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    ❦ 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐥𝐢 ❦

    𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: ali abdul x reader

    𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒: you and ali decide to have your first time together.

    𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: smut, loss of virginity, oral (f. receiving)

    𝐀/𝐍: i am so tired of big dicks in fiction… i just gave ali a small/average but deliciously thick dick and i take no criticism. 😔 empty blogs and minors dni.

    You had your fingers tangled into the curls of his hair; it was soft as always and you remembered too well the scent of your boyfriend's shampoo. During that lustful moment, you gently tugged at the curls, feeling Ali groan and jerk his hips against your clothed core. The action, though inconstant, caused you to whimper under the pressure of his body.

    From there, his lips were immediately glued to yours, familiar with how your tongue moved against his, and Ali could feel the taste of neediness on it. He couldn't help but exhale in lust, his entire body trembling slightly from how eager he was to share this moment with you.

    The simple thought of losing your virginity to each other, though expected, had lingered both your minds for a while now. It was you that brought it up and it was you that was under him undressed to nothing but your matching undergarments. He was so lucky and so loved by you that he felt he could burst with joy.

    In between the kisses, he caught sight of your lips, red and swollen, and still couldn't believe that you had the same wishes as him.

    "You're so beautiful…" he whispered against your lips before catching them again, all of the praise causing your heart to sheepishly flutter.

    Your trembling fingers helped Ali take off his jeans and his eyes watched the movements carefully. In seconds, your boyfriend was back on top of you, his lips placing feather-like kisses on your jaw and going south. You could feel on your thighs his cock bounce slightly inside his briefs with every movement he made. You wondered what it looked like and mouth-watered just at the thought of its taste tingling on your tongue.

    His warm breath tickled your clothed core. In a slow fashion, he pulled down the piece covering your intimacy with his shaking hands while his heart beat fast inside the chest. You helped him by removing your bra, laying completely naked in his presence and waiting to be taken.

    Your fingertips were cold in comparison to your boyfriend's body, all thanks to the anxiety. You were lying if you said you weren't nervous, but you trusted Ali and it was all that mattered.

    Then, his tongue finally came in contact with your clit, causing you and your boyfriend to moan in unison. The muscle left you so hot and wet that every touch got you tingling. A couple licks on your bud of nerves got your legs quivering in pleasure, the unfamiliar sensation being too much for you to handle.

    Ali's breathing was so erratic that he had to catch up his breath in-between the licks. Despite that, the man was back on pleasing you soon enough, moaning as he glued his mouth to your sex, receiving about the same amount of pleasure as you.

    The scene of having his head buried between your thighs was beautiful and you couldn't help but grind your sex on his face. Ali seemed to understand your urgency, his tongue never faltering on your clit.

    Tears gathered on the corners of your eyes, the pleasure being too much for you to handle. Goosebumps formed on your skin, nipples perking up and hardening as you gushed on his mouth.

    You cried out as you came, fingers tugging hard on his hair and muscles contracting in pleasure. Ali was too focused on making you come to notice the wet spot on his own briefs, his cock aching for relief. When he rose from between your legs, his lips were red and swollen, and it took him a while to catch up his breath.

    But in seconds, he was back on top of you, fingers gently caressing your tears-stained face. Your eyes were pleading him to go on, to make you his. Ali discarded his briefs, dropping it beside the bed, and positioned the tip of his cock at your entrance.

    Your brows furrowed at the sudden intrusion, even though your boyfriend was taking it slow.

    "I-I'm sorry, is it hurting?"

    "N-no, it's just that… you're immense."

    Ali never thought of his cock as that big, maybe slightly thick, but the possibility of hurting you scared him to say the least.

    "Do you want me to stop?" he breathed, lips ghosting over yours, but his eyes were full of concern.

    "No! No, please, Ali. Take me, I'm gonna be fine."

    He pushed his cock further into your cunt, the wetness making it easier to slip in. The more he buried himself into you, the more he felt like creaming; he was already so sensitive without even touching it and now he had your walls tightening around him. It took Ali a great effort to not buck his hips forward in one swift motion but he was too scared that it might've hurt you.

    His cock twitched when a moan escaped your lips during the exact moment he buried himself entirely into you. He had his eyes focused on you, attentive to any signs of pain and pleasure. It seemed that his length didn't offer any discomfort and your walls accommodated his girth well enough.

    Then, he bucked his hips slowly, testing the waters until he felt it was safe and comfortable to keep a constant pace. The more he pounded into you, the more your mouth opened agape, letting innocent and yet sinful pleas fall from it.

    You felt your face flush as the blood running through your body seemed to boil under Ali's pace. His thighs were rhythmically striking your ass, the softness of his body clashing and causing a loud slapping noise against your skin.

    Soon, your mind was completely dazed. You could feel the tip of his cock massage your walls and brush at the rough pad inside your cunt. With every smack of his thighs on your ass, you opened your legs further away from your limit, the muscles burning from the stretch. You needed Ali to fuck you deeper and harder until you could come again, so you bucked your hips, pushing them against his thrusts.

    The motion caused Ali to bite his lips and pound into you just the way you wanted. He was diving into your cunt deeper every time, picking up the pace as the pleasure built up in both of you. You moaned his name like a mantra and soon Ali knew you were close to your release.

    One of his arms was hooked under your leg, tilting it upwards. The simple change in your position allowed him to go deeper into you to the point your abused cunt was burning from the friction. With his free hand, Ali flicked the hardened peck of your chest.

