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    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Not me wanting a series of shadow and bone written from The Darkling’s perspective

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    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #darkling x reader #aleksander morozova x reader #aleksander morozova #the darkling x reader #the darkling #shadow and bone #shadow and bone imagine #sab netflix #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone fanfic #the darkling x reader fluff #darkling x reader fluff #darkling fluff
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    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I really need to get the first part of my TWST Wonderland fanfic typed out and posted before Leona's birthday on Tuesday. But I keep getting sidetracked on AO3. Specifically by writingerror and any and all Darklina fics.


    #Twst Wonderland#Darklina#Darkling#Alina Starkov #tall dark and handsome is aesthetic I didn't know I was obsessed with until I saw Aleksander Morozova and Malleus Draconia #and Loki#and Hades#oh #never forget Kylo Ren
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  • callstolike
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    alina: i'm angry because you stole my power and betrayed me. i have nothing to say to you.

    aleksander, drinking heavily: talk to me or i'll kill your boyfriend. also why don't you like me anymore :///

    #m #m reads sab #alcohol / #idiot man whom i love #otp: like calls to like #shadow and bone #the darkling#aleksander morozova#darklina#alina starkov
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  • aniquasstrawberries
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Golden Cages series

    summary: You have lived isolated from the outside world in a forest for a large portion of your life. One day, a mistake you made causes you to end up with the Darkling wounded in your cottage. Time passes as you both become closer while you nurse him back to health. When it is time for him to return to the Little Palace, you go with him, which puts you on the track of a new part of your life.

    A Secret Garden

    Greek Mythology!AU
    summary: You were forced to stay in the garden that your mother, Demeter, made for you. A mysterious god soon enters without her knowledge and the secret love that you both share becomes something that you no longer want to hide.

    Pencil Case

    summary: You and Aleksander are unaware that your pining is mutual, which leaves an opportunity for a lot of situations to transpire in Os Alta’s most prestigious postsecondary educational institution.


    summary: You’re locked in your room when you refuse to participate in the Darkling’s plans to “change the world.”

    If This Was a Movie... 

    summary: Kaz’s actions sometimes have you feeling like you were the last name on his list, but he is the kind to not even notice sometimes.

    Golden Cages series

    summary: You have lived isolated from the outside world in a forest for a large portion of your life. One day, a mistake you made causes you to end up with the Darkling wounded in your cottage. Time passes as you both become closer while you nurse him back to health. When it is time for him to return to the Little Palace, you go with him, which puts you on the track of a new part of your life.


    summary: You’re locked in your room when you refuse to participate in the Darkling’s plans to “change the world.”
    #shadow and bone fanfiction #six of crows fanfiction #darkling x reader #aleksander morozova x reader #general kirigan x reader #malyen oretsev x reader #mal x reader #kaz brekker x reader #ben barnes x reader #freddy carter x reader #archie renaux x reader #darkling x you #aleksander morozova fanfiction #general kirigan fic #malyen oretsev imagine #kaz x y/n #darkling angst#darkling fluff#kaz angst#kaz fluff#mal fluff#mal angst #x black reader #x poc reader #reader insert
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  • thebadgerclan
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Home Early

    Pairing: Aleksander Morozova x reader

    Summary: In the middle of the night, your husband returns home...

    A/N: Not requested, but I keep thinking about this idea and wanted to write some fluff for my baby 😂😊

    dusha moya-my soul

    The bed dipped at your side, and you stirred, rolling over lazily to see what the disturbance was.  Through the daze of sleep, you realized that the oprichniki stationed outside your door were ordered to let nobody into your rooms in your husband’s absence, which could only mean….  “Aleksander?”  Lips pressed to your forehead, a hand on your hip.  “I’m home, milaya.”  You sat up quickly, still groggy, but eyes wide open.  “You’re home,” you repeated, and in the dim light, you could see your husband smile.  “I am.”

