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    17.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    second life // oneshot // kaebedo if u squint

    (more ragnvindr bros angst! ft kaebedo)


    #genshin impact#genshin fic #diluc and kaeya #diluc#kaeya angst #kaeya x albedo #kaeya #read the tags i stg
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    17.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    man I just, I love platonic albedo and kaeya so much your honour

    #✧   —   out. #shakes them around in my head rent free #they live thete beside my albedo ship #there* #also hi work is dead and like 90% of stores are closed #only three in food court remain open
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    17.01.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    ANON: Can you write something where the darling asks the genshin boys to not cum inside them?

    Warnings/TW's: Yandere/Toxic Relationships, Heavy N/$/F/W, 18 + Only, Heavy Br33ding Mentions, Mentions of Impregnati0n, Heavy Dubc0n, Fingering, Vaginal sex, No Use of Gender Specific Pronouns but AFAB anatomy, Size Difference, Slight Blood, Intoxication, In Heat, and if I missed anything lemme know


    It would be hard to beg him as he has your bare body pressed down against his desk. His hips slamming down into your hole almost in the most seemingly perfect position. It's already hard for you to get any words out as your hands clasp around the edges of the desk as your moans rapidly fall out your mouth.

    "Plea..please don't cum inside..!" You beg him, tears of overstimulation falling down. But what's the point of pulling out? He doesn't even know if he's capable of producing offspring anyways, and if so, you carrying his child would just make you more dependent on him, Albedo rationalizes. The smallest smirk on his face as he thrusts hard and deep, bottoming hard into your hole to release his seed.


    There's blood on him, smeared across his psychopathic smile, and something tells you it's not his. Times like these make you realize how feral and unhinged he can get. At times, it's an almost normal relationship (if it weren't the fact you were kidnapped), and Childe, no Ajax, loves you so tenderly.

    But this isn't Ajax, this is Childe, pounding into your swollen hole as if he has to breed his whole bloodline back. Beg him all you want, but Childe is filled with adrenaline from his last battle. The only thought that crosses his mind is to stuff you full and ensure pregnancy.

    His hips smack back into yours, and your pleas fall onto deaf ears.


    There's the sweet taste of grape on his lips, and he smells of fire. It's as if the air you breathe is only Diluc as he scent coats you. His cloak is draped over your naked form as he hungrily kisses you. His hands grip down on your hips as he presses your flushed body against his pale torso, pressing his cock deeper and deeper inside you.

    With Diluc, the moments of him are tender. You can tell he actually wants the relationship to work even though it's not normal. But now, as you reciprocate his touches, his hunger and patience broke.

    You can feel he's about to cum, but your mind is too preoccupied on this moment. Right as you finally pull back, saliva connected both of your mouths, you whimper out your plea. Your get your reply by feeling his warm seed coat the inside of your walls.


    Gorou is half animal, you really expect him to pull out? Don't judge him on his short stature, he is a commander for a reason and it will show.

    His fangs made easy work on your neck as he has you laid on your stomach, cum piling up in your stomach dripping down to your thighs. His hips are unrelenting, and he really does move with almost inhuman speed. You're whimpering below him, tears traveling down your face as you beg him that you can't take it no more. When would you have the time to beg him to not cum inside you? Also, not to mention his knot? As soon as his rock hard cock enters your hole, that cum is going to be stuck in you to ensure your impregnation. Good luck trying to move away from him with his cock plugging you up...

    Gorou will fuck you until the whole nation knows you're getting bred like the bitch you are.


    As an oni, he has a hard time controlling his strength. That's why he has you riding on top of his bigger body, however he does buck up into your hole with his huge hands gripping the sides of your hips. Despite being on top, Itto is controlling the way you slide up and down on his monster cock.

    It'll be too hard to ask him to not cum inside you. Do you really expect him not to? You feel so, so good. Clenching around his length, your walls feeling like they're sucking him in. Just the thought makes him horny and yearning for your touch.

