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  • incorrect-residentevil
    08.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Jill: So, are you gonna explain how the hell you crashed my car?

    Wesker: Well, we were driving and there was a deer in the road, so I said “Chris, deer!”

    Jill: ...and what did Chris do?

    Wesker: ...he said “Yes, honey?”

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  • entityuniverse
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    — Resident Evil ~ dating them headcannons

    Warnings - none, just wholesome fluffiness if anything

    Reader - gender neutral

    Characters - Chris Redfield, Leon S Kennedy, Piers Nivans, Jake Muller, Albert Wesker

    A / N - sorry this is short-ish and very shitty, just wanted my first post out :(

    — Chris Redfield —

    Over protective boyfriend, without a doubt

    Always asking if you’re okay, he’s always worried

    So scared anything will happen to you

    Hates having to spend so much time away from you because of work

    Makes it up to you as soon as he’s home

    Brings you flowers and chocolates, probably a sweet card too

    He will stand behind you and hug around your waist whenever you’re stood doing something

    Resting his chin on your shoulder or placing kisses on the top of your head

    Just adores being in your presence, regardless of what you are both doing

    Loves having you straddling him while he works, and you just cuddle him, stroking his back or playing with his hair

    He’s more on the romantic side but also doesn’t know what to do all the time, so he just sticks with the basics like dinner dates, film nights, or just cuddling all day in bed

    Not the biggest into PDA as normally when he’s out, he’s working and he takes his job seriously

    That doesn’t mean he won’t be kissing you or stealing you away occasionally just to have moments with you

    The type of guy to bring you coffee in the morning, and definitely make you breakfast in bed, he just wants you to have something to eat

    Definitely the type to drop everything and come running if you ever need him to

    More into skinship and quality time than he leads on, he just wants to take in every part of you in fear of losing you, so he always wants you close and with him

    — Leon S Kennedy —

    Kind of an awkward boyfriend, but in a cute way

    Pretty wholesome all in all

    Will probably hold your hand more than anything else, but he’ll subtly sneak his fingers between yours and not look at you

    He’s protective, but not overbearingly so

    Probably teaches you some self defence and how to use a weapon so he knows you can hold your own

    Pretends that he doesn’t worry all that much but he still does, it’s in his nature

    Loves phone calls with you, has them any chance he gets especially when he’s away

    The type that doesn’t want to fall asleep before you while cuddling and says he’s not tired but then passes out 5 seconds later

    He’d have probably attempted to cook for you a lot, he can cook simpler meals but sometimes just prefers to stick to takeouts then he can focus on other things for you - he’s never really had the time to learn to cook well

    PDA is kind of foreign to him, but he might on the occasion wrap an arm around you while walking or let you link his arm

    Not the type to be crazy romantic and over the top, but he’ll always show you he loves you, his love language is more words of affirmation than it is showing love with gestures

    — Piers Nivans —

    Everyone knows he’s a puppy, just an absolute sweetheart

    The most caring boyfriend you could ever ask for

    This man will none stop check up on you, always making sure you’re okay

    He’d be your best friend, too, like you could talk to him about anything and everything

    Always takes care of you, especially if you’re feeling ill

    He’ll do his best to cook for you but if he can’t, he’ll just order takeaway and spend the night cuddling up to you on the couch

    Expect date nights, all the time!

    He loves taking you out but he prefers spending nights in with cheesy movies and snack food, and he’ll most likely just talk through the entire movie

    Absolutely adores skinship, he’ll be touching you whenever he can, and not even always in a sexual way, he just loves being close to you

    He’s fine with PDA, actually expect it most the time, he loves walking around either holding your hand and having his arm around your waist

    He constantly worries about you, and hates every single moment he’s away from you

    He’ll apologise profusely once he’s back home, completely littering you with kisses and not letting you go for the entire day

    Complete and hopeless romantic, just wants you to know you’re the most precious thing in the world to him

    His way of showing love is everything from gifts, gestures, words of affirmation, skinship…the whole package really

    — Jake Muller —

    Complete ass, but a loveable ass

    He’s definitely stubborn as all hell, if you ever get into an argument don’t expect a proper apology

    A massive flirt, not that he’s always good at it, he definitely isn’t subtle with it

