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  • ozmawesker
    12.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    I made a poll on Twitter. These are the results.

    Note: I have a very tiny follower count, so they were not the sole influencers of who won.

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  • whyamiher03
    12.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Me and my bestie’s going to the dimitrescu castle

    No boys allowed 😹😜

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  • stararch4ngell4dy
    12.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #resident evil#karl heisenberg #resident evil alcina dimitrescu #salvatore moreau #just wait until they get to the fetus #resident evil village #mother miranda #resident evil 8
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  • countdraluka
    12.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #lady dimitrescu x reader #alcina x maiden #the maiden#novitiate#lady dimitrescu
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  • bellatrixobsessed1
    12.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Decided to create a new pinned post with new update things. So first and foremost I’m anticipating that all of these fics will be on break for Azula week (June 15-21)  as I will be busy hosting it as well as part taking in another different Avatar week. 

    I’ve also decided that since I just have so many fics and ideas atm I’m kind of just updating whichever one I feel like updating at the time. Until, eventually, they all get finished.

    If anyone wants to read my fics but can’t find all of the parts, here are links to all of my ongoing projects;

    Speak No Evil: Pair - Tyzula. Azula, in the middle of a rocky redemption/recovery peruses an even shakier relationship with TyLee. Communication is difficult enough before she had lost the ability to speak.

    From Chin To Yon Rah: Pair - Sokkla. After many years, Azula comes home from a journey of self discovery in the Earth Kingdom. It is plenty apparent to Sokka that she has lost someone or something important.

    Ten Sides: Pair - Azulaang. After her breakdown, Azula is sent to an institution that alters her moods using spirit energy. Aang is an instrumental pawn in this endeavor.

    The Killing Cure: Ethan hadn't expected to feel any sort of love or pity for Alcina Dimitrescu. But when the Dagger of Death’s flowers turns her human instead of triggering her mutation, Ethan can't help but feel sympathetic. Soon he finds that he has an unexpected alley in his search for Rosemary.

    A Spark In The Snow:  Azula is a fire in Alcina’s otherwise cold and desolate world. She brings a certain spark to the castle that is as vexing as it is endearing. Anyways, her daughters are fond of the girl so how bad can it be?

    Azutara WIP: TBA

    Also I’m no longer on fanfic.net. I don’t have time to delete 100+ fics manually so the account is still up but it will be inactive from here on out.

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  • foreverrdaniela
    12.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Re8 shitpost.

    [by odinetrix]

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  • sylverstorms
    12.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Bela x Maiden ----Songbird Ch. 4

    Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3

    The sun's first rays illuminate the corridor you're polishing in brilliant oranges and reds.

    When you stop by a window and take a look outside, you see a sky bursting with colors over a snowy landscape. For its beauty and its symbolism, this is, by far, your favorite time of the day; the sunrise.

    You can't help but remember how you would wake up early, to a similar sight, to help your father with the fields. It was a tough, monotonous work, one you didn't want to picture yourself doing for the rest of your life, but now? Now you'd give anything to go back to it.

    Yet time turns back for no one.

    This is your job now, dusting already spotless surfaces and mopping bloodied steps off floors. Not quite what you pictured in your daydreams, but it is what keeps you alive. So you leave fantasies away with a huff and focus on reality.

    The reality of moving to your next designated space to clean: Bela's study.

    You don't bother with asking for permission to go in because you know the daughters are not up during the day. So, you stroll past the threshold, broom in hand—

    "Boo." A low voice comes from behind you that sends you jumping ceiling fucking high.

    Reflexively, you turn to smack your assailant with the broomstick, a scream lost somewhere along the motion. Bela, however, has already grabbed your 'weapon' and pressed a hand to your mouth to muffle your voice –lest you wake up the entire castle.

    When your mind clears enough to realize you're not in immediate danger–probably— you take a deep breath in a failed attempt to calm your drumming heart.

    Bela, the jerk, laughs. And here you thought she was better than her sisters.

    "I... did not... expect you to scream like that." She says between chuckles –and no, you don't think about how attractive that makes her look— lowering her arm back to her side.

    You glare. Your heart feels like it's going to burst in your chest. "Well, I did not expect you to lurk in the corner in broad daylight!"

    "Why not?" she shrugs.

    "Because." you huff out.

