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  • dollyreblogs
    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    My gorgeous gator boy♡

    #dollydraws #I wanna talk about him today because he's just so pretty #Alley Gator#Alessandro Boudreaux
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  • saschagemruler
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • artounces
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    DELIGHTFUL PLAYLAND by Beeple > https://society6.com/beeple?curator=bmarquez

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  • corehitech
    23.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #family entertainment center #kids play zone #best fun zone #bowling alley
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  • anderson-residence
    23.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    // oooh I forgot I made cool custom tags for my mutual friendo peeps. I didn't use them when I queued all my replies. Oops. I'm slowly going back and adding them in so keep your eyes out on the things I already tagged you in 👀

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  • balu8
    23.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Frank King: Gasoline Alley

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  • effin-coffee-ruv
    23.04.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #asks.txt #wuv.txt #(yes he’s still in the alley with Whitty)
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  • anderson-residence
    23.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    anon: What is your prefered relationship status between Hank and Connor, Father/son or Lovers?

    Hi anon! As stated in my rules I do prefer friendships and familial bonds over romance, this includes Hank and Connor, and also shipping is for mutual friends only. People I’m comfortable with and needs to be a two way street of development.

    Also as a note: My preferred relationship status for ANY characters upon first interactions is a becoming friends/are friends/strangers type of thing depending on the chanters. From there I prefer familiar bonds or other non romantic routes and its all based on plotting with my partner. Having default assumptions of ‘lovers’ ‘family’ ‘this and that’ isn’t fair to others or myself. Plus building relationships up between characters is fun.

    Shipping is also off the table unless I know the other mun and we both feel it with our muses and discuss it and it’s built up in some way. I’m very closed off on shipping for my muses. So my preferred status is never lovers. That’s just not fair to the other mun. We need to agree on what our muses are to each other.

    However, people are open to ship whatever they want! If someone does ship them it’s fine! As long as it’s not an autoship with my muses or forced onto me/my muses. I have no problem with them as a ship being a thing or ships with any characters for that matter. People can do whatever makes them happy and I’ll admit I do enjoy seeing shippy things come up on my dash, especially knowing two muns are having fun with it.

    Just...in the scope of this blog and all my writing and creations (I do graphics and sketches as well as write) I see them as family unless my friends and I discuss otherwise. It’s not necessarily father & son all the time. But just general family. A positive familiar bond. Any future labels or changes or alternatives is up to plotting between me and my partners.

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  • majokkotrashillustrations
    23.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    My latest acrylic charm, a cute Sadaharu Shaker Charm featuring the yorozuya as his tasty snack!

    And keep checking back for new items being added in the next few weeks ❤

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  • saintharvest
    23.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    some robloix screenshots from friendos

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  • serannes
    22.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    a league of nobleman / 张公案 (2021) — first teaser

    #a league of nobleman #cdrama#asianlgbtqdramas #the society of four leaves #the case of mr zhang #张公案#bl drama#chinese bl#cdramanet#cdramedit#my gifs #this looks like it could be right up my alley #besides #im already trying to line up things to fill the hole word of honor is gonna leave in my heart :(((
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  • thesilentseagoat
    22.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    My Sk8 the Infinity acrylic charms are up for preorder on Etsy until April 30th!


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  • dollyreblogs
    22.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I know I've said this already but I'm kinda starting to really like Alley and Armando together mostly because holy shit, they'd be so fucking gorgeous together but Nick uses his flames against Armando and Alley pushes himself in front of him and since Atlanteans are sensitive to fire, Alley gets a lot more hurt than he bargained for and that actually gets Armando mad before he punches Nick in the face to get him too stop.

    "DiD YOU JUST-"

    "I think he just did!"

    "OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooh my god, NICK I AM SO, SO SORRY-"

    #Nick's impressed by the punch...and the fact that he even did get punched #Alley would also be pretty proud too
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  • dollyreblogs
    22.04.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #Alley gets embarrassed whike Amias and Flavi are like: WOW. THAT BOUDREAUX CHARM- #And Louis is all: Don' worry son I once puked in your mom and now i've got her and a handsome husband- #Alley: You what-
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  • spikemyheart
    22.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Just got offered a job to design charcuterie boards and cold appetizers for this really cool artisanal scratch kitchen I’m buzzing with excitement

    #it’s so up my alley #I fucking love making charcuterie boards #prophecy
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  • dollyreblogs
    22.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Okay so you know how I mentioned that Benito proposed to Flavia when they first met?

