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  • mallr4ts
    23.04.2021 - 1 minute ago

    if you’re going to reblog gore, no matter how big or small it may be, please fucking TAG IT

    #im so sensitive to gore and bodily harm #and i keep seeing horror game shit all over my dash #because ppl dont tag their shit<3 #literally just put 'gore' #thats it #it aint that hard #cmon
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  • enbies-and-felonies
    23.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago


    i keep getting the urge to call people ‘kid’ and ‘bud’ unironically

    #i already say bud and buddy unironically sometimes #key word *sometimes* #but NOW it's ALL unironic and i don't want to like #make people feel like i'm infantilizing them or calling them immature #BUT I ALMOST SAID ''i love you kid'' #what's next??? #saying ''old sport'' unironically??????? #i probably will #ugh #it's not that bad a thought but like #IMAGINE UNIRONICALLY CALLING PEOPLE OLD SPORT AND BUD OKAY #tw caps
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  • katsumiiii
    23.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #/j #bc you got me all excited 😭😭 #but it’s okay #I see how you moving #and I got you 🙏🏾 #ecstasy#sleepers
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  • theinsanelylogical
    23.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #elisa tag (the best wizard around) #fairest-of-them-all #yay an ask
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  • aroace-steve-rogers
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Got in a car wreck last night boys. Im ok but i have whiplash and they're probably going to crush my car into a little cube at the city dump

    #my whole body aches and my favorite possession is in pieces all over the fuckin highway
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  • teyvatstories
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    So I’ve been wanting to create this post for a while now. I’m very thankful for everyone who joined me on this journey since I started this blog, I’ve been too scared to come back on tumblr after some stuff went down with me but I started a new blog and seeing where I am now makes me happy. So I wanted to make this post and thank everyone for this.

    For all my followers: Thank you so much for supporting me and following me, thank you so much for supporting me. No words can describe how thankful I am for you, you guys are so amazing and getting asks from you all makes me very happy because I love interacting with you all. I love you all so much and wishing the best for you<3.

    For my mutuals:


    Soph, I have no words to describe how happy and thankful I am to be your friend. I know I said these words before in the disc but I will say them again. You are one of my best friends on the internet and meeting you brought me so much joy. Every time I get a message from you my whole day gets so much better and just talking with you about anything makes me so happy, especially our passive aggressive chats. Sophie, thank you for being my friend and being someone who I can always talk to. Even though we met almost a year ago but I feel like we’ve been friends for a very long time. Take care bb I love you so much<333333


    Sam, more like the love of my life, I still remember how both of us met and I’m so glad I popped up in Soph’s world to meet you. Then you joined the server and honestly, I got to talk to you more and we became friends so fast. You became one of my best friends on the internet and I just couldn’t imagine a life without you now. Sam, thank you so much for being my friend and I will always be there for you no matter what it is. Ilysm bb and sending you my love and affection rn.


    Lore my fellow hairbrush cult member. We’ve been friends for like, 2 years now and I just wanna thank you for everything you did for me. You are such an amazing person and I’m so happy that we are friends for that long. Remember that you are a very great person and whoever tells you otherwise I will personally punt them. Thank you for being with me and letting me into the hairbrush cult, ilysm!


    Aru my beloved, my cursed bestie, the biggest childe simp I’ve ever met. I remember how we both met in discord and became friends so fast. You are so nice and friendly and we became so close. I love seeing you on my dash and seeing you on disc as well, I love how we would send each other cursed tiktoks and scream together. I love you so much bb and will drag childe to come cuddle you rn bff. Ilysm<3333333


    Aishi, my bestie, my everything. I am so glad of my past self to send you an invite to the server to meet you. I love seeing you appear in my ask box and just interacting with me. We became friends so fast and even best friends. I love talking with you and ranting to you whenever I feel like I need someone to talk to. I love you so much bff and always remember that I’m here for you, hugs and kisses bb ilysm<33333333