    It's not like you can get away. Because as soon as you try to get off of him, he will push you down on the bed. He'll have you in the breeding press, legs pushed up for easier access to allow him deeper and deeper inside you.

    To reiterate, he is an oni, not completely human. I doubt you'll have the energy to move nor even beg him to pull out.


    He's intoxicated and fixated on you. His hands hungrily roam across your body, drawing his fingers underneath your clothes as he pulls your back against his chest. You're whimpering as his cock thrusts up into you as his hands guide your body up and down. You feel pathetic, half your clothes off as his stay on. You feel utterly exposed and humiliated, but make no effort to stop him. His moans increase, and you know he's close. "Please p-pull out..."

    "If you beg me enough, I will." Kaeya teases. As you attempt to beg him, desperate for any chance of him actually pulling out, Kaeya's lips attach to your neck. His fingers skillfully giving special attention to your clit, and you already know you lost as the words fumble into moans.

    You feel his cum enter your body as he haughtily laughs in your ear. "You didn't beg enough, in fact, you didn't beg at all. You really like being my toy, hm?~"


    Kazuha has your body beneath him, legs thrown over his shoulders as he thrusts eagerly into you. His clothes are ruffled and parts of his hair stick to his sweaty skin. So usually calm and collected Kazuha is, only to lose himself in your slick warmth.

    But Kazuha does not exempt himself from carnal pleasures in the slightest when he met you. You grip onto his back and pull at his clothes for support. His head eagerly in the crook of your neck as his light groans echo through your ears.

    His hips speed up and you plead him to pull out. Surprisingly, he does so, but it feels you with emptiness, yet his fingers enter your cunt soon after to bring you to climax with him. His cum splattering on your torso, as he felt your hole tighten around his fingers. He removed his fingers and licked them lightly, surveying your beautiful body that had his cum on you. The nomadic lifestyle the both of you live will not suit a pregnant parent. However, one day that can change.


    Thoma is a caregiver, even despite his yandere nature. He really tries to listen to you (as long as that doesn't include leaving him!). At intimate times, he will do anything to please you. Getting down on his knees and serving your cunt is what makes him happy. If he could, he would eat you out for hours. Thoma loves the feeling of how he knows exactly what reactions to get from you and what makes you moan loudest. Just from tongue alone, he'll have you cum several times until his tongue and jaw are sore.

    However, the more he eats you out, the more his dick leaks for you. You're so wet for him, he slides in so easily. He loves the sloppy noises sex makes, don't hold back your moans alright? But this means the more he loses himself in you. He's done so much for you, okay? The least you can do is let him cum inside. It's your fault for milking his cock so tightly. ~


    Venti prefers to worship your body, letting his skilled fingers work wonders in your cunt. What more is that he loves to have you tipsy, allowing some of your walla to crumble. That allows him to lead you to a secluded part of the bar, on the second floor in a corner. Venti's fingers go down to your thighs, spreading you up and going to town. Just as he's about to let you cum, he pulls away and smiles so innocently licking the sweet taste of you off your fingers. Your legs rub together as he smiles and leads you down the tavern and out in a vacant early.

    You feel humiliation, hoping the few person you saw not see the gleam of wetness on leaking down your thighs. But it's all worth it as Venti is soon thrusting in and out of you, your body pressed up against the wall. Even as you ask him to pull out, the mix of alcohol and constant threats made you slur your words.

    You feel his cum rush into you, and all he has to say is "Sorry, couldn't hear you, my flower!~"


    Xiao is 50/50 on this. Sometimes, he will pull out and opt to cum on your stomach instead. Or other times he will be caught up in the pleasure and will release his load inside.

    Xiao is terribly insecure as well as inexperienced. He didn't really have a sex drive until you came around and then he became insatiable. Xiao knows he does not want children currently, so he does pull out to avoid that.

    However, at times when you try to pull yourself away from him to avoid this, Xiao will grip onto your body and growl for you to not fucking do that again.

