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  • till-our-stars-collided
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    watching jatp with my friend:

    me: okay one of those three main guys are queer, guess which one.

    her: sure

    literally 1 minute into ‘now or never’

    her: the bass player is bi as fuck oh my god.

    her: there’s no need for that mic share unless he wanted to create sexual tension jesus christ that is the least heterosexual thing i’ve seen in a while

    when the boys are talking to rose:

    her: never mind, sleevy mcsleevless is queer, that is the most pining look i’ve ever seen, and i’m friends with you. (in reference to luke looking at bobby)

    later, when alex is explicitly labelled

    her: honestly that makes sense, but are they trying to tell us the other ones are straight? i call bullshit

    honourable mentions:

    1. her: so mean girl and cool best friend enemies to lovers right?

    2. her: jesus christ julie as well, this is the gayest show i’ve ever watched

    tl:dr, my friend is the jatp fandom personified

    #jatp #julie and the phantoms #alex mercer#reggie peters #luke patterson moodboard #gracies quarantine adventures
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  • alexjulies
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    julie tells the boys she loves them every single day.

    it’s out of habit, sure, but it’s also because they spent years hidden away in darkness and years before that feeling lonely in every space that wasn’t a stage.

    she brushes a kiss against luke’s cheek when they finish writing for the night and whispers a soft love you as she squeezes his hand. his eyes light up and his thumb brushes over her wrist gently as he stammers it back to her, quiet and warm and sure.

    reggie helps her study for a math test and she casually says love you, bud before he poofs back to the garage. he grins and poofs right back, hugging her tight. love you, too, jules.

    she finishes painting alex’s nails and giggles with him about the boys they like. she hugs him good night and sighs iove you, alex into his chest and he tenses, exhales, and then holds her tighter, hie chin resting on her head. love you, too, shorty.

    her boys deserve to be loved every second of every day they’ve been blessed with after death. julie’s going to make sure they feel it.

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  • heroesclassgym
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    songs sunset curve would've/should cover

    saturday by fall out boy

    it's my life by bon jovi

    the middle by jimmy eat world

    hope ur okay by olivia rodrigo

    teenage sounds by neon trees

    fight for your right by beastie boys

    dancing in the dark by bruce springsteen

    born this way by lady gaga

    bullet with butterfly wings by the smashing pumpkins

    holly hox, forget me nots by saves the day

    a trophy father's trophy son by sleeping with sirens

    seventeen by marina

    promise me by badflower

    play by marmozets

    teenage dirtbag by wheatus

    and finally

    boulevard of broken dreams by green day

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  • the-entitties
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    willie, after alex kisses him: wow, hotdog that’s kind of sus

    alex: h u h??

    #alex not knowing modern slang my beloved #julie and the phantoms #jatp#willie jatp#willex#alex mercer
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  • the-entitties
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    more t.s and jatp bullshit

    enchanted is for early season 1 willex

    wildest dreams is for post season 1 willex (cause ya know. they didn’t think they where gonna see eachother again)

    okay. i might have more in a few minutes we’ll see

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp#willie jatp#willex#alex mercer
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  • the-entitties
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago


    so. luke asking julie to be his girlfriend by him and the boys serenating her with lover by taylor swift?

    cause we all know julie showed the boys taylor swift.

    (and willie and flynn are just eating chips in the background like “great job guys!”)

    #CAN I GOO WHERE YOU GOOO #CAN WE ALWAYS BE THIS CLOOOSSEEE #FOREVER AND EVER #AND AHHH #TAKE ME OUT AND TAKE ME HOME #YOURE MY MY MY MY #LOVERRR#okay#juke #julie and the phantoms #jatp#julie molina#luke patterson#sunset curve#alex mercer#reggie peters#willie jatp
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  • im-swimming
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    1930s ghosts au?

    I keep saying how im not really a au person and then I proceed to make au’s (the only other one really being the vampire one). This idea has been floating around in the back of my mind forever.

    What if all the ghost’s were from the same time period? All of them are from the 1930s. It’d be almost a tower of terror style (they did make a movie for the ride in the 90s it’s art) where they all haunt the same spot… and don’t really- leave. They’ve tried… it just- doesn’t happen. (I feel the need to clarify that it does take place in 2020)

    The boys are a swing band(rather small group- just starting)… well- they’re the house band at a nice hotel. Well, it used to be nice- they used to be the band. The wing they reside in is long since abandoned and boarded up, they still play nightly to a empty crowd. They don’t go into what happened, they don’t particularly wish to talk about it- if you really wanted to know there was plenty in the papers back in the day, suspension of murder, fowl play or simply a tragedy?