    He didn't have to play with your nipple for a long time, the simple stimulus got you creaming around his cock in seconds. Your entire body felt sensitive all of sudden, muscles convulsing and walls spasming around him.

    Poor Ali couldn't hold his climax for much longer at the sight of you. His thrusts became erratic as he reached his peak, his thighs contracting as his cock twitched. He moaned loudly, not being able to contain his pleasure, and soon he painted your fluttering walls.

    You came back from your high with Ali laying on top of you. His softening cock no longer kept his seed inside and you could feel it dripping. You ran your fingers through his hair, playing with his curls until he snored gently. He deserved to rest after he did a great job fucking you into oblivion, a moment you didn't regret sharing with him.

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    Him <3

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    Sangwoo: Have you ever met someone so beautiful your brain short circuits and just stops functioning?

    Sangwoo, a few hours ago, giving Ali his entire pocket money for the week as he sees Ali for the first time after his friend returns from his visit to Pakistani for their entire summer vacation, looking hot as well post puberty, and yelling 'buy whatever you want with it!'.

    Gihun: Is that why you gave Ali your whole wallet?

    Ali comes into the classroom, waving a wallet that's not his around.

    Ali: Hyung! You forgot this!

    Junho, very clearly seeing that Sangwoo literally shoved it to Ali's chest before fleeing.

    Junho: Ali, no.

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    Hercules AU

    Cause remember when Anupam was skinnier before having to play as Ali? Well, it got me thinking of that. And Sangwoo as "no-nonsense" Megeara that Ali falls for instantly

    Ali: But... Aren't you a person in need?

    Sangwoo: I'm a person. I'm in need. I can handle this. Have a nice day.


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    to everyone who sides with sang woo, thankyou for letting me know not to listen to your opinions ever again

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    Ali, Sang-woo & Gi-hun | A lesson about pleasure 🌶️

    Prompt: Ever since you joined the team of Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Ali, neither of them has been able to keep their eyes off of you. Deciding that tomorrow's uncertainly is good enough of an excuse to have all of them, you have a rather unconventional request.

    Word count: 4,6K

    Tags: Degradation, foursome, oral, dom/sub

    Requested? Yes @themindfulwriter16

    Proofread? No


    Ever since you joined the ragtag group of Players during the Tug-Of- War, something grew tense in the air amongst three of the men in the posse.

    An unspoken feud came into existence the very moment you decided to make your allyship official, and neither of them had left your side ever since.

    First there was Cho Sang-woo, Player 218, the person you deemed one of the strongest in the group if not the strongest. He was headstrong and intelligent, something you thought would come in handy in a situation like the one you were currently in. He was charming, though did not strike you as the type to settle down and have permanent relationships.

    Then, Seong Gi-hun couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. In the short time that the Squid Game had been going on, you had seen him grow from the meek and clumsy man who provoked the gangster in the very first minute to a determined, kind friend. His kindness towards the old man warmed your heart, and you wondered what he truly was like in the outside world.

    The third and final man who was starstruck with your presence was Ali Abdul. Sweet and unswervingly loyal, you had instantly figured. Large, warm eyes would meet yours occasionally, and you knew that every word that left his lips would be true. You wondered how he ended up here, for he didn’t seem the type to get himself in deep trouble.

    So one evening, in between games and after dinner, you sat with the other women at the side. The annoying yapping of Han Mi-nyeo was something you had learnt to block out within an hour of knowing her, just letting her chatter whilst braiding her tangled hair as well as you could. A bit away sat the three men who had felt this undeniable attraction towards you, staring at you whilst glaring daggers amongst one another. It would have seemed like a romantic comedy if the environment had been any different, and you weren’t stupid to not notice.

    “Aish! Don’t tug on my hair so firmly, that hurts!” Mi-nyeo whinged and showed you a deep frown. You muttered an apology and shifted a strand of hair so that it wouldn’t hurt her anymore. With a few swift movements of your fingers, you finished the braid, tying it up at the end with a worn-out band.

    “Are you going to fuck one of them or what?” Mi-nyeo quizzed unabashedly whilst grabbing the bottom of her braid to inspect it, humming in satisfaction.

    You blinked at her. “Excuse me?”

    “Those Players over there. They’re practically undressing you with their eyes. Come on, who are you gonna fuck? The leader?”

    Letting out a scoff, you shook your head. “You really are something.”

    “I’m serious!” Mi-nyeo shrieked, turning towards you. “In this hell-hole you better take all the dick you can get! Even if you might end up regretting it.” She let out a sigh and looked across the room at Player 101, who had betrayed her earlier. “He’s an asshole, but it was fun whilst it lasted.”

    You shook your head but could not fight a smile from forming. “Well, what do you suggest?”

    Mi-nyeo puffed out her cheeks. “Well, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t fuck 199, so maybe 218? 456 seems like such a softie, like he wouldn’t know what to do with his prick!”

    Had you met Mi-nyeo in real life, you were certain that you wouldn’t have been friends.

    “I like all three of them,” you confessed, “So it’s difficult to choose.”

    A laugh left Mi-nyeo’s throat - high-pitched and annoying you deeply. “Well then, that’s quite the predicament! Say, why don’t you just fuck all three of them at once? You never know what this place will bring, right? Tomorrow, we might all be dead for all we know. Just fuck them and get it over with. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    You sighed and shrugged, biting your lip whilst looking at the three men one by one. Cho Sang-woo maintained eye-contact, slightly narrowed his gaze, tilting his head in a questioning way. Gi-hun blinked in confusion and looked away only to look back a second later, flustered by the contact. Ali averted his gaze at once, and you did not meet his eye again.