    He pulled you into his arms, and you inhaled his scent.  “I thought you wouldn’t be home for another two weeks,” you said.  Aleksander had been attending to pressing Second Army business in Os Kervo and before he’d left, he’d told you he would likely be gone for at least a month and a half, if not more.  But here he was, home two weeks early, looking weary but happy to see you.  “Storms were rolling in off the True Sea,” Aleksander explained, rising to his feet, shucking his kefta from his shoulders and removing the rest of his clothes.  “Second Army evacuated further inland and my guard insisted we begin the journey home.  Our business was all but finished and I was eager to get home to you.”

    You smiled as your husband climbed into bed next to you, pulling the black silk sheets over the pair of you.  Aleksander held his arms open to you, which you eagerly snuggled into, smiling contentedly.  “I missed you so much, Sasha,” you said, voice muffled as your face was buried in his chest, but Aleksander heard you loud and clear, and his heart swelled with affection and love for you.  “I missed you too, lapushka, so much.  But I’m home now, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

    Aleksander didn’t leave the Little Palace for extended periods much, knowing how it pained you to be apart from him for too long, and how it pained him just the same, but when he did, when there was business that the Black General was absolutely required for, he was gone for weeks at a time.  But you pushed those thoughts from your head, cuddling closer to Aleksander.  He pressed a kiss to your forehead before tipping your chin up to kiss you properly.

    His lips were warm and firm against yours, the kiss sweet, tender, sensual, and lingering.  One arm wrapped around your middle, hand splaying across the small of your back, the other hand cupping the back of your head, holding you as close as possible to him.  His touch was like a drug, and you nuzzled closer yet to your husband.  “Aleksander,” you sighed, and he hummed, kissing you again.  “I know,” he said, sensing your need to be close to him, to be held and cuddled.  

    You shifted, burying your face once more in Aleksander’s chest, his hand coming to stroke gently up and down your back.  He was on his side, arms wound around you, with you facing him, one arm draped over his waist, the other curled against your chest.  Aleksander pressed a kiss to your temple as you yawned.  “Tired, my sweet?”  You nodded, curling in on yourself, into Aleksander’s embrace.  “I don’t sleep well when you’re not here.”

    After a moment, you spoke again.  “Tell me about your trip.”  But Aleksander shook his head.  “You’re tired, liymibaya, I’ll tell you in the morning.”  “Please, Aleksander?  I missed your voice.”  Your husband hummed in acknowledgement, chest rumbling against your ear.  “Oh darling,” he cooed, stroking his hand  over your shoulders.  “Alright, dusha moya.  The Fold was a hassle, as it always is, but we crossed it unscathed, both times.  The soldiers were doing well, as well as I could expect…”  Aleksander went on about his travels, knowing he’d have to tell you again in the morning, but he didn’t mind.  You happily fell back asleep, warm in your husband’s arms, his voice in your ear.

    #aleksander morozova x reader #shadow and bone fanfiction #the darkling x reader #general kirigan x reader #shadow and bone reader insert
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  • callstolike
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    the one good thing to come out of aleksander's narrative in rule of wolves is that it showed he was capable of putting the same burden of suffering on himself as he did to others in the original trilogy.

    for everything he put genya and alina through for his idea of the greater good of ravka, it’s clear at least the believes in his own moral code enough to commit himself to it if he believes it’s right, even if this means essentially an eternity of unbearable suffering (which is ridiculously unfair on multiple levels, but that’s a whole other post).

    #lb still did him SO DIRTY #but i appreciate this aspect of the duology wrt him #sab#sab meta#grishaverse#nikolai duology #rule of wolves #the darkling#aleksander morozova#m#meta
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  • thistledots
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Now that we know that S2 will likely start filming this November, I am now manifesting a scene where Alina angrily lashes out at Aleks using the Cut and our dumb villain ends up simping even more🤣

    #shadow and bone #darklina#alina starkov#aleksander morozova #you know Ben can change expressions in 0.06 secs
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  • thesevenwondersofawitch
    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Did I forget to post this when I made it last month? Yes. Did I almost forget to post it again yesterday? Also yes. But finally it has been made viewable to my lovely subscribers, so enjoy!