    He will proceed to take you more harshly, his thrusts leaving little room to try to compose yourself. Most of the time he is relatively quiet during sex, but now he is more vocal letting out like groans and growls. Xiao knows not to cum inside, but you make it so hard for him.



    Zhongli does not see the problem in coming inside you. It's a natural occurrence, so just lay down and take him. Zhongli is ready for the consequences that might occur.

    Zhongli really cares for you, and he tries to hold back the dragon inside him. But alas, those tendencies are still programmed in his subconscious. He sees you as his mate, only his.

    What better to show everyone you're his mate then for you to carry his child?

    His primal nature comes out as he has your body under him, completely to his disposal. Begging him to not cum inside is useless. His mind is programmed to empty his balls deep inside you. Your body will be bruised, lips swollen, and legs aching. His stamina is far greater than yours. He'll mark your chest and neck especially, gotta let others know who you belong to.

    But honestly? Life with Zhongli will not be bad at all. He'll take care of you and your children. You'll just have to keep up with him stuffing child after child inside you.



    [I was unable to do all the characters, but at this point I'm too tired to do anymore. Anyways, for future reference, I probably won't do this many again, or they'll be short drabbles like this. I usually write 3-4 characters for a request, but I liked the prompt so I decided to write as many characters. Also no header for Zhongli bc 10 images were the limit

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact scenarios #yandere x reader #yandere scenarios#yandere imagines #albedo x reader #childe x reader #diluc x reader #gorou x reader #itto x reader #kaeya x reader #kazuha x reader #thoma x reader #venti x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader
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  • silentprincesstickles
    17.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Oh, you're on!

    A/N: This was a request from an anonymous user! They requested lee!Kaeya with lers Aether and Albedo (plus Bennett!). I’m a little obsessed with windtrace right now and I thought it would fit the group anyway sooo… hope you enjoy!!! (fun fact: I got people to play “tickle tag” with me in elementary school literally just as an excuse to get people to wreck me sgfhjsgfhsjk so I’m taking some inspo from that as well)

    Summary: Kaeya, Albedo, Aether, and Bennett play Windtrace together, with a twist!

    Word Count: ~1.9K

    Characters: lee!Kaeya, lee/ler Bennett and Aether, and ler!Albedo

    It was a sunny afternoon in Mondstadt, the perfect time for Windtrace! Aether had been craving some social interaction lately, and when Paimon reminded him that the Windtrace event was going on, he was delighted by the idea and decided to round up his good friends Bennett, Kaeya, and Albedo to play with. Paimon decided to just watch the chaos ensue.

    He knew Kaeya loved playing Windtrace, especially with his boyfriend, Albedo. Kaeya’s great at playing both hunter and rebel. He loves sneaking around and the rush of the chase. Albedo is great at both too, but he’s a little better as a hunter. He’s great at sleuthing out where he thinks his friends would hide, since he’s very good at getting into his friends’ heads (he is the captain of the investigation team, after all). Bennett came to mind because he’s so spirited and, despite his bad luck, he’s such a good sport. Sure, he’s usually the first rebel to be found and it does tend to take him until the very last second to catch everyone as the hunter, but, everyone loves playing with him!

    Aether wasn’t planning on playing your average game of Windtrace today, however. He was going to play it with a twist. Venti actually came up with the idea and Aether had played it with him a few times before. The “twist” is that if you’re caught by the hunter, you get tickled! Plus, if you’re the second rebel to get caught, you’re ganged up on by both the first rebel caught and the hunter, and so on and so forth. This makes rebels much more motivated to find a good hiding spot. The stakes are especially high if you’re the last one standing.

    They decided to play at Dawn Winery. Once everyone had gathered together, Aether explained this new “twist” that they were going to try out. Bennett looked a little nervous, but excited by the proposition. Kaeya got a devilish grin on his face and gladly accepted the challenge. Albedo… had a pretty neutral expression, as far as Aether could tell, but maybe it just looked that way to him because he isn’t very good at reading the alchemist—at least not nearly as good as Kaeya is.

