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  • kaiju-crimson-storyandask
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    //Post under the cut cause it looooong

    //So we started our Curse of Strahd session today about a couple hours ago. We arrived at the winery where the wine provided at the inn is produced. Turns out the entire family of nine (one of which is only a baby) who runs it was left with no choice but to flee their home because a Druid and her 55 twig blights took over.

    //We didn’t know how many were in there and were struggling to come up with a plan for how to deal with the issue. So Ez sent Iceberg into the winery, using him as her eyes, ears and nose (quite literally) and scout out the place. Our tiny friend skillfully slipped past the eight needle blights stationed outside and entered without getting caught. He, and thus also Ez, noticed the sheer amount of needle and twig blights inside.

    //Iceberg was going to climb upstairs. He only got to the bottom of the stairs before seeing the Druid, standing at the top and poring some sort of syrup like substance into the wine that was being made just a couple days ago. In an attempt to avoid being spotted, Iceberg attempted to climb up a wall. He was instead spotted by the Druid. Said Druid noted how nice Iceberg’s fur is and proceeded to chase him with a knife.

    //Ez now fully understands what it feels like to be truly tiny and terrified through her poor familiar. Iceberg successfully sneaks/runs by the eight blights outside without being noticed again and is protectively held in Ez’s arms.

    //So we were able to make a plan. We would lure the first eight, kill them and allow the rest to come out for the fight. We would fight outside, near the winery, on the road leading up to it, and so our best to not damage the grape vines that line the path.

    //The DM allowed us to do a preparation round so whatever attack we pick gets to be a reaction for when the twig blights get too close.


    //Beiric summoned a circle of tiny miniature female seraphs ( who are all very blood thirsty by the way), and this followed him the whole battle. So any entities that enter and are not allies are immediately shredded. The others chose weapons as their reactionary. Ez, on the other hand, chose Burning Hands as her reactionary action.

    //She didn’t get to use it as a reaction. So instead there was the risk of it counting as a fail and using up a spell slot. The DM let me use the Wild magic to hold that so she could properly use it. In turn it would be a 25% chance of going wild. Guess what I rolled. I finally got my first Wild Magic Surge and got to roll.

    //Ended up with one of the most useful surges. Every single blight has a disadvantage on saving throws for the remainder of that turn >:] Not only that, but because it’s a Wild Magic Surge (with our DM’s flair thrown in) >:] Ezmerelda was on fire. Literally! Combo of fae magic and demonic might! Hair and fur ablaze, literal fire in her eyes, and smoke poring out of her mouth. Her merely walking turned the sand she walked on to glass and her Burning Hands was even more overkill for those wooden creatures than normal. Also we now have a patch of fire right next to one of the patches of grape vines

    //The Wild Magic effect wears off once all eight of the initial needle blights are gone. Twenty-four twig and needle blights. The battle goes on. The area of effect Beiric has with his tiny warriors gets filled with sawdust and even fire at one point. Ez is just enjoying the literal heat of battle. More sand gets turned to glass from her Burning Hands. Somehow the patch of fire hasn’t touched the grape vines and has instead spread in a different direction.

    //Also a second Druid came in with five needle blights at some point. The first Druid died along with her blights.

    //With four blights left and the second Druid just around the corner. Druid is scared and is thinking about running. Ez gives a big ol smile to the Druid and says, “oh no you don’t. I’m going to add your bones to my collection!” The intimidation works. Druid is terrified and Ez gets advantage against her with every attack. Two blights down. Ez walks over to the Druid and uses Fire Bolt, dealing decent damage. The Druid screams. She’s more worried about her bones burning or becoming Ez’s food. Ez laughed and only made the fear worse by saying the bones would be turned into jewelry.

    //Third Druid then came in with two vine blights. The most chill evil Druid so far. Literally all like, “ah, so I’m about to die. Wait, I’m supposed to be scared.” Love him. To bad he dies by A’cra’s sword.

    //Second Druid, in a full on panic and unable to move due to having rooted herself earlier, attempts to use one of her blights as an explosive to knock back Ireena (who’s been doing surprisingly well this time). Ez used a counterspell to stop it. Some of the markings on her arms turn into branches, the same color and texture as her horns, pierce the about to explode blight. Whatever energy kept the walking pile of wood together is replaced with hellfire and not only caused the blight to implode, but also damaged the Druid who’s bones will soon become a new necklace.