    #thetalesofagrimheart#thesevenwondersofawitch #the seven wonders of a witch tribute videos #youtube#ben barnes#baghra morozova#baghra#the darkling#aleksander#aleksander morozova#alina starkov#darklina #alina x kirigan #general kirigan#aleksander kirigan #ben barnes shadow and bone #shadow and bone edit #shadow and bone spoilers #shadow and bone #shadow and bone netflix #grisha#grisha netflix#grishaverse #the sun summoner #the little palace #zoya nazyalensky #ivan x fedyor #kaz brekker#mal oretsev#shadow fold
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  • howtostandinsilence
    24.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    @greensaplinggrace’s post about what to change about the ending to the Shadow and Bone trilogy hits on a lot of good points, but I’m curious about the mention of a third amplifier Darkling? Are there any posts about that out there? It makes a lot more sense than a third amplifier Mal and I like the idea a lot.

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  • atlas-of-a-human-soul
    24.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Illuminated, pt.2

    Summary: Seeing an old friend isn’t always a happy occasion, but it can direct you to someone who undoubtedly makes your heart beat faster.

    Warnings: talk of war and death, book spoilers

    Part 1   


    It felt strange to be walking the same halls she once revered. Y/N had barely grown at all since her time at Little Palace, if anything she'd claim she got shorter, but the walls didn't seem as intimidating as they used to.

    Back then, she was just a clueless girl with dreams that turned into nightmares. The war had left deep wounds everywhere in Ravka and for that, Y/N would curse Alina Starkov's name until her dying breath.

    Ravka trusted Alina to rescue them from the darkness, but she only expanded it. She fled from her responsibility and responded with force when General Kirigan asked for accountability.

    Y/N was considered too young to be allowed in battle, sent away by the Darkling with children who have not yet mastered their particular branch of small science. Grisha a year older than her were given the chance to protect Ravka, something she wished she could have done. 

    If it were up to her, she'd have stood by him instead of hiding.

    Y/N had always been quite capable of controlling her power. Whether it be fire, wind or water, she held a firm grasp over all three elements with an iron fist and a terrifyingly sharp mind. She had developed attacks no one else is capable of, the kind that made other Grisha wary of her ferocity.

    Naturally, she assumed that was why General Kirigan had called on her. The last thing she expected was to have the General, her King, admire the abominable blue flames she wields.

    "Y/N?" A breathless reminder of a voice she once knew had stopped her in her tracks.

    Looking over her shoulder, Y/N's lips break into a wide smile at the sight of her old friend and confidant.

    She didn't waste time, running toward the girl who had fiery hair Y/N always wanted to have too. Colliding with Genya, Y/N couldn't stop a laugh that escaped her as she wrapped her arms around her much taller friend.

    “I. Can’t. Breathe!” Genya manages to say between shallow, strained breaths. 

    Chuckling, Y/N releases her from the death grip she calls a hug. She’s never been subtle in showing affection, or hate.

    “I can’t believe it’s you!” Y/N exclaims, her attempt to quiet down failing before she even tries.

    With a surprised smile set on her lips, Genya nods. “I didn’t realize you’d be at Little Palace.”

    Faltering, Y/N licks her lips as her smile is erased. “You don’t seem too happy about that.”

    “Little Palace isn’t exactly the safest place in Ravka anymore”, Genya musses.

    Scoffing, Y/N furrows her eyebrows. “Alina made it unsafe.” Lifting her chin, Y/N continues, “The Darkling will protect us.”

    Pursing her lips, Genya looks around carefully to ensure they’re alone. “That’s the problem. While he’s here, no one is safe.” Taking Y/N by the elbow, she pulls her aside toward the open window to help disguise their voices from any curious listeners. “Alina was our only hope of killing him.”

    Ripping her arm away from Genya’s hold, Y/N narrows her eyes at the friend she once trusted more than anyone else in this world. When there was no hope, Genya put a smile on her face. Even when Y/N was losing herself, she had Genya to remind her of who she is.

    She never doubted her friend, never questioned her loyalty or sanity. Until now. 