    "...let me guess. More vampire assumptions."

    Part of you wants to nod just to spite her, but you simply roll your eyes and create some space between you and the apex predator. You focus on your job so you don't focus on her.

    "Vampirism aside, I thought you sleep during the morning." you don't know what it is that makes you want to keep the conversation going.

    "We do." Bela confirms. "But I couldn't, so."

    "So you thought to scare the living lights out of an unsuspecting maid." you continue.

    "Something like that." she says, taking a seat on the couch with a book in her lap. Your eyes linger a fraction longer on her manicured fingers turning the pages, until you rip them away and turn to your work.

    For several long moments, the chamber is quiet. Strangely enough, it's not the tense type of silence, either, just a soundless calm occasionally broken by the turn of a page or your own steps.

    You find yourself curious about what she's reading mid-way to dusting her desk, so you turn, subtly, to sneak a peek at the book's title. Bela's eyes raise to yours as if on cue.

    "Curiosity killed the cat, you know?" There's a smirk in both her voice and face.

    "Not the bird, though." you retort. Then the golden letters in front of you really register in your brain. "Is that— the Crimson Assassin series? With the heroine that was pushed off the cliff on the first part?" Well. You didn't quite manage to hide your excitement there. Way to sound like a nerd...

    A surprised eyebrow is raised at you. "You've read it?"

    "I binged the entire first novel. I had no idea part two was out already." you admit, dialing the eagerness back a bit. Or you try to, anyway.

    "It is very good." Bela agrees. You recognize the pensive look she gets in her eyes. "...I could lend you the second part to read, if you want."

    The naive part of you immediately wants to say yes. The rest of your brain recognizes the trap behind the cheese, though. Bela can be nice –nicer than the rest— but you are smarter than to use that adjective to describe her as a whole. Or remotely.

    "What's the catch?" you question, duster forgotten on a corner of the desk.

    Bela leans back into the cushions in a measured, regally predatory fashion. "Why should there be one?" and the way she asks confirms it in your head that there is, in fact, a hidden parameter to the deal.

    "Because, agreeable as you can be with us human staff, at the end of the day it all comes down to our use to you."

    You don't like the words that come out of your mouth as you speak them. Years of singing make them sound sweeter than their meaning, yet a blade in its sheath is still a blade.

    You would prefer to weave pretty tales of a beautiful, noble captor you may or may not be strangely attracted to looking out for your well-being, if only to make living here easier for you...

    But. That's a delusion you'd rather not indulge further.

    Bela's expression shifts, ever-so-slightly, no longer containing her earlier mirth. Yet it's also more sincere, no longer a wolf messing with its food.

    "At the end of the day, we're different species." she states like it's a fact. Maybe it is. Maybe you're just fooled by her appearance into doubting it. "I happen to be the superior one, so it's only natural I don't much care about the lower steps of the food chain."

    Ah, there she is. You'd almost forgotten the bloodied demon that you first met in the dungeon.


    "But, you. You intrigue me." Bela says it simply, yellow eyes boring into yours. "I will give you the book in exchange for a song." she offers.

    That, you can do. Music is more than your art and passion; it is your strength. A power you now want to assert over her and her arrogant, impassive, damningly pretty face. Maybe Bela doesn't view humans as much of anything, but you vow to yourself she will be made to listen.

    Your irritation at her earlier talk becomes your driving force. Your nerves perish and free your voice...

    And you sing. Not for her, but for yourself.

    "Catch me as I fall, say you're here and it's all over now,

    Speaking to the atmosphere, no one's here and I fall into myself~"

    You begin, grasping onto the fear and pain you previously would have tried to push away. The crushing loneliness of the castle joins the blend as you continue...

    "This truth drives me into madness;

    I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away,

    If I will it all away~"

    Your time in the dungeon comes to the forefront of your mind. You do not see Bela as much as you see your nightmares raised in front of you.

    "Don't turn away, don't give in to the pain.

    Don't try to hide, though they're screaming your name.

    Don't close your eyes, God knows what lies behind them,

    Don't turn out the light, never sleep, never die..."

    They're only some of the things you kept telling yourself to remain sane. Bela may have asked for a song to see you squirm like a worm from a bird –that's the feeling you got anyway, not that it's easy to tell what her intentions are with the subtle games she plays— but you know you have every ounce of her attention now.