    This club… is what in cannon is the Hollywood ghost club. Here it is simply “the top” they’re crowd is little past a few extra hotel ghosts here and there who will wander in. Bobby is still with them, he is brass instead of rhythm guitar (Carrie is his grand niece instead of his daughter, her last name is shaw).

    Caleb shares the same club space as the boys, the same “tragic” situation… only his was during a show (this stays the same). He is…. Oddly tame, seemingly unmotivated for something greater…. Only, he’s the one keeping them there. He’s keeping them ALL there. He - he’s a friend to the boys, he’s older and often smarter in certain situations. They all sit and talk about how they could have reached the peak of their fame, unlike them Caleb had. He’s keeping them there with him… he knows what will happen- he knows where he is going and he will do everything to prevent it. To keep- this.

    Willie, is Alex’s boyfriend. Only they met prior to dying. They met two years prior, and began dating in secret- Willie was into making trouble and Alex was all for it. They ran into each other at some dance club. Their relationship was a well kept secret, as well as you can- with the letters and the looks and the secret touches. As ghosts, it’s given up. They just- exist together, in a beautiful little moment of peace. They like to slow dance on the empty floor, Alex humming the song under his breath.

    Julie visits the hotel often, her mother used to work there when she was little, and her dad does promotional images for their sights and events. Though there’s new ballrooms and event halls- she never even knew the top club existed until one day she was helping her dad take photos and found a crack in the wall. The crack became a hole that became just wide enough for her to sneak though, that’s when she found them.

    It becomes- almost murder mystery esc- what happened, why can’t you leave- how can I help you guys. This is all just my base idea

    #thoughts? #idk if I’d do anything with this one either 😔 I wanna but idk #julie and the phantoms #julieandthephantoms#jatp#reggie peters#alex mercer#luke patterson#julie molina #image unrelated just needed a image #bobby shaw#trevor wilson #willie julie and the phantoms #caleb covington#30s au #julie and the phat ones #hollywood tower hotel #the hollywood ghost club #tower of terror
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  • fiddlepickdouglas
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Guys I'm gonna list all of the JATP-related/inspired things I own in no particular order and if you want you can judge me on if this is a healthy thing or not

    Edge of Great novel

    Whatever Happens novel

    We Got The Music book

    JATP playing cards by (@)the.art.by.a on Instagram

    Custom Sunset Curve Logo towel

    Alex's denim shirt

    Dark gray ripped jean jacket

    Green David Bowie shirt

    Fanny pack

    Drum sticks I can't use except for cosplay

    Pink Champion hoodie

    "Have a Nike day" tennis shoes

    White socks w/stripes

    Black jogger pants

    Red/black flannel shirt

    Black tee

    Red/black flannel zip jacket

    Knock-off Vans

    Rush tee with sleeves cut off

    Poison tee

    Burgundy corduroy shirt (not the Henley but oh well)

    Blue zip hoodie (sleeves yet to be cut)

    Orange and gray Vans beanies

    Self-made jaguar necklace (Bobby inspired even though his is a lion)

    Black velvet pants (Alex or Caleb inspo?)

    Dark purple blouse (def for Caleb)

    Light purple blouse (for Julie 😊)

    Butterfly chains

    Butterfly drop earrings with matching choker

    Tie dye kit and to-be-dyed-and-cropped shirt for Willie

    Varied stickers and postcards from Redbubble (not gonna count them)

    3 ghosties cross stitch my friend made me for Christmas 🥰

    "We're Gonna Be Legends" shirt

    "Live your best life" crop tee w/ 3 skeletons

    Keyboard earrings

    Willie's color block red and green jacket

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  • yourlocalfictionalenthusiast
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago




    A/N: And that’s a wrap! Ahh, writing this series has been so fun and I’m so glad that so many of you have liked it so much. Thank you guys for staying until the end and hopefully for upcoming stuff 👀 I hope you enjoy the finale of In Life, In Death... <3

    (Also the song mentioned in part six and this part is ‘She Is Love’ by Parachute) <3


    December 1994

    Luke groaned as he woke up, squinting hard to try and adjust his eyes to the amount of light in the room.