    Prepare for him to slap your ass at any given time, especially if you bend over in front of him

    Loves spending time with you, loves any quality time even if it’s just chilling and watching tv together

    Was super awkward with hugs at first but grew to love them and got better at giving / taking them, so now he’s always going to be hugging you when he can

    It’s definitely going to be more like bear hugs, he’ll just smush you against his chest and not let you go

    Expect him to prank you, mostly jumping out around corners and scaring you then running away giggling to himself

    He isn’t as serious as he pretends to be, especially when he’s alone around you

    Isn’t particularly overprotective but he makes sure everyone knows you’re together and that no one messes with you

    Definitely teaches you how to take care of yourself, doesn’t go crazy with the self defence but he likes to know that you could hold your own

    Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm

    Isn’t necessarily the biggest romantic, especially in the beginning, he just tries to play it cool

    But as time goes on he doesn’t mind being more hopelessly in love with you, the head over heels type guy, guy that would protect you with his entire life type guy

    He never breaks a promise he makes, no matter what, and he will never promise something he can’t keep

    Probably wants a few dogs with you, and he probably nonchalantly asks you to move in with him after a few months for “convenience” sake more than anything else

    — Albert Wesker —

    He’s kind of distant, wanting to take over the world and all

    He’s definitely keeping his work as the number one spot in his life, but you’d be a close second

    He probably wouldn’t be that most open with you for awhile, but eventually he’d divulge you a little more into his life

    He’s needy for attention but would never admit it, he’d probably subtly touch you while passing by like his hand on your lower back

    He savours every moment you’re together, even when not speaking, he just likes having your company

    He’s always busy, and doesn’t necessarily feel bad about it, however he’d make it up to you occasionally with subtly sweet gestures

    He probably wouldn’t give you presents directly, he’d just leave flowers or a small gift on the table with a note for you to wake up to on a morning

    Might steal a kiss from you when you least expect it, then pretend nothing happened

    He isn’t particularly romantic, but he’ll let you know you’re important to him, in his own ways

    He does care for you, but he doesn’t want it to look like a weakness, so he doesn’t always show it the best

    He does actually worry that something would happen to you because you’re dating someone like him

    He’d actually remember all important dates like your birthday, your anniversary, the first time you met etc

    He himself would either teach you to fight or he’d get someone else to teach you, just so he doesn’t have to take his attention away from work thinking if you’re okay or not

    Again, he’ll show his love with occasional sweet gestures or words of affection

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  • mirandawesker
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • mirandawesker
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • damadisangue
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago


    Heavy is the crown, lonely is the life of the one who wears it.

    It's full of things he would like to tell her and all of them unpleasant - none true.

    Alex slides her fingers along the edge of the glass, absorbed in her book - 1Q84, Murakami.

    Wesker observes her in silence for a few more minutes, does not take his eyes away when Alex raises hers, staring at him.

    "It's me, Al."

    And it's pathetic: he's a fallen god, a broken man - there's nothing about him that doesn't already stink of failure and grim arrogance.

    Alex puts the book down, seems to sense his thoughts - or maybe they're not quite as hidden as he thinks they are.

    "I think it's time to stop." she murmurs, looking at him.

    Wesker inhales strongly, is silent.

    Alex stands up, seeks his eyes — she walks over to the desk, leaving her fingers suspended over the solid wood edge.

    "I have no choice, Al."

    No reply.

    "I've never had it." she adds, and he knows what's coming now - he knows, because he would do it and walk away and blame her and choke on his own bile, in the fury that chews his chest and ...


    He would understand it. Yes, he would understand that.

    Perhaps he would even find it fair.

    Alex puts a hand on his cheek, warm.

    “I choose not to have it, Al."

    Wesker swallows, opening and closing the fingers of his left hand.

    “You could." he murmurs, gazing at the papers scattered across the desk — everywhere, but not at her.

    Alex caresses his face with her thumb, quietly.

    "Yes I could." she confirms.

    "I did it."

    "Yes; you did it." she repeats softly - almost a whisper.

    You left me. For your dream. For your idea. For our love.

    Wesker senses her approaching, pulling the chair away from the desk and sitting on his lap.

