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  • kool1234
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I am in whatever her mood is right now.

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  • lazuliobsidion
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lady Dimitrescu 🔥✨💕

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  • mvcrvture
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    like or reblog if you save

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  • naturesapphic
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Can y’all give me some ideas for mommy!alcina please 🥺

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  • naturesapphic
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Should I start doing mommy!alcina x little!reader?

    If so reply yes to this post

    #tall vampire lady #lady dimitrescu x fem!reader #lady dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #alcina dimitrescu imagine #alcina demitriscu
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  • mikhailovv
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Old drawing of the one and only Lady Alcina Dimitrescu that I posted on twt but never here :]

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  • jezebel-benievento999
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Protection pt.IV (memory)

    Part III


    You and Alcina had been arguing lately when you both found about about your pregnancy. Alcina grabs you arm and pulls you close. “Listen to me pet, this is my castle and I already have three daughters, I don’t need another mess!” She said. You pulled your arm away from here and gave her a glare as tears fell down your face.

    “How could you?!” You yelled at her. “After all we did together, when we first kissed and made love. You even said if anything happens you’ll still love me!” You started to cry. “But no! You’re a hypocrite! A fucking liar! A selfish bitch!” Alcina looks at you for a minute. She has nothing to say. “And I know in my heart you don’t give a shit about me!” You said. “But... you lied.” Alcina places her hand on your shoulder, but you pulled away. “Darling, I’m... really sorry. “ She said, but she sounds like she’ sobbing. You turn to see her eyeliner and tears dripping down.

    “Of course I’ll still love you if anything happens. And our child.” She places a hand over your stomach that is not showing. You smile and embraced her. You can her chin resting on your head. You held her close. “I love you so much, drage mea” She whispered. You cried a bit. “I love you too...”


    Back in the bedroom, you laying down in your undergarments, reading a book about demonology. You smile as you flip a page until you felt hands on your thighs. You slowly set the book down and see Alcina smiling at you. You smiled back. She needs something of course. You can tell when she’s hungry. Your wife is in a black rose design robe. You threw the book to the side like it was a piece of shit (which it is). Alcina climbs on top of you and kisses you hard. You moan as she pulls away. 

    Alcina takes out a wine a bottle, Sangius Virginis. She takes a sip and kisses you passionately. As the first taste meets your tongue with Alcina’s, now you see why she prefers this wine. The taste sends shivers down your spine in a comfort feeling. You can feel the wine dripping down your chin. She’s telling you something but in drop from the wine. Alcina brings you close still kissing you. You have your hand on her wrist feeling some comforting emotion. 

    After a few minutes, you both broke the kiss. Alcina looks at you as she strokes your cheek. “I love you Alcina...” You whispered. Alcina smiles at you. “I love you, draga mea.” She gives you a quick kiss then went down to kiss your neck then your chest, breasts, and stops at your stomach. She slowly licks your stomach. You let out a sigh of pleasure. You slowly get up as your wife sits up. You slowly remove her robe revealing her beautiful naked body. Alcina slowly unhooks your bra and removes your panties. You grab her head and started to tongue kiss her tasting more and more of the wine. Everything is beautiful. The room is lit with candles and moonlight shines down through the window. It’s something mystical. Alcina gently strokes your thigh and gently squeezes them. “Alcina...” You moaned. You wife brings you close and to kiss your more.

    Ya’ll both made passionate love until dawn....


    You wake up and turn to the side and she’s not there until you realized that your wife is dead. She saved you and her family. You hugged your naked body and cried softly to yourself. All of this was a memory. A dream. You lay back back down look at a painting of you and Alcina. That day you were in your black beautiful gothic dress and Alcina was in her black vampire like suit. You remember trying to get one of the maids to paint a picture of ya’ll. You cry more and more. “Alcina...” You said, softly. “I love you...” You slowly got up and put on a black robe (Alcina’s robe.) You went to the crib and picked up Alice who cooed peacefully in your arms. You smiled down at her.

    You at the cathredral (still in the castle) the candles light everything. You smiled as you remember slow dancing with you wife after a few months when she took you in as a maid. She even told you that she you were her favorite, a love one, a wife to her. You smile as you remember she purpose to you in here. You look down at you newborn as you sit down on a bench. The moonlight shine down upon you. You let a sigh. “Don’t be sad, draga mea.” A familiar voice said. You gasped as you turn your head to see Alcina sitting next to you. “Alcina?!” You said. Your wife smiled at you. “I’m not dead darling.” She said. You fell into her arms, crying. “I miss you so much...” You sobbed. Your wife places a kiss on your head and holds you close. You rest your head on her chest, hearing her heart beat. Alcina slowly pulls away and looks down at her daughter in your arms. She slowly takes her and smiles down at her. 

