prideful. You need to lighten up.”
    Andrew wanted to glare daggers, but strangely enough, he found himself sighing and sinking deeper down until his forehead rested on the bench. He then eyed Akko again, her large amber eyes made him feel like they’d swallow him whole. Why did he take an interest in her? She’s was walking health hazard; a public nuisance. So why was he so drawn to her?
    “Who says I’m stingy?” a response even he was surprised left his lips. “Me, I say you’re stingy.” Akko stuck out her tongue. “And why do I have to care about what you say?”
    “Because I’ll keep doing this until you do!” Akko dove back into Andrew shirt before he had a chance to protest. The scurrying started again, but this time Andrew couldn't stop the smile growing on his face.
    He did his best to hide it, burying his face in the sleeve of his arm as he propped it up on the bench, the other hugging his ribs to keep Akko from targeting them too much. “Come on~ I know you’re smiling.” Akko called out from under the layers of his clothes. Andrew refused to give in, but his resolve crumbled a considerable amount when Akko managed to find his highest rib and dig her paws into the flesh. “Gehet... o-out—ah!”
    At this, Andrew yelped followed by a stream of uncontrolled laughter that made his whole body shake. “Ha! I knew I'd break you eventually!” Akko grinned, still exploring Andrew’s upper body. He was laughing too hard to fight back or even think, making it all the easier for Akko to crawl up to his collar again, this time to nibble at his ear.
    To say Andrew shrieked would be an understatement, but Akko was genuinely surprised by how child-like and even endearing the sound of Andrew’s laughter was. “St-Ah! Hahaha—Akko! Akk-Ahaha-kohoho!” He sounded much younger, his smile wide and teeth showing, and his cheeks red with tears trickling down them. “Plehehehehease!” it was barely audible.
    Akko decided the poor boy had had enough when he started gasping for air between fits of giggles, and hopped out of his collar, landing on the ground in front of him. Andrew slumped down again, taking lungfuls of air while he tried to sort through his scrambling thoughts, most of them being how utterly embarrassed he was at the sounds that dared escape his lips within the sacred walls of Appleton Academy.
    “Fine, I'll let you off with a warning this time. I have more important things to deal with than you anyway.” Akko huffed, scampering off while Andrew could do nothing more than groan and hide his face, still red from laughing. When he closed his eyes, all he could picture were Akko’s large, amber eyes; focused, determined, unwavering. His blush grew brighter no matter how concealed his face was.
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  • thefictionalmultiverse
    17.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dinosaur Witch Academia

    Okay, this isn't an AU idea or headcanon or whatever, this is just a stupid yet funny idea I wanted to post because I'm feeling particularly shitty today. Basically this idea is the witches turning into dinosaurs. This happens after the professors find out about dinosaurs or at least learn some up to date stuff about dinosaurs, and they get the students to turn into dinosaurs for a class test or assignment or whatever. And the students turn into dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures during that time period using Metamorphosis Magic, and the ones that they turn into are ones that unknowingly represent them the best. Okat, we got it? Alright, let's get this list started already, shall we?