    “Perhaps you’re right.” you acknowledged, “Might as well get everything I can.”

    “Good luck!” Mi-nyeo said in a sing-song voice, “Let me know all the details!”

    You stood and approached Sang-woo first, leaning closer towards him to whisper in his ear. “Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes.”

    Not awaiting his reply, you stepped over to Gi-hun, who was playing with the hem of his tracksuit. “Gi-hun,” you whispered, causing him to look up at you with widened eyes. “Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes.”

    Finally, you invited Ali as well, who was immediately frozen in place at your proximity and unexpected proposal. He meekly nodded, and you left the Players be, heading for the bathroom to prepare yourself as well as you could.

    Looking at yourself in the mirror, you fixed your hair as much as possible, checked your breath by blowing into your palms, and tugged down your shirt a bit to reveal a bit more cleavage. Smiling, you bit your lip, your heart beginning to race inside your chest. Were you really going to do this?

    Behind you, the door opened and closed. Gi-hun stood with quivering legs, your gaze meeting him through the reflection of the mirror. You turned around and smiled at him.

    “You wanted to see me?”

    You opened your mouth to speak and acknowledge it, but just at that moment Ali walked in, short of breath, flushed from the obvious excitement that ran through him.

    “Miss (Y/n), can I help you with anything? Is anything the matter?”

    You smiled and shook your head. “No, not to worry. I ah, I just wanted to meet with you in private and--”

    The door of the bathroom opened and shut one last time, and Cho Sang-woo strode to stand in between Gi-hun and Ali, an air of confidence hanging around him.

    “If you could excuse us, lads. (Y/n) has asked to meet me here, so I’d appreciate it if you left us alone.”

    “Huh? She wanted to see me, too!” Gi-hun commented, crossing his arms. Sang-woo’s face fell into a frown and he turned to his friend.

    “Did she?”

    “She asked me to meet her, too.” Ali added, then looked at you, “Are you alright? Does it have to do with our little group?” He swallowed thickly. “Have I said anything that upset you?”

    You once again shook your head, taking a deep breath. “No, not at all. Don’t worry. I uh… I wanted to meet all three of you so I could ask you something.”

    The three men fell silent, all looking at you expectantly. Exhaling, you tucked some hair behind your ear. “You see, I’ve noticed you looking at me, and--”

    Ali fell to his knees, rubbing his palms together. “I apologise, Miss (Y/n)! I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable! It’s just that you’re such a beautiful lady that I can’t help myself sometimes. Please, forgive me!”

    A soft chuckle left your lips and you walked towards Ali, stretching out your hand for him to take. “No, no Ali. You’re not listening to me. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve noticed the three of you looking at me, and I was wondering if… If you’d care to do something about that.”

    Gi-hun blinked in confusion. “I don’t think I’m following… What do you mean?”

    “Well, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so I feel like we should just go for it. Right here, right now.”

    Ali and Gi-hun looked at each other in puzzlement, shrugging. “Go for what?”

    Sang-woo was the first to catch on and stepped closer to you, looking at you with darkening eyes whilst addressing the men with him in the room. “(Y/n) is proposing to have sex with us.”

    Gi-hun started to cough whilst Ali’s eyes widened in shock. “What are you saying, Sir? It’s rude to assume such a thing about a lady like her!”

    You bit your lip and laughed lightly, reaching over to Sang-woo’s cheek to cup it. “Well, you are right. We might die tomorrow. Might as well enjoy today, hm?”

    Sang-woo inhaled sharply and put his hand on your jaw, stroking to your lips with his finger before his hand slipped around your throat. You looked up at him, and sudden lust surged through your abdomen, weakening your knees.

    “All three of us, hm?” Sang-woo said with amusement in his voice. You wondered if he had made many women happy, only temporarily so. You nodded, and he slid his hand towards your ribs, teasing at the underside of your breast. “What a slut.”

    “Sir, don’t say that!” Ali gasped, walking towards the two of you, trying to get Sang-woo off of you. “That’s unkind!”

    “Not when she seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.” Sang-woo mused, looking over his shoulder. “Gi-hun, what do you say?”

    Player 456 seemed a bit lost.

    “Remember what we used to say,” Sang-woo began, “When we were children? What’s yours is mine, and vice versa. The lady wants you, so come over here and kiss her.”

    Gi-hun approached, and your heart picked up speed. He inspected your face, scanning for any sign of regret or restraint, but found nothing but unspoken lust. He leaned in and kissed you, slowly at first, but you soon deepend it.

    Sang-woo stepped back to watch it unfold, and you heard him talk to Ali. “You see, sometimes you just have to grab what life throws at you. In your very lap, a lady like her appears. So willing and obedient, so eager to be taken. I’ve met women like (Y/n). So keen to please, and good with their mouths.” He slapped Ali on the shoulder. “Why the hesitance? A place like this should have no space for something like doubt.”

    Gi-hun pulled back, his lips slightly swollen. You smiled at him, feeling like you were floating, your knickers soaked through already. You hoped that Ali would join in, but you knew that the other two were already convinced. It didn’t take a lot.

    Sang-woo tried again. “Why don’t you kiss her, Ali,” he suggested, “And if you still have your doubts afterwards, you can leave and we won’t talk about it ever again.”