    I can totally imagine Flavia fighting him bit her domino mask falls off and her eyes are revealed and while Benito was already attracted to her, he was able to supress the affects of her allure, but what ends up happening is the moment he looks into his eyes then he melts and gets down on one knee before holding her and says some intense shit like: "I would be HONORED if you beared my children."

    Just because Amias and Alley stop mid fight and glare at him and Alley uses his water powers to spray water in his face as Amias pulls Flavi closer to them.

    "No, bad Baby Bane. Bad. Go. Shoo-"

    And Thomas is in the back like: "YEAH, GET IT, BENI!"

    #Bc I do want her and Alley to get along in the future #DAMMIT NOW I'M IN ALLEY MOOD #Flavia Potenza#Alley Gator#Benito Dorrance #LOOK HE'S A VERY BLUNT BOY-
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  • rinicakez
    22.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Dollypaca in red ❤️🍓

    If you missed the Kickstarter you can still pre-order this vinyl art toy on BackerKit, or find her in my Etsy shop in late May. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates (@rinicakez on both)

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  • jmoriarty-221b
    22.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    New AU idea: I’ve found out that there’s some versions of the Batman comics where Tim Drake becomes Red Robin straight off the bat (he was never Robin & didn’t go to Batman) so I’m running with that

    This Tim Drake doesn’t find Batman all that amazing, he recognizes Batman as a hero and as a symbol of Hope for Gotham, but he also sees him as just one man trying to make a difference, he holds more admiration towards Robin, specifically Jason’s Robin since he knows Gotham in ways Batman doesn’t, he checks on the street kids and the homeless, makes hot chocolate runs for the working girls when he can, and he is more interested in helping those in Crime Alley, a place where Batman and the previous Robin didn’t tend to patrol before Jason

    And Tim has never been a normal child, there’s really no way for him to be human but there’s also no way to prove that he isn’t human, he passes the DNA tests, he doesn’t have a meta gene, he doesn’t have a mutation nor a difference in genetics, physiologically? There’s nothing to prove that Tim is anything other than human. In practice? Tim isn’t exactly limited if he cut off a limb, if he were to be shot in the head it would take approximately five minutes for him to heal back up, he can decide whether or not a wound will leave scars on his body, he can choose whether or not a mortal wound would put him in the ground permanently, most importantly, he can choose whether or not to contact his crew from the Isle that was supposed to be his home

    There’s a reason as to why Tim isn’t exactly fond of heroes, after all, heroes decided to sentence countless of children yet to be born to a life of pain, suffering and poverty amongst an island filled with villains, heroes are the ones who put a barrier over the Isle that prevented its occupants from accessing their magic, heroes are the reason that his fae sisters and djinn brother and sea witch cousin and pirate friends are unable to access a part of themselves, he reason that they are unable to grow up properly and learn to control and feel and channel their magical cores, heroes are the reason for why him and his family hide behind fake names, and if it wasn’t for his parents’ quick thinking and preparations to flee then heroes would’ve been the reason he would’ve also grown up imprisoned and unable to access an integral part of himself

    So no, Tim isn’t exactly impressed by the Batman

    But Gotham exudes a similar signature as the one of the Isle of the Lost, making it the one place to where his parents could establish themselves undetected as the pollution would obscure their magical signatures had anyone looked for them, of course, Tim wasn’t old enough to learn how to lock down his own magical core in a way that wasn’t detrimental to himself, so he couldn’t be taken out of Gotham to accompany his parents on their numerous trips around the world, and such was his boredom that he decided to take advantage of his lack of adult supervision and explore Gotham

    Having been taught about what became of the people he would’ve known as family from his parents as well as reading up every book he could in the ancient family library regarding long distance communication with magical kin, Tim ends up with a plan to meet with kids on the Isle as soon as he can, it turns out that establishing communication with the Isle requires for him to be in a part of Gotham that has the same atmosphere as the Isle, so Little Tim sets up shop in a semi secure rooftop in Crime Alley and establishes communication, needless to say he’s in for a surprise because “Oh wow why are you there Mr. Hades, you could escape any time and there’s no way those mortals could hope to contain your power, so why are you on the Isle?”