    “My darling, Alice.” Alcina said, stroking her head. Alice cried softly. “Shh...” Your wife cooed. “I’m here darling, no monsters here. I’ll protect you.” Alice stopped crying and looked at your wife. She smiled. Alcina  places a kiss on Alice’s head. “Look at her, love.” You said. “She looks just like you. Your wife looks at the newborn. She has your wife’s hair color and her beautiful golden eyes. “She does...” Alcina whispered. She hands you back the baby and picks you up in her arms. “Let’s go darling. You need some rest. And I promise, I won’t go anywhere.” Alcina kisses you.

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  • lelianasbitch
    17.10.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • wanderingmirror
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    When you find a new fandom and you love almost all the characters. XD

    Even made an OC! Lucian hails from Russia. So he and Karl don’t get along often.

    Miranda is fondest of Lucian in my AU since he protected her from enemy German soldiers.

    Plus both Lady and Lord Dimitrescu.

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  • mothermirandasposts
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • sinners-saintsandsaviors
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • jezebel-benievento999
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Protection pt.III

     Part II 

    (Enjoy this lovely fight scene. This is gonna be related to a Ethan Winters fight scene!)

    As you watch in horror seeing your wife impaled. The branch pulls back and Alcina dropped down to the ground, bleeding out. You were about to help her but Mother Miranda nodded at someone. Two lycans held you back. “Let me go!” You screamed. The grips were much stronger. It felt like it was bruising your arms. Mother Miranda approaches injured Alcina who slowly looks up at her. “Damn... you Mother Miranda...” She spoke as she spits out blood. “Hush now child.” Mother Miranda said. “For I will take care of thy child.” She said. She struck her hand in Alcina’s chest who let out a choke cry but much louder.

    She pulls out her heart and crushes it. Alcina lets her head fall back. “NOOOO ALCINA!” You screamed. Mother Miranda lets the blood fall to her face. The woman approaches you as she touches your stomach. It’s growing. You screamed in agony as it grows and finally, you are at the final stage of pregnancy. You felt your water break. Mother Miranda smirks at you. “It’s time.”


    You are now at the ceremony sight. The two lycans places you on a altar, strapping your wrists down. You cried and begging for someone or something to help. Mother Miranda kept your legs spread apart so she can take the child. You panted as you push. You screamed too. at the last push you screamed louder until you heard an infant crying. Your vision blurred a bit as you try to see your newborn.

    “Where’s my baby?” You asked. You see Mother Miranda hold the child in her arms, cleaning the blood off. “It’s a girl.” She said. “My little Eva!” She cheered. You growled. “She’s not yours!” You screamed at her as you pull on the chains. The baby started to cry more. “Hush now (y/n).” She demanded. “Alcina is gone and this child is mine!”

    You started cry but remain strong. Until you started to see black bugs buzzing and flying everywhere. “Let her go!” A woman said. You turned to see Alcina’s other daughters, Daniela, Cassandra, and Bela Dimitrescu. The three of them readied their sickles. Cassandra came by to release you. She helps you get the off the Altar. As the two are fighting Mother Miranda. “Stay out of sight while we try to fight this bitch!” Cassandra said.

    “Please bring back my baby.” You pleaded. The daughter nodded and went off to fight Mother Miranda. Bela tried to jump Mother Miranda but she was pushed away. Bela grunted as she got stabbed on the leg. You came by to help her. “(y/n) please stay back. It’s dangerous!” Bela said. Mother Miranda flies away and lifts up Daniela from the ground. She drops her on the altar. “Ugh! Damn!” She grunted. She’s to powerful to fight. Cassandra came towards y’all with your newborn girl in her hands. She hands her to you and her and her sisters gets in front to protect you.

    Until you heard a familiar voice. “I’m done with you yet Mother Miranda!” You turned to see Alcina on her feet, ready to fight her again. Mother Miranda turn to her. “How are you still alive?!” She asked. “Oh spare the questions! Lets see how immortal your really are!!” Alcina said as she readies her claws. 

