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    SIMS 4 DOWNLOAD kaws 3 by clover19_sims



    All Sims 4 mods are owned by The Sims 4 Electronic Arts


    Free convension for Sims 3 or Sims 2 or blender render room

    Recolors are allowed

    Free if you want to make as an accessory

    Not for resale or commercial use.

    Have a nice day!

    #ts4 cc alpha #ts4 cc #sims 4 custom content #sims 4 object #ts4 objects #sims 4 decor #sims 4#sims#simstagram#sims roleplay#ts4 toys #ts4 custom objects
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    The Late Bloomer 🌬🥀 Part 10


    Rated M

    ⚠️ Omegaverse, slightly suggestive, use of “daddy” 😜

    Honorable mentions: @naomifavimagines @gummiwormsandonedirection @sizzlingdonutturtlemuffin @miss-lilith @desiray562 @bakugoismisunderstood @nekee-lilac02 @wegotmatchingtattos @girl-lost-not-found @veenasanada @satoooooruu @jazzylove @speedmetalqueen @literotica @yesitsmewhataboutit @angie-1306 @kellyyween @fake-id-69

    This chapter is shorter than they usually are but it’s incredibly necessary to progress the plot! Chapter eleven will continue the regularly scheduled drama & p0rn we love so much 😘 I’ve already started writing it.

    📖 🚇 🗃

    _______ sat in the common area, surrounded by her rowdy classmates.

    Her face hurt from all the smiling and her voice was growing hoarse from all the laughing and talking she herself had done. This was one of the first few times she’d actually been in anyone other than Katsuki’s company since her first heat. Speaking of which, the explosive alpha was nowhere to be seen, currently out at his work study with Endeavour.

    ______ wouldn’t say it out loud but she was actually thankful for a break from her overbearing alpha. At least with him gone she doesn’t have to worry about him touching her and that terrifying thrumming starting up. She was actually able to focus on other things, Mina had caught her up on everything related to gossip she’d missed in her absence. On her first day back, the girls all had surrounded and pulled her off somewhere to interrogate and ask plenty of embarrassing questions. Thank god that was over, now she was able to relax.

    “I have the face masks in my room, I’ll go grab them, then I’ll meet you at yours okay?” Mina says as she exits the elevator. _______ nods and leans against the wall as the doors close with a metallic clang. A mini spa night sounded nice, mini because Katsuki would be back in a couple hours to interrupt it. Eventually the two girls would go back to their full length monthly tradition, or so she hoped.

    Now that she was completely alone she had to keep her mind from wandering towards foreboding feelings and painful second thoughts.

    What have you done?

    The ping announcing her floor sounded and she exited the elevator. Heading down the hall towards her room, she remembers dragging herself down it in a heat fueled haze. Unlocking her door she enters her room and turns on a lamp. The intermingled scents of both her and Katsuki were strong in here, her chest ached as part of her yearned for him.

    This is my time, it’s okay for me to enjoy time to myself.

    A sharp and single knock at the door startled her. That wasn’t Mina, it was too soon for her to already be here and she doesn’t knock like that. ______ felt no presence on the other side of the thin slab of wood, pressing an ear to it, she heard no sound either. So she opened it, and sure enough there was no one. Breathing out a sigh of relief, her gaze traveled downward and as she made to close the door she noticed a medium sized Manila envelope sat directly at her feet.

    Kneeling down to pick it up she noticed a slight weight to it. Sparing a glance down either side of the hallway she detected no one. So she stood back up and simply shut then locked her door.

    The package now lay upon her desk, and she studied the outside of it for the umpteeth time. Picking it up once more she opened it, an old worn looking book slid out. A folded slip of paper was taped over the book’s title.

    Page 293

    So she opened the book and turned to the aforementioned page, and proceeded to read:

    Though law makers have deemed the legal age for mating to be seventeen, it is ill advised for those still developing to make such a life altering decision. It isn’t common knowledge, but a mating bond created before adulthood has truly been reached, is capable of being severed. Consent from both individuals is not needed to carry out this deed.

    Slamming the book shut before her mind was capable of starting on a new forbidden train of thought. Her recently divided psyche begins making itself apparent immediately; One half was disgusted and terrified, the other half was wary but still curious. Both halves could agree that they did not want Katsuki to find this book.

    Opening the bottom drawer of her desk she unearths a lock box and key. Carefully placing the envelope and book inside, she locks it up and buried it back under all the other things in the drawer. Stashing the key away in an old pair of jeans, the knocking at her door signifies a temporary end of contemplating this mystery.

    Stepping into the train Katsuki walks towards the back of the car, intent on distancing himself from Deku and Icy hot. He’d pushed himself hard today and was more than pleased with the progress he’d made. Even the two idiots mentioned that both his speed and stamina had increased significantly.

    Before unlocking his phone he pauses to stare at the screen. He was so lucky to have such a beautiful woman waiting for him back at campus. The alpha felt giddy at the thought of being back in his omega’s presence.

    She must have no idea what to do without me, poor baby…She’ll need plenty of coddling im sure.

    Starting out the window at the passing city he lets his mind wander towards naughtier things. He loved how insatiable ________ had been lately, she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He knew he’d never get tired of it either, hoping this part of his life wasn’t ending any time soon. They’d need to start looking for a place soon, somewhere for them to live together and start their combined life after graduation.

    Katsuki had yet to explain to _______ what he expected out of her after their mating. He’d get to it eventually, he frowned at the thought of encountering any possible difficulties. He could usually convince her that things were for her well being, but she had a tendency to throw tantrums. Specifically when she was determined to be somewhat independent.