    “Genya, who did you fight alongside with?” Y/N asks sharply, her lips forming a thin line.

    “You don’t know the entire story”, Genya tries but Y/N steps away as if she’d been burned.

    The war had made warriors from children for no matter how they tried to protect their innocence, war leaves no one untouched. When Alina Starkov decided to turn her back on Grisha, Y/N and many others have been forced to grow up far too quickly. No silly crushes or petty arguments mattered for the blood had reached them once Alina slaughtered Botkin in front of them. It was the only taste of war Y/N had for she had killed for the first time on that day. 

    Alina is the reason she has blood on her hands.

    “The story I do know is enough for me”, Y/N huffs as she shakes her head at Genya. “The fact our General did not kill you is proof of his generosity. Perhaps you should learn to appreciate him. Your precious Alina never showed such mercy.”

    Turning her back on Genya, Y/N headed back. She didn’t want to explore the old corridors anymore, but to bathe and sleep. From tomorrow on, she’ll be working with Kirigan on her new ability and she didn’t want to display any reasons for him to distrust her.

    She pauses as Genya speaks up.

    “I wonder what will get you killed faster – your loyalty or stubbornness?”

    Turning her head to the left, Y/N could see her old friend in her peripheral vision. “At least I’ll die for something I believe in. I’ll die for Ravka. Can you say the same?”

    Fuming, Y/N tossed and turned in her bed. She turned the pillow to the colder side, she even tried turning her head on the opposite side of the headboard, but nothing could calm her mind or the itching to use her powers to blow off some steam.

    The one part of herself she truly did connect with the Inferni was the temper she often got in trouble for. When Nina Zenik called her stupid, she burned off her eyebrows and Botkin forced her to wake up at the crack of dawn and do sprints for the next month as punishment. It’s probably the only time in her life she was truly in good form.

    Grunting, she raised her legs and slammed them back on the mattress in frustration. Tossing the blanket off, she grabbed her blue kefta and left the room. 

    Her footsteps echo the halls as she all but runs out, straight into the foggy morning air outside. The cold pinches her skin, her lips trembling for a moment before she sinks her front teeth into her bottom lip. Her breaths come in visible puffs of air as she wraps her arms around her middle while securing her hands under her armpits to stop herself from using her power that’s calling to her like the siren song calls sailors to their certain death.

    Y/N always had the misfortune of wearing her heart on her sleeve with those she cares for. She also has a nasty tendency to either feel nothing or everything at once and when someone she loves turns out to be different than what she believed, it causes an uncontrollable explosion of emotion deep within.

    “Is there a particular reason you’re outside at this ungodly hour?” A deep voice makes her gasp as she turns to look at the very person she most admires.

    Raising her eyebrows, she nearly laughed as she realized the Darkling wore not his kefta, but the clothes he sleeps in. It’s loose clothing, black as his kefta and horse and yet it gives off a softness she did not realize a man as powerful as him could ever possess.

    “I’d ask you the same, General”, she retorts with her eyebrows still raised as if she’s challenging him to come closer and make her stop ogling him.

    For a moment, she thought he might turn away and leave as he stood there calmly. It feels as if he’s studying her, taking in every inch of her and committing it to memory. If it were any other man, Y/N would have spoken up or acted out to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of being watched so intimately, yet she didn’t want Kirigan to ever stop looking at her. If not for her fear of being too forward, she’d invite him closer.

    As if he read her mind, Kirigan takes a step closer….and then another one. She can’t help but wonder what’s going through his mind. 

    What does he see when he looks at her? 

    How does she look in his eyes, because the way he’s looking at her now is taking her breath away?

    He looks at her as if there is something worth looking at.

    “Sometimes my mind turns on me”, he admits in a low, quiet tone that Y/N has to strain to hear him properly. “I’ve lived a long life and a longer one awaits me. My mind is full of ghosts that want retribution for what I did to them.”

    Swallowing thickly, she straightens her back as she comes closer – close enough to feel his breath as it fans the hair at the top of her head.

    “What did you do to them?”