    Mother Miranda laughs evilly. “I’ve never seen a lord live without her heart.” She said as wings form behind her back and flew away. Alcina looks around to find her then she was pushed to the ground by the force of her strong wings. Alcina grunted as she gets up. The vampire slashes at Mother Miranda. She quickly gets up and everything went black. “Rest now Alcina.” She said. Alcina growled. “The hell I will!” She said. Then Mother Miranda came charging at her. “Die die die die!” She repeated. Alcina dodges her and slashes her again. Blood splatters all over the ground. “Your daughter will be just fine. She’ll be happy.” Mother Miranda said.

    “She’s my daughter! How blind are you?!” Alcina said. Then the vampire impaled Mother Miranda, pulling her heart out then everything went back. Alcina crushes it as Mother Miranda screams in agony and turns to crystal and shatters. Alcina pants heavily and approaches you and and her daughters.

    The daughters hugged her and joined too. Alcina looks at her newborn daughter in your arms, crying. Alcina caresses the baby girl’s head but her hands turns to crystal. You gasped as tears fell down. “Alcina...?” You spoke. She places a kiss on the baby and gives you a passionate kiss on your lips like it were the first time then pulls back to say goodbye to her other daughters. “Mother please!” Bela begged. She was about to cry. Cassandra looks down and Daniela turns away. You cried. “Alcina we can help you!” You wife shakes her head. “There’s no need.” She said.

    Alcina kneels down and held her newborn for a minute. “My sweet Alice Dimitrescu...” She whispered. You smiled weakly. That’s a beautiful name. Then the ceremony sight started to shake. Alcina gives Alice back to you. “Leave now!” She said. You started to cry as you hug your wife for the last time. Alcina takes off her necklace with a charm that represents the Dimitrescu family. She takes it off and gives it to you. “I love you,draga mea” Alcina said. The daughters held you back, go back to the castle to find safety. You cried and screamed. 


    Back at the castle you heard the place collapsed. You cried and screamed. “Alcina!” You cried. Alcina will be with you in spirit. She had to this to save you and the family. Alice cried in your arms. You sank down on the floor and cried. The daughters came by and joined you. But thankfully, Mother Miranda is gone. You at your newborn daughter. She has dark hair and beautiful golden eyes. She looks just like your wife.

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  • ramblesofajester
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lady Dimitrescu headcanons

    She loves late nights in her study as you sit on her lap reading as she finishes up paperwork for the wine company and reports for Miranda.

    Cuddling, she loves cuddles you re her personal teddy bear, after meetings with Miranda of fights with Heisenberg, she finds you wandering around the castle and simply picks you up and heads straight to your shared room.

    She will take this to her grave but she loves being the little spoon, especially after fights with her girls, or when she feels she has failed. this is rare though most of the time your her teddy bear.

    Baking, she is not the greatest at it but sometimes she'll order the staff out of the kitchen and will spend the day baking with you. Nine times out of ten you both end up covered in flour and frosting, The girls sometimes joining the fun.

    If you have a hobby or something you really want to do, she will spare no expense. You want to become an artist, top quality brushes paint and pencils and you'll never run out of canvases or paper. wood working, gardening, sculpting collecting things. she always has your back and is willing to help.

    loves carrying you if she needs to cross the castle and you are with her she can and will pick you up and carry you around. Wandering the gardens or the court yard, in her arms, but if you are uncomfortable in any way she will put you down immediately. If you're concerned about your weight she will not hesitate to prove you wrong.

    If you're close with Bella, Cassandra and Daniela she will sit there sipping wine just watching you with her daughters, smile on her face as you either read draw play interments games anything of the sort it warms her heart.

    She would teach you how to defend yourself and eventually help and have the girls teach you how to hunt, she cant stand the thought for you not being able to defend yourself if anything happened and they weren't around.

    She would never hurt you on purpose and when she does she will refuse to touch you for at least a week in fear of doing it again. Although she would still make sure your ok and comfortable, and that all your needs are being met, treating you like you're the finest of china for a long while.

    late night in bed listening to you babbling on about your day and the things you have done is one of her many favorites with you pitching in every now and then to let you know she is listening.

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  • shibasquish
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Some RE8 puppet stickerrrs I made for an upcoming con. They’re on redbubble too if y’all want ‘em!

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  • theprussianqueen
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    RE Village Inktober:

    Week 1 - House of Dimitrescu

    Seems like Lady D’s pet snow leopard took off with a key element in this scene!

    Looks like someone will need a “helping hand” with getting it back…

    Image Description:

    Center bottom is a snow leopard with scars on eyebrow & nose running off with Ethan Winters’ right hand. Lady Dimitrescu is seen from the waist below with claws unsheathed while Ethan Winters stands there frozen not knowing what to do.


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