    Ireena can now duel wield as she pulls out Shadow’s old dagger and beheald the final needle blight (there’s actually three, but two of them have been off to the side for some time). On an adrenaline high, she immediately runs over to the Druid Ez has been dealing with. The two remaining needle blights finally come over and attack Ireena.

    //Ada comes over to help finish off Druid #2. Druid has now fallen down a seemingly bottomless pit, and so she can’t get that one’s bones. However, Ada’s action has immediately gotten Ez to like her. Now Ez is on her way to Druid #3. Who’s surprisingly still alive. A’cra is double grappled by both vine blights and is a little stunned by the sudden return of a memory. Her form feels wrong.

    //Druid #3 dies to tiny valkyries shooting through and out his chest.

    //Ez is dead set on getting a freaking trophy made from the bones of the druids. Clearly old habits die hard for her.

    #ooc: forever tired artist #[ runaway sorcerer | ezmerelda ] #curse of strahd update #tw alchohol mention #long post
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  • bubbletoad
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Wine connoisseur’s how do you feel about watered down wine and how do you feel about me drinking it that way

    #tw alchohol mention #is that how you tag it? #anyways ice watering into my wine is the only way I'll drink wine #I wish to do mulled wine soon though I'm still waiting for it to become colder #I don't usually chat like this so I think I'll make a tag for those to filter it out #Uhm#Bubble Rubble #awe that's so cute #it's better than bubble garbage I had in my head #goodnight
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  • shsl-fander
    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Janus : if the human body doesn't get water it will die

    Logan : I hate to break it to you but *points to wine* this is not water

    Janus : no, but its a liquid 🙄

    #source: stranger things #stranger things #sanders sides logan #sanders sides janus #loceit#tw alcohol #tw alchohol mention #ts sides#ts janus#ts logan #ts sides janus #ts sides logan #incorrectsanderssides #incorrect sanders sides quotes #incorrect quotes
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  • pmak2002
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sicktember Day 19 Addiction. Fandom Keith Urban.

    If you or someone you know Is suffering from addiction contact a local rehab. If this is triggering in anyway stop reading and seek assistance.

    2004 Nashville Tennessee.

    Keith moaned as he woke up. He didn’t feel good at all. He barley had any memories of the night before. Not the snorting of the coke and the energy high he got from it.

    Then drinking the wine in his fridge which calmed him down then made him violently sick. He didn’t remember crawling around on his hands and knees looking for specs of coke on the floor.

    He didn’t remember any of it.

    Only the sick feeling in his body. He went to use the bathroom and then he got sick soon after. His whole body hurt and he began crawling around on his hands and knees looking for more coke.

    Then he got sick again and went to look for food and more alcohol. After that he went and took a shower and then fell asleep.

    He spent the next few days In a haze until he finally got back into working and eventually he got help and got sober.

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  • harrison-the-dilf-friend
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tbh the cake smelled like alcohol…

    #it was probably the strawberries though #tw alchohol mention #god I hate that smell #it’s so pungent and it’s always lingering
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  • hal-in-the-family
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    Even more ‘vacation juiced’ and on the verge of tears.

    #ic update #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #tw: alcohol #tw: alchohol mention #Currwntly at work but today I also feel like in tears what is even
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  • problems-of-immortality
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tw alchoholism #tw emotional abuse #tw: bad parenting #tw religious trauma #tw: religious themes #dragon age #dragon age inquistor #dragon age inquisition #tw violence #tw fictional slavery #tw fictional death #tw slavery mention #tw: witnessing a parent's death #tw: homophobia mention #v: Oh Father I'm Not You #v: The Path That Leads Astray #Sahren Lavellan
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  • tired-lupin
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have a uni event tonight and on a scale from 1-10 how bad of an idea is it to make a drinking game out of every time someone misgenders me?

