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    this is patrick ( #patrick🍰 ) , arden’s 6'3"- norsk boyfriend. he kinda a simp but he’s sweet, he’s got the spirit.

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  • ok I got a request on my writing blog that involved diluc and kaeya having a younger sibling and I could not stop thinking about it even after writing it so oops I kinda made an oc. These are just some doodles i made while thinking about them hehe


    Their name is Meridiem Alberich-Ragnvindr and they have my entire heart ❤️.  There’s a bunch of rambling + context for these doodles under the cut. also spoilers for kaeya and diluc’s stories i guess?

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    #messy sketches and messy thoughts but i needed to share #can yall tell i don't know a thing about formatting shit #andy doodles#genshin impact#my ocs #oc: meridiem alberich-ragnvindr #kaeya alberich#diluc ragnvindr #genshin impact oc #i've only known them for a day or two but i would die for them #also yes i am a sucker for older brother kaeya <3 #he's an asshole but he cares
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    more of genshin oc. his name is sascha and idk anything else beyond that

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    A sort of ref sheet for my Genshin Impact OC + some doodles!! Now that I actually have an outfit for her I want to draw her more!

    #genshin impact#kaeya alberich#genshin oc #genshin oc: rebekah becker #vixendrawsgenshin #kaeya x oc
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  • ok i changed my mind im writing a kaeya fic instead

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  • kaeya and sana outfit swap! 

    who wore it better?🤔

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  • good morning time for my regularly scheduled “hurt brynn” session. another short drabble i wrote at midnight when i should’ve been asleep. you know the drill full story under the cut

    platonic kaeya & brynn (oc), eden (aiden’s oc) is mentioned

    word count: 579


    For six years, Brynn thought she was fine on her own.

    Well, on her own with Eden once she found him, that is. But she wouldn’t need anyone else. They’d be fine together. Alone.

    It wasn’t like she refused to talk to anyone for six whole years. She had no choice but to interact with others, really, as she traveled across Teyvat searching for her brother, frequently taking on commissions to keep herself alive. So Brynn still talked to people. Just never long enough to form any sort of relationship. Nothing meaningful, anyway.

    It was better this way.

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  • Mihoyo dropped a new character??

    or is it just my new OC?

    She’s Sandya an adventurer who travels the world with her friends! She lives in Monstadt, but originally she’s from Khaenr'iah, though she doesn’t remember a lot of that time because she was too young!
    Her friends and her grew up together and now are facing new challenges.
    Will you stay up to see the others?
    Coming soon another 2 of them! (maybe 5 we’ll see👀👀)


    #genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #genshin impact oc #genshin impact ocs #genshin oc#genshin ocs #genshin impact kaeya #genshin kaeya #genshin impact xiao #genshin xiao#lantern rite #genshin lantern rite #genshin impact hutao #hutao#xiao#genshin hutao#genshin fanart#kaeya alberich#diluc ragnvidr #genshin impact spoilers #genshin #genshin impact xingqiu #genshin impact diluc #genshin impact scaramouche #genshin impact childe #genshin childe#genshin tartaglia #genshin impact zhongli #genshin zhongli #genshin impact tartaglia
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  • papa and daughter at ludi harpastum… parvati takes after her mom!!

    #genshin impact#kaeya alberich#kaeya #kaeya genshin impact #genshin impact oc #spreading my kaejean agenda #parvati is an anemo greatsword user nd i imagine she is quite the charmer like her papa
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  • short drabble i wrote at midnight last night when i should’ve been asleep oops

    pairing: diluc/brynn (oc)

    kaeya is mentioned lol

    word count: 357

    full story under the cut! it’s not very long but still


    Diluc hates the way she looks at him.

    He hates the way her ears had shot up, swiveling toward him at the sound of shattering glass. He hates how she turned and stood, making her way over to him at the bar. He hates that she stared into his eyes, her own mismatched ones widening and filling with worry. He hates how she spoke to him, her voice quiet and laced with concern as she asked if he was alright, if she could help. He hates the way she grabbed his hand in both of her smaller ones, gently tugging off his glove to check for any injuries. He hates the sigh of relief she had let out upon finding his hand to be perfectly fine.

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  • Upper Hand

    I own nothing but the fanfiction and my OC. Plagiarising and/or copying without express consent of the writer is a butt move and makes Xiao drown in his thousand-year suffering.

    Warnings: That one curse word (I think), and innuendoes.


    In response to the Honorary Knight’s letter of request, Kaeya made all haste for Liyue harbor and found himself sufficiently lost. There seemed to be some sort of event going on with the amount of activity that kept the place abuzz with chatter. He wondered if the Honorary Knight was purposefully being vague about the details of what assistance they needed in order to bring him to this particular situation.

    Unfortunately for her, Kaeya was a personable person. So he would have little problem fitting in and mingling with the people. Who knows? Maybe he might find something useful in this foreign city.