    Avi aka Dainsleif’s wife. Can I just say that I love you so much, and we became friends so fast that I just wanna protect you from everything. You are such a great person and I’m so happy that we are friends. Ilysm bb and manifesting dainsleif and yanfei for u<33333


    My brightest star in the night sky<3, our interactions in tumblr made me smile and now we became friends and I’m cherishing this friendship so much. I love our interactions so much whether its on disc or here, You are such a great friend and I’m so happy that we met and became friends. Ilysm bb and ganluc supremacy<3


    uhm, MY BFF, like pilar you have no clue how much I love you and care about you. You make me laugh so much and I’m so happy that we’ve been friends for that long, never gonna forget how we first met and that is a memory that will never leave my life. I love you lots bb and take care<3333333333


    Sam, the biggest diluc simp and for his whole bloodline. When you first sent me the ask that you want to talk to me I was so happy and shocked, cause I am a big fan of your blog and seeing that you wanted to talk to me made me feel so happy. And now we are such great friends that I just can’t imagine a day to pass without talking to you. Will never forget that co op we did when I entered as Diluc EDHJWJGFBEHRJF. I love you lots bb smooches<3333333


    my stool kid who I will gladly protect with my whole life, although we just met but always remember that I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Ilysm bb smooches<3333333333333333333, kaeya supremacy.

    And to the rest of my mutuals who I didn’t mention here just remember that I love yall so much and you guys deserve all the love and affection in the world

    #lumi's appreciation post #i love yall sm and you all deserve the world
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  • firesign23
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    WIP Folder Meme

    Tagged by the inimitable @sdwolfpup, and restricting this to only my GoT folder

    Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Let people send you an ask with the title that most intrigues them and then post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it! and then tag as many people as you have WIPs.

    Well, this isn't terribly interesting, because most of my short/ not-quite-yet fics are in one of a handful of generically named docs (Snippets/TropeMashups/Prompts) so I can pretend that I'm not writing them.

    Of the remaining docs, these are WIPs currently being posted:

    Brienne/Addam -- all the bits for my AU where Jaime dies and Brienne is pregnant, so she marries Addam Marbrand for the sake of the child.

    BrienneOfTarthIsHeroineOfHerOwnDamnStory -- this is my primary file for in the wild blue yonder. It, uhhh, kind of sprawled from its original intent.

    MarriageOf(In)Convenience -- the spite fucking pegging gift fic for @kiraziwrites that I need to finish ASAP

    Minigolf AU / Minigolf Midwinter / MinigolfAuction -- the main and subdocs for the Minigolf AU

    NaNoWriMo -- working doc for thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men

    Schitt’sCreekAU -- it's the Schitt's Creek AU. Be shocked.

    Threequel -- working doc for be my anchor, be my moor

    And the unposted WIP docs:

    5+1 Fake Dating

    Arranged Marriage

    BatB AU

    Cocks and Robbers



    QoA H/I candiv




    Tagging @arlome, @aurora-australis-tumbles, @floating-in-the-blue, and whoever hasn't already been tagged and wants to play.

    #my fanfic #all the fics I'll never write #feel free to ask me about any of these #I'm avoiding writing 😂
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  • i-film-bnha-part-time
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    The League Of Villains Updates

    *Before Kamino and stuffs*

    All For One, talking on a phone to Shigaraki: So, how is everything going there?

    Shigaraki, on the phone in a separate room from the others: It’s fine.

    All For One: Really? I’m glad. What’s happening so far?


    ~Earlier in the day~

    Toga, slamming door open: Where the hell is my Wednesday blade?!

    Dabi, looking up: You’re what?

    Toga: My Wednesday blade, you ignorant freak.

    Spinner: We don’t frigging know! Chill out! Is that time of that month?


    Magne: Mr. Compress used it for a magic trick.

    Toga: Where is it, then?

    Mr. Compress: It was for a disappearing act.

    Spinner: See? All good. Just give it back to her.

    Mr. Compress: That’s the thing. I can’t.

    Dabi: And why not?

    Mr. Compress: I’m still working on bringing it back.