    Swallowing thickly, Ali nodded, stepping closer. You brought your face in front of him, rubbing your nose against his before leaning in and claiming his mouth. Ali hummed, instantly melting at the sweetness of you, grabbing an inexperienced hold of your face. You knew you weren’t his first, but he certainly lacked confidence. Nevertheless, it was a marvellous feeling.

    Instantly, the other men were upon you, roaming their hands over your body to make quick work of your tracksuit. Within no time, you were in nothing but your knickers, and the cheap bra slipped from your breasts to expose them to the three pairs of eyes in front of you.

    After pulling back and giving Ali a sweet smile, you fought the urge to cover up and allowed the three of them to eye you up and down. A certain glint in Ali’s eyes made you realise that he wouldn’t walk out that door right now, and the sudden tent growing in his trousers confirmed that.

    “Well?” you mused, bringing your hands to your breasts to cup them and pinch your hardening nipples. The sight caused Gi-hun to groan and quickly shed himself of unnecessary clothing, and Sang-woo hummed appreciatively, palming himself.

    “You’re absolutely beautiful, Miss (Y/n).” said Ali, swallowing as his eyes glued themselves upon your soft breasts.

    “You may touch them.” you told him, and Gi-hun also took you up on that offer. Soon, your hands waved themselves in thick, black hair whilst he and Ali latched themselves upon your breasts, sucking your nipples with an eagerness that made your heart skip a few beats.

    Sang-woo stood behind you, pressing his face against your neck, inhaling your scent deeply. “What a willing girl, hm?” he murmured, slipping his hands around your bare torso, cupping your breasts from the bottom to lift them up a little. This gave the two men in front of you better access, and their licking and sucking continued. You gasped, face flushed.

    “So… Compliant…”

    You nodded, tilting your head so Sang-woo could kiss you. His tongue snaked into your mouth, one of his hands coming to rest on your throat once again, the other sliding down your waist, into your knickers. You let out a moan against his mouth, moving against his hand, welcoming his touch.

    “I should teach those two boys what it takes to please a lady.” said Sang-woo, strong fingers starting to toy with the soaked folds of your cunt. Your clit throbbed against his fingertips, your knees almost giving out underneath you.

    “Step back.” Sang-woo suddenly stated, firmer than you anticipated, and it startled you a bit. Gi-hun and Ali let go of your nipples, which were now glistening with saliva. “It’s time that the two of you learn something about pleasing a woman.”

    Sang-woo stepped around you, taking your chin between his fingers to tip it upwards.

    “If a woman comes to you, practically throwing themselves at you, you better realise that she longs for your attention. Are you just going to give it to her?”

    He looked at Ali, who shrugged. “Well, yes. I always want to be a gentleman, and--”

    “No,” Sang-woo cut him off. “They are desperate, and you can not only have some fun with it, you can also get her to do whatever you want. Want her to suck you dry? To ride your face? You name it, and she’ll probably do it. Open your mouth, babygirl.”

    The nickname made you croon and you did as he ordered, and without warning, Sang-woo spat into your mouth, his saliva mixing with yours on your tongue. “Little slut. So eager to get fucked. Not by one, not even by two, but by three men. You think you won’t have to work for that, hm?”

    You shook your head, “No, Sang-woo. Of course not.”

    He smirked a bit. “On your knees.”

    You sank down in front of him at once, reaching for his waistband. “Watch and learn.” Sang-woo told the others whilst you removed the pants of his tracksuit. He was erect and bobbed with need, a beautiful long cock that you quickly took into your hand to jerk off a few times.

    “Take it.” he hissed, and you obeyed by taking it into your mouth and beginning to bob your head up and down. A hand laced into your hair, guiding you back and forth. “You see that? Her eyes are pleading for more. Once you have a woman who longs for you that much, you better fuck her hard and good. But not without having her work for it, first. That’s just how little sluts are, all taking, no giving. You better put her in her place.”

    You moaned around his cock when it brushed the back of your throat, and you covered the rest of it with your hand to jerk him off.

    Sang-woo softly grunted, watching you work your mouth at him. “If she’s put in her place, she won’t take advantage of you. (Y/n) here, she’s a fierce one. Come on, Ali, why don’t you take her mouth for a bit?”

    Ali’s cock was hard and thick, girthier than Sang-woo though a bit shorter, and you wrapped your lips around the uncut head, feeling it instantly tense underneath you. In the meantime, you heard Sang-woo walk over to Gi-hun, who was watching you do your thing with much interest.

    “Gi-hun, why don’t you spur her on a little.”

    Swallowing thickly, Gi-hun stepped closer to you, standing behind you so you could see him if you looked up, your mouth still kissing away at Ali’s cock. “You’re doing a good job, (Y/n).” he said, licking his lips. Sang-woo tutted.

    “Come on, be a bit firmer.”

    Gi-hun drew a sharp breath, watching how you kept blowing Ali like your life depended on it. Said man groaned and was unsure of what to do with his hands, choosing to rest one on your head, the other clasping over his mouth to block out the sound of his moans.

    “I’m uh… I’m not really the type to say such things, and…”

    “Well, you aren’t the type to fuck a woman you barely know either, hm?”

    Gi-hun sighed and rubbed his neck. “Well, what should I say?”

    “Well, for example…” Sang-woo grabbed the back of your head, starting to guide your head up and down Ali’s cock. You nearly choked on it, humming around its girth. “That’s it, you little slut. Take it like the whore you are. So willing to suck a big dick, hm?”

    You hummed in acknowledgement, letting him force your head back and forth, and you closed your eyes firmly to prevent tears from spilling, until it suddenly stopped. “Like that,” said he, “Nice and slow. Or quick, if you’d prefer.”