    Thankfully the people in the stalls were more than helpful, calling out to him at every step, possibly due to his outlandish clothing. By the time he had ascended some stairs with a grand arch, he had sampled some grilled fish, bought a shiny earring, and learned that the Lantern Festival was an homage of sorts to those who had given their lives to protecting Liyue.

    Making his way to the Adventurer’s Guild, Kaeya took in the sights of children running around, giggling, and having a good time. The Lantern Festival had the same amount of enthusiasm and cheer as Mondstadt’s incoming Ludi Harpastum, so he could at least appreciate getting lost there at the moment.

    “Captain Kaeya?”

    Shiho stood at the foot of Liyue’s red-painted stairs. She wore a form-hugging, long-sleeved, dark green qipao, and black flat shoes painted with a branch of pink blossoms. Her Dendro Vision was now pinned to the top of the slit at the left side of the dress, and a gilded steel hairpin wrought in the shape of Liyue’s titular glaze lilies kept together a braided section above her right ear.

    “Well, if it isn’t miss Suzuhana herself,” Kaeya said in lieu of a greeting. “Looks like we met somewhere without ruin guards this time.”

    Normally, she would quip and snark back, but she just let out a nervous laugh and rubbed her arm. “Y-yeah… Um… Have you seen Lumine by any chance…?”

    “No. I just got here myself.”

    “Oh. Damn.” She then proceeded to gnaw on the skin of her thumb. “That traitor.”

    “I assume our honorable Honorary Knight pulled a fast one on you too?” He asked with a grin.

    “Well don’t sound so proud,” she said in exasperation. “She probably got it from you.”

    Shiho then explained that Lumine had said something about showing their friends from Mondstadt around for the Lantern Festival. Since she had lived in Liyue for a time, Shiho had been assigned as the tour guide of sorts.

    “And the dress?”

    Shiho sighed and smoothed invisible creases from the patterned satin. “Compliments from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s Consultant,” she answered in a hushed voice.

    The more they stood there, Shiho wallowing in her embarrassment and Kaeya partly proud and partly exasperated for being fooled, the more it seemed like Lumine had set them up. Now for one of them, it was amusing, but for the other (read: Shiho) it was mortifying.

    “The next time I see Lumine, I swear I’m going to embarrass her,” Shiho muttered under her teeth.

    “Oh? Care to share? I would love to pitch in while you show me the sights.”

    Under the orange glow of the lantern, Kaeya’s ice blue eyes twinkled as he offered his left arm with a lopsided grin that made Shiho smile as well. She looped her arm around his and asked: “Well then, Sir Kaeya? Drinks?”

    “Ah. A woman after my own heart,” he commented with a chuckle and despite the rational majority of her brain insisting that this was standard Captain Kaeya Alberich fare, Shiho could not help but blush to the tips of her ears.

    Of course, that left the part that by drinks she had meant tea, but that bridge will be crossed when she got there.


    Meanwhile in the Golden House…

    Lumine sighed as she entered through the window she had previously used to sneak in. Despite the grandiosity of the place, their security detail needed some serious overhauling. This would not be the first time she would be sneaking in, and she could not believe that the Millelith or the Qixing believed that two measly guards and a single overseer would deter anyone much less her.

    Or a certain Fatui Harbinger.

    (In retrospect, Ningguang most certainly knows about these clandestine meetings, but why she is doing nothing about the obvious unlawful entry of the Mora-vault was something Lumine did not understand.)

    Childe stood in front of the empty alcove that once housed the exuvia. “Well, well ojō-chan. Missed me?“

    With a flourish, the blonde Traveler summoned her sword and prepared to pounce.

    "I missed kicking you to the ground, yes.”

    His eyes flashed in excitement. “Not if I pin you down first, ojō-chan.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact kaeya #kaeya alberich #genshin impact kaeya x oc #implied childe x lumine #genshin impact lantern festival #i took this as an excuse to make Shiho dress up in a qipao
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  • I kinda accidentally wrote a smut fanfiction abot Vasya/Keaya and… Well I don’t regret anything, even made some illustrations
    and, yes, I tend to completely ignore the eyepatch tho I find it quite sexy ngl 

    also, on this acc we stan strong dominant women

    #genshin impact #genshin impact kaeya #genshinsona #genshin impact original character #kaeya alberich#kaeya #kaeya x oc #tw blood
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  • Soooo I wrote this at like 1 am cos I needed some serotonin so this monstrosity came to be. It’s a quick little Kaeya x OC so yeah maybe some of you will enjoy it 🤷‍♀️


    “Yanno, Mond is filled with pretty people.” Fin spoke with a slight slur from her perch on the back of the Calvary Captain. The night so far had been filled with idle chatter, much to the dismay of Diluc who was in charge of running the bar at Angle’s Share that night.

    “Really?” Kaeya asked with a small grin, his steps echoed softly against the walls of the city of freedom. He took the long route back to Fin’s quarters, eager to see more of the white haired maiden’s drunk persona. She had only had two small glasses of dandelion wine(it should’ve just been one), but Fin was a lightweight and Kaeya found it hilarious. “Have any examples?”