    Turns out that attempting communication from a place surrounded by death and sorrow would lead to Tim establishing a magical video chat with the Lord of the Underworld, who’d’ve thunk? Anyway, Hades is literally just chilling for the next hundred years on the Isle because it’s easier to agree to mortals’ demands than obliterate them, and it’s less paperwork too so win-win, and one afternoon he’s suddenly communicating with one of the cutest little chipmunks he’s seen (kids are cute, and Tim is still a baby so he’s Tiny Cute) who introduced himself as Timothy Dwake and isn’t that just precious that the little tyke still has trouble with his r’s but how is he able to communicate with him on the Isle oh, that’s Janet’s kid, well shit guess he has a godson now (Janet had always wanted for Tim to be protected and that’s why she had been one of the few to escape the Isle, she had been a good friend back in the day so it seemed only fair for him to return the favor by looking out for Tiny Tim; it has nothing to do with Tim’s very cute face and slightly chubby cheeks that he kinda wants to pinch and his cute little lisp no Persephone I’m not attached-)

    Anyway, so Tim ends up learning from his Uncle H on how to control his magical core and how to defend himself against physical and magical threats, he has a talent for using shadows to conceal himself as well as to listen in on others and gather information, if he concentrates really hard he can even manipulate shadows into solid figures, once he told this to his Uncle new training lessons began and now Tim is able to maintain his shadow constructs solid for longer periods of time as well as give them shape, over time he would learn more control over his ability and it will become easier to make weapons from shadows, his Uncle H also trains him in combat, particularly lost forms of combat from ancient civilizations

    One particular night Tim wasn’t able to go to their meeting spot in Crime Alley, there was an Arkham Breakout and he wasn’t about to be caught up in that shit because could he fight off some villains and protect himself? Sure, but that would mean a possibility of getting the Batman’s attention and he’s not about to do that so staying at home it is, and now he is walking alone in the Drake gardens, he has no one to practice his fighting techniques with, no one to talk to, no one to teach him about what’s happening in the Isle, no one to teach him how to control his powers and his parents are gone for most of the year and they say that they’ll take him with them when he’s older but they’ve been saying that for years and now he’s much better at concealing his power and the King of Auradon believes he put every villain away for good so it’s not like they’re searching for his magical signature anyway so WHY WON’T HIS PARENTS TAKE HIM WITH THEM!?!?!? WHY IS HE ALWAYS LEFT ALONE!?!?!?

    As he got progressively angrier, Tim hadn’t noticed how his power became stronger, how shadows grew larger, nor how the ground seemed to tremble and crack, it wasn’t until the ground literally split in front of him that he realized that maybe his power may have gotten out of hand, a bit, maybe, to be fair, he didn’t mean to summon a skeleton warrior with who he could practice his fighting with but hey, silver lining and all that, and he has something else to tell his Uncle H about in their next meeting (Hades may or may not have blessed his godson, and the blessing may or may not have given Tim some sort of control over his domains)

    Anyway, eventually Tim learns how to see what’s happening in the Isle on his own from a sort of bird’s eye view, he sees what kids his age are going through and tries to find ways to alleviate the pain, he begins to talk to the kids and establishes rapport with them, he becomes friends with little Uma and Harry by bonding over swordplay, he gives Jay and Carlos tips for how to find the best hiding spots, he learns from Evie how to hide more stuff in his clothes and how to add more protective fabrics to his wardrobe, he and Mal bond over high parental expectations (she reminds him of Hades sometimes, and he thinks her eyes are a very pretty green with gold flecks sprinkled in, he may have a crush???) (Psssst, Mal likes Tim’s eyes too, she thinks it’s very pretty how they seem to change shades depending on his mood and when he’s happy they match her purple hair) *cue cuteness from these unfortunate little beans because yes*