    The left corner of his lips twitches. “You’d think ill of me if I told you.”

    Averting her gaze to his bare chest revealed by the wind as it pulled the fabric of his shirt, Y/N licks her lips. She argues with herself on her next move, wondering if it would be improper to touch the man who had been considered untouchable by everyone she ever met. Her fingers years to feel his skin under their tips, to slowly trail the jawline she wants to press her lips against.

    Frowning softly, she bites her lower lip as she locks her eyes on his dark ones. Unlike many before her, she does not crumble under the weight of his heavy gaze. Her heart trembles as she reaches out and places her palm on his chest.

    He didn’t expect her to touch him, tensing up. It’s surprising how warm her hand is, more so how inviting the warmth is. He’s hyper-aware of every breath he takes as his chest expands under her touch, hoping this incredibly brazen Grisha does not feel the way his heart jumps with the sudden surge of her bravery.

    When he notices her lips move, he holds his breath as if the simple act of breathing could muffle her voice and make it harder for him to soak up the blind loyalty and love she holds for him.

    “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two different things. You’re not evil for choosing to protect yourself and your country. I could never think badly of you, General.”

    It’s been a long time since he found someone so incredibly devoted to him and his cause, exhilarating him to the core. Alina had never truly believed in him for she always considered him wicked, but Y/N couldn’t be more different. Perhaps he’s right and this time it will work. 

    With someone trusting as Y/N is, he can’t possibly fail again.

    Letting her hand fall, Y/N looks away as she realizes she crossed the line and his silence is the easiest way for him to inform her of it. Truth be told, she wondered who was the last woman who got to lay her hand on his chest.

    Was it Alina?

    There were rumors of the relationship Kirigan and Alina supposedly had and Y/N always felt a pang of jealousy upon hearing the girls talk. She never knew him, she never truly had him and she never will, but the idea someone else does brought her pain.

    Perhaps her overthinking or the increasingly awkward silence prompted her temper to speak instead of her brain.

    "Did you love her?" Y/N blurts out. 

    Her eyes widen as she realizes her thoughts have become vocal and in the presence of the very man she should be watching her mouth around.

    "I apologize. It must be a difficult time to reminisce about." Maybe Nina was right – she is stupid!

    "It is quite alright.” Darkling lets out an audibly heavy breath. “I did not love her, I trusted her. I trusted her enough to put all my hope for a better Ravka on her shoulders and she betrayed our country."

    "No", she reaches out slowly, her hand finding its way to his as it gingerly grasps his fingers. "She betrayed you."

    Smiling reluctantly, Kirigan finds himself wondering if he should embrace the fact Y/N seems to be a very touchy person or if he should set some boundaries. Despite the shiver that runs down his spine, he allows her hand to fully take his as he closes his fingers around hers.

    "I should have seen it coming. I'm far too used to betrayal."

    "I'd never do that", she pauses. "I'd never betray you. I'd never break your trust."

    Her responses are quick, so innocent and naïve that he can’t help but feel guilty about every moment he spends near her. No one should send a doe eyed beauty into the clutches of a beast so easily, yet he has no desire to force her to leave.

    "Don't make promises you can't keep."

    Smiling, her entire face lights up. It’s a true delight to witness so early in the morning after a long night of nightmares he faced.

    “Do not worry, General. I have every intention on proving myself to you.”

    Glancing at their hands, her smile widens. She spent years wishing for this and now that it’s happening she can’t seem to believe it’s real.

    “The sun will come up soon”, he changes the topic.

    Y/N fears he might leave and her hand would be back at her side as she watches his retreating figure, but when he speaks again her heart dances in her chest.

    “Would you like to watch the sunrise with me?”

    Inhaling sharply, she nods. “Very much so.”

    Unfortunately for them, someone else couldn’t sleep that night and they had seen just enough for a terrible plan to be born.


    A/N - So, I’m definitely going to play with the books here and twist some things to fit the storyline I have in mind. There might be some spoilers, so read with caution. I debated on making more than a one shot for this and taking on some ideas I have for Darkling but also Nikolai, so I’m not sure how long this will be just yet. 