    Even before he could see clearly, he knew he must've fallen asleep in the studio judging by the soreness in his back and neck that he always got when he slept on the old couch. It couldn't have been more than six in the morning, and Luke could still feel the tiredness in his bones. So he tried to turn away from the light and hopefully fall back asleep, but there was something keeping him firmly in place.

    His heart skipped when he looked down and saw that you were laying right next to him with your head on his chest and an arm thrown across his stomach. When he realized that his own arms were wrapped around you, his heart broke out into a full-on tap dance.

    Waves of confusion ran through his still-foggy brain until he saw his guitar case propped up against the piano and his backpack on the floor with his clothes spilling out of it.

    Then the events of last night quickly came back to him.

    How he had gotten home late from rehearsal and his mom was waiting in the kitchen with his latest report card and her signature lecture at the ready. One minute he was standing there yelling, packing all he could fit into his bag, and the next, he was halfway to the studio with the rain soaking him head to toe.

    He had expected it to be empty when he finally got there, but he was flooded with relief when he saw you. All the frustration slowly melted out of him the longer he laid there with you, leaving him feeling exhausted and shivering despite how warm he felt.

    The last thing he wanted to do was talk about any of it, but when you asked, the words came out of his mouth before he could stop them.

    He remembered rambling and crying again, the sound of your voice and the feeling of your fingers in his hair warming him up even more. Then finally, he remembered falling asleep with his chin tucked on top of your head, the smell of your shampoo filling his senses.

    Without thinking, Luke reached down and carefully pushed a piece of hair away from your face, tucking it behind your ear and smiling to himself when you shifted into his touch. Then taking in a sharp breath as the realization ran through him all the way down to his toes.

    You were his best friend.

    The person he wanted to see at the end of a long day. Whenever he was full of anger or lost in confusion, all he had to do was look at you and everything suddenly made sense again. With your pretty smile and laugh, and your way of flipping that little switch inside him that made his head all fuzzy and the ground start spinning under his feet.

    You were his best friend, and he was in love with you.



    All you felt was a mixture of anxiety and nausea as you stood on the Orpheum's street corner, biting the tips of your fingernails.

    The entire plan hinged on Willie and Teddy getting everything done in time, and considering that they had betrayed you all before, you couldn’t help but expect the worst.

    “Look, don’t worry. Willie said he’ll get us on that marquee.” Alex said nervously as he kicked pebbles across the sidewalk.

    “This is going to work, right?” Reggie asked.

    “It has to.” Luke mumbled, wincing seconds later when another shock hit them.

    Two sharp pops cut through the air behind you and you all whipped around to see Willie and Teddy standing just a few feet away. Willie was watching you all carefully with concern written all over his face, his eyes lingering on Alex longer than anyone else. Teddy stood at the edge of the group, practically burning a hole in your face with his guilty stare.

    “Are you guys okay?” Willie asked.

    “Yeah, nothing we haven’t felt before.” Alex laughed awkwardly. “How’d it go?”

    “Well, when the opening band wakes up, they’ll find their bus two hundred miles out of Vegas.” Willie said with a proud smile as he did a spin, showing off his stolen jacket with the band’s name across the back.

    “With absolutely no chance of getting back in time.” Teddy added.

    Luke gave Willie a fistbump and pointed up to the office above the Orpheum. “That means there’s probably a promoter up there freaking out right now.”

    Willie grinned, sarcasm laced in his tone. “Nah, man. This is Hollywood. I’m sure he’s being very professional.”

    You laughed and then Alex slowly inched forward, clearly struggling for the right words to say to Willie. You gave his arm a quick squeeze before following Reggie and Luke down the street to give them space. Before you even got halfway down the sidewalk, Teddy poofed next to you.

    “You know, If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you don’t want to talk to me.” He joked.


    "I just-I didn't want to leave things the way we did." He rambled. "I'm sorry, I should've told you everything that night in the diner-"

    "Teddy, It's okay." You said. "You told me before Caleb could put the stamp on me, and you didn't know the details about the plan until after it was too late to help my friends. Plus, I know how much you're risking helping us now."