    Anyway, Tim has been working on creating a portal to a secluded part of the Isle from where he could send supplies to kids there, he was 8 years old when he started looking into this possibility after managing to make friends with the kids and now, at 13, he has finally managed to make it happen, he can only send non-living things through the portal tho, because although theoretically he Could send himself over, then he’d be stuck behind the barrier and couldn’t access his magic so that’s a big no, and he also can’t take the risk of getting someone from the Isle out because he can’t guarantee their safety (he tried with small insects and one time with a mouse; they died); the first thing he sends are medical supplies, food and bottled water, at first it’s only for his close friends, then they all establish a sort of routine and plan to get these supplies to other kids while hiding what they’re doing from their parents behind the guise of building their own gang on the Isle, Uma with the pirates and Mal with the inner city, Tim becomes their sort of advisor on important matters having seen what strategy tends to work when recruiting people as well as how to better approach street kids, he gets nicknamed the Shadow Angel for helping from behind the curtain, literally

    Tim continues to learn as much as he can from his Uncle H, shadows Robin around Crime Alley, avoids gaining Batman’s attention and acquires supplies to send to the Isle three times a week from different places (he’s gotta cover his tracks, otherwise he runs the risk of getting Batman’s attention even if it’s just because the same person keeps buying food, water and medical supplies from various stores each week) but Tim has money, and he has experience regarding gangs and their recruiting and internal works (he’s helping his friends make their own gangs after all) and these people are in need of help as well, so he decides to make his own ‘gang’ by hiring people to do supply runs for him, he poses as a recruiter and gives fliers with information about his own gang and the benefits that joining will have (health insurance, dental, payed maternity leave, payed recuperation period, payed physical therapy and medical bills in case Batman decides to pop in, education is provided for anyone who wishes to get their GED and continue their education, etc); in the end, Tim keeps the Boss’ identity a secret until he reaches adulthood because no one would take a kid seriously, but he ends up amassing his own gang in Gotham while at the same time improving the life of people in poverty areas like Crime Alley and the Bowery

    Of course, everything comes to a head when Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are elected to go to school in Auradon leaving Uma as the only leader on the Isle, meanwhile Tim has been keeping tabs on Robin and gets to save Jason from Joker in Ethiopia (turns out being able to summon a skeleton army comes in handy when rescuing Robin from a deranged psychopath like Joker) so Tim is simultaneously saving Jason while still trying to remain anonymous to Batman (he’s built and maintained an entire gang in the most crime ridden part of Gotham for years, he’s not about to get involved with the Bats now)

    So Tim only finds out about what happened to Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos until they’re already in Auradon and decides you know what? Fuck it, I’m gonna meet my friends face to face, besides, he can handle maintaining a gang in Gotham, he’s sure he can handle Auradon (update: he cannot, he’s this close 🤏 to rocking someone’s shit, he proposes overtaking the kingdom twice a day, he knows they could do it, and it’ll be easy even, but it’s the paperwork that’s holding them back, meh, let Ben do the grunt work and become an advisor, at least their manipulations would be in favor of improving the life of kids in poverty unlike other people who just want to get more money from their position close to the crown, gotta love politics)

    Anyway, Tim Drake does become Red Robin, gang leader and benevolent overlord of Crime Alley and the Bowery, helping Gotham citizens and being the Shadow Angel of the Isle, plotting Auradon’s downfall for fun on his slow days as well as working on taking out the kids from the Isle and setting up safe houses for them for when he and his friends figure out how to save the kids

    #tim drake#humor#Evie#Jay#Carlos#Mal#Uma#Harry#Villain Kids #Ben whatever his last name is #Auradon Kids #the Isle of the Lost is basically Crime Alley but worse somehow #Janet and Jack used to be on the ‘villains’ side #Janet used to help Hades #Hades sees Tiny Tim and decides he has a godson now #Tiny Tim and Little Mal thinking each other’s eyes are pretty #they have crushes on each other but they’re good friends and it’s cute #they deserve love #Tim becomes the Shadow Angel #he helps Uma and Mal make their own gangs on the Isle #then decides to make his own gang in Gotham because he could do it better #and he does #Batman doesn’t even know of the Red Robin gang #Tim still likes Robin tho #because Jason cares about Crime Alley and the people there #Tim saves Jason #Jason Lives #as he should #Tim goes to Auradon with Mal🤘🏻 #he suggests treason everyday because it’s too sunny
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