    Unaccustomed fingers replaced Sang-woo’s, and Gi-hun shot you an apologetic look. You smiled around Ali’s length, telling him that it was okay. After all, sleeping with three men at once did not exactly make you look like an innocent girl that deserved to be adored in all ways possible instead of needing a rough fuck - in all holes, so it seemed.

    “Yes, doll. You’re way quieter with your mouth full of dick.” Gi-hun’s words made your heart skip a beat and you moaned around Ali, who had been losing his mind ever since he felt your lips around is cock.

    Your jaw started to hurt and you closed your eyes, slobbering his length as well as you could. “Just like that,” mused Gi-hun, smirking a little, as if he was imagining himself in Ali’s stead. He was palming himself, and you wished that you could angle your head so that you could look upon his erection as well. Alas, you had to wait a little while longer.

    “Good girl.” mused Ali, and your eyes snapped up to meet him. Something akin to amusement filled your features and you pressed a soft kiss to the head of his cock, licking the weeping slit. “Your mouth is so nice and warm… Ah… Can’t last long.”

    “Stand up, (Y/n).” Sang-woo said, and you didn’t second-guess his authority in the situation, standing up and rubbing your sore knees, which had been painfully rubbing against the tiles of the bathroom. You gasped when he suddenly grabbed you, pulling you against him. “Gi-hun, you better make sure that she’s ready for us.”

    Gi-hun did not need any further instruction, dropping to his knees to latch his mouth onto your dripping pussy. His fingers pried aside your soaked knickers, and his tongue was upon you at once. You moaned, throwing your head back against Sang-woo’s shoulder, whose lips found the nape of your neck. His cock pressed against your back, and you hoped to feel it inside soon.

    The man feasting upon your swollen folds was undoubtedly skilled, and you couldn’t help but claw in his hair. Ali was watching the scene unfold in front of him, thoroughly enjoying it, though unfamiliar with the practise. You smiled a bit, realising that he was way more innocent when it came to sexual acts than you had anticipated.

    Gi-hun’s tongue worked wonders, and your juices soaked his face to the point that when he pulled back, his chin was glistening, lips turned upward in a gentle smile. He was loving this as much as you were, and you hoped that you’d feel his cock inside of you soon, wondering if he was as skilled with it as he was when performing oral.

    “I think she’s ready.” Gi-hun whispered against the inside of your thigh, way too soon. You nodded and gave him a thankful smile, beckoning him closer. He kissed you softly, and you could taste yourself on his tongue.

    “Do you want to fuck her, Ali?” asked Sang-woo. Ali was hesitant, rubbed his arm, perhaps having regrets or second thoughts.

    “You don’t have to.” you assured him, “I can suck you off again, if you’d like.”

    He smiled and nodded. “Yes, please. I’d ah… I’d like that.”

    Something akin to guilt swelled deep inside your chest, but it faded the moment Gi-hun appeared in your field of vision. “Alright, Sang-woo.” quizzed he, “How are we going to do this?”

    Sang-woo hummed in thought. “I will lay down on the floor,” he began, “And then (Y/n) will get on top of me. Then, Gi-hun will enter her from behind, and Ali can get in front of her face.”

    You frowned. “You want to lay down on this filthy floor?”

    Sang-woo shrugged. “Sometimes you’ve got to work with what you have.”

    And so, it was done. Sang-woo laid down on the cold tiles against your better judgement and you straddled him, cock poking at your entrance with a bit of guidance. You moaned at the intrusion, yet Sang-woo more collected, and he shushed you by pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “Easy does it, doll,” said he, “After all, Gi-hun also needs to get in still.”

    Gi-hun’s body towered above you, and with a bit of shifting, he straddled you, holding himself up by leaning on your back slightly. It was uncomfortable, but it was the best you could manage if you were to have Ali’s length in your mouth whilst doing this, and you eagerly took the weeping cock of said man back against your tongue.

    Sang-woo eased a finger around the spot where your bodies joined to stretch you open, and you grunted around Ali’s cock whilst he added another slender digit. The slick of your cunt and with the help of a little spit, Gi-hun eased his cock inside of you, slowly but surely.

    It burned, and you were sure that you were bleeding a little, but eventually, it fit. Tears appeared at the corners of your eyes, and Ali’s gentle hand on your cheek was sweet. However, it was Sang-woo’s snark that made you moan.

    “That’s it, so full, aren’t you? Little slut. Taking our cocks so well.”

    You nodded and began to bob your head, whimpering at the first thrusts of the men inside you. Sang-woo and Gi-hun moved unevenly at first, but soon found a pace they could both keep. Your breasts swung in Sang-woo’s face with every roll of their hips, and he took one of your nipples into his mouth.

    Veins were sticking out on Ali’s cock, and he could not be far off. Slick ran down your thighs and the movements of the men became easier. Your tongue swiped over the sensitive ring of flesh around Ali’s head, causing the Pakistani man to moan in pleasure.

    “That’s it,” he praised, “Your mouth is so good and nice, you… Filthy slut!”

    Sang-woo smiled against your breast. “I’ve taught you well.” You laughed around Ali’s dick, nearly choking on it once again, and gathered more saliva in your mouth to spit onto his weeping tip.

    “Such a slut.” Gi-hun grunted behind you, his body pummeling against yours, “So extremely full with our cocks yet begging for us to keep going.”

    Your walls clenched around the cocks at the words. For a second, you pulled back for air. “Oh, harder!” said you, “Please, sirs.”