    Kurogiri: Alright, everyone, let’s just calm down-

    Toga, flying at Mr. Compress: THAT WAS MY WEDNESDAY BLADE, ASSHOLE!!!

    Mr. Compress, screeching: DABI SAID IT WAS OKAY!!!!!!



    Magne: *hiding in a corner while watching Toga attack a defenseless Mr. Compress and Dabi with her shoes*


    Mr. Compress, still running for his life: YOU WOULDN’T DARE!!

    Dabi: Get off me, woman!!

    Kurogiri: DO I NEED TO SET UP A TIME-OUT??

    *screeches and the sounds of violent scuffles can still be heard as Shigaraki runs out of the room to avoid flying shoes and beer bottles*


    All For One: Well?

    Shigaraki: Nothing.

    #Date of origin: March 27 2020 #Another old gem #Is today just a repost day??? #Idk#lov#bnha#mha #my hero academia #league of villains #shigaraki#dabi#touya todoroki#himiko toga#rip magne#Rip twice#Spinner#mr compress #all for one #kurogiri#knives#incorrect quotes#horikoshi #why are they like this #seriously #also what the hell was up with my humor a year ago #Damn#Times changed#Oofies#rip#aight
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  • stopframevevo
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Its like i dont think theres anything wrong with the owl house i just literally hate every modern cartoon thats being made. especially kids ones<3

    #talk #all the art styles fucking suck. every cartoon nowadays fucking suck #i miss recess i miss kim possible i miss that space one i can never remember the name of #i miss. art styles
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  • superunicat
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    the moment when reading the word “bean” triggers your new tic to throw hands

    #maybe bc a few people with tourettes I encountered on the internet have beans as a tic #maybe it was just coincidence since my new tic is triggered by ... all sort of things and words it seems #screaming 'gandalf has socks' was my favorite accompanying vocal tic with it #even tho it was my first ever vocal tic in form of words
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  • spiritmaiden
    23.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    That’s right, I’m bringing this trend from one RP website to here because it’s too good of an idea to pass up! You don’t have to ask if you want to do this sort of stuff, just go for it! However, if you still feel unsure don’t be afraid to come to me there’s a high chance where I’ll say yes. Sometimes, with certain events, there needs to be communication. I will come to you to run something by you and vice versa on partner’s end. That said, let’s go, go, go! 

    Hugging this character. HELL TO THE YEAH!! Don’t be fooled by her small frame she will try to give you a big ol’ bear hug combined with tight squeeze. She too will hug your muse if they are good friends. She’s affectionate my dudes! She’ll be a bit surprised by hugs from people she doesn’t know too well but accept it all the same because hugs are nice.  Kissing this character. Sure, why not? Go for it. Cheek kisses are fine in her books but unless she’s going out with someone, random kisses from someone she’s not too familiar with or sees as a friend will give you a negative reaction. Flirting with this character. Wahaha! Flirting is harmless fun so yeah! It doesn’t always mean interest or force shipping to me. No worries! If your character is flirty, that’s fine, she’s playful by nature and just likes to tease others. She knows how to deflect lip service though, just a small heads up.  Fighting with this character. YES YES YES!!! In almost all of her verses she is pretty darn good with combat. I think I mentioned this in her bio but Zelda has speed to her advantage and with sword fighting in her main verse, she likes to use lighter swords to help with that speed. She goes for a more defensive approach rather than offensive but that is sprinkled in there. Witch verse, where she didn’t train to become a knight, she’s not too familiar with blades of any kind aside from the athame knife that’s used to channel magic because getting blood on it is a huge no no. That in mind, she’s far more talented with spells there! So if you need a sparring buddy and someone to help out with your muse’s adventure then Zellie’s got your back for sure! That being said, combat threads can be tricky so it’s fine if you want to plan things out. Injuring this character. Of course, yes! I can understand if you’re like “hm it’s in my character’s nature to do this but i don’t know if the amburrito is fine with this’ to which I say OF COURSE!!! If you play as a villain or anti-hero, you don’t have to water down your character. Let them be as evil as they can be because Zelda will fight back even if it’s at the risk of hurting herself (though she’d like to avoid it). She wants to protect people, loved ones, and the world she loves. Anyone threatening it will have her fighting back when push comes to shove. Killing this character. Oh yeah for sure you’ll have to come to me first. It’s hard to continue the thread if she just dies out of nowhere. And while it may break my black heart, if death is important to the plot then it’s fine. Unless it’s a crack thread. Using telepathy/mind reading on this character. This is tricky, I understand, because this can go into the info-mod territory. Depending on how the telepathy works (being able to spend telepathic messages like my ALTTP Zel) it’s fine. You should come to me first for this so we can talk things out. Zelda has yet to reveal herself as Hylia in main verse and other verses has yet to say she’s a mortal goddess. Having this suddenly revealed without coming to me first is a bit... well, not cool. But generally, I won’t mind too much and with the villains the same thing applies here where you don’t have to water down your character. 