    To determine the hunter, they all wrote their names on slips of paper and put them into a bucket. Aether shook it around, closed his eyes and pulled one out. It was Albedo’s!

    “Oh, you’re on!” Kaeya taunted.

    “You’ll never catch me alive!!” Bennett exclaimed.

    “I wouldn’t say that, Bennett… anyway, good luck, fellow rebels!” Aether rallied.

    Albedo just smiled, with a hint of determination on his face. He covered his eyes as the preparation phase commenced.

    The rebels all darted out in different directions. Bennett disguised himself as a barrel and positioned himself next to some other barrels in the vineyards. Aether disguised himself as a lamp and hopped up on top of one of the concrete pedestals surrounding the building. Kaeya took the bold move of not even disguising himself and climbing up onto the roof.

    “Aaaand… one! Ready or not, here I come!!” Albedo announced.

    He took a quick glance of his surroundings—nothing looked particularly out of the ordinary. He decided to look around in the vineyards first, since that’s what he was closest to anyway. He ran back and forth a couple times, but still couldn’t find anyone. He was about to move on to somewhere else when suddenly, he heard:

    “A-acHOO!” from one of the wine barrels nearby.

    “Gotcha,” Albedo said, running over to it and capturing Bennett. Bennett screamed when Albedo football tackled him to the ground. Bennett’s tummy was already exposed, making it pretty easy for Albedo to dish out his “punishment.”

    “aAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA ALBEHEDOHOHOHO!!!” Bennett squealed, writhing around on the ground.

    Albedo only continued the assault for a few more seconds, as he still had two others to find.

    “You know the drill, right? Come help me with the next victim after I catch them!” Albedo said as he left in search for the next rebel.

    “Ehehe… yeaha, you got it,” Bennett replied, grinning widely.

    Albedo continued his search around the building. He was purposefully saving Kaeya for last. He knew the trickster was probably hiding in some unconventional place, so he was checking the more obvious hiding spots first. He checked the stack of barrels near the seating area, under the tables, the hedges, until finally, he noticed that one of the lamps looked oddly crooked. He cautiously walked over to it, but before he had the chance to catch it, Aether dashed on out of there like a bat out of hell.

    “Hey! C’mere, nO!!” Albedo yelled as he picked up the pace as well.

    “GET ME OUT OF HERE! AAAHHHHHH!!” Aether screamed in response as he sprinted away as fast as he could.

    Aether zigzagged back and forth until he managed to hide behind a tree to catch his breath. Albedo had lost him.

    “Where are youuu~? Come out, come out wherever you are!”

    Aether was bubbling to the brim with anticipation. He could hear Albedo coming closer.

    “The longer you evade the inevitable, the longer I’m gonna tickle you, Aether!”

    Aether couldn’t help it and he sniggered a little. He didn’t think it was loud enough for Albedo to hear, but he was wrong.

    Albedo heard the not-so-discreet laughter, but was careful not to let Aether know he had heard.

    “Well, I guess there’s no one over here. I’ll just have to look somewhere else.” Albedo snidely remarked.

    Aether quietly let out a sigh of relief. Albedo smirked to himself as he snuck over towards the tree. As soon as he got close enough, he darted around it and nabbed his friend.

    “WHAAAA!! WHAT!? How’d you find me??” Aether asked, flabbergasted.

    “Hey Bennett, I found Aether!” Albedo called out.

    “W-wait, Albedo, nOHO DOHOHOHON’T” Aether protested as Albedo began to scribble on Aether’s also conveniently exposed abdomen.

    Bennett hurried over to help Albedo. He grabbed Aether’s arms and held them up above his head. Albedo moved his attack to Aether’s sensitive underarms.

    “eheheheheeEEEEEYAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GUYYS!! OH ARCHONS STOP IHIHIT AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Aether screamed as Bennett switched from using two to one hand to hold up Aether’s arms and the other to tickle his tummy. He was squirming about as much as he was able, but to no avail.

    Thankfully, Aether’s two attackers finally gave him a chance to breathe.

    “Alright, two down, one to go!” Albedo exclaimed as he ran off.

    Bennett gently rubbed Aether’s tummy in an attempt to get rid of the residual ticklish sensations. Aether was totally out of breath, but he appreciated the gesture regardless.

    Albedo set out to find the last rebel. He racked his brain to come up with the place where his boyfriend may be hiding. He only had a minute left.

    Every time Kaeya caught sight of Albedo below him, he strategically moved to the opposite side of the roof, snickering to himself.

    Thirty seconds left. Where could that rascal be? Albedo was at a loss, so he looked up towards Celestia to think even harder, when he could have sworn he saw a flash of something shiny up on the roof.


    Fifteen seconds left. Albedo scaled the building as fast as he could. He saw Kaeya and dove for him, catching him in his arms and launching them both off the roof. Albedo unleashed his wind glider and lowered them both down to safety.

    Three seconds to spare.

    “Ha! What do you have to say for yourself now, Captain~?” Albedo boasted, still holding Kaeya.

    “I’m honestly quite impressed, I thought for sure you wouldn’t find me up there! I was also not expecting you to launch the both of us off the roof—a little warning would’ve been nice!”

    “I didn’t exactly have much time to warn you. Either way… Aether! Bennett! I got him!!”

    Kaeya was so caught up in the action that he had completely forgotten about what was coming next. As the realization emerged, Kaeya’s eye widened and he made a desperate attempt to get away, but Albedo was prepared and already had a firm grip on him.

    Aether and Bennett made it up the staircase to where the two were standing in front of the building. Kaeya was surrounded. Albedo hooked his elbows beneath Kaeya’s underarms.

    “Let’s get him!!” Aether cheered.

    “You’re in for it now, Kaeya,” Bennett observed.

    Kaeya was already giggling in anticipation as both Aether and Bennett leaned in towards him, each wiggling their fingers.

    “W-wait, guys, c-can’t we tahahalk about this? Y-you don’t all have to—” Kaeya was cut off when Albedo leaned his head down a little to mutter into Kaeya’s ear: “It’s the rules, sweetheart. You agreed to them, remember?”

    “AHhh, I-I guess buhuhut—aH! Aether not th—nO Bennett doHON’T” Kaeya was unable to finish his sentence as Aether grabbed ahold of Kaeya’s thighs and Bennett began tweaking Kaeya’s left side.

    “No buts, it’s too late for that!” Albedo declared. Soon after, he started giving Kaeya’s right ear tickly little kisses.

    Kaeya felt like he was going to explode. Aether was meticulously scribbling on and pinching at Kaeya’s inner thighs, Bennett was focused on squeezing Kaeya’s sides and tickling his tummy, and Albedo was switching between nibbling and kissing Kaeya’s ears and neck. He felt like he was going crazy, he could barely think at all. All he could do was take it and laugh his head off as his attackers tickled him mercilessly. He was barely even struggling anymore because he couldn’t find the strength to.

    Albedo noticed this since it was becoming exceedingly more difficult to hold the taller man upright. He decided to signal the others to help him lift the big lug over to the seating area. They got the message and hoisted the man up into the air, Bennett holding up his midsection and Aether lifting up his legs. Albedo held him up by the shoulders and led the party to a chair to set him down in.


    They all placed Kaeya gently onto the seat and gave him a moment of respite. Kaeya’s head was spinning, he barely even knew what was going on anymore. Eventually, he managed to catch his breath and opened his eyes to see his three assailants in front of him.

    Albedo made eye contact with Aether and Bennett, saying, “Is it time for the grand finale?”