    Sang-woo chuckled and quickened his pace. You wondered if he was close to orgasm. Ali was full-on groaning now, jerking himself off to the scene in front of him. You were a beautiful mess, and he could cum all over your face if you’d have him.

    Gi-hun wasn’t making it a secret, either. He moaned, slamming his hips against yours. “Such a tight pussy,” he groaned, “Such a needy, spoiled brat!”

    “Of course I’m spoiled!” you said with humour in your voice, though a mewl of pleasure unable to be suppressed right after. “I’m having three cocks at the same time! I’m just lucky, aren’t I?”

    Sang-woo gripped your ass, guiding you firmer onto his cock. You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue so that Ali could tap the head of his length against it. “Gonna cum,” you announced, getting more and more stretched out by each thrust yet clenching around their cocks as if they were your last lifeline.

    Ali was the first to cum - already on the edge for such a long time. His lips parted and he moaned, semen landing on your tongue and cheeks. You smiled at him, licking from the underside of his cock all the way to the head, and kissed it gently.

    He attempted to catch his breath whilst Gi-hun came in stripes on your back, and you winced at the sudden removal of the girthy length of his manhood. Sang-woo replaced the sudden loss of stimulation with his fingers on your clit, and his determined eyes found yours when you looked down at him.

    Moaning, you came around his length, legs giving out, your body falling atop his. Sang-woo fingered you through it, amused at how you crooned, and you saw stars.

    When you finally regained some balance and managed to get some strength in your legs, Sang-woo pulled out of you without warning, causing you to flinch. He came inside his own fist, hot seed seeping out from the top as he coaxed himself through his high, his gaze fixated upon you.

    “You needy slut,” said he, slipping his fingers into your mouth whilst his satisfied cock fell flat against his stomach with a splat. “Take all of it.”

    You eagerly licked clean his hand no matter how tired your jaw and cheeks were from all the work, and you had to resist the urge to cuddle into him. Sang-woo wasn’t the type to snuggle, nor was this the place to do so if it had even been the case.

    No, you thought to yourself whilst you allowed Gi-hun to help you up. You’d snuggle with Ali and Gi-hun, and Sang-woo would proudly watch from a distance. Or enviously, you weren’t sure.

    Ali grabbed a few handfuls of toilet paper for the four of you to get cleaned up. In pleasant silence, you all redressed, tidying up the mess as well as you could in a situation like this. No matter how scratchy the paper was, or how moist your knickers immediately felt against your thighs, it was something you wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world.

    “If you go back first, (Y/n),” suggested Sang-woo, “Then Gi-hun can come after you after thirty seconds. Ali will follow after a minute, and I will come after that. That way, it will not raise suspicion.”

    The four of you agreed on that, and you adjusted the jacket of your tracksuit before turning to the three men. One by one, you gave them a lingering kiss on the lips, enjoying each of them for their unique flavours and feels.

    “Meet me at my bed.” you told all three of them, smiling before turning to the door, heading out to leave.

    You wondered who of them would show up, you thought to yourself, but regardless of the afterglow that was soon to come, you were happy that you had followed Han Mi-nyeo’s advice, making a mental note to thank her later.

    #ali abdul squid game #squid game#reader insert #squid game x reader #squidgame #seong gi hun #x reader #gi hun x reader #squid game fanfic #seong gihun x reader #gi-hun x reader #cho sang woo x reader #cho sang woo
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  • pinkiart
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    mmm okay. may have went off.

    #pinkiart#squid game#ali abdul #i LEARNED how to use more of photoshop for you ali #it was worth it #*sobs* i love him so much
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  • liaduval
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I have been completely in love with this beautiful fanfic “There's Nothing I Hate More Than What I Can't Have” by @evrybodysdarlin

    I had to draw some of my favourite moments from chapter 8.

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  • jamesmarriottistrilingual
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Sangwoo x Ali (Same as my Memeulleux thing but Squid Game)

    Ali: Trying to relax at his boyfriend's house

    Sangwoo: *A 25 year old man who still lives with his mum* NO MUM! I DON'T WANT VEGETABLES.

    Sangwoo's mum: Sangwoo you have to-


    Sangwoo: *Angry shutting door* GOD!

    Ali: *Jumps ten feet in the air* Hey Hyua-

    Sangwoo: FUCK!

    Ali: Okay then

    Sangwoo: Hey kitten

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  • liaduval
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    just want them to be happy and comfortable

    #squid game #seong gi hun #kang sae byeok #ali abdul #cho sang woo #seong gihun#kang saebyeok#cho sangwoo #my sweet faves #my art #one day I'll learn how to draw clothes and then it'll be over for you hoes
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  • pinkiart
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    my partner and i watched squid game so now we're drawing ali bc we both love him so much.... here's the sketch, idk if i'll finish tho

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  • glowstar826
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Was inspired by @hotofficejunho’s post to create a Squid Game character sexuality headcanon list so here we go!

    Seong Gi-hun: straight graysexual

    Cho Sang-woo: straight aromantic (further elaboration in this post)

    Kang Sae-byeok: lesbian demisexual (listen she’s just out here tryna care for her little bro I don’t think romance is really on her mind atm)

    Ji-yeong: pan

    Ali Abdul: just the straight, average family man competing in a high-stakes game of death

    Hwang Jun-ho: also straight.