    "Fallen angels at my feet, whispered voices at my ear,

    Death before my eyes, lying next to me I fear,

    She beckons me, shall I give in? Upon my end shall it begin,

    Forsaking all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end... "

    You finish, more than a little proud of yourself for the way Miss 'superior species' is left staring at you.

    Bela blinks, then stands and walks over to you, still bearing that inspecting gaze that now gets on your nerves. The book is presented to you like a prize you've earned, but you're not even sure you want it, anymore.

    "Maybe Songbird isn't as accurate of a nickname for you, after all." she quietly comments, never breaking eye contact. "Maybe... you're more of a Siren."

    "I'm just Rhiannon, actually." you reply, feeling bolder than you should. Perhaps bolder than is smart to be. "I'm no siren; I'm human. And if we're as uninteresting to you as you say we are, don't look at me like that, Bela." As if you're something of value when she outright said before you and your kind are nothing to her at all.

    In your red-seeing, exasperated state, you dare raise a thumb and pointer to her cool chin. Later, you may be surprised that you didn't lose them on the spot.

    "But I will take the book." Because you're pissed now, but you'll want it at some point. "Good day to you."

    You gather your duster and broom –and you're out her study without looking back.

    Makes sense that the intense look of her eyes haunts your mind for the rest of your shift.

    Your type, after all, has always been assholes.

    #bela dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x oc #alcina dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#fanfiction#my writing#creative writing #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #In which Songbird evolves into a Siren and sasses the Vampire big time #dynamics
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  • kaijurakunsobs
    12.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #re8#resident evil #resident evil village #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader
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  • slimylayne
    12.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    Bela prints available for u man things

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  • countmilfula
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    no but imagine alcina writing down the times of “birth” for bela, cassandra, and daniela (if bela is the oldest she either knew whose mutations were completed in what order or she just randomly decided birth order idk idk?)

    and imagine alcina devoting 8 hours to each girl on their shared birthday (am assuming they’d share the same birthdate?) so that each one feels special on their birthday and gets to celebrate in a unique way

    #triplet mom of the year #i thought of 3 birthdays over 3 days but like #i think there'd be some fighting over bela always getting to celebrate on their actual birthdate #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu sisters
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  • i-cant-sing
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #yandere ethan winters #yandere heisenberg#yandere alcina #yandere lady alcina #yandere lady dimitrescu #lady alcina x reader #alcina x reader #lady alcina dimitrescu #lady alcina #yandere resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #re8 alcina dimitrescu #re8 karl heisenberg #re8#re8 village#re8 heisenberg#RE8: TRP#lady dimitrescu #yandere alcina dimitrescu #alcina dimitrescu#yandere moreau#yandere donna #yandere mother miranda
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  • cpblasterdark
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lady dimitrescu my beloved

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  • silvevia
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Alcina: Do you want to know how it fell of being tall?

    Donna: How?

    Alcina: *Lift her up* How do you feel?

    Donna: I….

    Angie: SO HIGH!!!


    Sorry for my bad English :(

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  • countmilfula
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    am also thinking and like...if Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela worked as maids for Castle Dimitrescu before Cadou experimentation, what were their relationships like with Alcina? Did she take notice of them? Did she feel a bond with them when they were just maids? Did she favour them more? Did she suggest them to Mother Miranda for experimentation? Or did she only care after experimentation, when they looked at her as if they were newborns? 

    #all of the maids got killed eventually so i wonder if alcina played any part in which maids were experimented on #or maybe she only cared when they were blank slates as it felt more personal that way? #y'all i have an essay to write but thinking about this is all i'm doing rn #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu sisters
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  • countmilfula
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    a concept: during her human life alcina was a lesbian who shied away from marriage and used her blood disease as an excuse for why she would be an unfit wife. despite not wanting to marry, alcina desperately wanted children but forced herself to give up on this dream as having children would also mean having a husband who could exert control over her and any children they may have. alcina was never especially interested in cadou experimentation and only monitored mother miranda’s experiment on the three girls out of loyalty to mother miranda. upon seeing the girls wake and look at her as if they were newborns, the desires of motherhood that alcina had been trying to suppress for decades returned in abundance. to alcina, the experiment was a success and as far as anyone was concerned, she was the girls’ mother. 