    As soon as the words left your mouth, you felt some of the weight fall off your shoulders. You weren't sure why since the situation was still a little painful and awkward. But being around Teddy always made you feel a little like that kid who started working at the diner with Cece all those years ago. Besides, they were so alike that you found it hard to stay mad at him.

    You held out your hand for Teddy to shake. "Despite everything, I'm glad we met."

    “Likewise, Gorgeous,” Teddy said with a relieved smile as he grasped your hand. With a subtle wink, he nodded over towards where Luke was standing at the end of the street. “He’s a lucky guy.”

    "What? How did you?-" You sputtered as he stepped away. You never told Teddy about Luke, or at least you didn't think you did.

    Teddy just smirked in response before disappearing into the air. At the same time, you saw Willie skate away out of the corner of your eye, leaving Alex alone on the sidewalk.

    You all phased next to him and Luke squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "You okay, man?"

    "Yeah. I'm good." Alex smiled slyly as he gestured to the office. "Looks like this show needs a new opening act though."

    You grinned. "Let's go see if we can help with that."


    When you got back to the studio, you found Julie pacing back and forth in the middle of the room as she wrung her hands together.

    When you all poofed in, she immediately jumped into a load of questions, losing her breath halfway through and flailing her arms around.

    "Whoa, just sit down," You laughed excitedly. "We'll tell you everything."

    Julie took a gasping breath and plopped backwards onto the couch then stared at you all with expectant eyes. "Well?"

    "It worked!" You announced. "Everything's fine."

    "You should be getting the call...now!" Alex pointed to Julie’s phone on the table just as it started buzzing. You all cheered and Julie shushed you as she answered the call.

    You heard a woman's voice say something through the phone and Julie gave a thumbs-up as she started jumping on the couch. You watched in amusement and mild horror as Luke and Reggie lifted Alex up into the air and spun him around.

    Once he was back on the ground, Luke and Reggie made a beeline for you, each of them grabbed one of your arms and flipped you upside down over their shoulders.

    You all spent the next twenty minutes laughing and screaming and Alex even got a little teary-eyed but you pretended not to notice. Then Julie called Flynn and ran off excitedly to decide her outfit for the night, leaving the four of you alone to plan out the setlist.

    “Okay, so I’m thinking we start with Stand Tall.” Luke said excitedly as he wrote the words down in his songbook.

    “Sounds good.” Reggie said, suddenly quiet.

    “’Sounds good’? Guys, I wanna hear ‘That sounds awesome!” Luke reached out and nudged Reggie’s shoulder. “I know this isn’t the way we imagined any of this. But we need to be all in tonight. This is our second chance to play the Orpheum!”

    “I get it.” Reggie sputtered. “But it’s hard. Do we even know what’s on the other side when we cross over? Do we still get to hang out together?”

    You shifted your weight as the happy little bubble surrounding you popped. You had been so wrapped up in the excitement of finally playing the Orpheum that you almost forgot what tonight was really about.

    “You guys are the only family I have.” Reggie’s eyes were glued to the piano as he played with his fingers. You reached out and locked his arm with yours in an attempt to comfort him.

    “I don’t know what’s gonna happen either. But it’s not like we have a choice.” Alex said.

    Suddenly, Reggie’s arm fell out of yours as all three boys fell back, clutching their sides.

    “I’m pretty sure we do.” Reggie groaned. “And it rhymes with ‘Hollywood Ghost Club’.”

    The garage doors creaked open and Julie appeared with a bright smile and a blue garment bag in her hand. When she saw your expressions, her smile fell. “What’s wrong?”

    “We just got hit pretty hard by one of those jolts.” Alex said. “But we’re fine.”

    “Oh, good.” She nodded, though she still looked on edge. “I’m nervous.”

    “That makes two of us.” You said. “But we made it this far for a reason. We got this.”

    “Can you ride there with me? I'm gonna need more pep-talk material for the drive there cause I still think I might puke.” Julie tucked her hair behind her ears.

    “Of course, and don't worry, we’ll leave the windows open.” You joked, making everyone laugh.

    The sound of a car horn cut through the air and Julie looked outside. "That's my dad. Are you ready, (Y/n)?"

    You nodded. "Yeah, uh, give me a second. I'll meet you in the car."

    As Julie disappeared behind the doors, you turned to the boys and sighed as you tried to soak up this moment. For all you knew, this could be the last little window of time you had alone with them before tonight.