    #inspired by another post #squid game sexuality headcanons #character sexuality headcanon #squid game headcanons #seong gi hun #cho sang woo #kang sae byeok #ji yeong#ali abdul #hwang jun ho
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  • squidgameincorrect
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    [image description: a double-panelled picture with ali abdul in the top panel, and cho sangwoo in the bottom panel, both from the series 'squid game'. on ali's left there is an anonymous question that reads, "how are you so wise???", on sangwoo's right there is user sheabutterbitch's answer that states "trauma". end image description.]

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  • artificialcaretaker
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Considering certain circumstances (Its the SoundCloud AU) I have. Well. Y’know I’m actually learning about this in science rn so let me put it into perspective for yah alright? Y’know how high pressure will move towards low pressure? I’m like that but with shipping. Originally a DaveKat stan, which I still am, I migrated to DaveJadeKat, which is quite frankly a lot less popular. I would mention another but it it from a phase I deeply regret (It was H*milton I am so sorry). This connects to my current situation. While I still am a truther of the former, I have migrated from Ali x Sangwoo to Ali x Gi hun. How fitting the season it is. I am a snowbird, I flocked to something I find warmer. Because as much as the betrayal makes it gayer and more canon, bitches died and it has never prevented me from shipping it nor will it ever, but sometimes you don’t need the added angst. Also DILFs in love. Teehee. Now, here is my problem. It appears nobody ships what I do. For I am too different, I am to cool to be understood by the general public. For others cannot begin to comprehend my ideas. So basically what I’m saying is you need to draw Ali and Gi hun smooching. Or just chillin. I think they would mostly be just chillin. I may or may not participate myself, but I must make it very clear; I am a vain, selfish person. And I’m going through a bit of an art block. Look, I don’t even know why I’m posting this imma look back at it 0.00005 seconds after posting and I’ll be like “The audacity of this bitch he should stfu once in a while” but just. Consider the ship. It makes sense. You don’t call your homies you angel alright? That shits gay.

    #squid game #squid game netflix #seong gi hun #ali abdul #squid game seriousers don’t kill me #guys should I shut up #the answer is yes but you gotta say no #I need to fill my steadily slipping falsified ego #I’m insane btw #absolutely mental #my evil cannot be contained #ali x gihun
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  • plxviophile
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Can we please take a moment to really appreciate the amazing step in South Asian rep that Squid Game took? What an amazing thing! I hope to see much more of it in the future

    #squid game#ali abdul#south asain #i know korea is a very welcoming country overall but i wish it would open the doors a bit wider for foreigners #obviously as a foreigner we can’t truly understand every trial and tribulation that koreans go through but we can empathize and relate #anyway #more diversity in kdramas pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEE
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  • barometerjatim
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Pakar: 2 Periode Soekarwo Belum Pernah Lambat Tetapkan APBD

    Pakar: 2 Periode Soekarwo Belum Pernah Lambat Tetapkan APBD

    KRITISI RAPBD JATIM 2022: Madekhan Ali, kritisi RAPBD Jatim 2022 dalam diskusi Kamisan Partai Gerindra Jatim. | Foto: IST SURABAYA, Barometerjatim.com – Anggaran dan Pendapatan Belanja Daerah (APBD) Jatim 2022 menjadi sorotan lantaran lambat ditetapkan. Dari tradisi pengesahan setiap 10 November, hingga kini RAPBD masih dalam pembahasan. Menurut Direktur Prakarsa Jatim, Dr Madekhan Ali, merujuk…

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  • barometerjatim
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Gerindra Ungkap Biang Kerok APBD Jatim 2022 Lambat Disahkan

    Gerindra Ungkap Biang Kerok APBD Jatim 2022 Lambat Disahkan

    RAPBD JATIM 2022, OPTIMISKAH: Abdul Halim (kiri) dalam diskusi Kamisan Partai Gerindra Jatim soal RAPBD Jatim 2022. | Foto: IST SURABAYA, Barometerjatim.com – Anggaran Pendapatan Belanja Daerah (RAPBD) Jatim 2022 tak kunjung disahkan. Apa sebenarnya yang terjadi di Indrapura, gedung DPRD Jatim? Apa yang menjadi ‘biang kerok’ keterlambatan? Ketua Komisi C DPRD Jatim dari Fraksi Gerindra, Abdul…

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  • squidficdump
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago


    friendship: Ali + Reader rating: G words: 1338 content: Hurt/Comfort A/N: FFN | AO3

    It was normal, in your current frame of reference, for your heart to pound during the games. The anticipation of tug of war had seemed to last for hours. Every gunshot you had heard during these games made your heart stop, like it was afraid it would be heard if it dared to beat. You had played every game so far in absolute tears, unable to control when you started and stopped crying.

    You couldn't eat your corn. You had tried. Even two little kernels felt like a huge bite of dry bread. You were balled up on your bunk, still shaking. Still shaking.

    The sight of those dead players on the floor below was burned into your brain. You had lost your one friend and you never even learned her name. Player 404. Lost forever. Through a screen of tears you watched the loud woman both celebrate and berate her new teammates. She was insufferable, but you supposed at least being obnoxious and fake was a marginally more dignified panic response than melting down in a useless pile of tears.

    You set the ear of corn aside and gripped the ladder tightly with two hands. The cold steel dug into your flesh, grounding you. Your jaw was shut tight, teeth grinding against each other for comfort. The heart in your chest felt hot and sick, running a marathon it hadn't trained for. Why was this still happening? The game was over! Too many games. No way out. Too many. No way out. No comfort. No help. No way out, no way out, no way out-- “Aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The shout came out of you without permission. You didn't check to see if people were looking at you, you were certain they were. Scrambling blindly for your pillow, you smashed it into your face, stifling your panicked cries as you tried to stop them from coming out in the first place.