    Atsuko (Akko) Kagari - Triceratops

    Lotte Jansson - Orodromeus

    Sucy Manbavaran - Dakotarapror

    Diana Cavendish - Tyrannosaurus-Rex

    Hannah England - Pteranodon

    Barbara Parker - Dimorphodon

    Amanda O'Neill - Allosaurus

    Jasminka Antonenko - Argentinosaurus

    Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger - Compsognathus

    Avery - Albertosaurus

    Mary - Dilophosaurus

    Blair - Plesiosaurus

    Wangari - Suchomimus

    Kimberly - Ankylosaurus

    Joanna - Corythosaurus

    Sarah Bernhardt - Sauroposeidon

    Elfriede - Tenontosaurus

    Chloé - Spinosaurus

    Sóla - Microceratus

    Rajani and Rashmi - Saurophaganax

    Shao-Yi - Giganotosaurus

    Catarina - Shantungosaurus

    Katie - Torosaurus

    Dorotea - Einiosaurus

    Irene - Microraptor

    Eleanor - Apatosaurus

    Bianca - Parasaurolophus

    Aileen - Shunosaurus

    Hilda - Acrocanthosaurus

    Heather - Carnotaurus

    Rosie - Edmontosaurus

    Daisy - Zuniceratops

    Katya - Baryonyx

    Carmen - Stygimoloch

    Maria - Miragaia

    Gaëlle - Mosasaurus

    Aira - Megaraptor

    Isabella - Ludodactylus

    Abigail - Therizinosaurus

    Rachel - Ornithomimus

    Rita - Dromaeosaurus

    Alice - Hypsilophodon

    Eliza - Tapejara

    Priscilla - Ceratosaurus

    Bice - Tyrannotitan

    Bridget - Pliosaurus

    Erika - Saltasaurus

    Michelle - Anhanguera

    Rina - Gorgosaurus

    Teodora - Centrosaurus

    Lin-Lin - Pachycephalosaurus

    Verde Shidariza - Chasmosaurus

    Catherine - Lambeosaurus

    Shiki - Saurolophus

    Marianne - Deinonychus

    Jeanne - Nothronychus

    Balsa McVinegar - Hatzegopteryx

    Zizi Delevingne - Gigantoraptor

    Molly McIntyre - Austroraptor

    Elsa - Croyolophosaurus

    Amelia - Herrerasaurus

    Aisha - Paralititan

    Esther - Ichthyosaurus

    Henrietta - Velociraptor

    Julietta - Rugops

    Teresa - Majungasaurus

    Alma - Dracorex

    Verochika - Giraffatitan

    Nina - Istiodactylus

    Francine - Oviraptor

    Elizabeth - Vampiric Carcharodontosaurs

    Monica - Kentrosaurus

    Samantha - Erlikosaurus

    And just for the fun of it, I'll list off the ones some of the professors turn into as well.

    Ursula Callistis - Maiasaura

    Croix Meridies - Quetzalcoatlus

    Headmistress Miranda Holbrooke - Brachiosaurus

    Samantha Badcock - Diplodocus

    Finnelan - Torvosaurus

    Nelson - Tropeognathus

    Lukić - Masiakasaurus

    Professor Pieces - Megalodon

    Unnamed Eye Mask Professor - Mapusaurus

    Unnamed Siamese Twins Professor - Camarasaurus

    And with that, yeah I'm done. This list was stupid, yeah. But, I was bored and felt like doing something stupid today. So yeah, enjoy. Bye.

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  • yeehawstate
    17.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Akko with a ponytail!

    #lwa #little witch academia #akko kagari #atsuko akko kagari #ponytail akko#akko#yeehawstate
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  • laurendisaster
    17.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Diana getting ready to deal with Akko.

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  • theneonflower
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Years Later AU, A Fiery Situation Chapter 8

    Volume 1 Synopsis: Akko and her friends come to a very tricky situation when Sucy wakes up one morning, half human and half beast. Fearing that Sucy might be in danger, they seek out the help from the Cavendish prodigy, Diana. What they end up discovering is something much more dangerous, and in turn, have to seek out a stone that could help Sucy. But to reach the stone, Akko and her friends must brave Raptor Valley, a land full of territorial and aggressive dragons…

    #lwa #little witch academia #years later au #a fiery situation #neon's art#akko kagari#amanda o'neill#sucy manbaravan#dragon#dragons
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  • akkoxchariot
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    A cozy day in

    #akko kagari#yuriism#yuriislife#himejoshi #girls x girls #girls who like girls #shiny chariot
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  • blee-bleep
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    looking at akko makes me mad because they didnt give her any personality that didnt come from chariot or didnt relate to anything about the shiny rod, fuck that, the girl's substance is barely a quarter of diana's, lets throw her in the fucking trash

    #lwa #little witch academia #atsuko kagari#akko kagari
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  • luzfan13
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • dailydianakko
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    I swear to god in this scene Diana thought Akko was gonna go in for either forehead kiss or full on smooch I can feel it in my soul