    Tags: @deceivedeer​ @evyiione​ @measshaw​

    #the darkling x reader #the darkling #aleksander kirigan x reader #aleksander morozova x reader #aleksander morozova#aleksander kirigan #general kirigan x reader #general kirigan #shadown and bone
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  • andromedabennet
    24.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    song of dying stars (ch 8)

    It has been over two days since the vision, and he hasn’t yet slept. He is afraid to see what will happen when he tries.
    Is it better to close his eyes and see her for those fleeting moments, knowing that it’s an ordinary dream but too happy to care? Or would it be harder just to lose her over and over again, each night a painful reminder that the day brings him no peace?
    And what if she does not appear at all? If his dreams are empty and dark?
    It’s hard to imagine surviving that. Not because he is weak, but because she had been his only hope. She was his anchor, and now he is as lost to the waves as Baya in the story.

    darklina | dreamsharing | dark alina | graphic depictions of violence

    E | WIP | 36k | (8/10?)

    moodboard by @helloeurydice

    Read chapter eight or start at the beginning

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  • stupidlyentangled
    24.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    mercy, i implore: a Siege & Storm oneshot (teaser)

    “Now, Alina,” the Darkling murmurs low, tone dipping to one of pure sin that makes her insides tighten longingly, “Won’t you let me see how sweet you look when you come?”

    Set somewhere during Siege & Storm. The Darkling interrupts Alina in a rather intimate moment. Alina learns there isn't much moral high ground left once she came with his name on her lips.

    coming soon on my ao3!

    (the idea of a siege & storm oneshot was inspired by the lovely @lightning-strikes-twice “Reflections Of A Saint” because Never shall a siege & storm au be written again without having to mention that MASTERPIECE <3)

    #yes this will be pure smut what else did u expect #a little gift in the meantime while i try to round up my chaos of fics #its canon that she slept in his bed and u cant expect me not to write smut abt it #alina starkov #siege & storm #siege and storm au #darklina#the darkling #the darkling/alina starkov #alarkling#darklina fanfiction#alarkling fanfiction#aleksander morozova #general kirigan/alina starkov #shadow and bone #sab #shadow & bone #shadow & bone netflix #my fic
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  • ronni-right
    24.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Promt word: caress

    It's a habit nowadays. Kiss her neck when she is still asleep, get dressed and have breakfast, then kiss her once she is up from the bed and then kiss her growing stomach and wisper "daddy loves you, little pumpkin, and he loves your mum too". Alina eyes are soft.

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  • morozovas-legacy
    24.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Hi everybody. How are you all doing? I hope everything is alright.

    I haven't been active at all for the past few weeks. I guess i needed a break from the grishaverse fandom. And during this break, i was able to clear my head and focus on myself and my goals more.

    I also came to a sad conclusion. I don't know if i should feel sorry or sad for it. But i am no longer interested in s&b as much as i was before. Which is, for me, a very good thing.

    The toxicity in this fandom messed me up too much. Everytime i would come in the darklina tag, to feel safe about my ship, i would end up angry, uncomfortable or feeling anxious because of some hateful posts. Same goes for instagram.

    I can't do it anymore.

    That's why i am leaving the fandom. Not completely leaving, but i'll just stay in my own bubble, apart. It's for the best.

    I might be too sensible. But i just prefer to leave before matters get worse. I also have many things i should focus on.

    What saddens me most is that i met great people in here. And i will keep in touch with them, because i adore talking to them. They are why i will never regret joining the gv fandom.

    I might post from time to time, idk. And i am sorry for this abrupt message.

    I hope you have a great day. Take care of yourselves and stay safe. I love you ❤❤❤

    #shadow and bone #alina starkov#the darkling#aleksander morozova #shadow and bone fandom #i will continue on reading darklina fics tho #lmao#darklina
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    24.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Alina and The Darkling - Shadow and Bone

    Artist: @minta.art

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    24.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I never would allow it if I didn’t like her.