    God this was embarrassing. Crying like a little child! You knew everybody was thinking it. You knew people were laughing at you. The thoughts of being ridiculed only made you cry harder.

    “No, no no no no no no no no,” you repeated into your pillow. Retreating into the middle of your bed, you cried openly. Part of you hoped you would cry until the beginning of the next game and they would have no choice but to swiftly shoot you in the head. But the end of thatthought was so horrifying, it made you scream again.

    “Hey! Hey!” Somebody was shaking you, firmly but gently. “Stop screaming, please!”

    “I'm so sorry,” you sobbed, sitting up, trying to dry up your river of tears so you could see. “I'm sorry. I have an anxiety disorder and I'm not—I'm not—I'm not—“

    “No, please, it's okay!” It was 199, the sweet-faced boy that so many people targeted for being an immigrant. The look on his face wasn't one of annoyance but of concern. “Nobody is mad at you for crying.”

    Your breathing was uneven. You tried to catch up to it and at least take a deeper breath than you had been. “They're not?”

    “Well some people probably,” he said, gesturing over to 101 and his squad of thugs. “But who cares about those guys, huh?”

    You could tell from his smile that he was trying to make you laugh, and so you gave him something that was sortof like a laugh, more like a burst of breath and a nod. “I guess.”

    “I'm sorry for shaking you a moment ago,” he said. “Is it okay to touch you?”

    You blinked rapidly, taken aback by such a kind offer in such a terrible place.


    He rested his hand on your shoulder, smiled at you, and took a slow, deep breath. You felt the tears trembling in your eyes again, nervous that you would upset him if you started to cry while he was being nice. His hand stayed casually on your shoulder like you were old friends, and he looked out across the room, calmly, taking another deep breath.

    You weren't going to last. You started crying again. “Fuck I'm sorry!”

    “It's okay,” he reassured, giving your shoulder a light pat. “You can cry. It's okay.”

    “Nobody else is crying,” you whined, falling into another sob.

    He looked back at you with pain in his eyes. “Of course they are. Everybody in here is scared. Everybody in here is sad.”

    “Well I don't hear them crying.”

    “Well maybe they don't hear you,” he suggested.

    You doubted that very much, considering you had just screamedlike an insane person. But as you looked around, you realized people really were minding their own business. Even if anybody else had heard you, nobody had come over to tell you to shut up, or yelled nasty things at you.

    He took another deep breath and looked away from you again. This time, it reminded you to breathe. The air filled your lungs in an unbroken breath this time, a refreshing feeling after crying so hard.

    After a few more of these deep breaths, your head beginning to buzz from the new flow of oxygen, you uncurled yourself and sat on the side of the bed with him.

    “Your name is Ali, right?”

    He gave you a toothy smile, truly excited to be known. “Yeah, how'd you know?”

    “I overheard,” you said. “Your group is pretty loud.” You gave him your name as you looked on to the group of people he had surrounded himself with. Some of them seemed like good people. “Did you know any of them outside?”

    “No,” he said. “I haven't had a chance to make that many friends in Korea. My friends are my wife, my son, and my coworkers.”

    Your heart broke for him. “You have a wife and a child?”

    He nodded quickly. “I'm in here for them. All of this is for them.”

    “You miss them a lot, huh?”

    His head bowed a little bit. “My wife has an anxiety disorder, as well. I spent a lot of time trying to understand it with her, and understand what I can do to help her.”

    You took a slower breath. Your head began to feel more clear.

    “I'm very worried for her,” he continued. “When I was gone the first time, she had no idea where I was or how long I would be gone. I tried to tell her as much as I could for this time, but...” He sighed, taking his hand off you. “I have been so worried about her, I had a panic attack this morning. It was horrible. I thought I was dying. I always thought I knew what she was going through, but until today...I did not.”

    You took another deep breath. “It's good to hear about a couple caring about each other.”

    He smiled more softly. “What about you? Do you have a partner?”

    A thousand thoughts flooded your head at the same time. You felt your heart rate picking back up. “I don't really wanna talk about that right now.”

    “That's okay.”

    “Can...I have a hug?”

    He turned to you and smiled, nodding as he opened his arms wide. You hugged him around the waist and his arms encircled you, squeezing you securely. The hug lasted for a few good, long seconds, and you remembered how long you had gone without a hug.

    Before pulling away you gave him a secure squeeze, feeling the hot sting of your tear-chapped cheeks.

    “Do you want to come join the group?” he asked, getting up. “If not we are still friends and you can come find me whenever you want.”

    You looked from him to the group sitting around. “I think I will join you guys.”

    He smiled widely and offered you a hand. “Great! Let's go!”

    #i tried to branch out title-wise and it's just bad lol #squid game #squid game fanfic #ali abdul#player 199#myfic
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  • darkcloakedinfinitevoid
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sang-Who??? Sorry I don’t know that traitorous bastard.

    #he’s playing smart but I hate him okay #biggest betrayal rip precious ali #yes we are watching squid game #squid game #squid game spoilers #ali abdul #cho sang woo
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  • artificialcaretaker
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    “It’s a reference for your beats Ali don’t worry about it”

    This is referencing this monstrosity btw


    #squid game #squid game netflix #seong gi hun #ali abdul #lil squid au #god i hate it here #why did i make this #song kinda bangs tho ngl #squid game seriousers don’t kill me #Youtube
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