    #lwa #little witch academia #dianakko#diakko#diana cavendish#akko kagari #I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE #THATS WHY SHES SO FLUSTERED #DIANA WANTS THE SMOOCHES
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  • marth-98
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Todo iba bien hasta que llegó la parte donde tenía que dibujar el perfil de Andrew, en ese momento Dios me abandonó 😔💔

    #lwa shitpost #little witch academia #akko kagari #i'm sorry for posting this #andrew hanbridge#ankko #ptm andrew podrías dejar de ser tan dificil de dibujar por solo 5 minutos?
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  • laulink
    15.04.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • paulacrackhead
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    a quick diakko bc I miss them :(

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  • vhalesa
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Jealous much?

    #diakko #little witch academia #diana cavendish#akko kagari#dianakko#pokemon#zigzagoon#galar zigzagoon#pokemon au#lwa#art#comic #I come to deliver you another diakko zizgagoon comic #diana and akko are still hard to draw for me #akko?... #akko what are you doing? I'm not mad at zigzagoon... #akko?!
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  • onhiro
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    LWA: Grimm War ch. 17

    Diana wasn't prepared for this. She had no idea how realizing her feelings for Akko would impact her life upon their return to Luna Nova.

    Great. Just one more thing to have to add to the wonders other students being twits, pending exams, the stress of being the leading cadet in their year group, and their looming leadership assignments over the incoming Term I students...

    Found on AO3, 9522 words

    CW: when life hands you lemons...

    #Little Witch Academia #grimm war#diana cavendish#akko kagari#ursula callistis #spicy chapter! #not to be read at work or school
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  • pines-4-diakko
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay, LWA fandom, y’all read the Bagel!AU right?? Now get ready for my take on an even more cursed crack fic...because as much as I loved that trip, some of you didnt. So what say you to this?

    Dian-vas and (Ch)A(l)kko

    Where Diana is a paint canvas and Akko is a giant piece of chalk. They both met in a classroom, and fell in love, but can never be together. Star-crossed lovers, indeed...

    #pine-ing for #little witch academia #lwa#lwa au #this is my contribution #idk if this will really become a thing #you wanted cursed #here you go #enjoy #i may as well go through with it #*sighs heavily* #here we go agaaaaain #akko kagari#diana cavendish#lwa akko#lwa diana#random thoughts
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  • theneonflower
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Years Later AU, A Fiery Situation: Chapter 7

    Volume 1 Synopsis: Akko and her friends come to a very tricky situation when Sucy wakes up one morning, half human and half beast. Fearing that Sucy might be in danger, they seek out the help from the Cavendish prodigy, Diana. What they end up discovering is something much more dangerous, and in turn, have to seek out a stone that could help Sucy. But to reach the stone, Akko and her friends must brave Raptor Valley, a land full of territorial and aggressive dragons…

    #lwa #little witch academia #years later au #a fiery situation #neon's art#akko kagari#diana cavendish#amanda o'neill #chariot du nord #dragon#dragons
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  • dailydianakko
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Luz and Akko should never meet, lest the worlds implode.

    #the CHAOS#toh #the owl house #little witch academia #luz noceda#akko kagari#daily speaks
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  • monnket
    13.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    kofi request for @horriblebunny of akko and luz interacting !!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!!! 

    #the owl house #little witch academia #luz noceda#akko kagari#KEart
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  • theneonflower
    12.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Years Later AU, A Fiery Situation: Chapter 6

    Volume 1 Synopsis: Akko and her friends come to a very tricky situation when Sucy wakes up one morning, half human and half beast. Fearing that Sucy might be in danger, they seek out the help from the Cavendish prodigy, Diana. What they end up discovering is something much more dangerous, and in turn, have to seek out a stone that could help Sucy. But to reach the stone, Akko and her friends must brave Raptor Valley, a land full of territorial and aggressive dragons…

    #lwa #little witch academia #years later au #long post #a fiery situation #Akko Kagari#lotte yanson#diana cavendish #chariot du nord #amanda o'neill#jasminka antonenko #constanze amalie von braunschbank albrechtsberger #hannah england#barbara parker#dragon#dragons#neon's art
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