    #it’s not even about pronouns because I use all in swedish #no this is about everyone insisting on unnecessarily being like ‘hello girls and boys’ ‘you’re a nice girl’ #and I’m being nice and just making it about me and not them using gendered terms when there’s no need #like people saying guy/girl friend instead of just friend I’ll let it slide #but based on experience I’ll be drunk within like half an hour #but also it would be funny? #ooc #tw alchohol mention #also it’s covid safe a majority is fully vaccinated and the rest have their first and anyone that shows symptoms will be sent home and #people have gotten tested etc #**as covid safe as it can be
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  • hal-in-the-family
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

               “…I feel like it’d be n… nice… if I could give ‘em a hhhug… and shhhhhoftly rub their head every night…. Or if we had a va- **hic** -cation together fer’ change… Nnnno work, nnnnno worries, jusht shandy beaches and shunny days…. and all the money we can have….”

                 “…..Mmmm…. it’sh not fair… why do I now mmmmissh ‘em sho much??”

    #IC Update #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #tw: alcohol #tw: alchohol mention #The rubbing thing is true. I’ve found myself doing the same to my giant Jobski plush whenever I snuggle with it #I don’t know why. I somehow find if comforting
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  • jimshandholder
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    my chemistry teacher was talking about alcohol and someone started singing dhinchak pooja's "daaru daaru daaru" 😭 i want to drop these people so bad

    #san.txt #tw alchohol mention
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  • hal-in-the-family
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #anonymous#ask #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #vacation juice is also a truth potion apparently oOPS #tw: alchohol mention #tw: alcohol
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  • hal-in-the-family
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

             “…Thish shtuff ish…. ish’nt that shtrong….. I shhhhhhhwear… I’m sh’till finnnn’…… ”

    …Ankh… you’re, like, on, Glass #7 there…

    #anonymous#ask #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #tw: alcohol #tw: alchohol mention
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  • hal-in-the-family
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

              “….Why d-do they call it ‘ovvvvvvvvven’…. when you of in the cold food…. of out hot eat the… fffood….?"

    Do not mind the multiple empty glasses that used to contain Vacation Juice on the counter near her. She’s probably fiiiiine.

    #ic update #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #tw: alchohol mention #tw: alcohol #Can’t stop the meme train even when her braincells are on vacation it seems
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  • hal-in-the-family
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    A genie walks into a bar. She goes inside and sits on the chair in front of the counter, and tells the bartender there:

               “A glassh of your shtrongest Vacation Juice, pleashe.”

    …No, there is no joke. Ankh’s just not feeling like herself and thought she could use a glass of the stuff. It’s been a hot minute since the last time she drank something of similar properties; ages, probably. Ankh currently can’t afford an actual, multi-day vacation at the moment, either.

    …One drink should be enough to calm down a cosmic djinn. Maybe.

    #IC Update #PRETTY SPACE GENIE (ANKH) #tw: alchohol mention #tw: alcohol #Y’know. even though it is ‘juice’.
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  • billionaireplaygirl
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    I Don't Have A Problem ( Open Rp: Toni & )

    Toni was known to be dependent on alcohol and tonight she was desperate for some relief. So she quickly made her way to a near by bar. She tipped back the last of her whiskey sour and pushed it forward so the bartender could refill it. The guy gave her a wary look, but oblidged her. "Oh come on, like you've never seen a person knock back a few after a long week... do you know who I am ... I am Toni Stark " She snapped at him halfheartedly as she started in on her Forth drink. She glanced over at the other person who was now looking at her . shaking her head and downing the drink in one go.

    #tw: alcholism #tw: alchohol mention #tw: alcohol#marvel rp#mcu rp #iron man rp
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  • afoolandathief
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    [ID: The phrase "Something Wicked" in bold type with "Gino's Backstory" written above and "Part IV" written below; it is surrounded by a black-and-white image of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, a sepia image of a gun and bullets, a sepia image of the steering wheel in an older-style car; and a black-and-white image of an alleyway. End ID.] *Image made via Canva.

    So, here we are: the sloppy, sloppy end. Unless I decide to write further on Gino and Caz's partnership, but I think I'll leave explaining what happened there in Something Wicked.

    I don't think I've posted anything on here this sexually charged since I wrote how my main characters lost their virginity. There's also the second time a slur is used, so keep that and the other TWs in mind.