    #i see alcina as a member of aristocracy who always faced pressure to marry #i think she had that Modern Woman vibe of the 20s and 30s but didn't rebuff conventions completely #like she did her own thing but the thought of openly going against or leaving polite society was ?!? in her mind #she's unconventional but tied to convention #sis probably got so much flapper girl pussy during the 1920s lbr #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu #resident evil headcanons #re8 headcanons #resident evil village #re8 #alcina was a lesbian #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu sisters
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  • wolfbart
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "𝐋𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐃𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐮 // 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐄𝐯𝐢𝐥 𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐞✨✨"

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  • linsscars
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    OK I’ve found what I’ve been telling @countessmillarca about... 

    There are ACTUAL TEARS in her eyes 😭😭😭

    #i'm not crying YOU ARE #why we gotta make Alcina cry T_T #Lady Dimitrescu#Alcina Dimitrescu #Resident Evil Village #spoilers
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  • imaginesforjoy
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    New Invention

    Pairing: Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Summary: Heisenberg's recent invention makes room for new possibilities to make Y/N feel good.

    A/N: Someone in the DMs told me Heisenberg should give Y/N the pet name Buttercup instead of sweetheart or sugar so credits to them, also requested by @magicxan.

    Requests are always open.

    Warnings: NSFW, porn without plot, dom!Heisenberg, sex machine invention, rough sex (use of dildo), voyeurism, teasing, slight masturbation, slight fluff in there

    “Listen,” Heisenberg set down a covered box in front of her and Y/N sat up slowly from the wide bed, interested in what experiment he worked on this time. His hat and glasses were sat aside, coat draped over the stool he was previously sitting on.

    “I've been working on this for almost a week and I want you to fucking appreciate it no matter how it looks,” He announced. His smirk broadened when their eyes met.

    “All right, color me intrigued.” Y/N slid to the edge of the bed and looked into his glowing green eyes before dropping her gaze to the present.

    “You better be, honey. This is just for you.” He swooped the oyster-white blanket from the wide invention and looked at her expectantly, waiting for any kind of reaction.

    Her eyes rested on the invention made out of metal scraps and drilled together with screws. If it hadn't been for the phallic object on top of the steel rod, she wouldn’t know what he tried to create.

    It looked wonky and there were obvious holes in some scraps but Y/N could tell he really tried this time.

    Looking up from the creation, she noticed his awaiting gaze and straightened her back immediately.

    “It’s not for me, is it?”

    “Geez, you can thank your lucky stars you’re actually pretty,” Heisenberg rolled his eyes, his gloved hands twitching next to his towering body and the machine started pumping midair. Y/N flinched in her seat, not expecting it to go off suddenly.

    “Well, what do you think? It’s not me who’s going to be impaled like Jesus at the end of the night,” He rubbed his hands together, wiggling his brows as humored as he was.

    “Don’t get me wrong, Karl,” She started carefully and looked at his side profile, earning a deep frown in advance. “But where’s the catch? Usually, you do not like to share.”

    “That is a great question!” The mechanic’s voice grew louder with excitement. “And stupid at the same time. But that’s okay, it is a thinking man's game and you are just a human-”

    “You're starting to tempt me.”

    “Well, don’t you worry, I’m getting straight to the point,” He smirked.

    “This is one of my best inventions so far and you know, I built the factory from scratch. It’s a sex machine put together with my very skilled hands and will stuff your holes just right, buttercup. Solves all the problems, don't you agree?”

    “Where did you even get the… rubber toy,” Y/N raised her brows.

    “Got the Dildo from the Duke.”

    “The Merchant? Where did he get that?” She blinked at him and Heisenberg shrugged his shoulders. “So, he knows what’s going on?”

    “He always does, Y/N. There is no way to hide anything from him.” He shook his head. “Neither from me. I can see it in your eyes. You are aroused - What now?”

    “You want me to take care of you? Of course, you do.” It seemed he would never have enough of his cocky attitude as a smirk spread over his mouth.

    Instead of answering verbally, Y/N popped open the button of her jeans and dragged the material down her legs.

    “Well, this will be a lot of fun!” He announced, dragging a metal fold-out chair from the desk and turned it around. He placed his legs on either side of it, using the back of the chair as an armrest.

    The mechanic lightened a cigar and rested it in between his lips, puffing out smoke while she was undressing from head to toe. His eyes never left her nude body.