    He They’d have to fix that.

    Arriving back at the dorms, narrowed red eyes scan the common area. Instantly realizing his mate wasn’t in here, he doesn’t even stop to chat with Shitty hair or dunce face. Ignoring the idiots as he enters the elevator and presses the button for the floor housing both himself and his woman.

    Exiting the elevator he almost runs right into raccoon eyes, she greets him cheerfully and he grunts in response.

    “She’s waiting for ya, better hurry up blastyyy” the girl teases as the doors slide shut. He had to stop himself from running, his alpha was entirely too excited as the familiar door came into view. It was slightly ajar and pushed open easily, there she was. The first smile of the day effortlessly replacing his usual scowl, as her grabby hands extended his way.

    “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s homeee for meeee” ______ sings playfully, at least she wasn’t playing the damn song this time (though he wouldn’t say no to watching her dance).

    “Missed me a lot, didn’t you baby?” He shrugged off his blazer and let her pull him down beside her. “Always” she coo’s, wasting no time as she climbs on him to start scenting away. Nimble fingers unbuttoning his shirt and quickly flinging it off somewhere. Rubbing her cheek against his now exposed pecks.

    “You better have been a good girl while I was out” he says while eyeing her suspiciously. “I’m always good” she replies between the kitten licks being given to his neck. “Nah” he rasps, hands gripping her waist. Pulling away from his neck, ________ looks at his face, confusion evident. Before she can ask, their positions were switched.

    “Better than good, you are always great” his intentions to kiss her lips are thwarted as she scoffs and turns her face.

    “C’mon babe it’s my turn, been missing you all day” it takes effort to keep the need out of his voice. Frustration increasing each second he has to TRY to get better access to the neck of his mate. His internal Alpha was even puzzled over the omega’s suddenly huffy display.

    Why is _______ acting this way?

    Katsuki was a much more attentive mate than anyone would think. If anyone knew how he truly treated his Omega, they’d most likely say he’d be the ideal Alpha to have as a mate. However; No person is without faults, no matter how ideal they may seem.

    One of Katsuki’s faults never fails to show itself on a day like today; When he’s feeling particularly needy, of affection and attention from _______, he tends to brush aside or downplay what she may be feeling or needing from him.

    _______ doesn’t want to admit that the page out of that mysterious book she’d read earlier today had shaken her. She’d hoped that upon his return, Katsuki would successfully chase those doubts and any fear away as he usually does. Her alpha’s delicious scent and skillful touches always manages to rid her mind of any negative thoughts plaguing her every day.

    So when he unintentionally (?) brushed her needs aside, it upset her. It’s not like she can exactly confide the reason her emotions are all out of whack at the moment. She shouldn’t have to, even though the feelings weren’t drastic enough to disturb her scent, he still should have been able to feel her slight distress through their bond. Now yet another doubt has manifested today…

    Feeling distress coming from Katsuki’s side of their bond, has her immediately stretching out her neck in attempts to ease it away. Katsuki’s purring loudly at the first real touches he’s given her today. The sound relaxing his mate immediately and she gives him a soft hum of encouragement.

    My omega…my perfect princess…all MINE!

    Katsuki was quick to get lost in the ecstasy their skinship now provides since becoming mates. Strangely, ______ isn’t as effected as she usually is, but he’s too far gone to notice as he nips and suckles away at her.

    It takes hours for the young woman to fall asleep that night, the vice like grip she’s held in by her mate prevents any tossing and turning that would accompany this unusual bout of insomnia. As her eyes grow heavy, only one thing crosses her mind as consciousness begins to fade away.

    Four words hastily inked in across the spine of the mysterious book, that say;

    It isn’t too late.

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    #asks: sanguis alpha #asks#🖤anon
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    Sami - Beauty Shots If I incorrectly tagged any cc artists, so sorry! I’m going off memory and artists I know I use a lot ;;;

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    Yep my Wolfchesters are back and they look amazing. I'm especially proud of Dean because drawing an open k-9 mouth is not easy, but I managed.

    And yes I'm still keeping it as an A/B/O thing, and yes Sam is the omega and Dean is the alpha.

    Please enjoy my wolves.😊

    #spn fanart#supernatural fanart#wincest fanart#a/b/o wincest #omega!sam #alpha!dean #dean/sam#sam/dean #wolf!dean #wolf!sam #wolf!winchesters
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    how i be living fr 😈💯🔥

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    Alpha Condé transféré à Dixinn: le RPG et ses alliés expriment un autre souhait

    Alpha Condé transféré à Dixinn: le RPG et ses alliés expriment un autre souhait

    Le RPG Arc-en-ciel et ses alliés disent prendre acte de la décision des autorités guinéennes qui ont transféré l’ancien président Alpha Condé au domicile de son épouse, Hadja Djené Kaba, situé à Landréah dans la commune de Dixinn. Cette décision selon les responsables de l’ancien parti au pouvoir, traduit la volonté du CNRD et du président Mamadi Doumbouya d’assurer la sécurité de la population…

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    #Alpha Condé #Alpha Condé transféré #Rpg
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    Decided to remake my simself today!

    Also, new look coming soon for my Tumblr 👀 Stay tuned 🖤🖤✨

    Edited on Ibis Paint X 😌

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    Выпущено обновление встроенного ПО ILCE-1 до версии 1.20

    Sony выпустила новую прошивку версии 1.20 для своей флагманской репортажной беззеркалки A1(ILCE-1). ... Читать дальше »

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