    Julie was a huge part of the band of course, but these were your boys. The ones who you started this all with, who had been by your side for everything.

    From the look on all their faces, you could see that they were thinking the same thing.

    Without saying a word, you launched yourself at Alex. He made a surprised noise but recovered quickly, throwing his arms around you and holding you tight.

    "And I'm the emotional one?" He jokingly muttered in your ear and you pinched his side, making him jump back. "Rude."

    As soon as your arms were open, Reggie stepped forward and hugged you so tightly that you were thankful to not need oxygen anymore because he was definitely crushing several vital organs.

    You laughed and gave him one last squeeze before pulling away, locking eyes with Luke instantly.

    Alex cleared his throat awkwardly and grabbed Reggie's shoulder, steering him over to Luke's songbook to 'check out the setlist again'.

    "And then there were two." Luke joked.

    You laughed and stepped into his waiting arms, making him laugh. You soaked up the feeling of comfort and familiarity for a minute before pulling away.

    "This, uh, is for you," Luke said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. You knitted your eyebrows together in confusion as he handed it over. "I wanted you to have it in case...well, you know. If tonight doesn't work."

    "It will." You said, trying to ignore the fact that it very well could happen. "You're not getting rid of me that easily, Patterson."

    "I wouldn't dream of it." He quipped back, his voice sounding softer and less teasing than you would've expected. You pulled back from him and because you didn't know if you would ever get another chance, you stood on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek.

    You moved away too fast to see his reaction but the gesture made the other two boys smirk at you as you dashed out of the doors, making a beeline for the car pulling out of the driveway.


    The back rooms of the Orpheum were a maze.

    You had left for a few minutes to walk around the venue and clear your head, trying to wring out the last of your nerves.

    By the time you found your way back, you expected to find the rest of the band rushing to get ready in the dressing room. But all you saw was Julie anxiously pacing as she had been earlier, a habit she seemed to have inherited from both you and Alex.

    “You okay?”

    She snapped her head up towards you and sighed. “Yeah, just a little worried. The guys aren’t here yet.”

    You looked around the room and then at the clock, frowning. The show was in less than half an hour and that was already cutting it close. Part of you wanted to go check on them but Julie seemed to need you more at the moment.

    “Okay, well, give them another ten minutes. I'm sure they'll be here. They wouldn’t miss this…again.”

    You ran your palm across the front of your pocket, feeling Luke's note next to your parent’s photo, and hoped you were right.

    But then more and more time passed until the stage manager came to escort Julie to the stage.

    "Just a second!" She calls out and then turns to you. "(Y/n), something's wrong. They were getting those jolts pretty hard before we left. They must've run out of time."

    You shut your eyes tight as the words sunk in. All you could bring yourself now was, ‘This isn't what was supposed to happen.’

    The world fell out from under your feet and you had trouble even standing up straight as you imagined what must've happened to them. Your best friends, your brothers, your family was gone and there wasn't anything you could do about it.

    The guy knocked again, this time a little harder and with a nervous tone. Julie chewed her lip as she looked between you and the door and you could almost see the cloud of grief settling over her.

    As hard as it was, you tried your best to shove your feelings down and marched up to Julie. There would be time to fall apart later, but you knew that this what they would want you to do. "Let's go do this for them, okay?"

    She took a deep, shaky breath before hesitantly nodding. You followed closely behind her as she walked out the door though the halls until she reached the stage. You waited beside Flynn in the wing as Julie settled behind her microphone and addressed the crowd.

    There were scattered claps from around the venue and then she took a deep breath before singing the opening.

    After the first few lines, you took your cue and materialized at the center of the stage. The crowd gasped and cheered the way they always did, but you kept your eyes shut tight and focused on the music.

    Just as the song started picking up, you heard a familiar pop in the air and then the sound of drumming. You whirled around to see Alex mounted onto a drum set at the back of the stage, twirling his drumsticks around and smiling like he had never been gone at all.

    Once you got over the initial shock, you wanted to cry with relief. They were okay, they were here. Alex winked at you goofily, and you ran towards Julie’s keyboard.

    She had started bouncing on the balls of her feet, both of you finally getting into the song now that they were coming back. You followed suit, dancing around the base of the drum set as yours and Julie’s voices came together.