    Part 1 / Part 2 /

    Not only you notice it. Zoya speaks to you at the dinner. She tips on your shoulder and nod to the empty chair. It was the first time he sat down on the table since you gave him the advice. “I wonder why he does it.”, Zoya whispers. “And do you see his little smile? He looks so handsome if he smiles.I believe it was a good day.”

    You take your glass and look to Aleksander. Your eyes catch his and you have to smile too. You turn your face away and look down to the plate. “Yeah maybe.” You respond on her words.

    “I like it.”, the voice of an other inferni comes to your ear. Marie sits next to you. “We are like a family. He did a great job even it is war and we have to fight. But we are not alone. It is hard work and I am glad he take a break of it. Even it is just a couple of minutes.” You look to her. A family. You turn your face to the others and try to read their faces. Most of them are happy to see the general here. Like a child see its father coming home after a long time. Like they wanted love and appreciation. You smile again and finish the meal.

     After the meal Marie and Zoya took the one Corporalki and leave you alone. So you decide to join your favoured boys on the other table. Ivan is speaking to Kirigan but the dark general looks up as soon he saw you standing up and walking to the Corporalki. He follows you with his dark eyes without moving his body. As soon as you sat down next to Fedyor he looks to Ivan again. “Oh the lost child comes back.” Fedyor jokes. “If anything, I am the lost child of the Etheralki.” You smile at him and he place one Hand on your back. “I need your help.” He says and leans towards you. “Tomorrow it is Ivans Birthday. I want to throw a small party for him. I know he will not approve it but I convinced I have to force him sometimes to such things. A few days ago he did not want to try the cake. At the end he ate my piece of it because it was so good.” Fedyor speaks and laughs quietly so his boyfriend wouldn’t hear it.

    “I will help you but do you think the general will allow such a big party?” you asked him. Fedyors look speaks words. Like he would say: Girl I saw how you look at him and he looks at you.

    “I was wondering if you could ask him? You get along with each other.”  “Ask what?” the voice of Ivan interrupts you. Fedyor looks behind him. You lean forward to look past him. Ivan and Kirigan stares at you two. “Nothing important. Just if we can spend some time learning an other languages. We think it would improve our skills for outdoor use and missions.” You try your luck. Ivans eyebrow raise. His mouth a little bit open, then he looks to Kirigan. “Of course you can. The little palace is a safe place where you can learn anything. The library is open anytime.” The general answered and grab his glass.

     After a while you walk trough the floors in the direction of your rooms. You cross another floor and feel his presence next to you. He did it often. Suddenly run next to you. “So what do you really want?” he asks without stopping. Of course he know you were lying. “The permission for a birthday party tomorrow. Music, Alcohol, Dancing.” You answer and look to him. You want to see his reaction.

    “Ivan hates partys.” You stop and look at him. “You know Ivan and you said he isn’t that lame if you know him better. I think he would like it even he couldn’t show it. So what do you say? I never saw Aleksander Kirigan partying.” You start to grin. “Because I don’t. There are more important problems.” He starts and continue walking. “Aleksander it is just for a couple of hours. The shadow fold will not disappear without the right solution and I doubt someone will attack us in that time. So relax.” You react following him. You stop in front of your room.

    Kirigan looks at you and shook the head. “You know I really like you otherwise you cannot just tell me to relax in that way.”

    You smirk. “I know and I am happy to use the sympathy against you.Look if you don’t want to join us on the party. That is okay. Really. You can sit alone in your war room and break your beautiful head about things. Just let us a little bit celebrate his birthday. I beg you.”

    Aleksander take a deep breath. “Begging looks different but fine, organize a party for Ivan.” He surrenders and put his hands behind is back. “And will you come?” you ask him. He leans forward to your head and whispers in your ear: “Maybe. Good night Y/N.” Your heart beats faster and you turn your head a little bit in the direction of his. You can smell him and feel his breath on the skin of your cheek. He place a gentle short kiss on your cheek, then he turns around on his heels and continue his way to his rooms. You still stand there and watch him leave in all of his grace. Maybe. You really hope he will join.

     Part 4


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