    He lifts his arms, leaving them there - his hands hanging inches from her hips, unable to touch her,

    to love her and apologize and tell her that yes, she was right about him, that she was always right and that ...

    “Maybe it's time to stop, Al." Alex whispers, leaning her forehead against his — and breathes, Wesker; argan and blood and her.

    To break a chain that we have always called by the wrong name.

    “The world was never mine, nor yours." she tells him, kissing his wet, tired eyelids.

    But we are, Albert; we belong together - at least we.

    Wesker clings to her - squeezes, rubbing the thin fabric of his silk shirt between his fingers.

    Don’t go.

    Alex closes her eyes,

    "What if you don't come back?"

    “Then wait for me."

    listening to Albert's fear crumble and finally become relief.

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  • mirandawesker
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • mirandawesker
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #albert wesker#resident evil#wesker #resident evil wesker #albertwesker #resident evil albert wesker
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  • kindcore
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • onceuponathreetwoone
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just got back from watching Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and I have thoughts… (Spoiler free!)

    Firstly, yes the film isn’t the best when you look at it solely as a film. But if you’re a lifelong Resident Evil fan who is *cough* old enough to have played the original first time around *cough* then it was bloody brilliant. I spent the entire film grinning like an idiot when I should’ve been sat there horrified as some poor sod was having his throat ripped out but instead I was still coming down off the giddy high from one of the many subtle references to the games or trying not to squeal at seeing the Spencer mansion faithfully replicated.

    Now, I do have some beef with this film. Mainly that Leon is not Leon. It had nothing to do with his looks and everything to do with his personality. He’s gone from being a by the book, whip smart police officer to a bumbling idiot. I understand why they had to do this because, if we’re being honest, game Leon would be insufferable in real life but it feels like they went too far the other way. I liked the character…but he’s not Leon.

    Second on my very small beef list is Chris Redfield, or the lack of. When you have someone like Robbie Amell, who is so perfectly cast as Chris Redfield, and underutilise him this much, well frankly it’s a crime! I loved every second of Chris that we had on screen but it was never enough.

    If you’re a fan of the games and have any reservations about seeing Welcome to Raccoon City, please don’t…have any reservations, I mean. That this film has been made with so much love and adoration for the franchise shines off the screen. It’s wholly enjoyable, genuinely funny in parts and a true love letter to a beloved series of games.

    #resident evil #resident evil welcome to raccoon city #resident evil movie #chris redfield#leon kennedy #leon s kennedy #claire redfield#jill valentine#albert wesker#robbie amell#kaya scodelario#avan jogia#tom hopper #hannah john kamen
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  • mentallyillshapeshifter
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    the gender envy i feel for albert weskers ability to doge bullets, be strong as fuck, be fast as fuck and have laser eyes is absolutely insane like my gender? sunglasses man who has super powers duh.

    #albert wesker#shitpost#resident evil #resident evil 5 #re5#re1#gender lol#gender envy #brain go brrrr #superhero evil man make brain go BONKERS
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  • firefighter01
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Welcome to raccoon city cast

    #art#sketch#meme#parody#resident evil #resident evil welcome to raccoon city #spoilers #not really but just in case #wtrs spoilers#chris redfield#albert wesker
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  • i-am-dancing-with-dragons
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    Request: Albert Wesker x Dimitrescu Daughter!Reader

    Warnings:... Blood, vampiric tendencies (Implied).

    Albert surveyed the empty hall, searching for anything that could provide answers about what was going on in this... village.

    The village where several of his men and gone missing.

    A laugh sounded behind him, distinctly female, and edged with malice. Albert turned, searching for the source of the sound. A few flies buzzed around in front of him, but other than that, the hall was empty.

    “You look lost. Would you like a tour?” A female voice asked, off to his left this time. The sound of buzzing filled the air as a massive swarm of flies appeared.

    “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to see a man.” The voice continued, and Albert watched curiously as the flies merged together melting into a young woman.

    She grinned, yellow eyes shining with malevolence. Albert stood his ground as she approached, swinging the sickle in her hand almost childishly. The woman was as tall as he was, and certainly she had an air of danger about her.

    She paused slightly as she got closer, taking a deep breath through her nose.