    Then Reggie appeared on the other side of Julie and you ran to his side. You bumped his shoulder with yours and he grinned, moving to stand back to back.

    The song was ramping up to the chorus when a staticky noise cut through the air, not loud enough for the crowd to hear but enough to make you all look over to the other end of the stage.

    You could see Luke's form fading in and out, a look of anguish on his face, and the pit in your stomach opened up again. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Alex's drumming paused and Luke finally materialized to sing the opening of the chorus.

    You didn't even know you were moving until you suddenly found yourself across the stage next to Luke, unable to stop smiling as you sang.

    Julie joined you, throwing her arms up in the air happily and jumping around. Reggie appeared by her side, flashing the crowd a winning smile.

    Alex stood up and gripped his mic as he sang this solo. You looked back at him and flashed him a proud smile, then whooping loudly when Reggie sang his lines.

    You all went down the line hitting your notes until the chorus kicked in again and your heart felt so full you almost couldn't stand it. This was what you were so close to achieving before you died, it was all you had wanted for years, and you knew that if you hadn't died, that night would've changed your life. But this night was something even more special. Because you were all here, all together.

    Even if it was just for one last song.

    Julie caught your attention and nodded towards the platform that spread out into the crowd. You followed her to the center and stood back to back as everyone cheered.

    The guys joined in on either side of you, Alex grabbing one of your hands and Luke holding the other. You all bowed to the audience before taking your cue and vanishing, leaving only Julie on stage.

    You landed in the wing, feeling a little lightheaded and overwhelmed from all the emotions you had experienced in the last five minutes. The elated smile fading from your face when all three boys poofed by your side only to fall to the floor instantly.

    “It didn’t work.” You said miserably as Julie emerged into the backstage area. She grabbed Flynn and whispered something to her, pointing in the direction of her family. Flynn nodded and disappeared into the crowd while Julie ran to your side.

    You hauled Alex onto his feet, letting him lean on you to stay upright while Luke and Reggie trailed behind Julie as she led the group back to the dressing room. Once everyone was inside, they collapsed on the couch or the floor, loudly groaning in pain.

    “What happened? Why didn’t it work?” Julie asked tearfully.

    “I guess playing here wasn’t our unfinished business.” Alex said hollowly.

    “Point Caleb.” Reggie muttered as he clung to the side of an armchair.

    You stood frozen next to Julie as panic spread through your whole body, both of you flinching in sympathy as the shocks continued.

    “You have to save yourselves right now.” Julie begged. “Join Caleb’s club. It’s better than not existing at all!”

    “She’s right.” You managed to say, your voice shaky and almost giving out. Your stomach flipped at the thought of them having to work for an evil club owner forever, but the alternative was worse. “You guys need to go now! For me. For us.”

    “We’re not going back there.” Reggie shook his head.

    Luke pulled himself up and stumbled forward a little so that he was right in front of you. “No music is worth making if we’re not all making it together.”

    You sighed sadly, thinking back to your conversation yesterday. “So no more regrets?”

    Luke let out a deep sigh and then reached up and cupped your cheek with his right hand. “Just one.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows in response and Luke blinked hard as if he was trying to find the words. "I never told you why I left that night."

    "Luke, don't." You gave him a weak smile. "I get it."

    "You do?" He asked.

    You struggled to get the words out. "Yeah, I mean it was bound to happen eventually. We just got too close and it was weird for you. I understand t-”

    "What?" Luke asked, cutting you off with a confused look. "No, no, that's not it at all. Read the-"

    Before he could finish, you heard Julie gasp loudly from a few feet away. You looked over to see her stepping back from Alex with an awestruck look on her face as she gripped his forearms.

    Wait, what?

    Before you could even begin to process what you were seeing, Reggie was reaching out to Julie, who grabbed his wrist and hauled him up to his feet. The three of them stared at each other for a few seconds before Julie turned to you and Luke.

    “Guys, come here.”

    Alex reached out and pulled you into his side while Luke threw an arm around Reggie’s back and Julie brought you all in closer to her. At first, nothing happened. But then there was a faint buzzing sound and the boys lifted their wrist towards the ceiling and you all watched in awe as the stamp floated away in the blink of an eye.

    “Whoa.” Reggie said, his eyes still glued to the ceiling. “I don’t feel as weak anymore.”

    “Yeah, me neither.” Alex agreed. “Not that I ever was that weak in the first place.”