    WIP: Something Wicked (side-story excerpt)
    Part I, Part II, Part III
    Setting: Las Vegas, late 1940s or early 1950s
    Word count: 1,012
    Tws: Kissing, swearing, slurs, alcohol mention, gun mention, sexually charged situation, infidelity
    Taglist (ask to be +/-) below the cut. If you have specific excerpts you'd prefer to be tagged in, let me know.

    The kiss could’ve been better. Mraz’s lips were cold and tasted of blood and alcohol, and he clearly wasn’t expecting this as his lips clumsily maneuvered to meet his own.

    But it still left him wanting more.

    Mraz pulled back from him, his eyes wide, before jabbing a finger at him.

    “Ha!” he said. “You just kissed a faggot!”

    Gino narrowed his eyes.

    “Go fuck yourself,” he said, pulling away from him.

    Mraz gripped his shoulders and turned him back towards him.

    “Rather you do it,” he said. “Sau invers.”

    Then Gino found himself flat on the bed with Mraz’s mouth against his own.

    “Jesus Christ,” he said, when they finally broke apart.

    Mraz pressed his pelvis against him and practically purred.

    “Is that -?” he began.

    Gino shook his head.

    “That’s actually my gun,” he said, holding up the pistol before setting it to the side.

    Mraz laughed his shrieking laugh, rolling back to allow Gino to remove his jacket and shoes.

    “Fucking knew it, by the way,” he said.

    Gino turned back to him.

    “How the hell would you know?”


    Mraz looped his arm around to pull him closer and planted a hand against his chest.

    “Your heart rate goes up every time you see me,” he said. “Told you I can hear that shit.”

    Gino shrugged as easily as he could with Mraz wrapped around him.

    “Well, yeah, you’re fucking scary.”

    Mraz shook his head.

    “Nah, I think you’re the bravest person I’ve met in a long while, Gino,” he said. “And you’re certainly not scared of me. You know what you said to me the first time you saw me bite someone’s neck? You asked me if I was done yet.”

    His hand was now fiddling with Gino’s tie, loosening it and undoing his shirt buttons.

    “You also never stop staring at my ass,” he added.

    He leaned in for another kiss, but Gino stopped him.

    “So, why marry Lillian, then?” he asked.

    Mraz’s eyes darted away for a moment.

    “I didn’t think you’d ever come around, Gino,” he said. “Guess I underestimated how brave you really are.”

    He leaned back against his pillows and grinned.

    “And, you know, Lill’s got a great set of knockers,” he said.

    He must have noticed the way Gino bristled at that, because he pulled him on top, running a hand down his back and thigh. Gino could forget how strong he was, but he certainly didn’t mind now.

    He thought Mraz was going in for another kiss, but he instead brushed his lips against his neck and sent a charge through his body. Mraz noticed, and chuckled softly in his ear.

    “You have the most gorgeous eyes, you know?”

    Gino frowned. He had shit brown eyes. They sat small and beady in his head and were part of why he was often compared to a rodent. It was what others had found so funny when he was assigned Mraz’s handler; a weasel and the biggest snake in the city tasked with driving out the rats. But now, that snake was calling him -

    “So fucking handsome,” Mraz continued in a sleepy drawl.

    He pulled him even closer and Gino swore under his breath as his leg brushed against something.

    Never mind his M&P or Colt. He had to get his hands on whatever was in Mraz’s pants.

    His hands scrabbled for the belt, then his button. Mraz grinned at him, continuing to undo Gino’s shirt.

    Finally, Gino was tugging off Mraz’s boxers, and then his hand was around him.

    Mraz’s eyes rolled back, and he realized how much power he had over him at that moment.

    “Gino,” he sighed.

    Fuck, that felt good to hear.

    Then, Mraz was looking at the door, his pupils shrinking into silver as a light clicked on.

    Lillian Beauchamp was standing in the doorway, surrounded by the dozen roses and box of chocolates spilled on the floor. Her mouth formed a perfect circle as she took in the scene of her husband laying in bed with a low-ranked mafioso. It didn’t look good, Gino realized. There wasn’t much that would make either of them remove their guns.

    “Lill,” Mraz choked out, pushing Gino away from him. “I didn’t think you were coming back. Ever.”

    He stumbled off the bed towards her.

    “Mraz,” Gino said softly, but he didn’t hear him.