    “Where do you want me to sit?” She asked after a moment of silence.

    “That is your choice alone, sweetheart, preferably on this beautiful invention I made. Right on that cock,” His eyes sparkled with mischief and lust.

    “But like I said, go after your pace and whatever you desire,” He added. While that was partly true, Y/N knew the mechanic was highly impatient. She lowered herself on the bed and just like him, she rested her legs on either side of the machine, looking up at him. “I am just here to watch… for now at least.”

    His smirk was crooked and he leaned closer into the armrest, his left leg twitching.

    “You are not going straight to the good stuff, are you?”

    “If you want to help me, just come over and do not be a sore loser.”

    “Sore loser, huh.” He flicked the cigar onto the ground and covered his boot with it, tapping once or twice to put it out. “I shall ignore that but there will be fucking consequences after all.”

    “It’s always empty threads and now you are giving me this sex machine because you can’t deliver anymore,” Y/N said with fire in her eyes and his hand fisted the armrest, bending it under his will.

    “You are stepping over the line.”

    “OK, now, let's get down and dirty because I’m slowly losing my patience here. I need a review of my product at the end of the day, buttercup.”

    “Because that is, of course, the most important thing here.” Her voice was filled with sarcasm and Heisenberg clenched his jaw with his patience running low.

    Despite his predatory gaze and the sheer hunger in it, Y/N felt quite comfortable where she was at. The man always had very weird requests in the bedroom - or rather the factory - as he used every surface to have her on.

    One time, they were making love in the shower and the other day she was chained up from each hook and laid down in the middle of a dark room.

    It would be a lie if Heisenberg would not keep her up on her toes. Sometimes it was exhausting but most days, she was excited to find out what else he had in store for their sexual activities.

    “Your head's someplace else we are in a serious situation here, Y/N. Focus,” He snapped his fingers and she barely noticed a few scraps fly past the corner of her eyes, placed on the inside of her thighs.

    Slowly, her legs were spread apart by his will and he hummed appreciatively.

    “Far better, and you are getting wet already! Just the way I like it,” He exclaimed. Y/N bit on the insides of her cheeks when he spoke louder, meaning his voice became more growly in the beginning and higher at the last syllable of each sentence.

    Y/N enjoyed him talking as much as he does himself, even better when Karl used his foul mouth.

    Dilated pupils peeked through her lashes in the dim light, betraying just how aroused she actually was. The stool screeched as Heisenberg moved it out of his way, removing the worn leather from his covered fingers.

    “What's the matter, am I too slow for you?” She asked. Hopefully, her voice sounded more composed than she felt.

    The metal around her thighs dug into her skin, scratching and warning her to stop teasing him. A man could only take so much before completely breaking apart.

    “Very much, yes,” He spoke. “But, oh well, if one isn't willing to pay the penalty, one shouldn't play the game. I have warned you, haven't I?”

    Y/N stopped breathing for a moment, his right knee resting on the edge of the bed while he folded up his sleeves. The material stretched underneath his muscles and he popped one button open.

    “Now do as I have requested from you,” He drawled out.

    Y/N complied then, shuffling closer to the machine and angling her legs just right for him to see everything.

    The tip of the rubber toy nudged against her wet entrance - Usually, she would have preferred some foreplay but his voice and the display in front of her alone made her eager enough to go with it.

    “Don’t forget to lube it,” Heisenberg licked his bottom lip and looped one thumb underneath the belt, sporting a huge tent in his pants.

    “I wish you would touch me,” She sighed, fingers tentatively moving down her belly across her pelvis.

    “I know,” He mused. “First you’re going to play with yourself, then this beautiful invention will use you like the fuck slut you are. Understand?”

    Y/N nodded, rubbing her fingers over her clit and her legs jerked involuntarily with electricity running through the pit of her stomach. She whimpered, then proceeded to coat the dildo.

    “That’s my good girl. Now lean back and let me show you how great I can make you feel without even touching you!” He pressed her cheeks together and forced her to look at him. She leaned forward, their lips barely an inch away when she gasped out loud.

    The machine bucked forward and thrust inside of her in a swift movement, her walls clenched tightly around the toy and tried to grip it desperately.

    She had her hair tied into a ponytail that had a few wisps falling out and they were flowing in slight movements that would rock her back and forth with the machine.