    You rolled your eyes and let your head fall over on his shoulder. “What do you think that means?”

    Luke smiled. “I think it means the band is back.”

    It was quiet for a second before Alex looked at you all shyly. “You guys think we can try that hug thing again?”

    You laughed as you huddled together again, sniffling and laughing. Then Julie yelled out that you had played the Orpheum and then you were all jumping around, still tangled in each other’s arms.

    Eventually, you all broke apart and while the boys started chasing each other around, you turned to Julie. She looked into your eyes and immediately flew into your arms, muttering into your shoulder, “I always wanted a big sister.”

    The words warmed your heart and you squeezed her extra hard, grateful that you actually could now. “Well, I’m honored.”

    “My family's probably looking for me so..." Julie stepped back from your arms with the biggest smile you’d ever seen on her face, you jokingly bowed to her and she copied the gesture before disappearing behind the door.

    You wiped the last of your tears out of your eyes and turned around to find Alex and Reggie were talking in whispers and wearing knowing smiles. When Alex saw you looking, he cleared his throat and nudged Reggie’s shoulder.

    “Hey, Reg.” Alex said cheekily, not taking his eyes off of you for even a second. “I was going to check out the next band. You wanna come with me?”

    “Sure!” Reggie started strolling towards the door, stopping only for a second to nudge your shoulder and whisper ‘don't do anything I wouldn’t do’ in your ear.

    Alex fixed Luke with a pointed look over his shoulder and Reggie gave him a dorky wink before they poofed away. You smiled fondly at the space where they were just standing and awkwardly turned towards Luke.

    “Hi.” You said, laughing awkwardly.

    “Hi.” Luke muttered back as he stepped forward until he was close enough to grab your hand. “About what I was saying earlier…”

    You opened your mouth to say something but he shook his head and pointed to your pocket. “Read it. Please.”

    You tugged the note he had given you earlier out of your pocket and carefully folded it open to see that it wasn’t a note at all. It was the love song that Julie had found that day in the garage, the one that he didn’t want anyone to see. You struggled a little trying to decipher Luke's handwriting. The ink was a little smudged and the song was clearly unfinished but it was the most beautiful thing you had ever read. And he had written it for you.

    "I didn't leave because we got too close," He said. "It was the opposite, (Y/n), I left because I was scared to lose you, and I know that doesn't make sense because I kind of did w-"

    You carefully tucked the paper back in your pocket with one hand and grabbed the back of his neck with the other, pulling him down and closing the last bit of space between you.

    Luke's brain short-circuited for a second before he started kissing back, grabbing your waist with enough force to nearly knock you both backwards. It was dizzying and a little desperate, yet weirdly familiar, as if you'd been kissing him your whole life.

    Most moments with Luke felt like they were happening in slow motion, but this time it was like a high-speed movie montage of your whole lives. The stolen crayons, the time capsule, the pre performance pep talks, the smell of cinnamon, the ferris wheel, his jacket, the movie nights and songwriting sessions. All of it had led up to this moment.

    "I love you." Luke said immediately after you pulled away. "God, I love you so much. I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry."

    “Hey, it’s okay.” You laughed, blinking another wave of tears out of your eyes. “I should’ve told you forever ago instead of skirting around it.”

    “And what is it that you should’ve told me?” He said teasingly and you rolled your eyes. You had gotten so used to Luke being so shut down or nervous around you that you almost forgot how much of a little shit he could be.

    “That I love you too.” You said, unable to stop smiling.

    Luke leaned down and captured your lips in another kiss, this time threading his fingers through your hair as he cupped your cheeks in his hands. “I’m never gonna get tired of hearing that.”

    You bit your lip to keep another laugh from bubbling up as you looked up at him, feeling completely overwhelmed in the best way possible. "So...what now?"

    "I don't know." Luke admitted. "But I know one thing."

    "What's that?"

    "That no matter where we go, or what we do," He pushed a piece of hair behind your ear. "In life, in death... I'm yours. Always."


    The End


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  • aquariusyoukai
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Alex dyeing his hair pink to make Reggie feel better after Reggie messed up dyeing his own hair. And not like their full head but like strips/highlights. Reggie was aiming for a cherry red like his bass but got a fluorescent pink/red so he goes to Alex for help and it becomes a bonding experience and yes, they fix Reggie’s hair.