    #ooc postings. #about. #now to add this baby to the pinned post!! #hope you all have a good day hee ho!
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  • techthump
    23.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Watch: AirTag Unboxing Videos and First Impressions

    Watch: AirTag Unboxing Videos and First Impressions from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories https://ift.tt/3tH3g5X

    #IFTTT #MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories #macrumors#tech#techthump #Watch: AirTag Unbox
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  • narrativefoiltrope
    23.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    it’s them, my bastard child: my hunter for the northern passage, quinn o’shea. they are in a very tense rivalmance with lea and i wither inside if i think about it for too long (which means u all should go play it) (made in this picrew)

    #by far the absolute nastiest of my characters and u know what? they've earned that right i think #the FLAVOUR of this IF where you are the one with the monster complex that others are afraid of #hunter quinn o'shea #one day maybe lea won't pull away when they try to reach out to them but for now we are all struggling :) #picrew
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  • trshmouth
    23.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    [to the tune of shots] drafts drafts drafts drafts drafts drafts everybody

    #im up now and?  i really like all the stuff i owe replies and asks for... even though i May Be A Slow Writer. Bottom Text #genuinely so many cool dynamics i have so far im just TT___TT
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  • itshazell
    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    “About time you showed up... I missed ya...”
    #when you're the only one that makes the bossman go all soft <3 #Talbot#Cyberpunk 2077#Cyberpunk OC#myedit#not v
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  • yua-wonderland
    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Yua: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and you’re all invited

    Trey: If?

    Malleus: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited to and they might not even die.

    (Im bored but i don't wanna study and pull an all nighter-)

    #Yua#twst yua #twisted wonderland yua #oc#twst oc #twisted wonderland oc #twst trey #twisted wonderland trey #twisted wonderland malleus #twst malleus #twst incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #fuck it all on my finals- #AAAAAA
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  • milajye
    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    bc i can’t keep making indies when the mood strikes i think im going to remake my mumu

    #and ofc move all my current muses there / #plus add more /
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  • fightaers
    23.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    y’all ...... im gonna post smth controversial. i’m so sorry ✋😭

    #i tried staying clean #I DID #i gotta speak up a bit abt it tho!!!!! #just a little bit ! but please!!! this is by no means me trying to call anyone out or anything #this is mostly just a general statement; a general opinion #u are FREE to disagree #FREE to have ur own interpretation idc YOU DO YOU #and ofc!!! if ure uncomfy!!! free to unfollow me #*feel free #honestly in the end im all about writing #and theyre just fictional characters #and if u still wanna chill even if we disagree im all in !!!!!!! #but ahhh i gotta say what i gotta say #out of character.
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  • falquin
    23.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    ‘small things’

    #tfatws spoilers / #( how to express my emotions without spilling that i spend all my free time writing as a fictional character ) #( dad’s probs gonna watch it tomorrow so that gives me time to get my thoughts in order lmao )
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  • jin-mowi
    23.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Samuel Seo

    Like / reblog + mention if you save or use

    #i finally used all tge icons i had!!! #finally #now i will make sinu han #samuel seo#lookism
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