    Heisenberg was hovering above her, with grey medium-length hair and hypnotizing green eyes. His fully bearded cheeks held a smirk as he offered his help in a mocking sense, his hand barely resting on her moving hips.

    “Please,” She tried to say but it was a mere whisper, choking on her own ragged breath. His warm hand explored her skin, never going too close where she needed him the most.

    “You are starting to like this, don't you? When you are being pounded and watched,” Heisenberg smirked, tugging her head back by her ponytail.

    Y/N squeezed her eyes shut, rutting backward with every fast and hard push of the machine.

    “I asked you a question,” Heisenberg warned.

    “Yes, yes, that feels so good! Please, don’t stop.” She choked out. Something inside of her unraveled as her fingers dug into the flesh of his forearms, begging and shouting his name like a prayer.

    “I told you so.”

    Heisenberg pushed the few strands of hair out of her face, caressing the soft skin underneath her eyes. He held her cheeks fully in his hands then and leaned forward, nose barely grazing hers.

    Y/N leaned in as well, lips quivering with pleasure and adrenaline, wanting to feel his lips and tongue on her. Just when she felt the plush of his mouth for a second, he pulled away and chuckled.

    “Fucking kiss me already,” She frowned, then gasped again.

    “Where is that tone coming from, Y/N? Maybe if you ask nicely again, I might give you that honor,” Heisenberg commented. His fingers twitched and she wailed, the machine slowing down.

    Y/N felt the chase leaving her body and the blinding pleasure going with it. She became frustrated, shaking hands flying out to reach him. His clothes, arms, anything.

    “Pound me harder. Please.” She begged with tears in her eyes, “And your mouth. I need you, please. I was so close.”

    “Don’t worry, we will get there again. I am very sure,” He said before capturing her lips in a heated kiss, swallowing her loud yelps when the machine picked up on speed.

    The sound of slickness and muffled moans echoed off the bedroom walls, Karl’s hips rolling into the side of her hips involuntarily. He could not help it.

    She wrapped one arm around the back of his neck, fingers going through his hair as the other fiddled with the belt that hung around his hips.

    “Karl, please, I-I want to come around you.” She breathed against his lips that formed into a smirk quickly.

    “So many wishes. My, my, can’t you get enough?” He tutted, slapping her groping hand away and earning a low whine. His mouth trailed down her cheeks, sharp teeth peeking out of them and grazing the sensitive skin on her neck just right.

    “What made you so greedy, buttercup?” He whispered.

    “Was it my gift?” His growly voice took an edge to it and the machine kept up on an unnatural speed shortly, making her shout with pleasure. “Or my mouth?”

    His teeth sunk into her skin, biting her neck before licking it clean. Y/N closed her eyes with her twitching fingers deep in his hair, yelping at the unknown feeling and melting with the whitening pleasure.

    She was so close. So close.

    “Do that again,” She moaned out loud and added for his cocky attitude, “Please.”

    Y/N was surprised with the feeling of slight pain again, Heisenberg humming into her neck and painfully bruising it.

    He removed his teeth from her and kissed the spot with a smirk, “All marked up and just for me to see, huh? You are so pretty like this. Maybe I should fill your cunt with my cum like the bitch you are. Would you like that?”

    She whined and nodded profusely, feeling like she was getting closer and closer to the edge she was desperately waiting for. A knot formed in the pit of her stomach and she closed her shaking legs around the machine, the metal scraps digging into her skin.

    “Tell me, are you close? Are you about to come?”

    “Yes, yes, god yes,” She whined and the whitening pleasure set off with an alarmingly loud moan, two of his warm fingers circling her clit and guiding her through the hot electricity.

    Y/N felt tears roll down her face, relieved from the height and frustrated that there was still something inside of her that needed to be touched.

    “Yes, you were such a good girl, Y/N,” He hummed, the machine slowly stopping in its halt and placing it somewhere else behind him. “But do you really think you are done? I haven’t had my fair share yet. I need to be inside of your sweet cunt after all.”

    His smirk was predatory and almost animalistic when he unbuckled his belt in a swift motion.

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    Alcina: “Donna! You can’t just Date and Kiss my cousin!” Donna: “Yes I effing can!” Smooches Dion Alcina: “STOP!” Adult Dion: :)

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