    Willie blue screens at pink haired Alex

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  • kirkisms
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    alex mercer uses the snow fairy spray from lush send tweet

    #inspired by me currently wearing it #julie and the phantoms #alex mercer
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  • deezsnuts
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    alex mercer is cool, i wish dead gay drummers were real

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  • latinposeidon
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    But yeah, I don't think Alex's "no one ever listens to me" line was just about Julie coming back to the studio. Like Alex isn't shy about telling the boys what he's feeling - if he didn't think the Orpheum would work, he would probably tell them. And I still don't think he believed in the Orpheum plan. So just imagine him opening up to the guys and telling them about his concerns, that Willie's been at this for way longer than them and he still doesn't know what his unfinished business is.

    Only for them to completely dismiss him, telling him he's just overthinking and it's gonna be chill. But then it doesn't work. Afterwards, he tells them that Julie's absolutely gonna come back to the studio. But again they ignore him. Alex spending the hour they were in that pile absolutely pissed because they should have listened to me, why didn't they listen to me? It may have turned out well in the end, but that doesn't change the fact that he told the guys what he was thinking and they just ignored him.

    Just the little glimpse of Alex's genuine resentment and irritation in that line is so interesting to me and I really hope they actually go into it in season 2

    #like it didn't sound entirely like the vaguely judgemental or annoyed sarcasm he usually uses #he sounds genuinely annoyed that they didn't listen to him #coz he didn't know julie would save them #in his mind he was just trying to look out for them and they wouldn't give him the time of day #he wanted them to look for other ideas and when it didn't work he wanted to spare julie the pain of finding them like that #but they just ignored him #alex knowing they forget to include him in group decisions but still being hurt that they blanked him like that #let! alex! get! pissed! off! about! the! (frankly many) ways! the! boys! mistreat! him! #he deserves better than to have his emotions ignored and contributions devalued #because that's what happens to him. a lot. #get that man a phone so he can actually be involved in group decisions when he's not around. otherwise i'll keep talking about this #drums are the backbone of a band and he gets like zero forewarning about anything #and frankly i Doubt luke would be as chill as he is if the band made decisions without him #(there you go fae i made up for it /j) #julie and the phantoms #jatp#alex mercer
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  • thediariesofsomewimpykids
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    alex Tuesday, October the 29th 1991

    (tap on the imagine for better quality)

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  • kikibaya
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    New One Shot! Finally!!


    If there was one thing Victoria was capable of, it was protecting her family. She had protected them when the earthquake in 2006 hit. She had protected them when Carlos was being bullied and when Julie accidentally rode her bike into a barbed-wire fence. She had done all those things. Heck, she had even protected them when her sister had passed away...well, she had done her best anyway. But ghosts? Ghosts?! How was she supposed to protect her family from something that you can't even see? She didn't know...but that didn't mean she wouldn't try!!


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  • wr0temyway0ut
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The Spotlight’s Your Hiding Place — a JatP SMAU

    Profiles Part Two: The Enemies

    More information

    -Fiona and Morgan don't actually make appearances; I just wanted to share their profiles for worldbuilding (and also for fun)
    -This started as a battle of the bands story but sort of grew into an examination of queerphobia and financial abuse in the music industry (as most of my stories seem to do lol).



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  • lvkereggie
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    a soulmate who wasn’t meant to be by jess benko is abt carrie and julie.

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  • wr0temyway0ut
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The Spotlight’s Your Hiding Place — a JatP SMAU

    Profiles Part One: The Heroes

    Things To Know

    -This is a Willex (and Boggie) enemies to lovers au
    -I will put content warnings at the beginning of each part, but major content warnings for the story overall include homophobia, transphobia, financial abuse, and mentions of disordered eating/malnutrition
    -Willie, Nick, and Bobby will appear to be cishet at first. I assure you they're not.
    -Established ships: Flarrie, Juke. Endgame ships: Willex, Boggie
    -Ray adopted Alex and Reggie, so they are Julie's legal brothers. Alex and Reggie live together and Luke and Julie have their own apartment together.
    -I'm going to be using the same taglist from Carlos the Ghost Toaster to start, so if you want to be added or removed please just let me know.
    -There's a playlist that goes along with this! There's a specific song for each part but the link to the whole playlist can be found on each part and the masterlist.



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