    “You’re different.” She said finally, looking rather disappointed. “Your blood has something... tainting it.”

    She smells the T-virus. Albert realized.

    “What are you?” She asked, circling him.

    “I could ask you the same question.” Albert replied, more intrigued than intimidated by this woman.

    “I’m a human.” She said, smirking. “Or, rather, I used to be. Not quite anymore...” She giggled.

    “I’m what you would call... a mutant.”

    “I gathered.” Albert said, and she snickered.

    “Oh! You’re interesting. I’ve never met someone who wasn’t afraid of me. Aside from mother and the other Lords, that is. But you... you don’t smell like fear.”

    Albert eyed the blood around her mouth. It wasn’t difficult to guess where it had come from.

    “What is your name, man-thing?” She asked finally.

    Man-thing? That irritated him slightly, but his desire to know more about the mutant overwhelmed his annoyance at the insult.

    “Albert Wesker. Your turn, Mutant. What are you called?”

    The woman raised an eyebrow. “Y/N Dimitrescu.” She replied. “Now, I’m still waiting for the answer on what you are.”

    Albert smirked at the inquisitive attitude from the other mutant.

    “Like you, I’m a mutant.”

    “Not like me.” She countered. “You don’t seem to be anything like me.”

    "I’m a busy man, Miss Dimitrescu.”

    “Y/N.” She corrected, grinning. “And if you wish to leave, the door is that way. I will not stop you. Consider it... courtesy. One mutant to another.” She tilted her head. “Though I must admit, I had hoped you stay longer. I’d like to know more about you.”

    “Some other time, perhaps.” Albert smirked, and headed towards the door.

    He glanced back once, and saw Y/N playfully wave.


    2 years later.


    You entered the room quickly, taking your human form next to Albert. It had been a year and a half since Miranda was defeated, and the village was destroyed. A year and a half since your mother and sisters had settled into a new region.

    And almost a year since you had taken your place at Albert’s side.

    Excella shot you an irritated look. She had never liked you. Probably because she’d been in love with Albert for years. And she felt that you’d come along and ruined it all.

    Out of sheer pettiness, you sidled closer to your lover, glancing over at him as he continued to discuss his latest plans. Then you made eye contact with Excella, smirking slightly.

    She glared at you, and you just smiled more.

    “Excella, if you continue provoking Y/N, she may bite you.” Albert said, not looking up from his work. “And I’d hate to have to clean up the mess.” He went on.

    You just continued smiling, and watched your lover work.


    “I commend your self-control, Y/N.” Albert told his partner, who was sitting on the bed, reading.

    “Hmmmm?” She asked, looking up. The flies that had been buzzing around her immediately landed on her, and melted into her clothing.

    “But you are quite petty, aren’t you?” Albert went on.

    “Me? Petty? I don’t know what you mean?”

    Albert reached out, gently taking her chin in his hand. He looked directly into her yellow eyes.

    “Don’t you?” He asked softly, and pressed his lips onto hers.

    She pulled back, a sly grin crossing her lips.

    “Maybe.” She admitted, and leaned in for a second kiss.

    #albert wesker x reader #dimitrescu daughter#resident evil#tw bugs#tw vampire#tw mutations #resident evil x reader #mutant reader #albert wesker x you
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  • glitteringroseangel
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I love Albert Wesker as a character, but his VA is pretty dispicable.

    DC Douglas brings such a distinguishing voice to Wesker, but there are so many who have done spot-on impressions of him, they shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding a replacement.

    If all this is true, even half of it, he should lose his job and be excommunicated from the VA community. Someone who is going to use what little power they get as a character actor to fulfill needs by way of coercion and status needs to be blacklisted.

    You can find the thread here.

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  • cinema-phantom
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    wesker in code veronica: you have no idea how much i hate you! you destroyed my plans, so now i've sold my soul to a new organisation... now DIE! my 8-year old self who never played the original re back in the 2000s:

    #albert wesker#resident evil #resident evil code veronica #i was so frustrated asfvshadk #like- WHO IS THIS MAN #WHY IS HE LIKE THIS #WHY IS HE BULLYING ME #AND WHY HE HAS A CAT EYES
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    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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