    A soft hum could be heard from the girl before releasing her hold from around Kaeya’s neck to count on her fingers. “Well, there’s Diluc, Jean, Lisa…My sister Lucia is really pretty! Oh! And you! You’re super pretty” Fin paused briefly, not noticing the cocky smirk resting in Kaeya’s face.

    “But do you know who the prettiest of all is?” She didn’t even give the man a chance to speak before she answered for him. “Kaeya, Calvary Captain of the Knights of Favonius,” she said, impersonating the blue haired man as best she could in her state, which was really just Fin sounding as manly as she could before breaking down into a fit of giggles.

    Kaeya’s breath hitched slightly, glancing over his shoulder to look at the girl resting on his back with a raised brow before returning his gaze to the path ahead of him, a soft chuckle leaving his lips.

    “But don’t tell him though!” Fin spoke quickly. “That’s my little secret.”

    Kaeya’s chest was filled with pride. Oh, he would so tease her for this later. He chuckled again before he spoke. “That’s very flattering, doll, but I think you’re the prettiest in all of Mondstadt,” he flirted shamelessly, curious to see what kind of reaction he’d get from the girl. The one he got was not what he was expecting.

    Fin let out a snort loud enough to put wild boars to shame.

    “There’s no way I’m prettier than sir Kaeya! He’s the prettiest there is and you can’t change my mind!” She huffed and crossed her arms around her escorts neck. An amused sigh slipped past Kaeya’s lips as he continued on.

    “Whatever you say, sweetheart,” he teased.

    A few moments of silence passed as they enjoyed the crisp night air and Fin had busied her fingers playing with Kaeya’s fluffy…thing. Said silence was only broken by a soft sigh from Fin. “Everything alright back there, doll?” A piece of her icy white hair fell over Kaeya’s shoulder when she rested her head there.

    “Just thinkin…do…do you think he means the things he says?”

    They were beneath the Barbatos statue now. How Kaeya got here, he’s not exactly sure. He knew he’d get to his destination eventually, not caring how he got there, so he decided to just enjoy the moment while he had it.

    “Hmm?” Fin’s fingers ceased their movement against Kaeya’s clothing, her mood visibly changing.

    “Well, he keeps flirting with me and it actually made me really happy. He makes me smile and laugh and have fun.” Her words were slurred and slow by now, but Kaeya could still understand what she said. “I really thought that he liked me, you know? But I realized he flirts with everybody like that too, so I dunno if he actually means any of it.” Kaeya hummed in response. “It’s really frustrating.” He had a hunch about who Fin spoke of, but he needed to know for sure, so he did what Kaeya does best and pressed on.

    “And who is this?”

    “Sir Kaeya,” Fin said with a dreamy sigh. Again, the man hummed in response. He was right.

    “And what do you think of him?” A rather large yawn erupted from the girl’s mouth, the drowsiness catching up to her quickly.

    “I already told you. He’s the prettiest. And he’s actually really nice even if people think he’s shady. I like him a lot.” Fin nestled her head into the fur draped on Kaeya’s back, another yawn escaping her lips. Her minty eyes closed as she swayed with Kaeya’s steps.

    He had almost stopped in his tracks at her words. Yes, she was drunk, but the Captain did not expect such a straightforward answer from the girl. He couldn’t wait to see if she remembered any of this conversation in the morning

    “Interesting.” He regained his previous walk speed on his route to take Fin home. He knew the poor girl needed her sleep, but given his nature, he couldn’t help but to tease her. “I’ll be sure to tell him the next time I see him.”

    “Noooo…issa secret,” Fin muttered into Kaeya’s back before drifting off into dreamland. Another chuckle left his lips when he realized she had fallen asleep. The tease was already running through scenarios of bringing this up to her through his head. Her flustered expression was one of his favorites.

    Once Kaeya had reached Fin’s home, he brought her inside and gently laid her in her bed. When he returned with a glass of water from the kitchen, he had to just stare the the girl.

    She had already snuggled up to her blanket and pillows and somehow kicked her shoes off in the process. The moonlight perfectly filtered through her bedroom window, casting a soft glow upon Fin’s face. Kaeya observed in awe as her chest rose and fell with her gentle breathing; her hair was messily covering bits of her face. He took in every feature silently, internally labeling her sleeping face as one of his new favorite expressions.

    With a slow inhale, Kaeya set the glass on her bedside table for her, a soft smile gracing his features. He had made a decision.

    Leaning down, he moved a strand of hair from covering her face before pressing a soft kiss to her crown.

    “Goodnight, Angel. Your secret is safe with me.”

    #kaeya x oc #kaeya imagines#kaeya alberich #genshin impact oc #genshin impact #don’t judge me I wrote this at one am I know it’s bad
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    Clothing swap between my OC Kaelel and Kaeya from Genshin Impact! 💕💕

    #genshin impact#the arcana#anime art #the arcana male apprentice #the arcana mc #kaeya alberich#Kaeya#anime #the arcana oc #original character
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  • Are they on a date or playing mind games over wine? Why not both? 

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