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  • You don’t have to complete some grand mystical quest to carry the message.

    Just be there. Be understanding, be empathic, be kind. Share your experiences, your strength, and your hope. The AA message of love and that it works will find those who needed. All you can do is pray that they are ready to hear it. 

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  • Prompt: The Alcoholic Anonymous (minus the anonymous) featuring Tony Stark, Valkyrie and Jessica Jones

    More parts of it?

    Looking back, Tony isn’t sure when this… tradition of theirs begun.

    How his anxiety-filled nights with too many nightmares crowding his head or the days where he needs to dull his mind from the hundreds of tangents it runs on were suddenly less empty; with people sitting with him behind the bar, hands gripping the necks of their chosen poison like it was their lifeline, similarly tethered to reality by alcohol. Life becomes a film grain haze — memories distorted by a deluge of inhibitors — because that’s the only way it seems livable some times. Less broken edges to cut themselves upon, fooled into thinking its harshness was soft, and even if they stepped on its shards, they’d be too far gone to feel the pain.

    He knows he can’t find his answers at the bottom of the flask, he’s had too many years of experience as a functioning alcoholic to even believe that, and his optimism doesn’t apply where his personal life was concerned.

    Jessica Jones, with her budding PTSD of mind control and abuse, knows the same.

    The first time she steps into his penthouse, she assesses the entrance and exits, then his lifestyle — there isn’t much personalisation and his living space looks like he took it out from a furniture catalogue — and her eyes eventually land on the expansive bar. She reads the labels and it’s like she’s greeting an old friend before she asks if she could have a drink.

    Jones likes whiskey, lives life on a perpetual buzz, hates cases with scumbags cheating but they pay, wants justice and works within it while being all too aware of its unfairness and flaws. She’s brash, lumbers around with too much strength, isn’t too careful with inanimate objects and he learns quickly to give her reinforced flasks for her alcohol intake.

    Valkyrie just wants the drink for what it is on most days because spending lifetimes with a drink in her hand has created a habit she can’t break out of easily. With only vestiges of her glory days to cling onto and memories to cradle in the deep gutting hole of ruined purpose, she once attempted to fill the emptiness with a sea. She drowns her demons successfully and weighs them down at bedrock but she doesn’t let up.

    So they drink.

    At first it’s just him, chugging one bottle after another because Extremis enhanced his ability to burn through the substance (why did it have to add on to his impressive tolerance?), and neither of the pair were ones to give up a good drink. It keeps happening — how easily they fall back into their vices without persuasion — and they don’t try to stop each other as they saw futility in themselves.

    “I drink because it makes me feel good,” Valkyrie admits one night. “I drink because I can prove to others, no matter how off-footed I am, I’m good. They can’t win.”

    Tony knocks his head back and laughs, ignoring the wetness on his cheek. He raises his own bottle as a toast of agreement. “I drink because Starks are known to hold their drink. That no matter how drunk I am, I’m still smarter than most.”

    Groaning, Jess mumbles with her head between her knees. “I drink to forget.”

    Half-truths. Half-lies.

    They meet in the blurs; in the throes of haunting clarity they want to banish but don’t think they deserve to.

    “I killed someone.”

    “I’ve killed too many I stopped counting.”

    “I watched all of my comrades die.”

    “I was powerless.”

    “I was ignorant.”


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  • Prompt: The Alcoholic Anonymous (minus the anonymous) featuring Tony Stark, Valkyrie and Jessica Jones

    Can someone please make it happen? 

    Tony scrunches his nose. “M’sorry, but why do both of your problems have such weird names? I mean, Killgrave and Hela? Really? It’s like–” he takes a long swig of his scotch– “they’re not even trying, y'know? Kinda screams, ‘don’t go near it’ or ‘the end of the world is comin’. What’s up with that.”

    “Shut the fuck up,” Jess sneers, well, slurs at him. “I don’t want to hear that from a person whose enemies are named after a language. The fucking nerve of you.”

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  • I just finished my step 7

    And boy, lemme tell ya, step 7 got me all fucked up (in a good way).

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  • “If we’re not growing, we’re dying. If we’re not progressing, we’re regressing. This is life or death.”

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  • Sometimes i think that im ok and then i just realise i relapased to my addictive behavior… acting the same, different “substance”. From gambling, to even videogames, i found myself letting myself destroy everything i built over and over.

    Not picking up dosent help me to avoide this destructive pattern.

    I cant keep overlook it every time. I cant live like that.

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  • I was at EACYPAA this weekend and I got so much out of this experience. I am beyond blessed to have been able to attend this amazing convention. I heard some wonderful people speak and took a lot what they said home with me. I’m so lucky to have an amazing sober network and to be apart of my areas young people committee so I can help the next alcoholic. I’ll see y’all at ESCYPAA in October 😜❤️.

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  • I dont understand why getting back on my feet after a relapse is even harder than geting sober at the begining.

    Im disapointing my family, and im hurting myself, but i dont know how to get sober again.

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  • “Thank you is the biggest poem I’ve got inside of me.”

    Started off 2018 the right way. I celebrated my first New Year’s Eve sober, it was quiet and very anticlimactic, which I’m taking as a good thing. I cannot wait to continue my sober journey in this new year. I’m so grateful for the men and women of AA who have inspired me, supported me and encouraged me. I would not be who I am without you. My Higher Power has graced me and working steps six & seven have been so amazing. Keep coming!

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  • pali giname gamoto…

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  • Today was my first official start of treatment.  I am overwhelmed.  Talking about feelings is not my strong suit, but I know I’m in the right place.  It’s the only decision I’ve made in a very, very long time that I’ve felt good about.  I crashed and burned. 

    How can I feel burned out if there was no fire inside me?

    My goal for the week is to control anxiety.  My character defect is having no ability to handle my emotions, or my adult life.

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  • Step 6

    “We’re entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

    I cannot continue to live and think the way I was before sobriety. It will certainly lead to a slippery slope and eventually death if I continue. I must be willing and trust in my Higher Power to live through me so I can be useful to my fellowship and others suffering. I willingly turn it over to my Higher Power because I am not in control, he is. It’s all or nothing.

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  • 7 months

    I am 7 months sober as of the 18th of October and this week has thrown its hardest tests at me but I will not lose what I have accomplished and I’ll keep praying to my Higher Power to use me as a tool to spread the message of AA. I cannot drink. I don’t want to drink. I will not drink.

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  • My sponsor has literally become like my best friend, we sat for an hour to catch up and I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. I love her. I’m truly blessed

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