    The two nodded in agreement. Kaeya wasn’t being restrained anymore, but he was too tired to fight back at this point. The three positioned themselves and Albedo counted down from three.

    “Three… two… one… go!”

    The three boys all blew raspberries at the same time; Albedo on Kaeya’s neck, Bennett on kaeya’s abdomen, and Aether on his left thigh. Kaeya shrieked at the sensations and burst out into hearty laughter once again.

    The light-haired boys finally stopped their attack and laughed together in amusement. Kaeya was in a dazed state. Albedo, Bennett, and Aether all leaned in to give Kaeya a group hug.

    “You alright, dude?” Aether asked, a little concerned.

    “Yeahaha, I’m, I’m good, don’t worry,” Kaeya replied, still panting a bit.

    “Good!” Aether said happily.

    Albedo nuzzled into the crook of Kaeya’s neck and gave him one more kiss. Kaeya looked over to his boyfriend to see a very smug look on his face.

    “Oh, don’t think I won’t get you back for this later, darling.”

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    Genshin Impact x Reader Masterlist


    💧 = nsfw

    🍂 = angst

    🌸 = personal favorites

    🤝🏾 = black!reader


    what they do when they’re smitten (thoma, albedo, childe, yun jin, shenhe, miko, kokomi)

    how this character loves (as told by tarot) (coming soon)


    choose your own adventure (coming soon)


    the nature of wisdom doesn’t favor the eternal  🍂 🌸

    In which, you are a Sumeran scholar stuck in Inazuma due to the Sakoku Decree. But with the Vision Hunt Decree abolished and time ticking until you’ll finally be able to go home, you mull over your feelings for a certain shrine maiden and continuing on with your pursuit of knowledge.


    #genshin impact#genshin #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #chapter masterlist #thoma x reader #albedo x reader #childe x reader #tartaglia x reader #yun jin x reader #shenhe x reader #yae miko x reader #zhongli x reader #diluc x reader #xiao x reader #kazuha x reader #kamisato ayato x reader #arataki itto x reader
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    Have I ever told you guys how much I love Albedo

    #genshin impact #albedo my beloved
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    #sayu.txt #moment of birth 🎨 ; albedo #muji muji daruma! ; mutuals
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    #sayu.txt #moment of birth 🎨 ; albedo #muji muji daruma! ; mutuals
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    #sayu.txt #hehe ty #muji muji daruma! ; mutuals #moment of birth 🎨 ; albedo
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    Absolutely love the new added areas for windtrace 2.0 <3

    And of course, i have also made the meme for it:)

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    #sayu.txt #muji muji daruma! ; mutuals #moment of birth 🎨 ; albedo
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    #ask #i like to hide in plain sight too #like in the inazuma camp kaeya fits in with the other soldiers #and albedo fits in with the maids in the dawn winery #either way the game is super fun and i hope you’re enjoying it !!
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    #sayu.txt #muji muji daruma! ; mutuals #moment of birth 🎨 ; albedo
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    okay so. i'm moving my drawings to here lmao. but i did an alternate traveler with warm colors... and now i want to do a version for each nation, oop. (also... as far as i understand, the traveler is an adult)

    just, a dress inspired by each nation. not necessarily for exploring lol. so, vague concepts under the read more! i got a bit carried away... but anyways.

    vague harem themes tbh, everyone is a little in love with the traveler ❤

    mondstadt, a mix of light blues and greens, gray mixed in. a corset and a layered skirt, puffed sleeves.

    jean asks the seamstress if she could add something so you can put a charm on the corset, and afterwards, gifts you a beautiful dandelion charm for you to put on the front of your corset. lisa chuckles when she sees the end result and leans over, tilting your chin up. "my my, i can't wait to see you in my colors." kaeya huffs and crosses his arms. "the traveler looks plenty good in anemo colors." and tries not to let his eyes linger too much.