    “I know what it looks like, cookie,” he said. “But I swear — until tonight, I had never -”

    “Mraz,” Gino continued futilely. “Your fucking pants.”

    He pitched forward as his steps tangled with the boxers and trousers around ankles, landing hard on the floor.

    Mraz was picking up the chocolates now, making sure to get each one back in their plastic slot.

    “If I had known you were coming home, I would have never -”

    He stood up, handing Lillian the bouquet. She took it, still staring open-mouthed.

    Mraz glanced between her and Gino.

    “Unless, maybe -”

    Lillian let out a little squeak, and Mraz turned back to her wildly.

    “Cookie, please, just say something,” he begged.

    Lillian closed her mouth in a firm line, glancing to where Gino still reclined on the bed. He nodded a greeting to her.

    “Casimir,” she said. “I’ll leave you with this one favor. I swear, by all that’s holy, I will never speak of this to anyone. Ever.”

    She dropped the flowers and chocolate once more, leaving Mraz to pick them up again. She was gone before he could snag the last rose.

    Mraz stared at the space Lillian had once occupied, his pants still around his ankles.

    “I can’t believe it,” he said. “I’ve lost her twice now.”

    “What a shame,” Gino said, suddenly out of the bed and at his side.

    The next phrase spilled out of him as if someone else were speaking.

    “Would it make you feel any better if you fucked me?”

    Mraz stared down at him and raised an eyebrow, just as shocked as he was to hear it.

    “It would very much, actually,” he said, his grin cracking wide across his face. “Thanks, fella.”

    Taglist (ask to be +/-): @author-a-holmes, @avian-writes, @diphthongsfordays, @drippingmoon, @faelanvance, @joaniejustwokeup, @leiwritess, @mjayatlas, @purplezebraproductions, @rhymingteelookatme, @thegreatobsesso, @thelaughingstag, @vylequinne
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  • ollovae3
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    Obi recovering from "just a shot or two" at a nearby cantina and Cody being tired of Palps. 😂🤣

    Hope y'all like it and thank ye for the patience!! Post I got it from (by @tarvek-sturmvoraus ) is at the end!!

    By the way!! If you happen to like my art and comics, feel free to toss a coffee my way! No pressure though!! 💖

    #star wars#fanart#digital art#swtcw#clone trooper#commander cody#obi wan #obi wan kenobi #kenobi #clone wars meme #star wars memes #meme art#meme comic #tw alchohol mention #tw drunk#coffee #Supreme Chancellor Cody #Senator Cody Fett #clone commander#jedi#jedi council
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  • thcscrpent
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    @nephytale asked: “Want a sip?”

    "How can i no to the offer?? But if we are exchanging drink, might as well make it a party. I have plenty of drinks for you to try, you see." Slowly he's opening up his cabinet full of drinks on display, many colors and shaps. "Hope you don't mind going a bit drunk."

    #nephytale #tw alchohol mention
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  • thcscrpent
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    @son-of-beast asked: “Want a sip?”

    "Oh? Is this what folks call, sake?? I've heard around, but never seen it up close." He's inspecting the bottle in interest as if staring at a foreign item (which was in his case) "but of course! I would love to share drinks with you, a pirate always shares their drinks, although to some." And he slips out a flask of his own that he carries around, "and here, try this one. Might be strong, depending on how good you can consume it." Its a drink alright, a very strong one, made of a blood of mysterious snake, which also good in giving you strength, but strong to knock out a grown men.

    #sonofbeast #tw alchohol mention
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  • ivelostallhopeinmyself
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Warning: this is a vent post

    Tw: mentions of pregnancy, underage drinking, groping, possibly sexual abuse, sexualizing

    When I was younger my uncle acted creepy towards me. I was 10 when it all started (from what I can remember) but one memory from when I was 12 is sticking with me today for some reason. I was upstairs in his room and he got me tipsy/drunk. He started acting really weird towards me once he realized. The same kind of weird as when he gr*ped me and when he s*xualized me. I don’t remember anything after that. I’m starting to wonder if he’s the cause of the pregnant alter.

    I have a question though, is this s*xual abuse or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

    #disassociative identity disorder #did system#did#osdd 1b#osdd#osdd system#alters#tw trauma#tw pregnancy#tw predator #tw alchohol mention
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