    later, diluc will see you and raise his eyebrows. "it's… nice, but we're going to dragonspine." you're already near the foot of the mountain, a bit far from the winery, so he takes off his coat and puts it on your shoulders. "i have a pyro vision, i run warmer than most people anyways." is his answer when you ask if he won't be cold. 

    there, you meet albedo at his camp during a particularly heavy snow storm. the warmth of the cave and the fire pit makes you sigh in relief and pull the coat from your shoulders. 

    sucrose gasps, "oh! your dress!" and albedo turns to look. you smile and do a twirl. everyone blushes, with varying degrees of looking away. albedo, though, keeps looking. he steps closer and asks to touch the dress, and after you nod, compliments the material. "it looks quite flattering on you." you thank him, and he gives you a small smile. a few moments later, when you and diluc have sat down to make food while albedo and sucrose tidy up before joining you, albedo hums and approaches you. you look up at him expectantly, and he presents a seed to you. you tilt your head, but then it's growing into a flower- a white windwheel aster. you let out a surprised "oh!" and he leans down to tuck the flower behind your ear. 

    you smile and thank him before going back to tending the stew. diluc stares at albedo for a few moments before letting out a tense breath and making sure the fire stays alive.

    okay so now that the mondstadt area is done. i'm imagining you, the traveler, heading to liyue in that dress… idk the corset isn't restricting or smth. 

    and you meet xiao while battling some monsters, wandering from the border after dragonspine- he swoops in and finishes the geovishap hatchling off before turning to you, probably to tell you to be more careful, since you're dressed as a civilian. but you have a sword in hand and a fierce look in your eyes. and a scowl, too, but that doesn't make you any less beautiful, especially in that dress. he's stunned for barely a moment before he nods at you.

    you raise your eyebrows. "i was doing fine, you know." 

    he huffs. "it's my job." and leaves. the next time you meet, in geo clothes, he can't help but wish that he had looked a little longer when you were wearing the other dress, that flowed like the wind. 

    you had looked like the wind come alive, as fierce and strong as a hurricane, but when you had turned to the floating… child? next to you, you had smiled, and your edges softened into a warm breeze. 

    still, with the liyue dress, you could almost be an adeptus- or an archon. he watches with steady eyes as you walk alongside zhongli, and don't you look like the perfect pair? he scoffs and disappears into the night. 

    (be patient, i'll come back to the liyue dress after) 

    but speaking of archons, let's go back to mondstadt- before taking off to liyue, you decide to visit the tree. the wind- and air- there really are different. they carry an almost divinity to them, and you can breathe clearly. you stand before the statue and let yourself be taken in by the serenity of this place. 

    if not for a small, melodic breeze, you wouldn't have noticed venti. but there he is, looking as lively as ever. you barely acknowledge him, opting to keep taking in all these details. you wish you were an artist, in moments like these. you're sure teyvat has many more beautiful sights to offer. 

    venti swirls to be in front of you, hands behind his back. you finally tear away from the scenery to look at him. you say hi. he grins. "hi!" 

    "so, what's the special occasion?" he gasps theatrically, putting a hand over his mouth. "are we getting married? i mean, you can wield anemo quite well…" you roll your eyes. 

    "no, jean just wanted to show her appreciation for my help and also clean my usual attire. this dress is quite comfortable though…" you look down at it. venti leans forward and takes your hand, making you spin. the colors make a beautiful swirl, and it truly feels like the wind. you smile indulgently. 

    "well, you look great! i assume you'll be leaving soon, however?" you nod, telling him you just came here before you'd head back to mondstadt to grab your things and leave the dress in jean's care. it was truly beautiful, and you didn't want to ruin it by sleeping in the dirt and fighting to your heart's content. 

    the two of you talk for a while, before saying your goodbyes. ventu hugs you and tells you you'll always have a friend- or something more- in the land of freedom. 

    off you are, then, to liyue!

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    diona when older

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    A self-indulgent set of Albedo reply icons with themes of stars and literature (for future personal use) (ver. 2)

    -Mod Albedo ✨

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